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hello i made a video where i look very angry and sit on my couch thanks for watching

I failed again

Through the evening I had been boasting how I was going to fuck your brains out when I got you home. Boasting how I was going to get you on your back, sheath your hard cock with my pussy, and ride you until I had completely drained your balls into me.  Your response was a simple ‘Yeah, we’ll see about that.  You’ve tried that many times before, and who is that ends up getting their brains fucked out?’  ‘Me’, I coyly answer.  “I doubt tonight will be different’, you reply, ‘but I’ll sure enjoy you giving it your best try.’

Now I have you where I want you.  After some oral stimulation, sucking your cock to assure it’s nice and hard to receive me, I straddle you.  You watch intently as I guide the bulbous head of your breeding tool to my entrance and lower myself onto you.  You seem mesmerized as you see my pussy stretching around your shaft to accommodate you and then sliding down as I take your full length up inside me. Grinding myself around the base of your cock I relish the feel of having you in me, filling me, and that sensation that you’re penetrating me way up into my tummy.  At the same time I squeeze and release my Kegels.  Your deep guttural moans assure me you’re enjoying the feel of my snug silky softness caressing your length.

Soon I’m riding you vigorously, ravaging your cock, fucking it, making it clear that it is mine, it belongs to me for as long as I choose.  I give you no choice but to take my pussy on your full length as I drive myself down onto you again and again.  I alternate from bouncing up and down on you to firmly grinding myself on the base of your cock to stimulate my clit while squeezing and releasing on you.  You urge me on ‘Yes baby, fuck me.  Cum for me.  Let me feel you cum all over my cock.’  In a few short minutes I do just that as I ride myself to orgasm.

After my second shattering orgasm you watch me trying to gather my senses and regain my composure before continuing my ravaging your cock.  ‘Okay, you’re done for’, you quip.  Still fully impaled on your hardness you roll me onto my back.  ‘It’s time for you to be shown…again, that my cock is the master of that sweet little pussy.’  The odds have suddenly turned, you have taken control.  I quickly realize that it will be me who gets their brains fucked out…again. I easily accept my defeat, eager for you to utterly master me and fuck me senseless.

Holding my arms back you make it clear it’s my turn to be ravaged.  Pinned beneath your weight you make me take your cock, your powerful hips driving your full length into me again and again.  Oh God yes…this is what I was made for.  ‘Fuck me’ I plea, ‘fuck me.’  Give me that cock.  Fuck my little pussy.’

You continue your relentless assault on my pussy, making it clear that I belong to you.  Making it clear that you are cock…I am pussy…and the cock is the master of the pussy.  You make me cum all over you twice more before I start feeling those signs of your impending release.  “Cum in me…cum in me’ I beg.  ‘Fill me with your seed.  Shoot your seed deep inside me.’

I can feel you trying to hold back your orgasm, wanting me to cum for you one for time before giving me your treasure.  When I do I know this is it…time my insemination.  Feeling the uncontrolled spasms of my pussy on your shaft is more than you can endure.  You make that final thrust as deep into me as you can.  Almost instinctively I wrap my legs tightly around you and clench onto your cock as tightly as I can.

Your cock explodes deep inside me, throbbing and pulsing.  I eagerly take rope after rope of your potent sperm, satisfying my need to be filled and fertilized.

Afterward you stay inside me.  We  have that moment of looking deeply into one another as we each enjoy the feel of your still hard cock buried in my sperm filled pussy.

‘Oh yeah, there it is’, you say.  ‘There’s what?’ I ask.  ‘Your cute little fucked silly expression that I love so much.‘  I can’t help but playfully laugh at the thought of my expression makes it evident that I’m lost it that wonderful afterglow of having just been so well fucked.

You’re not through with me yet.  Soon after, you begin slowly thrusting in and out of me again.  I’m so full of sperm that we hear those wet squishy noises as you continue pumping into me, and I can feel it squishing out of me around your cock.  You feel I need more convincing that the cock is the master of the pussy.  I’m totally prepared to be shown again.

I Choose Her

He freed FN-2187 and his girl, let them go with one message: “Tell Rey I don’t choose the light or the dark. I don’t choose the Jedi or the First Order. None of it. I choose her.”

It must have taken about a standard day for the escapees to reach the Resistance, because Rey came to him the next night. Ben felt the hum of her presence in the Force, a chill across his skin, before he saw her.

She was sitting on the floor, legs drawn to her chest, watching him with wet, wary eyes.

“You choose me?” she asked. “What does that even mean?”

Ben sat before her, close enough that he could touch her knee. “It means I’m done with fighting to figure out where I belong. I know where I belong, and it’s with you.”

Rey bit her lip, her tears falling now. He’d made her cry so many times, and he hoped to never do it again.

“You couldn’t have figured that out a year ago?” she asked.

“I did,” he said, sharply enough that he regretted it immediately. Then softer, “I asked you to stay with me.”

Rey pulled away, breaking contact but not their connection. “No, you asked me to abandon the light and become, what, Supreme Leader Rey? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?”

It sounded beautiful to Ben, but that opportunity had passed, and he wasn’t sorry for it anymore. Not now that his fury had waned and he could see more clearly. He’d wanted his master’s power and Rey’s love, but he hadn’t understood then that it was impossible to have both. Whatever affection she held for him would have wilted under the weight of darkness, and they would have lost each other.

“I’m sorry,” Ben said, “but I want to change. I want to be a man who can walk beside you.”

