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✨ H.A.T.E ✨

Peter Pan Imagine


Author: Joi A. Wade

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Requested: Yes,  Hi, can I get one where Pan & the reader are in HS and they don’t really get along but Pan always trys ti seduce her. Pan and the lost boys have a costume party and the reader dresses up as a sexy maid and Pan takes her to go to his room and smut.,  Please make a second part to your Peter Pan fanfic! It’s really good and the cliffhanger is killing me! Also, I wouldn’t mind a smut, if you’re comfortable with writing that.. :) *slides out backdoor*,  Part 2 of H.A.T.E PLZZZZZ!?!?!?!, When is the second part of H.A.T.E coming out? I love your writing :),  When are u planning to update H.A.T.E.? 👀👀

Warnings: SWEARING | smut | long | greaser!Pan | soc!reader | cliffhang

Summary: H.A.T.E = Having All These Emotions. Y/n brings up a simple memory, only for it to open old wounds. 


“Follow me.”

“What part of ‘avoiding him’ did you not understand-”

“Please, love.”

Now this caught her off guard. Him, Peter Pan, the ruthless greaser that didn’t ask nicely, and took what he wanted, was begging her? Oh, she was definitely about to use this against him later. But, for now.


The two of them weaved through the crowd of horny, sweaty teenagers pretty easily. Nobody paying mind to who was who, thanks to the near pitch blackness of the area and the intoxication. Y/n, being grateful of this, sighed in relief once they’ve reached the couple steps into a hall; the last thing she wanted was to be seen following a greaser to a room. 

Going further down the hall, he stops in front of a door that Y/n assumed was his room (obviously). Opening it cautiously, Peter quickly pulls her inside, slamming it back and locking it right after. Raising an eyebrow at this, she coughs slightly. 

“Uh, you wanna tell me why you locked the door?” 

Without answer, Peter quickly grabs her by the wrist (rather roughly, mind you) and slams her back into the wooden surface. Wincing slightly, letting out a small squeak at the sudden chill down her back, Y/n stares up at him in shock. 

“What the hell is your-” 

Cutting her off was simple. With his lips crashing onto her in a heated embrace was enough to make her brain stop for only a moment. For once, she was speechless. Standing still was her panic mode, not moving her body nor her lips as Peter had her wrists held tightly in his hands, trapped against the door. Finally regaining consciousness, she doesn’t hesitate to knee him right where mother nature had blessed him. 

Grunting, he pulls his head away from hers, but not letting her wrists free. They both panted heavily, Y/n staring at him with a mixture of emotions, while his was scrunched in pain. Neither of them moved as he collected himself. Opening his eyes back up, Y/n could feel her throat run dry at the sight before her. They were no longer their warm, greenish tint. They looked dark, ferocious…hungry.  Shaking his head slightly, Peter let out the deepest chuckle she had ever heard, sending an instant heat wave down to the pit of her stomach and her knees to nearly give out. Whatever this feeling was, she hated it. 

“Shouldn’t have done that, princess.” He grins, “You’ll only make it rougher for yourself.” 

“Bite me.” She barks, not daring to show weakness. Slowly letting her wrists go, Peter places his hands on her hips, tugging her closer to where she was pressed up against him. Leaning in closely, he places soft kisses on the curve of her neck, almost earning a shiver from her. Almost. 

“Oh, darling. I plan on it~” 

Not missing a beat, Peter digs his teeth into what he pegged to be a sweet spot. He was correct. The small, but audible moan slipped passed her lips before she could even stop herself. Gripping onto his broad shoulders, Y/n tilts her head to the side to give more access as he has his way with her neck. Her pride was slowly being consumed by lust every passing second; the amount of sexual frustration they’ve built over the years was finally crashing down tonight. 

Peter lowers his hands to the back of her thighs, picking her up with slight struggle, still in pain from the kick just moments ago. Holding her up against the door for leverage, Y/n doesn’t hesitate to wrap her legs around his lean waist, one hand escalating to his brown locks, tugging every time he sucked a new hickey upon her skin. Soft sighs escaped her mouth, the slight taste of pleasure forcing her hips to have a mind of their own as Y/n started grinding up into his. Letting out a quiet moan of his own caught them both off guard, him pulling away from his assault on her neck to make eye contact once again. His lips now a shade of red drew Y/n’s attention easily, her eyes softening slightly. 

“You remember James’s party, back in sophomore year?” 

The question threw him off track for a moment, judging for the fact that they are pressed up against one another, so close to doing unspeakable things to each other. Deciding to humor her, he nods. 

“Barely, what of it?” 

“When we were playing seven minutes in heaven, you and I got picked together, remember that?”

“Yeah, I remember you punching me in the mouth after I kissed you, why?” He tilts his head in confusion and also irritation. He now has a boner, and here she was talking about memories??? 

“I never told you..that you were my first kiss that day. That’s why I punched you in the mouth and stormed off. I felt like you robbed me…” 

Peter’s eyes softened, his grip on her thighs as well. “Why didn’t you say anything before we were left alone?” 

“I didn’t know you were going to kiss me!” 

“What else do you do in seven minutes in heaven?!” He lets her drop to the floor, backing up slightly in aggravation. “If it was some soc guy, you would have had no problem sucking his face off!” 

“You’re right, I wouldn’t! You want to know why?” She glares, crossing her arms over her chest, popping her hip out. Oh, boy. 

“Oh, please, princess! Enlighten me, make my bloody night!” 

“Because that soc wouldn’t have pulled my skirt down in front of the whole freshman class!” 

“You’re still bitter about that? Let the shit go, it’s in the past, take a fucking joke!” He fumes, his blood boiling. “That was nearly three years ago! And don’t act like you’re miss innocent in this whole trash fire between us!” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“The sophomore varsity football game, behind the bleachers. You kissed me, running off right after. You left me to think you finally dropped your attitude with me, only to find out the next day that it was a fucking dare!” He towers over her, making her back up against the door once again, staring up at him. “A dare, Y/n! You how low do you have to be to do that to someone’s emotions? I wouldn’t even do that, because I’m not a monster!”

“You’re being over dramatic, it was just a silly dare. What did it matter to you?” 

He groans loudly, tugging at his hair. “Are you bloody stupid? For someone with a 4.0, you really are a bloody airhead! I love you, Y/n Ln, ever since I laid my eyes on you at orientation. I just had a horrible way of showing it, and that day after finding out you played me for a fool, I swore on my life that I hated your fucking guts. That the only way me and you could ever get along was to be at each other’s throats.”

“Stop it, you’re being ridiculous. It was just a kiss-”

“Do you honestly think that your first kiss was the only one robbed? After that night behind the bleachers, I thought that you would finally give me a chance, kissing you was probably the best thing about that night…after finding out that it was just for your amusement, I felt betrayed. Everything said about you socs was clear to me. You pick on those less fortunate, to make your rich asses have a laugh. And I hated you for it.” 

It was silent for a moment after his rant, once again leaving Y/n speechless. Had she really did that to him? There was no way, greasers weren’t known for feeling ‘betrayed’. It didn’t make sense…


“Run out of smart things to say? Well, since I have your attention, shall I go on? You realize that all this hate, anger, and bitterness is all because I was immature that day? The day the first words you spoke to me was that you hated me, I didn’t even know you knew my name! But, it broke me, so my only option was to return the words to you…for years. I’ve been lying to you and myself all this time and I’m tired of it. I want it to end. So please…” 

He pleads softly, trapping her further into the door, while placing both hands on her cheeks, holding her. She could’ve sworn she say tears resting at the brim of his eyes, just waiting to fall, but she was too focused on the sudden change in the color. Dark, ferocious…hungry. Leaning in to her ear slowly, he purrs something that definitely brought back the erotic atmosphere.

“Shut your goddamn mouth for once in your life, and let me fuck you.” 

Happy Father's Day (Yu-Gi-Oh! Fic)

Kaiba got up painfully early after a night of almost no sleep. His hair was ruffled and there were dark circles under his eyes. Although you could consider this part of his average appearance, there was obviously something disturbing him. Something he didn’t want to talk about. Looking into his eyes made it blatant enough, with his usual gleaming ambition replaced by a dark and disturbing glow. He shuffled around his room, stretched his arms a bit, and got up for the day.

“No use in going back to bed if I’m not going to sleep anyway.”

He walked over to Mokuba’s room, hesitating at the doorway. He took a deep breath and sighed. Slowly, the tall man opened the door to reveal his younger brother asleep in a chair at his desk. Kaiba tiptoed over to his brother, and paused to smile at Mokuba’s peaceful sleep. He scooped up his brother, and gently placed him in bed.

“Today’s going to be a long day.”

He walked out of the room and quietly closed the door. The smile on his face was slowly replaced by a neutral and more saddened expression. The lethargic man decided to get some things done before he would cook breakfast in a few hours.

After some light cleaning and some quick typing on his laptop, he grabbed a comforter and a book, and sat down on his couch. Crossing his legs and getting as comfortable as possible, he started to read. The book was filled with poems, and he happened to stumble on a couple that made him think of things he wanted to keep in the back of his mind. Kaiba sighed, and placed the hardcover book on the nearby coffee table with a hollow click. He decided to sit in silence.

Two hours later, he heard some sounds emanating from the hallway. It was his brother, with a note in his hand.

Mokuba walked up to his older brother on the sofa, and sat down. Mokuba worked on finishing what he was writing into the letter while his brother blankly stared at the ground.

After a while, Mokuba got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen. His brother followed, and they slowly began to make pancakes. They didn’t speak, the only sounds being heard were the sizzles of batter on the griddle. When they were finished cooking, they cleaned up, and proceeded to eat their breakfast.

A couple minutes into their meal, Mokuba spoke up.

“Today’s the day,” Mokuba said, looking towards his brother for a response.
“Seems like it.” Kaiba looked down and moved his fork around in his hand a bit as a vague gesture. “I’m ready.” Mokuba held his folded note in both hands, and got out of his seat.

The brothers got ready for the day (fixing their hair and such), and dressed up, wearing suits and ties. Mokuba grabbed a couple more things, and they headed out.

Kaiba deliberately shut off the radio when it automatically turned on, prolonging the silence. The atmosphere in the car was still, and cold. The ride to the flower shop was a quiet one. They bought a bouquet of sunset tulips and blue lilac flowers, and left as quickly as they had arrived. The ride was even quieter on their way to the cemetery.

At their father’s grave, they arranged the flowers, and the notes they had written the night before. They knelt down on the ground and said a few words in respect:

“I hope that you see what I’ve become, and I hope that you are proud and that you can forgive me. I miss you.” Kaiba began to cry.

Mokuba held onto his brother. “I know that I never really spent very much time with you, but now more than ever, I wish you were here. I’d do anything in the world for you, Dad.”

Kaiba did his best to take a deep breath, and said “Happy Father’s Day.” with some difficulty.

“Remember when we went on vacation? We went to the ocean?” Kaiba was holding back tears and had a smile on his face, “We were all so happy. Just the four of us, playing in the sand on the beach. That small trip, those couple of days, are something I will never forget. Thank you. I love you and mom so much, and I can’t wait until we see each other again. You two and Mokuba mean the world to me.”

Mokuba cried hard. “I know that you don’t want to see us so sad, but we miss you. We love you so much. Happy Father’s Day.”

The Kaiba brothers stayed around for hours, sitting in the grass and sharing more anecdotes to pass the time. They spent the entire afternoon laughing and crying about their family, and how their lives used to be.

Kaiba stood up from his spot on the grass. “Mokuba, I think it’s time for us to leave.” He patted his brother on the back as a sign to get up.

“Okay, just one more thing before we go home.” Mokuba got up quickly.

“Sure, what is it?” Kaiba turned and looked over to his brother, with a slight smile on his face.

Mokuba walked in front of his older brother, and held out the note he carried all day. “I wanted you to have this. It’s a drawing of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, just like the one I drew for you when we were stuck in the orphanage.” His face was beaming.

“Thank you, but why are you giving me this?” Kaiba smiled with some tears in his eyes, but also had a look of confusion plastered onto his face.

“You’ve done a lot for me. You’re always making sure I’m okay, and taking care of me no matter what. You promised me that you would be our dad when Dad passed away. You’re my dad too. Happy Father’s Day, Seto.”

Painted Walls

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Request:  Can you maybe do an imagine where the reader is really artistic and graffitis on the walls with rocks or something? If you wanna do a pairing that’s cool ✌🏻 thanks and I love your blog! 

A/N: I am so in love with this request! I myself paint and love to do art so doing this will be a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy~

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Chris&Eva #21 part 2.

