and while i was making it she decided to score two goals

Okay but why couldn’t they still have played Quidditch during Goblet of Fire?

I understand that the champions probably wouldn’t want to deal with that while also competing in the tournament but it’s not really fair to everyone else to just cancel Quidditch for the full year.

What about the 7th years who wanted one last shot at winning the Quidditch Cup?

What about the 2nd years who were excited because they could FINALLY try out for the team?

But more so the 7th years, I mean no one even told them “btw we probs aren’t gonna have Quidditch next year so make this year count” like that’s actually really shitty.

And I understand that they needed the Quidditch field for the third task but there’s only like 5 games a year, you could’ve done them a little earlier and still had time to use this thing you teach called magic to grow the damn maze!

OR EVEN BETTER, instead of having the House Quidditch tournament, have the schools play against each other. I mean 3of the 4 champions are kick ass Seekers so why not?

OR BETTER YET have each of the champions form a team using anyone they want

Harry just asks the Gryffindor team to play with him and they use Ron to replace Oliver like in OOTP and at first he’s really nervous but then he gets his nerves on track because there’s NO WAY he’s losing to Krum after he took Hermione to the Yule Ball.

Cedric decides to try to get the best he can from all of the Houses, though the majority of his team is still Hufflepuff because he knows how they play and likes how they work together. He does find a Beauxbatons boy that makes a great Chaser though.

Karkaroff insists that Viktor only use the boys from Durmstrang (because he’s probably a misogynistic little shit) and he doesn’t really care because he’s the best Seeker in the world. Even if he just lost the Quidditch World Cup to Ireland, it’s IMPOSSIBLE that he wouldn’t be able to catch the Snitch before the other team got too far ahead.

And then there’s Fleur, who has never played Quidditch before but suddenly there’s a 13 year old red-haired Hogwarts girl asking her if she can be on her team because “I’ve been practicing with my brothers’ brooms for years and I’m actually quite good but I won’t be able to make the Gryffindor team for a few years” and Fleur agrees as long as Ginny helps her find some other teammates and gives Fleur flying lessons. Ginny accepts the offer and, in Holyhead Harpies fashion, sets out to put together an all female team because females are very unrepresented on the other teams. Ginny and Fleur ask two Bulgarian girls to be a Beater and Chaser. One of Fleur’s Beauxbatons friends is the other Beater, and Ginny asks a fifth year from the Hufflepuff team (who Cedric didn’t choose) to be the third Chaser, as well as Cho to be their Seeker. She insists that Fleur be the Keeper so that she doesn’t have to worry as much about not being steady on a broom.

Instead of all of the teams playing each other, they do it tournament style. Harry and Cedric’s teams go first. Ron is a nervous new Keeper and let’s quite a few balls in before he makes his first save and suddenly he’s on a roll. Cedric’s team has gained a substantial lead by now, but Harry spots the Snitch and just barely grabs it before Cedric (Fred and George are pleased since they’re still not over the Hufflepuff victory the year before when Harry was attacked by the dementors).

Fleur and Viktor’s teams play next. The girls have 3 superb Chasers that are scoring constantly. Every time Viktor’s Chasers make it to Fleur’s end of the pitch, they get distracted by her flowing silver hair and tend to miss without her having to do too much (which is good cause even though she’s better she’s still not QUITE comfortable on a broom). Viktor frantically searches for the Snitch because if he can get it soon they’ll still be able to pull ahead but then the Beauxbatons Beater hits a Bludger right at him and in the moment it took him to dodge it, Cho had spotted the Snitch and already had her hand stretched out to grab it. Before he could even reach her elbow she had the tiny ball held tight in her fist.

The losers of the first round face off for 3rd and 4th place. Viktor, with a sore ego about getting beaten to the Snitch in the last game, catches it within 20 minutes. Cedric laughs the whole thing off and gives Viktor his congratulations, but he now has a harder drive to win the Triwizard Tournament.

Everyone is anxious for the Potter/Delacour game. Fleur knows that Angelina, Katie, and Alicia won’t be effected by her the way the Durmstrang boys were, so she trains even harder to keep up with the rest of her team. The game is underway and it’s neck and neck. Both teams have three excellent Chasers, causing the Quaffle to change sides constantly. Ron and Fleur are both highly nervous, but still manage to block most goals. Fred and George know that Ginny is the other team’s best Chaser, but can’t find it in themselves to try and knock their 13 year old sister off her broom. The Durmstrang Beater doesn’t have any such obligations, and aims a Bludger at Alicia as she’s speeding down the pitch towards Fleur. It hits her in the ribs and she is escorted down to Madame Pomfrey. Now that Fleur’s team has the upper hand, they start pulling ahead. Harry and Cho are playing rough searching for the Snitch, trying to psyche the other out by flying in their path. Harry notices Cho following him and decides to dive as though he’s seen the Snitch somewhere near the bottom of the field. He’s surprised when he doesn’t see her dive after him and looks up just in time to see her catch the Snitch 50 yards away. Everyone heads back towards the ground, the girls have a group hug because never in a million years did they think they were ACTUALLY going to win! Harry breaks through to shake Fleur’s hand and tells her “good game”. Fred and George are staring in astonishment at their little sister because “What the hell, Gin? Where did you learn to fly like that?” while Angelina is nearby cursing the fact that they can’t have 4 Chasers on the Gryffindor team.

In the end, Dumbledore allows the teams to throw a party in the Great Hall. Some Hufflepuffs make flower crowns for Fleur’s team to wear as the winners. A hush falls over the Hall when the doors open and McGonagall comes in. They expect her to yell at them for being too loud, but instead she walks over to Fleur and hands her the Quidditch Cup because she “won it fair and square” but explicitly states that if she does not return it to her by the end of the year “I will go to France and take it from you myself”. The Hall bursts into laughter and applause.

anonymous asked:

Can i request for a bad boy serpent jughead jones and the sweet girl next door betty cooper fiction and maybe with a steamy make out session scene? Thank you!

So the story is slightly AU. Jughead never attended school in Riverdale, never was friends with Betty and Archie, as a matter of fact they didn’t even know each other. No murder ever happened, Betty was never pinning over Archie. I also made some other small changes that you’ll notice upon reading. Plus, I made Reggie a Serpent too, for no reason really, I just wanted him to be Jughead’s childhood best friend in this universe. :p Last but not least, Betty turned out to be extremely feisty while I was writing this; she is still a sweetheart in pastel colors but her character is a tad more Betty Cooper in episodes 12 &13. I hope that’s ok! Thank you for requesting, dear anon! Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
(Okay, this is 34 pages long. I don’t even know why, I don’t even know what I have written in so many pages. I apologize in advance for that mammoth length. Warning: turns mildly smutty but definately hot and heavy at the end.)

P.S. Because this is too long, I have put it under a “read more” so if you are on mobile the story gets cut halfway through. Here’s an AO3 link if the tumblr app doesn’t work for you. :)

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

  • Part 1/3: But Mama, I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

The Serpents had outdone themselves with the construction of the of the building, hiring Fred Andrews and his crew – one of the few people that wasn’t driven by discrimination and always agreed in doing business at the south side of town – and wasting a large amount of money from their infamous Serpent vault to create a place appropriate for shaping young minds. Maybe that’s why sweet and always optimistic Betty Cooper smiled every day at three o’clock sharp when her sneakers would hop up the marble stairs of the buzzing with life building. Because it was proving her right; Serpents would do anything for their children, just like any other parent on a prestigious office job. Serpents weren’t the monsters everyone thought they were.

Her excuse for walking all the way from their quaint north paradise to the disreputable south district five days per week was something that Betty always found fascinating; volunteering. Nurturing and caring by nature, she was constantly filling her free time with activities that offered assistance to those needed; taking care of stray cats and dogs down at the animal center, gathering food supplies and clothing for the homeless at their local church, being an annual blood donor, being proud cofounder along with her best friend, Veronica Lodge, of the two years now successful female empowerment club, Girls Speak Louder, at Riverdale High. And when senior year came and she needed a bigger challenge, something to bring her out of her good girl comfort zone, a tiny announcement had caught her eye, stuck on the bulletin board at the center of her high school corridor; Volunteers needed at Southside Elementary School.

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Essays in Existentialism: Polo

ok so, lexa is a polo player and clarke is one of those fancy girls who watch the game and clarke develops a crush on lexa when she sees her playing and then stuff happen (my idea finish there sorry ) but anyways thanks for your amazing fics i love you they make me happy

The drinks flowed for hours before the game even started. While the field occupied a large section of the estate, the tents and tables and mingling crowds of people in expensive dresses and hats swarmed around it all around the pitch. It was a sunny day with a handful of the magnificent, fluffy white clouds that took their time to get across the sky.

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I wasn’t going to bother uploading this since it’s in the zine, but then I remembered I wrote a crack fic to go with it. It’s under the cut.

Warning: I know nothing about soccer. I know nothing about writing.

Rated T for minor cussing lol

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it’s okay, that’s love 04

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➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft ot7
➾ warnings: mentions of toxic relationships, Munchausen Syndrome 
➾ word count: 8k
➾ previous parts 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead.

➾ a/n: this chapter focuses slightly more on jeongguk, and hoseok finally makes his entrance!! with that, all the players are on the field, and the real fun can begin ;-)

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My Babygirl-Part Nine

My Babygirl masterlist

“Ohhh.” Dean slightly winced as he watched you ram into the girl who had the soccer ball so that you could steal it. At nine years old you had this sense of fearlessness that Dean took credit for. He couldn’t help but cheer with the crowd as you broke away from the others on the field and headed straight for the goal. He watched as you score for a second time that game, thus solidifying the victory for your team since there was only ten seconds left in the game.

He stayed at the soccer field for a few more moments but after watching you leap into the arms of who you thought was your father he decided to leave. As he walked away Dean turned back one more time and couldn’t help the proud smile that overtook his face as he saw your teammates swarm around you; some hugged you while others gave you high fives.

“That’s my girl.” Dean said as he turned back around, walking away from you.

Originally posted by lalgibi

Sam and Dean sat in the very back of the recital hall to avoid any attention their presence might cause. They knew that only two people there would know who they were but since it was a private event they weren’t looking to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves.

It took everything Dean had to not fall asleep during the other performances but as soon as your name was announced Dean snapped awake. He watched proudly as you stood next to the piano in your concert dress before sitting on the bench.

The brothers were amazed at how you played; neither expecting a Winchester to have such talent. As you finished your final piece Dean almost burst out with applause but stopped himself when he realized how much attention he would cause to be ripped from you and given to him. Instead he clapped with a large smile on his face. 

Dean didn’t know anything about playing an interment, but for being eleven years old he thought you were amazing. When the concert ended Dean couldn’t help himself from passing by who he figured out was your piano teacher.

“Y/N, your student. One of the best performances I’ve seen from someone her age.” Dean said to the teacher. The elderly woman smiled and nodded her head.

“Oh yes, Y/N has amazing promise. She’s one of the best, and sweetest, students I’ve ever had the opportunity of teaching.” She kindly replied.

Dean simply nodded his head before turning to follow Sam out of the building. A large grin was on his lips, “That’s my babygirl.”

“Dean you have to be calm. You’re gonna gain a bunch of attention if you keep freaking out like this.” Sam tried to reason with Dean who was barely listening to him.

Dean had a routine every morning he woke up. He’d make himself some coffee as he went through the local reports for the town you lived in, just to make sure nothing supernatural was near you. Then he’d check your school’s website to see if anything important was happening, Sam had even hacked into the school’s records so Dean could check your grades. After this Dean would go through your social media sites. He would then follow up by glancing at the local hospital records, just making sure you weren’t there.

Was this routine obsessive? Yes, but Dean wanted to ensure that you were safe. Otherwise what was the point of him staying away?

Normally there was nothing that concerned Dean, that was until this morning when he saw the hospital records stating that you had been admitted with appendicitis.