Rey trembled, shaking her head a little. “How am I supposed to believe you?”

Ben touched her cheek, feeling the softness of her skin. She felt so real, so present, even though she was only half here and light years away.

“You don’t have to believe me,” he said. “I’ll prove it.”

Rhetorical Ink: “Star Wars - The Last Jedi” Review!


My father, brother, and I finally were able to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters today – how did it measure up? Let’s say my views of the Light Side and Dark Side of this movie are pretty balanced – so, in a “special” –

My Top Ten Thoughts on Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi:

This review is going to focus on ten aspects of the film and what worked and didn’t work in my opinion, so bear with me:

10. The Effects:

Originally posted by pixelrey

Let’s get this out of the way – the movie is GORGEOUS to watch on the big screen. I review enough films and critique enough to where that’s constantly what I’m looking for, especially in CGI-heavy films. I will say that the good news is that this has far better CGI than Thor: Ragnarok and DEFINITELY Justice League in terms of creating a seamless environment; plus, there are a lot of practical effects, locations, and set pieces that work well.

This will sort of go along with my #9, but at times, the effects do have a sort of Guardians of the Galaxy feel (see my #4), and that distracts me from the “realness” of the actual effects and some of the creature designs (looking RIGHT at you Porgs, again, #9), are fully CGI in many places and if you’re distracted by that sort of thing, yes, you’ll notice. Otherwise, though, the movie is SO stunning visually, I could do a Top Ten list alone of the visuals and world-building taking place in this movie. So that’s a win for me!

Originally posted by slashedface

9. There ARE a lot of practical effect creatures blended with CGI in this film – a lot of them I think help the worlds feel more “full” with life and have a galaxy-other-worldly quality to them. The “Caretakers” on the planet Luke is at, for example, work well alongside the Horse-like creatures that Rose and Finn discover on the “Casino planet,” essentially.

While the Porgs didn’t annoy me as I thought they would, and actually have a hilarious scene involving Chewie (not just the one above), they are clearly a marketing ploy and I’m not quite on board with their shameless-plug-nature. Nonetheless, they are okay and nothing as grating as the added CGI “cute monsters” Lucas added into the Prequels and “Special Editions” for no logical reason.

8. As far as the side characters go, we see a lot of the “every man” put into much of the movie – and the whole notion of “nobody” plays a HUGE role in this movie (see far, far down below) – but there were two main “side characters;” one I thought was well-used and the other two I was very, very unsure or displeased with their use: 

Originally posted by poesddameron

Laura Dern’s Captain character, luckily, was the well-used one – she  not only had personality and a presence, but her character had a point. While it wasn’t really spelled out until her final moments in saving the Rebels, it was SO effective.

You could honestly hear a pin drop the moment she went light speed into the First Order fleet – it was one of my favorite moments and a breath-holder for me. RIP Laura Dern’s lavender-haired character!

Originally posted by firehair12000

Benetio Del Toro’s “code cracker” and Captain Phasma, though? I feel Phasma is so wasted altogether – you have such a cool character design, and they really don’t have much to do with her, and Del Toro, while charming though he’s no Han Solo in some moments, has an odd stutter of a character choice and doesn’t do much in terms of the overall plot, though my brother swears he’ll be back in a future movie. Maybe. Not sure I’ll welcome him, though.

Originally posted by hardyness

7. There were three of our main characters that I felt either became developed in good ways or bad ways: First. let’s get the lesser developed out of the way.

Rose and Finn:

Originally posted by rosefinnrey

6. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Boyega and the new actress playing Rose and I liked their characters overall – their plot in the film, though, did grind the film to a standstill at several points, and I honestly think it could have been shortened to help move the story along. That, and of all the lines in the film, they had some of the cheesier lines, like “Rebel Scum,” and Rose’s whole line about protecting what you love – the lines aren’t necessarily cringe-worthy, but in the context they were said, I just didn’t feel them or like them. Hopefully, they’ll get more to do in the next film that is relevant with Rey, etc.

Originally posted by ewansmcgregors

5. On the other hand, Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaacs jumped up a notch in terms of his role in the film. He clearly has that “Solo” attitude of jumping into action and being the no-worries “flyboy” throughout much of the film, but what I like that they did with him is that he GROWS as the movie goes on, to the point where by the end, he realizes the difference between being the “hero” and being the “leader.” It’s a type of growth that gives his character a much more relatable, and satisfying arc, whereas I don’t feel Rose and Finn get much of one, except Rose may have a thing for Finn now…which, okay, I guess.

Originally posted by gaskartholmes

Okay, so, I know I’m just wasting time at this point, because it’s all coming down to the Skywalker Family…oh, and Rey and Snoke. So let’s start with –

Originally posted by glendale2000

4. Now, I will be the first to admit that Leia has easily my least favorite scene in the film, and really the only one that I was uncomfortable with. Remember that notion about Guardians of the Galaxy above? Spoilers, obviously, at this point, but at one point, fairly early on in the movie, Leia’s ship is damaged and she is jettisoned out into space. The big deal here should be that it was NOT her son that shot the ship; in fact, he chose NOT to – more on that below – but instead the big deal is that she uses the Force to get back to the ship and to safety. From outer space.

I get the scene on paper; I get the importance of setting up how strong she really is with the Force, because it pays off later, but the entire sequence was a little unnerving and unsettling for me…maybe I’m the only one that didn’t like that sequence.