“Eva?” Chris asked, his brows were furrowed and he was doing that thing where he was rubbing his jaw and looking intensly into her eyes. His gaze unnerved her more than she would like to admit.
“Um,..” Eva cleared her throat, the last time she was this nervous was, when her Spanish teacher asked her for he homework.“Yes?”
“I asked you if you wanted something to drink and you’ve been staring at me as if I just suggested that we burn down the nunnery,” he said, his eyes were glistening,Chris found the situation thoroughly amusing.
“You don’t even know where the nearest nunnery is,” Eva scoffed, it was a poor attempt at trying to gain her cool back.
“Neither do you but that’s besides the point,"he said taking a step closer, Eva felt her stomach do a backflip. Too close, he was too close yet not close enough. He leaned into her, for a split second she thought that he was going to kiss her, but his hot breath tickled her ear as he said,"Why are you here, Eva?”
“I…um..” she mumbled.Get a grip,Eva.“I am still waiting for you to thank me.” What the fuck?!? Did she just say that?
Chris tooks a step back looking as confused as she felt.
“Oookey,” he drew out.“For what exactly should I be thanking you?”

“For invinting you to the Eid party.” Eva could not believe the words coming out of her mouth right now. She should’ve gone to get a shovel for a hole she was going to dig,instead of standing in front of Christoffer Schistad and making a complete fool of herself. Oh, well.If she gets out with her pride somewhat intact, she might still do it. Maybe Chris will even hold a flashlight, so she doesn’t have to dig in complete darkness.

“Emm, you’ve never thanked me for inviting you to Riot parties.”
“Well, yeah. But I never met my soulmate at any of them,” she regretted her words as soon as they left her mouth. Chris let out a loud laugh and Eva felt her cheeks redden.
“Soulmate?Really? Trust me, even if I believed in such thing, which I don’t,I think I would know if I met my soulmate,” Chris replied, wiping away tears of laughter.
“What about Emma?"Eva asked,"You seemed to be pretty awestruck by her.”
“I was…"he began.
Eva felt like she was going to throw up. This was the part were he was going to say how into her he is.
"Until I walked her home. Just like in Cinderella, after midnight all of the magic was gone,"Chris said with a bitter smile.
"Wha-what do you mean?” Eva hoped that she didn’t look to happy.
“I mean, we talked and kissed…more than once,” he began, looking everywhere, just not in her direction.
“It seemed…wrong. She was too cheery, too nice, too easy to be with.”
Finally Chris looked at her, Eva felt like all of the air was sucked out of the room when his  green eyes, with amber flecks here and there, met hers.

“You might find it shocking but I don’t like easy,” Christoffer said with a small smile. “I like complicated, messy, tough, confusing…"he drew in a shallow breath, raking his hand through is hair."You, Eva Mohn, are just about all of those things.”
“You want me?” She felt like she was in one of those moments in the movies, the moment that changes everything.
“I have always wanted you in some way. As a drunken hook-up, as a sober hook-up, as a friend with benefits, as a friend…” he took a step forward, cupping her face into his hands, Eva felt chills running up and down her spine.“Now I want you to be my girlfriend. So woul-”
“Yes.” Eva said, she felt like he face will break into two from all the smiling.
“You didn’t let me finish,” he said.
“I am pretty sure that I knew what you were going to ask.”
Eva slowly leaned in and Chris met her halfway, their lips brushed against each other, slowly. Chris’s mouth found her ear and he whispered, almost to quietly for Eva to hear, “I was going to ask if you wanted something to drink. You didn’t give me an answer.”
Eva felt herself stiffen and Chris started to laugh, in that moment he looked so happy, so contained, so careless that Eva started to laugh as well.
They were still laughing when Noora and William came in and found them in the kitchen, red faced with tears streaming down their faces, laughing so hard that they had to hold each other upright.
“Eva, are you ok?” Noora asked looking as puzzled as ever.
“My girlfriend is perfectly fine, thanks for asking."Chris said and pulled Eva closer, so that her head rested into crook of his neck, still grinning.
"Finally,” William mutterd, Noora punched his arm. “What? We both knew that this was coming.So, drinks?” That earned another punch from Noora.

“’Are you serious right now?“ She said.

"What? We have to celebrated”
“We need to give them privacy."Noora retorted, pulling him out of the kitchen.
"It’s a public space and I am hungry.” Eva heard William reply halfway down the hallway
“We just had food.”
Eva felt Chris resting his head atop of hers.
“This…This right here,” she heard him say hoarsly. “This is good.”
“Perfect,” she said smiling.
Even though she couldn’t see his face, Eva knew that Chris was smiling too.


Long awaited part 2 is here. I don’t know if you like it, but I am throughly satisfied  with the ending. I am not sure but maybe it should be my last Mohnstad work because this is how I would have liked them to to end up and anything after just seems weird to write. I don’t know yet.



“Either you really missed us or you’re hiding from someone, this is your third time here this week, child,” my grandmother said as she cut a bell pepper for the salad she was preparing

I waved her off “Who could I possibly be hiding from?” I asked “I’m a free woman, I can come and go as I please. I just felt like getting out of the house, there’s nothing to do now that I’m pregnant”

Although I wasn’t hiding from anyone, I didn’t necessarily want to be found by a certain someone. That someone is my so-called boyfriend if he could even still be called that.

I wasn’t necessarily avoiding or hiding from Alex, but I didn’t feel the need to be around him. It got to the point where I had to move out of his house. I hadn’t packed up any of my belongings or anything like that, I simply went back to Traci and my place just until I was ready to deal with him again.

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[ Imagine #6 ] The second girl ~ Newt ( TMR )

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 2174 words

A/N: I know it’s been a few days (maybe weeks, idk) since i posted the last time, and i’m really, really sorry♡ I was just so busy, we had a lot of tests at school, my best friend came back from australia after 6 months and i was ill for a few days. But i’m back and i try to post more regular, in a few days we have christmas holidays so i have a little bit more time for writing!

Hope you enjoy this imagine and i would be happy about a request xx



I stood next to my two best friends Thomas and Newt right in front of the box hole, the other boys gathering behind us. Today was the arrival day of the new greenie and the box should be here at any moment. After a few minutes the metal covering of the box hole opened with a loud screech and revealed the box full with new supplies and in the middle laid a motionless person. Newt jumped down and hissed painfully as he landed on his bad leg. He bent down and tried to wake the person. It was a girl. He turned around and smiled up to me. “Y/N, could you come down? I guess she’ll be bloody frightened when she wakes up and maybe you could calm her down.” I nodded in agreement. I could remember very well how it was to wake up at the glade, with a completely empty mind and sourrounded by fifty boys, it would had been so much easier with another girl. I jumped down and landed without problems, but i could see Newt reaching his arms out to hold me and quickly pulled back when he saw me standing safe. I could feel my cheeks heating up and kneeled down, lightly shaking the girl at her shoulders. She had beautiful black hair and her fine features seemed oddly familiar to me, but i really couldn’t put a finger on it. Suddenly she gasped and her eyes fluttered open. She had bright blue eyes and stared directly at me. “Y/N” Her voice was barely audible and she sat up, clearing her throat. “Y/N” she repeated louder “where are we here?” I was utterly confused. Why did she knew my name? “Who are you?” i asked carefully. The girl was still looking at me, and her eyes widened slowly. “Don’t you remember? I’m Teresa! Your best friend?” I stared at her, trying to understand what she just said. My best friend? Teresa? I didn’t remember her. Desperately i tried to find a hint of her in my head, but there was nothing. I just wanted to give up, when suddenly memories flooded my head and i drew a sharp breath, pressing my hands at my temples. I remembered her! I ignored Newts concerned look and pulled Teresa into a tight hug. “I remember you” i wisphered, “and i’m so happy you’re here” I could feel her relaxing and hugging me back, until a very confused Newt tapped lightly on my shoulder. “I really don’t want to disturb you two, but it would be great to know what you’re bloody doing?” We parted and i helped Teresa to stand up. “This is Teresa, she’s my best friend and i remember her!” i said enthusiastically. Newt gave Teresa a smile and shook her hand. “Name’s Newt” he said friendly and turned to me. “Did you remember anything else?” “No, there are just some memories of me and Teresa, nothing that could help us” i replied and shrugged. “But i’ll tell you when i remember something, ok? I’ll just gibe Teresa the tour.” He agreed,  climbed out of the box and then bent down to help Teresa and me. I ignored the staring boys and dragged her through the croud. “So this is the glade, over there is the homestead, and…”


The next days i barely spoke to Newt. He was always working together in the garden with Teresa, laughing and making jokes with her. Teresa seemed to enjoy Newts company pretty much, a little bit too much in my opinion. Every evening, when we were sitting together at the campfire, she told me how funny Newt was, how much she liked him and that he was her best friend beside me in the glade. Every evening, i listened to her and pretended to be utterly happy for her making new friends so fast, even if i actually didn’t wanted to hear anything about it because it made me just sad. One evening, she asked me: “Do you think Newt likes me?” “Of course, i mean you’re always hanging out together, i’m sure he likes you” i said and tried to sound normal. “No, i mean, do you think he likes me?” My stomach twisted, but i pretended to think. Teresa didn’t seemed to realize something is wrong, and just gave me a questioning look. “I don’t know. But could be, i guess. He’s always laughing when you’re around and seems happy.” Teresa nodded thoughtfully and stared into the flickering flames. I cleared my throat. “I’m going to sleep now. I’m tired.” I forced a smile on my face, even if it felt more like a grimace, quickly got up and walked to the little room i shared with Teresa. I could felt her bewildered gaze at my back but ignored it.

▪ ▪ ▪

As i layed in my hammock, eyes open, staring at the wooden ceiling, i suddenly felt the urge to cry. It’s terrible if your crush likes another person, but it’s even worse if this person is your best friend. I was sure if i’d tell Teresa that i liked Newt, she wouldn’t want to hurt me and would stay away from him. But i wouldn’t do that. They are both my best friends, and if they are happy together, i would’t destroy that. I wasn’t that selfish. Besides, i knew

Teresa was better than me. She was a lot prettier, kindhearted and friendly and everybody liked her. Newt deserved someone like her, but it hurted anyway.

Soon after i closed my eyes, the door opened and Teresa carefully walked over to her bed and layed down. The dim moonlight illuminated her face as she turned to me and asked quietly: “Are you ok, Y/N?” I swallowed and somehow managed to anwser with a normal voice: “Of course, why shouldn’t i?” It was obvious that Teresa didn’t believed me, but she dicided to drop the subject and smiled at me. “Well, then good night, Y/N” “Good night, Teresa”, i wispered.

▪ ▪ ▪

When i woke up the next day, Teresa wasn’t in her bed anymore. I quickly put on my hoodie and my pants, tied up my hair in a loose ponytail and headed out to get some breakfast before working. The moment i entered to homestead, i saw Newt and Teresa, sitting together, really close to each other. They were talking animatedly, laughing and smiling. I forced a grin on my face, walked over and sat down. Teresa flashed me a bright smile, Newt barely seemed to notice me, he just gave me a small nod before he turned his attention back to his food. I felt a pang of hurt in my chest and got up again. “I’m going to work” i said tersely and left the homestead. Even if i’d promised myself myself last night to be happy for them, i wouldn’t just sit there and watch Newt ignoring me and flirting with Teresa.

▪ ▪ ▪

I walked over to the medjack hut when i saw Thomas. As soon as he saw me, he came over to me. “Hey Y/N, do you know where Teresa is?” he asked me with a smile. “Teresa? Oh she’s in the homestead, but she’s busy ” i spat out and kept walking. I really don’t wanted to talk right now, but before i could escape to the empty medjack hut, Thomas reached out, grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Ok ok, sorry for asking”, he chuckled, “what is she doing?” I rolled my eyes. “She’s flirting with Newt, ok? Can i go now?” To my big surprise, Thomas started laughing. “Oh, i really doubt she’s doing that! But you look slightly annoyed.” He bent down, nugded the tip of my nose and asked in a high pitched voice, as if he was talking to a little child: “Is little Y/N jelly?” I crossed my arms over my chest and scoffed contemptuously. “Definitely not! And how could you doubt that? Have you even seen them?” He shrugged. “No, i haven’t, but i really doubt it because Teresa is my girlfriend.”

