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Slytherin tendencies (from slytherins I know)

-Listens to their favourite song so much they become sick of it

-Talks big but is biggest wimp to exist

-Best fashion sense

-Likes to have options when it comes to friendships (has few friends that are complete opposites of each other)

-Humour consists of old vines

-Strong opinions but is understanding to others who think differently unless you are rude about it

-s a s s

-Has like 40 playlists on Spotify

-Fascinated by the feeling of nostalgia

-Has pretty high self confidence loves their individuality

-You either love them or don’t understand them at all

-Hates listening to others complain but complains all the time

-Looks at you intimidatingly but is most likely thinking to themselves the most positive thoughts about you

-You will be a dead man if you hurt their

family/friends they are extremely important to them

-Has the most obscure fears that others will laugh at

-All around has quite a few talents but hasn’t really settled for pursuing one of them

-Uses the word “ironically” in front of their interests so they are more socially acceptable

-Mutes most group chats they are added to unless they were the one who made it

-Pretends they don’t need love but it’s bs secretly hopeless romantics

-Makes the best companion in my opinion

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For telling the story of a boy and his journey to discover self-worth, thank you ONE ♥

canon klance things
  • pidge: “bet you i can prove that the roswell conspiracy was a cover up for galra crap” keith: “no way” lance: “bullshit, show me.”
    • 5 hours later, surrounded by cork boards and diagrams
    • lance: “and that’s why that weird alien metal they found was obviously from galra armor” keith: “okay but what about the teeny ass not-galra bodies they found, dumbass, explain that to me”
  • there’s a droid in the training room that lance nicknames “keithbot” bc it twitches and sparks like a crazed animal when you overwork it. 
    • keith: “oh well there’s a ‘lancebot’ in the corner except it’s broken bc i stabbed it in the throat” lance: >:o
  • after the lion switch when their relationship improves, lance insists on making keith go on the official three-day-long “Lance McClain Friendship Retreat” and keith is low-key horrified
    • hunk: “keith you’re so lucky! the icebreakers are the best part!” pidge: “careful with the trust falls they increase in danger as you collect more friendship tokens” 
  • they both sneak into the observation deck whenever shiro is training because it’s kinda like watching renaissance art in action it’s beautiful the two of them geek out about it and cheer when shiro gets a good hit in. 
  • sending these two on missions together either goes amazingly or terribly there’s literally no in between it’s a constant gamble
    • the balmera mission? a rousing success. highlight of their career.
    • sweeping an abandoned galra base? they got into a fistfight bc keith said lance was scrawny and they accidentally set off the base’s self-destruct sequence
  • they oscillate between not being able to be in the same room to developing these strange symbiotic relationships where keith gives lance his shirts to sew up and lance asks keith advice for why his punches don’t have any power. everyone else kinda smiles and doesn’t say anything.
  • keith: “i’m not getting into anymore dumbass debates with you” lance: “water is not wet” keith: “bitch how the fuck is water not wet it’s water–”

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In the meantime I will merely add that it affords me great pleasure to think that generations of young witches and wizards have grown to a fuller knowledge and understanding of the fantastic beasts I love through the pages of this book.
- Newt Scamander