As soon as he saw that Sam and Dean took off like a bat outta hell for the hospital you were at. Two hours later the brothers were parking the impala and Sam was holding Dean back to prevent him from making a scene inside of the hospital.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this Sammy.” Dean said as they rode the elevator up to the pediatric wing of the hospital where you would reside.

“I know Dean; but it’s what best for Y/N.” Sam sadly replied.

Stepping off the elevator the brothers checked in at the reception area, posing as two FBI agents who had escorted a thirteen year old girl with appendicitis to the hospital who just wanted to make sure she was okay. They were given your room number and they quickly walked towards it, stopping as soon as they could see the window into your room.

Dean felt a weight lifted off of him as he saw you sitting there with different wires attached to you but you still had a smile on your face. A young boy, who Dean assumed was your younger brother, sat next to you while Y/M/N and Ryan were sitting on a couch, laughing at something you had said.

“Oh babygirl, don’t scare me like that again.” Dean whispered to himself as he rubbed his forehead.

Part Ten

B99 + Hogwarts AU headcanons

So I saw @jcobperalta​​‘s Jake & Amy Hogwarts AU photoset earlier and was spurred on a headcanon making spree with my friends. (Shout out to @nothingobscure​ and @sallydonovan​!) Behold:

Houses & Quidditch:

  • Jake’s a Gryffindor. He costs them about 50 points every few days for his class tardiness, pranks, and other shenanigans, but he’s still super competitive about winning the House Cup. It works out because he’s a chaser of their Quidditch team and always tries really hard to score enough goals so that they win even if the opposing team’s Seeker catches the Snitch. 
  • Charles is supposed to be a Hufflepuff, but he begs the Sorting Hat to put him in Gryffindor with Jake. The Sorting Hat concedes.
  • The Sorting Hat has trouble deciding if Amy should be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, but ultimately decides on Ravenclaw when Amy tires to bring out her Reasons I Should Be In Ravenclaw binder.
  • Terry’s a Hufflepuff. He’s one of the beaters of their Quidditch team and serves as captain for a year or two until he has to step down to accept the role of prefect. 
  • When Terry gets appointed as Head Boy, he decides to become a reserve player because: “What’s going to happen to the school if something happens to me out on the pitch?! Terry loves Quidditch, but Terry also loves being alive enough to lead my fellow students!” Half the season goes by before he realizes that someone always takes one for the team and gets “injured” so that Terry gets sent out to play. 
  • Gina’s a Slytherin but somehow always knows the password to the other House’s common rooms. She gets offered the prefect position but turns it down so she has time to focus on her real passion: dance.
  • Rosa’s a Gryffindor and plays as one of their beaters. The entire school is afraid of her, even the Slytherins. She would’ve been put in Slytherin except she threatened to tear the Sorting Hat into shreds if she weren’t sorted into Gryffindor.
  • Hitchcock and Scully are also in Gryffindor, but they’re like the Dean and Seamus to Jake and Charles’ Harry and Ron. 
  • Holt is Head of House for Ravenclaw. The Headmaster has to have a conversation with him after he sets an unsolvable riddle (about islanders and see-saws) at the entrance of the Ravenclaw common room. 
  • The Vulture doesn’t go to Hogwarts. He goes to Durmstrang but visits Hogwarts every year or so when his headmaster comes over for a meeting. He makes it a point to make a grand entrance into the Great Hall and then insults every single person there. 

Family Heritage:

  • Jake’s a half-blood. His dad’s a wizard, and his mom’s a muggle. Roger walks out on them before teaching Jake anything about magic, so Jake knows almost 0 things about Hogwarts. 
  • Gina is also a half-blood except her mom’s a witch while her dad’s a muggle. Growing up, she tries to teach Jake some of the magic she learns about from her mom, which is not very much because Darlene is busy working most of the time. 
  • Amy’s a muggle-born, but she knows way more about Hogwarts than any of her classmates because she read Hogwarts: A History at least five times before the school year started. 
  • Terry’s a sympathetic pure-blood who looks out for all of his half-blood and muggle-born friends. He almost loses his prefect badge after being caught about to punch someone for calling Amy a mudblood. 
  • Charles is a pure-blood, but he’s absolutely fascinated by muggle cuisine. “Did you know they actually take time and energy to cook this stuff instead of just using magic? I mean, come on, guys. You have to try this.” He only manages to convince Terry that yogurt is amazing. 
  • Nobody knows anything about Rosa’s family.


  • Charles is bad at almost every class, but he’s somehow really good at Potions because it’s just like cooking. Only Charles can make Polyjuice appetizing. 
  • Hitchcock and Scully almost fail Potions because they keep trying to eat the ingredients. 
  • Gina is the first to master the Patronus Charm because she needs to show everyone that she is one with her spirit animal: the wolf. 
  • Charles’ Patronus is either a cow or goat, and everyone’s really confused about how excited he is over this. He proceeds to tell them about strange muggle delicacies. 
  • Jake is a terrible test taker, but he’s amazing at the practical aspect of their Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
  • When they get introduced to a hippogriff during their Care of Magical Creatures class, Jake gets badly injured after forgetting to bow. Gina is the first student to get approached by the hippogriff, which only makes sense because “naturally, it recognizes that I am the higher being here.” 
  • Holt has his version of the Slug Club except it’s a lot more inclusive. He invites all students to come join him for dinner once a month. They’re really weirded out at first when they find out that dinner consists only of nutrition bricks, but they stay to hang out anyway because Holt’s husband is their super cool Muggle Studies professor, Kev. 
Check to the Heart (Part 6/?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

The night after the bake sale, you tossed and turned, unable to sleep.  Peggy’s words filled your mind and you knew she was right.   You assumed Bucky had some sort of feelings for you.  At least he did in the past according to Steve.  Why would he make so much effort to get back in your good graces if he didn’t feel something for you.   Plus he kissed you yesterday, just on the cheek, but still.  It had to mean something right?

You were set to meet up with the guys after their morning skate to wish them luck.  You would be sitting in your father’s box to watch the game.  Most of the spouses only showed up for a game every once in awhile but you were there every game.  Partly because it was your job, and partly because you loved the game so much.

After a lot of thought, you decided Peggy was right and you were going to take a chance.  You look at the jersey you were wearing taking in the Avengers logo, you’d hoped this would be enough of a hint for Bucky as to your feelings.   Wearing Bucky’s jersey would make a statement, not only to him but everyone else.  You hadn’t been this nervous in a long time.

Sitting at your desk you pick at your fingernails, the boys would be here any minute.   A soft knock on the door tells you that you were right.  “Come in”

Your two favorite men came in wearing matching grins.  They both plop down on the plush couch you kept in your office. “Well sweetheart, tell me how awesome I am so I can win this game.”

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never apart - auston matthews 

summary: from birth twins auston + y/n have never felt like what it’s been to be apart from each other, and for the rest of their lives they’ll never know the feeling 

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

word count: [2,959]

“AUSTON STOP” his hand was placed in mine squeezing it tight. His wide eyes pulled away from the stage and down to meet my e/c ones. “Stop being so nervous.” 

Scoffing he looked away from me and back to the stage, “That’s easy for you to say Y/n/n, you’re not the one who’s about to be drafted.” Rolling my eyes at my twin I turned to look at our mother. She was having a conversation with our two sisters, but her eyes stayed glued to Auston and I’s intertwined hands. 

The time was starting to count down now. Two minutes until the pick had to be in, but we already knew. All of us did. My twin brother was about to make history. “Quit looking around,” I then teased leaning over to him. “We all know you’re going to get drafted first overall.” 

Auston’s hand squeezed mine a little harder once again. Looking over at me he shot me a smile, “I’m just taking it all in Y/n/n, you know what that’s like.” My e/c eyes rolled before I looked forward. “Come on, don’t be like that. You said it yourself, I’m gonna get picked first.” 

I whipped my head around to face him again my eyes narrowing in the process, “Aus sometimes you make it really difficult to love you. You’re a cocky little shit you know that?” 

He had now turned his body so he now faced me completely, and I could make out how broad his shoulders looked in his suit. “I’m almost sure you’ve been telling me that since you were born.” In a mere matter of second our mother now turned to scold the two of us. 

“Why is it always you two that bicker? Maybe some time apart from each other will do you two some good,” she started to explain causing Auston and I to share a look. Our mouths were both on the floor, she’s never said anything about us being apart before - in fact she always wanted us together. 

We both looked away from each other to our mother, “You are joking, aren’t you?” I asked before starting to laugh. “We’ve never been apart. You’ve never let us be apart before.” 

Auston nodded his head, “I don’t think I could survive living without Y/n. She’s always been there to push me to be better than what I used to be.” Our mother shook her head at us, a pointed look on her face before she turned away to carry another conversation with our sisters. 

“I’m never gonna leave you, you know that right Y/n/n? This isn’t an ending to us, okay?” As Auston spoke to me I turned my gaze away from him to the stage. The pick was in. In seconds we were going to be able to clap as he went up to clam his new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. “I could never leave you. You’re my best friend, my twin, and I love you Y/n.” 

I snapped my head back to look at him, before sending an elbow into this rib-cage. “Are you going to ignore the fact that I just said I loved you?” 

“Auston - I,” my voice was cut out by Lou Lamoriell’s, the general manger for the Maple Leafs. 

“For Toronto’s,” Lou was then cut off by the sound of fans booing. I squeezed Aus’ hand, only for him to return the favor. I could feel him kiss my temple, an old tradition of ours when we wanted some luck. “For Toronto’s first pick of the two sixteen national hockey league draft we’re going to have director of personal make that selection, Mark Hunter.” 

Lou backed away from the podium, and Mark stepped forward. From the corner of my eye I watched as Auston had seemed to stop breathing waiting for the pick to be announced. He knew all to well that in a last minute chance they could have decided not to pick him. 

But I knew that, that didn’t happen. 

There is no way they couldn’t have picked him. 

“Toronto’s proud to announce from Zurich Men’s League Switzerland, from US Program Auston Matthews.” My heart had stopped beating, while my brother had started to smile since the first time we walked in. He stood up and hugged our mother first, followed by our younger sisters. Our older sister was after. The spotlight and cameras were on him the whole time. 

He hugged our father and his friends behind us before turning to me. His arms wrapped around my smaller figure holding me close to him. His lips were pressed to the shell of my ear, “Y/n I love you so much more than you know, and I couldn’t have done this without you. You’re my twin sister move to Toronto with me. Please.” 

His whispers and the fact that he was taking the longest moment with me out of all of our family made me have butterflies grow in my stomach. I was so happy for him. I pulled myself out of his arms to look up at him, a full blown smile across my face. “I love you too Aus and you could have made it without me. You just probably wouldn’t be as good. I’ve never been, and never could be more proud of you than I am right now. And of course I’ll more to Toronto with you.” 

Auston’s million dollar smile graced his face, before he pulled me close to him again. A kiss was placed on my temple once more, “You’ve just made me the happiest twin brother ever.” Pulling away from me he had started to make his way to the stage. My parents had pulled me into their embrace, but instead of looking to them I stayed focused on the Arizona native hockey player on the stage. 

Walking across he shook hands with everyone, before struggling to try and pull the jersey over his head. 

I could never be more proud than I was right now. 

I stood in the stands of the Ottawa Senators arena with my parents on either side of me. Auston was lining up for another face off. He had already scored three goals tonight, and was probably looking for the fourth. It was only because in my first high school game I had scored four. Then in his next US Program game, he went out and scored five. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how competitive we were. Our mother had already been crying, and I couldn’t stop smiling to save my life this was my twin brother who was older by ten minutes. You could also see that Auston was trying hard to keep the smirk off his face. 

He had one the draw, and now the Leafs were trying to break the puck out of our zone. The people who were getting the job done, was Auston and Will. The pair now had a two-on-one. Will had carried the puck over the blue line before passing it back to Auston, and he put the puck into the back of the net. I jumped from my seat once again, cheering for my brother, and boyfriend. 