▪ ▪ ▪

I choked. “She’s what?” He smiled proudly. “My girlfriend. I know she has been here for only a few days, but she seemed so familiar to me and two days ago we figured out we’ve been together before the maze.” “Oh Thomas, that’s great!” I hugged him enthusiastically. Of course i was happy about to of my best friends being together, and even more because Teresa wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Newt. But then hit me. Even if Theresa wasn’t interested in Newt, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in her

. I dropped my arms and Thomas asked immediately: “Are you alright, Y/N? ” I nodded and tried once again to leave to my workplace, but after a few steps i heard Thomas asked: “You think Newt likes her, right?” I froze and turned around slowly. “He does. I mean, i’m not blind. I see it.” Thomas just stared at me, then shook his head. “You see it?! You see nothing, Y/N, nothing! You’re so blind! Didn’t you noticed how nervous Newt is always around you? Didn’t you noticed how he looks at you, how he always tries to protect you?!” I was stunned. Newt liked me? “Newt… Newt likes me?” i stuttered. “No, he don’t likes you, he loves you! And you’re too blind to see it!” Thomas practically yelled at me. “I really have no idea how you can be so oblivious. I mean, you basically stare at him the whole day” he snickered. I could feel my cheeks heating up, and i couldn’t stop smiling like an absolut idiot. I felt… i didn’t know, it was just indescribable. Like i could hug the whole world, or was just overflowed by happiness. I could even say something nice to Gally right now.

▪ ▪ ▪

After this conversation with Thomas i decided to talk to Newt. After dinner, i walked over to him. He chatted with Teresa, of course, but i just ignored that and asked: “Could i talk to you for a minute, Newt?” He seemed surprised, but looked at me espectantly. “Not here. Maybe.. in my room?” He nodded and ran his hand nervously through his blonde hair, before he followed me to my room.

I had my doubts. Even if Thomas had told me more than once, that he liked me, what if he was wrong? Then i would ruin our friendship and would be utterly heartbroken. But i shook my head to get rid of this thoughts and took a deep breath. I would do that. When we reached the little room, i closed the door behind us and sat down on the bed, just to get up again a moment later and paced around nervously. Newt stood awkwardly next to the door and his eyes followed my every step, when i apruptly stopped and turned to him. “Do you like Teresa?” He startled and looked up. “Of course i like her” he said confused, clearly didn’t get my intention. I rolled my eyes in response. “No, do you like her?” Realization hit him and he quickly shook his head. “No! Why do think that?” I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but i tried to hold them back. “Because you always spent time with her, and you seemed so… happy” i wispered and a single tear rolled down my cheek. I removed it with my hand. “Sorry” i sobbed. Newt shifted uncomfortably, i clearly didn’t know what to do. Eventually, walked over to me and pulled me into a thight hug. As i felt his strong arms wrapped around my back and my head laid on his chest, so i could hear his fast heartbeat, i started to cry. I cried and cried, and Newt just held me until i calmed down.

“I don’t like Teresa. I like you. I like your laugh, how your eyes sparkling every time you’re happy, how you’re always caring for everyone. Whenever you’re near me, i get so…so nervous and all flustered and have no idea what to do or say and whenever one of the boys is flirting with you, i just get so jealous. Just thinking about you makes me happy and smiling and i’m so glad you’re here. Y/N, i - i love you.” I looked up to him, and without thinking, i laid my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his. He immediately kissed back, pulling me even closer to him. I kissed him with all the feelings i held back for so long and we had to stop for breathing, wispered: “I love you, too.”

The Moon and the Sun- A Suho Wolf!Au (part 2)

Part 1, Part 3

He got in the car quickly, and roared the engine awake, driving off rapidly. He made his way back home without paying any attention to the road, his senses just taking him back. He was lucky the road was fairly empty, because he hadn’t yet calmed down from his encounter with you, and his mind was racing with thoughts of you.

He could almost smell you in the car with him, your sweet scent overpowering his senses. He remembered the beautiful color of your irises, and the way you lips moved as you breathed in and out. He couldn’t shake you out of his mind. His chest was heaving; his hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white. His eyes shifted color, from the usually warm brown, to the frightening wolfy yellow color they became once he transformed.

He sped down the road, ready to get back home, to their house in the countryside, back to safety, where it would be okay if he transformed, or lost his mind, or just  broke down, because there would be no strangers to stare at him, or question him. His eyes found his reflection in the rearview mirror, and he closed them tightly for a second, trying to get them to regain their natural pigmentation. He hated himself. He hated what he was, he hated not being normal.

If he had been a normal guy, just like the rest of the men out in the street today, he could have stopped you, and handed you your handkerchief with a smile, possibly asking for your number, and offering to walk you to whatever destination you had in mind. If he was a normal guy, he would have tried to charm you with his wit, and his manners, and would have offered to take you out on a date, to get to know you better. If he was a normal guy, he would have surely caused a much better first impression, and that was something he would never get back.

But instead, he was stuck on being wolf boy, the idiot who had panicked the moment he caught a whiff of your scent, his whole body going on overdrive, unable to contain himself. He couldn’t even ask you for your name, and now it wasn’t likely that he’d ever see you again, and all you would think of him was that he was a creep who was scared of talking to girls. Why couldn’t he just be normal?

He forcefully opened the door to the house that used to be his grandfather’s and now he shared with other 11 men, and slammed it shut behind him. Kris’ head popped up by the door.

“Everything alright?” He asked, eyeing his alpha curiously. His eyebrows raised in question.

“Hey Suho! Did you bring our pastries?” Asked Sehun as he jumped up from the sofa, and chased the older boy to the kitchen. Tao followed him closely behind.

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t get them.” Suho replied through gritted teeth. The younger kids moaned and complained.

“I said I was sorry, okay? Something came up” He replied, his eyes narrowing, and for the very first time in a long time, the younger boys stopped yapping, the full force of the alpha influence coming upon them. Suho sighed. Kris noticed this, and ushered the boys out of the kitchen, closing the door behind their complaining bodies, before turning to his alpha.

“What happened out there? Why did you come back looking like you’d seen a ghost?” He questioned, crossing his arms over his chest, as he leaned on the door. Suho turned to him, one eye brown, the other one a bright yellow, his chest heaving.

“It’s true Kris. The legends, they are all true.” He whispered, his words fast and harsh, as he grabbed the other boy’s arms, with eyes open wide in bewilderment. Kris looked at him with confusion plastered all over his face.

“What are you talking about Suho?” He questioned, looking at his alpha deep in the eyes, his bicolored eyes.

“The legends! About finding a mate, a partner. I think they are true… Today downtown, I saw  a girl, her scent drew me towards her, I was at the bakery, but all I could smell was her, her sweet scent. And then when our eyes met…. When our eyes met it was like instead of gravity, what held me on the ground was the pull on her. Kris… I think I bonded with this girl. I think we bonded Kris…”  Suho spoke, staring at his friend with eyes wide open, his heart pumping so harshly against his chest he thought it would pop right through.

“You bonded?” Kris whispered back harshly, mouth hanging open.

“SUHO HYUNG BONDED?!” They heard Jongdae and Baekhyun scream behind the door. Kris sighed, and stood away from the door, which was flung open. Suddenly the small kitchen was filled with the remaining 10 guys of the pack. Suho rolled his eyes.

“So it’s true, the legends are all true. It is possible to bond with someone?” Chanyeol asked, looking around, both excited and confused. Suho nodded looking at the ground.

“It seems so, yeah” Kris replied seriously, suddenly all 12 wolf boys seemed a little revolutionized, this was a whole new concept none of them had ever believed in.

“What is she like hyung? When will you bring her here to us?” Asked Tao, staring at the alpha with sparkly eyes full of  wonder and curiosity.

“I don’t know…” Suho mumbled. 11 faces turned to look at him with similar confused expressions, even Kris struggled to keep his cool as they all stared at their alpha like he had said something completely ridiculous.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Luhan snapped, questioningly, as he folded his arms over his chest.

“I ran away from her okay? I was overwhelmed. It completely dominated all of my senses! Our eyes met, and I was astounded. It was too much for me. How did you expect me to react?! I didn’t even believe things like these could happen and all of a sudden there I am standing like the world was shaking underneath me, and all I could see was her face. I was mortified!” Suho exclaimed, flailing his arms around as he turned away from the 11 prying stares. Kris chuckled, and placed his hand over the alpha’s shoulder. The other guys all shared a similar amused expression. Tao and Sehun looked at each other, silently speaking of how they both wished to experiment the same sensation soon.

“I’m sure you’ll meet her again. You’ve bonded after all… It’s only a matter of time before you meet her again.” Kris comforted his friend, with a small smile on his face. Suho smiled weakly at him, but deep down, he had lost all hopes to see you again.

They were all turning around to go back to the living room to continue watching a movie before dinner, when the bell rang, echoing through the house, bouncing off the walls. They all froze in place, sniffing the air for a familiar scent. The younger pups looked at each other questioningly; the scent didn’t belong to any of their neighbors, or any of the police officers. Kris turned towards Suho, whose pupils had dilated once again. His body began shaking, as he made his way towards the door.

His hand trembled as he stretched it over towards the handle. He opened the door as he took a deep breath. He felt his heart skip a beat. Time stopped for him. His breath hitched in his throat, and suddenly the only thing he could focus was your body at the door.

“Hi…” You whispered, your eyes glued to him, completely ignoring the fact that there were 11 other boys jumping on top of each other, and pushing each other around right behind him.


Request by @namiheart: hey:) I really like your blog and i was wondering if you could do a deanxreader? The reader and dean are best friends, she is like a tomboy and one day the reader has a date with a boy from their school and dean gets really jealous and follows them? and on the next day when she gets to his house he has a really smutty surprise for her? sorry for my english >.<

Word Count: 2841

Warnings: Implied smut. Foreplay, kind of?

A/N: Sorry for your English? Psh. You have nothing to be sorry about! I, however, have much to be sorry for… The smut is… well, it’s not really smut… I’ve never written smut before, so it’s just kind of leading up to the smut.

“You have another date?” Dean asked, launching the basketball at you. You caught it easily and went for a lay-up.


“Zach again?” He asked, a strange, detached tone in his voice.

“Nope. Remember, he got back together with that Sarah chick, or whatever. James asked me out this time, for some reason.” For as long as you could remember, you’d been one of the boys. They never tried to stop you from playing video games with them and you were the first to volunteer to do anything if it meant your mom would yell at you for getting mud on your clothes. But lately it was like everyone realized that puberty had been really good to you. They still knew that you could kick their ass in basketball and you could build a robot that would literally kick their asses, but they kept asking you out anyway. It was weird. “We’re going to see Deadpool on Friday.”

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Better Than A Grammy

Request:  Omg can you do a Shawn imagine where we are married and have a 3 year old daughter/son. And Shawns nominated for his first Grammy and really thinks he’ll win. But when he doesn’t he’s crushed but we get home and our daughter/son drew Shawn a Grammy (not the most artistic cause they’re little) but it’s so sweet and Shawn just melts

a/n; this request is so cute, I just had to write it this instant!

Word Count: 308 (short, sorry)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“And the Grammy goes to… Ed Sheeran!” I instantly looked over to my husband, seeing sadness cover his face. “I’m sorry, baby.” I mumbled against his skin as I kissed his cheek. He nodded, “It’s okay.” He replied, smiling softly as we watched Ed accept his award. 


I linked my arm with Shawn’s as we walked up to the door of our house, I opened the door expecting our daughter to be asleep. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion as I saw Aaliyah asleep on the couch, she was watching Lily for us. “What are you doing up?” Shawn chuckled squatting down to be eye level with Lily. 

“I wanted to be awake when you got here!” She laughed cutely, I smiled as she ran off to grab something as I laid a blanket over Aaliyah. “I drew you something daddy.” Lily mumbled holding a piece of paper behind her back, I walked back over to them.

“It’s one of those things that you were on the TV for.” She blushed handing it to him, I smiled widely as we both looked over the drawing, it wasn’t the best thing in the world but the thought is what counts.

“Do you like it daddy?” She asked after Shawn hadn’t said anything. He looked up from the piece of paper and scooped her up into his arms. She giggled as he placed kisses all over her face, “I love it, princess.” He smiled as she held onto him, she kissed his cheek. “Yay!” She cheered, her tiredness starting to show, “Thank you, baby girl.” He mumbled moving her so she could wrap her arms around his neck. 

“You’re welcome.” She mumbled her eyes closing, Shawn turned to me and motioned to the picture, Lily and myself, “Better than a Grammy.” He whispered holding the now sleeping little girl. 