Originally posted by hardyness

The rest of the movie with her? She STEALS the show – well, her and Mark Hamill (again, more below) – and owns her time on stage with such grace, elegance, and you can sense this frailty about her that is almost heart-wrenching. I really don’t know why the Outer-Space-Force scene was left in, aside from keeping her out of commission until later, but thankfully, the rest of the film with her makes up for it! Speaking of making up for things –

Originally posted by thereyouarewhereveryougo

3. Mark Hamill as Luke stole the movie for me – the emotion in his acting, the action scenes with Rey (and Kylo – for the last time, more on that below), and the overall message of learning from failure just worked for me so well. His humor worked, the raw emotion in specific flashbacks, and with Leia – it all just worked and I would watch a cut of just his, Leia, Rey, and Kylo’s scenes over and over if I could.

There is a scene, once Rey has left to go face Snoke and Keylo, where he encounters Yoda’s force-ghost, and at first, I was like, “Nooooooooope,” because I thought it was going to get cheesy, and that Ewan McGregor was going to pop in as Obi-Wan or worse, Hayden Christensen was going to pop in, but NO, it was just Yoda, and the scene served its purpose well, especially in foreshadowing of things to come. All the nods to Hamill’s bringing back Luke.

Originally posted by the-force-is-calling-to-you

2. There’s been this running thread in the film about the Force, and how if you connect hard enough, it’s like you’re actually there. It sort of reaffirms the ability of Force Ghosts to exist and makes sense that characters with a strong bond can connect together and practically feel each other’s existence.

Originally posted by reylo4rent

When Kylo and Rey start to connect, there’s this scene where they touch hands and it “feels” as if they’re really with each other, though they are thousands of miles away. That same moment comes back later, as Luke basically fools everyone, even his own sister, to his presence and saves the day. The last few moments with Luke we have? I was almost crying, and I rarely cry at a movie –

Originally posted by hardyness

ALSO, JJ, if you can do anything for me, can you please, PLEASE just have Luke come back as a Force Ghost and “haunt” Kylo Ren, since he said he’ll always “be in his heart?” If you can do that, I will complain of NOTHING ever again with this series. 

Originally posted by thereyouarewhereveryougo

1. I won’t lie, the last act of this movie is my favorite; there is SO much that comes together and to a head – Luke’s fight with Kylo was without a doubt my favorite part of the film, but Rey and Kylo versus the Guards, the confrontation with Snoke, all of that was just SO well done, and I give props to Johnson’s screenplay for taking the Force in a new direction and really giving us a new movie-going experience with this story and I was ON BOARD with that. Plus, Ridley and Drive have SUCH good chemistry together! Seriously, every scene they played off one another, especially the Snoke Room scene – floored me.

Oh, and thank goodness, Snoke dies in this movie, so forget him! While I was really hoping Kylo and Rey would team up after that – I guess we haven’t quite gotten Kylo back to the light…he’s a work in progress, you know. 

Originally posted by reylo-trash-lives-here

Also, finally, we learn who Rey’s parents were – nobodies.

They were common, every day people.

THAT is possibly my favorite part. SUCH a middle finger to all the theorists out there trying to connect her to a person in the already existing story line, but I loved it. Rey is all of us; she comes from a random place, but her motivation, spunk, and drive keeps her going – and it doesn’t help her to be a tad bit Force-sensitive, eh?

Originally posted by ripleyuniverse

Overall, I enjoyed The Last Jedi. Is it perfect? No, the Finn/Rose storyline does drag it a little, the Leia space-moment is luckily towards the beginning, so it’s out of the way early, and there are a few cheesy one-liners I was like “Ooohhh no” at, but overall, the rest is such a fun ride!

If you just happen to walk in the second half of the film, don’t feel bad; the story amps and amps to a fantastic conclusion! Worth seeing in theater!

Originally posted by mamalaz

My “competitors”

Lots going around on this forum about needing a Democrat. We don’t need a Democrat,  as much as we need integrity in offices of public servants. 

Maria Cantwell voted against the people more and more over the years. She also took major donations for this campaign from companies that would largely capitalize on repealed net neutrality… and I plan to make her spend every. dime.

The others can sit back and watch and toast by the fire, and reap benefits, but I believe voters in this time are smart enough to see past these margins of the establishments and elect change, not a party.

hey fuckos!

with all the many superhero shows out there, how do ya know which ones to watch?! well, here’s a hot sexy lil tip! do YOU wanna watch a show including TWO black superwomen whose origins are actually african? with actual ties to african religion? of course you do! do YOU wanna watch a show with a badass revenge-seeking undead bisexual female assassin turned superhero who uses her powers for good? with many references to her bisexuality? HELL yeah! do YOU wanna watch a show that talks about racism/sexism in history, with actual time travel where the characters experience this shit? you bet your bottom fuckin dollar! do YOU wanna watch a show that travels through tons of different countries and time periods with historical accuracy? COURSE YA DO! do YOU wanna watch a show where there’s an episode about both slavery in mississippi AND zombies, and the slaveowners get eaten by aforementioned zombies? WHO WOULDN’T? do YOU wanna watch a show that calls out straight white men, the hardships that black men and women have always gone through, and the lack of equality between women and men throughout time? if you said yes to any of these, then boy HOWDY do i have a show for you! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a bomb-ass show about a group of superheroes who get together (typical) and then travel through time fighting evil shitheads who change history (not typical). it guest stars several other characters from the DC tv universe, including but not limited to the Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl. 2 out of the 3 seasons are currently on Netflix, with each episode lasting about 45 minutes! WATCH THIS SHIT TODAY!