The game then dragged on, and we ended up losing in overtime. But it didn’t matter to me as I made my way down to the locker room so I could congratulate my brother. Auston was standing out of the locker room. Turning to look over at me a smile laced his features like he could tell I was coming. 

Will was standing next to my brother a bright smile also covering his face once he saw me. “Auston,” I whispered smiling back at him, before jumping up and wrapping my arms and legs around him. “You’re something else my dear twins brother.” 

I felt as his chest vibrated underneath my body. “It’s only because you scored three in your college debut,” he then went on to tease before setting my small body on the ground. My brother’s bigger frame stayed wrapped around me, and the smell of sweat and washed out Old Spice filled my nostrils. 

“I’m still here guys,” Will’s voice called making me pull away from my brother. Slowly Auston released me from his hold allowing me to walk over to Will and hug him. Kissing his cheek he answered, “That’s better.” 

I rolled my e/c orbs while making eye contact with Auston who was now starting a post-game interview. “And here I thought I had good hands, but damn did Auston prove me wrong. His are so much better.” My smile grew at Will’s words, and as Auston smiled back at me. 

Biting my lip I turned to face Will. “Oh trust me, I know,” I explained looking back at Will’s shiny blue eyes, before looking back to Auston’s big brown ones that had lit up his whole face. Pure joy and happiness had soon taken over his facial features. 

“I know better that anybody.” 

I had walked into the apartment next to Auston, Mitch and Matt Martin in front of us. “Why did you guys ask me to come?” I asked not seeing one person in the room that I knew, other than the three men I came with. 

Auston looked back at me grinning “We’re never apart - plus I wanted to beat you at your own game.” It was my turn to start grinning while I stuck my hand out for him to shake. 

“Oh it’s on Aus; I can’t wait to see you cry when you lose to me.” Dramatically he rolled his eyes before narrowing them on to me. 

“Don’t worry Y/n/n, you’ll be the one crying in the end,” he remarked before we went and started this little ordeal. The video cameras were everywhere, while we started this little game. Before Matt, Mitch, Auston, and I got the chance for us to start the shootout challenge we each had to do an intro. 

For mine, I kept it simple, “Hey I’m Y/n Matthews, and I’m just here to beat Auston.” Mitch was the first to shoot, and had only scored one goal. Auston was next, and had scored on his first one. He fell short and only finished with three out of ten. 

Matt was after, and on his second goal had broken the net. “I bet I beat all of you,” I spoke earning the attention of Mitch. 

“No way will you beat Auston,” Mitch said giving me a look before watching Matt work on his last couple of shots. 

“Well we all know I’ll beat you,” I teased grabbing the stick from Matt and walking to the line. I could hear Auston and Matt both laughing at my comment, while Mitch sat there with his mouth hanging open. 

“For all of your sakes I really hope this unknown girl doesn’t just swoop in and beat all of you.” 

I rolled my eyes before taking a quick wrist shot, making it in the top right corner. “I call this performance the Y/n Matthews, because it’s the one that Auston will never be able to outdo.” 

And just like that I had scored all ten of my shots, meaning I had beaten the three NHL players. 

“I don’t think I could ever be more proud of you,”  Auston recalled as we walked into our apartment. I laughed while closing the door, and shrugging my jacket off. “Seriously Y/n where did you learn how to do that?” 

“Uh, from practicing, and my ability to be better than you helped.” Aus just stood there in the middle of the kitchen shaking his head and laughing at me. I kicked off my converse placing them next to Will’s Nikes that were laying on the shoe rack. “Oh Will’s over by the way.” 

I had started to make my way back to my room when I heard Auston groan. My last sentence must have just hit him. “Really? You don’t say Will’s here. I couldn’t tell by his shoe on our shoe rack, or the fact that his car keys are on our counter. I better not hear anything - impure coming from your room or so help god I will come in there - even if you’re naked, and I will kill him. I swear to go Y/n-” 

Cringing I glared at him, “Come one Auston we aren’t that stupid. We’d go to his apartment if we wanted to have sex. Plus it’s not like I don’t get stuck staying up all hours because of you and all of your girls you bring up here.” Auston’s mouth was on the floor as he glared at me. 

He had started to chase me into my room screaming cruses at me, until I slammed the bedroom door into his face. Leaning my back against it I had gotten to see that Will was lying on my bed mindlessly scrolling through his phone unfazed by the fact that Auston and I had been fighting. 

It was a normal thing for us. 

Phineas and Ferb was playing on my smart TV. Sighing I went to admit defeat before pulling the door open to see Auston hunched over at the kitchen counter. “Aus we’re watching Phineas and Ferb if you wanna join.” 

In a flash he was in my room lying down next to Will. The Swedish hockey player had set his phone down, and let my twin brother lay in his arms so they could cuddle. “Wow, I feel so loved right now.” 

Auston and Will shared a look before staring at me, “We do love you - not.” 

Flicking them off I stomped my way over to the queen sized bed and curled up into a ball on the opposite side of them. “Why do I love either of you?” 

Once again I sat in between my brother and father. Our hands were intertwined resting in Auston’s lap. “I don’t think I’m going to win,” Auston mumbled as the speaker started to announce the rookies that were up for the Calder. 

“Don’t say that Aus,” I started to say giving his hand a light squeeze, “I have a great feeling that you will.” Auston gave me the are-you-kidding-me look. 

“I dunno Y/n/n,” he whispered against my temple before placing a kiss there. “I need a little bit of luck on my side.” Nodding I leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek for extra luck. 

“And the Calder Memorial Trophy goes too,” my hand squeezed Auston’s a little bit stronger. It seemed like the pause had lasted forever before the envelope was opened. “Auston Matthews.” 

Auston had squeezed my hand kissing my temple before standing up. He hugged our parents, then our sisters and finally me. 

His whole body wrapped around me in a bone crushing hug, “See if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here right now.” 

“I told you so,” I sang smiling up at him, “but I’ve never been so proud of you Aus. I love you so much.” 

“You told me that last time,” he whispered smirking down at me while he pulled away from our hug and walked up to the stage. My smile only grew as I watched my brother walk up the stairs to receive his award. 

“Why is it every time something happens for either of those two, they always hug each other the longest, or always congratulate each other the most?” Breyana asked my mother. 

She simply smiled over at me then looked up to Auston, “It’s a twin thing dear, nobody’s going to be able to come in between those two.” She was right nobody was going to come in between me and Auston. 

Auston now stood on the stage accepting his award with a smile on his face. “Thank you, uh, first congrats Zach, Patrik on unbelievable years. I mean you guys are great player’s fun to watch.” 

My gaze snapped over to the other two NHL rookies before looking back to my brother. “Fun to compete against. Um, my family, my parents. Uh, thank you guys just for everything you’ve done for me just to get to this point I wouldn’t be here without you guys. Uh the Toronto Maple Leafs all my teammates, coaches, management, staff for all the help all year long. The city of Toronto, Leafs nation.” 

In the crowd there were uproars of cheers coming from the Maple Leafs fans. “You guys are the best fans in the league. And finally to my twin sister Y/n. Without you in this world I wouldn’t be anywhere, I’d be nothing. You push me to be better than you and to be my best I could possibly be. You’ve been there for me, and now you’re stuck with me for the rest of this crazy ride. So thank you.” 

His big brown eyes locked with my e/c one’s and I could see the tears forming at his waterline, a million dollar smile lighting the rest of his face up. Turning on his feet he followed the people on stage and walked off. 

Later a security guard came and found us, saying that Auston was asking for us. We all followed him, to take pictures with Auston and his award. He motioned for me to join him, which I did; standing next to the trophy we both had giant smiles on our faces. 

We took multiple, and then one with our whole family. Auston was holding me close to him. 

“Never apart,” he whispered into my ear as we sat back down in our seats. He was offering me a fist bump to go along with what he had just said. 

“Never apart,” I answered fist bumping him. 

Surprise (William Nylander)

So I got a little carried away on this one and it’s really long. I hope you like it though! 

Requests are open!

Warnings: Hint of bedroom smexiness? 

It had finally happened. After a drought of over 50 years, the Stanley Cup had found its way back to Toronto. The final buzzer had just sounded in game seven overtime because your husband, the one and only William Nylander, had scored the winning goal. The family members were working your way down to the ice as the stadium shook with the cheers of the sold-out Toronto crowd.

You made it down to the ice just as the players finished the handshake line. Blurs of blue zoomed past you as the celebration continued. Occasionally one of your fellow WAGs would get snatched by their player prompting you to laugh at their startled screech.

You were doubled over laughing at Sydney’s face when you were whipped off your feet and twirled around at what felt like 95mph.

“Willy!” You yelled, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Stop spinning me!!” He stopped spinning and before you could regain your bearings he had bent you back and and kissed you. You lost yourself in his lips until he pulled you back up.

“We did it. We won!” His eyes were bright with excitement and his smile took up his entire face. “We actually won the Stanley Cup.”

“I know!!! I’m so proud of all of you!” You pulled him into a hug again. “Especially you! Willy…you scored the winning goal. The winning OT goal. Do you realize that?!”

He looked at you for a second. “I did, didn’t I?” You nodded your head and then he picked you up and swung you around some more. “I can’t believe it!!!” You laughed and just enjoyed celebrating with him and his teammates, your second family. You smiled as you saw Ema, Auston’s mom taking about a million pictures while she simultaneously wiped tears from her eyes.

You took a tip from her and pulled out your phone to take a bunch of pictures of the smile on Willy’s face. It was an expression you wanted to remember forever. When he picked up on what you were doing he turned it to selfie mode and took a bunch of pictures with you. Before you knew it, the Stanley Cup was being brought out and when Willy was handed it you had to stop the tears from flowing at the look of joy on his face.

When he finished skating his lap he came back over to you. “Are you going to come out with us?”

“No. I’ll head home. That’s more of a team thing.”

“You sure? The guys wouldn’t mind…”

“I’m positive baby. Have fun. Don’t get too drunk. I have a surprise that matches this blue waiting for you.” You ran your fingers along his jersey.

His eyelids lowered a little and he bit his lower lip, making a face you had decided was his “certified sexy face”. “Do you want to describe it to me? Paint me a little picture?”

“I don’t want to give too much away…it does that all on it’s own.” He groaned a little bit and pulled you closer to him. “I love you Mr. Nylander. I am so proud of you.”

“I love you, Mrs. Nylander. I won’t keep you waiting long.” He pressed another long kiss to your lips before he skated you back to the tunnel so you could start on your way home. “Be safe. Text me when you get home.”

“I will. And you be safe, too. See you when you get home!”

~Three Weeks Later~

“The Cup…the Stanley Cup…is gracing the Nylander household tomorrow. Can you believe it?” Willy had been in a good mood all month. And it rubbed off on you. The two of you hadn’t fought in weeks and were constantly smiling and laughing. It was like your honeymoon had started again. You were enjoying it…a bunch.

“I’m so excited. Have you decided what you want to do with it yet?”

He wrapped his arms around your waist, his front to your back with his head resting on top of yours. “Maybe swim…go to dinner. The next time we win we can put our baby in there.”

“You planning to win again?” You asked as he swayed the two of you along the floor.

“Back-to-back. We’re coming for it again.” You gave a light laugh and he turned you around to look into his eyes. “You didn’t say anything about the baby….”

You gave a light shrug. “Well, we’d have to get started pretty soon if we wanted to be able to put a baby in their next season. They need time to develop.”

“You wanna get started now?” He put on his Certified Sexy Face and pulled you closer.

“Well…I would. But I just put some buns in the oven…wouldn’t want them to burn.” You shot him a wink and then pressed a kiss to his nose before skipping to the kitchen. You heard him sputter and then start to chase after you.

“Y/N! Come back here!” You laughed before taking off. What Willy didn’t know was that there was no reason to get started on baby making. Since you had not one, but two victory babies already cooking. He wasn’t going to find out until tomorrow, though. You had a surprise planned.

