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So, there’s this relatively new member of our team who’s a gossip fanatic, she’s always around chatting everyone up and then reporting the juicest news and hot details she’s given, which is a demeanour our main client is pretty bothered by, therefore she always makes sure to shut up and behave around them.

Two coworkers of mine, me, the Big Boss and our client were arranging and planning a few things, when she burst into the room, not noticing the BB and the Client, who were at that moment having coffe behind the door and she went “ooooh, you know what they say about Louis Tomlinson not actually being the father of his child? Looks like it’s true after all, even though it’s been ages!”

We didn’t have time to gesture to her, that my client appeared from behind the door all frowny and straight faced “yeah, the same ages it took you to dig this oh-so-shocking information up, with that quick, sharp rate of yours you’ll have to start working on the next campaign tomorrow morning if I want it out before 2036″.

  • me recommending akayona to someone: you'll spend 100 chapters in the luxury of well written content with just the right dose of emotional manipulation there and there until you're well addicted and completely tricked into loving all the characters then you'll be dragged screaming and kicking from hell into hell with absolutely 0 chill.

Ezekiel Figuero I’m so sorry they did this to you. Shaolin Fantastic these writers never deserved you. BooBoo you were just a fetus. RaRa you had your whole life ahead of you. Mylene and Soul Madonnas you girls were going to be stars. And Finally…Dizzee Kipling my alien brother, you’ve been set free so go be one with the world.


The love of Oliver’s life walks away and the thought that he may never see her again. Pain. Heartbreak. Loss. Worry. So many emotions going on here.  

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5x23 Fix-it: Of Course We Made It, Part II

So I was just pumped to write and the second part just came to me, so here it is! You can read Part 1 here or the whole thing on AO3 


Not for the first time, Oliver’s glad he knows the island so well. He steers the boat as best as he can through half-burning trees floating off the shore, squinting through the ash falling from the sky. The island still burns a dull orange and red, like an ember that hasn’t sparked into flame.

If he didn’t know the island so well, he’s not sure he could have sailed them around to the point he knows where the ARGUS jail is. The whole topography of the island is different, the top layers of rock blown away, leaving dirt and half charred trees in it’s wake.  

“William,” he calls over his shoulder, “I’m going to need that comm back.”

Reluctantly, he holds out the device. Oliver, seeing that he doesn’t want to let go, doesn’t bother reaching for it. Let his son cling to that connection to his mother, because goodness knows he could use a hug from his own mother right now.

“Tell Samantha they need to get to the surface, so we can see them.”

William nods and relays the message. His hand wrapped tight around the small device. Oliver can’t hear the response over the roar of the boat engine, but whatever it is, William stands and looks out the window with Oliver.

“She says they’re out, on a beach…the radio didn’t have a signal in the bunker, so they didn’t have a choice.”

Great. With all this ash and dirt clouding the air, they’d be lucky to spot them at all. Luckier to make it to shore without running the boat aground, he thinks, turning the boat away from the shore, or rather, away from the newly extended shore created by a new pile or rocks.

Just when he thinks they’ve gone too far and he needs to head back, the ash clears out of the air, the smoke dissipating until he can see that wonderful rocky beach where Felicity once called them unthinkable.

But what he sees now is far more beautiful: all his friends, in various states of disaray and injury but mercifully, wonderfully alive.

Curtis hears the boat first.

All Felicity can do is collapse against a rock in relief. They did it. They stopped Adrian and they survived. All of them, even Slade fucking Wilson. They survived an exploding island. How many people can say that?

Not to mention, she actually STOPPED the bombs. She did it! Her electrical impulse fried the nearest bombs. She doesn’t want to stay close to them for any longer than necessary, but if the bombs nearest the bunker had gone off…

She hates to think about being trapped by collapsed concrete walls again. The Undertaking was five years ago. There’s no reason to relive that nightmare.

She centers herself with a breath and opens her eyes to search for the incoming boat only to find Slade Wilson staring at her with that one unnerving eye. Felicity straightens,  refuses to be cowed by a man she faced down when he had Mirakuru in his system. For some reason, her reaction brings a slight smile to Slade’s face before he turns away, back to the water, where the boat, that glorious machine that will take them away from here, is pulling as close to shore as it dares.

“William!” Sandra is the first to take off running, stumbling into the water so she can get her arms wrapped around her son that much quicker.

There are more words exchanged, she’s sure, but Felicity’s entire world has narrowed down to one thing and one thing only: Oliver.

Her steps are slower, her legs unsturdy under her as the adrenaline leaves her system. The steps become easier the more she takes because they’re bring her closer to Oliver. She needs him in her arms right now, needs to convince herself that this is real. That she’s not dreaming or in heaven or anything like that. She needs to feel him, to smell that unique Oliver musk which will probably be tinged with ash from this goddamned burning island, but it doesn’t matter because all she needs is him.

The water is at her knees when Oliver reaches her, his arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her against him as his lips crash into hers with reckless abandon. Felicity wastes no time throwing her arms over his shoulders and doing her part to pull him as close to her as possible.

Teeth clash and noses bump, but only for a moment.

The kiss doesn’t stop, but Felicity finds her ground in it, sinks into his embrace because it’s home.

Standing here, knee deep in water, clinging to the man she loves, with all her friends alive and well,  there is nowhere else she’d rather be.

…except maybe somewhere private…with a bed.

Oliver squeezes her closer, moaning as she nips at his bottom lip.

Then again, the bed is definitely optional.