TL;DR: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a woke af show talking about racism/sexism/inequality through world history, with a bunch of badass superheroes you probably didn’t know existed! check that shit out!

anonymous asked:

PLEASE post the delinquent cop keith AU one shots I never asked for anything P L E A S E-

i’m in the graveyard if looks could kill | part 2 | fluff + humor + near death experiences

The meet-cute and the fall.

The morning Shiro meets the love of his life is the same morning he almost dies.

It starts because his alarm doesn’t go off, because his phone is dead, because he forgets to plug it in. And because his alarm doesn’t go off, he ends up ten minutes late to work before he even steps out the door of his apartment.

He’s two blocks into his walk, tapping out a message on his phone and dreaming about the coffee he didn’t have when he steps off the curb without thinking.

Three things happen very fast: he hears a horn blare from feet away, has one glimpse of truck headlights, and then he’s in the air—

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Riverdale Headcanon║ Reggie w/ Sick Reader

Originally posted by kevinskeller

  • Missing school was extremely uncommon for you. In fact, the last time you missed a day of school was for a funeral in 8th grade, so the moment you didn’t show up for your 1st period class, Reggie immediately called you. 
  • “Babe, are you okay? Where are you?”
  • “I’m not coming to school today, Reggie. I don’t feel very good.”
  • “Don’t move. I’ll be there in 20.
  • That’s when Reggie just gets up, walks out of class, and starts heading toward your house. 
  • It only takes about 5 minutes to get to your house from school, but he decides to pick up a few things along the way.
  • Tissues.
  • Tea.
  • Some blankets
  • He even get’s Pop to make you some soup because he wants to make sure it comes out alright.
  • A few minutes later he arrives at your house, and he doesn’t even take the time to knock.
  • He just walks in and heads toward your room.
  • That’s where he finds you, your head barley poking out from underneath the covers as you continue watching TV.
  • You look, well…terrible.
  • “Babe, what happened to you? You look like shit.”
  • “Thanks, Reggie. That’s exactly what every girl wants to hear.”
  • He put’s on a movie and brings you the container of the steaming hot soup.
  • He eventually gets in bed with you and you immediately cuddle into him, his skin warm and comforting on your extremely cold body.
  • He tries to kiss you a few times, but you push him away.
  • He says he doesn’t care if he get’s sick, but you know that he will and you know that you’ll be the one to blame.
  • After a while he makes you some tea, and the two of you continue to lie in bed as he gently plays with your hair. 
  • You talk about random stuff.
  • Moose.
  • The Southside.
  • Even the Black Hood. 
  • A few hours go by and he eventually has football practice. 
  • Despite the fact that he wants to stay with you, you force him to go. 
  • He’s already going to get in trouble for walking out of class because of you. 
  • The last thing you want is for him to get yelled at by the coach, too. 
  • So, after 20 minutes of arguing, he agrees to go and you walk him onto the porch.
  • You tell him goodbye and thank him for coming over before shutting the door and heading back toward your room.
  • That’s when you hear a sudden knock and you head back, thinking that he may have forgotten something. 
  • You open the door and next thing you know you’re ambushed by a pair of lips.
  • They’re soft and warm and they taste like the herbal tea the two of you had been drinking. 
  • “Dammit, Reggie! What if you get sick now?!”
  • “C’mon, babe. One kiss isn’t going to do anything.”
  • Reggie leaves, and the next day you’re feeling much better.
  • You head to school and you make it just before the bell rings for your 1st period class. 
  • You look around and notice that Reggie’s not there, and you get worried.
  • Like you, he never misses school.
  • You call him, curious as to where he may be.
  • “Babe, where are you?”
  • “…..I’m sick.”
I watched it finally!

1) My baby boy has been through a lot..Snoke is so abusive to him and he just takes it. The scene where Rey tries to use his lightsaber to kill Snoke and Snoke taking Anakins saber from him and he just keeps kneeling…doesnt look up…doesnt move…it looked so sad. Like he was so used to Snoke just doing whatever he wants with him and he just…kinda gives up almost. Im so glad Snoke’s dead by his hands

2) The elevator scene is the only time when we see Kylo destroy something minor. Otherwise, it was after he becomes Supreme Leader that he has this more stoic approach to destroying everything around him by commanding others. He’s definitely kept his anger, it’s just evolved as much as he has from a boy to a man from breaking things to command armies to do it for him

3) Poe taking charge and having a lot of story devoted to him– I actually liekd it. I know some people werent happy about it but I think it was kinda essential– he had more of a motivation to be foolhardy and spontaneous and unpredictable so things that change on the Resistance side of the story made sense. Holdo’s words really stuck with him and he chose not to be a hero and instead help with everyone getting out to fight another day. Good character development.

4) Holdo is amazing and a badass and she made a really big impression on me despite little screen time.

