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For the transfer student au: Tom asks Janna to go with him to quest buy so they could get her some magical necklace or something to practice minor speels (levitation, minor fire speels, etc) and Tom needed opnion on a new backpack. They get something for Marco and Star too. (Please and thank you)

Here you go! This was a lot of fun to write and I worked hard on it! Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!


Tom walked up and down the aisles while he pulled Janna in the cart behind him. She was lounging and reading some magazine from another universe where she was the president. “Tom, can I get this?” She asked. “I make a great president.” Janna said proudly.

“Get whatever you want, I have a gift card that expires tomorrow and I’ll die if I don’t use it.” He responded. Janna scoffed but Tom threw her a look. “Janna, this gift card will literally murder me if I do not use it.” Tom assured her. Janna stared at him for a long while before putting down the magazine in the cart. “But first thing’s first, I need a backpack.” Tom told her.

Tom put his feet on the cart an they rolled down the aisles, looking at everything. Tom jumped off the cart anf let Janna roll into a wall. “How about this one?” He asked, he was smiling small and he picked up a pink backpack with rabbits printed on it. Janna rolled her eyes.

“Are you kidding me?” She asked. Tom blushed.

“I like it…” He inisisted. Janna took the backpack away from him and handed him a black one.

“This one will make you less of a target for teasing.” She assured. Tom tilted his head.

“No, I don’t like it. Besides, if anyone teases me I’ll obliterate them.” He assured, with a big smile. “I don’t care what other people think anyway.” Tom added.

“Not even Marco?” Janna asked. Tom gasped and dropped the backpack.

“Why? Did he say something?” Tom asked urgently. He grabbed Janna by the shoulders and pulled her in. “What backpack would he like?” Tom asked with a stressed out tone. Janna started laughing and thought for a minute.

“Get the one you like.” She told him. Tom tilted his head.

“How come?” He asked.

“Just… you like it, and if Marco likes you he will too.” Janna assured. She knew Marco would think it was the cutest thing on the planet and probably develop more of a crush on the demon. But she didn’t want give anything away.  Tom bit his lip and put the pink rabbit backpack in the cart.

Janna hopped out of the cart and followed Tom to a jewelry stand. He turned around and put a ruby necklace around her neck. “There you go!” He smiled. Janna shrugged.

“It’s nice of you but I’m not much of a jewelry person.” She responded. Tom laughed.

“You will be for this.” He assured. He then got behind her. “Try putting your arm out and focusing on one emotion.” He instructed. Janna made a face but obeyed, putting her hand forward. She closed her eyes and grinned a little bit, think about her crush on Star. A glittery fire swirled from her hand and disappeared in a fire-word type blaze. Janna beamed and jumped up and down.

“Tom! That was awesome!” She cried. Tom laughed.

“I know right? It’s a demon ruby; it gives you fire powers, a little bit like mine only less intense. Maybe once you figure out how to use that I can show you some more stuff and soon you’ll have powers just like me!” Tom bounced excitedly. Janna grinned and played with the necklace.

“Maybe, this is good for now though, thank you so much!” She smiled. Tom grinned back, happy to have a friend who thought his dangerous powers were so cool. He looked around.

“We should get something for Star and Marco too.” He suggested. Janna nodded and ran past him.

“I want to pick out the gift for Star!” She exclaimed, and ran in and out of aisles. “It has to be just perfect!” She told him. Tom laughed a bit and started searching for a present for Marco.

About twenty minutes later Janna came out of the next aisle looking pleased with herself. “I found the perfect present for Star!” She exclaimed. Janna showed Tom a pair of blue-crystal earrings. “I read the little card and they said they can help with channeling power! I thought she could use them for training! Also she would look so pretty in them…” Janna blushed.

Tom smiled big. “It’s perfect.” He assured. He crossed his arms and gave his friend a smug look. “You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you had a crush on Star.” Tom teased. Janna put her hands on her hips.

“Well then I guess you don’t know better now, do you?” She clapped back. Tom laughed and put the crystal earrings in the cart. “What did you pick out for Marco?” Janna asked. Tom blushed and looked away a little bit.

