and who better to make them of then this lady

“Alexander Pope declares his love to Lady Mary, who responds with laughter”

If you’ve never heard of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762), I highly recommend you check out her Wikipedia page (as a start). She was the wife of the British ambassador to Turkey and wrote about her travels in her letters. A highly intelligent, well-educated and charming woman, she is lauded both for being one of the first to make an earnest attempt to gain a better understanding of Turkish customs and culture, as well as challenging 18th century attitudes towards women. Even when she was married, she was also wooed by various men, among them Alexander Pope, who took her rejection of him so badly that he slandered her name in one of his works.

Mercy: I created that regenerative technology for medical use, not warfare.
Ana: eh, time makes fools of us all.
Mercy: I’m going to have to ask you to turn over that rifle and tell me who is manufacturing them.
Ana: Oh, speaking of weapons, look over there, it’s with her photon projector. Better run before you melt, malaak.
Mercy: I’m not turning around. Symmetra has the photon projector, not
Ana: the…lady who dresses like a Hindu goddess is called Symmetra? Then who’s the Greek?
Mercy: there isn’t a Greek Overwatch member. Well, Athena, but…you know.
Ana: Why do we keep going to fucking Illios? I keep getting dubstepped into a goddamn Spartan well.
Mercy: Stop dodging the issue, Amari.
Ana: Speaking of dodging, Genji is hopping around right behind you. Go to him, little bird. Fly, fly.
Mercy: One, you’re not going to get me to turn around. Two, he makes lots of stupid “tcho!” noises when he jumps.
Ana: holy shit just let me tranq you

Jily HC 5

Jily in Class

  • it’s early sixth year where James and Lily are friends but aren’t official yet (even though everyone and their mother ships the two of them.)
  • The two of them being partners in potions.
  • Probably because Slughorn lowkey ships them. Even though he thinks Lily could do so much better. 
  • The two of them working on a potion one day and Lily noticing that James often gets off topic when they are talking. 
  • Like she’ll ask him to cut up one of the ingredients and he’ll start talking about how he has to decide who he wants to cut from the quidditch team after tryouts. 
  • “James? Could we maybe get back to making the potion?”
  • James turning a light shade of red and he glances down at the table.
  • “Yeah. Sorry, I have trouble staying focused. My mom says I should talk to someone about it.”
  • Lily smiling. “Yeah, sometimes I talk to this lady back home over the summer.”
  • “I don’t need to talk to them about my feelings, I’m very secure in who I am.”
  • Lily laughing, “Well it’s good that you are.”
  • The two of them working in silence for a while. 
  • The potion is almost done when James looks up again. 
  • “Do you think it will rain on Wednesday? We are supposed to have a game but I hate flying in the rain. Last time we had a game in the rain I swear I didn’t dry off for days.”
  • Lily gently tapping James’s hand as he rambles in an attempt to get his attention. “James, we are almost done.”
  • “Sure.”
  • Lily turning the potion books towards him and saying, “I changed the measurement because I think the one in the book is too weak.”
  • James double checking, smiling, and poking Lily’s nose while saying, “Well aren’t you smart.” 
  • “Did you just tap my nose?”
  • James smirking, “You bet I did.” 
  • “What the fuck man?”
  • “Now, now Lily. Fuck is a bad word.”
  • Then the two of them lose it and start laughing so hard that Lily is worried that she’s going to wet herself and James can’t breathe. 
  • In the end, they ace the potion and James gives Lily a fist bump when Slughorn turns his back on them. 
  • That day Lily leaves potions with a strange feeling towards James Potter. 

The Wonderful, Complicated POV Ladies of ASOIAF. Arianne Martell is represented by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Belle; everyone else is represented by their show counterpart.

November 1st, 2016

Today, James and Lily are feeling much better. There’s nothing like another anniversary passing by to leave them feeling a little better about themselves. Today, they hold hands in the park and cuddle on benches while disapproving suburban mothers complain about people being too touchy in public. Lily accosts one of them to show off pictures of the grandchildren, which quickly shuts her up, because no one can quite believe James and Lily have a grandson in his second year of secondary school.

“That… that has to be your son, right?” The lady, who’s actually, honestly, really named Helen, asks. 