5) I cried when Paige died. And I love Rose. She’s smart without coming off too imposing and she really cares about people and animals! She’s very genuine

6) I work in a casino-style environment IRL and Canto Bight was majestic

7) Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is not as insane as other people had been saying. I expected him to be punching walls and yelling nonstop but he was weirdly stoic and just…to himself. Hux was doing most of the enforcing. He’s definitely growing into a new kind of Kylo…he knows that with the power he has now he most certainly doesnt have to yell or pine all the time– if he wants to choke or slap hux with the momentum of a Sledgehammer he can now– all that remains is how long before Hux runs a coup (especially if he finds out kylos into Rey and also killed Snoke)

8) There’s enough combat and literal wars among the stars that it could keep most action-horny dudebros satisfied. My theatre had a TON of couples (full house at 11 pm on a Sunday too, how about that)

9) I entered this movie kinda meh about porgs but theyre fucking cute and just kinda there and it made me happy that there wasnt actually too much emphasis on them

10) BB-8 is a multi-class savior and Finn and Rose would probably be dead right now if not for Poe’s baby boy

11)I dont understand people shipping Damerey from a two-line exchange but Poe is very charismatic…with Finn, and Holdo and even Leia. He’s a sexy man, so I just ship him with everyone

12) You guys already know how I feel about Reylo (I have devoted two years of my life to them, and I will continue to do so well and after Episode IX) and I have to say Im so happy. It doesn’t take a genius to know their story isn’t over, and neither are their tensions with eachother. They need resolve and makeup sex.

13) Luke : “no ones ever really gone”. Ben Solo WILL return, and not at the expense of Ben Solo’s life. Rey knows that having Ben on their side will help sooo much and now that Kylos Supreme Leader he can probably do so much more if he figures himself out.

14) I need to draw Renperor fanart (post-TLJ, time-skip Renperor) LIKE NOW.

15) you could tell Luke was a projection because no salt was shifted to red when he moved around.

16) The mirror scene was awesome and that was totally Ben. Those two fucks are getting married.


by Misa Sugiura

Jun made candy. At least, that’s what it looked like. What Jun really made was magic.

I would sit with him in his shop in the early mornings before school and watch him gather up with his fingers a pinch of candy—still warm and pliable from the pot that he kept heated over the coals—and affix it to a slender bamboo stick, where it would spring to life and clarity under his deft touch. He would coax and clip it into the shape of a kitten, its tiny paw batting at an invisible ball of yarn, or a stag with magnificent antlers, or perhaps a dolphin leaping from the sea. By the time he had finished, the candy was as clear and brittle as glass. Then he would add color—white and coal black for the kitten, warm brown for the stag, pearly blue and gray for the dolphin.

Occasionally, especially on cold days, the candy would harden before he had quite finished the nose of the horse he was making; or the neck of a crane would snap between his fingers. Jun would apologize to the misshapen creature and return it gently to the sludge from whence it had come.

He worked as if nothing existed outside of himself and the animal at his fingertips, so absorbed was he in the act of creation. But when he was finished, he would turn to me and smile. How could I not fall in love with him?

Jun’s animals were so exquisite that no one ever wanted to eat them; they seemed better fit to be displayed on a shelf, or wrapped carefully in tissue paper and stored in a little box of treasures. But he insisted that we eat them; he would not allow customers to buy one unless they promised to eat what they had purchased.

“They want to be admired, of course,” he would say, “But you can’t admire them forever. They are meant to be eaten.“

If a customer returned, praising the candy’s sweetness and the way it had melted in their mouths, Jun would know they had broken their promise, and would refuse to sell them another piece. If you had actually eaten the candy, it brought you a dream at night. Eat a golden carp, and you would see languid fishy dreams of swimming in a clear, sandy pond, the only sound the pebbles shifting with the waves. Choose a swallow, and you would dream of swift and brilliant flight in a sparkling blue sky. A fox gave you woodsy dreams of dappled green sunlight and the scent of earth.

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the signs watching a horror film

aries: *yelling at the screen each time a dumb fuck commits dumb fuckery* yOU TRIPPED OVER LITERALLY NOTHING

taurus: *turns to libra* this popcorn is literal shit, i’m tellin’ you, Orville Redenbacher is where it’s at*

gemini: *tries to sympathize with the killer* guys maybe he had a rough childhood :/

cancer: *obnoxiously checking on everyone* is everyone okay????? do you need a blanket??????

leo: i mean with that outfit…? honestly shelby had it coming she deserved to die

virgo: literally none of this is possible, how the fuck did he get to her so quickly bitch this isn’t the fucking olympics

libra: guys this movie fucking dumb i’m going home

scorpio: *lotion bottle in right hand, patiently waiting for the unrated sex scene*

sagittarius: *hogging all the blankets and giving out spoilers like free samples*

capricorn: *imagines self as the killer and friends as victims* this movie is… nice.

aquarius: you guys what if morgan freeman has been the killer this entire time ?? ? ??

pisces: *is actually scared by the movie* gUys stOP BEinG so nOisy !!!!

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Not So Far Away...

Anon requested:
Can you make a Mike Wheeler x reader? No specific plot. Thanks!! 💕💕Also, do you write for the casts?

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Warnings: One swear

A/N: I’ve answered this in a previous ask to say I do not write for the casts! Sorry!! And I just watched Star Wars yesterday so this is where I got the idea and just imagining the kids dressing up for the opening night i found cute! I aslo saw this cool fanart of ST and SW together! It’s sorta long sorry

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“Just one more picture!” 


Mike stood embarrassedly at the stairs, sighing at the multiple pictures his mom was taking of him. “My friends are gonna be here soon, can I go now?” 

“Alright. But when they all get here I expect to have a group picture of all you guys in your costumes.” 

Mom, no.” 

“Mike, yes. You look so cute in your…” Waving her hand around, Karen tried to remember the name of who her son was dressed up as.

“Han Solo isn’t cute!” Mike said exasperatedly. “He’s a scoundrel! A smuggler!”