You answered the knock on the door that came promptly at 9am. Willy was still asleep and it would give you time to set everything up. As you welcomed the Stanley Cup into your home you smiled at it’s babysitter. He made himself at home on your couch once the Cup was placed on the table. You offered him a cup of coffee and showed him the way to the bathroom before excusing yourself to go get the supplies necessary for your surprise.

You grabbed the two positive pregnancy tests, onesies, and an ultrasound picture from the hall closet. You draped the outfits on the bowl part of the cup and crisscrossed the tests so the picture was propped up. You snapped a few pictures and then headed upstairs to wake up your husband.

“Willy! It’s time for you to get up! Sir Stanley is here for you!” You were practically bouncing with excitement as for once in his life he jumped out of bed and practically sprint down the stairs.

“Are you serious!? Oh my gosh!! Y/N! The Stanley Cup is in our house!!!” You raced after him with the camera recording, hoping to catch his reaction to your grand surprise. You rounded the corner a split second after him.

He was walking over towards the cup trying to figure out what was sticking out of it. You watched his eyes widen and mouth drop as he connected the dots. He picked up the picture and made some incoherent noises.

“Willy?” You questioned a smile wide on your face. “Are you ok?”

“What’s this?” He had a breathlessness to his question.

“A surprise. Are you? Surprised?”

He blinked a few times. “This means what I think it means? That we’re going to have a baby? This isn’t some joke is it?!”

“Actually…” You watched his face start to fall. “We’re having two babies.”

“What?!” He did a double take of the ultrasound picture and then raced to you wrapping his arms around you. “How long ago did you find out?!”

“I took a test last week and I went to the doctor on Monday. I wanted to surprise you. I know we can’t put our kids in there yet…but I thought this would be a close second. Are…are you happy?”

“I’m ECSTATIC!” He yelled. “This is the best day ever! Not only do I get to hang out with the Stanley Cup, but I just found out that I am going to be a father! To twins!”

He grabbed you and kissed you hard. “I’m so excited! You promise to still think I’m beautiful when I look like a hippo?”

“Baby, I will always think you look beautiful. I love you.” He did a little dance. “When can we tell people?”

“They recommend waiting a few months…but you’re not very good at waiting for anything. We can tell them now if you want? At least our immediate friends and family?”

“Yes!! But first…let’s eat breakfast…with the STANLEY CUP!!” He grabbed your hand and tugged you along. This was going to be the best day…week…month…year…ever. And you were so glad you got to spend it with your family. The Stanley Cup was just an added bonus.

Oh, Baby - William Nylander #2

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

about/request: Could you do a Williams Nylander one where the team finds out he’s has a kid? Like maybe he didn’t tell them until you phone cuase something happen to your son?

warnings: fighting, some cursing, and talk about a baby and pregnancy all up in this

authors note: i hope this was easy to follow as it obviously is like two different places merging over a phone call, anyway i hope this was what you wanted!! 

word count: 1209

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Rumours-(Carlos De Vil)

Originally posted by chriskelmeckis

Characters: Evie, Mal, Jay, Ben, Carlos and (Y/N)

Pairing: Eventual Carlos De Vil x Reader

Warnings: Swearing + underage drinking

Word Count: 1596

Summary: Carlos finally gets the courage to ask (Y/N) to be his girlfriend, albeit in a strange way.

(A/N) This does contain some underage drinking, though let’s be real nobody gave a shit on the Isle

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Do I? - Jamie Benn (Part 2)

A/N: I was super nervous, but I really wanted to write a second part of this and I just kind of left it open for a third if you guys like it. I hope you enjoy it.

Word count: 1840

Warnings: mentions of fighting and alcohol. Mild swearing.

Part 1

Originally posted by tsegs91

I open my eyes and immediately shut them. The room is spinning around me and my head is pounding. Okay body, I get it, I didn’t need the last appletini… or the last three.

I sit down, my eyes still shut and I rub my temples, trying to get my headache to go away. I open my eyes and I’m blind for a second until they adjust to the light that comes in through the window. I’m sitting on the couch at Alyssa’s place; Emily and Brit are peacefully asleep next to me. I groan, my head is killing me, and I walk to the bathroom looking for some advil.

“Give me some of that, (y/n)” someone whispers behind me when I finally find the container in the bathroom cabinet.

“Here” I say, giving Al a couple pills “Cheers” and we both swallow the medicine.

“I’m never drinking again” Marta says from the bed and I smirk. It is always the same old tale: we go out, drink too much, extreme hangover, I’m never doing this again and repeat.

“Whatever you say, Mar” I answer and I give her a pill.

“Thanks, (y/n)”

I walk back to the living room, putting the medicine container on the coffee table and grabbing my phone from my bag on the floor. I have a text message.

Hey beautiful. I got you five tickets for tonight’s game. Good seats.


I smile, remembering what happened last night. Did I really meet Jamie fucking Benn? Ugh, someone pinch me.

Hey. Thanks, that’s so incredibly nice of you.


I don’t have to wait long before he texts back.

It is my pleasure. Good night?


I smile and type back an answer.

I’m never drinking again.


Immediate answer.

Like I have never heard that before. That bad, huh?


By this time I’m smiling like an idiot.

Going to a hockey game is probably the worst idea ever.

I tease him. A couple minutes go by and I’m worried I’ve screwed up. I was just joking. I rub my eyes when I hear the sound of a text message.

Don’t stand me up. Gotta go, but I’ll see you tonight. Your tickets will be at the box office, just tell them your name.


I send him back a goodbye and lock up my phone, my mind racing. I can’t believe that this is happening to me. I’ve had a crush on Jamie Benn since he started playing for the Dallas Stars, but I’m not the kind of girl that goes to the bars players go to and throw themselves at them like they are Gods. I am the kind of girl who thinks she is not pretty enough for them and it is happy with seeing them at hockey games. Wasn’t I wrong?

“Earth to (y/n)” Emily says and I snap back to reality “who were you texting with?”

I shrug and they know it isn’t my mom.

“Oh no…” they say and start chuckling “you are blushing”

“No, I’m not”

“Oh yes, you are” Brit says and I try hide my face with a cushion “You were texting a guy”

“And not just any guy… you were texting Jamie Benn” and all of them laugh while my face turns red.

“What are you two talking about?” Alyssa tries to grab my phone from my hand and I give her a dirty look.

“He was telling me about the five tickets for tonight’s game that he has left for me at the box office” I tell them and I can see their jaws drop “so I guess I have to find another four people to come with me…”

“We are going to the game tonight?” Marta asks, getting on her feet.

“Who says I am taking you?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.

“You are kidding… right?” Emily looks at me and I can’t keep a straight face.

“Yes, I am kidding. Who else would I want to take with me?”

“Bye girls, I need to go get ready” Marta walks out the door before we can even say goodbye.

“I thiiiiink I’m gonna go too” Brit follows her.

“Did I say Fashion Week instead of hockey game?” and Em, Al and I laugh.

When I get to the main entrance of the American Airlines Center everyone is already here. Everyone is looking good in victory green and I smile. I’m wearing my Jamie Benn jersey; it is the reason of why I am slightly late. I was debating on whether wear or not, I don’t want to look too desperate.

“Hi, I’m (y/n). Jamie Benn has left tick…”

“Yeah, here they are” the woman says, handing them to me. “Best seats in the arena. Enjoy!”

Best seats on the arena? Her words keep going around in my mind while we walk to the door and hand the man our tickets.

“First door in and all the way down. Enjoy” he indicates us and I smile politely.

We make our way to the seats and realize that the lady wasn’t kidding, first row seats right by the penalty box. A girl around our age is waiting for us there.

“Hi, you must be (y/n)” she says to me and I nod “Food and drinks are included with your tickets and Mr. Benn has asked me to tell you that you are expected in the locker room after the game”

“Uhh, thank you” I stumble with my words and she just gives me a nod and a smile and leaves.

“This is amazing” I hear one of my friends say, but I don’t really follow the conversation as the Stars make their way to the ice.

Jamie comes out last, but his eyes are quick to scan the area until they land on me. He smirks and I give him a shy smile. The Stars warm up and my friends are about to go crazy and jump the glass to get to ice.

“Girls, play it cool!” I whisper to them and they look at me for a second before sitting up straight and pretend they are not interested at all.

I shake my head, my eyes back to the ice when I see Jordie, Tyler and Jamie looking straight at us and my cheeks heat up like crazy.

“They are looking at us” Emily says.

“Play it cool, girls, play it cool” Brit mocks at me and I give them a dirty look.

The game starts and we are definitely not playing it cool, we are screaming and cheering and booing and chirping. We are on full hockey mode. The game is rough, lots of hits and checks that are uncalled until I hear a whistle and look back, a fight breaking on the ice. Of course, Antoine Roussel is involved in it, fighting a guy who has nothing to do against the player with more penalty minutes in the NHL. The refs are taking both of them to the sin bin when two pairs of gloves fly out and two players are going at it when the puck isn’t on play. Punches are flying and the fight is rough when I see the 14 on the green jersey. I’m pretty sure I go white, because my friends shake me a little to get my attention.

“Hey, (y/n). He is a big boy, he is gonna be fine” I can just nod.

They both fall down the ice and I can see the blood on the ice, I can’t even react as everyone gets on their feet and give Jamie an ovation while he skates right to the locker room after being punished with a 12 minutes for fighting and other penalties.

“Your boyfriend is a feisty little thing” Emily says and I roll my eyes.

The game is scoreless at the end of the first period and we sigh. Deciding to get some food and try to calm down. When the players come back to the ice I see Jamie skating right to the penalty box. He looks at me and I do the same for what it seems like forever until I shake my head, letting him know that I’m not ok with him fighting like that and he winks at me. After three minutes Jamie is allowed to go back to the ice and he skates out of the penalty box as fast as he can, stealing the puck from a defenseman and skating by himself to the net, where he shoots and scores. We don’t even have enough time to celebrate, because thirty seconds later he scores a second one.

“We want a hat trick, Jamie” my friends are screaming beside me and I can’t help it but to laugh.

Second period ends with a two scores lead and everyone cheers. Marta and Brit go get supplies for the last period and I try to relax on my seat when I get a text.

I hope you are enjoying the game


I smile, typing a quick answer since I know he won’t have much time to see it.

Idk, this crazy dude beat the shit outta someone


I can almost see him smiling typing down

I bet you liked it


Not really, I’m worried. He might be hurt.


I get no answer, but I hear the people cheering and I know the team is back on the ice. The third period starts and there isn’t much action until the very last minute when the Bennguin connection starts working and Tyler and Jamie pass the puck between them and going all the way to the net. Jamie has a clear chance to score, but he passes the puck to Tyler and he scores.

“He could’ve had a hat trick” the man behind me says in disbelief and I can’t stop but to be mad at him for giving that goal to Tyler.

The Stars win and we make our way to the locker rooms. We have no idea of where we are going and by the time we get there many players are outside talking with their families and friends on the hall. We stand there awkwardly, making small talk until I see Jamie walking off the locker room and walking towards me. I decide to meet him half way.

“I am fine” he tells me before I can say anything “bruised knuckles, you should’ve seen the other guy”

“You are an idiot” I say, looking at his knuckles and then at him.

“For fighting?”

“And for not getting that hat trick” I remind him and he smirks.

“Maybe next game” He says and I roll my eyes, “but I didn’t want to spend all my luck on the ice”

I look at him like he is crazy and gives me a little hit on my chin.

“I need the rest of my luck to ask you out” he whispers and I blush furiously. “Say yes?”

“You are definitely an idiot”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes Jamie, it is a yes”

Believe It or Not. Part 14/?

Summary: With tensions increasing between Derek and the rest of the pack, they try to understand why he’s turning other teenagers. In the midst of everything, expectations of one’s self get in the way.

(Based off 2x02 “Shape Shifted”)

“I’m serious. It’s not like the last full moon. I don’t feel the same.” Scott said with reassurance while walking down the halls between his sister and best friend.

