and when it's ignored (which i can tell)

“I am insulted that this anime did/didn’t do a thing with race! POC deserve respect! I want them to change it to be more like I want!”

The Japanese have a completely different racial and social history, so it may be that they are making it based on their own experiences. Are you basing this idea on Western ideas of race and racial relations? Wouldn’t making the Japanese make media that reflects a Western idea of race be cultural imperialism? Here’s a good way of knowing if you are informed of Japanese racial politics:

Are you aware that Okinawa was not originally a part of Japan, was conquered, and is often referred to as the Ryukyu Islands? That it has it’s own ethnic minority with its own rapidly-dying language, and Okinawa also has by far the largest concentration of detested American army bases? Here is a photo from the 19th century of a Ryukyu Island native, taken by a Japanese man to sell “ethnic photos” back on the mainland.

Did you know that the “Japanese” we know of are not technically native to the island at all, but arrived sometime in prehistory to displace the original inhabitants? This would be the Ainu, and genetic studies have shown they’re actually more closely related to Caucasians. They now mostly live in Hokkaido, most of their land having been taken and many been killed due to historic wars and slavery.

Did you know that countless ethnic Koreans and Chinese have lived in Japan since the colonial period, often because of having their land ownership and livelihoods forcibly taken and moved to Japan? That they were forced to not speak their native language and had to go by Japanese names? That even though many of them have lived there for generations, they could not obtain citizenship until 1980 without getting a Japanese name? That there were hate crimes committed against Korean schoolgirls as early as the late 1990’s?

And the ultimate taboo, did you know that Japan had its own class of “untouchables” like India? These are known as Burakumin, or at least that’s the nicest word for them. They were often relegated to “unclean” professions like tanning and butchery, and in premodern Japan someone could literally cut down a Burakumin in the street in broad daylight and receive no reprisal.  While they are legally no different from anyone anymore, socially is a different story. If you have Burakumin ancestry, chances are, you live in certain districts–because no one else will rent or sell a house to you. Employers use your address to openly discriminate against you. If you marry, your family may hire someone to trace your family history to make sure you have no Burakumin ancestors. To many, it’s taboo to even discuss them. Below is Jiichiro Matsumoto, a burakumin and considered to be the father of burakumin liberation.

There’s more, of course, but you get the idea. Most people outside of Japan are simply considered gaijin–whether you’re a black gaijin or a white gaijin. You’re a foreigner. Sure, due to imperialism, a Japanese is going to think of a white English-speaker first and there are some differences within the category, but know that this is the category the rest of the world has been placed in. We’re a goofy novelty sure, but there are random gaijin of all colors being the “talento” of Japanese television. Outside of the extreme Japanese right, we’re not very controversial.

As you can see, the Japanese are racial-ideology-wise far from perfect. But for someone to come in with no knowledge of this long and complicated history and insist that having more Hispanic/Black/POC(a meaningless term in a country full of POC) characters in anime, it’s saying that American racial ideas and politics are more important. Sure, I love when anime has diversity of any kind. But if you think an anime with a “POC” is more progressive and ignore something like Samurai Champloo–which has both a Ryukyu island native main character and several episodes devoted to the Ainu–then I’m sorry, but you’re being culturally ignorant and contributing to cultural imperialism. That yet again, the gaijin should be the star. And the West has a very, very long history of imposing its own sense of morality on everyone else. I can find way more foreigners of any color portrayed in anime than any Ainu, let me tell ya. I have no right to tell a foreign industry to stop making media that reflects them and their racial identity and instead make stuff that looks like an American sitcom.

This doesn’t mean let Japan off the hook. But that means that if you want to have your own opinion, if you want to be taken seriously, and if you want to promote social justice without doing the exact same white man’s burden act we’ve always done, then you have a responsibility to educate yourself.

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Can I request GoM + Kagami+Kuroko when their s/o runs to their bedroom panicking and telling them they just saw a monster in their (s/o's xD) room? :D But it's not true ofc :P sth just scared them

You know what? I misunderstood your request and wrote it in a wrong way. Forgive me, please. If you want I can write it again, let me know.

But please - enjoy.



“S/o-chan..” Kuroko said, looking at you and waiting patiently for your response, which he did not get.

After five minutes of you ignoring him, he shook your arm gently. “S/o notice me, I’m slightly panicking.”

