and who are comfortable with who they are

Let’s think about some Dadzawa, everyone! (And by everyone, I mean especially @tandembicycles


Imagine – one of the children has a bad dream or just can’t sleep for whatever reason. In search for some distraction, they take the elevator down, pad through the living room towards the kitchen – only to almost stumble over Aizawa, who has been either sitting around somewhere or sleeping on the ground in his sleeping bag.

Now, Aizawa is not the type who comforts people with kind words or hugs, like Toshinori would do. But he does very much care about his charges, and so he gestures them to sit with him while he continues to doze off.

It doesn’t take too long for the children to feel sleepy again. Aizawa is warm and comfy to lean against slightly, and something about his usual calmness is relaxing.

Once he notes that his student is falling back asleep, Aizawa convinces the sleepy kid to climb into his sleeping bag. Unzipped and baggy as it is, it has more than enough room for one teacher and a student.

Not much convincing is needed, and neither does Aizawa grumble much as his student shares his sleeping bag with him, heavily resting against his shoulder by now and breathing deeply and evenly.   

He usually hates to share or lend his sleeping bag with or to anyone. But he can make an exception, he muses while he fights to keep his tired eyes open, determined to watch over his sleeping charge. Just this once, he will allow it.

(It doesn’t stay an exception. It’s not the only student who ever gets to share his sleeping bag with him. But each time, he swears that this is an exception.

He doesn’t care that he sounds unconvincing even to his own ears.)

For the anon who sent this - I don’t feel comfortable putting the link out there because, when I looked at it, it had one like and one retweet…and I couldn’t find it on the OP feed anymore, so I’m thinking she deleted it. Plus, she’s since tweeted other things. I don’t really want to draw attention to the video itself. (I did report it, along with a friend who reported, too, btw)

But I do want to address this situation. I’m not sure if that video was made in response to the pictures being released of Sebastian looking like Jeff Gillooly, although the date would suggest it might be. However, it was both scary and absolutely ridiculous. I honestly don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head when they make something like that - but let me just reiterate with this: Sebastian playing an abuser is a role, not him…it does not “transform” him into an abuser that you can or should ask to hurt you. If the video was made as a cry for help, then hopefully reporting it as such will get her the help she needs. If it was made as a joke, then it makes me sick to my stomach. 

Sebastian is a human being, and while he doesn’t need my protection - after watching that video, I feel like I need to say this: If he were to see that, I cannot imagine his heartbreak and horror. I hope he hasn’t seen it. I hope he never does. (I wish I hadn’t, tbh) Again, please don’t turn this character he’s playing into your view of him and all I ask is maybe…ya know…don’t treat him like garbage. eeesh

ps I don’t want to discuss the video any further - so please don’t ask me to thx

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in neverland it seemed like there weren't adults anywhere unless they were allowed there by pan... everyone seems to think hook has had just like TONS of notches on his bedpost, but other than tink who showed up only a few years before hook left neverland, i thought there weren't really any women there. so does this mean hook might have been celibate for a couple hundred years? or male-exclusive?

Hmm.. good point. He could have done, who knows? 

I personally don’t think he would have went male-exclusive, he seems quite comfortable in desire for female company, but the man’s got centuries behind him, he could have done a bit of experimenting, who knows? - it remains a mystery.

Given that, we do know that he was sent quite a few times out of Neverland for runs. And he did stop off for a beverage of two in that time. Who’s to say he didn’t enjoy a little downtime too?

Plus we know that A&E expressed that their was history between Tink and Hook - a fling of sorts.

I wrote a bit of a meta on Killian and his reputation with women a while back, there’s a copy of the original post here.

Or if you’d prefer, i’ve pasted it below if you’re interested in reading it.


So i’ve been thinking recently (always a terrible idea) about Killian and his behaviour throughout the show and how he built a reputation.

I know i’m probably going to be way off base but this is just my thoughts and opinions…

The sleeping around thing

So we know that Killian has a reputation for sleeping around - being a pirate and all - but I feel like, while there is some truth behind it, it’s not as true as he has people believing.


We’ve seen that he does likes a barwench or two - the s3 finale showed us that.


We also heard him admit to Emma, that while his past self was more than ready to bed her (or another woman) if he would have remembered her, he would have gone after her. That doesn’t sound like the kind of thing a guy who uses and loses women would do.

Paying off the prostitute

We saw during the missing year that Smee and Killian’s crew paid a woman to spend the night with him. While he cheered and made all the right suggestive gestures to his crew, as soon as they were alone he paid her extra to lie about their evening and sent her on her way.

Now we know this was mostly to do with him missing Emma, but something tells me this isn’t the first time he’s used this tactic. As I said before - he clearly did sleep with quite a few women in his day, but I don’t doubt for a second that he’d paid them off on more than one occasion to keep quiet. It’s not like the women would complain - they get a pocket full of coins and bragging rights to bedding a notorious captain, without having to actually do any work. WIN - WIN, right?

Why do I think this??