“Oh, does that include the urge to maim and kill people, like me?” Stiles quipped sarcastically. At his comment y/n leaned behind Scott and punched Stiles in the arm playfully.

“Hey!” He shouted grabbing his arm. Y/n just laughed.

“I swear I don’t have the urge to maim and kill you.” Scott laughed along with y/n as they continued walking.

“You say that now, but then the full moon goes up and out come the fangs and the claws and there’s a lot of howling and screaming and running everywhere, okay? And it’s very stressful on me so yes, I’m still locking you up.” Stiles finished without taking a second to breathe.

“Okay, fine,” the beta gave in, “but I do think I have more control now. Especially with how good things are with Allison.”

Y/n rolled her eyes, “Oh my god Scott! Yes, we’re aware of how good things are with Allison. You make us aware every 2 seconds.”

Her words barely phased the boy, “they’re really good.” He whispered with a big goofy smile on his face.

“Please just shut the hell up before I have the urge to maim and kill myself.” Stiles chimed in, making Scott look butt-hurt and y/n to continue giggling. They parted ways as the boys entered the boys’ locker and y/n the girls.


Y/n rather quickly dressed in her cheerleading uniform and made her way out to the field. She found a nice, dry spot on the grass to sit down and begin their routine of stretches. Silently, she watched the lacrosse team run laps for warm-up. A jersey she’d never seen before, number 14, caught her eye. He must be a new player.

Time seemed to pass by as she was down to the last 15 minutes of practice. She felt a little bit a sweat lightly run down as she ran through the new routine for what felt like the 50th time. She decided to take a break, walking to the bleachers to grab her water bottle. As she was taking a cool drink, she turned towards the lacrosse field to see her brother practically running over every single person trying to score a goal.

The players were all in one straight line practicing running towards the goal, Scott guarding the goal which was odd since that’s not his position. She watched a few more guys try to run through and score, and each time Scott ran away from the goal and straight at them. Ramming into them and making each of them flip and land on their backs.

“McCall! The positions goal keeper. Not goal abandoner.” Coach yelled at her brother, before blowing his whistle.

Y/n noticed Stiles standing outside the line of players intently watching Scott plow through everyone. Y/n found herself walking across the field until she reached Stiles.

“Hey.” She said rather firmly, grabbing his attention as he turned to look at her.

“You wanna tell me why Scott’s beating down half the team?” She stood next to Stiles, watching as Scott, again, destroyed a poor boy.

“Look it’s fine,” he said holding his hand up to her signaling for her to calm down, which actually just annoyed her more causing her to cross her arms, “When we were in the locker room Scott felt the presence, or smelt, or something but he thinks there’s another werewolf on the team.”

“So… He’s attacking everyone on the team because he knows the werewolf will use their abilities to land and not let themselves get hurt?” She clarified, putting the pieces together.

“Yeah exactly, although no luck so far.” He said as Scott repeated his actions, Stiles and y/n flinching as the player obviously wasn’t a werewolf.

Without them noticing coach had marched over to them, “Stilinski! What the hell is wrong with your friend?”

“Uh, he’s failing two classes. He’s a little socially awkward and if you look close enough, his jawline is slightly uneven.”
Y/n didn’t even try to suppress the snort that left her as she immediately put her hand over her mouth to control her laughter at the sarcastic boy’s response.

Coach looked at her as she laughed, finally noticing she was there.

“You, who are you?” He asked pointing at her.

“Y/n McCall.” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Oh great,” coach rolled his eyes, “there’s more of you.” After that he blew his whistle again, and walked away.

“And that’s my cue to leave-” y/n started to walk away but caught herself turning on her heal. They both watched as Scott ran at the last player in the line, number 14. But this time, as the boy flipped in the air, he landed on his feet in front of Scott. Y/n’s jaw dropped in shock.

“I think we found him.” Stiles whispered from next to her. Not taking her gaze off the scene in front of her, she just nodded her head in response.


Just ten minutes after the figured out that the boy who’s the beta’s name is Isaac, the police showed up and arrested him.

Scott, Stiles, and y/n stood together watching him be taken away.

“So they think he killed his own dad?” Y/n asked while watching them drag the boy away, he turned around and made direct eye contact with her as if he had heard her. She turned away immediately, feeling a little bit of fear take over her.

“They can lock him in a holding cell for 24 hours.” Stiles said.

“Like, overnight?” Scott replied.

Knowing exactly why Scott was asking he looked at him with an expression y/n had never seen before, “During the full moon.” Stiles confirmed.

“Why would Derek choose Isaac?” Scott asked out loud, not really expecting an answer.

Before anyone could say anything else, they bell rang signaling they had ten minutes to change and get back to class.

“We gotta go.” Y/n reminded, picking up her bag.


They were sitting in their biology class at their lab table that seats three. Y/n in the middle with Scott or Stiles on either side of her.

“Doesn’t being a teenager mean your dad can’t hold him?” Scott leaned forward to look at Stiles.

“Not unless they have solid evidence, or a witness” y/n answered before Stiles could.

“Wait,” Stiles said turning around to the table behind him, “Danny, where’s Jackson?” Now all three of them had turned around and were staring at the poor boy.

“Principals office.”

“Why?” Y/n questioned.

“He lives across the street from Isaac.”

They turned back around, all glancing at each other.

“We have to get to the principal’s office.” Y/n smirked.

“How?” Scott asked.

Stiles and y/n locked eyes, smiling, already knowing what the other was thinking.

All of the sudden, three pieces of balled up paper flew across the room, all hitting Mr. Harris.

He turned around, annoyed. “Alright, who in the hell did that?”

The three determined teenagers all pointed at each other, solidifying their plan.


The plan to get to the principal’s office turned out to be a bust, except for finding out that Allison’s grandpa, Gerard, is the school’s new principal.

He asked that only one of them stay behind to accept the punishment. It couldn’t be Scott, because he had to talk to Derek. So Stiles finally gave in, offering to stay behind.

Scott and y/n pushed open the door exiting the office, and Scott took off sprinting towards the exit.

“Scott wait!” Y/n called after him, breaking out into a run as well.

He ran straight through the two blue doors, only to see Isaac in the back of a police car being driven to the station. He was too late.

Finally, y/n managed to catch up. Doubling over and breathing heavily. Once she caught her breath she stood up, still wincing.

“You know,” she took another deep breath, “I don’t remember you ever being that fast.”

“We were too late.” He ignored her sarcastic statement, watching the police car until it was officially out of sight.

As if on cue, Derek’s car speedily pulled up to the curb.

“Get in.” He said directly to Scott.

“Are you serious?” Y/n yelled back before Scott could.

“You did that! That’s your fault!” Scott yelled angrily, walking down the steps until he was at the window of Derek’s car.

Y/n wouldn’t say it out loud, but she felt a little hurt, and disappointed in Derek. He was the first person to tell her the truth, and she thought she had a friend or at least an ally in him. And now he was going around biting teenagers? Taking their life away from them? He didn’t have the right to do that. She slowly walked down the steps, following Scott.

“I know that. Now get in the car and help me.” Derek demanded.

“No, I’ve got a better idea. I’m gonna call a lawyer. Because a lawyer might actually have a chance at getting him out before the moon goes up.”

Y/n was proud of her brother for taking charge, almost like an alpha would. At least a good alpha. But his last sentence kind of caught her off guard.

“Scott, we can’t afford a lawyer.” She whispered to her brother, but both of them ignored her.

“Not when they do a search of the house.” Derek said smugly, “Whatever Jackson said to the cops, what’s in the house, it’s worse. It’s way worse.”

Y/n heard Scott sigh. Defeated, he opened the door to the car.

“I’m coming too.” Y/n piped up, hopping in the back and buckling her seatbelt all in one quick motion.

Both Scott and Derek turned around to look at her.

“No.” They shouted simultaneously.

Y/n raised her eyebrows at them, it was cute that they were trying.

“Okay,” she nodded, “which one of you is going to drag me out of the car then?” She crossed her arms, staring at them with a smile.

Derek and Scott turned to look at each other. Derek annoyed, but Scott’s expression had turned into a smile.

“She’s coming.” Scott stated, Derek rolling his eyes before pressing on the accelerator and taking off towards Isaac’s house.


Derek pulled up to the house, the brakes screeching as he came to a sudden stop.

“Damn, where’d you get your license? Doggy-Day care?” Y/n said while rubbing her neck.

“You’re fine.” Derek got out of the car, not even glancing at her.

“I think I got whiplash.” She whispered to herself before finally exiting the vehicle.

She followed Derek and Scott into the Eerily quiet house.

“If Isaac didn’t kill his father, who did?” Scott asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know yet.” Derek replied walking further into the dark house.

“How do you know he’s not lying?” Asked y/n, glancing around the house and taking in all her surroundings.

“Because I trust my senses,” Derek turned around and snapped at her, “and it’s a combination of them. Not just your sense of smell.” He aimed the last statement at Scott.

Scott’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“You saw the lacrosse thing today? Did it look that bad?”

Derek smirked, “yeah.”

Derek grabbed Scott’s arm and lead him to a door that opened up to a staircase, leading to the basement of the house.

Y/n watched from behind them, not really thrilled about what she assumed was to come next.

All three of them stood there, looking down on what faded into complete darkness. You couldn’t even see the whole staircase.

“You want to learn? Let’s start now.” Derek’s voice echoed down the stairs.

“What’s down there?” Scott asked, fear evident in his shaky voice.


“And what am I looking for?”

“Follow your senses.” Was the last thing Derek said before Scott started taking hesitant steps through the doorway and into the basement.

“What happened down here?” Y/n could barely hear Scott’s voice.

No more creaking from the stairs could be heard, signaling that Scott was finally and completely inside the room downstairs. Y/n crossed her arms over her chest for some sort of comfort.

“Stay here, I’m going to go guide him.” Derek whispered to y/n.

“Wha- really? No I don’t want to stay up here by myself.” Y/n complained moving closer to Derek.

“You being down there will just distract him, you’ll be fine.” Before she could say anything else he was already hopping down the stairs leaving her behind.

She sighed rolling her eyes and moving away from the open door. She walked around the house, looking at photos on the wall in the kitchen, trying to keep her mind occupied. Y/n took a few more steps before she heard something break beneath her foot. She bent down to pick up whatever it was, it looked like it was part of a glass that had broke. Examining it, she shifted her gaze to the wall in front of her. It had a dent in it, she stood up to get a closer look at that too. Once y/n could see clearly, she saw a piece of glass sticking out of the wall as well. The glass had been thrown across the room. The thought sent a shiver down her spine, she knew at that moment a lot of bad things happened in here.


Stiles was let out late again from detention purely just for Mr. Harris’ enjoyment. It was now dark out. As he frantically made his way to the jeep he quickly got out his phone to call Allison.

“Hey, sorry, Harris literally just let me out of detention. Literally. And he had my phone the whole fricken time.” The boy babbled.

“Well, we need to do something right now. They were asking me all these questions about Lydia and how she was bitten by Peter, and then they sent this guy out.”

“Wait, what guy?” Stiles asked as he opened the door of his jeep and put the keys in the ignition.

“He was dressed as a sheriff’s deputy.” She calmly replied.

Stiles stop moving altogether, rolling his eyes as he put it all together, “They’re sending him into the station for Isaac.”

“I’m on it.” Allison hung up quickly, a devised plan already in place.


She followed the guy sent out to kill Isaac. knowing exactly what streets the car was going to drive down, the girl positioned herself out of sight behind a corner.

She patiently waited until she could see the dim glow of headlights shine on the brick wall in front of her. She placed the arrow in the correct place on the bow, readying herself.

Allison watched as the car drove by and waiting until it was just a little bit in front of her, aiming her arrow towards the back tire and releasing. It wa a direct hit.

She confidently placed another arrow in place. Once the man stepped out of the car, she shot another one right into his calf.

She smirked to herself and called Stiles back.

“Hey, did you slow him down.” His voice echoed through the phone.

