and when you have so much chemistry with everyone around you

Anyone who is considering seeing La La Land (2016, Damien Chazelle), please do it is a genius musical that is much more then just a musical. It’s a beautiful story about following your dreams and how not everything you want is just given to you. Anyone who loves film can really appreciate the thought that has gone into each shot, even the first scene stands out from most movies. A majority of it has such profound undertones of how not everything works out the way you want it to but you have to just go with it and grow up. Anyone who sees this movie can relate to some aspect of it. It takes you to a place where you forget everything around you when you watch it, its magical.The awards it has won it clearly deserves. The acting is amazing, everyone knows that Emma and Ryan are amazing actors and the casting for this film is perfect they work so well together and the chemistry between them is uncanny. I highly suggest you see it, it will forever have a place as one of my favorite movies. 

Football Jersey

a/n: i really needed a dom!luke smut but without daddy kink so i hope you enjoy!

Much Love!


My pen dragged along the last set of words before the clock strikes 3:00. The annoying sound of the announcers came on, making everyone sigh in relief and drop everything they’re doing. “Good afternoon students, tonight we have our rival game tonight, make sure if you want a jersey to go to the auction after school.” Mr. Arthur spoke.

I laughed lightly seeing all the girls whisper about which jersey they would spent an enormous amount of money on. I swung my backpack around my shoulders and walked to my locker. I exchanged my binders to the ones that I needed, when someone tapped my shoulder. “Hi baby girl, how was your day?” I turn and see Luke smiling flashing his pearly whites.

“It was alright, I think I failed our chemistry quiz.” I sighed. Luke grabbed my hand, “I’m sure you aced it.” I smiled, closing my locker and intertwined our fingers. “You ready for the game tonight baby?” I asked, sliding into the passenger seat of his black Mercedes. “Is that even a question? You know I’ve been looking forward to this.” Luke chuckles.


Luke’s jersey swallowed my figure as I walked to the student section, trying to find someone I knew. I found Luna and Ashton which made me sigh in relief that I actually knew someone. “Hey you finally made it!” Luna said giving my a quick hug. “Yeah, I went home with Luke today so I kinda had a lot to do.” I laughed. “Oh god, Y/N why do you always say that when we both know that you guys fuck every Friday after school.” Ashton teased. “Shut up Ashton, you do two do it too.” I crossed me arms.

The game started out with Luke scoring the first goal, then second, and on and on. It was finally half time and Luke always had me calm him down even if he was okay. He just liked my support which I understand. I walked down onto the field, and I herd whistles and I knew all too well who it was. “Damn Y/N, did you get hotter over the summer?” Michael chuckled. “Who knows. I could of or you just haven’t seen you in a while. Now, I have somewhere be.” I scoffed.  

“More like someone to please.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and when I walked away I could feel his eyes on me. My eyes met with Luke’s dark blue ones. “I don’t fucking like you talking to that Clifford guy.” Luke huffs pulling my hips toward him. “I know, I don’t do it on purpose he just you know how he is.” I sighed. “You’re in my football jersey, nobody else. You’re fucking mine and I’ll show you that.” He growls.

I smile rolling my eyes, “Hey I’m suppose to be giving you advice! That’s why I came down here. Now go kick ass, and then show me how much I’m yours.” I giggled. Luke winks at me before quickly pressing a kiss to my neck. “Go on back now baby girl, go on go.” He pats my bum towards the crowd. I smiled and returned to my spot.


The game got more physical than I thought. It started out with Michael shoving Luke, then Luke shoving Michael and punching him so they both got ejected from the game. I could see Michael smirking at me on the side lines and Luke giving him a dark look like he was going to kill him. After they were done with their little chit chats, I saw Luke’s face burn with rage.

“Hey, don’t get-” I was cut off my Luke’s lip roughly attached to mine. “You have no idea how much I wanna fuck you right now.” Luke growled biting down on my lip. I whined pulling back, “Luke we’re in the middle of the field.” He grabbed my hips and roughly picked me up carrying to the storage shed. “I don’t have time to wait, you’re little interaction with Michael set me off. I don’t like seeing my girl wearing my jersey and talk to someone on that goddamn team.” Luke said, biting down on my neck.

A whine came out of my throat as Luke’s hand tampered with my jeans. “Luke please,” I begged. His finger was positioned at my entrance before he pushed the finger in, his eyes trained on my face as he held it still, forcing a whimper from me. “Who’s the only person who can make you feel so good?” He asked, pulling his finger out slightly and then stilling once again.

“Luke, you… Please.” I hardly managed to mumble, but these almost inaudible words seemed to be enough to satisfy Luke – maybe because he himself was starting to become tired of the teasing – and he pushed his finger fully into me, curling it and finding my g-spot as he relentlessly pumped it in and out of me.

“Fucking hell, Luke.” I moaned, which urged him to add another finger. “Are you gonna come for me?” He mumbled, the vibrations and warm breath against my core resulting in my toes curling and white dots clouding the corners of my vision. I started to come down from the intense state of pleasure that he had caused me he brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking on them lightly before licking his lips.

He cheekily smiled at me as I eyed the prominent bulge that made his shorts look increasingly. “Are you ready, baby?” The tip of his dick moved quickly against my folds before he began to push into me. “Holy fuck.” His hands situated themselves on my hips as he started to thrust in and out of me, his pace quickening almost immediately.

“Y/N, you feel so fucking good.” He breathily mumbled. He relentlessly pounded into me releasing his anger yet proving to me how much he treasured me and wanted you to remain his – and only his. “I can’t last much longer. Shit, I want to watch you when I make you come again.” He pulled out of me, my body trembling with the loss of contact and pleading for his touch again.

“I fucking love you.” His lips crashed onto mine in a frenzy of passion and lust – although only momentarily. He hastily lined himself up at my entrance once more, quickly thrusting into me, stretching me by the most pleasurable amount as he sloppily attempted to find some kind of rhythm. His deep thrusts persistently hit my g-spot as his hand moved to messily rubbing figure eights on my clit as I reached my final high of the night.

“Luke I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. “Go on, I want everyone to know who you belong to.” He moaned. “Fuck, you Luke.” I whimpered my chest moved quickly as I came. “That’s my girl.” Luke moaned, coming close to his high. He soon released his high, kissing me lightly. “God I love you, I’m so glad you’re mine.” He whispered. “Thats why I wear your jersey.” I mumbled against his neck.

Okay listen li sten LISTEN

If hayley and chris dates each other then we will have so many pics of them strolling around the street and we will have so many disney dates pictures as well. We will also have pics of them attending events together and grocery shopping at 8am pics too. And when hayley gets pregnant of course paparazzis will surely go crazy and they’ll capture so many shots of chris and hayley walking around with hayley’s bump. And dont even get me started on the nice prints of their wedding. Seriously. These two have so much chemistry that everyone is rooting for them. Like, even if you hate real life ships you cant help but ship them because they look good together and they are perfect for each other. Do not deny it.

Seriously if they date we dont only get our wishes come true but we’ll also be flooded with too many cute caley pictures and im so ready.