That time you turned your head slowly towards him, somehow trying also to focus on your homework. “Tetsu, you don’t panic at all.” You stated sceptically, watching his emotionless face.

“I am a mess inside, believe my words.”

“Okay, then. What’s wrong?”
You asked, tilting your head until it touched your left shoulder.

“I think I saw a monster under your bed.” He answered,completely serious as expected.

You just looked at him with disapprobation, however, he seemed not to notice your nasty look. Time to play along. Clicking your tongue, you decided to finally ask.

“How did it look?”

“It had huge red eyes, sharp claws and eyebrows just like Kagami.” His statement made you laugh and put place next to you, ready for him to sit on.

“As long as it does not look like furious Akashi, I am able to welcome him in my house.” You chuckled, wrapping arms around his waist.

“That’s rude S/o-chan, appreciate that I won’t tell him this.” He said kissing your forehead.

“Then you should appreciate my patience for your jokes.’

’‘You have a point here.”

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Kagami was a patient man, Kagami was a very good person, Kagami was also a great boyfriend. But - Kagami had enough of your shit. 

Every time you pranked him, everyfreakingtime he couldn’t do anything, but withstand your stupid. However, now he had an idea.
Kagami was going to revenge his poor humiliated person. And it will be great!

He was preparing that whole idea for almost a week, now. He asked you on a date, which was today.

He made your favourite meal for dinner.
He cleaned his living room for your movie night.
He bought three movies, two comedies and one, terrifying horror, which would definitely scare the shit out of you.

After that he would let you shower first and while you were in the bathroom, the whole power in the house would suddenly go out. Oh, so such a surprise!
Then, when you came out, shaking like a wet dog, of course, he would be ready for you in his wardrobe. You would be calling his name and finally come into his bedroom! And boom! He would jump and make the best prank-revenge ever!

Everyone who ever thought about Kagami as an idiot was wrong! Horribly wrong!

For the past three hours, he couldn’t find a place for himself. He was walking from room to room, checking if everything is alright with DVDs and his TV. You will knock on his door at every moment now.

His body froze when he heard the doorbell. He was walking really slowly, due to his nervousness and when he opened the door, he thought he was seriously going to die! You brought Kuroko with you!

“Hey Taiga! Look who came!”
You exclaimed, throwing your body at him, enveloping him in a bear hug. 

“What’s with this long face, you grumpy man?”

“Yes, Kagami-kun. You should be happy we came to visit you and you do not to be alone anymore.” Kuroko stated as calm as ever, but Taiga could see how the corners of his mouth rose slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, yeah! And look who we brought with us! He was the most excited to see you!” And then you bent over, picked something small and hairy from the ground and held right in front of his face. 

Kagami’s unhappy scowl immediately changed into an utterly frightened expression.

“N-Nigou!” The dog barked happily and left your arms, clearly wanting to go and chase poor red head for a bit.

“Stupid, he though he could prank us.’' 

’'Kagami-kun isn’t the most clever person.’' 

’'I’m kinda glad to have you as my partner in crime, Tetsu.’' 

’'Likewise, miss s/o.”

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You jumped from the place you stood when you heard a terrifying scream coming out of your room. Shaking off the terror you’ve just experienced, you run in there as fast as you possibly could. As you thought it was Daiki, who immediately reached his hands towards your not amused figure, from a spot under your bed.

“S/O! Help me get out of here! He is holding me!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, not quite understanding the whole situation. Why the hell did you agree to be his girlfriend in the first place? Ah yes, he is handsome. That’s the only reason. 

“By he you mean, who exactly?”

“The monster! He is just behind him! DO SOMETHING!” He screamed again, making you roll your eyes so hard they almost fall. You stepped from your left leg to your right one, before storming out of the room, not forgetting about shutting the door closed.

“W-who? What the hell? You are supposed to be my girlfriend, not someone who helps murder me!’' 

’'Shut the fuck up, you idiot. I hope you rot there.’' 

’'Heh, love you too.’’

‘'Fuck off.”

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“S/O! HELP ME!” Kise screamed, running to the kitchen, where you were trying really hard to concentrate on making dinner.

“What’s going on with you again?! I should have left you in the basement!” You face showed not so happy emotions, he really was the only one who could make you absolutely angry without any reasons.

