and where is dongwoo


happy 6th anniversary to my favourite boys:
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- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sick ass knife-sharp choreography aS ALWAYS
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sunggyu is the squad mom that’s keeping myungsoo’s eyes pure
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- where is dongwoo
- i think he’s the only one that’s not entirely gay for myungsoo
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- myungyeol closer and myungya bed scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)R18です
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- sungjong is a walking aesthetic
- everyone is gay for myungsoo
- that paper bag seems to have hallucinogenic effect inside it???

INFINITE reaction as INSPIRIT to Woohyun having a solo ~!

Sunggyu : /Gif talks for itself /

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Dongwoo : My body is ready

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Hoya : What who where when 

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Sungyeol  :Woollim is finally doing something right. Get the money honey  , I’m down for business .

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Myungsoo : I’m not crying , you are 

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Sungjong : It’s about time . Time to slay them all Nam Woohyun .

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Meanwhile Nam Grease

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When He Gets Jealous

“Where are you going?” You met your boyfriend, Dongwoo in front of your house when you were about to lock the door.

“Why are you here?” you asked him, confused because he said last night  that he won’t be visit you today because of the practice.

“I want to surprise you. But I guess you’re busy today” he pouted. You smile at him, Dongwoo is really cute when he failed to surprised you.

“It’s not that I’m busy, Dongwoo. I just…have to…do something?” you are hesitating whether to tell him or not.

“Are you asking me?” He seems a little bit upset because you didn’t give him an answer.

“I….I have a drama rehearsal. For my university’s anniversary festival.” Your voice is shaking, it’s not that you have an affair or something. But you are just afraid that Dongwoo will get mad if he knew that there will be a kissing scene with the male lead.

“Really? Honey, you should have told me, I want to watch your acting skill” He takes your hands and look deep into your eyes, giving you a smile that you really love.

“I’m sorry. I know that you’re busy that’s why I didn’t tell you.” You give him a light squeeze on his hands.

“Let me drive you then” He said. You hesitated for a while but said yes.


After Dongwoo parked the car, he asked you what role you are played.

“Listen Dongwoo. I can’t keep a secret from you, because you’re such an angel I can’t lie to you” You said, getting frustrated because keeping a secret from him.

“Are you cheating on me?” His eyes widen looking at you.

“Oh no, that’s not what I meant. What I meant was, I played as a Snow White.” You paused to take a deep breath. He’s waiting for you to calm down.

“There will be a kiss scene with me and the male lead.” You said, looking down at your hands. You and Dongwoo have been dating for six months, but he hasn’t make a move to kiss you at all. That’s why telling him about the kiss scene is making your heart beating so fast. You want your first kiss with Dongwoo, your real prince charming, not with other fake prince.

“Are you worry about me? It’s okay. That’s just an act, right? I bet you’ll be a good actress. You take theatrical major not for nothing, right? And I’m so happy that you are chosen for the first role. You must be good in acting”. There’s a pink tinted on his cheeks as he smiles at you.

“I’m pretty surprised that the professor choose me. I thought I’m just good in theory.” You said, remembering the moment when your professor choose you to play as the Snow White, like finally you’ll be the star for a day.

“Break a leg! Now let’s go! I want to see your rehearsal.”


Since it’s just a rehearsal and the real show will be in two days, you are not feeling nervous at all. You saw Dongwoo at the center of audience seats, its making you energized because he keeps waving his hand at you.

The moment after you finished the make-up and wearing the Snow White costume, there are quite a lot of guys coming and sit in the front row. You began to feel nervous but keep telling yourself that it’s just the rehearsal and you don’t need to be nervous.

Finally, your senior give you the cue to start the show. At first you feel nervous but as soon as you getting in your role, you are fine. In the other side, Dongwoo keeps distracting the whole people here. He starts coughing non-stop making people glares at him, he acts like receiving a phone call and talking on the phone loudly, and he’s being noisy and keeps exaggerating like, “OH NO”, “WHOOAA” and you try to keep focus.

Finally the kiss scene. You lay your body on top of a fake bed, you closed your eyes, ready to get your first kiss but someone, Dongwoo, of course interrupting the show.