Killian seems to be a man who falls in love quite easily. I don’t mean with everyone he meets - I simply mean, when he finds the one, he falls and falls hard. He spent centuries mourning the loss of Milah, his first love. He spent his time in the missing year mourning the loss of Emma; a woman he loved who as far as he knew, might not have felt the same.

Killian’s a one- woman kind of guy. And if given the choice, I think he’d rather spend his days with one woman than a string of mindless flings night after night. Not exactly something a guy who loves to sleep around can easily give up.

We saw how he was when he first met Milah. He was talkative, polite, courteous - he was interested in her and knowing about her. If it was just about sex for him, he wouldn’t have cared about her having a husband and he wouldn’t of cared about her desires to see the world or adventure with him. He’d have had one goal in mind. Which brings me to my next point.

“I’ve had many a man’s wife”

This was a line he used when tormenting Rumple in the crocodile. It’s been used against him quite a lot by anti’s (but we won’t get into that) and while it’s probably true that he has slept with women who have already had marital ties, I again think this line was built up on reputation.

Could I see Hook purposely scouting out already wed maidens and making it his objective to bed them, only to rub it in the faces of their husbands afterwards? No.

Could I see a newly formed pirate captain, seducing/being seduced by a woman and spending a night of bliss with her, only to be confronted by a raging husband the next night, demanding a duel while his crew cheers and eggs him on - renaming him the wife stealer? And while he probably had no clue she was legally tied to another, he used the mishap to his advantage by keeping quiet instead to boast about the incident for all it was worth and build up his reputation? Most likely.

“Your pretty face buys you a lot”

I saw a conversation on my dash last night about when they think Killian realised he was devilishly handsome and could use it to his advantage - I want to link to the post but I can’t bloody find it now, so if anyone knows what i’m talking about, please feel free to link to the post!

But I just wanted to add my thoughts on the subject.

I feel like Killian becoming aware of his looks and charms was a slow process. I think he used it as a diversionary tactic and as a way of getting him out of trouble, which later he began to use as a defence mechanism.

I imagine him discovering how easy it is to get away with things as a new pirate. I can imagine a barmaid or some merchant etc, freely flirting or letting him off with free goods while gushing about his ‘pretty face’ etc. And when he walks away a bit bewildered, one of his crew informing him that he’s got the face to get away with murder when it comes to the opposite sex. I imagine him slowly trying out the technique and learning how to use it for his benefit, slowly mastering the art until he knows - if needs be, he can get himself out of a tough spot by turning on the charm.

I imagine this working for him over centuries to the point where the teasing and jesting from his crew members about his tactics become second nature and he begins to use it as a defence mechanism.

I think Killian lacked a lot of confidence when starting out - his morals, his role as a brother, his abilities as an honourable man etc. But I think there was one thing he learnt he could be confident about - and that was his looks/charm. And so he flaunted it.


No one hates Killian more than Killian himself. He’d rather have people expect the worst of him as he probably already thinks the worst of himself as it is. At times he can be his own worst enemy. So can I imagine him building up a reputation as a ruthless, wife-stealing, heavy drinking, whorish pirate - because it’s better than anyone knowing the truth of him being a broken, revenge driven, hurting shell of a man. It’s easier to let people believe a lie than see the truth, isn’t it?

So yeah. While I think Killian is rather honest with his past deeds, I have a strong feeling that they aren’t as bad as what his reputation makes them out to be.

As I said - these are just my thoughts and observations - i’m sure many will disagree with me… but that’s the fun about fandom, right??


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Yo I was the anon the other day who told ya about my anxiety involving my friend who I like. We have talked about it and we decided that we need to start hanging out more in order to get more comfortable with it. And apparently I'm not the only one who was so anxious about it. Anyways, thank you for your advice. I can't wait to see where this goes because I really wanna hug her and hold her lil hands n shit. <3

Aw hell yeah I’m so glad U guys are still goin strong

( psa ! ) i’m officially going to be starting a series on this blog in which i intermittently post what i imagine t’challa’s tweets and subtweets directed toward d/nald tr/mp might be —— for no other reason than it feels as though it might be cathartic, and more than one person has mentioned to me that they would find it comforting ( not to mention hilarious ).

for anyone who comes here to get away from politics and things of that nature, or who would find this content upsetting in any way: i feel you. i will be tagging each post with #( t’challa tweets trump. );  please feel free to blacklist this tag ! the last thing i want to do is to have a negative impact on anyone’s day.

much love guys ! i’m looking forward to throwing some delicious shade.

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You guys had a post about trans people wanting To date other trans people. But like what about them not wanting to date trans people b/c not everyone wants to be surrounded by the constant like dysphoria or whatever you know? Sometimes it's easier tinge with a cis person

Hey anon,

I looked back to try and find what post you were talking about and was unable to find it, so if you can find it and share it with me, awesome!

First I would like to say that you, and everyone reading this, are able to date whoever you would like to date! No matter your sexual or gender orientation.