“THERE’S MONSTER! RIGHT IN YOUR ROOM! I SAW IT!!” Yes, you totally believed him, even when he was desperately trying to hide his stupid grin. Ah, fuck it.

“OH GOD? YOU SAW HIM TOO? I guess it’s his feeding time. He really likes to eat men. You remember my dad?”
He instantly paled and nodded.

“Monster is the reason why he is not with us anymore. It seems to like only men as his meals.” Well, he was on a business trip, but who cares.

“I hope he would like you too, because I have nothing else.” Then you smirked evilly at him, your eyes showed guiltiness.

“W-what? You would not sacrifice my-your handsome boyfriend, would you-you?” He stuttered, taking few steps back.

“Forgive me, Kise.”
You said softly, giving him your kindest smile.

And that was the moment when Ryouta run away from your house screaming like a child, who has just lost his parents. And you? You finished making dinner for two and ate it all by yourself.

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10 minutes ago Shintarou, who insisted on visiting your house tonight went to your room, because of the reasons you didn’t know (you didn’t really want to) and didn’t come out since.

You were sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for him to come back, but after some time your eyes started to be very heavy. You couldn’t help yourself and finally fell asleepMidorima thought this day couldn’t get any worse when Takao dared him to prank you, but when he saw that you were sleeping, and waking you up meant the submarine as a death wish, he instantly felt even more terrible than before.

He started shaking your body, gently at first, but then more and more violently until both of his arms started to ache a bit. Groaning, he sat next to you and put his head on your shoulder.

“S-Shin?” You asked, rubbing his eyes.

“What took you so long?’’ It sounded so innocent that Midorima couldn’t help, but melts inside and want nothing more than to cuddle you the whole day. Not that he would say it directly, though.

’'N-nothing, don’t worry about it. Let’s sleep some more.”


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Akashi didn’t like cleaning, not at all. However, sometimes it needs to be done, so as a responsible and mature person he really tried. He started with bathroom, then the kitchen and living room and the only room left was your shared bedroom. 

You came home earlier than always and decided to make a dinner. Your cleaning boyfriend was a nice surprise and it kind of some chores of your back, so you were grateful.

While you were carefully cutting vegetables, he was making a bed, but quickly got distracted by the sound of his phone ringing. Without thinking much, he turned to it dropping box full of your jewellery by accident.

He frowned upon seeing his act of clumsiness, which not happened very often, and went under the bed to put your things in their rightful place. In the meantime, you finished what you were doing and made your way to Akashi, in hope that he was ready to have a dinner with you.

Without knocking, because who knocks on their own door, you barged into the bedroom looking around. It was kind of creepy, Akashi was nowhere to be seen, but it still looked clean as hell.  And right in the moment you wanted to scream his name, you heard suppressed moan followed by a very disturbing voice whispering your full name. Shivers run down your spine, you started to back off slowly and then you saw it - bloody red eyes right under your bed.

Your mind went completely blank and not caring about hot meal waiting for you - you run away as fast as you could yell like someone wanted to murder you.

Seijuro couldn’t really believe his eyes. He knew that sometimes he looked scary, but whatthefuck. He stood up and facepalmed probably for the first time in his life. Now he had nothing more left than go after you and put some sense into your head.

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So basically, your day was absolutely terrible. People you met were shitty, weather cried at your ugliness, and everything seemed to want to kill you.

Yeah, day like any other.

The only things you wanted to do was lay down, watch Game of Thrones on your laptop and eat Atsushi’s trashy food and then see him cry. Hell yay.

Changing your clothes into more comfortable ones, your mind was slowly floating on an obscure boat towards your coach and your body decided to follow it. Sitting, hugging the blanket close to your body, your hands reached for the laptop and headphones. Making yourself more comfortable you finally put your favourite show on and decided to ignore the rest of the world forever. Or just tonight. Whatever.

When you came home and didn’t even greet Murasakibara, he knew that you had a bad day. His own mood was very good and he kind of wasn’t ready for your anger, so he started thinking of ways to make you feel better. Pranking you seemed like a good idea, you liked jokes and laughing at nothing very important, so why not? However, he had no idea how to prank.. #yolo

“S/o-chin.” He called your name, after five minutes standing behind you unnoticed.

“There’s a ghost in our room.”

