and while yours is very nice

They see you in lingerie for the first time (S.Coups, The8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun)

wow these are getting steamy

Seungcheol is going to be absolutely shameless while checking you out, like he’ll scan your body very carefully and one of his eyebrows will end up rising, and with a smirk tugging at his lips he’d finally look straight into your eyes. “Well, Y/N, that’s… definitely a nice surprise.” He wouldn’t have expected to see you in lingerie despite the two of you talking about it some time earlier, but boy, does he love the sight. He’ll beckon you to go closer to him, and when you’re in his reach, his hands would be all over you and he’d be pulling you even closer, and with his lips pressing to the skin of your chest, he’d mumble, “You look irresistible,” and as one might guess, he’d be very excited to have some fun with you.

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Minghao would initially be a bit surprised, but when you give him a playful smirk and sway your hips a little, he’s gone. “Come here, baby,” would be the only words he’s able to say in that moment, and naturally, you’d do just that. The closer you get, the more Minghao lets his eyes wander on your body, and takes in every little detail of the lingerie and how good it looks on you. By the end, Minghao would be grinning and standing up, pulling you flush against himself. “It should be illegal to look that good.” You nibble on his lower lip while sliding your hand down his stomach, and it’s so obvious he’s impatient to get out of his pants.

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Wonwoo, like the others, would love the sight, and would’ve probably brought up the idea himself. Upon the very first sight, he’d give you a lopsided grin and beckon you to come just a bit closer to him. When you’re close enough, he chuckles. “That’s good. Now, baby…” His voice would be so low that it makes you feel all kinds of things, much like the intense stare he’s giving you. “…could you dance for me a little?” You know exactly what he means, so you put on a show as you do just that, and eventually you end up giving him the lap dance of his life, which ends with him pulling you into a passionate kiss while his hands slide under the sheer material of the lingerie. “Do you have any idea how hot you are?”

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Mingyu would be awestruck and give you the toothiest grin possible, and probably ask, “How did you know I wanted to see you wear that?” At which you playfully roll your eyes, because chances are he’s actually said he was interested in seeing you wear that piece of lingerie at an earlier point in time. All in all he’d be very excited and not shy in the least to tell you just how good you look, and he’d also let you feel how good he thinks you look, in one way or another. Like Jun, he’d also insist on you keeping it on, although chances are he’s going to fiddle with it so that certain areas are more available.

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Jun would’ve bought you the piece of lingerie some time earlier, and probably suggested it earlier that day that you’d wear it. And when you do, he’d be grinning from ear to ear while his eyes practically eat you. “It looks just as good on you as I imagined.” You’d grin at his words and take a seat on his lap while he sits on the couch, and with his hands on your waist, playing with the material of the lingerie, you ask him if he wants to have sex while you wear it. Jun’s Adam’s apple would bob a little, and he’d instinctively push you down on him a little. “Please don’t take it off.”

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letsglamourcharm  asked:

You talk very vividly about chill hang out/food/drinking experiences (especially when on a wine and ask box bender, all of which I love), so the thing I want to know is--ultimate comfort food! What is it? #pure-and-uncreepy-asks

oh thank you for the pure ask! 

That’s such a hard question I love food and chilling and drinking. 

After a night of drinking and chilling nothing beats trudging downstairs a little hungover, doing a shot, pouring a cup of coffee and making a nice ass quiche. Like all the cheese and fat your drunk ass craves, but also some veggies to make you not feel like garbage. 

To add to that, I have very vivid memories of my dad and step mom making us breakfast on the weekends. We’d put our paper plates in these awk midwestern white people paper plate holders that were wicker (i s2g) and watch law and order reruns while my dad slept away his friday hangover. So bacon and eggs. Keep it simple. 

My mother’s mashed potatoes are amazing. 90% butter with the skins still on. Lots of that bland black pepper from the little tin? Ahh thinking about it makes me feel like I’m in the kitchen and she’s telling me to sit at the cramped fucking table because I’m making her nervous. 

And I haven’t made this in 5eva because nobody I know likes it but the first recipe I ever perfected over time was bigos? It’s this amazing stew with like bacon, sausage (or pork), cabbage, sauerkraut, wine, prunes (gross sounding but actually good), porcini mushrooms if thats your thing, beef stock. GFC the flavors are so complex. 

