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I can’t anymore, I…I want the season to end already to know if I’ll be sticking around anymore. 

It kills me to see Alex slowly being pushed out of the main arcs of the episodes. All she has is her romance with Maggie, and when they remember that Cadmus exists she has a little bit of that.

Her relationship with Kara is almost non-existent. And the worse part is we are seeing her be replaced in Kara’s life, first by Mon-*l and pretty soon L*na as the bff (remember how tptb think a sister can’t be a friend apparently). 

Did I imagine it or was the climax of this episode basically a repeat of 2x15? Kara having to stop the ship (save Mon El) before it leaves Earth. Yeah, once again they blatantly steal a Kara/Alex moment.

“You came for me?” “Everytime” hmmm where have I heard this be…oh yeah “You found us?” “Always” 2x09

“I guess we save each other now” wait isn…oh look “what about us taking care of each other?” 2x02

They are literally replacing Alex with Mon-el. 

I am so done. I cannot wait for the ending of this season. 

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any fics where steve is in the navy rather than the army?

i found a few!

Saltwater for the Soul by AustinB

Steve is a Captain in the Navy, but finds something is missing from his life.

Captain Barnes commands The Winter Soldier, the most notorious pirate ship of the last century.

How I Wish That You Were Mine by blkkskknhed (others for ts) (WIP)

Is this it?

Is this a war he’s happy to die for?

Steve glanced at Bucky, watched him clean the blood from his hands, an unhappy frown furrowing across his brows as he worked. Steve opened his mouth to speak but found that he had no words.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were Captain America in the bar that night?” Bucky suddenly asked and this time it was Steve who frowned.

“Why? Would it have made things any different?” He challenged.

Bucky dried his hands and gave Steve a careful look.

“Maybe.” He answered honestly.


Steve is the much adored Captain America, one of the most decorated Navy SEAL in American History. He meets James Barnes in a bar, completely unaware of who he is or his own achievements. This story follows their discovery of love, their fight for freedom and, of course, their struggle for humanity.

Hostage of Pleasure by LightningStriking

Ascending through the ranks of the Royal Navy, Steve had no idea his assignment at Port Royal in the Caribbean would land him in the hands of the most notorious pirate of the day, Captain “Bucky” Buchanan. Bucky had only intended to steal weapons and ammunition with his crew, yet when one brave naval officer refused to back down, even in the face of certain defeat, Bucky reconsidered. Deciding Steve could be of value, Bucky took the man hostage.

Steve is less than thrilled at his new status as a prisoner, but has no idea how to remedy the situation. To make matters worse, the longer he spends in the company of the eclectic pirate crew, an unwilling attraction begins to grow for the enigmatic pirate captain.

Is Steve slowly losing his mind? Or simply his heart, to a pirate who’s so much more than he first appears?

if you want more, try this search

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Every time I see someone say Pete as a friend for Robert I want to scream - don't you remember when he was happy to let Aaron rot in jail because he didn't have kids, and Andy made Pete feel sorry for him trying to kill him and being an attempted murderer, and they made a pact to forget it and LET AARON ROT.

Finally, I have found my people. 

Where is the lie though?

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Hello! I'm a silent reader but i really like your tumblr. Btw could i ask something? Do you know where i can found about new blcd upcoming sites that has fast updates? I mean the sites that can give us the news updates about upcoming blcd which has fast updates (If It's website, facebook page or tumblr page it's okay!) Sorry for my bad eng, and thank you!

Hello! You can follow the Twitter of some companies (?) that produced and released BLCD, like : 

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Hey, it didn't occur to me until now, but where does "Vargrimar" come from? I found out "varg" means "wolf" in Swedish, which made me think of your username, so that's why I'm asking now. ^^'

without going too much into it, vargrimar it comes from an old abandoned novel of mine that I began writing when I was about… sixteen? seventeen? a good nine or ten years ago. vargrimar was the name for a race of feral wolfpeople, and the name was chosen on purpose in the language I was working on (varg [wolf] + ri [plural] + mar [men]). the vargri had their own religion and had deep, deep roots in magic that allowed them to transform between wolves and people. they were my favourite and I spent a lot of time world building and writing their histories when I was younger.

tl;dr an old brainchild of mine that morphed into my own identity

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i think it says that the links have been downloaded too many times TT but i really want to watch it.

do you happen to know where I could find a downloadable link to the japan concert? I found one but it reached its watch/download limit :(

you can try checking this thread on twitter where Carats are sharing download links~ the most recent link posted by boosmile94 worked!

Lately I’ve rediscovered laughing uncontrollably. I don’t know where it went or when I lost it, but I’ve found it again and it is my best friend.