Just Tonight | Theo Raeken Imagine

request: by tanyaprerananairHey could you make a theo smut for me where I’m the new girl in school that just came from New Zealand and is a true alpha just like Scott and he kidnaps me and ties me up and fucks me basically and then starts having feelings for me? Sorry that was really long but your blog is awesome ❤️ and you can add my name in it if you want 😁 thanks anyways

word count: 1597

warnings: smut; rough sex; kidnapping

A/N: i know it’s kinda short and i’m not that good at smut but i like the way it turned out and i hope you do too

Could there be anything worse than the first day of school? For you, there was. It was your first day at a new school. After two whole years of fighting, your dad decided to leave your step mother and of course, you would accompany him. But how should you have known that he wanted to move to a small town, like Beacon Hills? You were from New Zealand and you were different from the people here. They were all human, at least the ones you had met so far, except for you. You were a werewolf. But not a simple werewolf, like an omega or a beta, no, you were a true alpha and of course you had to find a new pack. However you were sure that you wouldn’t find a single werewolf in Beacon Hills. “Y/N, sweetie?”, your dad called. “You have to go. You don’t want to be late to your first day at school, do you?”, he added. “No, of course not”, you lied and made your way downstairs. When your dad’s car stopped in front of the school, you heard how you heart skipped a beat. You said goodbye to your dad and entered the hallway. “Ah, Ms. Y/L/N?”, a voice asked. You turned around and saw a woman running towards you. “Hello, my name is Mrs. Morell and I’m your french teacher and that’s exactly your first lesson”, she smiled. “This”, she handed you a paper. “Is your timetable. Your first lesson starts at 8 o'clock, so if you don’t mind you can follow me to the class room?”, she offered, still smiling this big smile. You nodded and followed her. When the bell rang, Mrs. Morell clapped her hands and pulled you in front of the class. “Everybody, this is your new class mate: Y/N Y/L/N”, she announced and pointed at a seat next to a black-haired boy. “Hey, I’m Scott”, he mumbled and smiled. “Hi”, you replied and started unpacking your things. There didn’t happen anything spectacular while school: you talked to a few students and of course you had to stand in front of every class while the respective teacher presented you to the others. When your last lesson ended, you let out a sigh of relief and left the building. You had to wait for your dad who would pick you up  and that’s when you heard Scott talk to some others. “I’m 100% sure she’s a werewolf. I mean look at her”, a skinny, brown-haired boy said. “Me too, but I think there’s something else”, Scott uttered. You smiled. “Hey Scott, you want to know what? I’m a true alpha", you whispered, aware of the fact that Scott was able to hear you. You looked at him and your eyes changed from their normal color into a dark red. Scott smirked and began to talk to his friends again. After half an hour of waiting, you gave up and decided to walk home by yourself. You took out your iPod and started to listen to some music, when suddenly you felt a dull pain at the back of your head and everything turned black. After… you weren’t sure for how many hours or days you blacked out, but you woke up and the first thing you smelled was a disgusting smell of some chemicals. “Oh, the alpha is awake”, someone noticed and you saw a blurry face in front of yours. “W-Who are… y-you?”, you tried to say but you couldn’t help yourself and started to stutter. “I’m Theo Raeken, just a simple omega”, he explained and smirked. You blinked a few times, before you were able to see clear. “And what do you want from me, Theo Raeken?”, you said as you had found your voice again. “I just wanted to make sure if Scott’s telling the truth about you being a true alpha”, he mumbled and caressed your hair. When he touched you, you started to growl and your eyes turned red. “Obviously he is”, Theo said, more to himself. You looked at him. He was handsome, like he was really hot. You started inspecting his soft lips and wondered how they would feel on yours. Your eyes wandered to his toned chest under a tight black shirt. “I can hear your heart racing”, Theo murmured, his hot breath meeting your ear and making you shiver. “Well, I think you’re really beautiful, Y/N”, he whispered and pulled you up, just to lay you down on a mattress. He picked up a rope from the floor and in next to no time, your hands were tied up to the bed. Theo smashed his lips into yours, causing you to moan into his mouth. His hands were on your hips and you wanted to touch him, but you couldn’t. He pulled away and kissed your neck, nibbling your soft skin. When he found your sweet spot, he started to suck it, sending shivers down your legs. His right hand found its way to one your you boobs and he started squeezing it harshly. Theo removed his lips from you, just to pull down your shirt and unzip your bra, leaving your upper body completely naked. He smirked when he saw that your nipples were already hard. He pinched one of your nipples in his right hand while sucking greedily at the other one. You shrugged which made Theo pinching your nipple even harder, before doing exactly the same thing to your other nipple. You groaned but he closed your mouth with his lips pressing harshly against yours. He removed his hand from your nipple and took off his shirt, so you could admire his toned chest. “Like what you see?”, he asked and winked at you. One off his hands was still on your hip, as the other one slid down to your pants to undo them along with your panties. He spreaded your legs and looked down at your wet warmth. “God, beautiful”, he mumbled. His lips started to kiss the inside of your thighs causing you to moan his name loudly. Suddenly one of his fingers ran over your clit and all you could think about was how bad you wanted him inside of you. “Theo, please, just enter me”, you whispered and he smiled. He stood up and took off his jeans with his underwear, presenting his large erection to you. Before you could even think about it, Theo’s dick was at your entrance, rubbing against it. One of his hands got to your ass and he started squeezing it roughly while pressing his lips against yours again. He bit your lower lip but you had already opened your mouth to let his thick tongue slide inside of it. Without a warning Theo thrusted his full length into you and you tried to hold back the tears. You wrapped your legs around his waist, causing him to get deeper. He thrusted into you like that’s all he ever wanted. His thrusts were rough and fast and you were still trying to figure out what was predominant: the pain or the pleasure, he gave to you. “G-God, The-eo”, you moaned when he hit that one spot again and again. “I-I can’t hold back anymore”, you screamed and suddenly Theo pulled himself out. You looked at him with confusion before you felt his tongue at your clit. He locked his eyes with yours, admiring the pleasure he was giving to you. He drew circles around your clit before he started dipping his tongue into you roughly. You were pushed over the edge a few seconds later, moaning Theo’s name while he was licking up your sweet juices. When Theo fell down next to you, you felt exhausted. He untied you and said: “You’re free to go, Y/N. But maybe we can do this again another time” You smirked and dressed yourself again before you left Theo alone. “Oh my God, where the hell where you?”, you father screamed when you arrived at home. “Um, I was with some friends”, you answered. Your father sighed. “You could’ve at least told me”, he said and smiled. “I’m sorry but my battery was depleted”, you excused. You didn’t see Theo for over a month and you started to feel lonely. Not that you hadn’t found friends but wanted Theo and only Theo. After school you got upstairs and went to your room to do the rest of your homework, when you realized him. “Hey”, he said sitting on your bed. “Theo? Where were you?”, you asked and hugged him. “I had to… think”, he explained. “About what?”, you wanted to know, still being in his arms. “I know this may sound strange, because I don’t really know you, but… I like you. I mean I really like -”, he was cut off by you pressing your lips against his. “I know what you mean, Theo. I feel like we knew each other since forever and I like you too”, you said. “I’m in love with you, Theo”, you added and looked up shyly. Theo smiled. “I’m usually not the guy for relationships”, he whispered. “I know, Theo. You just want a nice fuck and then you never want to see this person again”, you said bitterly. “Yeah, usually. But with you it’s different. I want you, Y/N. I love you”, he told you and again he gave you butterflies in your stomach. He leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss. This kind of kiss, you would like to never end.

Dearest (Joker x reader) 10

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Originally posted by kurupuckpiknikhade480

Chapter 10

Mister J hadn’t spoken a single word the entire drive. Frost and I had decided it was best not to question him. Although I hadn’t known Mister J for long, Frost had, and he had never seen him act like this before. Usually Frost could predict to some degree what Mister J had in mind, but right now, his mind drew a blank. ‘’Get out of the car’’ Mister J growled. I looked over at him with confused eyes.

I still couldn’t understand what we were doing out here. When I didn’t immediately do what he told me to, he slammed both hands on the wheel. ‘’I SAID. Get out of the car.’’ This time I didn’t hesitate to unbuckle my seatbelt and kick the door open. The air had a sour chemical scent to it and I scrunched my nose.

Frost remained in the car and waited for further instructions. When I looked at the car, I could see Mister J still sitting there. He wasn’t moving a muscle and his face wore an expression I’d never seen on him before. He was leaning his head back in his seat and looking up at the ceiling. I could see genuine confusion in his expression. He seemed to be thinking about something, or maybe deciding something?

I stood outside in the chill air, probably more confused than him, waiting for him to explain what was happening. After 2 minutes of him staring at the roof of the car, he suddenly slammed his fist yet again on the wheel and burst out the door. He was walking aggressively and quickly towards me and I felt my heartbeat increasing for each step he took.

Without thinking, I covered my face with my hands, afraid he was going to slap me. When he saw, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it roughly while forcing it behind my back. ‘’Ssshh, ssh. Don’t worry, I’m gonna fix you.’’ I furrowed my brows. ‘’What are you talking about?’’ He didn’t answer me, he just led my body with his grip and started walking into the building.

I kept my mouth shut and followed him. The building was old and bore brown, rusted walls. Inside of the building, the chemical smell was even stronger and I felt like I was breathing toxic. We entered an elevator and the doors creaked as they closed. We both stood, at different sides of the elevator and looked at each other. This was the first time in a long time I felt nervous in his presence.

Lately, so much shit had gone down that I hadn’t had any time to focus on my emotions. His eyes were glued to mine. He looked like he wanted to eat me. His eyes were wide and his breath heavy. It made my heart race. I couldn’t decide if it looked like he wanted to kiss me passionately or tear me to shreds.

The elevator finally stopped, after what felt like minutes and minutes on end. Mister J turned on his heel and stepped out, waiting for me. I took a step out and he grabbed my hand. It felt strange. It was such a normal and gentle thing for him to do. His grip wasn’t rough or sexual. He just barely squeezed it, as if my hand was made of glass and he didn’t want to break it.

He led me towards the middle of the room. His breath was heavy and his eyes still looked a little confused. It was a mix of confusion, lust, hate, desire and a feeling I don’t think he understood. An unfamiliar feeling none of us could describe in words. It could only be felt.

I drew a sharp breath, anxious about what all of this was about. When I stopped focusing so much on my thoughts, I noticed a sound. Bubbling. I walked over to the edge of the platform and leaned over to see where the sound was coming from. 8 meters down, I could see five or six large chemical vats. The brown liquid was bubbling and steaming. ‘’Mister J why- Doll.’’ He interrupted me.

I looked at his eyes. Those crazy, deranged eyes that I had fallen in love with. Then I looked back down at the swirling chemical bath below us. That’s when it all made sense to me. His skin, his hair. He was born down there.

Mister J grabbed my shoulders and I looked back up at his eyes again. His eyes, the same color as his chemical birthplace. ‘’Would you die for me?’’ he asked me dead serious. Yes, yes, yes, anything I thought. ‘’Yes.’’ I said honestly. Then he looked up the roof and shook his head. ‘’No, no, that’s too easy.’’ He looked back down at my eyes again. Then he flashed a toothfull smirk. It sent chills down my spine and honestly, it scared the hell out of me.

‘’Would you?’’ he stopped, thinking. ‘’Would you live for me?’’ he growled. My heart tried to push itself out of my ripe chest. ‘’Yes’’ I replied. He caressed my arm with his hand. I was trembling under his touch.

He had a power about him that I could not deny. My chest rose up and fell. I was the mouse, he, the lion. ‘’Will you embrace me, and only me?’’ Yes, any day, every day, forever.’’ His hypnotizing eyes capturing mine. ‘’Will you bind your spirit to mine, in hate?’’ Anything, anything. I nodded eagerly. ‘’Do you consign your soul to me?’’ I opened my lips slightly. ‘’Yes.’’ ‘’Do you laugh at the world in disgust?’’ Always have, always will. Especially if I can laugh at it with you, I do. I do.’’ He put his finger to my lip and dragged it down my sore bottom lip as he kept his eyes on mine. ‘’Yes.’’

‘’Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly’’ My breath hitched in my throat as I stared into his gleaming eyes. ‘’I want it.’’ ‘’Say it, say it. Say iit.’’ He groaned between heavy breaths. ‘’Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty’’ ‘’Please?’’ I finished. My voice was weak, like an innocent little child. He lifted his hands from my shoulders and curled them together in delight as he watched me beg. ‘’Aaw, God, you’re so, good.’’

He took a few steps back and raised his arms slightly, looking at me, gesturing for me to let myself fall into the chemical vat below us. I was happy too, there wasn’t a thing I wanted more in this life. I would live for him, I would die for him, I would spend each and every moment of my life embracing him and only him. My puddin.

Just as I was about to raise my arms and let my body fall down into the gooey chemical bath, someone fell through the roof and landed in-between us with a loud bang. ‘JOKER!’’ a dark voice roared. Once the dust had cleared, I squinted my eyes and opened my mouth in surprise and shock. It was the Batman. ‘’Let the girl go.’’ He commanded and started walking towards my Mister J. Mister J started hysterically laughing at the bat’s face. ‘’I suggest you back of batsy, the girl belongs with me and she stays here.’’ He roared back at him.

