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andrew actually smiling is a very, very, very rare thing. instead, his equivalent of a smile is the way his whole face softens slightly, his stare isn’t quite as intense, and the corners of his mouth seem to turn ever so slightly upwards. it’s the look he gets in peaceful moments with neil when they’re both safe and content and enjoying each other’s company. it’s an expression neil treasures because while not as rare as a true smile it’s still something he only really sees when they’re alone together 

(fic) And Better Days will Come

Title: And Better Days will Come
Pairing: Dazai/Atsushi
Summary: Gaining total control of the tiger within him was difficult, especially around full moon. But having Dazai around had made the experience a little more bearable for Atsushi.
Rating: G
Warning: brief mentions of suicide Dazai-style, small reference to actual Osamu Dazai’s ‘No Longer Human’, Atsushi’s past haunting him back (protect him) but otherwise nothing too triggering
Word Count: 2,433 words
Notes: written as a part of Dazatsu Valentine Exchange. Pre-established relationship/gen since I imagine this taking place early on in the series, after Tanizaki and Atsushi’s Akutagawa encounter maybe? Added a little Valentine twist at the end because because of the occasion and also Dazai being little shit is my favorite kind of Dazai.

Hiii @meli-suga​ , I’m your secret Valentinee and this if for you. I hope you’ll like this :’) and I hope you’re having a great day!

It has been a month since he joined (or coerced into joining) the Armed Detective Agency. Caught in the fast whirlwind of events within ADA (and the sporadic dynamics that are the agency’s members), Atsushi almost forgotten that he has a tiger within him.

Until the dreams started where all he could remember were sharp yellow eyes fixated on him, trying to tear him down.

The second night, he remembered being pushed down by a crushing force, the same unforgiving eyes staring down at him. Atsushi woke up with a start, beads of sweat trailing down his forehead.

The third night he was pushed down once more. He heard a low growl, which woke him up like an alarm. This time he felt the dull, throbbing pain emanating from his limbs. He glanced at the window-sills next to him. The night sky is bright.

It’s almost time.

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as you can see, louis’s had drooping hooded eyes since he was a baby. and while freddie’s nose is square and upturned, louis’s is round with a hooked tip at the bottom. when you add louis’s features on top of freddie’s face, IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE FREDDIE. the change is completely drastic. when you align their nose sizes perfectly, you can also see that louis’s eyes are smaller and spaced closer together. since louis does have very small eyes. his lashes and creases at the corner of his eyes just make them look bigger.

just how little of louis’s genes must freddie have inherited to pop out with large, almond shaped, upturned eyes and a square upturned nose, when louis has small, hooded drooping eyes and a narrow round hooked nose? they’re literally contrasting features. if that isn’t enough for antis to show he isn’t the dad, then at least they can stop saying they look anything alike.

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that last little “Stay tuned next for-” is such an important salute to the domesticity of Cecilos because WTNV is a fucked up show man, it is messy and impossible and yet the main gay couple manages to be painfully realisitc and loving and if I’m imagining two vaguely human shapes dancing in an empty ballroom with champagne flutes on the floor and stacked chairs in the corner while the sun is screaming outside then it’s not my goddamn fault.

let John hold Sherlock, let him press their foreheads together, let him bump their noses and breathe Sherlock’s air, let him gently, oh so gently, kiss Sherlock first on the corner of his mouth, and then at last, full on the lips, let him hear Sherlock whimper, let him feel Sherlock grasping at his clothes because he just doesn’t know what to do with himself, let him chuckle while he slides his hands down Sherlock’s arms, grabbing his hands and placing them on his hips, let him feel Sherlock pull him closer, let him groan because of course, of course Sherlock wants this just as much as he does, let him realize for the first of many times, that this is something he’s allowed to have, let him wrap himself around Sherlock and kiss him until the end of forever

So I had a thought.
What if Peggyrella meets John in disguise first (like in the musical) but then while they’re talking, some guy starts harassing her, and John just whoops the guy into the next kingdom while Peggy sings Fight For Me from Heathers?
Like “whoa, I’ve never met a village boy with skills like that, dayum.”