and where is dongwoo


Dongwoo and his music notes are everything

It’s 4:30AM as I type this up and on nights like this, the nights I can’t seem to fall asleep, I have a small playlist that I just lay in bed and listen to. It’s a pretty good playlist if you like soft beats and wanna cry as you go through a song from basically every era. 


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[You pay One a visit at his studio]

You leaned against the doorway watching your boyfriend run-through his forms for the umpteenth time. The children of his class following his every move. He looked so focus as he perfected his stance. His voice strong and loud as he talked his kids through each move.

He’d already gone over his class time by fifteen minutes, he was so focused on teaching he hadn’t noticed that every single one of the kids had their eyes on the clock. He was still teaching his oldest class, most of them in early elementary school. Poor kids were there all night. Maybe it was time you saved them?

You cleared your throat rather loudly to get his attention and laughed seeing the look of annoyance on Jaewon’s face, of anyone who dared to interrupt his class. “J-Jagi?” he blushed seeing you standing there. “What are you doing here?”

“Teacher!!!” the kids cheered, happy to see you, but none of them dared leave their position.

“Hey kids” You laughed walking inside, bowing to his students. “Jaewon-ah you’re over time?” you pointed to your watch, smirking.

He looked rather flustered realizing that and turned to his kids. “Sorry about that. Alright, kids let’s wrap it up!” he tightened his belt, letting out a strong command and lead them through their last forms.


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Quick Recap of Infinite H at KCON Mexico 2017, for those who didn’t watch the livestream:

•The remaining 5 members of Infinite appeared on a video recording before H performed, greeting Mexican Inspirits and asking them to welcome Infinite H!

•Hoya gave us a stunning solo dance performance to Lukas Graham’s Seven Years Old, and then Dongwoo followed with his own upbeat performance of Bruno Mar’s Perm , which was befitting of our energizer Dino.

•The duo then performed several of their songs, including Special Girl, Pretty, and Without You!(Right as I type, there are fancams that have already been uploaded from the concert, so feel free to check them out!)

•Lots of interactions with the audience and beautiful laughter from our Dongwoo that healed my soul.

•DONGWOO’S GREEN HAIR(what shall be the ice cream flavor named after this one..? :3)

•Lots of random dance outbreaks from the two, even when they weren’t performing. They were legit just dancing on stage after performances ended, and they looked like they were having so much fun!

•Bonus anecdote: When it was time for all the artists to gather on the main stage and bow, the performers were all supposed to return when it was their song that was playing. Dongwoo mistakenly started walking back when it was Red Velvet’s turn, leaving Hoya by himself on the front stage waving to fans. When Dongwoo noticed, he ran back to where Hoya was and was wondering why Hoya wasn’t going with him. Hoya told him that it wasn’t their turn yet haha aww and then Dongwoo just continued waving to the fans. <3

All in all, it seemed like such a fun time; I honestly wished I could have gone to see them perform. I’m wishing for an Infinite H comeback now!! :D


the side-effect(?) of being kissed by 6 people in one day?


happy 6th anniversary to my favourite boys:
 ↳ infinite throughout the years | #6YEARSWITHINFINITE ♡


- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sick ass knife-sharp choreography aS ALWAYS
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sunggyu is the squad mom that’s keeping myungsoo’s eyes pure
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- where is dongwoo
- i think he’s the only one that’s not entirely gay for myungsoo
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- myungyeol closer and myungya bed scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)R18です
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sungjong is a walking aesthetic
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- that paper bag seems to have hallucinogenic effect inside it???

Morning with him (Infinite)

L: Good Morning, Babe. How you are? You sleep good? Your look so good. We really match. Our Child will sure look good or if it’s a girl, then she will be very beautiful! How about, if we have many many children? I hope,they will like you. Do you know how much I love you? Very very very very very much.
You: ….. you ate again Chocolate right?

Dongwoo: Where am I? Is this my room ? Who owns this big ass?

You: ….. your Girlfriend, Idiot!

You: Wake up, Oppa ….Sunggyu …. aish, old Gyu! 

Sunggyu: Huh? *grab you* Hey, respect your adults ! And I’m not old ! I’m handsome! Say i am handsome! 

You: I am handsome

Sunggyu: You really want to die?

Sungyeol: *wake up* Jagi? * looking to the left * Ahhhh! A ugly Women! 

You: Shut up! Let me sleep ….wait … did you call me ugly?!

Hoya : *He has been watching you all night * How can a girl snore like that?

Sungjong: (Y/N)? Since when are you so soft? Wait …* opens his eyes and looks at the floor* …. You fallen again from the bed? What should I do with you? Should I tie you in bed?

Woohyun: * still sleepy * Good Morning, Babe Girl! How you sleep? * Kiss * Huh, your lips are so softened. Your lips were always so hard. Now I love you even more.

Your: Fool, you kissing a teddy bear ! 

Sorry …. :DD
Hanging out with Hoya and the guys at the dorm, but he keeps being distracted

Scenario: you’re hanging out with your boyfriend and his bandmates, but he can’t seem to concentrate on the movie you’re all watching
Rating: secretively steamy
Word Count: 2226

Movie night wasn’t exactly a regular thing with Hoya, especially not when it was with Hoya and the rest of his group. And so, when he asked you over to their dorm to watch the latest in some low-budget horror franchise that Sungyeol was into at the moment, you definitely couldn’t say no. It had been ages since you’d been able to hang out with the rest of Infinite, least of all since you’d been able to do something as normal as watching a movie with your boyfriend of two years. Hoya was always so busy, even when Infinite weren’t promoting and it was hard to pin him down for quality time.

As you slipped into the back staircase of his apartment building, you calculated that it had been exactly 21 days since you’d last been alone with him. 21 days of only exchanging messages on kakaotalk, of quick little voice or video messages, hurried phonecalls at 2am when he’d finally finished at dance practice. You worried constantly that he was pushing himself too hard, that he wasn’t taking enough time for himself, and yes – you’d admit, selfishly – not making enough time for you.

You reached his place at the same time as Woohyun and greeted him enthusiastically. He patted you on the head, as was his usual ‘hello’ and asked if you’d reconsidered becoming his fan instead of Hoya’s yet. You blushed a little, glad that Hoya opened the door before you had to answer. He grinned upon seeing you and reached out, but at the last minute he noticed Woohyun and instead of the bone-crushing hug you’d been expecting, you were treated to an awkward stroke on your arm and an invitation inside.

You knew public displays of affection weren’t really Hoya’s style, but still felt a little put out by your boyfriend’s greeting. Kicking off your shoes, you followed him into the living room, where everyone else was already gathered around the big screen. You waved and said hi, feeling weirdly nervous despite having known them all as long as you’d known Hoya – after all, you’d started out as one of their stylists during promotions for Back.

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INFINITE reaction as INSPIRIT to Woohyun having a solo ~!

Sunggyu : /Gif talks for itself /

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Dongwoo : My body is ready

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Hoya : What who where when 

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Sungyeol  :Woollim is finally doing something right. Get the money honey  , I’m down for business .

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Myungsoo : I’m not crying , you are 

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Sungjong : It’s about time . Time to slay them all Nam Woohyun .

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Meanwhile Nam Grease

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