“You could say that.”

“All right, I’m headed to the station right now. Scott’s at Isaac’s.”

She furrowed her brows, “does he have as plan?” She asked knowing tonight was the full moon and Scott may still need some help controlling himself.

“Yeah,” Stiles’ voice interrupted her thoughts, “but not a very good one. And unfortunately we don’t really have time for anything better. I’m on my way there now to pick up Derek but I won’t be able to stay.”

“I’ll go there now.” Allison said, hanging up on Stiles’ again.


Y/n continuously paced around the cold, dark house. Her teeth slightly chattering as she shivered, although she wasn’t cold. Just scared. Scott and Derek had been in the basement for awhile, and she still remained upstairs.

Y/n walked back into the kitchen to look at the hole in the wall she had found earlier.
As she was looking at it, a sudden burst of light illuminated the wall make her turn on her heel quickly. It was headlights from as car that were blinding her.

She walked closer to the kitchen window to try and determine who had just pulled up. Only to recognize the familiar blue jeep. She ran outside to see what he was doing here.

Stiles looked up to see the McCall girl standing in front of his car. The light from the jeep making her look even more beautiful. However, he was overcome with confusion to why she was here.

He rolled down the window as she made her way over to him, grasping the the door with her hands and staring at him.

“What are you doing here.” They both questioned simultaneously. Stiles was the one to continue.

“Y/n why in hell would Scott let you come here?”

She tilted her head in confusion at the outburst, “what do you mean?”

“You remember what day it is right? The full moon. What happens when Scott loses control and attacks you? What happens when Derek decides to widen his pack even more and he bites you? You can’t just be running around and going wherever you want.”

She was shocked to say the least, not really understanding where this was coming from.

“And you can?” She sasses back, catching him off guard.

“Stiles you’re human too. Every risk that I’m taking right now you’ve taken everyday for the last couple of months. So don’t you dare sit here and tell me that I should just stay home while my brother and my- and you are out here every night risking your lives for our friends who happen to be my friends too.”

When she finally stopped, face red and breathing heavy, he stayed completely silent. Honestly, he was speechless. He knew everything she just said was right, and that he had no right to make her feel stupid. They just stayed there, locked in each other’s eye contact until the sound of the passenger door opening startled them both.

“Let’s get going, we don’t have much time.” Derek said to Stiles as he buckled himself in.

Stiles wanted to apologize, but it would have to wait. Y/n backed away from the car and he drove off, leaving her standing in the street.

No more than 15 seconds later another car pulled into the driveway that she recognized as Allison’s.

Feeling more calm, she waited for Allison to get out of the car. Once she stepped out, she didn’t waste anytime.

“Where’s Scott?” She asked with worried eyes.

“In the basement,” y/n answered, “here I’ll take you to him.” She started walking back inside the house, Allison right behind her.

Once the girls reached the bottom of the stairs they were met with Scott doubled over, heavily breathing.

Allison began walking towards him, y/n remained in place knowing that he needed Allison right now. The brunette glanced to the duffle bag filled with chains on the ground, knowing what was about to take place.

“Scott, are you sure we have to do this?” She whispered sweetly to the boy.

“Yes.” He huffed back.

“Where?” She placed her hand on his arm.

Both Allison and y/n watched as he glanced back to a large freezer behind him.

Y/n watched sadly as Scott placed himself inside, Allison shutting the lid and locking it. Not before kissing him on the forehead. Y/n couldn’t watch as Allison officially locked it.

“Scott-” y/n started to speak to her brother.

“Just go!” He yelled, almost sounding like a growl.

Y/n and Allison hurriedly made their way up the stairs, neither one of them wanting to be down there any longer.

When they reached the top y/n waited for Allison to get through the door before shutting it completely.

They both stood there for what felt like hours. Silence drowning them both.

“Talk about something,” y/n said grabbing Allison’s attention. She looked up to see y/n staring back at her, “please, anything so I don’t have to think about what my brother’s going through right now.”

Allison smiled, “Okay, sure,” she swallowed, “well, what’s going on with you and Stiles?” She teased slightly.

“Oh god, anything other than that.” Y/n sighed throwing her head back against the wall she was leaning against.

Allison laughed at her reaction, “no, come on, before everything went to hell the night of the dance you two totally could not stop staring into each other’s eyes while dancing.”

Y/n squeezed her eyes shut, sinking down to the floor in embarrassment as Allison continued to laugh.

She covered her eyes with her hands so she couldn’t see Allison as she let the words fall from her mouth, “We kissed.”

Allison’s jaw dropped, “you what?” Well have you guys talked about it at all?”

“No!” Y/n threw her hands up in the air in frustration, “I’m afraid to. Because just ten minutes ago he was a complete asshole, also he’s probably still in love with Lydia.”

Allison’s shocked facial expression faded into an empathetic smile. “You’ll never know anything until you ask him.”

Y/n knew she was right, so she didn’t say anything back. The room becoming silent until Allison spoke again.

“Okay but I have to ask, was he good?” Y/n couldn’t help but completely lose control and burst out laughing at the question, Allison following suit and doing the same.

Everything was fine, and they were having a good time until Allison lifted her finger to her mouth and shushed her. Y/n stood up from her place on the ground, fear consuming her again.

“Do you hear that?” Allison whispered.
Y/n just shook her head.

She followed Allison into the kitchen, watching her grab two knives, handing one to her.

Y/n gripped the knife with both hands, trying to steady her shaking hands. Frozen still, she watched Allison continue to walk forwards. Then she heard it, a hissing noise.

Glancing up towards the ceiling, she saw- whatever it was- glancing down at her.

“Allison” she whispered with terror lacing her voice.

Allison turned around, but before she could do anything the animal used its long tail to rip the knife from y/n’s grasp. Continuing to wrap around her ankle and throw her on the ground, knocking the air out of her.

“Come on!” Allison shouted at the creature, but it never approached her. It ran away and broke through the front windows of the house.

Allison ran towards her friend on the ground, trying to help her sit up.

“Y/n are you okay?”

The girl struggled to get her breath back, and once she did she looked at Allison with wide eyes.

“What the hell was that?”

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Originally posted by haru-haru10

  • i think we all know the drill when it comes to badboy aus
  • le backstory time
  • so for our dearest kim taehyung, his story begins with a family that was broken and doomed from the start
  • both of his parents had a rough time raising him and his little sister who he holds near and dear to his heart, especially since their mother had divorced his father and moved out as soon as she could
  • because of this, their father was very temperamental in a way this was how he was coping with everything but he also took it out on his kids which really pissed taehyung off
  • ever since he was a kid, he had a mouth on him and a will to do the right thing which meant if someone was treating another unfairly then he was going to address and try and stop this
  • this happened a lot when their father would yell at them at little things and sometimes about their mother bc she moved on but taehyung had none of it and often quarreled with their dad
  • sometimes his sister would get shit for things she did but taehyung tried taking the brunt of most of it to ensure that she would live without that crap y’know? most of it made him pretty bitter and angry especially at his parents for putting this on them, for making her suffer despite his attempts to remedy it (poor lil squish, she really didn’t suffer as she often tells him now)
  • anyway, growing up he endured through this and during high school when his high school was at its most temperamental he got into a major fist fight with his dad after he found out that his ex-wife would soon be re-marrying and it was tae’s little sister that was getting the verbal abuse until he snapped
  • he told his father off for taking his anger out on them instead of trying to better himself and he got hit but tae wouldn’t take it and began to fight back
  • as a result, he had to go to the police station and developed an even worse reputation than his temperamental one and his sister ended up living at their mom’s but she was very upset to be separated from her older brother
  • the incident itself left tae at a standstill with his dad but his mom was more than willing to take him in but again those rumors of his anger and the things he did escalated too much after he was released
  • he ended up enduring thru the whole thing but did want a better future for himself in order to help his sister out and for himself so he decided that he wanted to do well and go on to college bc he was at least good at math
  • he decided he wanted to be an engineer and so he managed to score a pretty good scholarship to get him to a decent university and he’s trying his hardest to work hard even tho since his release from jail went around there are officials that monitor him for violent behavior
  • he doesn’t care so much bc again he’s doin him
  • the way his mindset is if he’s not harming anyone that doesn’t deserve it then he really shouldn’t get in trouble over anything but it does stop him from ever getting in altercations with dumbass people thinking it’s funny to pick a fight with him
  • that’s not how he meets you tho
  • he actually meets you when you’re in trouble with this asshole dude that just wouldn’t quit bothering you to a point where he has you cornered and your attempts of telling him to get away are fruitless
  • at some point, you knee him in the groin and try running off until you accidentally run into someone and it happens to be (guess who?????) kim taehyung
  • you would’ve been afraid or at least mildly intimidated considering the rumors about him but you really just wanted to get away from that area of the campus so that creeper dude would gtfo
  • taehyung’s ready to tell you to watch where you’re going until he sees your eyes filled with panic and fear and he swears he’s about to see you cry and while he’s asking if you’re ok, that asshole you ran off is saying obscenities about you and stalking his way over to you and you’re barely registering taehyung’s words as he asks you, “did he hurt you? are you ok?”
  • you shake your head and you just let the most vulnerable words slip past your lips “please help me… he won’t leave me alone”
  • and it just flips a switch in taehyung and he’s telling you to get somewhere safe while he handles that asshole and you’re not sure what to think but soon enough taehyung’s giving you a reassuring look, being extra careful not to touch you, and then he’s going up that asshole and confronting him about his harassment of you
  • the asshole, for some reason, gets oddly defensive over you and tries to alleviate the situation by saying y’know that you were being a bitch and assaulting him and basically trying to play off what he did like it was nothing
  • but obviously from the hard stare that taehyung is giving him, it’s not working and when the asshole realizes that he gets in tae’s face like “mind your own business dude this isn’t your problem so why don’t you back off?” and tries to just intimidate tae
  • unfortunately for him that doesn’t work and tae just crosses his arms over his chest, trying not to be the first person to throw a punch or anything and for a bit it works bc the asshole starts pushing and shoving him to move out of his way bc he can still see you and although tae’s a lil miffed you didn’t leave you can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be right to abandon your savior, badboy and all
  • at this point tae has had enough of getting shoved and in an instant, tae has the asshole against the wall and simply tells him to leave you and any other girl alone bc they don’t need a greaseball like them trying to harass them and the asshole gets pissed and tries swinging and a small fight ensues until the asshole runs out and leave you and tae behind
  • you tentatively approach taehyung, asking him if he’s ok and although he is pretty annoyed that you didn’t leave, you simply tell him that you didn’t think it’d be right if you did and he’s actually a lil amazed by you bc you, someone who was scared out of their mind, would stay where their harasser is just to back up your savior and idk it just strikes him as interesting since not many people have the guts to do it
  • and you ask him if he’s ok and he tries to convince you he is and actually walks you back you your dorm bc no way in hell is he letting you walk him where you could possibly get attacked by that asshole who ran off
  • you tell him you want to make sure he’s ok when he gets back and you two actually exchange numbers like this:
  • “if it makes you feel better i’ll text you when i get back to my dorm”
  • “good, you better. wait-”
  • “what???”
  • “i don’t have your number”
  • “oh… heh… right. well, here,”
  • he texts you when he gets back with a small smile bc you’ve added a cute lil’ bear emoji and jimin, his roommate, is like ???? “what happened OH MY GOD TAE WHY ARE YOU BRUISED AND BATTERED”
  • tae explains and jimin’s soo happy to hear that his roomie is actually gushing about someone bc you see tae is v hardworking and he spends most of his time trying to achieve his goal in being an engineer and idk jimin just gets some good feelings hear tae talking about how he met you
  • you and tae begin to text one another after the incident and it’s a very cute correspondence of what you guys like i.e. music, tv shows, movies and even deeper topics at night when he’ll randomly hit you up at like 2 AM about the meaning of life and you’re usually up studying or doing something and y’all chat and reveal your hopes, desires, and even fears, which is crazy since y’all just met but he trusts you enough to tell you these things and you trust him bc after all he did save you from that asshole
  • speaking of which, that asshole reported tae to the student judicial affairs for the assault and so he got called in bc the security guards or w/e can’t really do anything until afterwards but they’re itching to get tae convicted for real
  • you didn’t know bc the asshole didn’t mention you but rumors are going around that kim taehyung is prolly going to jail and you’re like ???????? my tae *ahem* kim taehyung???
  • you try texting him but no response and you’re panicking until you get a call from a unknown number and it turns out to be jimin who’s on the SJA and he tells you abt it during one of the breaks
  • you pretty much end up busting in bc why not?? and tell them that you’re an eyewitness like dead ass serious
  • the classroom you were in when they occurred was your art professor who allowed you to stay behind and clean up. that asshole shares that class with you and when you two were left alone he struck and even the professor can vouch that you stayed behind (which they do) and it’s not long for the jury to rule it in tae’s favor
  • he’s pretty quiet at the end but when you approach him, he looks so goddamn happy bc someone actually defended him and didn’t try to drag him down like he was beginning to feel so sure that he was about to lose everything he worked for and idk it didn’t hit him to contact you bc the asshole really did try denying everything tae tried coming up with
  • so yeah that’s how taehyung truly can’t deny how grateful he is to you
  • and you’re really like “it’s nothing. it’s only right that they know the truth and you shouldn’t be punished for that”
  • just bless <3 bc after that, you and tae are even closer now
  • no one really tries harassing you now that you and tae are pretty close
  • jimin’s constantly asking when you two will be a thing
  • even tae’s sister’s nagging him bc he does tell her everything and how she wants to meet you and ahhh
  • ok so you both end up getting together very casually like during a day when you’re both so sleepy and tired from your constant workload, you both are just half-asleep on the phone with each other and tae goes “i really like you, you know that??” and you softly murmur, “i like you too, tae let’s discuss this tmrw” then the next day you both meet up, lw embarrassed but you ask him if he meant it and he says yeah and you’re like yeah when he asks and it just becomes a thing
  • “finally” jimin and tae’s sister exclaim lmao
  • insert cute study dates where sometimes you come over to his dorm when jimin’s out doing law stuff and tucking tae in when he’s all pooped from engineering stuff like you’ll drape a blanket over his shoulders and prolly lay in his bed to study until you KO and then somehow he snuggles up to you and it’s like 12 AM and you’re like “?! my RA!!! AND YOURS” but he winks like “sweetheart my RA jin doesn’t care tbh” and he just feather kisses your jaw and apparently jimin’s not in still and things just happen that night
  • it’s sweet and gentle, things that tae are not used to being associated with so when you tell him he gets a lil weird bc he can’t believe he got to meet someone as kind and as sweet as you who is so freakin loyal to him and supportive
  • and you’re there just kissing his knuckles and cuddling him really close and you tell him that you love him and you care about him and that’s why you’re doing this and you wish to make him feel loved
  • and…. it just registers his brain that you bring him happiness, he cares about you, and wow…. holy shit he’s in love with you too
  • despite all his “negative” traits, you love him and he’s so grateful to you like my dude you allow this nugget to feel the love that he lacked so much as a child and for once you’re willing to bear burdens with him by coaxing him to tell you what bothers him
  • of course there are occasions where you two quarrel but it’s ok bc you let him cool off and usually he comes running back to you with apologies and pouty lips that you pretend not to fall for but when you’re wrapping him up in your arms he knows that it’ll be ok
  • btw his sister is totes in love with you too like she was so stoked to meet you and after a day with you she’s already telling him to marry you and one time he actually looked over at you with a wink a says, “maybe one day” <3 <3 <3 <3