“Atsushi, leave me alone. I’m not hungry.” You said these words with such disgust, he felt like he was talking with Gordon Ramsay.

“Not a roast, S/o-chin! Ghost! Scary, white dead person!”

“Go away.” He scratched the back of his head, thinking about something different.

“I was just joking. It was a monster! He is eating your shoes right now!”

“Rollercoaster? Are you insane? If you don’t leave me alone right now, I will break your every finger in two places!”

“B-but a vampire..”

“You know what? I’m going to sleep and you can eat a roast, or go to the amusement park or listen to this choir alone!” You kicked your blanket off and stormed out of the room faster that he has even seen.

“Well, at least she left some food for me.”

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I edited this, cuz I made some mistakes :>

i will fucking fight people who try to trash samflam by telling people things that are blatantly false like “maris development was dumped for hot yuriz” when thats really not true and that would be obvious to anybody who actually watched the show

basically ill fight anyone who makes claims about samflam but never watched it/watched it actively trying to find something that they can twist to their own perspective on why its “bad” (its not, unless the genre shifts arent your thing which is understandable, but ignoring the entire sub arc with mari lashing out at moe and trying to figure herself out and apologizing is not “dumping her character development” that literally IS her character development bitch)

It's Always Been You - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request: Can I have a stiles imagine where you are dating stiles but he thinks that you are only with him to get to Scott, but you tell him it’s always been him, thanks hunny xox

You poked Stiles for the umpteenth time during lunch. He’d been ignoring you for two days, and you didn’t know why. You were hoping that if you got on his nerves enough, he’d tell you to knock it off in his ‘upset’ voice like he usually did when he was mad at you which—to you—was much better than having him ignore you.

“Stiles? Babe. Babe. Baby. Stiles. Stiles? Stiles,” you annoyingly dragged out his name.

You turned to Scott as he sat down next to you, “Has he talked to you any?”

He shook his head, “Nope, still ignoring me. It must be something serious, though because he would’ve said something to me by now. You know Stiles, he can’t go two minutes without talking to someone let alone two days.”

Your head snapped over to Stiles through when he abruptly stood from his seat and marched out of the cafeteria, completely abandoning his lunch.

You rolled your eyes, following after him.

“Stiles, will you stop acting like a baby and tell me what’s wrong?” you huffed as you trailed behind him down the long corridor of the hallway.

He continued to ignore you which frightened you a little because at this point, he would’ve said something; forgiven you, argued with you, something.

He pushed open the door of the school and stormed toward his rusty, blue Jeep in the parking lot. And you still followed him.

“Stiles!” you shouted.

“What?” he finally yelled, turning around to face you.

The moment matched the weather, grey and gloomy, filled with sadness like somebody had just died.

You ran up to him. “What’s your problem? Why have you been ignoring me?”

“Why don’t you ask Scott?” He voice echoed through the lot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Instead of responding, he began to walk away again, but you tugged him back to his previous spot with every ounce of strength you had.

“Stiles,” you pouted.

“Be honest with me,” he started, “Are you only dating me to get closer to Scott?”

“Stiles, why would I—”

“Just answer the question,” he demanded sharply.

You were taken aback for a moment. Stiles never spoke to you like that. Maybe there was the occasional argument with a few sentences with raised voice, but never anything like that.

“No, of course not!” you answered immediately. You frowned.

That’s what this whole thing was about?

His face softened and guilt ran over it. “I-I’m sorry, I should’ve known. It’s just—I got jealous because lately you’ve been getting closer to Scott and I just thought maybe you were only with me to get to him.”

“Well I’m not, Stiles. You’re the only guy I’ve ever had feelings for. It’s always been you,” you smiled.

He wrapped his arms around you as he sighed, “And I’m so thankful for that even though I don’t deserve you especially after I’ve been ignoring you for two days. I’m awful.”

“Trust me,” you pulled away to look at him, “You’re far from it.”

how to tell a true war story


Steve Rogers has come unstuck in time.

All homages to war novels aside, he represents dichotomously the ugly reality of wars past and present—sanitized (I’ll get back to this) but clearly referenced in both CA:TFA and CA:TWS—and the myths we tell ourselves about war—in CA:TFA, in both Avengers movies. The bumps and starts of various comics writers and screenwriters and directors allow the character to embody these in differing ways or in differing ratios, but the fact remains that Steve, who one might call an original comic book war machine, is by now an inherently dual creature: propagandist and warning bell in one. His successful 21st century film career falls directly on the intersection of these two roles.