“That’s my son’s son.” Lily says brightly. “His father’s thirty-five, and my god, is he making sure we know it.”

Helen looks to James for confirmation. 

“Good to know we’ve held on to our looks.” James says with a grin.

Michelle Obama's best quotes can help us get through the next four years

Michelle Obama’s best quotes as FLOTUS.

From the wise and witty Michelle Obama

Source: sheknows

Move forward

During Michelle Obama’s final late-night appearance as first lady, she had this message for everyone.

Source: sheknows


From her Vogue interview.

Source: sheknows

Making a difference

Spoken from someone who truly knows how to make a difference.

Source: sheknows

Stay true to yourself

Love this!

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People who lift you up

This lady knows how to say a lot with just a few words.

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Door of opportunity

The only thing better than seizing opportunities is sharing them with others.

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Make it your own!

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You are beautiful

Yes, you are!

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Educating girls

Yes to girl power!

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Michelle Obama quotes

The coolest!

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Women’s potential

Couldn’t have said it better!

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There’s nothing a little hard work can’t do.

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Extraordinary women

They sure taught her well!

Source: sheknows

No limit

Reach for the stars, ladies!

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Holes in our hearts

Sad but true.

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Earn it

It’s not something you get, it’s something you earn.

Source: sheknows

Helping others

Never leave others behind while you’re getting ahead.

Source: sheknows

Confidence and fortitude

Confidence is key!

Source: sheknows

History yet to be made

We’ve still got a long way to go.

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‘To do’ list

Don’t forget about yourself!

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Coming from one fearless woman.

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There’s nothing stronger thanembracing your scars.

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Stand up

Stand up, ladies!

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Never be afraid to ask for help.

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Hungry to succeed

Our failures can be our greatest source of inspiration.

Source: sheknows

Courage and hope

With these two things, you can’t be beat.

Source: sheknows

Source: sheknows

Ultra Basic AK Visual ID Guide

The following is a very basic AK visual identification guide. Impress your friends!!! Woo the ladies!!! Make the ghost of Mikhail Kalashnikov smile. 

*I am by no means an expert, just a dude who loves my WASR, and AKs in general. If anybody sees any incorrect info, feel free to correct me.
Images taken from Google….except for my glorious WASR, she is mine.*

Milled vs Stamped
A milled gun is machined from a solid chunk of metal. A stamped gun is made from a sheet of metal that has been folded to shape. We ain’t here to argue which is better, just to visually ID them. *side note: the original AK-47 was a milled gun. Later, they were stamped, as is the AK-74 now, this is called an AKM* 

As seen by this pic from the AK Operators Union page, a milled gun will exhibit these rectangular lightening cuts at at the mag well, and no rivets. 
A stamped gun will typically have these dimples on the mag well, as well as rivets. 
But there’s always oddballs… 

This is a pic of my WASR. The WASR, WASR-10, WASR 10/63, ZEE MIGHTEE WASSAHR, etc, is a Romanian variant of the AKM and is a stamped rifle. However, because these are imported into the country with narrow mag wells to accept single stack mags ( importing companies like Century open up the mag wells to accept standard 30rd mags), we do not see the characteristic mag well dimples of a typical AKM. 

The Yugoslavian NPAP and OPAP. 
Again with the oddballs… 

The Yugo variant of a stamped AK is the NPAP. The milled Yugo is the OPAP (which I believe are no longer imported as of a few months ago, correct me if I’m wrong). The main difference between a Yugo and almost every other AK out there, is the longer, 3 vent hole handguard. (We’re just going over visual differences here, but the trunnions are slightly different as well. AKM furniture will not fit a Yugo). 

Finally, Chinese AKs.

These are pics of an AKM front sight post (top) and a Chinese(bottom) front sight post. The Chinese model will have a fully hooded front sight. 

Bonus: VZ58

This is NOT an AK….completely different rifle. Shares no parts at all, not even magazines. It uses the 7.62x39 cartridge, but that’s where similarities end. The VZ is milled, striker fired, and uses a short stroke gas piston.

Hopefully I was able to educate some folks. Again, this was meant as a very basic, quick visual ID guide. I ain’t an expert and I was bored. 