And in general you can’t go wrong with cheese. The more processed the more it will help you deal with the feelz. Lol. 

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So just wanted to have a little rant sorry if this is annoying but I have given up instagram a while ago and now I have stalked someone who I thought was my friend,she has deleted this cute picture of us where I actually looked nice and posted one where I was off guard,no make up and pulled the ugliest face and now I'm just very angry because how can you be that frustrated inside that you want to make your friends look ugly compared to you

She’s just a jealous bitch Hun, don’t worry. Report the pic if you don’t want it there xxx

it won’t be like what you imagined. maybe you get the road trip to the beach with coffee in your hand and the radio playing, maybe you don’t. but happy shows up. it’s in a 2 AM game of jenga with your new college friends. it’s curling up for another marathon of netflix. it’s meeting the person who will be your best man at the wedding. it’s 4:45pm in the library when the girl in the study coral across from you quietly whispers “i’m going to set everything on fire” and then turns to you and asks if you wanna take a break for dinner (say yes, she’s very nice and you both need a moment away from the stress). it’s the mornings they have omelettes and in good books and in a puddle that looks cool. it’s sometimes picturesque, but more often it’s full-belly laughter at stupid things on the floor of your friend’s house while in the background someone is debating the best way to win settlers of catan. 

i know it gets dark early now and the tired is setting in and everything sort of feels blank and hazy and you want to spend ages staring at walls thinking of nothing

but happiness will find a way in. it will be small moments. look for them.

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

GEMINI: Time to take a pair of metaphorical scissors and snip the negativity out of your life! If you know someone is dragging you down rather than supporting you and building you up, say sayonara!

CANCER: You know that thing that you want to do but you might be too afraid to do? Do it. All experiences, good or bad, are still experiences. Take a risk every now and then! Ask that person out! Put your application in! You can do it.

LEO: Try looking at things a new way this month, Leo. You might be in the midst of a problem or you might be trying to reach a goal you’ve set, and things are just not working out no matter how hard you try. Take a step back and try a new route. Do something different if what you’re doing right now isn’t making you successful.

VIRGO: You may not be meeting all of your own expectations right now, and that’s okay. This month focus on persisting through your troubles. Keep your chin up, Virgo. Good things are on their way.

LIBRA: Libra, you sort of have a tendency to be very good at picking out problems and flaws, and then doing nothing about them. Take a stand and start fixing things that you don’t like, whether it be with the world or within yourself. Email your senator. Attend a march. Donate money. Accept criticism. You can literally do anything that you think you can do.

SCORPIO: This month remember that not all relationships that you create have to be romantic. Creating a bond or a connection with another individual does not mean that by default that you have to be in love with that person. Cherish your friends and don’t focus on romance at the moment. 

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace your emotions this month. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need someone to talk to, then find someone you can trust. Do not ever be ashamed of the way you feel.

CAPRICORN: Decisiveness is key. You may find yourself unable to choose between this and that, but you have to learn to make tough decisions, especially under pressure. Don’t let a decision keep you up at night. Do what you feel is right and good is bound to come of it.

AQUARIUS: Seek out some counsel this February. There are plenty of people in your circle willing to listen to you, you just have to speak. Focus on your needs instead of everyone else’s. You are a wonderful listener, and now it’s your turn to be listened to.

PISCES: Break out of your shell a little bit this month. You don’t have to do anything insanely drastic, but maybe inviting someone new over for a movie, or simply messaging someone you’ve never talked to before to get to know them. You have a very intriguing air about you, Pisces, and whether you believe it or not people do want to be your friend.

