and when you made this shout out to dan it honestly made me cry ok

As Simple As A Change Of Heart

Summary: Asexual!Dan is afraid of telling Phil about his attraction (or lack thereof), because of bad experiences in the past. He just wants a chance of happiness like everybody else, without being reminded of how abnormal he is. 

Genre: Fluff, AU

Word Count: 1.6K

TW: Aphobia 

A/N:  I watched Evan Edinger’s new video the other day, and it made me bawl my eyes out. Here’s a little thing I wrote in order to try and make myself, and everybody else who ever felt broken because of their sexuality, feel a little better.

Disclaimer and all that jazz: This is just one take on asexuality, it’s an entire spectrum, so I had quite a lot of room to play around with. Basically, not every asexual person feels like Dan does in this story. Which doesn’t make them any less asexual (or any less awesome).

I wrote this in a few hours, so apologies for any mistakes.

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