and while I understand he was going through a break down after having just killed rose

List of anime series/movies with unique art styles.

For my friends on tumblr, in case you guys want something to watch, here’s a quick list of anime series/movies with unusual/unique art styles that you may or may not know.


With an artstyle reminiscent of the original Astro Boy, Kaiba has a very simplistic (yet stylized) and fluid style of animation and art. The story revolves around the titular character, who wakes up with a hole in his chest with no idea of who he is. I enjoyed this a lot for the art, music and characters, who all have realistic motivations and ideals, as well as the themes handled in it; such as what defines “being human” when bodies and memories are as disposable as plastic.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Psychological Drama


In terms of sheer action and excitement I got from watching a movie, I’ve got to say that Redline is one of the best ever in those departments. With a highly stylized comic-book-esque art style with a high influence from Western comics like Dick Tracy (with the emphasis on black shadows on solid colours and thick black outlines), this show is extremely fluidly animated, the movie is said to consist of 120 000 hand-drawn frames, taking seven years to complete. The movie follows the story of racer JP (aka “Sweet” JP, because of his refusal to use weaponry while racing) trying to win (and survive) the titular Redline, a race consisting of multiple racers from multiple different galaxies and planets.
Genre: Racing, Sci-Fi, Action


Every frame of this anime could be screencapped and slapped onto someone’s dashboard for their aesthetic. That is how distinct the art style and character design of this show is. The show uses a form of “plaid animation”, where something will be animated over a still color or object as it moves, creating most of the time a jarring effect that is usually the sign of a lazy animator, however in Mononoke, the show utilizes the art to create a sense of a surreal, dream-like environment, intentionally focusing on the jarring effect. The art and design of the environment is also extremely ornate and beautiful.
The show focuses on the story of the unknown Medicine Seller and his travels through Japan (in an unknown time period), killing spirits and creatures known as Mononoke. However, he cannot do so until he learns their Form, Truth and Reasoning/Regret, which leads to some very interesting lessons at the end of each story.
Genre: Mystery, Horror

Dead Leaves

Another comic-influenced movie, and just barely under an hour too; Dead Leaves is an extremely fun, hyper-action-packed movie with amazing character design (almost EVERY good character in this movie has a unique design, barring the civilains and generic bad guy cannon fodder), driven by slapstick, humor (usually of the sexual kind) and more pop culture references than you can digest within the time span they’re thrown at you. The story focuses on criminals Retro and Pandy; Retro having a TV instead of a head, and Pandy having a panda-like marking on her eye, who, shortly after waking up on the moon and causing havoc on a nearby planet, are imprisoned in a super-jail.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Kuuchuu Buranko / Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Combining rotoscoped 3D, 2D animation and live action elements, Kuuchuu Buranko is an extremely surreal look into the world of psychiatry. The art and designs were created by the lead artist of Mononoke, Kenji Nakamura. But whereas Mononoke had some subtlety to its art, this show is bright, colourful and neon as all hell. The show focuses on Dr. Ichiro Irabu and how he helps his patients with their problems, who are all connected in some way or the other.
Genre: Comedy, Psychological Drama

The Tatami Galaxy

With a bright visual style that also manages to be subtle at the same time, The Tatami Galaxy also utilizes not just its art as a device for story telling, but the form of the show itself to convey its messages. I can’t spoil too much about the show, but I can give you this: if you enjoy the first episode, please watch it to completion, as this show basically requires the viewer to watch the show in its entirety. The story focuses on an unnamed protagonist, commonly referred to as Watashi by the show’s fans, who tries to attain the “rose-tinted” college life style he has desired for his whole life, as well as all the challenges he faces on the way. With fast-paced dialogue, a lot of humor, interesting character and background designs, as well as the various forms of “characterization”, and also the themes tackled by this show, I’d say it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Mind Game

Mind Game. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa (also the director behind The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba and Ping-Pong). I don’t think words can do this movie justice, but I’ll try. Imagine a combination of 3D-morphing-into-2D, sketches, animated photo images of (presumably) the voice actor’s for talking, extremely smooth and fluid movement, plus an insane amount of exaggeration,all coupled with a huge range of bright and dark colours and you’ve got Mind Game’s animation style down somewhat. Go look up more GIFs, they’ll help you understand the range of styles this surreal (and extremely fun) movie goes through. The plot follows Nishi, a down-on-his-luck, 20-years-old manga writer, running into his childhood crush Myon. He discovers she’s getting married soon while they’re talking inside her father’s restaurant. After that (plus another key event), the craziness in the movie begins; Nishi having a new-found desire to live life.
Genre: Comedy, Surrealism, 


Tekkonkinkreet, although similar in appearance to some Masaaki Yuasa works, was not made by the man himself (although, it was made by the company, Studio 4°Cthat helped produce Mind Game). This movie has incredibly detailed backgrounds, similar to a Studio Ghibli film, with amazing usage of lighting, camera shots and motion blur as well as a wide variety of colours and shades. The story follows Black and White, two street orphans who call themselves “The Cats”, trying to keep control of their town from dangerous enemies. Although vastly different in personalities, they support each other emotionally, mentally and physically very well.
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure

The Diary of Tortov Riddle

The Diary of Tortov Roddle, although very short (6 episodes all leading up to 14 minutes! Watch it here! It has three special episodes that are part of the DVD though), is an interesting adventure of a surreal world that seems almost like a moving/animated picture rather than a movie or series. It follows the journey of Tortov Roddle and his pig-steed throughout this world, with just his calm thoughts and experiences. There’s no dialogue in this series but it doesn’t really require any dialogue at all, the only dialogue being Tortov’s journal entries at the beginning and end of each episode. The music, lack of dialogue and artall contribute to a very interesting, mysterious atmosphere.
Genre: Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Straight outta Compton Studio Ghibli, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is an adaption of one of the staples of traditional Japanese folklore, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. This film adapts the ancient story of the young princess who grew out of a bamboo shoot and breathes fresh new life into it while still staying 100% true to the source material. The art can only be described as absolutely gorgeous, using a pale colour palette in a constantly shifting style that recalls the ancient Japanese watercolour paintings that the original story was recorded on.

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Oh man this show.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei follows the story of Nozomu Itoshiki, an overdramatic teacher so pessismistic about everything that he would try committing suicide over pretty much the smallest inconvenience (his name, when its Japanese characters are read horizontally, also translates into “Despair”) and his bizarre homeroom students’ antics. The series parodies almost everything there is to satrize in Japanese culture (the show even parodies itself from time to time with casual 4th wall-breaking from every show), as well as the general media and politics of the world, as well as having an insane amount of references to various things regardless of fame; from Gundam, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, to Franz Kafka, Edward Gorey and South Park. The art’s very minimal (which itself gets parodied later on in the series), but it, uh, changes a lot, to put it simply.

Genre: Comedy, Parody


(gotta lot of requests to list this one)

Sports anime tends to always get a bad rep amongst anime fans for various reasons, whether it be that the viewer gets tired of seeing another Dempsey Roll, or the amount of reused frames in the series, they’re all understandable.
And so comes Ping-Pong to shatter those preconceptions of what a sports anime can be. Focusing rather on the characters, their emotions and development rather than the titular game that the anime’s based on (unlike most sports anime), this coming-of-age show following two boys as they (one actually) strive to become the best table tennis players in the world, is directed by none other than Masaaki Yuasa, who has directed a lot of the shows and movies on this list actually, with his trademark style of not having a trademark artstyle (other than wobbly simple lines and psychedelic colours).

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Coming-Of-Age, Sports

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

(im still in the process of watching Gankutusou and Ping-Pong (thanks school) hence why they weren’t in the original post)

Gankutsuou is what most people would call “art porn”, as it uses various still textures, colours and patterns within the character’s lineart, similar to Mononoke and Kuuchuu Buranko though to a much greater extent, while using 3D and 2D animation on the characters and backgrounds. The story is broadly based on the titular story of The Count of Monte Cristo, but with many differences, such as being set in the year 5053, plotlines and character endings being altered/removed, the pacing being changed from the original story, as well as the incorporation of many sci-fi themes. The general aesthetic of the show is that of 19th century France in a highly futuristic setting.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural


Based off a popular gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Kaiji follows the story of the titular character, Kaiji Itou, an unemployed slacker who spends his days gambling (and always losing), stealing, drinking and being obsessed with money. He suddenly finds himself 3 million in debt, and is offered the chance to erase all of his debt, and maybe even earn some cash, in one night.

Via gambling.

With thick bold lines, exaggerated expressions and hugely caricaturized faces that woul make more sense in a comedy that all serve as a plus to the show, Kaiji is an intense psychological thriller that always leaves you on the edge of your seat, with some of the most insane and dramatic gambles in any piece of fiction.

Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Gambling

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Two angels, kicked out of Heaven, have been tasked with cleaning up the filthy sin-riddled Daten City, and can only return once they’ve gotten enough Heaven coins!

Not like that matters to Panty and Stocking anyways, whose only cares in the world are what tastes good, much to the chagrin of local priest Garterbelt.

With a ton of American pop culture references, humor that would make South Park seem like a kid’s show, action that is so bizarre it can’t even be explained, and an animation style that’s more akin to a cartoon on a huge drug trip than anything else, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt shows that sometimes too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody, Not something to play around Grandma

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There really is no other gif that explains and summarizes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure better than this one.

Based off the hugely popular manga by Araki Hirohiko, the show follows the story of the Joestar bloodline. Jojo is unique in that it doesn’t follow one group of characters or main character throughout the entire franchise, but rather a different cast in a different location throughout the world, ranging from 1930s New York, to 1980s Japan, to Egypt and much more.

If I’m being rather vague about describing this rather popular show, I apologize, but there really is no way to properly explain this bizarre series.

With proportions that look like it was ripped straight out of a bodybuilder’s magazine, poses that could probably break your spine if even just attempted, and fights that end up being some of the most hype as well as some of the most ridiculous you’ll have ever seen, as well as a bright, dramatic colour pallete, this is a show that truly lives up to its “Bizarre” title.

(also protip: start with the 2012 adaption first rather than the 90s OVA, and read the manga.)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Mystery

⇁plums & melons | 02

Originally posted by parkejimins

pairing⇁Jimin x Reader

genre⇁drama, smut || brother’s best friend!au

warnings⇁public indecency, masturbation, dry humping, jungkook, things that shouldn’t happen in a closet, a brief mention of tentacle porn;;

word count⇁7.3k

The long time running game between you and your brother’s best friend started when you noticed his fascination with boobs—yours specifically. It was never supposed to amount to more than harmless flirting and lingering glances, but now, one year later, Jimin was ready to change that.

alternatively: Jimin and you play a game. the loser is fucked. metaphorically. literally. all the above??

01 || 02 

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The West Wing

Remember when I asked if you all wanted a ficlet of Feyre finding Rhys’ mother’s and sister’s wings in Spring Court? And all you Maasochists said yes?