‘’She’s an innocent young girl with a family and friends who are looking for her. She doesn’t belong with a psychopathic, emotionless clown.’’ I looked down at the floor, my heart churning when he mentioned my friends and family. Batman turned his head in my direction and used his free hand to reach it out for me to grab. ‘’Come here, miss. You don’t want this. He’s a manipulative psychopath who has been toying with you since the minute he saw you.’’

No. That stupid batman didn’t even know the first of it. Mister J wouldn’t have brought me here, or come to save me if I was just a chew toy to him. I slapped his hand away and crossed my arms over my chest. Mister J looked at me with so much passion. Seeing his girl beat the batman turned him on beyond belief.

He took the chance to slam his own head into batsy’s head. The Batman fell to the ground and the Joker jumped on top of him, beating him whilst laughing hysterically. I just stood there, watching them. There wasn’t anything I could to. This was between them. The fight escalated and they launched themselves at each other, throwing each other into walls and down on the floor. You could sense the hate between those two. Despite that, they needed each other. They were, in some sense, dependent on one another. Without each other, they would be, incomplete.

Frost threw a bat in Mister J’s direction and he grabbed it with his free hand. He looked down at the bat and smiled before he smashed the bat’s shoulder with the wooden bat. I couldn’t help but start giggling. He was beating the bat with a bat, how ironic.

When the bat was down, Mister J rushed over to me and grabbed my face. ‘’Do you want this? Do you really want this?’’ he panted. I looked at him with puppy eyes. ‘’I do.’’ He smiled crazily at me. At his point, Frost burst in through the elevator and tackled The Batman from behind before he could reach Mister J. ‘’Then, goodbye Y/N.’’ He pushed me off the platform and I plunged into the churning liquid below. 

‘’NO!’’ Batman shouted and reached out his hand, but it was too late. The acid devoured me as I screamed in pain from the burns. Impressed and satisfied, he watched me disappear into the hellish brew. At this point, batsy had gotten back up on his feet and grabbed Mister J by the neck. 

My puddin was quick, and kneed batsy in the stomach before kicking him to the ground. ‘’Come on boss! We gotta go’’ Frost exclaimed as he turned around to escape before Batman regained enough strength to fight back. ‘’No, no, no, no, no’’ Mister J mumbled to himself and kept pacing back and forth on the platform. Frost looked at him in shock and confusion as Mister J suddenly ripped his jacket off and plunged himself into the churning mass below.

Frost held his gun at the bat as he walked over to the platform to see what happening. Time was ticking, tick, tick, tick. Then, they broke surface. I was limp in his arms. He looked down at me and saw a change. My hair and my skin had been bleached and my skin had this alluring alabaster glow to it. I felt the air of the surface brush over my painted body.

The Joker looked down at my face and placed his lips on mine. My eyes opened in a gasp and I looked at the man holding me in his arms. His face was dripping with chemicals and his eyes were more deranged than I’d ever seen them. ‘’Who do you belong to?’’ he asked as he grabbed the back of my neck. ‘’You. You’re my Mister J’’ I grinned at him. Mister J moved in and kissed me hard on the lips while I began gnawing on his. He leaned his head back and started laughing hysterically as I joined in. From now on, it was the two of us, together.

IMAGINE 18+ #JihoonEdition {Requested}

“Seven minutes in Heaven with Jihoon?”

Here you go anon! :)

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Four months ago after 3 years of dating you and Jihoon had broken up. The split had been 100% your decision only, as you had gotten fed up with the constant business and travel that he always had to do, and the constant broken plans and promises that had become your new norm. After 3 years of dating you had established a strong bond with him and Seventeen so even though you two were currently done, you did from time to time come and hang out with the members. Sometimes you even found yourself regretting your choic—

“Truth or dare?” Hoshi asked snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Uhm dare?” You chose sending the members of Seventeen into raucous laughter. “Okay!” Hoshi said trying to catch his breath and hold in his excitement. “I dare you to….”

As soon as Hoshi opened his mouth you realized what he was going to say. You quickly shot a glance over at Jihoon who was eyeing you back with a pained expression on his face.

“…Have ‘7 minutes in Heaven’ with Jihoon!” 

“Wh-hat what!” You sputtered as the boys broke out into another round of laughter while Jihoon slowly turned red. 

“Do it! Do it!” They began to chant as you reluctantly stood up and walked over to the nearest closet door. As soon as you turned the handle  to pull it open, items poured out onto the floor and landed at your feet. The closet was an utter mess.

“Oh well” Woozi said in a relieved tone. “Looks like she doesn’t have to to do the da–”

“Woah! Woah! Woah! Now you both are not going to get out of it that easy!” DK interjected. “Yeah!” Jeonghan agreed “Just go to the guest room in the back.”

“You’ll have PLENTY of privacy” Jun snickered sending the boys into yet another round of giggles and guffaws.

Slowly both you and Jihoon walked in sync to the guest room as the door closed behind you. Jihoon turned to you.

“Look we don’t have to do this-”

“I want to.”

Jihoon’s eyed widened in shock. “You want to?!”

You nodded and he reached out and took your hands holding them in his. “ really want to do this? This isn’t mandatory those guys are dummies and they’ll never know if we did something or n—”

You leaned forward and kissed him, effectively ending his one-sided conversation. When you pulled away his eyes were confused and his whole world seemed to be shook.

“But what about before? The whole we’re done, we can’t make it. You need someone more grounded et cetera?”

“It’s in the past.” You calmly stated. “I wouldn’t mind trying again….”

You placed your lips on his once more and this time his hesitation completely disappeared. He ran his hands from their place on yours up your elbows and landed them right at your waist grabbing a firm hold of your hips. You drew in one sharp breath as he took four steps forward forcing your back to hit the closer door behind you boxing you in. His hands declared territory over your body and began their exploration as you wrapped your arms around his neck and squeezed as the intensity of his kiss washed over you again and again. 

Jihoon’s expert hands removed your shirt and brought it over your head tossing it into the darkness of the room. “I missed this” he half murmured half whispered as he fondled your breasts, causing you to shiver with excitement. 

“Me too” you agreed and began running one hand from his neck down his chest to the rising bulge in the front of his jeans. He smirked and pressed himself harder against you letting you get the full effect of just how much his body was enjoying your return. He then suddenly removed his hands from your breasts, picked you up and deposited your quivering body on the bed. He crawled over you to wear you were looking him in the eye and your bodies were lined up in perfect unison as he scissored your legs open with his intertwining your bodies further. His lips found your neck and you let out a sudden moan as they began their violent assault making you writhe in pleasure.

“Hey! Y/N! Jihoon! Your 7 minutes are up!” You both heard Hoshi scream through the door.

Jihoon looked down at you and you smiled back.

“Yeah you know what? Just forget about us. We’re fine here!” He called back with a sly gin in his voice. “7 minutes is never enough…”

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My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 9

Ahem…I don’t know how I feel about this one? 

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“Y/N” I hear from behind me and I jolt with surprise and cry out in pain as I stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand. “Mother Fu-…God Tom really?” I wince trying not to rub my eye, squeezing it shut tightly. After a few moments, I open my eye slightly and look in the mirror at my smudged makeup, I glare at Tom through the reflection and he looks at me apologetically. Suddenly his eyes narrow at me, “what are you all dolled up for?” Tom says, his voice full of suspicion. I don’t answer and instead use a q-tip with makeup remover to wipe the smudged bits. “You’re going on a date?” I look up to see Tom with his eyebrow raised and my phone in his hand as he scrolls through my texts.

I quickly turn and snatch my phone from his hand, “hey, stop snooping” I lock my phone and return to fix my makeup. Tom tilts his head sideways, “I’ve never seen your hair this straight…it’s nice…I prefer your natural waves and curls though.” I sigh putting my eyeliner down once I’ve fixed it, “not to be rude, why are you here?” I say pouting my lips slightly as I put on my red lipstick. Tom moves to sit on my bed and watches me, “Liz told me” he says and I look at him confused, “told you what?” “that you were going on a date” he shrugs and I place a hand on my hip. “And, why would she tell you that?” I ask with a slightly patronizing tone causing Tom to smile at me “I don’t know.” 

Knowing Tom won’t tell me I don’t bother to ask further and put on a pair of earrings before moving to find a pair of heels. “Who is he?” he says with something strange in his tone. I bite my cheek and begin to put on my heels, Tom gets down onto his knees and helps me put them on gently. He slowly stands up afterwards and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, his eyes staring into mine intensely. I take in a slow deep breath and my eyes drop to Tom’s tongue that darts out along his bottom lip before he gently tugs it between his teeth. I gulp and look back into his eyes, his eyes flicker between my eyes and lips, he slowly inches forward. 


Tom sighs in frustration and I jump away from him, I quickly grab my purse and walk hurriedly to the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow Tommy” I flash a quick smile. I motion for Tom to keep quiet and then open the door a little bit, “hi…wow you’re gorgeous.” I see my date for the night and I smile at him, “thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself” I wink and then internally slap myself for the overly cliche line. I hear a scoff behind me and my date frowns slightly, “what was that?” he asks trying to look past me, “oh nothing, things just creak on occasion, lets go then shall we” I say ushering him away, I glance back inside when he’s not looking and glare at Tom who smirks at me before I shut the door. 

It’s been two weeks since Tom made me dance and told me he loved-…loves me. Tom had become increasingly touchy and affectionate than before, which I didn’t think was possible. It constantly made me flustered and my feelings wouldn’t shake off, so, when a cute guy asked me out I thought it would distract me. How wrong of me. 

My date, Drew, brings me to a fancy French restaurant and we sit outdoors with twinkling lights hanging. “This place is beautiful, how’d you find it?” I say as he tucks me in, he sits opposite me with an adorable smile, “the owner is a family friend.” I nod and the waiter bring us our menus and Drew picks out a wine for us. He continues the conversation with a little small talk and I answer his questions slightly bored. Don’t get me wrong, he’s freaking cute and so sweet but…he wasn’t…Tom? Speaking of, my eyes glance behind Drew for a second and I do a double take, my eyes widen at the scene in front of me but then they narrow. I straighten up in my chair and clench my jaw, Tom is being placed at a table with…Taylor. 

Tom’s eyes finally meet mine and I glare at him but he gives me a sneaky smile (gif) as if he could sense the jealousy building within me. “Y/N?” I hear Drew call out and my eyes snap back to him, I give him my sweetest smile “sorry, I thought I saw someone, it doesn’t matter though” I reach over the table and place my hand on his. He looks down at our hands and then back at my face, his eyes glisten with excitement and he smiles at me. The waiter comes to take our orders and quickly leaves. “I like your hair like this” Drew says glancing at my straightened locks of hair. I let out a fake shy giggle and glance behind him for a second to witness Tom flashing Taylor a smoldering look then leaning over to whisper in her ear, his eyes looking up to meet mine once more. 

I let out a huff of breath and look back at Drew, giving him a big flirty smile as he talks about his job. I take a sip of wine, I look back at Tom who’s already looking at me with a small smirk, if this is the game he wants to play, then we’ll play. Toms lips twitch and he holds back a grin seeing the look in my eyes. Game on. I shuffle my chair around the table and move it next to Drew, he looks at me slightly shocked and I lean forward getting up close to hip, bringing my red lips to his ear I whisper with a sultry tone “I love the way you speak…” my eyes dart to Tom and I notice his body tensing up, I stepped up my game and slide my hand Drew’s back until it reaches his shoulder. 

What am I doing?

Drew gulps loudly and he reaches up to loosen his collar slightly, “I’m sorry, I guess that came off a little strong” I say and peck his cheek, letting my lips linger when I feel Toms burning stare on us. I pull away and gently rub my thumb on the lipstick stain that I left on his skin. “Oops” I say and move back to my place when the waiter returns with our meals. We begin to eat while he talks, stuttering from being so flustered. My eyes are suddenly drawn to behind Drew when Tom leans close to Taylor, whispering to her, pressing kisses to her cheek and jawline. I unconsciously begin to stab at my meal and Drew looks at me curiously, “are you alright?” I look back at Drew and realize what I am doing. “Just perfect” I say and continue to eat trying to hide my jealousy. I offer some of my food to Drew and begin to feed him small parts of my meal, making it look as affectionate as possible in front of Tom. 

I offer some of my food to Drew and begin to feed him small parts of my meal, making it look as affectionate as possible in front of Tom. Tom looks as if he is about to stand up but he contains himself and returns his attention to Taylor, showing her his panty dropping smile. I scoff and blush when Drew stares at me, “I-I’m sorry, was it what I said?” he frowns and my eyes widen slightly, “oh no, no, I just…uhm…I’m sorry, I’m being awful, just distracted by something I remembered” I lie and Drew looks at me sympathetically. He reaches over and strokes my cheek “don’t worry about it, your gorgeous smile makes up for it” he smiles and I actually blush at his words. We finish our meal and order some dessert, we decide to share an apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. I move closer and we feed each other, making us look like a love sick couple that everyone is annoyed at. I spoon some crumble and ice cream and slide it into Drew’s mouth, I glance up at Tom and notice his clenched fists and jaw, his attention barely on Taylor. Looks like I’m winning. 