  • Yako's character development: is shocked out of complacency and decides she wants to have an active role in crime solving before realizing it's not so easy. responds to Neuro's criticism by no longer putting herself in danger and instead finding what talents she already possesses and making them grow. becomes more thoughtful and less easy to scare. gains lots of friends due to her open nature and gift with understanding people. is a human being and runs away when the going gets tough, but realizes her mistake and that she should be trying to make the situation better. uses her own strength to stop X and saves Neuro with the rest of the humans. evolves into a wonderful young lady who travels the world to stop bloodshed before it even starts.
  • Neuro's character development: realizes he JUST MIGHT have fought to the death because he LIKES humans. MAYBE.
when I told my parents
of the racist lady
who called me a nigger
my father told me:
“this is why I’ve always told
you to work harder,
you’ve got to be better than them
to get to where they are”
and I wonder if it’s all worth it
if his masters and pHd makes it all worth it
if a better future for me and my siblings
is worth putting all this energy in a country
that won’t even claim you as one of their own
i wonder what’s worse
being told you don’t belong by someone who
migrated just a decade before your family or
by one whose ancestors played part in the destruction
and instability of your home?
when I asked the police
why he was late
he said: “I was busy dealing with
other stuff”
and I wonder if they would
still have been busy if i left
out the fact that she
called me a nigger when she laid her
hands on me
or that I was wearing a dark hijab
when I described myself
“busy giving out traffic tickets?”
i ask him
he doesn’t take it well
but I wonder if he’s angry
if racism makes him angry
or if he’s used to hearing about it by now
“you’re 90 minutes too late, it’s not an
emergency anymore” I tell him
i wonder how many injuries, dead bodies
and broken souls could have been avoided
just by treating emergencies as an emergency
i wonder if they would have still believed me
if I hadn’t forced myself to enter 7/11
in hopes to get it all on tape
i wonder when we’ll be done
having to take precautions
because we’re black or because
we’re muslim or because we’re
women or because God forbid
you’re all three and you’ll stay
wondering what fuelled their hatred
i wonder when those with privilege
will realize speaking up instead of
watching it all unfold
makes all the difference
i wonder when they’ll stop being
surprised when I tell them shit like this
still happens
i wonder when it will stop
i want it to stop
the next day my mother asked me
if I’ve ran into her again
i wonder if she realizes that its not just her
that there’s more of her
some vocal but most silent
and that that’s the scariest part -
that they must know their bad thoughts
are fuelled by misplaced anger and ignorance
yet they don’t bother decolonizing their minds
—  i wonder, S.Omar

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Coldflash, telepathic bond au.

  1. Barry gets songs stuck in Len’s head all. the. fucking. time. And they’re either show tunes, top 40s garbage that’s somehow still ridiculously catchy, or incredibly profane rap songs Len can feel Barry mentally wince at every time there’s a racial slur or a misogynistic remark or a homophobic epithet. Len retaliates with Blue Oyster Cult and Etta James in equal measure (but will occasionally humour Barry when Lady Gaga “comes on” not that he’ll ever cop to it)
  2. Neither likes having someone prying into their personal insecurities, but Len nearly goes into a panic over it sometimes. Which only makes his anxiety over Barry knowing he’s anxious worse. Barry can’t even help by giving him space because this isn’t the kind of thing you can get away from. In the end they’re better for it, because they’re both the kinds of people who’d sooner run from their problems, their feelings, than face them head on, but nobody said it was easy. 
  3. Len used to liked grocery shopping. It was peaceful, a way of disappearing into the crowd. Plus, Mick turned him into something of a foodie, and now he can’t fathom the idea of pasta that isn’t topped with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. Having Barry in his head kinda ruins the whole experience when every five seconds, Barry’s sending through a “oh, did you get eggs?” and a “I forgot to add milk to the list” and “yeah I know they’re bad for you Len but I just really want Funyuns, okay?”
  4. It always gives Len a headache when Barry uses his powers, Barry’s meta brain operating much too quickly for Len’s poor human brain to keep up. Barry can’t exactly stop using his powers, but he does apologize after every big fight with cheesecake and sex and tries not to use his powers for simple, everyday things. 
  5. The telepathic bond doesn’t work when Len’s traveling through time. It makes him feel anxious and uncomfortable to have his head so empty, as much as it’s a pain in the ass with more negatives than positives as far as he’s concerned, at least it’s a constant reminder that Barry’s there, that he’s whole and alive and that he hasn’t given up on Len, even though he maybe should. 
the signs as Blair Waldorf quotes
  • Aries: Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.
  • Taurus: Nothing's holding me back anymore. I know what I want, and I'm gonna get it.
  • Gemini: I have an idea for you: quit. Your boss is a bitch. Let's go to lunch.
  • Cancer: Feelings never do make sense. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.
  • Leo: Ladies, you can put your tiny brains to rest. Once again the world has proven: anything you can do, I can do better!
  • Virgo: You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you.
  • Libra: You deserve a guy who would move mountains to be with you if he had to.
  • Scorpio: I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination.
  • Sagittarius: Oh, my life is so bountiful. I don't need a boyfriend to feel fulfilled.
  • Capricorn: The most important thing in a relationship is trust. After sex. And hygiene. And earning potential.
  • Aquarius: Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.
  • Pisces: People don't write sonnets about being compatible, or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones.