Well, here you go…

Originally posted by blmglove


I climbed the stairs to that part of the manor that I’d never visited before. Tamlin had never outright ordered me not to venture here, but it was always an unspoken understanding we had. Before everything that happened, before Rhys, Tamlin always came to my room when we spent the night together, I was never invited to his. Maybe that’s what drove me to explore while he was far from the manor. Not that I was afraid of him, I hadn’t been afraid of him for a long while now, but it would be so much easier to look around without him hovering over me.

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Little witch (Part 5)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2569

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so sorry i am posting this so late. My apologizes for the mistakes you will probably find ♥ It’s my final week of school so i hope you understand why i am posting it so late and why your requests are taking so much time. Please tell me what your opinion about the story. And i am really interested what you think would happen. Please share it with me :3 Enjoy! 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Originally posted by kiingholland

“Up, down, backwards, kick. Again! Try to attack the unprotected zones! Good, now jump, kick, that’s right. Now-”, Steve’s commands were interrupted by the loud sound of someone being thrown badly on the floor.


“Are you okay?”, Steve asked the victim but didn’t give it a try to cover his smile.

“Yes, Captain. I am fine.”, Peter rose his thumbs and tried to stand up.

“I am sorry Pete but you weren’t paying enough attention. And I really wanted to punch you.”, (Y/N) stated as she gave a hand to Peter in order to help him to get on his feet.

“You are getting your ass beaten up by a girl. What a shame boy!”, Tony exclaimed. He had entered the training hall seconds before seeing how the little witch knocked down the spider-boy.

“You are a great fighter and I have no idea if I should be happy about it or not.”, the captain was observing (Y/N)’s technique since they began training. For a period of two weeks it was hard for him to predict what she was going to do. He had talked with Natasha after seeing how the girl beaten up the famous Black Widow but Nat was amazed by her movements as Steve, “Hydra had achieved their goals. You are better than Nat. Well, not as they probably wanted, but still.”

Hearing the name of the organization that took everything away from her, she almost fell again in the deep. Different feelings were surging in her. The girl clenched fists, took a deep breath and relaxed. After a month of training with Bruce and Wanda she was able to control her powers somehow. She was thought how to use her rage without letting it to overwhelm her body, mind, actions.

“What do you mean? She is amazing with cold weapons, Rogers.”, Tony exclaimed and walked down to them, “Let’s call her The Slicer!”, the man was too enthusiastic for the others to take him seriously.

“The Slicer? What a terrible name.”

“Take your word back captain or a new Civil War will erupt.”

“I like it. It makes me look dangerous.”

“You are a dangerous woman but I think it’s not for you.”, Peter expressed his opinion, “It’s for a coldhearted killer, while you are…”

“What am I Pete?”, (Y/N) came closer to the boy smirking and waited for his answer. She didn’t miss to spot the way he gulped nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand, “You are emitting nervousness. Why?”, the witch asked in a sweet and yet flirtatious voice, “Is it because of me?”

“I-um.”, another gulp, “No, yes, I mean…Argh!”, the boy covered his face and whispered something like ‘How can you be so desperately stupid?’

“Wait, why are you here?”, Steve suddenly asked Tony.

“Maybe because this building is all mine and I want to roam through it.”

The girl laughed, Steve gave an eye roll while Peter relaxed when the subject was changed and it took (Y/N)’s attention.

“Okay, okay. Stop that look! It makes me want to punch you in your perfect face.”. Tony stated and then continued, “I and Thor decided to throw a party so be ready in eight.”

“What?! A party ?! Why?”, Peter asked all of a sudden.

“Because my little kid you need to know how to have fun in your life. It’s not only the thick books you stuck your nose into.”, and with that the famous genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist man exited the room.

“Well we have like 5 hours until the party. Let’s continue working.”, (Y/N) suggested. It was her way to reduce the feelings inside her.  They were all going out and in the end of the exercises she felt much relaxed and calmed although her body was a little exhausted.

“Oh you continue. I am worn out so I will take a rest.”

“I thought you were a durable boy, Parker.”, the girl smirked as she saw the boy turning around immediately.

“I am!”

“But you got exhausted just from some slight punches.”, the witch came closer to the boy not breaking eye contact again.

“I might be not showing my full potential only because I don’t want to hurt you.”, at this time the teenagers were both smirking while Steve was looking with interest what was about to happen.

“Don’t spare me Spider-boy. Show me your super strength and you’ll see I can bear it.”

“If you are asking so politely. But don’t you dare complain after that your body is aching.”

“Oh, the sexual tense between the two of you has filled the whole room.”, Nat spoken. The witch and the spider-boy separated from each other looking away, “Don’t act as though you were shy. If it wasn’t in the training room someone would think you were about to break the bed.”

“Will you guys stop interrupting our training!?”, the girl asked in annoyance. The Avengers kept coming and if another one had showed up he could had possibly ended in the medical wing.

“Yeah, if you were actually training.”, (Y/N) gave the redhead an eye roll and waited for her answer. For one month she got used to all the teasing and jokes the heroes like to share between them, “You must spent less time with Wanda and Stark. However, I am here for the party. I assume Tony have told you so. Would you like to go with Wanda to buy a dress or something?”

“Shopping isn’t my thing and Will. Never. Be.”

“You were my only hope. Now I have to go to the shops.”, agent Romanoff looked like a small child whose mother just had told him she would not by him the toy he wanted.

“Sorry Nat. Oh, if you like something could you take it for me?”

“Yes, but you will owe me!”, Nat declared as she exited the room.

“That was a big mistake, (Y/N).”, the teenagers’ trainer for today stated out loud, “Anyone who have owed her something hasn’t ended good.”

“I will find a way to trick her.”, the girl gave a smile to the captain and the three of them continued working out. (Y/N) was without a doubt the best of them all, even the captain, but Peter managed to beat her five times which was a great success.

“Don’t hurt them!”, she screamed, “Mummy! Daddy! I am here! We will get out of here!”

“They can’t hear you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Show me your powers. Revile them!”

“I-I can’t! Don’t you understand, I CAN’T!”, she shouted, tears rolling down her face. She didn’t want to lose them, not now.

“You don’t give us another option. Enjoy the show.”

Screams filled the room but this time an explosion didn’t happen. Instead the girl stayed in the room looking at her dead parents on the floor.

‘It’s your fault! It’s your fault! IT’S YOUR FAULT!’, the voices filled the small place she was locked into. They were shouting and screaming in agony.

“Please stop! Stop! I did what I could to save you!”, but with each word spoken the voices became louder and louder deadening the girl’s obeys,

“IT IS YOUR FAULT WE ARE DEAD!”, her parents’ voices kept screaming and filling the room while the girl crouched in the corner of the room whispering:

“Sorry, sorry, sorry! I did all I could”


(Y/N) woke up from her nightmare breathing heavily. Since day one she kept dreaming the same thing every night. This time it wasn’t different. She continues seeing her parents dying and blaming her for it. At first she started believing them but after Wanda had seen her dream by accident everything changed. (Y/N) did her best to believe Wanda’s words that she wasn’t guilty, that Hydra had manipulated her in order to get what they wanted but something deep inside her was still feeling it was her fault. She had to be better and they could have lived till today.

The witch looked at the clock next to her bed. It was 6:30pm. She had an hour and half until the party. She stood up and went straight to the bathroom. The water was hot, slightly burning her skin but the girl didn’t minded. She liked it, the mist that caused her to breathe hard, the water that relaxed her body. (Y/N) wanted to stay there longer and to wash all the stress away but the time was flying. After brushing her teeth and putting underwear on she went back to her room. As she entered it someone did the same from the other door. With no surprise, it was Peter.

“(Y/N) are you- Oh mu gosh!”, as he entered in a hurry he fastened to spin around.

“Tell me, Parker…are your spider senses telling you when I am half or fully naked so you can enter in that moment?

“This time I knocked!”, the boy tried to protect himself, “You didn’t answer so I decided to check out what is going on.”

“Only to be sure I am okay?”

“I know it sounds stupid but I care about you and-”, and all of a sudden he shut up with eyes wide opened. (Y/N) blushed at his words but tried to cover it so he would not see it.

“I am flattered you wanna make sure I’m alright but I can handle myself, Parker.”, the girl gave Peter a smile.

“Yeah, okay, I will leave now.”

“No, wait!”

“What?”, the boy was surprised (Y/N) didn’t want him to leave after he saw her half naked for one god knew what time in a roll.

“I have problems with what to wear tonight. Would you stay and help me choose?”

This time both blushed and smiled. Peter accepted and closed the door. He sat on the bed looking at the beautiful girl in front of him. He scanned her body with only one look and gulped in nervousness. She was gorgeous and not only because of her appearance. The girl was a complex character. Once she was confident and sarcastic, other times shy and insecure, on training she was like a killing machine when training with Steve. At those times she scared him but he knew that she was just a broken porcelain doll that would never be repaired and look the same as before. But Peter wanted to be the strength holding all the pieces together. The one being her anchor, to help her get through all of this and to show she wasn’t alone. There was a person that cared and he wanted the girl to understand it. Peter wished to show her all the things she missed – the happiness, the games everyone plays as s child, the feelings of having a first love and the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you kiss, the moments when you cry from joy, laughing, bliss. He wanted not only to make her feel the good part of life but to feel all the things with her. The boy wanted to make this girl happy and to be the reason she was smiling. And when she smiled form heart at his jokes or stupidity he smiled too.  

On the other hand, as the boy was looking at (Y/N) with something like love she felt insecure. When he had entered the room she spoke from annoyance but now she finally understood she was just in her underwear in front of a boy she asked to stay and help her. The girl bit her lip and turned around facing the wardrobe. She opened it and hurried to take the first clothes that she saw. It happened to be simply jeans and tank top.

“Well, you look beautiful in them I have seen but they are too ordinary for the event.”

“What about this one?”, (Y/N) showed the boy a black skirt

“It might work but what would you put on top?”

The witch grabbed almost all of the clothes that were in the wardrobe and began dressing. Peter rejected the combinations thinking it wasn’t for the situation or that the clothes weren’t fitting right.

“It’s 7:45 and I still have no idea what to put on me!”, (Y/N) sat next to the boy and was about to cry. He tried to calm her down but no boy knows the feeling of having a full wardrobe and no clothes to wear. It was despairing. As Pete was about to say something someone knocked on the door. (Y/N) stood up and went to open it. There was Wanda holding three bags in her hands.

“This is for you. I am sorry I am bringing them so late but put them on and come downstairs with Peter. Don’t be late!”

(Y/N) was surprised when Wanda mentioned Peter but it was probably one of her powers that showed her the teenagers were both in the room.

The girl opened the bags. In the first one she found just the perfect outfit, in the second she found some jewelry and in the third one there was a suit for Peter.