I am by no means an expert, but from what little I’ve seen of the WWII comics, Steve Rogers served primarily as American propaganda; he was of course popularizing and mythologizing the particularly American—white American, I should say—struggle within the war, but the character was also, depending on any given day’s level of cynicism, either trying to reinvigorate the already-passé nineteenth century “American Dream” of the pulled-myself-up-by-me-own-bootstraps variety or trying to ease tensions surrounding the major wave of (largely Eastern or Southeastern) European immigrants during the ‘20s and ‘30s. Steve Rogers was, of course, an Irish Catholic character at a time when Irish Catholic wasn’t something you wanted to be, but he was a lot safer than - god forbid! - a Greek.

But Cap’s ties to WWII create a safety net under him that few later wartime heroes would have. WWII is the only war of the twentieth century that most of the West can feel completely justified in fighting; it’s the only war of the twentieth century with a genuine villain, a narrative that felt, and continues to feel, familiar and correct, with the US safely on the right side of the line. (It’s easy to ignore Executive Order 9066 when you’re talking about the fighting the goddamn Nazis, right? It’s easy to ignore Hiroshima and Nagasaki when you can point to the Rape of Nanking and insist it was all justified. So it goes.)  Of course the myth of the US as world peacekeeper came right out of the post-WWII years, as far as I can tell because the dollar held its value as so little of the US’s infrastructure was destroyed, compared to literally everywhere else. But all of this contributes to our modern image of Steve, who can dip right back into this mythos whenever we need a little pep in our American step.

The righteousness with which WWII has been imagined and reimagined for the past eighty years has contributed hugely, at least in my opinion, to every single war the US has fought since. I’m not enough of a conspiracy theorist to think there’s any kind of cohesive plan, there, but it’s a fairly obvious tactic to try and distract a populace during times of domestic unrest or dissatisfaction by engaging them in a more global conflict. There were other reasons to be in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., etc., etc., but I can’t help but feel that nationalist pro-neo-imperialist fearmongering contributed massively. Anyway, the end result is that American foreign policy is a fucking nightmare, millennial Americans hate America (or at least that’s what our predecessors claim; certainly there is domestic unrest, certainly there is dissatisfaction), and Captain Rogers—shining and impossible hero of WWII—gets pulled out of the ice.

Listen: Steve Rogers is chimeric, unpredictable, and frankly bizarre; this is because Steve Rogers, much though I love him, is a construct. He’s less than a character, even; he’s a lens. By design he refracts the light thrown at him into a more beautiful or palatable or understandable thing. This for example is how children thrown into battle become war heroes. This for example is how you beat the hypercapitalist surveillance state by tossing some imaginary flying machines into the Potomac.

So any mention of Steve—and I don’t mean fandom Steve, who exists in many wonderful forms all their own, but who reaches many fewer people and operates under a different set of rules—immediately calls to mind this righteousness. And because Steve represents that particularly white American experience (though Steve the character grew up working class, I think it’s safe to say he has at least in recent years been primarily marketed to the middle classes), the changing paradigm of whiteness, which in the wake of the Great Recession has left many middle class white people experiencing something like a profound social insecurity for the first time, has left this so-called mainstream clinging to him. It’s no mistake we call the people who fought in WWII the Greatest Generation, or venerate FDR, who was as close to a socialist as any president we’ve ever had, by the way, or recreate this particular war in movie after TV show after book, because nostalgia is a powerful tool, and Hitler was methodically evil scum in whose horrific shadow heroes are easy enough to find. Not a Nazi? Fab. No need to investigate your actions any further. Carry on with Project Manhattan. 

It’s this kind of simultaneous righteousness and willful self-blindness that the Cap of the Avengers or CA:TFA represents. The American Way, indeed.

Now, the Cap of CA:TWS, however brilliantly handled and however fantastically unsubtle a warning sign of impending capitalist doom, is equally exploitative. Make no mistake, I appreciate as well as any the ‘70s spy thriller aspects of CA:TWS, but I also know why it caught me so well in the gut. Consider the aforementioned domestic unrest, consider the dissatisfaction; now find a way to make a profit off of it. Bingo.