cute things for your otp
  • “QUICK! TAKE A HOLD OF MY HAND!” -“okay, now what?” “nothing i just really wanted to hold your hand.”
  • person a pulling person b out into the rain to dance while person b is reluctant at first and complains they have no music to even dance to whereas person a just laughs and hums a song and immediately person b shuts up
  • “do you want my strawberry?” -”oh! sur—” -”okay then get” (from my mouth) “Hahaha you should have seen your— …f…ace?” -”Thank you very much, that was a nice strawberry.” aka kissing to get the strawberry yes thx
  • listening to their partners heartbeat shortly before falling asleep / having trouble falling asleep but being sooth as soon as the steady rhythm of their partners heartbeat is audible for them
  • writing each other sticky notes on their fridge
  • writing each other silly (love) letters (aka “if you read dis ur gay lmao”)
  • one of them got into a nasty fight and the other one tenderly patches them up later (of course without looking because the other one doesn’t want them to see them bc they’re self-conscious)
  • watching bad movies and laughing about them together

k but whatever you do don’t think about iwa just staring at oikawa and being like “i want to fuck up your hair” and oikawa’s like ??? is this a sex thing or??? 

but no, iwa just sits down with a bunch of bobby pins and rubber bands and makes oikawa’s hair look utterly ridiculous and he’s fucking giggling the whole time too and oikawa’s just sitting there like ???? what is going on ???? and at the end iwa just stops and stares at him with the goopiest smile

and he’s like, fake sighing and like “i was hoping if you didn’t have all that nice hair you’d finally look as dumb as your personality, but…” and he squishes oikawa’s face into the weirdest face while shaking his head very seriously “… you’re cute whatever i do”

and then he bursts out laughing and kisses oikawa’s nose gently

oikawa is still so bewildered but he’s like “this is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me” and lets iwa take a picture of him looking like a dipshit with his hair in shambles

Late Dinner

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Yoongi spends the majority of his time cooped up in his studio. He sleeps there as often as he can get away with, he eats most of his meals there, he hangs most of his clothes there. Most of your dates tend to take place in or very near his studio. You get takeout and watch anime on his laptop or you go to the café down the street.

And, although you technically live together, most of the time you feel as if you live alone.

But most of the time, you don’t particularly mind it. It’s nice to have your space while Yoongi has his. You can spread out your things in the living room and blare music while you work or you can cover the bed in papers as you pretend to get work done instead of watching TV.  Whatever work you need to get done at home, you can get it done without worrying about disturbing him or having him disturb you.

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Dear silmeheniel, 

I thought I’d share my favorite self-care tarot spread of the moment with you! It’s very easy to do, which is nice especially when it comes to self-care. 

You read the spread from right to left – the first card represents you in your current state. The second card represents something that you need to do to take care of yourself, while the third card represents something that is stopping you from doing the action. The last card represents you after you take the action and the blockage is removed. 

Often when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I need that jolt of “oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing and this is how I get there” to push myself over that hurdle. 

Hope you enjoy it like I do! Take care of yourself.

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February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

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’’[Alan]’s a classy guy. He’s really nice. […] But at first I was kind of scared of him, despite how nice he is. […] I did say hello to him [at Leavesden Studios while filming], but didn’t talk to him as such. I did at the premiere after-party though, which was nice. Later [I] found out my mum had approached him earlier and had exactly the same conversation. Awkward. […] I told him I was terrified that my nose was far too small for the part [of Severus] and he said, ‘Don’t worry. My nose was exactly the same size as yours when I was your age.’ I’m not sure if it’s true, but at the moment, at that time, that was very important to hear!’’ — Benedict Clarke (Baby Severus Snape) on remembering Alan Rickman [x]

Finding a Familiar

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal of choice
  • Candles (optional)
  • Hand
  • Voice

When you find a creature that you wish to become your familiar, you must first ask its permission by passing your hand over it and crying: 

By the Moon that shines at night, and the Sun so very bright,
I ask you once, I ask you twice, but more than twice would not be nice. With a wag, a croak, or mew, pray tell me now what you will do. Will you my familiar be? Give your answer to me.

Wait until the creature does something you take to mean, “Yes!” While the animal may have had another name like Blue, Jebbert, or Charlie, it is now important for you to choose a secret magical name.

Thoughts from a senior in college

1. Let yourself be enthusiastic as a freshman. It’s easy to be cynical and freshman year can feel like a giant summer camp sometimes, but it only happens once and you will miss it later on.

2. Leave your room every once in a while, even if it’s to go to the library to study. It sounds simple but especially for introverted people, this one can be hard.

3. Don’t study too much. Seriously, let yourself have fun or go on a walk or enjoy a book for fun every once in a while.

4. Make a bucket list with your roommates or your new friends of things you want to explore in your college town. It sounds super cheesy but it’s a great way to make new friends and discover new places.

