and when she tells him to stop talking what does he do

Five Surprises

Chris Evans x reader (mostly between Chris and your daughter)

Warnings: literally just all fluff. like you might die from all the fluff. you’re welcome.

Words: 1.7k

All credit goes to Marvel.

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The first time Chris ever surprised your daughter, Daisy, was when she was four years old. She loved having Chris as a dad and loved hearing his stories from all the different movies he worked on. Her first words to almost everyone she met were: “Do you know Captain America? That’s my daddy!” On “Bring Your Parent to School” day, a skype call was set up so Chris could still be there and tell everyone about what he does. Nothing made Daisy happier than hearing from her dad.

On this day in particular, you and Daisy were getting ready to go pick him up from the airport. She had been talking about it non-stop and counting down the weeks and days until you got to go see him again. “Momma, hurry up! Daddy’s plane is landing soon and we’re going to get caught in traffic!” You couldn’t help but laugh from your place at the kitchen sink, doing some last minute dishes before Chris came home.

“Just let me finish these up, okay? How about you go brush your teeth and get your coat on? Bring the flowers out, too, okay?” She nodded eagerly and bounced off to the bathroom. When you heard the lock, you smiled and were nearly jumping out of your skin.

You quietly opened the front door of your home and all but jumped into Chris’s arms, peppering him with kisses and hugging the life out of him. He gave you one long kiss before setting you back on the floor and letting himself in, pulling flowers of his own from behind his back. “Where’s the bug?” He whispered.

“Bathroom.” You mouthed. He nodded and got down to his knees on the floor with his arms outstretched, flowers in hand, waiting for his daughter to come. He couldn’t help the dorky smile etched on his face, but he couldn’t find a reason to care. Both your smiles grew when you heard the bathroom door open.

“Momma, what if-,” she paused, seeing Chris. Her mouth fell open and she ran. “Daddy!” She screamed.

“Hey, bug! I got you flowers!” He said, still squeezing Daisy. She pulled from him, pushing her flowers into his face, making him laugh.

“Daddy, I got you flowers, too!”

“That’s great, let’s go put them in a vase so they can be together, okay?” Chris looked up at you and you shared a big smile.

The second time Chris surprised Daisy was at her ballet recital when she was 9 years old. She had been so discouraged that her dad couldn’t be there to see her, and skyping him before the big show was the only thing that brought a small smile on her face. “Hey, you go out there and you kick ass, okay? And don’t tell your mother what I just said,” she finally laughed. “I gotta go, bug. You’re going to do great. I’ll see you soon, I promise.” With that, Chris ended the call and you walked inside the building together to find your seats before the show began.

“You’re a great dad, you know that?” You asked him. Chris smiled and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“I try my best.” He said casually. You laughed with him and sat down in the plush red theater seats.

“You’re a great husband, too.” You said, he looked down, smiling at you before placing a kiss on your forehead. You snuggled into his side.

“Well, having a great wife helps. I love you, Y/N Evans.” You tilted your chin up, locking your lips in a kiss that melted your heart like so many times before. You pulled apart when the curtains pulled open and you watched with pure glee as Daisy’s eyes quickly scanned the audience, looking for her mother.

But when her eyes landed on Chris, not even the brightest of stars could outshine her smile.

The third time Chris surprised Daisy was when she was five days away from turning 15 years old. Following in her dad’s footsteps, she joined drama club at her new high school and going to acting workshops every Friday night. She completely invested herself into acting. Her dream was to one day star side-by-side in a movie with her dad.

One night at one of her workshops, she was given a script and was told she was only allowed to read it as she was acting it. It was a small class this night, only five or six other people, and everyone was dressed for the cold New England, February weather with big jackets and scarves and beanies.

This confused Daisy because they were inside and it wasn’t that cold in the building, but she didn’t ask. The director called up Daisy and a tall man who still hadn’t removed the scarf covering his lower face. He was wearing a pair of glasses and a blue beanie with a grey jacket and jeans.