Listen: I, a millennial with money to spend, love my country, at least in theory. I, a millennial with money to spend, do not trust my government. I, a millennial with money to spend, can vicariously strike back at the government I do not trust through the medium of this movie, which requires no effort, no self-examination, no demands put upon the government itself, no actual political crisis point, no actual change. Even the sanitized violence shown or referred to in CA:TFA and CA:TWS supports this pseudocatharsis; the inherent violence of the state and the horrific ugly parts of war feel properly addressed, when in fact nothing has been addressed at all, except the money escaping my wallet to continue to support the capitalist racist sexist classist xenophobic homophobic enterprise of blockbuster moviemaking. Yet we feel listened to.

Captain America’s warning bell has gone off and run around again to propaganda, because while CA:TWS unabashedly exposes many members of the fictional MCU American government as literal war criminals, the call wasn’t coming from inside the house. Instead, it was all a conspiracy theory as wide-ranging as the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens or David Icke’s reptilian government. To shift the blame to Nazis—and not even to neo-Nazis, who represent a tangibly violent and very present thread of white supremacy across both the US and Europe—but a long-descended line from the original bunch is in fact a brilliant move. It allows all the critique and none of the sucker punch, except of course the implied one to Hitler’s jaw.

Once again, Steve comes to represent the “true” America, who the US wants its citizens to believe it to be underneath the many decades of neo-imperialist attempts to take over the world. You know, just a hometown hero, misunderstood. Not a Nazi? Fab. Carry on.  No need to investigate your actions any further.


@bewinsome encouraged me in my madness (thank you)!  and with many thanks to the works of Hannah Arendt, Howard Zinn, Tim O’Brien, and Kurt Vonnegut.

7th Grade: A Stalker Weeb Story

(Names have been changed)

Seventh grade is a dark time for everyone.

My friend Katie and I were pretty big weebs back then, constantly seeking other people who had a deep love for anime. Little did we know, out there, in our school, there was someone who could out-weeb us.

It first began in math class, when our teacher announced that a student that had been sick for a while was going to be returning to school. This student, was Daniel, as I will call him. Katie and I had known him only through the rumors of others. Apparently, he had some sort of immune disorder, causing him to be hospitalized frequently and miss quite a bit of school. People often described him as “quirky”, “different”, and “nice, but weird.” As weebs ourselves, we knew these terms well. These were terms other people would refer to us by. We named him as sort of a “contender” for possibly liking anime, and decided to invite him to our group when he returned.

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I’ve been talking to this guy I met off tinder for a week or so. We seemed to hit it off pretty well that we agreed to meet up. He told me he wanted to take me out to dinner. I’m normally against dinner dates since I never know how to dress for one. So I asked him if it was a casual dinner date, like to IHOP, or more of a fancy setting. He told me to dress up for something in-between. So naturally I went in a nice pair of jeans and a sweater(I’m a poor college student don’t judge).

He gets to my house and he’s also wearing a sweater so I guess I dressed correctly. He’s much cuter in person so I was pumped to go on our date. We were driving and talking about our love for the Patriots. This guy could not have been more perfect, he was nice, loved the pats, smart because he works at a law firm, and seemed as stoke to meet me. Then the date took a turn for the worse. He pulled into a Wendy’s.

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When will Daryl and Carol hook up?

Despite being the shippiest Caryl ship shipper, I am sick to the back teeth of this question. I have grown to hate its very existence.

It is, essentially a waste of a question. We KNOW we’re not going to get anything out of it. For a start, they can’t tells us definite yes or nos about future story-lines. And even ignoring the spoilers aspect, the very phrasing of it puts the emphasis on sex, which means Norman, or Melissa or Gale or whoever is asked, can easily side-step any questions about the actual relationship and stick with the sexual aspect only.

It irritates me that this particular phrasing of the question happens so regularly, and as a result we get the same non-answers, the same cliches and no further insight into the Caryl relationship. 

So I propose some NEW questions, whenever there is a Q&A, or an interview, these are the Caryl questions I’d like to see asked:

Would YOU like to see Daryl and Carol to get together?

How do you think Daryl/Carol views the other? 

What do you think Daryl/Carol gets from their friendship with the other?

