and while she looks so bad in photographs

I’ve just had a thought… I saw a tweet saying ‘Ashton takes Bryana to all these different cool places but Luke just takes Arzaylea to the same place every night’ which got me thinking… Maybe it isn’t Luke who is the one deciding to go to The Nice Guy every night. If she is who we think she is, maybe it’s her. The Nice Guy is well known for the paparazzi being there like 24/7, and if she wants fame so bad I think she would go to any extent to get it, which means dragging Luke along for the ride. Twice in a few days they’ve been photographed together there. And the one of them holding hands, she had a smirk on her face while Luke looked flustered and extremely uncomfortable. He let go of her hand while she was still clutching his. I doubt Luke knew what he was doing - he is a sensible person and has been brought up by a good family with good morals. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt us intentionally which makes me think it’s her. I really think she is using him, I’m so worried for him.