The pair began going back and forth in lines for fifteen minutes and it was going really well, until Daisy got to one line that made her pause. “Maybe the man in front of me is someone I don’t expect,” she peered up at the man curiously. He nodded at her, signaling for her to find out who the mystery man was. She slowly and cautiously removed his scarf. She didn’t even have to remove the glasses or beanie before she burst out laughing at the sight of her dad.

Chris had been filming a long, gruesome movie in Antarctica for the past year and he hadn’t been able to find time to come home. He had told Daisy that he’d try his best to be home in time for her birthday, but not to get too excited just in case he couldn’t make it work.

But here he stood, in front of Daisy as happy tears spilled from her eyes. The audience stood up, making to clap, but instead peeling off their own disguises. Sebastian, Anthony, Scarlett, Elizabeth, and Robert all came up to the stage, embracing your daughter in a bone-crushing hug. “I knew you’d be home in time!”

“When have I ever let you down?”

The fourth, and possibly biggest surprise Chris had planned for Daisy was for her 16th birthday. “I can’t believe you got our daughter a Lexus for her birthday.” You said. Chris laughed as your daughter squealed in delight at the eggshell white car parked center squared of your driveway. A big pink bow sat on top.

“Well what were you planning on getting her?” He asked.

“Something that won’t cost half of her college fund to fix.”

“That’s what insurance is for. Besides, tell me this isn’t the happiest you’ve seen her in a while.” You finally gave in and smiled, leaning into your husband as his arms wrapped tightly around you. “No boys in there!” Chris shouted out to Daisy, who was running around the car, taking pictures of it. You gave his arm a light swat.

“Oh, like you weren’t trying to get with girls at her age!” You laughed.

“But I was respectful about it, I took them out to dinner first. I paid the bill, and then they faked nausea and I drove them home.”

“If only they knew back then that they were dumping Captain America.”

“I’m glad they dumped Captain America, I wouldn’t have found you if they hadn’t,” He pressed a kiss to your temple and you smiled, leaning further into him until you were impossible close. “This may be Daisy’s big day, but 16 years ago, you were the one that brought her into this world. I know I may not be the best father, but you are the best mother. You make the sacrifices that I can’t. I know I’m not home often, but you still always leave the light on for me. I don’t thank you enough.” You reached up to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a long kiss to his lips, earning a loud groan of disgust from Daisy.

The fifth, and possibly the best in Daisy’s opinion, wasn’t even really a surprise. Her happiness was just equal to all of the joy Chris has brought her since the first surprise.

Daisy was distractedly straightening out her gown and her hair, making sure she looked picture perfect. Her mom and dad and all of their friends sat in one of the back rows, giving her encouraging smiles. She pulled lightly on the tassel from her cap, sending them a bright smile back. This was it. She was 18. She was finally graduating.

She had spent nearly all day doing her hair and makeup with all of her friends. Tears were shed at the thought of not seeing them every day anymore, but it was mostly a breath of relief to be out of there. “Daisy Evans.” Her head snapped up to her principal. She hadn’t even been paying attention. She took a deep breath.

She smiled brightly, walking across the stage. Despite the principal politely asking everyone to wait until the end of the ceremony to clap, loud whoops were still heard from the back of the auditorium coming from Sebastian and Anthony. You reached over, clapping a hand over each of their mouths before smiling apologetically at the people who turned to look at them.

Seb let out a quiet “woo!” making everyone in the general area start laughing hysterically. Daisy couldn’t hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks from her “uncles” antics. This wasn’t an uncommon thing, either. They did this every time she won an award from her sports or her academics. They all made sure everyone knew who Daisy was.

Daisy ran off stage, launching herself straight into you and Chris’s arms, making all of us stumble slightly backwards. We laughed nonetheless. Soon enough, everyone else piled into the hug as some laughed and some cried that Daisy was done with high school. Having known her all of her life, the “Avengers” cast became her family and they, as much as you and Chris, dreaded seeing her grow up.