What does Daryl/Carol like about Carol/Daryl?

Do you think Daryl/Carol has defined their feelings for Carol/Daryl in their own mind?

Does Carol feel she has to hold back expressing her care for Daryl in case it spooks him?

How do you feel Daryl and Carol’s relationship is evolving?

What do you you think the other group members think of Daryl and Carol’s relationship?

What moment with Carol/Daryl do you think would most stick in Daryl/Carol’s mind?

What do you think would be the one thing Daryl/Carol would like to say to Carol/Daryl but feels he/she can’t?

What do you think Daryl and Carol have in common besides their abusive past?

Did Daryl think about his emotional response to seeing Carol in No Sanctuary after it happened? If so, what did he feel? Awkward, embarrassed, proud? Something else entirely?

What does Daryl/Carol most wish he/she could do for Carol/Daryl that he/she hasn’t already?

If you could write a Daryl and Carol scene, what would you have them doing? 

What conversation would you most like to see happen between Daryl and Carol?


Do you see potential for romance between Daryl and Carol?

What would prevent Daryl and Carol having a romantic relationship?


You see? There is SO MUCH goodness to be mined from well-phrased questions, that would give us glorious insight into aspects of Daryl and Carol’s mindsets and emotions that we may not be aware of yet. And they could stop us hearing the phrases “up against a tree in the moonlight” and “damaged people gravitating towards each other” ever again.

Praise be.

Please if you get the chance to ask anyone a Caryl question, feel free to use any of these.


Daria 30 Day Challenge » Day 12: A Scene That Makes You Angry

From Season 4’s “Fire!” and episode right before the plot twisting episode of “Dye! Dye! My Darling” is this scene that makes me so angry. This episode alone is angering for many reasons for example it’s when Jane’s jealously becomes evident and starts adding tension to Daria and hers friendship, Tom starts becoming obviously into Daria like when he only wanted to go out to pizza if Daria came along and when Daria starts unintentionally playing dumb about the whole thing. Just like what Trent said to Daria at the end of the episode, “But there’s no use playing dumb, right?”.

Now this scene is the worst of the whole episode because Tom purposefully goes and sees Daria before Jane AT HER OWN HOME and begins talking for a long time even Trent overhears and becomes suspicious and then Jane finally walks in. Just look at her poor face! Her heart probably dropped into her stomach at that point. Then Jane tries to play it cool by telling Tom she was going to call his house to see where he was and then the asshole has the nerve to snap at Jane “Because I’m 10 minutes late?” as if she were being an unreasonable controlling girlfriend. Then he realizes his mistake. Now I didn’t add it to the photo set but right after he says sorry to Jane, he just continues talking to Daria ignoring Jane. Then Jane sees that she’s the third wheel and makes it obvious that she’s pissed and that Tom can finish his chat and she’ll leave. Like how low can you get? Like this is the point where its obvious to the characters and the audience that Tom clearly likes Daria because he went to go find her first when we all know Jane and Penny’s room are on opposite sides of the house. I feel ya Jane, you deserve better.

Which scene makes you angry and why? Tell me here!

What ppl without bpd should understand

if u see me making a post where i sound frustrated /angry/sad/ a few minutes after talking to you ,its not ur fault. I have constant mood swings and i never know what could trigger them and its also difficult for me to dim (??) the intensity of my feelings .also i feel like im always annoying people so even if i want their attention ,i don’t contact them which makes me feel even worse.

And another important thing is to be careful and honest with ur bpd friends.we are far more susceptible than neurotypicals and we can always tell when you’re bored with us,ignoring us on purpose or straight up annoyed ,so if we get upset @ you its probably for a valid reason.