Second, not all people who are transgender experience dysphoria. If they do experience dysphoria, they certainly do not all experience dysphoria in the same way. 

Some people may find it comforting to be with someone who is going through what they’re going through and understand specifically what they mean if something is wrong, or they are upset. On the other hand, I completely understand not wanting to have someone going through the same thing!

It is all personal preference and there is certainly no wrong way to date! :)


heaven help a fool who falls in love

It’s nothing, Jyn tells herself, as she slips into Cassian’s too-small bunk for the third consecutive night in a row. It’s … sharing comfort in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy with the only person in the entire galaxy who could ever understand the pain and loss and heartbreak that keeps her awake every single time she closes her eyes. It’s offering what little she can in order to keep his nightmares at bay, to hold him tight and whisper reassurances that he is not the things that he’s done in the name of the cause. That’s all it is, and nothing more. That’s all it can be.

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who would you say instigates touch first in bed? NOT SEXUALLy. I just mean like who is the first to reach out for comfort or to embrace the other, or even simply hold hands or drape an arm over the other?

I’m uncertain if there’s an initiator at this point. It just happens and is anticipated by now. I guess if I were to think about, it’d be Saeran.

the chants for the Lexington Women’s march-check out the last comment&replies

I’m really excited to be a part of this, and so proud of everyone involved and supporting. Special props to my bff who’s leading a group of women from her school in the Washington march, and to my little sister who’s going way out of her comfort zone to join me in the one here

so??? i’m still going to try going on hiatus (i plan to, hopefully, come back sometime in february.) but while i’m gone, i’m gonna go on a bit of an unfollowing spree because there are people, that i follow, who still post a lot of discourse, and who interact with blogs that kind of make me uncomfortable, so if i unfollow & don’t follow back, please don’t take it personal. this is for my own comfort & happiness.

For everyone who is feeling too much today…. like they simultaneously can’t do anything, aren’t doing enough, but are somehow overreacting… living on the edge of screaming or tears, or in that quiet place where you don’t really hear speak think or feel anything… if you’ve already broken down and can’t figure out how to comfort yourself because promises of hope feel trite and problematic and you can’t feel your own strength, not today… for those who know you have to do something but can’t figure out what and are paralyzed in fear and silence because you never planned for how to react to this moment, this feeling, hitting you in a place you didn’t expect, riddling you with guilt and regret and exhaustion from feeling the weight of so many people and causes you care about, cutting you deeper than you want to admit because everyone around you is acting like it’s a normal day, complaining because “the protestors aren’t accomplishing anything” or the traffic is bad, like the world isn’t changing today, like the world inside of you wasn’t just put on its kilter and it’s up in the air which way it’s going to fall and you can’t relax, You can’t resolve it all and figure out the message or the meaning or the purpose, or if what you think and feel matters at all

To all of you who, like me, just… can’t do this

It’s okay.

You don’t have to.

Let yourself off the hook.

You’re handling this the best you can. Remember you’re not alone, and try to hold onto the resolve that tomorrow, we will face this together.

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Can a woman self-describe as sapphic when being polysexual for everybody who's female or woman-aligned?

Of course you can.

A quick addendum though - make sure your partner is okay with term. Sometimes, labels like lesbian and sapphic can box in nonbinary people.

Edit: It’s been pointed out that sapphic doesn’t mean exclusively attracted to women. Here, what I mean is to be careful you’re not taking your woman-loving identity and applying it to people who aren’t comfortable with it.


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"daily reminder that louis william tomlinson and briana ashley jungwirth, share a beautiful baby son named freddie reign tomlinson. and no conspiracy will ever change that :-)" Who are you trying to convince with this ? Not you and your friends since that's already what you think!! Or maybe it is to attempt of comforting ?! :/

We’re not trying to convince anyone of anything. It’s just a fact. Louis William Tomlinson and Briana Ashley Jungwirth have a son, Freddie Reign Tomlinson who is turning one tomorrow!! :) 

After the United States elected a president who lacks empathy and compassion when it’s needed most, and who can only fill his inauguration speech with bad clichés and empty promises (because of course one ignorant man is capable of eradicating Muslim terrorism from the face of the earth, who would question that reasonable statement?), my mom and I comforted ourselves with these homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’m really hoping that Donald Trump just gets possessed by Mother Teresa or MLK, or pretty much anyone who gives a shit about people who are vulnerable and who need standing up for. I’m just going to eat another cookie …

tomorrow’s gonna be just fine. that conflict you’re having with your friend will blow over. no one secretly hates you. the world is not out to get you. it’s ok to feel stressed out. it’s ok to crack under pressure sometimes. you are perfectly capable of enduring whatever life throws your way. everything will be alright. you’re gonna be ok.

I want Neil to be sitting on the couch while talking to Matt and Andrew just silently enters the room. He sits down and drapes his legs over Neil or something and Neil doesn’t react and just lets Andrew play with his hair or his fingers. Matt gapes and Neil doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking about Exy strategies.