“I’m proud of you, kid.” Chris mumbled into the hug.

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“I’m more proud.”

“I’m proudest.”

“Shut up.”

“Why didn’t you tell him you loved him when you had the chance?” He asked sitting next to her. She looked at him as if he were stupid.

“Have you seen the way he looks at her?” She asked. He shook his head. “You probably haven’t noticed. He probably didn’t even notice at first , but I did. He really, really loves her and I can see it in the way he looks at her. I know because that’s the way I’ve been looking at him for almost two years.”

“What does that have to do with anything? If you love him-”

She shook her head and he stopped talking.

“If you truly love someone you let them go. No matter how hard it may be.”

—  An excerpt from a story I’ll never write, #2
being roommates with michael would include:

- him never cleaning up the messes he makes 

- you have to yell at him for it but immediately stop when he pouts

- “michael i go shopping so we can both eat, not just you”

- doing things purposely to turn him on

- walking around in just a t-shirt and he instantly gets hard

- “wear more clothes, you know what that does to me”

- dragging him to the mall with you and he’s complaining the whole time

- late night cuddle sessions just talking about everything

- him instantly getting turned on when you come downstairs in one of his shirts

- “oh my god, please take me right here”

- riding him on the couch but not taking his shirt off bc he loves the way it looks on you

- going out and he instantly becomes so protective over you

- “how about you step the fuck off? she’s mine”

- having intense fights over stupid stuff that involve screaming and throwing things

- him constantly telling you how beautiful you are

- taking showers together because in his words “it saves water princess”

- introducing you to his friends/bandmates

- getting drunk together and watching shitty movies on netflix

- forgetting about the movie and making out instead

- “i don’t know if i’ve told you this yet, but i really really like you”

- “michael you’re drunk. if you mean it you’ll say it when you’re sober”

- hearing a knock on your bedroom and it’s michael whining because he can’t sleep without you

- waking up with a headache and walking downstairs to see michael making breakfast (which is very rare)

- him wrapping his arms around your waist and whispering in your ear “i’m sober now princess and i still really like you”

- turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck as you say “well i really like you too.”

- let’s be real here right after that confession, you two would have sex on the kitchen counter

- afterwards he’d get a big smile on his face and say “wow i can’t wait to tell my friends that you’re mine now”

do you ever think robert lies awake at night, thinking about what he’s done, unable to escape the guilt now that there’s just silence in his ears. does he go back to that day in february, where everything started to spiral, where his tight hold of all those lies began to loosen and slip from between his fingers?

he can probably still smell the dust and old wood up his nostrils, feel the floorboards creaking under the weight of his polished shoes, hear katie’s voice and see her smug smile and then…

i wonder if on those nights he turns to face aaron in their bed, wishing he could wake him and talk through it all, untangle all the knotted memories in his head, but he knows he can’t because he can’t drag aaron back there, not when it almost destroyed him the first time

so what does he do instead? does he just lie there and let himself remember? the moment he pushed katie back, the panic which had swelled inside him because she couldn’t be allowed to leave, and then the paralysing denial which followed when suddenly katie was gone, disappeared through the broken floor, dead.

does he hear her scream when he closes his eyes? see her vacant eyes staring up at him? how does he get back to sleep when he’s got that nightmare playing on a loop?

maybe he just repeats the mantra in his head, the one that’s stopped him going insane thus far

it was an accident… it was an accident… it was an accident…

and maybe he presses his thumb against the bullet wound, till it starts to hurt, and he thinks that he’s been punished already, almost killed for what he did to her, and so he shouldn’t feel guilty now

but he does, and it scares him that he was once so lost in all that fear and anger that he actually did something so terrible. and maybe, in the darkness, and with aaron sleeping softly next to him, he wonders whether he’s managed to put enough distance between then and now, whether he’s done enough good to erase all the bad, whether he’s really escaped that version of himself which continues to haunt him now

i’m not a monster, he thinks, but there’s still a part of him that doubts