Hockey - Felix

A/N: I myself play hockey and I know they have hockey in Australia, although it isn’t very popular. However, enjoy this! This is more from Felix’s perspective. Also, you don’t need to play/watch/understand hockey to read this, although some terms may confuse you, however it’s no big deal!

WARNINGS: unedited the usual lmao

Felix couldn’t help but to be excited. He admired you so much, and he felt really, really happy to be invited to your hockey game.

Except for the fact that he knew nothing about hockey, but he’d told you it was his favourite sport, because he wanted to seem cool and relatable. He regretted it so much as he met you in front of the dressing room.

“Felix!” You exclaimed, waving as he approached you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He responsed, speeding up his pace to reach you.

“You actually came! I didn’t think you would, honestly,” You admitted. “Here, follow me.”

Since you were the only girl on your team, you had a dressing room to yourself. Felix was extremely glad about this; it made him jealous to think of the guys staring at you.

Felix followed you into your dressing room. You already had all your equipment on, minus your helmet and gloves.

“I have 5 minutes before I need to meet the team in the guy’s dressing room. In the meantime, we can hang out here!” You explained, patting the spot on the bench beside you.

“So, you’re the only girl on your team?” Felix asked as he sat beside you.

“Sadly. It’s a little lonely, I don’t really have many friends here,” You said before an idea came into your head. “Felix, you should join the team!”

Felix’s eyes opened wide. What was he supposed to say? He couldn’t even skate!

“Uhh…I’m not the best skater…” He mumbled, stumbling over his words.

“Oh, stop, I’m sure you’re great!” You giggled. He felt butterflies in his stomach at the sound. He decided he should just tell the truth.

“Actually, Y/N, to tell the truth, I can’t even sk-“ He started, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Stop canoodling with your boyfriend, Y/N! It’s time to go!” The coach called.

“Ah, I guess I was called sooner than I thought,” You said, grabbing you helmet and bucking it onto your head. Both of your cheeks were dusted a bright red from the coach calling Felix your boyfriend. “Tell me after, okay? Wish me good luck!”

“O-Okay. Do well, Y/N! I’m cheering for you!” Felix said, patting you on the back. He couldn’t help but admire how he was still taller than you even though you had skates on dear tall people im sorry for the lie I’m just short asf .

Felix watched as you entered the dressing room, giving him a slight wave as you did so. He made his way up to the stands and not much later, your team was on the ice for warm-ups.

To say Felix was surprised was a huge understatement. Since he’d never actually payed attention while watching any sort of hockey, he truly had no idea how it worked. So when you stepped on the ice and practically floated across it so gracefully, his jaw dropped. He was even more surprised when you fired the puck, missing the net by a couple inches, causing the boards to make a loud sound.

“Is this your first hockey game, by chance?” Somebody asked. Felix turned around, a tad embarrassed.

“To be honest, yes.” He admitted shyly.

“I thought so. You looked quite…bewildered,” The unfamiliar man asked. “Who are you here to watch?”

“My girl-“ Felix started, but realized he was only dreaming. He wished he could say that. “My friend. Number 7, Katherine, on the home team.”

“Oh, that’s my daughter actually!” The man said, laughing. Felix froze in fear. “I thought you might be that Felix boy she’s always talking about. She was really excited for you to come watch her play.”

“R-Really?” Felix stuttered, but quickly tried to gain his confidence. “I think we’re getting to be really good friends, and I’m really eager to see her play.”

“She said that hockey was your favourite sport though, and that you loved it. Is this true?” Your dad, whose name Felix hasn’t even gotten yet, asked. Felix knew he’d messed up.

“Well..uh…not exactly?” Felix tried to explain, fumbling over his words.

“Do you like my daughter?”

Felix froze and look down before shyly nodding. Your father laughed, patting Felix on the shoulder.

“I understand, son. Don’t worry about it! You seem like a nice boy trying to impress her. I wish you good luck.” Your dad finally said, lifting a huge wait off of Felix’s shoulders.

“Thank you so much, Sir.” Felix said, a smile on his face. He turned his attention to the ice, where the puck had just dropped.

Your dad was gracious enough to explain to Felix what was going on. He explained that you played defence and what you had to do, and why you were doing it. By the time it was the third period, Felix felt like an expert on hockey.

The score was tied 1-1. A boy from your team named Chris Bang had scored, followed shortly by a member from the other team whose name Felix didn’t catch. There was a minute left, and your coaches had pulled the goalie.

“Y/N! Get out there!” Felix heard your coach say. He watched as you nodded to the coach and skated out to your position. He couldn’t help but find you attractive, with some hair falling in your face, your tongue brushing over your lips that were curled into a mischievous smirk.

“Go Y/N!” Felix cheered. You glanced over to him and sent a huge smile. Felix smiled back and the puck dropped. Chris, who was a center, won the faceoff and passed it back to Y/N, who started skating though everyone. You deked left and right around the other team, and soon, it was just you and the other team’s goalie.

It was like time slowed down as you faked a shot to the left and tucked the puck in on the right. Felix immediately stood from his seat and yelled.

You didn’t even hug your teammates to celebrate, you skated over to the ice in front of Felix and waved and smiled. He gave you a thumbs up and you skated back to the bench.

“Woah,” your dad said. “That’s her first goal! She’s never scored one before!”

“Really? Never?” Felix asked.

“Never.” Your dad confirmed.

The 3 seconds that remained in the game were forgotten, and the two teams shook hands and gave warm smiles to each other. You grabbed your water and skated to the door, motioning for Felix to join you in your dressing room.

You got in and took off your helmet and gloves, tossing them in your bag. You were starting to untie your skates when there was the second knock on the door of the day.

“It’s me.” Felix said.

“Come in!” You called back.

Felix slowly opened the door, letting it fall shut behind him. He sat beside you.

“That was amazing Y/N! That goal was incredible! You’re so good!” Felix ranted for a good minute about how amazing you were and you laughed.

“That actually made my day. I didn’t even think I played that well. Thank you, Felix,” You said. “Oh, what were you going to say earlier, before coach came in?”

Felix had gained some confidence from talking with your dad. He wasn’t even nervous to just say it.

“I actually didn’t know anything about hockey. In fact, I can’t even skate. I lied, and I’m sorry. I just thought…maybe I’d sound cooler,” He explained. “I’m sorry.”

“You thought I didn’t already know that?” You said. “Felix, I could tell. I pretended to not, but, it was a little obvious.”

“Was it really?” Felix sighed. “Wow, I need to work on my lying skills.”

You lightly hit him, the two of you laughing as you finished undoing your second skate.

“But really, thank you for coming, Felix. It means a lot more to me than you think.” You said.

“Nah, it’s no big deal. I was actually really excited to see you play, and dude, you literally exceed my expectations.”

“I’m honoured,” You giggled. “Hey, turn away for a second so I can take this jersey off and put my shirt on.”

Felix nodded and, like the gentleman he is, turned away and waited for your command.

“Heh, keep staying turned away as I change my pants!” You laughed. “Okay, I’m good now.”

“Awesome.” Felix said. You started packing away all your stuff and zipping your bag up. However, you drops your stick, and both Felix and you went to pick it up at the same time.

You were millimeters apart, your hands were nearly touching as they both reached for the stick.

“This is really cliché.” Felix whispered.

“Maybe I like being cliché.” You whispered back.

Felix couldn’t even remember what happened next, all he knew is that he ended up holding the stick as the two of you shared a short, sweet kiss. You pulled away, a blush covering your cheeks. Felix couldn’t tell if the blush was from you being tired from hockey or from the kiss.

“I like you, Y/N,” Felix confessed, his eye-contact with you not wavering. “Would you want to go see a movie sometime?”

“I like you too Felix, but I don’t want to see a movie sometime,” You admitted. Felix cocked an eyebrow and looked at you sideways. “How about rather than a movie, we go public skating, and I can teach you how to skate?”

“You had me worried!” Felix exclaimed, laughing. “But yes, I’d like that.”

“How about…tomorrow?” You suggested. Felix nodded.

“I’m super excit-“ Felix was yet again interrupted, this time by his phone ringing. He checked the text. “Ah, my dad is here to pick me up.”

“Aw, too bad you have to leave so soon.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow, though.”

“True! For the millionth time, thank you for coming, Felix.”