“This one is for you.”, (Y/N) handed the boy his outfit.

“What? Really? Why would they buy a suit for me?”

“I don’t care. Go to the bathroom and put it on. I want to see in something different than jeans ash shirt or your spider suit.”

“Okay, okay. I am going! No need to rush me.”, the boy smiled as he entered the bathroom where he began changing. (Y/N) hurried to change too although she had nothing to be ashamed of. She spent an hour half naked in front of Peter…why was she now feeling insecure? However the girl put the clothes on and looked at the mirror. She was wearing a black tight skirt that ended some centimeters above her knees. The top was short, simple and shower the upper part of her stomach. The way it outlined her curves made the girl look at herself from another angle. For the first time in her life she felt beautiful just because of some clothes. As she finished putting the necklace on, Peter came in the room in his suit. He was trying to put his tie on but with no result.  

“Will you help me?”, Peter asked innocently.

“Yeah.”, (Y/N) murmured after some seconds as she took some time to observe him, “But I don’t think it is necessary.”, as she came closer she took the tie away and removed the black top of the suit. Now he was standing only in his trousers and white shirt that had the top buttons undone.

“You look hot.” , they both looked at each other with wide eyes. Thanks God, she said only this not how she wanted to kiss him right now and bury her hands in his messy hair.

“Thanks.”, Peter smirked as he took his time to observe the girl in front of him, “But I am afraid you are overshadowing me. You are just stunning in this outfit.”, the girl smiled brightly and looked at Peter who was grinning too, “Shall we?”, her offered his hand.

“Let’s go to the party.”, the witch took his hand and they both went downstairs where they could hear the loud music and people talking.

Part 6

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Guess Who? - part 5 (END)

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Based on Clue. You are invited to a strange house where you have to cooperate with the staff to solve the murder of one of the guests.

Word Count:1,800

Warnings: none (I think)

A/N: I used the beginning of part 4, but it’s part 5. This is the real ending, so here we go! I really hope you like this :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND A SAFE SAMHAIN TO ALL! 

Guess Who? - Masterpage

Originally posted by kingsebastian

The room fell strangely silent. Professor Iron was sitting between Hawkeye and Scarlet’s dead bodies, a forlorn look in his eyes. You were completely exhausted and your high heels were killing your feet.

To distract yourself, you went over the events of the night. The gears in your head were turning furiously as you tried to remember everything. There were four dead people in the room and eight people still breathing. Well, it could have been worse.

You let out a small gasp when everything clicked into place.

“Very well,” you said, breaking the peaceful silence. “I know who did it.”

The others looked at you incredulously. “You do?!”

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Badboy!Shawn Mendes Imagine

It was around midnight when your phone first went off. Sleep slowly released you from it’s sweet grasp due to the disturbance, but you thought nothing of it, and kept your eyes closed begging for the dark paradise.
As soon as the unruly noise ended, it started back up again. Groaning, you rolled over to answer your phone, ignorant the caller ID. “Hello?” You let out groggily,
“Y/n, you need to come down to the school parking lot,” you would’ve recognized the speakers voice if it wasn’t for your foggy mind.
“Ugh why?” You groaned
“It’s Shawn. You’d better hurry.”
At this point sleep was no longer an option. Partially because you were too awake by now but mostly at the mention of Shawn.
You had no clue if he was in trouble, in the process of getting in to trouble or if he just needed you. Since it wasn’t him that ringed you, you knew it couldn’t be any good.
You tried to contain your wandering thoughts the short ride to the school. The last thing you needed was to over think what Shawn may have gotten into while your body was enjoying the warm, relaxing blanket of sleep. You had spent time together earlier today and everything seemed fine. No lingering glares to or from anyone. He showed you the same amount of affection as he would on any other good day. He was happy. He was the Shawn you knew.
You brought your car to an abrupt stop in the parking lot not caring about the position you left it in, if it was in anyone’s way or not parked properly.
Your eyes were glued to a crowd of shuffling students. An uneasy feeling welcomed itself at the bottom of your stomach and clung on.
Shoving the drivers door open, you sprinted to the loud, obnoxious sea of teens, knowing damn-well that Shawn was at least one of the persons that were in the middle of it all.
You wove your way in between people, trying to shout his name over the noise.
Just as you broke through the crowd you saw Shawn take a nasty hard blow to the cheek. His head whipped in the direction the punch was thrown, while stumbling back a step. He regained his balance and turned back around ready to throw the next punch. Before he got the chance to, you stepped closer to the two anger fueled boys, “Shawn.” You called in a desperate voice. You hated him fighting, you hated seeing him hurt, and you knew he was capable of killing the other person if he didn’t stop.
His eyes shot to yours at the sound of your calming voice. The crowd turned into white noise as your voice echoed in his ears.
The man he was fighting turned to you, “Hey, why don’t you come back when we’re finished here,” he spat at you while shoving you, sending you stumbling back towards the crowd. Luckily someone had caught you or else you would have fallen to the rough pavement.
“Hey!” Shawn bellowed to his opponent. The man turned back to face him. He only made it halfway before Shawn’s fist came in bone crunching contact with the side of his skull, sending him to ground in agony.
Gasps’ and silent murmurs came off the crowd. Shawn kept his gaze locked on you. You could make out the sound his heavy pants, as his shoulders rose and fell in sync to it, clouds of his breath formed and disappeared in front of him.
He didn’t dare move an inch toward you, in fear of you running away from the beast standing in front of you.
You took the initiative from his silence and took slow steps over to him. Your eyes glued to his, and his to yours. You stopped just before him and gently took his hand in yours. His fingers and palm easily over lapped yours and held them tight, not running the risk of you letting him go. “C'mon,” You spoke softly and quietly him, leading him through and away from the circle of students.
You had him, you had him closer than anyone else ever could in his lifetime. He could never hide himself from you, his efforts to try were only useless. Just holding your small, silky hand in his could bring him to his knees for you. He wanted to explain himself to you, he wanted to tell you exactly why he had gotten into the messy feud, it was all at the tip of his tongue. But he was more desperate not to break the soothing silence.
The car ride back to your house was comfortably still. His hand still clutching yours. The tips of your fingers were stained with his blood that slowly seeped out of his bruised and cut knuckles.
You escorted him through the door and up the stairs to your bathroom. He placed him self on the counter next to the sink as you rummaged through the closet for a first aid kit and rubbing alcohol.
You stood in between Shawn’s legs and grabbed an old knotted rag and soaked it in the rubbing alcohol.
“Y/n,” he began in a soft raspy voice. You shushed him before he could make out another syllable. You ran the rag over the first cut on his eyebrow, it wasn’t too deep but still dripped scarlet substance. “Ow,” he murmured under his breath. You let out a breathy laugh, trying not to smile. “Do you often find humor in other people’s pain?” He smiled down at you, adoring your smile, and the way you tried to hide it. He was locked in on your trance, you didn’t even have to try, you had him wrapped around your finger, and you didn’t even know it.
“Well no, but you just always make me laugh,” you smirked in response. You repeated your actions to the cut on his lip but applied more pressure than before. “Ow!” He let out, pulling away and curling his lip, “Alright you did that on purpose.”
You giggled at his playful accusation knowing it was true. He grasped your waist and brought you in closer, locking his legs at the back of your thighs. He pinched your sides tickling you in revenge for your actions. You giggled even more, trying to hide yourself in his chest black clad chest. His chuckles rumbled out from his chest projecting onto your body.
His arms circled around you and relaxed on the curve above your hips. His head rested on top of your shoulder, his eyes fluttered shut peacefully. “You know,” he started slowly and cautiously, waiting to see if you’d interrupt him again, “I only fought him because he was tormenting me,”
“Is that all?” You questioned him expectantly,
“No. He was tormenting me about you. He knows that I hold you special to me, but he doesn’t actually know you. He’s heard people talking. So he started going on about how weak I must really be, which didn’t bother me. But then he started going on about how ‘ravishing’ and 'sexy’ your body must look, and how he’d love to have a piece of you in 'a long night of fun’. I was seeing red and I lost it, I just-lost it.” He explained, tugging you impossibly closer to his body.
“I get you got angry and I understand that you hated what he was saying, but Shawn you’re better than that, you know you are.” You said pulling away slightly and cupping his cheeks in your hands.
He let out a sigh in agreement to your words. You landed a soft, delicate kiss on his forehead and went back to cleaning his small wounds.
“The slice on my eyebrow is aching.” He groaned.
You smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on the cut, the sour taste of the rubbing alcohol still lingered over it.
“Now that I think about it, the one on the lip is just killing me,” he smirking, waiting for his kiss,
“Nah I think you’re pretty good.” You giggled up at him, removing yourself from his warm hold and walking out of the room.
“No no no. Come back and take care of me!” He called after you.
This was so much fun to write….

The only solution (was to stand and fight)

Short coda to 2x10, addressing an issue from 2x08. Parabatai-centric, platonic Jalec. Family feels, talk about suicidal tendencies. Drunk boys. FLUFF.

Beta-read by @brizzbee



“I guess you haven’t told her, huh?”

Jace opened his eyes and sure enough, he saw his parabatai standing over him. Alec was frowning and Jace could almost see the cogs turning in his head as he tried to figure out what was wrong.

“I thought you would be with Magnus?” Jace deflected the question with a question and turned his gaze back towards the starry sky. He took another sip from the bottle he had been balancing on his chest as he sprawled on the roof.

He wasn’t surprised that Alec had found him. It was their spot, the one they’d discovered not long after Jace finally understood that his new family accepted him and stopped fighting them on every turn. Jace and Alec found this particular spot by accident, but it became their favorite place to hide when they needed a break. It was more or less hidden from the direct view from the rooftop doorway and had one of the ventilation exits blowing out gentle waves of hot air directly onto them, so they could stay warm even during chilly nights.

“Magnus is fine. We’re fine. He had to go assure the other warlocks that the Sword didn’t cause any damage outside of the Institute, and I was needed here. I’ll see him tomorrow.” Alec bent down and reached for the bottle. “So… you haven’t told her.”

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I See the Light - NOUĂ


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh goodness, i’m adding 5 more chapters because… because i am lol. this a filler but i feel like it’s slightly important?? idk.


The next day at work was harder than the day before. You couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind - the way he felt, tasted, and made your heart beat so fast that you were sure you almost had a heart attack. It was all so frustrating. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

And having to face him and be around him for hours throughout the day was even worse. He became even more attractive, if that was even possible. But every time it was your turn for a break you’d disappear from his sights.

But you couldn’t hide away for too long. Steve usually found you and would call Bucky over, having to put on a show for everyone to watch. Especially when Steve would call Natasha over. 

You decided that the further you strayed from Bucky, the better - or so you thought.

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Last Winter (6)

Summary: Funny how one night can change your life.