5. Upperclassmen don’t hate you. They’re actually very nice people most of the time.

6. Don’t go home every weekend. You will regret it.

7. Freshman year can be super lonely and challenging, especially if you are introverted or don’t make friends easily. But it can also be a time where you learn a lot about yourself, where you grow as a person, and where you make memories that you will cherish forever. Savor every moment and have fun.

xcleverfoxx  asked:

Hey so during the papyrus fight, he never kills you. So it seems he knows your health. When fighting Toriel, she fights you with no intention to kill you, but ends up doing so and regrets it with the frame that shows her shocked face. Do you think theres anything behind this, or am I overthinking? Its been rattling around my head for a wild. Sorry to bother you, have a nice day!

(undertale spoilers)

It’s not a bother at all, we love questions!

So, let us see. With Papyrus, there is one very specific difference between him and a lot of other monsters:

Papyrus’ intention throughout Snowdin is to capture a human. While his behavior is very affable and he certainly looks enthusiastic, but harmless, there’s a lot more to him. Not only does Undyne admit he’s pretty tough, but while hanging out with him, he also alludes to the fact that he could have blasted Frisk.

However, that’s not what he wants. Although he ultimately does try to use his special attack, it’s after numerous warnings and delays. 


His goal is above all else is to prove himself and join the Royal Guard, making his special attack a last ditch effort to defeat and capture the human. To that end, he can’t let Frisk die. More so than other monsters, Papyrus displays a very keen understanding of just how much punishment the human can take. Not to mention he’s significantly more concerned with making friends, and Frisk proves to be friend for him.

Now, Toriel is a very different case. By the time she opposes Frisk, six fallen have already left her care and perished. As far as Toriel is concerned, they could easily become the seventh. Stopping Frisk from leaving the Ruins is not just to protect them, but to prevent Asgore’s ascension to godhood.

Dying to Toriel isn’t exactly the easiest feat. When Frisk is down to 2 HP, only a single attack is repeated and initiated in a way that cannot be exploited. You can’t intentionally die against Papyrus, but you can against Toriel and a lot of this may have to do with their attitude towards the encounter.

Papyrus is absolutely set on capturing the human and everything he does during the fight serve that purpose, along with a little bit of showing off near the end. However, Toriel is different. She doesn’t actually want to fight Frisk and even during the encounter, she does her best to disassociate from what’s happening, wanting them to just accept her reasons and return to their room. Her fight is slightly more about intimidation, that trying to actively harm Frisk.

This reflects in the fight as well. If Frisk dies to her, the resulting look on her face for that one frame before the SOUL shatters, is one of clear shock. It was never her intention, but in all her turmoil, she didn’t make completely sure.

Unfortunately, that one slip is just enough for tragedy to strike.

@chainedintimacy a réagi à votre billet “i wanna do one last drawing for the night to destroy my wrist nice and…”

Some gayness possibly? Though don’t hurt your wrist too much! If it does hurt, you should ice it after! ;w;

My hand is beyond the icing point rn

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Hi!! I know this might seem like a very weird request, but I have a soft spot for Harry and Narcissa getting along! Do you know of any fics in particular where they have a nice relationship while/before Harry is courting Malfoy (or vice versa)? Thank you!! Still if you don't get to this, thank you so much for all your hard work with your blog!!!!


Two Hearts That Bleat As One (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG, WC: 5.3k, Summary: After the war, Draco was prepared to spend the rest of his days alone and miserable. Then that damned goat showed up. This is a remix of icmezzo’s brilliant Love Lies Bleating.

Claimed (dragontara)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8.1k, Summary: Harry is investigating a crime when he crashes right in the middle of the Veela mating party. Five Veelas are very interested in Harry and already have him cornered, when one surprisingly familiar person jumps in for a rescue. But if you thought it was difficult to get five Veela suitors off your back when they were only showing interest and trying to impress, try to deal with a fiercely protective and possessive Veela, who is determined to claim you and taking no for an answer.