“Still cute.” Pinching his cheeks, Karen walked into the kitchen, admiring her polaroids of her son.

Jogging down the stairs to the basement, Mike looked in the mirror at himself. Tonight was the night. The night Return Of The Jedi came out in theatres. It was something they all had planned months before. 

Dustin was going to come dressed as Chewbacca, Lucas as Lando Calrissian, Will as Luke Skywalker, and Y/N, being the only girl of the group (so far), as the one and only Princess Leia.

It’s the perfect thing Mike!” Lucas grinned. “You like Y/N and she’s going as Leia and you’re going as Han!”

“Yeah! Tell her you like her when we go to the movies! It’s perfect!” Dustin had added.

“Mike! Open the door! You in there?”

“Son of a bitch, is he really gonna make us walk all the way to the front?”

Rolling his eyes, Mike opened the back door for his friends. 

“Heyyy! Han!” Will grinned, brandishing a lightsaber Lucas flourished his cape while Dustin roared like Chewie. 

“Chewie! Lando! Luke! Where’s Y/N?” Mike asked seemingly nonchalant, stepping aside to let them walk by. 

“She’s not here? We called earlier to see if she wanted to come along with us to your house but she didn’t answer so we thought she was here already.” Dustin shrugged.

The doorbell rang, just as Dustin finished. Standing and staring at each other for a split second, they burst into movement, running up the stairs.

“Oh good! Everyone’s here! Come on, let’s take at least one picture with the all of you together.” Karen hustled Dustin, Lucas and Will together, organizing them for a picture. 

Mike swallowed, his mom moving aside to reveal Y/N, dolled up in her white Leia dress and buns, complete with pink blush and eyeshadow. 

“Hey Han.” Y/N grinned and Mike flushed. 

“H-Hey Leia. You’re costume is really nice.” Mike blurted out. 

“Thanks.” Y/N smiled, pleased. “Shall we?”

“I want an ewok.”

“That’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you walk out of Star Wars?” Will giggled. 

“Yes! They’re so cute they’re like big teddy bears!” Y/N gushed. 

“What’s more important is Han and Leia!” Lucas winked at Mike who’s eyes grew wide, shaking his head, panicked.

“Um, I’m gonna go throw my garbage away. Does anyone have any?” Mike mumbled, grabbing the group’s trash and walking to throw it out. 

“You forgot something.” 

Startled, Mike looked up, face to face with Y/N who held a napkin with a smile, tossing it into the trash. 

“Y/N?” Mike said quietly as they walked back to the others.


“I love you.” 

A few moments passed before a smile bloomed on Y/N’s face. 

“I know.”


“You pulled an actual Han and Leia? Dude! And she said it back?”

Guys.. Quit making a big deal!”

That’s how you tell a girl you like her!”

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year....

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(*I need to set the mood, hence the gif)

*a fire crackles in the background in the hearth, while I notice you and close the book I have on my lap*

Oh! Hello there, friend!


It’s the most Wonderful time of the year! Where we all cuddle up in our blankets by the fire, drink hot chocolate and cuddle with our cats. A time when we watch the snow magically fall down from the sky, a time of giving and love, and happiness.

This is the time of year where we all get together, to share and laugh, and bring joy to ourselves and others. We reminisce about the years past, and look to the future and what it has in store for us…

<insert more sentimental love and joy stuff>
<insert more corny things you hear every Christmas>

The time of the year where we look back on our year and remember all the gifts that we’ve been given throughout our lives.

So friends…lets comes together…and celebrate the gifts of Christmas, the gifts that we’ve been given all year round, and for many years to come…

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🎶Up on the rooftop reindeers pauseee….🎶

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🎶Here comes Santa Claus here comes Santa Claus…🎶

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Aidan was nestled all snug in that bed,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in his head…

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On Christmas morning, we all look forward to that hot cup of something…

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His eyes – how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!

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🎶Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree….🎶

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🎶Jingle bells, jingle bells….
Geezus christ Dean O'Gorman’s gorgeous. (Those are the lyrics, right?)🎶

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🎶Ohhhh the weather outside is frightful! But your face is so delightful….🎶

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🎶Juuustt hear those….sleigh bells ring-a-ling ding-ting-tingling toooo…
Come on its lovely weather for me to stay inside and show you Dean O'Gorman’s perfect profile. (<–also the lyrics, right?)🎶

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🎶Hark! The herald angels sing…🎶

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…Are dwarves making my toys for Christmas? Because dwarves should be making MY  toys.

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When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer!

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Now, DASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and VIXEN….

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I’m sorry your grandma got ran over by a reindeer, but we’ll be here to comfort you.

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Well it’s certainly not cold in here, is it? No. No it’s not.

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🎶..And heaven and nature sing!
And heaven and nature sing!
And heAVVEeNNN and nature sing!🎶

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🎶Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!🎶

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🎶Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle,
Oh what a beautiful sight!🎶

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Fuck yeah! Christmas!

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🎶O'er the fields we go,
Laughing all the way!🎶

I’m so glad that you could join me today, in my magical Christmas adventure! So, my friends, I must leave but….


Thank you to all the amazing gif makers out there! You all rock!