Warnings: swearing, prison, mentions of rape (not in all parts), mentions of OFC death, and manslaughter

Word Count: 1246

A/N: y’all want some fucking answers? well here’s like two and then more questions

Part 5 | Masterlist

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Soft Names, Soft Touches

Chapter One

Pairing: Bucky x OC | Word Count: 5.9k+

Warnings: Swearing. Violence. Russian that may or may not be correct.

A/N: While this is my first Avengers fan fiction it is not my first written story. I’ve been writing fiction for three years on a few other sites. I hope you enjoy and please be kind. I’m new to tumblr and it may take time to get my shit together!

She had always believed pain was a relative emotion. Either you felt it or you didn’t.

As a child, Franki had simply assumed she’d chosen not to feel pain and didn’t understand when others had moaned and groaned and cried out from it. Pain was weakness she couldn’t afford. It wasn’t until she was older that she realized the truth. She couldn’t feel pain.

She couldn’t feel much at all.

The first time her wrist had broken during a spar with another girl in the Red Room she had looked at it for a moment, dangling, useless in its twisted, oddly bent shape before a madam had begun yelling for a nurse. She had only shrugged when the nurse had asked if it hurt.

Later, after she’d been sent to China, she’d snapped four ribs fighting off three other Weapons that had been tasked with beating her when she had refused to comply again. At the time she had given only a hard grunt, barely flinching, and put one of the metal hair sticks she’d fashioned from a broken spoon through each of their thighs. It wasn’t until she’d started to have difficulty breathing that she realized there was a problem.

She had always been careful to weigh the choices she made. Fight or flight. Yes vs no. Comply or resist. Each one was carefully calculated. She knew the odds, knew the risks, and had, more often than not, taken them anyways because it had been what kept her alive.

The leg however, was a risk she hadn’t calculated.

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Words Can Hurt

SPN FanFic

~Dean and Y/N investigate a couple of strange deaths in upstate New York.~

Dean x Reader, OMC (Ryan), Sam (barely)

4,129 Words

Warnings: SFW, few curses, mentions of show level gore and deaths, tiny bit o’angst, mostly crack and fluff to finish. 

A/N: This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean  500 Followers - Do It Like Dean Challenge! Congrats Sweetheart! My prompt was, “Start talking Chuckles!” Hope you like it!

“I just do not get it. It’s like… the guy literally took a long walk off a short pier.” Dean shook his head, confused and also just a little bit amused by their current case.

Y/N nodded, looking out at the calm water. “Yup, that’s exactly what he did.” They were standing on the edge of a broken down pier overlooking the Hudson River. The old wooden dock had been long abandoned and overtaken by the greenery that lined the coast. It was mostly hidden from the road, but today, police tape and flashing lights brought attention to the crime scene.

A man walking into the cold water and drowning in itself wasn’t enough to bring hunters into town, but add that to the three other odd deaths that had taken place over the last week, and Y/N’s interest had been piqued. She turned and climbed back up the small frozen hill, her heels digging into the dirt, and smiled at the handsome detective who held his hand out for her.

“Well thank you sir,” she said, accepting his assistance.

He flashed a brilliant smile, all teeth and twinkling eyes as he looked her over, his hand locked around hers. “Not a problem at all Agent. It’s not every day we get the FBI to help us out; and never agents as beautiful as you.”

Y/N laughed, blushing at his compliment, “Well, we do try to help out where we can.”

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Requested by: @calpalkenzie

Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and the gang takes his side, so being alone and in despair, the reader goes to the lake and tries to kill herself ( like what Cheryl did ) but jughead saves her?

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Lately Jughead had been acting distant, causing you to get a bit worried, only to find out he was going to break up with you.

Warnings: Small amount of swearing, acts of suicide

Word Count: 2,094

A/N: This is my first imagine so bare with me :-))

Originally posted by bugheader

It had been days since you and Jughead had last spoken, recently things between the both of you wern’t going so well.

Whenever you tried to talk to him he’d reply with vauge answers or simply brush you off. Recently, he’d just been avoiding you, spending more time with Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

To say that didn’t hurt you would be and understatement, mostly because he used to bring you along to hang out with his friends.

You were recently going through a lot back at home, Jughead knew you had family issues, he used to go to Pop’s late at night whenever you needed to get out of the house.

Now, you sat alone in that diner, waiting to see if he’d magically show up and make everything better.

You ordered a strawberry milkshake, and a side of fries, trying to find a way to make time go by faster.

You heard the bell ring, signaling someone had come in only to see Jughead walking towards you.

“Hey Y/N, we need to talk..” He sat down in the booth across from you. You gave him a look, not liking where this was going.

“Listen.. You’re a great girl, and I love you, but I don’t think we’re working out.. we’re just both so different and I just don’t think it would be alright continuing something that isn’t there.” He spoke slowly, watching to see your response.

Your strawberry milkshake and fries arrived, leaving you to pick at them.

“I don’t understand.. everything was fine.. what happened?” You questioned, your eyes getting watery.

“Nothing happened Y/N, it’s just not working out.” He sighed, scratching the back of his neck, signaling he was hiding something.

“No.. you’re lying.. you always mess with your neck when you don’t want to tell me something.” You choked out, a tear falling down your face.

Jughead looked at you, seeing how distraught you already were, killing him on the inside.

“Archie told me he saw you flirting it up with some guys on the football team.. and Betty and Veronica said they saw you too.” He rubbed his chin, his jaw clenched at the memory.

You felt your heart ache as he spoke, none of that ever happened.

“Juggie, that’s not true at all! I would never do that, I love you.” You protested, more tears falling down your face.

“Listen Y/N, I know I’m not the richest guy in Riverdale but you don’t have to lie to me.” He huffed, now getting annoyed at you.

You couldn’t believe this was happening, your whole life was falling apart right before your very eyes.

“I’m not lying to you. What they saw didn’t happen.” You spoke slowly, trying to calm your breathing.

“Whatever Y/N, my friends wouldn’t lie to me. Unlike you, so now you can go slut around with whoever you want.” He spat, getting out of the booth and exiting the diner.

What happened next was all a blur, one second you were sitting in the booth, feeling your heart being ripped out of you and then the next you were out the door.

You saw Jughead walking away from you. “How could you be such a coward!” You shouted, your voice cracking making him stop in his tracks.

He turned around slowly to see your small figure standing in front of the diner.

“Me? A coward? How in the hell am I a coward?” He retorted, walking up to you. You let out a sarcastic laugh and crossed your arms.

“You didn’t even have the audacity to ask me if what they saw was true or not. You just assumed they were right, you chose to be on their side, not mine.” You spoke angrily, glaring at him.

Jughead rolled his eyes, standing in front of you now. “And guess what, they were obviously right. Man I can’t believe I actually trusted you! I spent five months of my time being with you when all this time you were just using me.” He spat, glaring down at your small figure.

“I wasn’t using you! For the love of god I wasn’t cheating on you!” You shouted, your hands moving in all sorts of motions. Jughead let out a snort and shook his head while rubbing his hands over his face.

“They warned me about you, and they were right. Never talk to me again Y/N.” He sighed, turning and walking away from you. In that moment you felt your heart shatter into pieces.

How did all of this happen? Why would he take their side and not yours? You felt defeated after that, you decided to go back home by sneaking into your bedroom window.

You laid awake for hours that night, replaying the moment that happened in your head. You wanted to call him, you wanted to talk everything out, but you couldn’t. You wanted to call Archie, Betty, and Veronica, but you couldn’t. They were all on his side.

You were alone, once again. You didn’t sleep at all that night, the sun rose and you were still wide awake, except emotionless. You didn’t feel anything, you just felt numb.

Your parents had already left for work, leaving you money behind to buy lunch at school. Today however, you decided you didn’t need it. You grabbed the car keys and walked outside, getting in and driving off to your location.

You just wanted to be happy again.

Back at school Jughead was with Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

“Well don’t you just look dandy.” Veronica smirked, making Jughead groan and roll his eyes.

“Y/N and I got into a huge fight last night, it was really bad.” He groaned again, rubbing his forehead.

“Did you two–” Archie rose his eyebrows, making a face when Jughead nodded.

“I’m gathering that’s what the fight was about?” Betty questioned, crossing her arms. Jughead only nodded, looking around before looking back at them.

“Speaking of Y/N, have you seen her at all this morning? I want to talk to her.” Jughead asked, looking around the halls a bit more frantically this time.

“I haven’t seen her, why?” Betty questioned, looking at Jughead worriedly.

“No.. something is wrong, she would of been here by now. She’s never late to school.” Jughead messed with his beanie, looking down the hallway.

“I’m sure she’s okay bud.” Archie placed a hand on Jughead’s shoulder.

“I just have a bad feeling. I left her in such a vulnerable state..” He trailed off, feeling his pocket vibrate. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to see a text from you.

“Thanks for the nice five months we’ve had. I’m going to cherish them forever, I’m going to be happy again now.” The message said. Jughead read it aloud, looking at Archie, Betty, and Veronica with a confused look.

“Oh my god. Oh my god!” Veronica shouted, her eyes wide with panick. “Where is some place Y/N would go to be happy?” Veronica asked quickly, looking at Jughead. He stared at her a minute before his eyes became wide.

“The river. She always used to go there to clear her head when she would get down.” Jughead spoke fast, his body beginning to shake.

“We need to go. Now.” Betty spoke fast, as they all sprinted out the door.

You were already out across the frozen river, getting frostbite the longer you were in the frigid weather. You bent down on the ice, hitting your fists against it to break it apart, using all the energy you had left in your body.

Out of nowhere y ou heard shouting from across the river.

“Y/N!” You heard them all shout. “Oh my god, over there!” Betty pointed out across the frozen river.

“Y/N!” “Y/N stop!” They all shouted again, about to run out to you when the river started to break.

“We all can’t go out there at once or we’ll all go under.” Jughead spoke, panick in his voice.

“Y/N please come back to the shore and we can figure everything out.” Veronica shouted, her face filled with worry.

You slowly stood up, turning around, your lips quivering with makeup smeared from your tears underneathe your eyes.

It was as if time was going in slow motion, nobody knew what would happen next.

They all watched you from the shore, hoping you’d come back.

You just stood there, and then the ice gave away, consuming you into the frigid water below. 

“No!” They all screamed, not caring anymore about all the weight on the ice.

“Y/N!” They all shouted, rushing to the open spot in the ice.

“The current has her!” Archie yelled, “Spread out!” He shouted, as they all rushed around, kicking snow out of their way.

“Over here!” Archie shouted, brushing away the snow before him as Jughead beat away at the ice to break it.

You started to lose consciousness, fading into the darkness of the water.

Jughead and Archie continued to beat away at the ice from above, the water turning bloody from their hands.

“Come on!” Jughead shouted, punching at the ice one last time before breaking it and pulling you out.