I can’t stop thinking about this actually-not-so-improbable theory that Lord Vetinari is the son of Susan Sto Helit and Lobsang Ludd let me tell you about how much that would actually make sense okay just hear me out.

- First of all that would explain so much about Havelock. His amazing ability to camouflage himself and disappear better than anyone else, his coldness and ability to manipulate people so easily, his super human reflexes, affinity for cold logic and ability to learn and solve complex problems on the spot, now who does that remind me of

- for all we know he might well be able to manipulate time too, doesn’t seem to need sleep or food and is able to very accurately predict future events and the way current decisions will make them play out.

- also he is slender, pale, black haired and always dresses in black and he doesn’t age according to Lady Margolotta i mean

- So as we know, Susan spends most of her page time aggressively asserting her humanity and trying to run away from her family heirloom. She only reluctantly accepts her role in world saving shenanigans, and wishes she was completely human. Now imagine what she would do if sometime down the road from the events of Thief of Time, she got pregnant. She wouldn’t want her child to have that same life. In fact she would learn from the unsuccessful attempt of Mort and Ysabell to shield her from her grandfather, and make Death swear to her to never try and get in touch with the child let alone use him as a tool in the same way he used her.

- (you’ve gotta admit that it’s pretty interesting that Havelock has never had a brush with Death, when practically every other major character has encountered it, even Vimes.)

- inevitably, Susan would come to the conclusion that the best thing she could do for the sake of that child is cut all ties with him, no matter how much she would love to keep and raise him. After all, she wasn’t even able to shield the children she was a governess to in Hogfather and her class in Thief of Time from Death’s meddling. In her own eyes, becoming a good mother wouldn’t have been sensible of her.

- Lobsang would absolutely not be of any help I mean let’s face it, he already struggles just to keep himself in one physical shape for too long, and he has bigger issues to deal with assuming the role of Time and all. Already just dating Susan is a struggle for him, and I can’t see him wanting to settle down and start a family with her. For him it would only make sense that the story of Lady Time and Wen the Eternally Surprised would repeat itself. He would suggest they leave the child on the doorstep of a guild, as it was done for him. Once again, for the child’s own sake.

- After birth, he could drop off the child at any! point! in time! which would explain why Vetinari had already grown up and was ruling over the city way before Mort and Ysabell were even teasing each other in Death’s gardens. Technically, from Nanny Ogg’s perspective, Lobsang and Jeremy were born like two weeks before the events of Thief of Time so really the order of events is pretty much irrelevant.

- We don’t know practically anything about Vetinari’s past, except from the fact that he was raised by one of his aunts before ending up in the guild of assassins. Susan, having grown up as a duchess among nobility (her parents even knew Sybil Ramkin) wouldn’t have a hard time choosing the kind hearted noble lady Meserole among the acquaintances of her parents that would require only a bit of ‘‘persuasion’‘ to raise the child as her own nephew.