“You don’t need to thank me, but if you want to, you’re welcome to thank me with another kiss?” Felix suggested, tapping his lips. You rolled your eyes and pressed a chaste kiss onto them.

“Better?” You asked.

“Better.” He nodded.

TF2 is a cutting parody of Overwatch and I can prove it

And when I say parody, I don’t mean it as in one of those “Minecraft Parodies” you see on the youtubes where they switch some lyrics around and call it a day without really commenting on the source material, I mean it as in TF2 is a biting deconstruction of Overwatch and everything it represents. Now I’m sure you have all sorts of questions involving release dates and, I dunno, logic, but bear with me here for a moment because this shit runs deep:

Overwatch’s characters have a diverse range of origins and personalities, presented as the best of the best from all over the world. Artists, Innovators, Heroes, Overwatch lets you play as great people who fight for great causes. Granted, there’s a bit of some weird dissonance between how they act and how they play, we’ve all made jokes about how weirdly cheerful Mei is about killing people, but overall they’re just a bunch of lovable goofs. Hell, even the so-called bad guys are impossible to hate, because they just have so much personality baked into them.

TF2′s cast is comprised of foolish, incompetent mercenaries, who are explicitly not the best of the best but rather a bunch of idiots the Administrator got to fight her pointless battles without any motivations beyond the money they earn. They aren’t lovable; entertaining to be sure, but they aren’t exactly the kinds of folks you’d sit down and have a beer with. Examining them at an individual level reveals further criticisms:

  • The Soldier’s name is a clear reference to the Overwatch hero Soldier 76, and further comparisons can be made from there. Soldier 76 is a disgraced war vet who takes the world into his own hands, travelling the world to fight evils and save people. The Soldier amps it up to 11; a mentally ill civilian who becomes convinced he is fighting Nazis in a war that ended years ago, and is in actuality blowing up innocents. No one man can understand the complexities of worldly conflicts enough to actively fight for the “right side” without screwing everything up, and the Soldier personifies this notion to an extreme, portrayed as not only insane but also highly jingoistic, alluding to an undercurrent of american exceptionalism that exists in 76′s All-American Hero stylings.
  • Pyro is a reflection of Bastion. They’re both unintelligible and gender-indeterminate cuties who retain their innocence in a cruel and brutal environment. Of course, Bastion’s dissonance between its purpose and its personality is played for drama, for how tragic it is that this adorable robot is built only to kill. The Pyro, by contrast, portrays innocence in spite of violence as twisted. Compare their promotional shorts: Bastion’s ends with it deciding against its original purpose (and the purpose it serves in gameplay) and exiling itself to the forest to care for a cute bird, while the Pyro’s portrays the violence and innocence as a symbiotic relationship, showing that they hallucinate the carnage they cause as spreading love and cheer. TF2 tells us that the innocence of a DPS character in a shooter is not endearing but terrifying, because the two aspects cannot coexist without extreme cognitive dissonance. The Pyro can delight in violence because, in their limited understanding of the world, they see violence as delightful.
  • The Medic lampoons Mercy and to a lesser extent every support character in Overwatch. There is something faintly hypocritical about a character claiming to want to help people as they serve as an accomplice to a violent, bloody war effort. Mercy may rarely score any kills herself, but she enables the continued destruction caused by every combatant she heals. The Medic puts up no such pretense of being a good person, he loves the pain and violence perhaps more than his compatriots who actively dole it out. He is no harmless doctor, he is as great a threat as the men with guns, if not even more dangerous - and he doesn’t even have a damage boost on his medigun. The Medic’s habit of experimenting on his teammates for shits and giggles is, too, a joke about Mercy, this time referring to her canon involvement in turning Genji and Reaper into killing machines. 
  • The Sniper is, like Roadhog, an Australian who is actually a New Zealander who sounds like nothing like either. I don’t have anything insightful to say here, I just think it’s funny.

But the one thing that binds them - the one thing they have in common? They are all sadistic assholes. Every character has a cackling, evil laugh they let out when they’re on a kill streak, they all bask in the glory of slaughter unashamedly and unabashedly - they are guns for hire, after all. In a way, they aren’t so different to the Overwatch cast in this respect; even the bright and peppy tracer has a host of voicelines cheerily mocking the people she has just murdered with her twin pistols. But what TF2 does differently is make this obvious. The nine classes have no purpose in gameplay beyond causing and enabling murder, and rather than distract you from this fact with charming personalities, it lets you pity them as the mean, cruel bastards that they are. These are no “heroes” to be looked up to, they are the waste product of a world better than them.

Overwatch’s map design is beautiful, to be sure, with a clean, futuristic aesthetic and a wide diversity of metropolitan locales to explore. But when you think about it, the levels don’t make a whole lot of sense. The payload maps are all cities that tend to have only one road in them, they’re peppered with hazardous falls despite being mostly innocuous metropolitan areas, and the architecture is often questionable at best. While some maps have a clear goal that the two teams are fighting over, i.e. Volskaya’s factory, some are just places where a fight is happening for no reason. Illios is the perfect example, you go to a well, a lighthouse and an excavation site but there’s nothing to be won in any of the areas. Of course, asking “why are we fighting here” was a mug’s game to begin with - the gameplay in is non-canon, after all.

TF2′s map design is specifically engineered to draw attention to its own senselessness.  The payload tracks aren’t roads, they’re literal tracks, on the ground, which just happen to lead directly to the enemy team’s giant stockpile of explosive barrels. Control points aren’t just game abstractions, they’re giant metal discs on the ground, marked out with hazard tape and set up to display a giant holographic team emblem. One place where they differ is TF2 is not content to allow a map to have no valuable resource in it to be fighting over, even when said dedication raises more questions than it answers. That granary isn’t just a granary, it’s actually concealing a secret spy base. The lumberyard? Secret spy base. Hydroelectric plant, which actually might be tactically advantageous to own? ALSO A SECRET SPY BASE! “Secret spy base” is the punchline to every map’s visual narrative, and serves as a challenge to the philosophy of Overwatch’s design, by implying that those innocuous locales you visit, all those wells and lighthouses, they were actually just secret spy bases this whole time.

Even the art direction in OW’s fascination with a vaguely utopic golden age is reflected in TF2′s usage of idealised 60′s-ea illustration as a clear inspiration. The visual language utilised by a people who were proud of the world that they shaped, despite the festering problems lurking deep within it, is perfect for the ugliness of the TF2 universe. The painterly, illustrative style isn’t used for white picket fences and well-kept lawns, but ramshackle shacks, industrial monstrosities and machines of war. This is no better time nor a better place, it is a war. It is blood and gore and fire and pain and all the worst parts of humanity condensed into bite sized 10 minute matches.

And the war they fight is pointless. Not pointless in the sense that it is non-canon, but that it is canon and yet it still means nothing. It’s a pitiable battle between two brothers over their ancient, useless gravel estate, with all the lasers and rockets only existing to claim more useless gravel. The fights don’t mean anything, the story isn’t important, and the resources aren’t world-changing, they’re just pointless bloodshed for pointless rewards, a hauntingly accurate summation of the philosophy of a competitive shooter.

Overwatch’s world is one like our own, but… different. Set in a fantastic and wonderful future, it portrays a world coming off of the heels of a great robot war. It is populated by robots called omnics, who are either a metaphor for all marginalised groups ever or evil badguy robots depending on the what the writers need right now. In addition, Overwatch likes to add it’s own additional spice to real world locales: South Korea is threatened by a giant badguy robot and has hired professional gamers to fight it, Australia has been devastated in a nuclear holocaust and is now a desolate wasteland, and The Moon has recently been overthrown by sentient gorillas(?) who now rule its colonies. It’s all a bit silly, to be sure, but it’s made with love, and it’s all just so earnest you can’t help but love it back.

In the TF2 community, there is some debate over whether or not Abraham Lincoln inventing stairs as an alternative to the rocket jump is canon information or not. What is definitely canon, however, is that spaceflight was invented in 1900, New Zealand is a once legendary sunken metropolis destroyed by an incompetent scientist, and Amelia Earhart was a hotdog mascot. The world isn’t just quirky, it’s gonzo, with ghosts and charismatic war profiteers and rocks that radiate pure intelligence all being mentioned in the same sentence with nary a wink. 

You can tell TF2′s lead, Robin Walker, was an Australian man angry about the nation’s treatment in Overwatch, because in TF2 Australia is a world leader inventing all of the major technologies in the setting and is the main catalyst for most of the world’s politics. Tellingly, you never actually go to Australia in-game, because the conflict that TF2 portrays is as stated earlier completely removed from anything remotely important in the setting. Of course, Australia is also said to be populated entirely by idiots who get in barfights all the time and choose their king by boxing with kangaroos because if there’s one thing that TF2 avoids like the plague it’s the genuine idealism that Overwatch so loves.

And Overwatch’s incredible technology levels, showing the world of 60 years from now being populated by megastructures, holograms and hovercars, is parodied with the setting of TF2 having all the same, but 60 years into the past. Because Australium, you see. The quaint interpretation of global politics is now extended into full-on alternate history wherein the Space Race was just the US and Russia feebly attempting to measure up to Australia’s impossible standards and Musician Tom Jones is murdered by the Soldier for being his wizard ex-roommate’s new best friend. It shows the inherent arrogance OW painting its own picture of what the world is like by painting that picture onto the past instead of the future, allowing us to immediately understand the contrast between how the authors portray the world and how it actually was - and letting us laugh at just how different the two really are.

This theory would be completely perfect with no holes in it whatsoever, were it not for one key issue: TF2 came out seven years before Overwatch was announced.

There is only one explanation for this: this is a case of analogous evolution where the Overwatch team made many of the same gameplay decisions as the TF2 team but TF2 understood the absurdity of said gameplay and decided to emphasise it whereas Overwatch elected to ignore it and justify its fiction through supplemental material, combined with TF2 actively parodying tropes that predate both games that Overwatch somewhat coincidentally indulges in due to the developers of one intending a dark satirical tone and the developers of the other trying for a more optimistic affectation TF2 was engineered by Valve at some point in the future and sent back in time like a videogame terminator to destroy Overwatch before it was ever born in order to ensure CSGO’s dominance in the competitive PC shooter field. Valve failed to take the key moral lesson away from the first Terminator movie, however - any endeavor involving time travel is doomed to fail from the start, as whatever action you take has always been taken and the past cannot be changed. Just like Robot Arnold Schwarzenegger, TF2 not only failed to prevent Overwatch’s existence, it ultimately proved instrumental in the game’s conception when the spark of inspiration (here representing Kyle Reese) made sweet, sweet love to Jeff Kaplan’s brain before dying in a dynamite explosion. For shame, Valve. I thought you would have learned from Skynet’s mistakes.

Loss like the sharp edges of a knife (8/9)

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[A/N: Sometimes your OCs take you on a journey, and you just gotta follow along and see where it leads.]

His early morning run does bring him past Karen’s apartment.

It’s a dark, cloudy day with a weird, final cold snap of weather that has him wearing a sweater and his beanie for the first time in weeks.

Amidst the backdrop of the gray sky and gray pavement and sullen gray-toned brick is the pot of yellow daffodils, so bright it might as well act as a beacon to him from the down the street.

Sitting on the ledge of her window is his worn, battered copy of Moby Dick. He picks it up carefully and opens it, flips through the pages hesitatingly. He’s not quite sure what he’s expecting to find, not quite sure what might hurt him the most – that there’s something within its pages that speaks to her lack of understanding of him, or that there’s nothing within it at all.

He breathes out a long sigh of relief when he sees that she’s written on nearly every page, forces himself to close the book with a sharp thwap because he can’t trust himself to stop once he gets started.

He runs back to the car with the book gripped closely to his chest, keeps it tucked up next to him as he drives back to him apartment. Some practical, logical part of him knows that it’s no more or less from Karen than any of her other gifts to him, but it’s overshadowed by that deeper, more sentimental part of him that believes Karen has in some way looked into his soul and at least not found it wanting.  

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