Jughead laid you down quickly, seeing if you were still breathing or not and quickly started to give you CPR.

Archie, Betty, and Veronica were all screaming for help.

After Jughead gave you CPR again you coughed up the water from your lungs, making him very relieved.

He gently picked you up as they all ran back to the shoreline. Once you made it back into town, they took you to Veronica’s where she made you some hot chocolate.

You gave a small smile, thanking her for it when Jughead came over.

“Y/N you had me so worried, please never do that again.” He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his side.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, resting your head against his shoulder.

“No, I’m sorry, for everything. I should have come to you first and I didn’t. Maybe if I had none of this would have happened.” He sighed, kissing your forehead.

You let out a small sigh, staring into the fireplace.

“Promise me you’ll never do that again.” He spoke quietly, looking down at you. “I promise.” You whispered, sipping your hot chocolate once more.

From that day on you two were inseparable once again, and everything was once again, happy.

Jason's Girlfriend

Requests: jason finding out his gf is really sick and he tries to make her comfortable till she passes away and he steals her flowers and things all the time and she thinks he’s the most wonderful guy ever for getting her these things but she doesn’t know what he’s going through and eventually she gets too weak to move and she dies right before jason comes to say his final goodbye and he doesn’t show up at her funeral but after everyone leaves he brings her favorite flowers and breaks down crying

jason talks about his girlfriend all the time and how beautiful she is and how much he’s in love with her and she’s the best thing that ever happened to him but he won’t let anyone meet her and his family starts to think she’s fake until damian and stephanie follow him one night and see he’s placing roses on a recent grave and telling it how much he loves them and will never forget them


“Guess who’s here?!” The nurse’s face was decorated with an enormous smile as she talked, something you’d never understand. It was as if everyone pitied you these days. That or they were mocking you. With their smiles and kind behaviors that could only signal your end was nearing. The only one who never smiled was

“Jason” you said in a quiet voice and blinked your eyes at him. It was a giggle that you felt bubbling in your throat as you saw his face covered by a flower bouquet

“Hey!” He greeted softly from behind of the fresh bouquet he had bought. Your nurse took care of lifting your pillows as well as your torso, so you were in a more comfortable position.

Jason sat on the chair right next to your bed with a sigh. After handing the flowers to the kind nurse he took your right hand in between his palms. You were cold, colder than he remembered and it killed him.

“Baby, did you tell your brothers that I want to meet them?”

Again Jason sighed. It wasn’t easy to say this but he did talk about you all the time, but he didn’t want any of them to meet you. He just wanted you all to himself. He didn’t want to having to share the pain if losing you with them, because they would never be able to sympathize with him. None of them had seen the love of their life in a deathbed, getting colder and colder with every passing day.

“We’ve talked about this (Y/n).” Jason’s voice was cold, colder than he had intended it to be and momentarily he hated himself for snapping.

“Okay” there was no reaction from your side, only a weak smile as your hand tightened in his grip. Jason stood silent for a while, remembering what the nurse had told him

“she doesn’t have many days left. Itd be better if we stopped pressuring her with visits. ”

And she was right. So many people would visit you, not caring if it tired you and Jason wondered if they could understand that you could barely move anymore.

Jason felt tears well up in his eyes as he stared at you, knowing that this was probably the last time he’d see your smile. He bowed his head, resting it on your shoulder amd breathed in your scent. You didn’t know what he was going through. You didnt know in how much pain he was.


For more than a year now Jason has been talking to them about a girlfriend, but a girlfriend was nowhere to bee seen. And currently, Dick and Bruce were very worried. They were desperately trying to solve the girlfriend mystery, but Tim insisted on believe Jason and giving him privacy.

Nevertheless it’d been a very long time now that Jason hadn’t showed up anywhere. He wouldn’t go on patrol, he wouldn’t show up at the manor and when they’d get to communicate with him he’d only say about his girlfriend and how truly beautiful she is.

This of course made Dick even more suspicious and after dinner major pressure by the other members of the family he set Damian and Stephanie to follow Jason to his so called girlfriend.

“I’m telling you, the grave was very recent.” Damian yelled, wanting to convince Dick.

“He even placed red roses on it. And he was crying, so hard it broke my heart. He was apologizing for not being able to help her” Stephanie added, emphasizing the ‘red’ part. “Jason’s going through something so tragic Dick, we gotta help him”

But Dick I’ve that Jason wouldn’t speak. He’d never admit being so hurt, or that his word was crushing down due to his denial. All he had to do was wait until he’d open up about it.

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (12)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 12 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 3,700 (ish) 

But what I really wanted to say was happy birthday to: @itsp-erf I hope you had an amazing day. So my present to you is some birthday fluff.
…with some angst. Lol, sorry. Enjoy.

You moved back in your seat, Yuna cowering behind you. Jongdae’s hands were shaking, gripping his diary tightly his knuckles had turned white and his eyes were glazed over.

“I SAID WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” He screamed at you, his saliva spraying on your cheek. You winced at his volume, he was absolutely raging and you could see it. It was ironic that the time you were most scared of Jongdae was when he wasn’t armed with a weapon.

You stuttered, slipping up your words. “We were cleaning…and it was just there- and—”

“You decided to read it, even though it said private and confidential.” Jongdae finished the sentence for you, his voice laced with venom. He inched closer towards you and Yuna, his shoulders growing broader by the second.
“What part of private and confidential did you ladies not understand?” He stuck his hand out a grabbed your jaw roughly.
“I’ve never liked you Y/N.” He hissed silently. “In fact I don’t like the both of you. Acting like you’ve been through the most when you haven’t. You’ve only been involved in this mess for a second.” He stopped talking, grabbing your jaw harder. You were scared that he was going to break it, you tried moving your head backwards out of his grip, but it was no use.
“Breathe a word of what’s in here to anyone and I will come for you. For both of you.” He dropped his hand from your face and stormed out of the room. Your breathing was heavy as you tried to compose yourself.

“Y/N are you okay?” Yuna asked her voice small beside you. You had no words, you were still in shock. All you could do was nod. You were praying to God that that was an empty threat, but you were sure that it wasn’t.

It took you and Yuna a while to calm down, but in the end you were forced to be okay as a few of the men came to join you both in the living room to watch some television. You were now sat there with Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Tao, Baekhyun and Jongin. Chanyeol, you noticed was still avoiding your gaze and it was making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Baekhyun flicked through the channels unimpressed by everything he was seeing.

“Ughh, everything is a repeat or just shit.” He said.

You grabbed the remote from him, making him stop at noir romance film. He rolled his eyes at the dialogue of one of the female characters.

“Love is all you need in life to make you happy. You just need to fall really deep.”

“Yuck. Bullshit.” Baekhyun pushed two fingers inside of his mouth, pretending to gag and vomit, making Tao snicker beside him as though he were a school kid.

“That is not bullshit.” You protested. “It’s true, you just need to find someone that can help you find a release from the darkness of mundane life.”

“Yeah like marrying the man that tried killing you multiple times. Ahhh Love. What a beautiful thing.” Baekhyun smiled, causing Tao to laugh yet again. He rose his hand in the air giving Baekhyun a high-five. You frowned at them, why did everyone treat your love as a joke. Sure, it started in the most unconventional way, but it had blossomed into something much more.

“Hey!” Yuna intervened noticing how upset you were. “Love is no joke. Kyungsoo would know, right Kyungsoo?”

You all looked over at him. His eyes were open wide, he was not expecting to receive the limelight but all of a sudden there it was.

“I…uh… well I wouldn’t call it love.” He stuttered nervously, keeping his eyes on his lap. “But it certainly feels nice to have someone I guess…”

Yuna smiled and crossed her arms over her chest as though she had just proven a point.

“What’s gotten into you Soo. I’m sure you used to be the most emotionally void out of all of us?” Baekhyun scoffed causing the rest to laugh.
“Listen, I’m enjoying life being single. Women are a hassle.”
Tao nodded in agreement.

“Besides I’d rather get my life straightened out first before I even think about it.” Tao mumbled, leaning back in his space beside Baekhyun and closing his eyes.

“Jongin, what about you?” You asked.

“Well, I’ll have to start my search all over again won’t I?” He looked at you in the most cunning way, no doubt throwing some hidden meanings at you. You rolled your eyes in response to his remark and focused your attention back to the rest of the group.

“What about you Chanyeol?” Yuna asked him. You had realised he was not even paying attention to the conversation, in fact he wasn’t even looking in your direction.

“Hmm?” His eyes widened, he turned his head looking at you and averted his gaze straight away when he realised you were staring back. Something was seriously off with Chanyeol and you were hoping it had nothing to do with those motives that Tao had presented to the table a while back.

“Love. What do you think about it?” Yuna continued. But you were too occupied with listening to a voice outside of the living room to even care about Chanyeol’s answer.

“Where’s Y/N?” The voice asked.

It was Minseok.

You jumped up from your seat and ran outside of the living room, wrapping your hands around your husband’s neck.

“Not down here. They’ll think something is up.” He whispered in your ear as he took a hold of your hand and led you upstairs.

You both sat on the edge of the bed in silence. It was comfortable albeit awkward all at the same time.

“I’m glad you’re okay Min. I was scared you’d go and do something irrational.”
He hummed lightly, letting you know he had acknowledged what you said but he didn’t respond verbally, making you feel anxious.

“Minseok…what my dad said I’m sorry, I –”
You were cut off by Minseok’s lips crashing against yours; they were soft and moved against yours with purpose as they always did. He handled you with such care; he deepened the kiss before he pulled away again.

“Look I don’t care about your dad Y/N. I thought about it and he can’t make me doubt my love for you. He’s not allowed to do that. I love you so much and I know that I do. But-”
Minseok stood up and began pacing quickly around the room. But what? Why did he end on a but? You were beginning to feel really scared and nervous; your heart was beating wildly against your chest.

“Minseok. Stop that. Sit down.” You frowned, growing more apprehensive by the second. He sat down next to you, his legs bouncing up and down.
“Stop that Minseok! You’re making me feel uncomfortable!” You placed your hand above his knees to stop his legs from bouncing. “And finish your sentence! But what?”

He looked you in your eyes and sighed quietly.

“I’m sorry, I just did some thinking. Your father got me thinking. There are so many ways in which I want to tell you but I just can’t figure out the correct words…”

“What is it Min?” You voice wavered, you were sure that your heart was going to beat through your chest and fall to the ground at any moment.

“I just can’t find words that really convey it all…”

“I thought we agreed on no more lies and secrets.” You were panicking now, your eyes were darting everywhere and your palms were becoming sweaty, what was he trying to tell you?

“It’s not a lie or secret.” He stood up again, looking down at you on the bed. “I’ve told you multiple times before and you already know, it’s just that I’m not good at expressing emotions, I never have been have I? And although I’ve said this countless times day-in and day-out it is more or less robotic. But I want it to have a real meaning and I want you to feel my sincerity –”

“MINSEOK!” You shouted, interrupting his rant. He was going round in circles and quite frankly you had enough of waiting.