VLive (Father!Taehyung)

Plot: Bby Kim taking over social media tbh

Word Count: 385

A/N: so I have no clue where this idea came from, I was just chilling and I thought of it so I had to write it, the link for this is father!Tae (all of the father related posts are here)

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He was attempting to do a VLive, his first on his own in quite some time. He knew the rule some of the others swore by; wait a couple minutes before starting. Those couple of minutes were spent making small talk, reading all of the greeting comments and watching the view count sky rocket. His son had fallen asleep a few minutes ago so he had thought it would be the perfect time to check in with his fans, to update them on what was happening.

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The Dice...and how Han Solo’s sacrifice brought back Ben.

After the first viewing, my husband told me that Kylo Ren was irredeemable.  He was now the big bad, went on a new level of crazy and turned off Rey.

The second time, we watched it, we both knew where to focus our attentions so we were more discerning of what we were seeing and listening to.

He now believes Ben Solo is coming back.

My husband’s reasons were simple:  Han’s influence on Ben is very strong.  Ben is still torn apart.  Despite Rey’s rejection, epic meltdown and having been shamed at not seeing past Luke’s trickery - the one thing that brought back Ben’s sanity was Han.

Luke picked up the dice when he entered the Millenium Falcon and he projected that same dice later on.  

The dice served to be a reminder to Leia and Ben.

For Leia, not to lose hope that Han didn’t lose hope even in his final moments.

But Luke admitted that he couldn’t bring back Ben.   

When Kylo Ren, sees the dice - he is once again reminded of his father.  And he is still torn apart despite.

It’s ironic, Luke the last of Jedi, caused Ben’s fall into the dark by attempting to kill him before he made a choice to turn dark.

But it was Snoak, the last of the Sith (?) and his order to kill Han Solo, that opened the path to Ben’s return to the light.

Han continues to play a very big role in Ben’s redemption.  His father allowed himself to be killed and even in his final moments chose to convey how much he still loved his son.

Ben knows this with certainty. 

If we are to believe the death of Snoak closed the bond between Rey and Ben - the moment Ben touches the dice, the bond is reignited once more.   Perhaps Han and Luke trying to lead Ben to his salvation.

This is bizarre but I had a good time with it so

Somewhere, behind the sky and beyond the waves, past where the clouds turn to amber and the stars burn with shattered iridescence, there is a kingdom.

And there the sky is bright baby blue and the grass is sweet jelly green, and the wind blows mild and loud. The sun sits smiling warm and the rains are tear soft. The king is kind, ruling benevolently from his castle of stone and song, and the citizens pass without fear from play-work to work-play beneath his careful gaze. The king’s guard pass hailed in the streets, armor polished to the moon-bright of peace, their weapons stilled and their hands unstained.

Or, at least, that’s how it once was.

Now, the sky is charcoal ash grey and the grass is dead brown and sharp underfoot. The wind brings only the smell of fire and fear. The citizens hide inside, trembling and unsure. The castle’s song so longer sounds so steady, so sure, but a siren calling for victims.

Something walks the streets at night.

Something is out there. Something unnatural.

Something…and them.

They walk openly in broad daylight, and skulking in the night. Their armor is abyss deep and their weapons razor dark with use. Their eyes are black tired and many wear the mourning shrouds of anonymity, faces hidden in veiling shadow.

They are the Overnight Watch.

They wear the king’s crest, sanctioned by his decree, but a symbol of their own as well, dead eyes peering, the faithfuls’ call to arms.

But no one knows to whose faith they answer.

They are always there, unsleeping, their steps echoing emptily in midnight alleys, whispered codes in silent places. Unanswered cries in the night.

Always seeking, always peering, always searching for answers.

They are the Overnight Watch, and we do not know whether they will be our salvation or our downfall, our faithful guard or our backstabbing spies.

They are the Overnight Watch, and we are them and they are us.

May we find mercy for our kingdom.


Based off a prompt I received where the hand touch wasn’t interrupted and things got intimate and emotional. // She watched him remove the black glove with keen interest. For a man who constantly kept himself covered up, even going so far as to wear a mask, he never seemed to hesitate when it came to shedding pieces of his dark persona each time she was around.

               He extended his ungloved hand to her, and she couldn’t help but notice that his fingers were shaking ever so slightly. To witness someone as hard and merciless as Kylo Ren dissolve into a curious, tempted child astounded Rey, who had only previously considered him to be a monster and nothing more. But just then, he had spent nearly an hour listening to her talk, dissecting her fears and concerns, without any complaint. He had just sat patiently and absorbed every word she spoke, offering his advice only when she was done speaking. You’re not alone, he had said. For some strange reason, Rey believed him. She wasn’t alone, not anymore. Her family was gone, Han Solo was gone, Luke Skywalker treated her like she was nothing more than a nuisance. But now, something had changed. Kylo was there. All she had to do was reach out, and he would be there for her in an instant. Someone to talk to. Someone to vent to. Someone who appeared to understand her every worry with complete conviction. She couldn’t help but wonder how it had come to that. Kylo Ren, arguably the most feared man in the galaxy, was now a confidant to her. Willingly. And they had so much in common.

               When their fingertips touched, images raced through their minds. Scenes from a distant future; happy, but blurred. Their eyes widened at the sensation. They were beginning to see one another in a whole new light. Kylo grasped her hand in his. His fingertips caressed the softness of her wrist and the callouses on her palm with the lightest of pressure, tracing the blue veins that crisscrossed just beneath her skin.

               “How…?” he whispered, amazed. He could even feel the roughness of her shirt sleeve. “We’re lightyears apart, and yet…”

               “I don’t think we’re meant to ask how. I think this is bigger than the both of us.”