Twelve Hours (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14.9k, Summary: The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Where Your Heart Is Set (hazel_wand)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.3k, Summary: Draco comes home from school to find that his mother has decided to rebuild their family to include Andromeda, Teddy… and Harry Potter.

The Cider Press (sassy_cissa)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9.4k, Summary: Sometimes Mother really does know best.

Draco Malfoy’s Worst Christmas Ever (It’s All Harry Potter’s Fault) (coffeejunkii)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 11.1k, Summary: All Draco wanted for Christmas was a quiet holiday. But then Harry Potter caught Dragon Pox, Severus Snape’s portrait needed a temporary caretaker, and Narcissa Malfoy decided that she would no longer put up with Lucius’ newfound love of flobberworms.

Foundations! Verse (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 364k (Total), Summary: Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Mending White Picket Fences (radcliffe_bass)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12.7k, Summary: Two years have passed since Molly Weasley and Lucius Malfoy died in the final battle. Arthur and Narcissa, due to the strength of the support group they joined shortly after their spouses died, have moved on, and have found love in each other. Their wedding is scheduled for next summer when Ginny, Draco and Ron graduate but they both realise that between now and then, some things will have to change. To help ease the two family’s transition from friends to family they are spending the holiday together. Now Draco’s forced to spend his Christmas with a bunch of redheads and an annoying flirt of a saviour who just won’t let Draco out of his sight.

The Years Before Love (lomonaaeren)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.1k, Summary: Harry didn’t ever dream he could have a family beyond the Weasleys. But then, at one point he didn’t dream he could have a family beyond the Dursleys, either. He tries not to think too much about those years, but in a way, they’ve made him what he was and given him what he has now.

Moving On (nimrodel_13)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25.1k, Summary: After the war, the Ministry forces Draco to turn the Manor into a building open for public use as part of his sentence. So he turns it into an Inn. Surprisingly, it is going quite well until his father’s ghost appears in one of the Manor’s rooms and scares away all of his guests. As a last resort, Draco seeks the help of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice turned intrepid Ghost Hunter. Because if he can’t maintain the Inn, he may lose his home…

A Remedy For All Seasons (cutecoati)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 14.8k, Summary: When Draco Malfoy returns to work on a mysterious outbreak of children’s disease, Harry is not surprised to find him a nuisance. In most regards, that is.

Jay Park - Unspoken Rule

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“Park Jaebum?!” You repeated in a high pitch voice, your jaw dropping wide open. You wanted to confirm that you heard her right and that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

“Yes. Is there a problem?” Your boss asked you, surprised by your flabbergasted reaction. She arched one of her almost non-existent eyebrows at you, looking at you with questioning eyes, which were also partly filled with concern.

“N-no,” you answered reluctantly, shaking your head in response. Well, there wasn’t a problem per se. You didn’t even know him personally. But you weren’t very enthusiastic about working with him either. One of your close friends had broken up with him several months ago. And she didn’t really have nice things to say about him. Even while they were still in a relationship, she was mostly complaining about him. His lack of time and attention, his perverted music videos and lyrics, his big ego, his playfulness, his rudeness, his randomness. And the list went on endlessly.

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Two Young Hearts

Request: Can you do an imagine when the reader is wonder woman daughter and is staying in Wayne Manor for a month and then her and Damian fall for each other pleaseee?? 😙😙😙

Requested by @kpkarlee

“Do I really have to stay mother?  I can go with you,” you pleaded.  You were no stranger to the missions your mother went on (due to being Wonder Woman), but you did not see why you had to stay.  Your mother sighed, pulling you into a hug and whispering,  “Y/N, the time I will be gone is too long for you too be on your own.  I trust Bruce to make sure you’re safe.”  

That was around a week ago.  And you hadn’t heard anything from her.  Your mother had decided to have Bruce Wayne watch over you while she was gone.  Everyone in the house was very nice and were open to you there.  Everyone except Damian Wayne that is.  

From the moment you walked in the manor, he would avoid being in the same room as you.  You didn’t understand why since you had never met him before.  Damian had thought that you weren’t to be trusted, as he did with everyone.  

So one day when you walked into the library, he acknowledged your presence.  Greetings were exchanged and then he left the room.  That had then begun the slow string of him talking to you.  After a while it became a daily routine to train together.  Then it became a common thing to hang out with him, and as soon as you knew it the two of you were attached at the hip.