“I love you Y/N! Okay!?” He sank down on the bed next to you taking a hold of your hands and shaking them ever so slightly whilst looking into your eyes. Into your soul.

“Are you kidding me Minseok? I already know that.”

“No but you don’t Y/N! You don’t! And I need you to know. I realised today that I know just how much I love and maybe your dad doesn’t but that doesn’t bother me. But I don’t know if you really know just how much….I love you. And I need you to know that I really mean that. Because although I say it a lot, the reality is that I don’t say it enough.”
He sighed out loud and waited for a response. You really didn’t know what had brought all of this up but you were glad to hear it

“I know you love me Min, I love you too.” You cooed pecking his lips.

“But no you don’t Y/N, you don’t understa – wait.” He slipped off of the bed and knelt down on the floor pulling a small box out from underneath. You were confused and intrigued simultaneously. Sitting back on the bed again. He lifted the lid revealing a small duck egg blue envelope. He picked it up slowly and carefully handed it over to you.

“This…” He spoke in almost a whisper. “I wrote it for you  the night we got married when you fell asleep. I was supposed to give it to you the night we argued; when Yixing showed up. I vowed to myself that I would give you this letter when we were going through hardships or strain but I never did because I was scared you wouldn’t reciprocate the feeling in the exact same way. But I guess now is as good a time as any.”
You opened the envelope and unfolded the sheet of paper; clearing your throat you began to read:

Dear Mrs Kim Minseok,

My beautiful wife, I’m still in awe that I get to write wife down on this paper. I still hasn’t registered. My heart is too full to speak the words that I’m about to write, so the best way to express myself is by putting pen to paper. Let me start by saying you’re the best gift I’ve ever received, even more than life itself.
You’re perfect in every way and I would never change a thing about you. My waking and resting prayer is that you remain healthy and by my side ‘til death do us part. You’re a breath of fresh air and an internal light in this world full of darkness.
Words cannot express the feelings I experience when I see your face, my love grows deeper and my heart grows fonder. You dragged me out of the hole that I dug myself into and I’m forever grateful. You made me the man I am today and I am forever in your debt and although my parents never had the pleasure of meeting you. I know they would be happy.
If ever I shout and push you away then know that it is not my intention. If your love for me ever falters re-read this letter and you’ll remember why it is that you are wearing that ring.
I will always protect you.
A King never leaves his Queen.

Min x

You took a deep breath in, the paper shaking in your hands then suddenly you burst out crying, tears were streaming down your face, you were choking on air as you slipped your free hand into Minseok’s.

“Y/N?” He whispered puzzled by your reaction. “I wasn’t supposed to make you cry. I didn’t want to make you upset.” Minseok had been a ‘bad boy’ for such a long time, that he still didn’t know how to register positive emotions from time to time. You shook your head.

“No Minseok. I’m not crying because I’m sad, I’m crying because I’m happy. I love you so much too. And this…” You held up the letter in your hand, “is absolutely beautiful.”
He pulled you in closer kissing you again. This one more deep and passionate than the first and within the kiss you could taste Minseok’s salty tears. Shocked, you moved back to look at him.

“I love Y/N. I don’t know if you know how much but you saved me from myself, you really did. Thank you.”

You woke up in a great mood the next day, you were sat next to Chanyeol around the dining table eating breakfast, he was still avoiding you, but you didn’t care, not today because all you could think about was your husband’s love letter.

“Hey Y/N I’m going shopping want to come?” Yuna waltzed into the kitchen, her perfume wrapping itself around your nose.

“Yes I don’t see why not.” You smiled, noticeably more brightly than usually. She smiled back at you nodding.

“Actually do you ladies mind if I tag along? I need to a few bits and pieces. I’ll give you a lift.” Minseok put down his unfinished slice of toast and rose from his seat.

“Of course that’s fine the more the merrier.” Yuna bowed politely at Minseok, stepping aside and letting him pass so he could get his car keys.
You made your way to the car sitting in the back with Yuna whilst Minseok sat in the drivers seat.

“Actually is it okay if we stop at the doctors near the shopping centre first?” Yuna asked, shifting forward in her seat and leaning towards Minseok.

“Doctors?” He frowned, keeping his eyes glued on the road

“Yeah I need to pick up my prescription. I have this weird condition. You see I can’t breathe efficiently as my muscles contract too often and for prolonged periods of time, so I have this nasal spray which helps the muscle relax temporarily. They tried operating once but it still didn’t have the desired effect.” She leaned back and faced you pointing at her nose. You squinted, nodding your head, it was right you could see a small red scar left behind under her left nostril.
“They suggest strong smells help with it too, so if I’m not brewing coffee then I’m wearing extremely strong perfume.”
Your eyes widened. So that’s why she always wore that specific type of perfume, now it made sense. Minseok nodded from the front seat indicating right to the road she needed.
 Not even five minutes later and Yuna was back with her prescription nasal spray. She instantly sprayed some up her nose as she sat in the car.

“Ahh sweet relief.” She smiled, resting her head back against the seat. Minseok began driving again back towards the shopping centre, it was bright but still there were not many people out since it was a Sunday.

“Ooo Minseok look”. You pointed to your right. It was a crêpe stand. The both of you loved crêpes and if you had your way, you would eat them every day. He quickly flicked his head to the right and focused back on the road again.

“Maybe next time, hmm? I don’t want to prolong your girly outing.”

“Don’t be silly.” Yuna shook her head. “You’re not prolonging anything. Look, stop here and I’ll get them. Are Chocolate and cinnamon okay?” She asked, grabbing her purse from the car floor. You nodded as Minseok pulled up once again. Chocolate and Cinnamon were your favourites.

Yuna hopped out of the car with her purse walking over to the crêpe stand. You let out a sigh of happiness, staring adoringly at your husband in the front seat who you noticed was looking at you through the rear view mirror.

“This time tomorrow it’s only me and you, you know that right? Maybe I can get round to showing you just how much I love you then.” He winked at you making your body tingle as you giggled childishly.

“Yeah that sounds good.” You half-whispered, feeling mischievous for talking about it when Yuna wasn’t even 5 feet away.

“Of course it does.” Minseok hummed, smiling he turned his head to the side to see how far ahead Yuna had gotten, just then you noticed that his smile had faded and melted into a frown. He pointed at Yuna.
“What the fuck is that?!” He said abruptly, You squinted, confused at what he was talking about. All you could see was one of the crêpes that she was holding in her hand. When he noticed you still hadn’t replied he shouted again.
“On her left shoulder Y/N look!” You squinted again, this time your eyes widened and your mouth dropped open in surprise. You could see a small red laser light hovering on her shoulder and slowly making its way up to the side of her head.

Someone was about to shoot her.
“Fuck!” Minseok shouted, hurriedly winding down the window closest to Yuna. “Yuna get down now!”

“Huh?” She turned around confused, squinting at Minseok.

Her eyes widened as she squatted to the ground, a loud bang ringing out into the bright sky concurrently. Your heart was banging against your chest all you could hear was screams of the people standing around the stand who were now beginning to runaway. You looked down from you window to see Yuna crouched down breathing heavily in and out her eyes opened wide in shock. The crêpe that was once in her hand now scattered in little bits on the grey pavement below her. You opened your car door so you could help her off of the floor.

“No Y/N don’t get out!” Minseok shouted, not because he was angry at you but because he was still in shock. He opened his door and slipped out rushing over to the other side and helped Yuna into the passenger seat beside him. She was still frozen, her breathing still heavy she was staring at nothing in particular.

“Yuna are you okay?” Minseok whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she burst out crying her body shaking uncontrollably and her face a bright tint of red. “Hey shhhh. It’s okay we’ll get you home back to Junmyeon okay?” Minseok turned the keys and began driving the car, making a U-turn speeding back home.

He carried Yuna into the living room bridal style, where everyone was sitting, everyone but Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Jongdae. You frowned.

“Where are the other three?” You stared around the room.

“I don’t know, they went out or something. I couldn’t give a shit, tell me what the fuck happened.” Junmyeon panicked rushing up to Yuna who was now sitting on the sofa still crying hysterically.

“She was shot at, but luckily they missed.” Minseok breathed out heavily looking over his shoulder at you to check if you were okay. “She’s in a lot of shock Junmyeon.”

“Can everyone please just get out!” Junmyeon raised his voice, shock evidently consuming him whole too, but nobody protested against his wishes in fact you all did as you were told and exited quickly.

You were glad she had survived it at least.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Minseok asked worried, pulling you into a hug. You nodded, you felt a bit bad because if you hadn’t pointed out the stand she wouldn’t have gotten out of the car, but other than that you were okay. Everything was getting crazy and thoughts were buzzing about in your head. Who could’ve known the three of you were leaving the house, were you being trailed? And where were Baekhyun, Jongdae and Chanyeol? You were trying your hardest to stay positive but it was proving to be quite difficult.

“I wonder if that bastard is still out there.” Minseok grunted running towards the board, he then returned with a gun in his hand, pushing it into his back pocket and walking over to the door.

“Minseok, where are you going?” You cried, pulling on his sleeve but he shrugged you off.

“I need to keep all of us safe Y/N. I need to keep you safe. What if it’s you next time huh?” He shook his body and opened the front door.

“Well I’m coming with you.” Without letting him say another word you rushed out of the house and up to the car. He knew that once you had made your mind up it would be extremely hard to convince you otherwise. Sighing heavily he shook his head and unlocked the car, lowering himself into the driver’s seat.

“I’m not happy about this Y/N.” He mumbled, slowly moving the car forward.

“I know Min, but I doubt the persons still there. They’re probably long gone, but I guess we can try figuring out where exactly he was standing at the time.” He grunted in response, still not happy that you were in the car with him. How was he supposed to keep you safe if you were there too.
“If you make me get out, I’ll take the bus instead.” You threatened, making him sigh at how difficult you were being. He started driving a little faster and you were satisfied that you had gotten your way.

Five minutes into the journey you frowned, looking at the rear view mirror.

“Minseok. That car has been behind us for a while now…”

His eyes widened as he looked up at the mirror too.

“What!?” I’ll try losing them. Are you sure Y/N?”

But before you could answer, you felt a sharp searing pain as the car rammed itself into you. You skidded off of the road and onto the pavement crashing into a nearby Oak tree. Glass was flying everywhere and an airbag popped out before the world went pitch black.

Black & Blue & Red All Over [Shance Ficlet]

For Day 1 of @shancefluffweek: Black/Blue

Summary: Modern AU. When Lance shows up to the gym with a limp and covered in bruises, Shiro assumes the worst (spoiler: It’s nothing bad! Nor anything kinky, surprisingly).