“STOP! The Snow White… mmm…I need to borrow her for a minute. Her mum is calling me. She said there’s something urgent.” Dongwoo said to your senior and she gives him a nod. He’s soon walking up to the stage and he grabbed your hand leading you to the backstage, you don’t know why he knows where the backstage at but you’re confused now, he’s not giving you the phone. You look around to see that there’s no people at the backstage.

“Dongwoo gi….” You said asking for the cellphone but he cuts you off by kissing you. You suddenly feel the room getting smaller, your knees feel weak, your heart skipped so fast. You can’t process anything right now, you closed your eyes and kiss him back, feeling his soft lips as he deepen the kiss. You broke the kiss to breath. You smiled at him.

“I taste jealousy.” You smirked at him.

“I just don’t want your first kiss become a bad experience with a stranger” he said defending himself for being jealous. Cute. You thought.

“Excuse me, but I’m sure that I’m a good kisser” Someone pops up from nowhere, it is the male lead, the Prince.

“Don’t be jelly, babe” he said approaching Dongwoo and lifting Dongwoo’s chin. You gasped. Dongwoo shoves the Prince’s hand from his chin.

“My boyfie is at the front row. I’m gay.” He winked at Dongwoo and leave us alone.

Now that Dongwoo remember, he thought that the group of guys in the front row were your admirers. He laughed, his cheeks blushed.

“Why are you laughing?” You tilted your face.

“That gay Prince sure has a lot of fans than you, honey. But don’t get your hopes down because I’m your fan” He said giving you fighting pose and keep giggling, he feels like he’s jealous for nothing.


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INFINITE REACTION: Where you find out you're pregnant


“Oppa… Well… I’m pregnant.”

He would be surprised and without words at first but inside, his reaction would be the same in the Viking Ship!

But after the shock, Sunggyu’d try to take care of you and the baby into your uterus, but he’d be a little fumbling, not knowing what to do right.




“Are you saying that…”

“We’ll be mommy and daddy!”

After the news, Woohyun would be very worried about you and the baby, so he’d be very careful, not letting you do any kind of effort.

“Jagi, you can let that I’ll get water for you. Do you want icy, ambient temperature or warmed?


“But what if you catch a cold?”


“Oppa, are you okay?

“Yes… I… Am…”

But throughout the pregnancy he would be a very present partner in all your medical appointments and always there, smiling for you and the first member of your family.

“I love you, and I love our baby, jagi.”


Lost Sungyeol

And sunddely…


And during the nine months, Sungyeol would always happy and making the same expresion for everything new and good that happened with you and the baby.


“Pregnant? How?”

“Seriously, you want me to explain how to make babies?”

“I think it’s not necessary…”

But after some seconds, he would understand finally.

“I waited so long for this, jagi…”

This kid will kill me someday <3


“Oh god! I’m so happy, jagi! I don’t see the hour to have him or her in my arms!”

He would be the most careful of the group and always knowing what to do and when do!

~ADM Misso

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The dancer who danced with Hoya in his solo stage tonight is Choi Hyojin from 1million dance studio! Hyojin is a phenomenal dancer and choreographer so please check out her amazing dancing here and on this channel! The other dancers and choreographers from 1m dance studio seen on this channel are also outstanding so feel free to take a look too! There was a fan account tonight posted by The Seoul Story where Dongwoo said that she’s close to Infinite and Hoya and her have been friends for ten years. Hyojin also made a post about Infinite Effect Advance on her Instagram here

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Bathroom talk is awkward and masculinity is fragile – why Hoya is always looking at other others’ crotches for @chickenyeol

Infinite trying to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood

Sungyeol: *Literally buys you a cat when you’re mad at him*

Y/N: Yeol- You can keep buying me animals every time we fight! pls stop

Sungjong: *tries to think of different ways to make you feel better* 

Hoya: *Dances for you* ft impressed Dongwoo

Sunggyu: *Attempts to feed you after you get mad at him*

which of course you give in to him. I mean look at him-

L: *constantly is telling you that he loves you to the point where you’re like: OKAY I GET IT. I LOVE YOU TOO* 

Dongwoo: *Immediately apologizes*

Woohyun: *attempts to act like a puppy to get your attention after he makes you upset*