               Their hands danced around one another, fingers leaving delicate glancing strokes along skin. Ren watched the scavenger’s face light up at the sensation and with morbid certainty he acknowledged an emotion that had long sat dormant within him. It reared its head like a phoenix from the ashes, shaking years of repression and anger off of its beautiful crown. Passion. A deep, permanent appreciation for everything she was and was not; the kind of gentle emotion that had the potential to grow and blossom until it filled every part of him. Its roots would grow in his heart, winding around his lungs, warming the very far reaches of his darkened soul. A shiver passed through him and he pulled his hand away as though burnt. The girl frowned, her eyebrows creasing in the middle. She didn’t understand. How could she? How could someone so full of love and hope even begin to understand what this meant for him?

               “What’s wrong?” she asked innocently, reaching out for him again, desperate to make contact.

               “I…can’t,” he choked, watching her outstretched fingers with sincere longing.

               “But you want to,” she observed bluntly. “I can see it in you.”

               A shaky breath escaped his lungs. He had spent so long ignoring these kinds of trivial emotions that now they frightened him. He couldn’t quite process why he was feeling them now, but he knew the core of the answer was Rey. He was beginning to understand Snoke’s apprehension towards the girl. She appeared completely capable of disarming Kylo with a simple touch, and that was incredibly dangerous. Perhaps she was his true enemy; the only person in the entire galaxy who stood a chance against him, and not because of her skill, but because he cared about her. He harboured an affection for her that could not be erased now that it was awake. This deeply troubled him, and for good reason.


               She sidled up closer to him, until he could feel the warmth escaping past the folds in her blanket. He kept his eyes trained on hers while her fingers tightened ever so slightly on his forearm. His body trembled gently in response.

               Slowly, her hand reached for his face. Her fingertips hesitated just above the surface of his cheekbone for only a moment before tracing his scar with the light pressure of a feather. Her eyes followed the jagged curve of the mark she had left on him for everyone to see. The scar symbolized her coming-of-age; the second time she had consciously used the Force, and it had involved Ren, just as it had the first time around. It was as though she had claimed him with that injury; leaving her mark in the most obvious of places so that he wouldn’t soon forget about her. Indeed, it had had that effect. But it meant something more than that to the two of them. It was a symbol of their connection. She had given him the scar through battle, when they had been no more than enemies, fighting on opposite sides of a vengeful war. But now she touched it with such delicacy it made the hairs on the back of Kylo’s neck stand on end. Warmth began to spread from her fingertips into his face as her fingers followed the scar down to his throat.

               With alarming speed, his own hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, effectively stopping her from going any lower. Her eyes widened in shock, sending him a silent message, asking if she had gone too far. But the truth was that she had not gone far enough. Kylo’s fear was a potent formula, however. He could not allow the rebel scavenger to know she held any power over him. But as he looked into her soft brown eyes and no longer saw the pure, unfiltered hatred she had once held for him, he knew it was already too late.

               “Please, don’t do this,” Rey pleaded, sensing his hesitation. “I can help you.”

               He shook his head. “No one can help me.”

               “I’m no one,” Rey reminded him. “And I will help you, if you’ll just let me…”

               His lower lip was trembling. She wanted to reach out and stop it with the pad of her thumb, before she realized how close her own face was to his. Unconsciously, they had been pulling the other closer towards themselves, leaning in closer and closer, attracted by the truth they saw in one another. Rey’s eyes lifted to his, only to find that they were trained on her lips, admiring them with wonder and an unbridled passion that startled her. Suddenly all she could think about was the fact that she had never kissed another person before, or even been so close to doing it. What if she was no good at it? What if she didn’t like it?

               Quickly, she pulled away, turning her gaze to the floor. “You’re right,” she said quietly, “we can’t.”

               Kylo watched her closely, sensing her inner turmoil and embarrassment. He felt it, too. He knew it was wrong; they were supposed to be enemies, not lovers. But he couldn’t keep up the fight against her pull. The desire to be with her, to touch her and get to know her, was far too strong even for him to resist. His curiosity about their stunning connection drove his every move. He didn’t quite understand it, but he didn’t have to. Whatever it was, wherever it had come from, it was there, impossible to ignore. Something tender was growing between them, something that had never even existed to either one of them before. Kylo himself had never been in such a situation where a kiss was possible. But he felt no fear, no embarrassment at his lack of maturity and experience. All he felt was that powerful desire.

               “But we want to,” he said softly, echoing her sentiment from before.

               When Rey lifted her head up again, her eyes were questioning. This was a side of Kylo Ren she had never seen before; one she had not known to exist. His own gaze fell once more to the soft swell of her lips, baby pink and tempting. Before she could draw a breath, he took her face gently in his hands and delicately pressed his lips to hers.

               The passion and love between them, which had previously only been spreading roots, suddenly burst forth, blossoming and growing with alarming speed. A delicious warmth crawled through their bodies. Rey was taken aback for only a moment, unable to quickly process the fact that Kylo was kissing her as sweetly as possible. His mouth was warm but careful on hers, slightly stiff but wanting. When he pulled away it was only by a few inches, and Rey’s eyes fluttered open to meet his own.

               “I’m…sorry,” Kylo breathed after a moment, his own voice lacking its usual intensity. “I just…I can’t help but feel like…”

               “I know.” Rey gave him a small but sincere smile, effectively summing up his emotions.

               A scavenger from Jakku, Kylo thought to himself later that night, when he was alone. This is not at all how I expected this to go.