and while nine got into this extreme mode only when someone he cared about is in danger

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Kakashi and his reaction to his kid (preferably a girl) getting injured headcanons please?

Ok so these differ a bit, because both age and the severity of the injury play a major role, so I tried to do a little bit from various ages, so these are all chronological.

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  • With an actual child, he was a very, “you’re okay, stand up,” parent. He didn’t really believe in overplaying minor trips and falls when his daughter was younger like some parents, just because he didn’t want to condition her to think that someone was going to run to her side every time that she got hurt. That just doesn’t happen in the shinobi world and with her being his daughter, he was very well aware that there was a good chance at her becoming a kunoichi, so he just wanted to prepare her a bit. Though he never says things like this in a harsh voice, it was always in an “oh no! you fell!” type voice and if she’s actually genuinely crying because she got hurt, he’ll immediately go over there and comfort her. No tears in the Hatake home.
  • Now when his daughter was a toddler, that was an absolute mess, his daughter was just learning to walk and he’s Kakashi, so we all know his house wasn’t baby-proofed, so there was a lot of falling into table corners and potentially dangerous things. The first couple of times it startled him, bc internally he knows that one wrong fall could be killer to a toddler, but somehow she’s fine?? Omg, the first time she knocked her chin on the table and bit the inside of her mouth and bled, Kakashi was so concerned but was trying and failing to remain calm bc his toddler is screaming while he’s trying to keep a rag in her mouth to stop the bleeding and it looks so bad. He just prays that no one comes in his house and sees him trying to hold down his daughter who’s screeching in pain with a bloody rag in her mouth.
  • With a genin daughter, if she gets hurt training, he’s tries to make her walk it off if it’s minor. She’s already pretty tough when it comes to dealing with pain, but she’s still like nine, so there are still times where he has to keep on encouraging her to keep going through the pain. If there ends up being blood, he stops training for a moment and will take a look at it, but if not, he tries to keep her going as much as possible. He never really pushes, more or less encourages, because it has to be her choice to be training, or he won’t train her; he’s not going to force her to do anything, but if she wants him to train her, he’s going to train her to be exceptional, not just mediocre.
    • Though Naruto tried to train her one day, because Kakashi was busy with something, but he accidently broke her hand and wrist to a point where you could see the bones coming out while sparing her and dear God that was an awful day. Naruto’s just about to flip shit, because there’s Kakashi nine year old daughter all balled up in the middle of the training field, gritting her teeth and trying her best not to cry, because she knows she’s not supposed to show weakness, but holy hell Naruto just destroyed the bone structure in her right hand. Naruto’s in panic mode, because he knows he completely shattered her wrist and hand, likes there blood everywhere- which surprised him, bc she’s only like 50 lbs, she shouldn’t bleed that much- and he can see the bones popping out. And he knows that it has to be extremely painful, because she’s just in tears clutching onto her wrist and this girl does not cry over anything, so he’s just like “fucking hell,” because he feels so bad for hurting her and he knows he’s in the shithouse with Kakashi now. Immediately, he runs her over to Sakura who’s just like “Why? How? What?” and then goes to somehow face Kakashi and tell him that he just sent his child to the emergency room in need of reconstructive surgery on her hand. Kakashi’s not even mad about it honestly- surprised, but not angered- because Naruto was just trying to help her train, and Kakashi can tell he feels so guilty about it just by how worked up he is. But when Naruto tells him that it hurt her so bad that she was in tears, but still trying to keep herself together, Kakashi knows that he needs to go see her as soon as possible, because she’s a tough little one, but she’s still a child and sometimes she needs her dad there to help calm her down; probs some morphine too, but Sakura can hook her up with that,
  • Now, if she gets hurt on a mission when she’s a genin/ chunin he asks her about it and what went wrong and tries to help her improve and trying to better enable her to protect herself more. Of course he makes sure that she is alright and everything, but more likely than not she’s not going to spend time in the hospital for a genin/chunin mission, so he’s not entirely worried. He more or less wants her to see her mistakes and improve so that later on in her life she’s not making the same mistakes that could possible end far worse than just a bandage to the cheek. 
  • With a higher level kunoichi, he actually starts to worry if she gets hurt, because she is going on missions that could very much kill her. Of course he doesn’t doubt his daughter’s ability as a kunoichi; he made her work for that title of jonin or ANBU, but he is very well aware that no one is invincible and that even the strongest can be taken out if the circumstances are right. At this stage in her life, he no longer questions what she could have done better; Kakashi just makes sure that she is okay, because if she did get seriously hurt, he wouldn’t react the best. If his daughter is seriously injured, then that means that the last thing that he truly cares about is being held out on a string and that he no longer has that ability to protect her. He’ll probably try to stay by her side as much as he could, and if she had to go into surgery then he would not leave the ER until he was able to see his child again.
  • Regardless of age, if she ever gets hurt on a mission where Kakashi is present, guilt will overtake him, because in his mind he should be able to protect his daughter and for her to be injured just shows that he wasn’t doing enough as a father or shinobi.
  • Now if it was a boy that hurt is little girl, that boy would cease to exist within a matter of hours. No one hurts his daughter, especially not some stupid teen boy who his daughter could take out in a matter of seconds. No one’s good enough to make his little girl cry.
  • Bonus bc I love boy Teen Hatake that I’ve used for all my other Kakashi kid headcanons; he’s my fav now guys: Kakashi gets so annoyed with his son when he hides his injuries. Like jfc Teen Hatake, stop hiding all of your medical stuff and injuries from your father; he always ends up seeing it on his insurance, man. It’s a bit humorous, because Kakashi will get random medical bills at his house, and he’s reads them and finds out that Teen Hatake blew out his left ear drum and broke three ribs all in one week, but didn’t say one word to Kakashi about it and poor Kakashi just has to take a deep breath and is just like “Why?? Are?? You?? Like?? This?????”