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I just wanted to say its been stated a few times how lazy Moffat is, but to me it always seems understated, or perhaps just the wrong word to use. Sure he’s lazy with names and genuine character development, but as well everything he does seems like a cop out from something else. In so many episodes the consequences of his characters actions are just ignored, passed off or given a minutes attention before never appearing again. An example would be that Sherlock shoots CAM and then five minutes later is back to business, like nothing ever happened ready for the next series. But it would be so much better for the reader and the writers to write about how much more difficult it would be for him to beat Moriarty (incidentally also shot in the head) when he has been branded a criminal, to explore how Sherlock would deal with not getting his own way, and being treated with suspicion or having to do all his work undercover. From what I know of Moffat it looks to me it really will be like nothing ever happened, similar to John’s PTSD, Sherlock pretending to be dead for two years or how Gallifrey never died but somehow doesn’t change anything (why that doesn’t make any sense is a whole rant in itself.) I just don’t understand why someone would write anything without the challenge of dealing with all the little repercussions therein.
This also links in with his tendency to write ‘perfect’ main characters, how often does Sherlock make a mistake, how often is he wrong about any of his deductions? Its the same for the Eleventh Doctor. Both Nine and Ten relied on their companions to save the day just as often as their own intelligence, but Eleven does pretty much everything himself, the most a companion does is some nonsensical worshiping (Clara saying the Time Lords have to love him, though I recall them rather disliking him) so he can then go save the day. But if his main characters, which I can only assume are extensions of his ego, are ever wrong; nothing really bad happens. As a writer myself, I just can’t see the point in that.
It doesn’t help that he can’t listen to criticism, its seems to me the ultimate objective of writing anything should be to get better at writing, but how can you when you don’t listen to the people who watch your shows. Someone tells him he’s anti-feminist, fails at women characters, or his plot lines are too complicated, and he just ignores it all. I honestly believe he didn’t start out badly, thus far the best thing was the Empty Child/Doctor Dances, but perhaps due to the success of that, he feels he can do no wrong. Its this inability to comprehend criticism that makes me think he believes himself to be perfect and also why his main characters are just an extension of himself, and why there are no consequences in his shows: when he writes badly people still watch, though this is most likely due to him writing only for things with pre-existing forgiving fanbases.
There is so much more to say (read: rant about) but I should stop now; how do you people keep your posts down to reasonable lengths?




when did people who didnt want to have to start educating people and have to be okay with something that makes them uncomfortable for the sake of non-trans people and how can a cis person tell a trans person how to feel… and while i agree that no one should jump down a persons throat for being ignorant comparing a stealth transgender persons feelings to that of a closeted gay man is just stupid. The two things are not related at all… i cant

google is a great resource though so i dont understand why she is calling bullshit… i googled everything I know about transgender people when I was younger… its also better to read/watch through different peoples opinions/vlogs then getting just one which is why people are mad… like its cool that ryan is cool with his junk (video) but peeps have a point not all transman are okay with their junk being called a vagina and telling them that they should be is wrong. 

also edit: i havent watched the video so i dont even know what actually started the hype… but ill watch it when i get back from class. but yeah i only had a problem with this facebook post and the conversation going on.

So I realised why I dislike Wook so much.

I find characters like him so pathetic, like from the get go he was presented as So’s complete opposite. The man who is innately good without actually ever doing anything. 

Their entire character is always based on empty promises and imagined ideals. 
And don’t get my started on the scene with him crying in Soo’s room. Because that alone defines one of the things I hate the most about him.

He wont be with Soo and he’ll ignore her when she’s around, but he still wants to her stay in Damiwon. Even if she feels trapped and has told him on numerous occasions that she wants to leave. He just wants her to be there, where he can see her - for his own happiness. 

Which can I just contrast with So, who proposed to her not to tie her to him, but to get her out of the palace, to help her become free. He tells her she can just divorce him once she’s out - his happiness isn’t what’s important, its hers. 

It gets my goat a little when people call/tag the word “stupid” as ableist and admonish people for using it. I mean, even ignoring the “language has evolved past it” and “look at context rather than lexicon already, for god’s sake” arguments (which we have absolutely no reason to):

I’ve seen some people admonish “stupid” because they think its origin in the 16th century was used to describe someone “in a stupor”, hence disability. (Though as far as I can tell, Stupor and Stupid are separate words that both came from the latin Stupere, meaning “amazed or stunned”).

Many of these same people embrace the word “Queer” as an identity, a term that originally meant “perverse” and was until very recently (and in some places still is) used as a derogatory term for gay. Also the word “nice” used to mean “stupid”, so you’d better drop that too in case someone from the 1300s gets their feelings hurt.

Literally, if you’re going to admonish any word for what it used to mean, you’d better not use those words either, or the many others that probably used to mean such things. (Also, some are against the word “stupid” because they see the expression of negativity towards behaviour lacking in intelligence or common sense as inherently ableist. These people are being stupid.)