As Lance stepped into the yoga room, he was relieved to see his struggle to the gym that day hadn’t been in vain after all. Near the front of the room the cute Air Force guy, Shiro, was already seated on his mat and warming up with a stretch. His heart skipped a little upon seeing him, and it was all he could do to quash down the gooey feelings brewing inside of him as he approached.

He still couldn’t believe he had such a mushy crush on a guy, especially since he’d sorta hated Shiro when he first joined the class. Before he came along, Lance had had the privilege of being the only strapping young man in a class otherwise comprised of lovely ladies (all of them twice his age, but Lance didn’t discriminate). Once the beefcake military dude walked in, his reign met a swift end. Oh, how he’d despised that dude.

Well, ok, he’d only actually despised him for about an hour. When Shiro approached him after their first class together and politely introduced himself, all his petty jealousy had warped itself into some unfamiliar feeling it took him a while to recognize as attraction. Since that epiphany, he’d been spending a lot more time at the gym – always choosing a place next to Shiro in yoga class, spotting him in the weight room, challenging him to races in the pool just to see him shirtless…I mean, that was all he could do. It wasn’t like he could just confess to the guy, right?

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i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part three

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 3.8k

genre - angst, heartbreaker!au

soundtrack - hey violet, break my heart

parts - 1 / 2 / / 4/ 5 (still ongoing)

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The buzz that emitted from your pocket drawing your attention away from him. If it was Minyoung, you were not going to answer. After you called her this morning, the memory of her screaming voice was still vividly etched in your mind. That conversation was pure torture – thank god you didn’t tell her about Taeyong or you wouldn’t be breathing right now.

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Querencia (Taehyung)

✿  querencia:

(n.) a place where from which one’s strengh is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self. ✿

requested: x

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x reader.

Genre: Fluff.

Word Count: 1.5K.

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“Okay, honestly Y/N you’re not even trying now!”

You smile, but quickly try to hide it behind a poorly-done pout.

“Oh c’mon baby, give me a break, I’m doing my best here!”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow at you, uselessly trying to control the smile that was trying to push through his lips as he left down the couch you had just bought for your shared apartment and that he was trying to move across the living room, duty he had found a little more difficult than what it should’ve been thanks to you giving up after five seconds and lying down on said couch, grabbing a half-eaten package of chips that was on a near table.

“Your best? You’re just lying there –oh and now you’re eating? You asshole!”

“Well… that’s what I do best, so technically I am doing my best”

He starts to laugh uncontrollably as he throws himself on top of you.

“Hey! You’re crushing my spleen!”

“Y/N you don’t even know where your spleen is!”

You snort as you try to contain a laugh. He just chuckles, as he starts trying to take the chips’ package out of your hands, but as you try desperately to put it out of his reach; you end up throwing all its content on the floor. There’s a moment of silence as you both stare at the mess you’ve just made, but it doesn’t last very long.

“I’m so not cleaning that, you know it, right?”

“Y/N do you even know how to grab a broom?”

You look at him for a couple of seconds before letting out a nervous laughter.

“Pff, yeah… of course”

You blush furiously as he bursts in laughter once again before affectionately kissing your cheek, surrounding your neck with one of his arms.

“Why am I even dating you, you useless twat”

“Because you love me” you mockingly chant in his ear as you mess his hair.

“Yeah, I do” you look him in the eyes to see pure love filling them, and the teasing smile erases off from your face as his affectionate stare disarms you. You can’t help but desperately reach out for his lips, forgetting all about the chips on the floor, about having to move the sofa, about the rest of the universe. Every time your lips crashed into his, you felt at ease. Everything felt in calm, everything was alright, he made you easily forget about every single problem you had, every bad thing seemed to disappear as his hands caressed your back.

You pout as he breaks the kiss and stands up. You wish you could just stay in his arms forever, but you know you’ve got plenty of time to do so, that’s why you stand up when he offers you his hand, instead of just pulling him back to you and kiss him again, as you’d initially thought.

“Well, I know you’re completely useless but you could at least try to clean the mess you’ve made, love?” he teasingly says before gently grabbing your cheeks with both hands and kissing your forehead, “meanwhile I’m going to cook something”.

You let out a loud laugh as you stare at him with an eyebrow rose, trying to figure out if he was being serious or not. Yeah, sure, you weren’t the best at cleaning, but there was no way he would try and cook something, you didn’t want to die yet.

“Yeah… I love you from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t trust your cooking. Stay out of my kitchen”.

“Oh, you’ve hurt me” he pretends to cry, as he places a hand on his chest.

“Oh I call that bullshit! You’ve done nothing but insult me this last hour you giant asshole!” you say while smiling. He stops his acting to look deep into your eyes. He quickly places his hands on each side of your face and kisses your nose.

“You know I don’t mean it, right love? You’re the most important thing in this world to me, and I love you more than anything. Every time I look into your eyes, I just… I feel calm, I feel at home. I love you. You’re my home, you’re my happy place, never forget it, okay?”. You blush lightly, a shy smile creeping upon your lips as you softly kiss him.

“Oh god how cheesy of you” you stick your tongue out at him before softening a little. “Of course I know it, Tae, I would’ve already killed you otherwise, you adorable idiot. I love you too, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world, my precious prince. Now lemme make us something delicious for dinner as you clean up, yeah?”

He nods as he kisses you one last time before going away to clean the chips from off the floor and finish moving the couch. You walk into the kitchen and start to cook, but a while later, as you feel Taehyung’s hands on your waist; you turn around, smiling, only to find him pant less, smiling widely at you like a little kid. You chuckle at his weirdness. He grabs a half-empty bottle of red wine that you had left on the table, pouting at you.

“Do we need more wine?”

You shake your head, laughing.

“No, I need more wine. You need to put your pants back on”

“But life is so freeing without them” he pouts once again. You let out a hysterical laugh, you didn’t really care about what he was wearing; if that were the case, the less the better, actually. You just liked to tease him; you two shared a kind of love that was hard to understand for other people, who would actually look confusedly at you as you taunted and insulted each other before melting in a passionate kiss full of love. “Plus” he continues, raising an eyebrow at you “this is my house you rebel so I do as I please”.

“Well it’s also my house so…”

“And who made you the queen?”

“I did it”

He gasps dramatically, “that’s a dictatorship you little punk!” You simply stuck out your tongue out at him and keep on cooking while he wanders around the kitchen without actually putting on his pants. You like it that way, getting to admire your boyfriend’s butt in all its greatness. You occasionally slap it while he’s distracted, to which he just smirks and winks at you.

“Oh my God Y/N this tastes horrible, how can you even eat it” he yells after tasting the first bite of the meal you had just left in front of him on the table. You slap his head.

“Well have you actually taste what you eat? I’d rather eat shit, mate”

“It’s what we’re doing right now anyway”

“I should’ve put poison in your food”

He does his dramatic gasp again, but laughs as he finishes eating everything. You know this was his strange way of telling you it was actually delicious. You would never get used to his weirdness and you just loved him for it. Every day was exciting with Tae, you never knew what to expect, he was always surprising you in every way he could.

“It was delightful, as usual babe” he says afterwards, kissing your forehead, but as you smiled and tried to stand up and pick up the leftovers to clean the table, he grabbed your hand and giggling dragged you to the bedroom.

“Tae I can’t leave the dishes there, you dirty id-“ he cuts you off with a kiss.

“I’ll clean them tomorrow morning, I swear, but I want to cuddle with you right now” he pouts, as he plays with your hands, making you smile widely.

“I can’t believe I am living with such a messy person”

“Says the girl that made a terrible mess on the floor like two hours ago”

“Chill it was just some chips you dork”

“Yeah because you hadn’t had to clean them”

“’Cause I was too busy cooking for your useless ass!”

He laughs and shakes his head as you take off your clothes and put one of his large shirts instead. He loved watching you in his clothes, so he couldn’t help tightly wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you the closest to him you could go and kissing you deeply. You pushed him softly and you both fell onto the bed giggling like a pair of kids.

“I love you so fucking much” he whispers in your ear as he tucks you both in with a thick blanket and surrounds you, with his arms on your back and your legs intertwined in such a way that it was impossible to know which belonged to whom.

You wrap your arms around him and press your head against his chest, feeling his heartbeats was almost like a sedative to you, you never felt safest than when you were in his arms; he was your safe place, he was your home. You smiled against his bare chest before depositing a soft kiss against it.

“I love you too” you managed to say before you fell asleep to the comforting sensation of having him close to you.

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I’m Not Quitting You

Simmons hated how much he shook as he got off his ship and stepped onto the familiar moon once again. He looked around. Everything looked just about the same, from the ruined waterpark to the two bases. For a moment, he closed his eyes, imagining that they were all there, just goofing off and having a good time. In that moment, he fully understood why Grif had refused to leave.

He also wondered if coming back was really such a good idea.

“I don’t like you. Any of you.” Those ugly words echoed in Simmons’s head, making him wince. Still, there was no turning back. Taking a deep breath, he walked toward what used to be this place’s Red Base.

He had met with surprisingly little resistance when he voiced his decision to go back for Grif. Most of the protests had come from the weird, knockoff clones, who were convinced that they all had to stay underground while they figured out what to do next.

“He’s probably dead already,” Temple had insisted. “We need to focus on targeting the UNSC and protecting ourselves!”

Tucker had also not been thrilled. “Dude, you’re seriously gonna ditch too? Nice to know we’ve got such a loyal fucking group!”

Simmons wasn’t particularly close to Tucker, so he was able to easily push aside his guilt. What he hadn’t been prepared for was Sarge, who had let him go after a minor token rant about desertion and insubordination. In a defeated voice, he had muttered: “Do what you gotta do, son.”

A few years ago, being called “son” by Sarge would have evoked the deepest sense of happiness imaginable. Now, it just filled Simmons with sadness and regret. He asked Donut and Lopez to take care of their leader while he was gone.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Caboose had been the most understanding out of anyone. “It is okay,” he had said cheerfully. “You need to help Grif. He is your friend.” When Tucker had spoken out against it, Caboose said simply: “We can still rescue Church, but I think that Grif needs Simmons more than Church needs Simmons. Simmons will bring Grif back, and we will find Church, and everyone will be happy!”

“Caboose, I don’t know if we’ll be coming back,” Simmons had said. “Grif might not want to, and…I’m not going to leave him.” He knew this was true. He couldn’t leave without Grif. Not again. These past few days had more than proven that.

Caboose had been unconcerned. “Pfft! Of course you will come back! We are friends! Friends always come back!”

Simmons hadn’t had the heart to argue with him.

Now, he stood in the doorway of the Red Base. Empty food containers littered the ground, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Of course it’s a fucking pig sty. Jesus, I’m gonna need to do some serious cleaning here.