“I’m not sure if I should…” He explained. “It’s kind of stupid and he might not like it.” Tom continued.

“I’ve known Marco forever, I’ll make sure it’s good.” Janna assured. Tom smiled and showed her the hand wraps.

“It for karate. You wrap your hands up so you don’t hurt them.” Tom explained. “And I thought this was a cute design.” He added. The hand wraps were red with what looked like rose petals falling down all over them. “His are plain white and all messed up, he keeps saying he needs new ones.” Tom said. “Are the roses stupid?” He asked. Janna shook her head.

“No! Red is Marco’s favorite color!” Janna reminded. “He’s gonna love it!” She smiled.

“And they go with his new red belt!” Tom beamed. Janna nodded and they put the stuff in the cart, whizzing to the check out.


“Tom! I love it!” Marco gushed, wrapping his hands up. “They match my belt!” He beamed. Tom blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“Th-that’s what I thought. You like the roses?” He asked. Marco nodded.

“Of curse! I love red! Roses are my favorite!” He continued. He gave Tom a big hug. “I needed new hand wraps, thanks Tom!” He mused. Tom smiled and hugged the human back. “You’re coming to my match next week right? I’ll be wearing these!” Marco grinned. Tom smiled at him.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He promised. Marco gushed and left the room, a minute later he poked his head back in.

“And by the way, your new backpack is adorable. I love it.”

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Whenever i think about what you like i always remember and episode of Ed Edd and Eddy where one character opened a magazine and a page unfolded like a porno but it was a picture of a praying mantis

very true that is what I like

I want a book magazine

Like, popular and easily accessible. Maybe YA marketed since it’s so popular.

Imagine it: Book reviews, author interviews, book box reviews, spotlights on certain genres, interviews with people in the editing and publishing industry, ads for upcoming books, places to buy book-themed goods, recipes of foods from books, looking a fan art and stuff inspired by books, news from the publishing and bookstore business. 

I want it. Badly.

“I used to be a very hyperactive kid, and under the guidance of some great teachers I was nudged towards acting as an outlet. Being on stage was a place where trouble-making and unpredictability was encouraged.”

Riz Ahmed photographed by Lorenzo Agius for Telegraph Magazine UK, February 2010

Can we talk about the fact that there were already hints in ep1 for what happened to Makkachin in this episode?

I mean, this scene where Yuko shows the magazine to Yuri…

if you look closely at the interview…

Interviewer: Makkachin is quite a large dog, isn’t he?

Victor: He’s a standard poodle and I have him for 3 years now. He sleeps a lot, so that’s maybe why he became so large. Another reason (for his size) might be that he often steals and eats food. He’s really good at doing that without being noticed by me.

And apparently Makkachin’s bad habit hasn’t changed after 12 years…

Makkachin, you naughty boy!


i can’t stop asdfghjkl


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s set report from DWM 396

[Discussion while eating deserts and tea with David]
The Doctor’s relationship with violence is a complex one, though, isn’t it? Much as we’re doing now, he often has his cake and eats it.  “The violence is the final resort,” David stresses.  “You should always give people the benefit of the doubt.  In the final moment of the story, the Doctor basically knows he’s gonna have to sacrifice himself and go back up to the Sontaran ship.  But it’s important and valid that he allows them the chance to back down.  It’s important that he will always allow people to find the good in themselves.  He gives them that opportunity even though he knows that because they’re Sontarans and because of what they’re about, they’re not going to back down.  But it’s the morally correct thing to do, to allow that possibility”

That ‘second chance’ opportunity is a very Tenth Doctor thing, isn’t it?

“He would have you believe that he has quite strong rules about it,” nods David.  “'You get once chance, and then I’ll do ya!’  And again, that came up in Partners in Crime, when he tells Ms Foster, ‘You get once chance.  I’d advise you to take it.’ And she doesn’t, and ends up splattered on the pavement!  Of course, it’s not quite as straightforward as that, and he will bend his own rules now and again.  But that moral framework, that moral righteousness, is very important to him.”

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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