and when rossi was talking about how he got to say goodbye at least and then stopped because hotch

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Okay so it's a bit long... Can you do an imagine set in season 6 where instead of Emily "dying" it's spencer and YN and spencer have been together for long time but she doesn't get told he's still live (and she's on the team) after about a month jj visits her at Spencer's apartment and finds out she's pregnant, when spencer comes back she's further along, and he can tell, and I don't know, you can make up the ending aha x thank You xxxx

Wishing I was With You

Contains: a bit of angst, fluff


“No!” You screamed, you and Morgan stumbling onto find that instead of making it in time to kill Doyle, you were too late and Spencer was on the floor, unmoving. You saw Morgan run over to Emily, who was shot in the arm, calling out for an EMT.

You started crying, kneeling to the ground and rubbing some strands out of his pale face. You started muttering incoherent words, silently begging someone, or just anyone really to make this all a bad dream.

Upon further inspection you realized he was shot in the chest, blood coming to a stop. You didn’t know how long it was until Morgan pulled you off of Spencer so that the paramedics could get to him.

You watched him go, Morgan holding you back because they wouldn’t let you ride with him in such fatal conditions. He whispered reassuring things in your ear, trying to calm you down. eventually you just ended up crying into his chest.

The rest of the team and you headed to the hospital, everyone nervous and silent in the waiting room, praying everything was okay.

It was at 4 am that morning the nurse came by, saying Spencer was dead.


(Third person POV/ Timeskip)

“Here’s your new identity.” JJ slid the file across the small cafe table to a figure wearing dark sunglasses and a blue hoodie. The sun was setting,and the sky created a brilliant and breathtaking hue, creating shadows of the Italian people walking by. It made him think of Rossi, which then made him think about the whole team.

“Thanks.” The man muttered, opening the file and reading all the information in mere seconds. His glasses drooped a bit down his nose, making his brown eyes visible as they flickered up to her bright blue ones.

“How’s Y/n?” He asked quietly. She gave him a sad smile  and patted his hand reassuringly. “She’s grieving. She misses you a lot Spence.” He nodded and pushed his glasses back up, biting his lip at the thought of you. He muttered a good-bye and gave her a hug before walking off, into his ‘new’ life.

(*Le Timeskip*)

-Your POV-

You became cold-hearted at work, burying yourself into it, and just ignoring Emily. You figured this was kind of her fault. If she hadn’t gotten messed up with Doyle in the first place, Spencer would be alive. You didn’t even get to mention you were a few weeks along before he….

You looked down at your slowly growing belly. You were about 5 months in right now. The baby kicked, pulling you out of your thoughts.

You smiled softly and rubbed your stomach before going back into your paperwork. About an hour later, It was time to leave. You muttered a quick goodbye to your coworkers and waved to Hotch. You had asked for a week off, so you could relax for a little bit. You figured all your stress was not good for the baby.

You got into your car, a little excited that JJ was going to be visiting you later today. She had come down from Washington to visit everyone. You were a bit nervous because she didn’t know you were pregnant. At least, you had never told her.

You drove home, listening to old songs that you enjoyed, while singing softly. You tried to always think of what’s best for your unborn child, (not knowing what sex it was), but without Spencer, It’s hard to stay happy, especially without him there to comfort you about the gruesome aspects of your job.

You sighed as you entered your apartment, (technically Spencer’s), throwing the keys on your kitchen counter and laying down on the couch, snuggling under some blankets, falling asleep softly.

*Timeskip an hour*

You woke up to the smell of noodles and marinara sauce, eyes opening in fear. You relaxed once you heard JJ humming from your kitchen.

Groggily getting up, you headed over to the kitchen, wrapping your blanket around yourself and yawning. “Hey..” You mumbled and she turned around and smiled.

“Make extra, you’re cooking for three.” You pointed to your stomach. Her eyes and smile widened as she saw that you were expecting. She made sure everything was okay to be left alone as she hugged you, expressing how happy she was.

“So, who’s the daddy?” She rubbed your stomach softly before going back to the food. You put a loose strand of hair behind your ear before softly answering “Spencer.” Her smile faltered, but she kept with her cooking ministrations.

You both talked and talked that night, and you were glad to focus on other subjects other than thinking about him. When you both realized the time, you both headed to bed, JJ offering to sleep on the couch. She wanted to come into work with you tomorrow to see everyone.

Per usual, you grabbed one of Spencer’s old shirts and buttoned a few of the top buttons, changing into loose sweatpants and climbling into the bed, falling asleep around 2 in the morning.

*The Next Day*

You and JJ laughed as you entered work that morning, and she brightened as her old friends ears perked up and they went to go hug her. Something was off though. They already had big grins on their faces. You shrugged it off and went to your desk to set your stuff down.

“Y/n.” Hotch said in his naturally stern voice. You looked up and saw that his face was a little lighter than usual. You figured it was just because of JJ. Or was everyone just perky today? “There’s someone waiting for you in my office.” You raised your eyebrows but went upstairs and opened his office door.

You gasped as you saw your supposedly-dead love, staring at you, wide grin and hair a bit longer. As his eyes dropped, he noticed your stomach. You abruptly shut the door, cussing loudly and running down the steps.

“Y/n, I thought you’d be-” JJ said as you quickly ran by, trying to leave. You stopped, turning to face her with an angry glare. “What the- You knew! You knew he was alive didn’t you! You all did!” You heard Hotch’s door opened and Spencer’s steps. You cussed again, running away from their shocked faces.

“Y/n!” You heard him call after you. you wiped some tears from your cheeks and you ran down the steps, not deciding to get stuck with him in the elevator. You knew you should be happy about him coming back but you didn’t know how to deal with it.

On one hand you wanted to hug him tightly and kiss him, but on the other hand, you couldn’t even believe that he had been alive the whole time. You had been dating him for years, and you were so depressed after he died, but now? JJ knew about it! You had called her so many times crying and needing comfort. But she knew!

You felt betrayed.

You opened the door to the garage of the building, trying to remember where your car keys were, realizing you had left them on your desk. You stopped at the end of the garage, starting to bawl.

You heard his footsteps as he slowed down, feeling his arms wrapping around you. You sobbed into his chest, him whispering things like, “I love you, im sorry, i’m here and i won’t leave again.”

Once you had calmed down, you had asked him all about what happened. He explained about all the things he had to go through to until they had finally caught Doyle. New identity and everything.

You had decided forgiven him, realizing you had almost lost him, and you shouldn’t screw up your second chance.

You still had too work on JJ though.

“C-can I?” He pointed to your stomach, and you nodded. His warm hand started rubbing your blown up stomach, crouching down to whisper soft things as if your child good hear them.

“Hi there, it’s your daddy. I’m home, and i’m not leaving again.”


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Tony Bennett and Merlot

Author: starlightishere

Rating: K+, maybe T for brief mention of case and gunshot

Summary: Reader has been hurt in the field and is in surgery. Penelope suggests they talk about their favourite memories of her to pass the time and Rossi volunteers to go first.

Main Characters: Reader, Rossi and the rest of the team

Trigger Warning: Brief mention of gunshot and case in the field

Word Count: 840

Multishot: Sure, if it’s requested [Please use starlightishere’s author tag or the tag ‘team memories’ to follow this story.]

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