I hold back a grin and look back at Drew who is frowning at me, “who do you keep looking a-” he says shifting to look in the direction of Tom but I stop him, panicking I press my lips against his and kiss Drew. It barely lasts a few seconds when I feel myself pulled away roughly and made to stand up. My eyes look up and they meet the angry eyes of Tom, “we are leaving” he almost growls, he glares at Drew and slams some money on the table before dragging me away. “Tom! Tom stop it! You’re hurting me!” I refrain from yelling and Toms grip on my arm loosens slightly, but he continues to drag me to his car. He lets go when we reach the car and he gets into the drivers seat, I stand there confused but he glares up at me and I move to the passenger seat and get in. Tom immediately drives out of the parking lot and heads towards his apartment building. No words are said during the ride instead the atmosphere is filled with tension…both types. 

Tom finally stops the car and gets out, closing his door a little to harshly. I get out the car slowly and he walks straight up to his apartment. I follow behind him and when we reach his door he opens it as quickly as he can and steps inside. I follow in behind him hesitantly when suddenly the door is slammed shut. I walk over to the other side of the room and stare at the floor, avoiding Toms burning gaze. “Look at me” he says, his voice much deeper and gravelly. I hesitantly glance up and meet Toms darkened eyes. We stare at each other for a few moments but then both rush forward and meet in a deep passionate angry kiss. Letting out both our frustration with each other. My hand reaches up to cup Toms jaw whilst the other runs through his short hair, Toms large hands moving to my neck pulling me closer. His hands move down to my waist and we continue to let out our frustration on each other, our bodies moving instinctively towards his bedroom. 

The Next Morning

My eyes flutter open and I find myself in Toms arms against his warm body. Warm…naked…body. My eyes widen and I quickly squirm out of his hold ending up on the floor tangled in the blanket. “Shit” I hiss rubbing my butt, I hear a small groan and I tense up. Toms face suddenly looks over the edge of the bed and I look up at him. I realize something and quickly cover myself up in the blanket as best as I can and Tom smirks slightly, “seen it all darling” he winks and I glare at him. I wrap myself in the blanket and then stand up to walk to the bathroom, blushing when I walk with a slight limp and discomfort. I hear Tom chuckle with satisfaction and I look over my shoulder but quickly turn away when I realize Tom is laying there with no blanket. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” I whine out realizing what we’ve done. I rub my face with one hand, “what have we done Tom!?” I shriek. “Would you like the full details?” I hear Tom say and I groan before locking myself in the bathroom. 

Please tell me I didn’t just sleep with my best friend. I hold back from letting out a scream and I hear Tom knock on the door, “Y/N…are you okay? Are you having regrets?” I pull the door open thankful Tom has some pants on. “Regrets?! Tom! You are my best friend, we can’t just…” I wave my hands around and Tom looks at me with sadness in his eyes. “I don’t regret a second of it Y/N..not a single one.” He gets closer with each word and I stare into his eyes, my eyes water slightly. Why do I always cry? “I don’t want to get hurt” I whimper, my voice breaks slightly and Tom reaches forward to pull me into a tight hug. “At least give me a chance not to…when I saw you…with…him last night, I drew the line when you kissed him Y/N. The feelings I had inside…they were indescribable, I had never been so angry, so…jealous…hurt. I know what you went through was probably ten times worse…hell, more than that, but Y/N, I love you so damn much and I need you. Please give me a chance to be the man that you need.” 

I pull out of Tom’s hold and he looks at me with a broken expression, I stroke the stubble on his jaw and gulp, “I love you too.” I lean forward and press a gentle kiss on Tom’s lips. “I love you too…” I repeat against his lips feeling them curl against mine in a big smile. 

Seven Minutes From You - Chapter 6

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you guys, did you? Never! But I will adamantly apologize for the unusual wait. When I first started this chapter, finals week was quickly approaching so I had to buckle down and use my time for studying. Which, unfortunately, meant fanfiction had to be put on the back burner for a time. But, I should think you’ll be especially pleased with this chapter. Take a look for yourself.

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As if on cue, the doorbell rang. You easily lifted yourself off the couch, your body already having been in position. You opened the door and were met with faces that were much more familiar to Harry. You shyly smiled as you let them in. There was an air of discomfort that you couldn’t shake. It was weird for them to be in Harry’s house with only you home. You counted down the minutes in your head. Harry was due home in a half hour, in perfect timing for the game.

Like little ducks they followed you to the living room. They situated themselves on the couch while you gathered your study materials from the coffee table. As you bent over to retrieve your fallen notebook, you felt a pair of unwanted eyes glue to your legging clad thighs. You inhaled and exited the room as if you didn’t notice a thing. But you certainly felt it.

You felt anxious all of a sudden, and hot all over. As if the temperature in the house had increased by a few degrees since the arrival of your guests. But something told you it was more than just extra body heat. Dropping your supplies on the bottom step of the staircase, you walked into the kitchen for a glass of water.

With the cup to your lips, you had just taken your first sip when he spoke.

“He’s a fucking idiot,” he said.

What? You spit the water back into the glass. Your back was against the intruder as you stood in front of the fridge. Cautiously, you turned to his direction and were met face to face with Drew. How the hell did he get that close so fast?

“What?” you choked out, utterly confused.

“I said he’s a fucking idiot.” He was invading your personal space. You could feel his warm breath on your face as he spoke. You were tempted to place your hands on his chest and push him off, but you didn’t want to touch him. Instead, you walked backwards until your body collided with the counter. You grabbed the granite for support.

“Harry. He’s an idiot,” Drew continued.

“How so?” You asked. You didn’t know why you were even entertaining his nonsense but you didn’t know how else to react. You didn’t even know how to feel. You were… afraid?

Drew’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Because you’re here, alone, and he’s God knows where with God knows who, and when he comes back, he’s going to ignore you and watch some stupid game with some old mates. Like I said, idiot.”

His assessment of the situation shocked you. Your eyes narrowed as you stared into Drew’s dark ones. They held a look of smugness.

“You…what…” you shook your head, fumbling your words.

Drew’s eyebrows raised. “Y/N, how many months at a time does Harry go on tour?”

Goosebumps raised on your skin. You didn’t want to think about the answer to that question. It was too long.

“That’s none of your business,” you said instead.

“Exactly.” His tone was knowing, but really, he knew absolutely nothing. “Y/N, any guy who puts you second doesn’t deserve you. You have to know by now that Harry does.” Drew’s fingers drew delicate circles on the inside of your elbows. Despite its comforting intention, the gesture gave you the creeps. Between Drew’s words and touch, tears clouded your vision. Did Harry really put you second?

No. No of course not. Of course he didn’t. Harry loved you. You knew how much he loved you and how much he hated to leave you alone. This was his job, and although it cut into your time with Harry, you wouldn’t trade one minute with Harry for a lifetime with someone else.

Drew mistakenly took your silent pondering as acceptance. He leaned his head down so that his lips were pressed into the corner of your mouth.

“I swear, Y/N, you could be so much happier with me.”

But you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t be happy with anyone other Harry.

“No,” you said sharply. “You need to back up now. Please.”

Drew only smiled at you in response. “Aw, come on, don’t be like that. You don’t want to leave Harry, don’t. But I’m sure he won’t mind sharing.”

A wave of nausea rolled through your body. You couldn’t believe what he was suggesting.

“Seriously, you need to leave,” your voice shook.

“I don’t fucking think so, sweetheart.”

A small scream escaped your lips. Drew’s hand cupped the area in between your thighs and squeezed gently.

You heard footsteps rush into the kitchen, garnering Drew’s attention. You took advantage of his distracted state and pushed him off you.

“What the hell?” Sean asked, eyes darting from your tear-stained face to Drew.

“Nothing,” Drew said in a clipped tone. “We did nothing.” He was looking at you pointedly and his eyes were saying everything his mouth wasn’t.

“Y/N?” Sean asked you. “Is that true?”

You swiped at a fallen tear and stared at the floor as you spoke. “I…uh…think it’s time for you guys all to go.”

Drew had already started leaving the kitchen, but Sean’s gaze was still steady on you, assessing your state.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll tell Harry you guys couldn’t make it or something,” you said in between sniffles.

Sean slowly shook his head back and forth. “I really hope Harry gives it to him when he finds out.”

Your head snapped up. “What? No! I’m not telling Harry. And neither are you!”

Sean’s eyes narrowed in sympathy. “He needs to know,” he reasoned.

“No! He doesn’t, actually,” you insisted. The last thing you wanted was an angry Harry. “And you’re not going to tell him, either, okay?”

Sean didn’t look at you as he answered. “Okay.”

“Harry? I’m home,” you called, kicking your shoes off in the entrance.

“I’m in the kitchen,” he answered, his voice hard and distant. Your heart sank at the sound.

The whoosh of the running water intensified as you approached the large kitchen. Harry’s jaw was taut as he scrubbed his hands vigorously. He sighed as they refused to come clean. You smiled to yourself at his frustration.

You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his back. Harry’s body tensed at your touch and you recoiled as though you had been slapped. It was then that you noticed that Harry’s hands were stained red.

“Oh my God,” you choked out, grabbing his forearms in your hands.

“It’s not my blood, Y/N,” Harry said quietly. How could he be so calm? With your heart in your throat, you studied his face. How could you have not noticed the damage before? Harry’s lip was busted open and a bruise was beginning to form under his right eye.

“What the hell happened?” you demanded.

“I fought someone.” Those were the last words you ever thought you’d hear Harry say.

“Who?” you asked, although you were pretty sure you already knew the answer.

Harry’s eyes pinched shut and his fingers pressed into the bridge of his nose. “How could you not tell me?” He shouted, making you jump.

There was no use pretending that you didn’t know what he meant. He knew. You knew he knew.

“I didn’t think you needed to know,” you said softly.
Harry looked at you incredulously. “Y/N, it’s my job to keep you safe. But I can’t do that if you don’t tell me when one of my friends fucking attacks you!”

“He didn’t attack me.” But he did. Why you were defending Drew was beyond you. Maybe you thought it would calm Harry down. It only did the opposite.

Harry threw his hands to his hair. “Are you fucking kidding me? He touched you, Y/N! If you think what he did was okay, I’ve failed as a boyfriend.”

“No! Fine! It wasn’t! God! But it’s done, there’s nothing I could do about it!” You placed your hands on Harry’s distressed face. “Stop beating yourself up over it.”

“I… just, I just can’t believe Drew did that to you. He won. He got to me by getting to you,” Harry whispered with wide eyes.

Your body froze in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Harry huffed. “Drew and I have always had this weird relationship. He always tried to one up me, and when we were in the same band as kids, he thought he was more talented. At least that’s what Sean said.” He swallowed. “Baby, this wasn’t about you. I’m so sorry. I swear, I don’t care if someone blackmails me, spreads rumours, calls me names but for the love of God, they better not fucking touch you.”

Harry’s anger radiated off him in waves. You looked into his emotional green eyes before you gently pressed your lips against Harry’s busted ones.

“I’m sorry he hurt you,” you whispered.

Harry’s arms wrapped solidly around your body. “Not as sorry as I am.”

You nodded against Harry’s chest. He tenderly kissed your forehead.

“I love you so much,” he breathed.

Your heart flipped with his admission. Your heart, the part of you that only Harry could touch.

AUTHOR’S NOTE Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading! All my love!