- The Vetinari family history and crest could either have been fabricated, or the family really did exist and Susan simply presented the boy as their last descendant or something of the sort, for Lobsang and her a bit of meddling like that would have been pretty easy.

- the bitter and beautiful irony of the great grandson of Death ending up studying at the guild of assassins oh my god


- not to mention that special weird clock he has in the waiting room.

- I’ve heard theories that Vetinari is a vampire or a zombie but honestly I think having parents with those special abilities would explain a lot more of his own.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I hope you know how important you are.

You taught me to make up songs for everything

Because life is always better with a little music in it

You showed me Disney movies and how to put on makeup

What to do with boys who love me and boys who love my body and how to tell the difference.

Dear Mom, you taught me how to be a lady

With hands folded and legs crossed

But always reminded me to feed the lions in my chest and hold them at the ready.

You taught me to be the type to catch bullets in my teeth

And never to fear the guns pointed in my face

Because I’m a lady, yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take my pretty sparkly heels off and send those boys running.

Dear Mom, you taught me things like strength

And the power women could wield

Like sword forged in fire clenched between unwavering palms.

Dear Mom, you taught me to be brave.

You are strong, also because you know how to love.

You taught me passion and forgiveness, when to fight and when it’s okay to walk away

You taught me to always keep laughter in my life.

You taught me that love should build you up and make you stronger

That my heart could handle anything, as long as I never gave up hope

And that this pounding behind my rib cage means that I am alive

That I have a purpose for being here.

Dear Mom,

I don’t have the words.

Thank you.

~A.N.S. (I love you.)

Digging out of the snow.

“I have never seen this much snow before. Although a beautiful sight, it’s a lot of snow. It is rather comical to see Godfrey and Terry argue over who has the better idea for making a path in the drifts for easier passage in the Homestead. However I feel sorry for Connor and Lance for being in the middle of the two of them. The millers had an idea of using a wider shovel like device to move the snow, now they argue over who came up with the idea…”

Davenport Homestead after the Winter Storm.
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AU: Liam, an open gay person, the star of a new successful movie, is invited to Hollywood New Year’s Eve Party. But it’s a +1 invitation and Liam haven’t been in relationship for two years. His management decides to find a man who will pretend to be Liam’s boyfriend for that night. They find Zayn — R'n'B singer who has just started his career and needs PR. They literally break the Internet and make everyone fall in love with both of them. Managers on both sides decide that it’s better for them to keep ‘dating’.
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome new showbiz couple – Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

But everything changes when they start falling for each other.

tweedlegideon  asked:

♟♥ ★☃◎ ☎

♟ - my muse obeys

The Dark Lord. But why he does not know. 

♥ - my muse tends to cling to (as of right now)

@porcelaiinheart for her care and the things that are better left unsaid. 

@thcblackprince for his silent begrudging friendship. 

Minerva McGonagall for always rewarding him points instead of taking them away when she found him hiding in forbidden places and sleeping outside of the Fat Lady’s portrait.

Lily Evans because he doesn’t know who else he can cling to. 

★ - has the complete trust of my muse

Horace Slughorn. The man was an easy con. 

☃ - my muse has very mixed feelings about

Most of the Death Eaters. All of the Order Members. 

◎ - makes my muse feel empty when around them 

Eileen Prince. 

☎ - my muse first contacts in a emergency


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how would chunji, changjo, ljoe, L and sungyeol react when you tippytoe up to them (you're alot shorter than them), kiss them on the cheek and then run away? gif+text reaction please, thank youu

Chunji: “What was that for?” He`d probably ask you as you run away, giggling and ignoring his question. He`d shake his head, a smile spread across his face. “This little cutie, really…”

Changjo: Oh, he would find it so endearing. Changjo had mentioned liking girls who make him want to take care of her, and who can give that feeling better than a cute little lady? He would give you a warm smile, unable to hide the affection even though you`re far away already.

L.Joe: His reaction would be much similar to Chunji`s. L.Joe would probably not ask you what that was for. He would groan due to the cuteness overload, touching his both cheeks to get himself together after this lovely action from you.

Myungsoo: I can see Myungsoo being dumbfounded for a few seconds after you kiss him on the cheek and run away. Then he`d giggle to himself, saying that you were a cutie pie.

