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A new blog deserves a cookie! 🍪 may I request angst with happy ending? Kise had broken up with his s/o because he didn't want to tie her down when he could barely see her due to his hectic schedule~ but a few weeks after he hears she got a new boyfriend (whose actually a moron who took advantage of her emotional state) he can't stand it and goes to talk/win her back? Is that too detailed? I hope not >.<

No problem, anon! Sorry this took so long, my internet was down for a long while :P Anyways, enjoy! -Admin Fyre

Kise hadn’t wanted to do it, but it wasn’t just his agency that was forcing him to break up the relationship. With a landslide of paperwork, publicity and upcoming projects coming up, he knew it was only a matter of time before it would be more than just a distraction to the two of you. He had the decency to do it personally at least, showing up with flowers and chocolates and an awkward apology.

He knew you weren’t satisfied with the reasoning. “Just because I understand it doesn’t mean I agree with it,” you’d said, grumpily, but no matter what compromises you offered to try and make the relationship work, Kise was adamant. “_______cchi shouldn’t be tied down to a crappy relationship with a guy like me. You deserve someone who can actually make time for you.”

You didn’t object because you knew he was right. It just wasn’t going to work out. Kise assumed you would be strong enough to move on, which was why he left with a heavy heart but an optimistic mind. You’d be fine.

Or so he thought.

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