Liam dunbar/brett talbot imagine

Can you do a Liam imagine where you guys aren’t dating but the reader likes him so she tries to make him jealous (with either Brett or Garett) and he ends up kissing her and confessing in the end?
Why? Why her? What does she have that I don’t? These were the questions going through my mind while I was watching Liam flirt with Hayden. Right now we were in History class. I sat behind Liam while Hayden sat next to him. I’ve had a crush on Liam ever since he transferred to Beacon Hills High. We’ve been best friends ever since he got the bite from Scott, my brother’s best friend. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m slowly losing him. Ever since the whole Dread Doctors scenario with Hayden, Liam thought it would be a good idea to be with Hayden 24/7 instead of being with his best friend. It felt like an eternity before class ended. As soon as it ended, I bolted out the door and quickly walked to my locker. Clumsy me just had to bump into someone while i was in a crappy mood. “Wow there, slow down flash. Where are you going in such a hurry?” Says the person i bumped into. I looked up to notice that it was Brett i had bumped into. “Im just headed to my locker. ” i said with a poker face. Brett looked at me questioningly. “Why do you look so upset? Who got you all sad? Do i have to beat up anyone?” That’s Brett for you. Always acting like my big brother, super protective. “You don’t have to beat up anyone Brett. No one did anything to me.” He just looked at me still confused as to why I’m acting so weird but he then changed the topic knowing that he won’t get anywhere trying to get me to tell him why I’m upset. “Okay… Anyway where is your freak of a friend Dunbar? Isn’t he always with you?” “Not anymore. He’s always with that she devil Hayden. He never has time for me anymore.” I said in the most sour tone ever. “Ohhh, i get it now. That’s why your upset. Cause your little ‘boyfriend’ is with his new toy.” Brett said with a chuckle. I just glared up at him. “He’s not my boyfriend and it isn’t funny. He totally acts like if I don’t exist anymore.” I said with a frown. Brett then hugged me trying to make me feel better. “Hey it’s okay. You don’t need Dunbar. You have me.” I pulled away from our hug slightly to look up at him. “That’s very sweet of you Brett and i know i have you there for me all the time but that still doesn’t make the fact that i have a crush on him any easier.” I had such a depressed look on my face that even Brett started to look a bit depressed. Then all of a sudden, Brett’s depressed look turned into a smirk. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion wondering what this boy was up to. “I think i have an idea. How about we act the same way Liam and Hayden are with each other and get Liam jealous the same way he’s making you feel jealous.” “That is the best idea you’ve ever had Brett. Let’s do it.” Brett then grabbed my hand and walked me to my locker so i could put my books away. It was currently lunch so Brett and i could put our plan into action. We walked to the table where the pack usually sat at. Everyone was already there, including Liam and Hayden. Brett’s arm was around me on my shoulder so that definitely drew attention to us as we walked up to the table. “Hey guys!” I said in a bubbly voice. Everyone just mumbled a hey back as they were all still confused as to why Brett and i were looking like a couple. Brett and i sat down next to each other across from Liam and Hayden. My brother, Stiles, being the bubbly weirdo he is had to speak to break the awkward tension that developed when Brett and I arrived. “Soo… Uhh… (Y/N)… How has your day been going so far?” He said eyeing Brett’s arm that was still around me. “It’s been going great actually. How has yours been?” I guess he couldn’t take it anymore so he just asked the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to. “Are you and Brett a thing?” I could feel Liam’s eyes on me, just waiting for my reply. I was about to answer when Liam just stood up looking angry and upset. “(Y/N) you better say no! You better not be in a relationship with Brett! If you are then as your best friend i forbid you to be in a relationship with him!” That just tripped me off. How dare he say 'as my best friend’. “Excuse me? As my best friend? Seriously? As my best friend? When was the last time you acted like my best friend? When was the last time we hung out? And even if things were still fine between us what would me being with Brett have anything to do with our friendship?” I was beyond upset i was pretty sure you could see the steam coming out of my ears. By now Liam and I were just inches away from each other. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at me. I was about to yell at him again but the unexpected happened. He kissed me. He just grabbed my face and kissed me. I was shocked at first so I didn’t kiss back but as soon as i realized what was going on i then started to kiss back. But to my disappointment, he pulled away too fast. “(Y/N), I’m sorry. I’m I’ve been a horrible best friend. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. The only reason I’ve been staying away from you is because i started to develop feelings for you and I didn’t want that to ruin our friendship so i thought me staying away from you would let me get time for these feelings to go away. I truly am sorry.” I just looked at him with a slight smile and kissed him once more. When we pulled away he asked “(Y/N), will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” “Would love to.” I said with a smile. He then pulled me into a hug. Liam then pulled away from the hug and turned to Brett. “Look Talbot, I’m sorry i took (Y/N) away from you but I really do like her a lot. No hard feelings?” Brett then looked from me to Liam. “I guess not. Once she’s happy that’s all that matters.” They then did this handshake and bro hug. Liam and i then said bye to everyone and walked away our next class since the bell was going to ring anyways. I was so happy that Liam felt the same way. At the end of the day i walked to my locker to put my books away and i saw Brett at his locker. I walked up to him and hugged him. He stiffened but when he noticed that it was me he relaxed and hugged me back. “Thank you so much for helping me Brett. You’re the best!” I said hugging him even tighter. “It’s no problem (Y/N). I’m just glad that you’re happy.” He said smiling but i just couldn’t help but notice that behind his happy exterior he was broken on the inside. I’m not sure why he was broken but i promised myself that what ever he was broken about, i would help him through it.
Hey guys sorry I’m hardly ever active 😔 I’m just really busy these days. I’ll try my best to at least post an imagine every week.
I was thinking of doing a part 2 to this… What do you think? Should she end up with Liam or Brett??

More Than Sex

“He’s pretty hot. If I wasn’t a lesbian I’d be daydreaming about him.” Charlie snickered as she playfully shoved Cas’ shoulder.

“Shut up.” Cas gritted through his teeth as he ducked his head to hide from the redness bursting across his cheeks.

Mostly every night since Charlie and Cas had moved to Kansas for college they had started to frequent a certain bar that might or might not also be frequented by a man that Castiel couldn’t keep his eyes off of. In all reality he hated bars. He hated the feeling that he was being checked out because he wasn’t interested in anyone. Through most of his life there hadn’t been many people to ever catch his eye except this tall green-eyed man who was now taking a seat at the bar only an earshot away from where Cas sat with his best friend.

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Ice Queen

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Hints at the reader’s troubled past. 

Summary: The Reader buys the Impala at an auction and then runs into Sam and Dean on a hunt as they are trying to get into it.  

A/N: This is my first try at a Supernatural fic, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  It’s also the first part of a series.  

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*Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz*

Damn, you thought, rolling onto your side and slamming your hand down on the top of the alarm clock.  Not knowing where the off switch was, you had to hit it a couple times before the annoying noise quit.  You growled as you sat up, rubbing your face.  The bright red numbers read 5:00 AM.  You had only fallen asleep four hours before, but you needed to get on the road.  You stood up, stretching your hands above your head with a groan, and padded to the dingy bathroom, hoping a hot shower would shock your brain awake.  

Forty-five minutes later, your hair washed and dried into natural waves, you slipped your feet into your worn black boots, the comfortable material fitting perfectly to your feet.   As it should—you’ve been wearing these boots for over ten years, ever since you started hunting when you were sixteen. You shrugged on your leather jacket, your favorite piece of clothing you owned, taking a second to sniff the collar. Somehow, you swore you could still smell him, the one who had given you the jacket for your sixteenth birthday. His scent brought the memory of the last time you saw his face fresh into your mind, but you shoved it away.  Damn, you thought again.  You had promised yourself that you would go one day without thinking about him, but you had already lost. You would just have to try again tomorrow.

You snagged your beat-up duffle bag from the bed, packed with your meager possessions, a few clothes and toiletries, your laptop, and an old copy of The Princess Bride.  It was your mom’s favorite and you read it whenever you missed her, which was often.  You used the first letter you had ever received from him as your bookmark. Growling in frustration as you thought about him once again, you left the ugly hotel room, marching across the icy parking lot to your car, a ’67 Chevy Impala.  She was a beautiful gas guzzler of a car, black as night and loud as a train, but you didn’t mind.  You bought her at an auction only a year ago at a bargain, but there was something special about her.  She seemed to have lived so many lives and seen so many things.  

Starting her up, you blasted the heat to ward off the wintry chill, and listening to the familiar clattering sound that accompanied it.  At first, you’d thought something was wrong with the car, but once you inspected everything like your father had taught you, you discovered she was in perfect shape. Something must have been wedged in the vents.  At any rate, the car warmed up pretty quickly considering her age and you peeled out the parking lot, yawning. Coffee. You needed coffee.  So you stopped at the nearest coffee shop and ordered their biggest size and loaded it up with creamer.  You took off again, sipping the coffee and singing along to a classic rock station on the radio.  

You were headed to a small town in western Nebraska, where, according to your research last night, there was something supernatural going on.  The disappearances were increasing and you didn’t know if it was a new vampire or just some bloodthirsty demon, but you thought you’d check it out.  The drive took nearly twelve hours, but you did your best thinking in the car and the time passed quickly.  

The murders had all happened within a five-mile radius from this old warehouse in a creepy part of town, so you started there, hoping to catch the monsters off-guard.  If you were lucky enough to get them, you wouldn’t have to waste time tomorrow talking to the police.  You parked about a block away and loaded up with guns, knives, and a flask of holy water—just to be safe.    

You headed to the warehouse through a dark alley, wary and alert. It was quiet, except for the occasional traffic, and you found a door quickly.  You picked the lock and the door swung open.  You entered cautiously, your flashlight held aloft.  

It took almost an hour to search the entire warehouse from top to bottom carefully, but you didn’t find anything.  No bloodstains, no discarded clothes, nothing. The warehouse was old and falling apart, but it wasn’t a refuge for any kind of monster.

Puzzled, you made your way back to the Impala, ready to find a cheap motel and settle in for some more research.  You must have missed something.  You hoped no one would get killed tonight because of your mistake.

You turned a corner and the Impala came into view. Two men were hanging around it. You froze and then drew your gun, silently creeping toward the men. Nobody was going to mess with your Impala.

As you drew closer, you could hear what they were saying to each other.  

“Sammy!” The shorter one was saying.  “It’s Baby!”  He ran his hands along her hood, a goofy grin on his very attractive face. But you didn’t let that distract you as you continued down the street in the shadows.  

“Are you sure?” The second man was very tall, with shaggy brown hair. “I mean, Dean, what are the chances we’d just stumble upon it?”

The man with the face of a model—Dean, was that what he called him?—glared at him.  “Baby’s a she, Sam.”  The shaggy one—Sam—rolled his eyes.

“We need to be sure.  We can’t just steal some stranger’s car.”  

“Fine,” Dean answered, circling the car and peering into the windows. He stopped on the side closest to you, pointing into the backseat.  Sam joined him, both their backs to you.  Perfect. “Look, your toy.  It’s stuck there.” You were very close now. You sped up, drawing another gun, and held both aloft.  

“It really is the Impala,” Sam said, a bit of awe in his voice.  Taking advantage of their distraction, you pressed one gun to the back of the shorter one’s head the same time you pushed the other gun between the tall one’s shoulder blades (you couldn’t reach his head like you wanted to).  You saw their shoulders stiffen when they felt the pressure.

“Get away from my car,” You said in a low voice, trying to be as threatening as possible. “Or I’ll shoot.”  

There was a slight pause, where Dean’s shoulder twitched. You sensed what he was going to do and pulled your gun out of his reach, just as he spun and tried to grab it.  You thumped the butt of the gun against his forehead with all your might and he stumbled against the Impala.  Unfortunately there were two of them and the second one—Sam—used Dean’s distraction to wrestle your other gun out of your grasp, pointing it at you. Luckily, you had a third gun, and you pulled it out of the waistband of your jeans, backing away a step and pointing one at each of the men before you.

“What do you want with my car?” You asked, still in a low, gruff voice.  Dean stood up straighter, the blood from a gash along his hairline trickling down his forehead a little, taking out his gun and pointing at you.  

Your car?” He said, his eyes narrowed in a glare, “Stealing makes something yours, huh?”

“I bought her at an auction,” You said, frowning in confusion. “For a fair price,” Okay, you were kind of lying but they didn’t need to know that.  “What makes you think she’s your ‘Baby’?”

Something changed in his expression, but you couldn’t pinpoint it.  

“The toy.  In the door.” Sam spoke up, eyes darting between you and Dean. “I put it there when I was a kid.”

“And the rattling when you turn on the heat. Legos I put in there when we were kids.” Dean added his voice less rough.  

“How did—?” You could barely speak, stunned.   

“Our initials—D.W. and S.W.” Dean said, watching you earnestly.  “I’m Dean Winchester.  And this is my brother, Sam.”

Still confused beyond belief, you holstered the gun in your right hand, swiped the flask of holy water from your pocket, and spun the top off with one finger.  You doused each of them.  They merely shook the water out of their eyes and stared at you.  Dean holstered his gun and drew out a silver knife, running it across his forearm, wiping it off and handing it to Sam, who, to your surprise, had lowered his gun, too.  Sam copied Dean and held out his arm to you, revealing a deep-red line of blood, but nothing else.

So they were human.  And hunters too. Good.  

“Your turn,” Sam nodded at you.  You threw the last bit of holy water on your face, the excess dripping down your chest, and then took out your silver knife, slashing it across your left arm that still held a gun.  They watched you; seeming satisfied that you were human too.

You finally lowered your other gun and then Sam handed your third gun back to you.

“You’re prepared,” he commented, eyes on your face.