Sungyeol: He really wanted to tease you about your height, but you ran away. Then it`s… time for Sungyeol`s emotional fanboying over you being too cute to handle. “Why do you have to be so cute?”

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

high tea for proper ladies


         It was a beautifully dainty setting, one truly befitting of proper ladies.

    He had managed to set it up, (no small feat given the chandelier included) in one of the least-prone-to-shifting parts of her abode, and now awaited the guest of honor, pouring floral tea into floral cups and placing floral sweets on floral saucers. How better to make allies than to woo them with flowers~?

    Needless to say, the Warrior of Light was not invited because he was a dick.

Most game developers are trying to make their games as nice as possible. Every tiny misstep gives them a lot of stress, and time constraints by publisher don’t make it better. They understand if something goes wrong, and they certainly can see all problems in their games (even more than we do). Being a sarcastic asshole on social media to one of the people who worked hard on something doesn’t make you cool.
There isn’t some mystical lady who pushed the forbidden “bad faces” button in the depths of Bioware offices because she wants nerds to suffer. 

It’s ok to criticize anyone’s work, laugh, and joke about it, but maybe it’s not ok to seek out the supposed mastermind and yell at people before the game’s release! And even if you caught the mastermind, even if they are singlehandedly ruining your video games with shitty writing, why act like a dick? They’ll know public’s opinions without people messaging developers and calling them assholes, you don’t need to do that. Just don’t buy the video game and write a review or something. I’m pretty sure Yoshio Sakamoto doesn’t have Twitter, and he sure got the message about Metroid: Other M.

There’s enough problems in this industry, don’t add to them, and stop crying about video games for God’s sake.


Day 26

1. White caps on waves
2. Being calm
3. My new teacher. She’s so nice. She told us not to buy books because she’s aware that were college students who don’t have lots of money so she will print everything out for us. What a sweet lady.
4. Small classes
5. When someone is a creative thinker & makes you say to yourself “I never would have thought of that.”
6. Black & white movie relax me & make me almost nostalgic for lack of a better word.
7. Black out curtains
8. Watermelon. I can’t wait for them to be on season soon.
9. When my hair cooperates & isn’t sticking up all over
10. Putting together a wholesome outfit that boosts your confidence a little bit. (Side note: when I started to work on self improvement, I thought that I should forgo the physical, “superficial” aspects of improvement like wearing nice clothes. Now, I’ll take what I can get for a confidence booster. These things can be used as stepping stones & tools in a way.)
11. Formal dress shopping, even if it’s not for me.
12. Moss. I just love the way it looks. I want to build a terrarium & just “carpet” it with moss.
13. Ichabod Crane by Washington Irving
14. Eating cherries on the way home from the store & spitting the pits out the window.
15. When my car defrosts itself
16. Surprise weather is always kind of fun. Last night it snowed & sleeted. No one was expecting that.
17. Quiet people who watch & observe, but are great conversationalists.
18. Either of the dogs snoring
19. Peanut butter & dark chocolate combo. I’ve been eating a lot of peanut butter lately..up until now, id never been to fond of it on its own, but I guess things change.
20. When someone is finally able to kick a bad habit. Like when Brandon finally quit smoking. I miss him. I think I’ll text him & see if he wants to hangout this summer.
21. Body language
22. Thigh stretches have to be the most satisfying
23. When random strangers make kind gestures. Today when Elen & I were in line checking out, the lady behind us complimented Elen’s dress, saying it was beautiful.
24. Those coffee books with breathtaking pictures of galaxies, stars, nebulas & all of that stuff.
25. Ooh, & Guinness World Record Books were always fun too. Mostly for the pictures…in school, those were always s hot commodity during reading time.
26. French fries…mmm…when Elen closes at work & brings the rest of the fries home…*angelic choir*
27. Your Mate Tom’s YouTube channel (in love with YouTube in general)
28. The prison museum in Texas
29. “Turtle Tours” in Galveston
30. In Honduras, when I went to the beach & saw a stingray. It was one of the most stunning creatures I’d ever seen. It was so happy & free unlike any I had seen before in a zoo :(. Stunning.