And because the two of you were so close, you had gained feelings for him.  You thought he would never feel the same, so you never mentioned it.  But little did you know that Damian had grown to feel the same way.  He had tried his best to show you how he felt, but you always wrote it off as being friendly.

It frustrated you that you had grown to like the boy, and he just saw you as a friend.  It was like you weren’t even from Themyscira.  Every time when you were with him you became flustered and weak at the knees.   Neither of you knew about each other’s feelings, but that didn’t mean nobody else didn’t.  Everyone in the manor had seen how you two felt.  The boys had teased Damian relentlessly, but they had talked to you about your feelings.  And they did their best to set you up.  

Their latest set up included Bruce.  To make it look like a mission, they had Bruce had tell you the two of you that you would need to go undercover as a couple.  You were supposed to be watching a suspected criminal; and of course the setting was at a restaurant.  And a fancy one at that

And when the boys left the batcom open, their plans were spoiled.  The both of you heard about their plan to set you up, as well as how you felt about Damian. You blushed and stuttered “Oh god this is embar-” “Well I’m glad to see you feel the same,” he said cutting you off.  He stood up, holding his hand out, “Well perhaps you would like to accompany me to dinner.  A real one this time.” You nodded and took his hand, blushing when he brought it to his lips and kissed it.  

After that it was all history.  The two of you had went on multiple dates, and he asked you to be his girlfriend.  During your stay the two of you would spend every second together.  It would be common to see you in the library, or in each other’s rooms.  So when your mother came back from her mission you were sad.

You stood at the door, waiting for your mother to stop talking to Bruce.  Damian hadn’t spent time with you today, and he didn’t say goodbye.  Your mother had finished talking to Bruce and you were about to leave when you heard “You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye were you?”

You turned around to see your boyfriend, walking down the stairs with the famous Wayne smirk on his face.  He made his way towards you and pulled you into his embrace.  He whispered “I will miss you beloved.  Hopefully you will still come to the manor, yes?”  You smiled, “Of course I would Damian.”  He pulled away and kissed you.  “Until again.”

And you walked out with your Mother and a smile in your face.  

AN: I hope ya’ll enjoy.  

How The Signs Show Affection
  • Aries: They may seem tough and hardened on the outside but they are fantastic cuddlers and won't. Let. You. GO! Allow them to envelope you in their body heat. ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )
  • Taurus: Also wonderful cuddlers, as well as head stroking, and great listeners. Like living teddy bears!
  • Gemini: They like long hugs so they can really feel your energy. Be prepared for having your hands, arms, and hair played with for a very long time while they talk to you about all kinds of stuff.
  • Cancer: They'll talk your ear off about what happened at work today, and make you a nice snack to show you they appreciate you. Not really touchy feely, but you know they care. They begin to open up and show you their crazy side!
  • Leo: Absolutely drowns you in compliments (and expects a few in return) and loves stroking your hair and playfully messing with your body.
  • Virgo: Sharing is caring with this one. We're talking sharing drinks (two straws like in the movies), sharing seats, and smol kisses.
  • Libra: They like having a little authority so probably some hugs from behind. You can sit on their lap, and they'll occasionally squeeze you while watching your fave movie.
  • Scorpio: Very intimate and passionate. Hugs are long and meaningful, and sharing food is definitely a thing that will happen. They'll share their most twisted secrets with you and hand you all their trust. This is a special and rare occurrence.
  • Sagittarius: Back rubs, man. Back and shoulder rubs! They'll listen to you rant about your mean co worker or peer and offer meaningful insight and advice, all while keeping you close and very very safe.
  • Capricorn: They seem stern and serious most of the time, and very cold to most but when they loosen up around you prepare for much cuddling. They'll stop being so uppity and let you do pretty much whatever to them. Peaceful silence with Netflix and food.
  • Aquarius: Endless text messages and cute notes! They like making you fully aware that you're on their mind. Getting little kisses is not uncommon. And hugs are firm and full of love.
  • Pisces: You get to enjoy seeing their bright smile all day and constantly hear their warm and uplifting laughter that is nothing short of contagious! They like patting and playing with your arms and playful shoving.