“Yeah…well…” You tried to come up with a good response. “You learn that, being a hunter.” Sam nodded. You glanced over at Dean, who was looking you up and down, a slight smile curving his full lips.  If you were being honest, it made you a bit uncomfortable.  You had just met the guy and already he was undressing you with his eyes.            

“Yeah,” Sam answered. “We think there’s a case here, we were just going to check it out.”

“Yeah, I think there is a case here too.  Don’t bother with the warehouse.  It’s clean.” You said, refusing to meet Dean’s look. His eyes just wouldn’t leave you. Finally you couldn’t stand it anymore. “Would you knock it off?” You said angrily, finally glaring back at him. He looked surprised and maybe a little intimidated but the weird look left his eyes. You added sarcastically, “Like you would have a chance.” Okay, so that was mean, but you didn’t really care.  You didn’t want to be looked at like a piece of meat.  You thought you heard Sam stifle a chuckle.  “I’m going to go find a hotel and crash.  I’ll do some research and take care of whatever it is tomorrow.  See you around.” You continued, reaching for the driver’s side door and unlocking it.

“Hold on,” Sam said.  “Don’t you think we should work together on this? Even if it is something simple, it’ll go faster if we help each other out.”

“Fine,” You said, too tired to argue about it. You needed sleep. “You go research. I’ll go crash and we’ll meet up tomorrow.” You opened the door and swung a leg in, but Dean grabbed your arm.  You glared at him again.  Who did this guy think he was?

“Wouldn’t it be smarter to share a hotel room tonight? Save money, you know.” He said, a devilish grin curling his lips.  You studied the two of them, trying to decide if they were trustworthy.  They probably weren’t, but you knew how to take care of yourself, and you would make them pay if they tried anything.  

“Fine. Follow me.” You conceded.  You could always stab him if he tried to make a move on you; you kept a knife under your pillow every night anyway. Dean looked like he wanted to say something else, but you slammed the door in his face and started the Impala, backing out and pulling away before the men even had a chance to get in their car.  They caught up with you though, by the time you pulled into a crappy-looking hotel’s parking lot on the outskirts of town. You booked a room at the front desk and paid with cash you’d won last week playing pool.  Sam and Dean were waiting outside the office and you led them to the room, not bothering to make sure they kept up.  But you heard them enter the room behind you while you made a beeline for the bathroom. You needed a second to catch your breath.

In the bathroom, you splashed hot water on your face, wiping away the grime from the abandoned warehouse.  You stared at your reflection in the mirror, your hair still wavy, your brows furrowed over your Y/E/C eyes.  

Fifteen-year-old you would be giddy right now.  Staying the night with two attractive men in a hotel room? You almost laughed as you pictured how mad your mom would be at you if she found out.  But she never would, so that wasn’t a problem.  But the present you was more annoyed and frustrated than anything. You didn’t even know these men and yet you were just going to fall asleep in front of them.  You were glad you left your duffle out in the Impala. It would make for a faster getaway if things went sour. You saw no other choice, but to grit your teeth and do it. So that’s what you did.  

Sam was sitting at the table, laptop cracked open. Already researching apparently. Dean was sprawled across one of the beds, flicking through the TV channels for something interesting to watch. You walked over to him, trying to appear confident.  

“Pay up,” You said, sticking your hand out. He looked at your hand for a second and then back up at your face.  He reached for his wallet and withdrew a couple of bills, folding them into your hand.  Before you knew what had happened, he pulled you on top of him, slipping an arm around your waist, whispering in your ear, “I think I do have a chance,” so only you could hear. You felt a little shiver of pleasure run down your spine in spite of yourself.  His rough voice was incredibly sexy.  But you fought him off, standing back up again, breathing harder than you wanted him to know.

“You’re a dick,” you said, marching around the bed to the door and stuffing the bills in your pocket.  You didn’t care how cold it was, you couldn’t stay in here. “Forget it, I’m sleeping in the Impala.” You opened the door and slammed it behind you, but not before you heard Sam say, “C’mon, Dean, quit it.” You crossed to the Impala and opened the door to the backseat, sliding in and   hugging your knees to our chest to keep warm, wishing you had grabbed a blanket on the way out.  

You felt like an idiot.  You should have expected something from him.  Hunters were always like this.  You should have kept a cool head instead of letting him get to you.  Now you’re just angry and cold.

You thought about driving to a different motel and renting a different room.  Just disappear and forget this whole awkward encounter.  It was very tempting, but you already dropped some well-earned cash on this stupid room that you couldn’t even use.  

You hated to admit it but something else held you where you sat, shivering into the cold leather embrace of the Impala.  The two brothers were intriguing, dark and mysterious.  You had always loved a good mystery.  

There was a knock on the window and you nearly jumped out your skin, grabbing your gun and pointing it at the window.  It was Sam.  You opened the door and let him in, the cold air wrapping around you like a vise.  He shut the door as he slid in the seat beside you.  His huge frame seemed to take up almost the entire backseat.

“What do you want?” You said, rather rudely, before he could speak.  Your teeth chattered, though, taking the edge off your rudeness. Sam hesitantly slid his arm around your shoulders, obviously trying to warm you up, and you let him, mostly because his arm did make you a lot warmer.

“I’m sorry about Dean,” Sam said, looking at you with soft, kind eyes. “He’s, well. He’s Dean. And he hasn’t been around women a lot lately.  You really caught him off-guard.” He gave you a small, apologetic smile. “I think it’s hard for him because you have his car and you take care of it better than he does, by the looks of it.  And you’re a great hunter.” He looked like he wanted to say something more but didn’t.

“Okay. Well,” you said awkwardly.  You had never been good at accepting compliments. Something he had liked to point out often.  Damn, strike three. “Don’t worry about me.  I’m fine. I just need sleep and I didn’t think I could get any if I kept worrying Dean would jump me or something.” Sam laughed and you smiled in spite of yourself.  Something about him made you feel safe and comfortable.  He was easy to trust.    

“You think you have better chances of falling asleep out here in the cold?” Sam asked rhetorically, smiling. “C’mon. Come inside.  I’ll make sure Dean doesn’t touch you.”

You thought for a bit, but decided to take him up on his offer. You were freezing anyway and couldn’t feel your toes. Anything for a bit of warmth.  

“Alright,” you said, nodding. He opened the door and you both clambered out, the cold wind causing you to shudder. As you walked to the hotel room, Sam looked down at you, puzzled.

“You know, I never did catch your name,” he said.

“Oh, it’s Y/N,” You said, too startled to think up a fake name, and mentally kicking yourself.  

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N,” Sam replied, holding open the door to the room for you.  You smiled at him and stalked past Dean without looking at him. You stuffed the keys to the Impala deep into your jean pocket and flopped onto the other bed, not bothering to even take off your shoes. You curled up in the blankets and exhaustion took over, pulling you into an easy deep sleep.


The next morning, you woke up without an alarm, opening your eyes to a dark room.  You looked over at the other bed where Dean was sprawled, his face peaceful and even more attractive in his sleep. Sam was lying on the floor between the beds, a blanket barely covering his sleeping form.  You immediately felt bad; you didn’t think about Sam having to squeeze between the two beds; you should have offered him yours.  

You climbed out of bed awkwardly, only to discover someone removed your shoes and jacket during the night.  You panicked until you spotted your jacket folded over the chair by the table. You pulled it on along with your boots and stomped out through the cold morning chill to the Impala, grabbing your duffle and bringing it back inside. You tiptoed to the bathroom, locking the door behind you and taking a deep breath.  You inspected your jacket and boots—they looked perfectly fine.  You undressed and inspected your body—not that you expected anything, but just to be safe—and everything seemed to be as it was supposed to be: your dark blue toenails that you always kept painted because you thought they looked weird otherwise, the jagged pink scar just above your left knee created by a stab-happy demon you’d disposed of a few years ago, and the anti-demon possessing symbol tattooed on the skin of your right hip.  Even your most treasured possession, the locket that held the pictures of your family and him, still hung around your neck.  You let out a frustrated sigh as you realized you broke your rule again and this day was shot.

You took a long shower, savoring the feeling of the hot water pouring over you, finally chasing the chill away. You got dressed, taking your time and trying to be as quiet as possible.  Maybe you could sneak away before they woke up, handle the case, and then head out of town.  

No such luck.  When you stepped out of the bathroom, both of the Winchesters were up, and their heads turned toward you at the sound of the door.

“Good morning,” You said, as cordial as possible. Dean and Sam each mumbled your greeting back at you, voices thick with sleep.  You must have missed your shot by only a couple minutes.  Damn.

Dean slumped back into the pillows, clearly still exhausted.  He waved his hand at Sam, who got up and walked past you into the bathroom, pausing to smile at you for a second.

Your heart jumped into your throat at the thought of being alone with Dean, even if it was only for a few minutes.  You figured you should stay busy instead of just sitting around, and then you would have an excuse not to talk to him. Besides, it looked like he was going to fall asleep again.  So you threw your duffle off to the side and did something you normally do: you started making the bed you had slept in.  For some reason you felt better after organizing or cleaning something.  Like life was a little less crazy and a lot more normal.

“You’re making the bed?” Dean’s voice startled you—you thought he had gone back to sleep—but you resisted the reflex to jump. You were a hunter, not a schoolgirl. Voices shouldn’t scare you.  Your heart still raced, however, at the surprise. “They pay people to do that here. You know. Maids.” His tone was teasing, but not harsh.  He seemed softer, less rough around the edges than he did last night.  You merely shrugged, not sure what to say.  After you finished, you stood at the foot of the bed, studying it for a second, unsure of what to do.  Dean’s voice interrupted your thoughts again.

“You’re beautiful, did you know that?” he said, his tone matter-of-fact. You finally looked at him, surprised by his words, his strange tone.  Sure, maybe you were pretty.  You had great hair.  But beautiful? No, years of being on the road, eating cheap food and sleepy in dingy hotel rooms, had made sure that wasn’t possible. And anyway, beautiful people were happy, right?

“Did you hit your head after I went to bed?” You asked, instead of saying anything you were thinking. “We should go to the hospital—it looks like you already have significant brain damage. Hopefully they can still save your hunting skills.” Sarcasm was your comfort zone.

“Normal girls just say thank you,” He replied, frowning.

“Normal guys don’t act weird one night and then nice the next morning,” You shot back. “Usually it’s the other way around.”

Dean laughed and sat up, a goofy grin on his face. “I like you, Y/N. I’m sorry about last night.  I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Good.” You said, your eyes on your duffle as you fiddled with the straps.  There was a beat of silence, as if Dean was trying to think of what to say next.

“So how’d you get into hunting?” he asked finally. You could feel his eyes on your face but you refused to meet his gaze.

You thought about how to answer, not wanting to get too personal with a man you barely knew and would never see again after today.

“Does it matter?”  It was an honest question.  Living in the past was painful, so why talk about it?

There was a slight pause, then Dean tried again.

“My dad raised us in it, because a demon killed my mom.” He said, motioning to the bathroom door as he continued. “Sammy’s the only family I got left.  You got any family around here?”

“No.” You still didn’t look at him, not wanting his gorgeous green eyes to loosen your tongue.  

“Would you unfreeze for just a second?” For some reason, Dean was angry. You could no longer keep your eyes away from his face. “You’re so guarded, so protective of yourself.” He ran a hand through his hair, apparently frustrated. “Ice Queen,” he mumbled under his breath.  His eyes held frustration and something similar to pity. You hated pity.

Suddenly, you were shouting.  You were so feed up with his crap—how he seemed to change into a different person overnight, that he was telling you how to live your life, like he knew everything. To top it all off, Dean reminded you of him.

“Don’t you think that’s kind of hard to do in this life? The hunter lifestyle? Isn’t it only natural to want to protect yourself from as much as you can? Don’t you think, after experiencing so much pain, it’s only natural to try and make yourself immune to it?” You were glaring at him, standing over him as he sat on the end of his bed. Your eyes pricked painfully and you knew what was coming.  You had to escape. Fast. “Nothing good comes from opening up. From sharing yourself with another person.  Because all it does is end in pain.  Excuse me for not being a masochist.” Your words were sharp, your voice low.  You gave him one final glare through the tears building up in your eyes and then you spun on your heel and marched out to the Impala, swinging into the front seat and starting her up.

Dean followed you, his jeans and t-shirt rumpled. He hadn’t even bothered to slip on his boots.  He slammed his hands on the hood of the car, his eyes on your face, and yelled, “Hey—!“ But you were so embarrassed, so ashamed at your tears, you backed the car up, peeling out of the parking lot and taking off down the road, watching Dean grow smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.

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Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 28

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Another chapter!! Thank you for all the lovely messages :3 Tell me what you think!

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