It was while he was wondering just how big of a dumpster he would need to build that Grif decided to enter the room from the attached kitchen. He froze, his stance the only thing hinting at the utter shock that dominated his mind in that moment. Of course, he recovered quickly and asked: “What the hell are you doing here?”

Simmons winced at the hostility in his tone. “I, uh…”

“What, did your little quest to find a dead man fail? Well, tough shit! This base is mine now! You guys can all hang out at Blue Base!”

“It’s just me,” Simmons mumbled.


“It’s just me,” he said, just a little louder. “I’m the only one here.”

At this, Grif faltered. “Are they dead?”


Grif hated how relieved he was to hear that. “Well, that’s a surprise. I figured at least Donut would’ve gotten himself killed at this point.”

“Oh, would you stop for just two seconds?” Simmons snapped, strangely emboldened by Grif’s familiar, dickish attitude. “The UNSC is targeting everyone involved with Project Freelancer, sim troopers included. We met another group that’s been dealing with repeated attacks. I figured I’d come back and warn you. You know, so you wouldn’t get killed while sitting here stuffing your face all alone on this fucking moon! You’re welcome!”

Grif gaped, then let out a short, humorless laugh. “Typical. Even in retirement, assholes are trying to kill me. Why the hell can’t I catch a single fucking break?”

“Look, I get that you’re tired,” Simmons said. He meant it too. He fully understood why Grif had left the group, even though he hated that their friendship somehow meant so little.

Their friendship… Memories of that day in the Temple of Procreation rose in his mind, and he quickly quashed them down. “I’m tired too. I wish this could all just be over.”

“No, you don’t,” Grif snorted. “You’d be happy to follow Sarge off a fucking cliff if he asked you to.”

“That’s not true!”

“Oh, it so is.”

“He didn’t want me coming back here!” Simmons snapped. “So, ha! I don’t do everything he tells me!”

This caused Grif to pause. That was true. Sarge definitely wouldn’t have wanted to spare one of his own men to simply send a warning to Grif. “Okay, so what gave you the balls to go against him?” he asked, his voice taking on a slight hint of interest. “I kinda want to know how that went down.”

Simmons stared at the ground, not wanting to relive his departure from Red Team. “I needed to see you,” he said, his voice coming out way softer than he had intended.

“Huh?” Grif blinked, suddenly at a loss for words. Something about the tone of Simmons’s voice was making his chest hurt. It was a familiar pain, one he had tried desperately to ignore for years.

For a moment, he was in the Temple again. Simmons was curled up next to him, head nestled in the crook of his neck. The cyborg half of his face was warm from resting against Grif’s bare skin. That was the one time that pain had actually gone away.

Then, the effects of the Temple faded. That sense of fear and awkwardness returned. The two had separated, refusing to look at each other. The pain in his chest returned tenfold, and Grif vowed never to speak or think of it again.

“I said I needed to see you,” Simmons repeated. “I’m not leaving without you.”

Grif felt his heart growing steely again. Of course Simmons was trying to get him to go back to the others. Of course he didn’t really get it. Not this time! he thought. This time, I’m actually doing what’s right for me. No more getting dragged around the fucking universe to find a Blue who won’t fucking die. No more getting yelled at by Sarge. No more!

“I’m not going back!” he said firmly. “I already told you: I’m done. I quit.”

There were those ugly words again. Simmons felt tears welling up in his one human eye. “Well, I’m not quitting you, asshole!” he shouted, his voice coming out as half a sob.

Again, Grif found himself unable to speak. The sudden sharpness of Simmons’s voice actually made him take a step back. He blinked, not sure what to say.

Thankfully, Simmons had plenty to say. “I’m not quitting you!” he repeated. “Not now! Not after all these years! I can’t do it.” He shook his head slowly. “I can’t do it without you. I know that now. It wasn’t Sarge’s approval that kept me going all this time. It was bitching about every little thing with you, yelling at you when you didn’t clean up your fucking room, knowing you were there during every battle.”

He looked directly at Grif’s face, hoping he was meeting his eyes through their helmets. “That’s why I’m not going anywhere without you. If you decide to go help the others, I’ll be right with you. If not, I’ll be right here. We’ll probably want to work on cloaking this place a little better, though.”

Grif listened to Simmons’s speech, completely stunned. For the first time in a while, he felt hot tears welling up in his eyes. Was he dreaming? He had to be. Throughout his life, no one had ever put him first. Someone else had always been more important than him, whether it was Kai, Sarge, fucking Church…

Unable to vocalize this sense of shock, he instead resorted to his usual insulting attitude. “What, are you becoming my personal stalker now?”

“No! I…” Simmons could feel his face becoming wet with tears. He didn’t know how much more of this he could handle. “I’ll leave. If you want me to, I’ll go. Just tell me this: Did you really mean it? Do you really…hate all of us?”

In that moment, Grif could feel his mental walls crumbling. He hated that broken undertone in Simmons’s voice. It was too fucking painful. “No,” he found himself saying, his voice losing all of its usual sarcasm and edge. “I don’t hate any of you. I want to punch Donut in the fucking throat most of the time, Tucker is too high and mighty for his own good, and don’t even get me started on Sarge.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “But…I don’t hate anyone. I…I don’t think I can hate you.”

Simmons felt his chest lighten almost immediately. “Yeah?” he asked, his voice cracking a little.

“Yeah,” Grif muttered, coughing to hide the tears in his own voice. “And, I don’t want you to go.”

That was all he needed to hear. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Simmons nodded. “Okay,” he said, his voice still shaky. “Well, let’s see about cloaking this place from the UNSC. I actually had some ideas involving converting the basement to a full-time-”

“Take off your helmet,” Grif cut in. He was done. His chest felt like it was going to implode. If he didn’t act on this, he’d go crazy. He and Simmons literally had an entire moon to themselves. There was no Sarge. No mission. No immediate danger. He was out of excuses.

“Huh?” Simmons felt his heart stutter at the tone in his friend’s voice. “Why do you want me to-?”

“Just do it,” Grif muttered. Before I lose my fucking nerve.

Simmons paused, then complied. He unclasped his helmet, pulled it off, and set it to the side.

Grif fumbled with his own helmet, practically threw it to the ground, and closed the distance between them in less than a second. He registered the stunned look on his best friend’s tearstained face before he grabbed his shoulders, leaned in, and pressed their lips together.

Simmons let out a gasp against Grif’s mouth. Then, his knees turned to jelly and he wrapped his arms tightly around Grif’s midsection to anchor himself. He shut his eyes, parting his lips for Grif’s insistent tongue. He tasted cheese whiz, crackers, and flat soda, and it was fucking perfect!

There were no pheromones this time, no weird Temple pulses influencing them. This was just them. Just Simmons and Grif, two people who met by chance and were never destined to be apart since then.

Grif’s heart thudded loudly as Simmons twined their tongues together. He gripped the maroon soldier’s shoulders tightly, terrified that he would disappear if he loosened his grip for a second.

Simmons squirmed a little, trying to move back enough to undo his armor’s gloves. He managed to remove the one over his human hand, and pressed his palm to the side of Grif’s patched, partially tan, partially white face. He stroked his friend’s cheek, feeling the spots where Grif’s skin turned to the skin Simmons had given him after that incident with the tank so long ago. During the first few days, he had mused that he was forever a part of Grif. It turned out that weird, literal sentiments meant little.

This, on the other hand, meant everything.

Grif gasped at the gentle touch to his face, and nuzzled unabashedly against Simmons’s palm. He dared to open his eyes, and was immediately floored by the look on his friend’s face. Simmons’s one green eye was still watery with unshed tears, but was gazing at him with this weird, foreign, tender expression. Even his glowing red cyborg eye seemed to be flickering with emotion. His lips were upturned in the happiest smile Grif had ever seen.

New tears sprang to Grif’s eyes and trickled down his cheek, and- Oh, shit! Simmons was leaning in and kissing away his tears, and this was just too fucking much to deal with!

Simmons peppered soft kisses over Grif’s face, tasting salt with each touch. He wiped at the extra tears with his thumb, brushed his lips against his friend’s eyelids, then moved down to his mouth again. This time, he took control of the kiss, making it slow and sweet.

Grif felt the urgency and desperation from before fading as Simmons swept him away in a softer, gentler kiss than the first one. His hands moved downward so that he could wrap his arms snugly, but not too tightly, around him. He felt Simmons’s hand moving back to play with his hair, and wondered if it was really possible to feel this happy.

They eventually drew back enough to stare at each other. Their breaths mingled as two sets of half-lidded, mismatched eyes blinked slowly. Then, simultaneously, grins spread across their faces.

“This is really fucking gay, dude,” Grif muttered, raising a playful eyebrow.

Simmons burst out laughing. “No shit!”

Grif’s grin widened at the sound. It occurred to him that he hardly ever heard Simmons laugh, even after knowing him for so long. He was glad that he could be the one to make it happen. He rested his forehead against Simmons’s, feeling cool metal and warm skin. “Don’t go,” he murmured.

Simmons closed his eyes, letting out a contented sigh. “I won’t.”

After a moment, Grif asked: “So, should we take this to my room?”

Simmons gave him a deadpanned look. “Have you cleaned in there?”

“Uh, define ‘cleaned.’”

“Didn’t think so. We’re taking this to my room.”

“Doesn’t matter to me!”

Simmons rolled his eyes. “You know you need to clean up there, right?”

“Stop nagging! You’ll ruin the mood!” Grif snapped, though his voice held no true bite at this point.

Simmons snickered. “Fine. You get a pass for now.”

“Good.” Grif was already undoing the clasps of his armor. “Let’s pick things up where we left off.”

“I thought we weren’t ever going to mention that,” Simmons teased.

“Shut up.”

They still needed to figure out how to hide from the UNSC. They still needed to talk about what they were going to do next and clear the air around several subjects. There were a thousand feelings, facts, and actions that needed to be addressed, but that didn’t matter just then.

Just then, they were going to say “fuck it” and be selfish for a little while. At least Grif would be living up to Tucker’s expectations.


A mission gone awry leaves Hanzo fighting for his life, and McCree in limbo, waiting for him to come back…wanting to take revenge, and realising just how much Hanzo has come to mean to him.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART SEVENTEEN

Originally posted by lovelynemesis

Bucky Barnes x Reader 

You had been detected. You were now on their radar. You are recruited for one mission only. You are trained and put to the test. With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: swearing; angst

Word Count: 3,040

A/N: Counting chapters 18, 19, and 20 then NOW there are three parts left. Lol, I’m horrible at math. ENJOY!


You really tried. 

You had tried your hardest to go and visit the team at the compound. The first few days were spent in solitude but once a week passed, you had dragged your body out of bed and finally faced the music. The first person you saw was Natasha, who scooped you up in her arms and locked you in her room to chat. For an entire hour, she let you tell her anything you wanted to mention. She never pushed, she never forced you, and she didn’t ask you about Bucky. You internally thanked her. 

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