and when i say retro i mean this is how i looked in 3rd grade

The Mutant and Me

So there was a discussion about how certain fans of a certain ship not to be named believe that the chemistry between Barry and Caitlin is so extraordinary that the showrunners were somehow? Afraid of it?? Which is why they were pushing WA???? (Because that couple’s chemistry is … what? Somehow not leaping off the screen to bite you in the face every time they look at each other or touch each other or talk about each other or ahem anyway.)

I responded that said certain ship had all the blistering chemistry of an annoyed older sister and her little brother who should seriously know better. The mental picture made me laugh, and then of course it made me think about the relationship that they do have, and how it’s built on mutual platonic fondness and a lot of exasperation (Caitlin) and “no don’t bite me I didn’t mean it so can you fix it pleeeease *puppy eyes*” (Barry). And that of course progressed to how a sibling or sibling-style relationship is (or should) have as much weight as a romantic one in a show that’s this much about found family.



The Mutant and Me

5th and 3rd grade

Barry hung over the back of the couch. “Whatcha reeeeadin’?”

“A magazine,” Caitlin said. “Go away.”

“Is it about how to do your haaaaaaaair?”

“It’s about DNA.”


“DNA is, like, the computer code of your body. It tells everything how to grow.” She tipped her head back to sneer at him. “DNA is the reason you’re a shrimpy little twig boy.”

He stuck his tongue out. “Am not. Dad says I’m gonna grow anyways. Why do you care about deena?”

“D.N.A,” she said, biting off each letter. “Because if you could rewrite DNA, you could change things about your body.”

His eyes gleamed. “So, could you make a mutant?

“You’re a mutant,” she snapped. “Leave me alone.”

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Day 1: Top 10 Favourite Cartoons:

Hi, I’m The Retro Enthusiast™! Cartoons, cartoons, cartoons! If there was one thing about my nostalgic past that I will always cherish, it is the cartoons I grew up watching. & a lot of the cartoons that I grew up watching I still watch to this day because of the beauty that is called “The Internet”. So, seeing how Day 1 of the 10 Days of The Retro Enthusiast™ has begun, as promised, I am counting down my Top 10 Favourite Cartoons!

10. Sailor Moon

I had to think long & hard about this one because I watched Cybersix a lot more than I watched Sailor Moon. But recently, I got to watch Cybersix again & well…it was pretty boring. The theme song was great, but it wasn’t as exciting as I remembered. But they aired it at like 6 or 7 on Teletoon, so I guess it was fitting. But I’m not talking about Cybersix. What did I like about Sailor Moon? Well, unlike Cybersix, Sailor Moon was interesting. It was funny, it was energetic, it was…cheesy & repetitive. But it had more of an identity than Cybersix. & if you know me, you’d know that I’m a fan of cheesiness. As a boy, I didn’t watch it because it showed girls in skimpy outfits…which by the way, now that I’m older & I know that they were 14 year old girls, I’m so glad I watched it at a younger age. But no, I watched it because of the excitement & the humor. & now that I’m older, I can say that it still gives me that same feeling. & that theme song…who wouldn’t get up & dance to that? Now I’m not gonna sit here & talk about how great the story or the character development was. Again, the formula of the whole show was repetitive & centered around Serena being the out-of-her-element hope for the universe, which we’ve seen before. But for what it’s worth, Serena had okay character development, & she had character. & it was pretty clever how they introduced the rest of the Sailor Scouts. I promise I will do a proper review of this show in the future, but for now, I gotta keep it short. & in short, I love this show.

9. Powerpuff Girls

Ah, Cartoon Network of the 90s & 2000s. Oh, how I miss those days. Back when the cartoons were…cartoons. & these cartoons were entertaining. A lot more entertaining than certain cartoons on Cartoon Network *cough cough* Adventure Time *cough cough*! Powerpuff Girls was one of those shows that was for everybody! With Sailor Moon, you can tell it was geared towards younger girls. But with Powerpuff Girls, it was geared towards anybody who wants to watch. It had a comic-book superhero tone to it. Action-packed, exciting, & energetic. & it was very…unusual. & it kept us coming back for more! & yeah, what it did for little girls was absolutely amazing, & borderline annoying. It turned every little girl into a mini-feminist. “If the Powerpuff Girls can save the world, I can too!”

Disclaimer: it’s satirical, feminism isn’t annoying & I admire how Powerpuff Girls gave little girls the confidence to walk up to a group of boys playing superhero & asked to join.

8. Disney’s Fillmore

This show was one of those shows that not a lot of people watched. Fillmore is pretty obscure, & not as known as, say, Proud Family. It didn’t last very long. But for what it was, it was a pretty cool show. Fillmore was a show that took itself WAY too seriously, which made it absolutely hilarious. It was like a kid’s cop-drama. CSI Disney, if you will. Ranging from electronic-pet theft to serial shredding to defacement of bathroom stalls. This show made me wanna be a safety patroller. Yes, I, Jahni Boodoo-Nelson, wanted to be a safety patroller because of Disney’s Fillmore. BUT IT LOOKED SO COOL! Chasing perps around the school & sh*t, having authority. That sh*t looked dope! But I digress. Fillmore was a pretty cool show, & if you ever get the chance, check it out & see. But please note that the seriousness of the show is supposed to be taken lightly.

7. Disney’s Kim Possible

Y'know, as a kid, I watched a lot of stuff that weren’t meant for boys of a certain age. I mean, Kim Possible: a teenage cheerleader by day, crime fighter by night. Even though that sounded cool enough, not a lot of boys watched it, at least not where I was. Same with Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Unfabulous, Zoey 101, Sailor Moon, the list goes on. But a lot of guys didn’t understand that by me watching that stuff, I was able to understand how girls were. I knew what girls were like & how they operated by the time it started to matter to us boys. &…it was a bit of a weakness because it allowed me to be friendzoned a lot. But I digress. What do I like about Kim Possible? Well, everything! It was funny, it was exciting, it was interesting, it was weird, it wasn’t cheesy, it was complex. You had to really watch it to see what I mean by complex. I mean, that entire show was empowering to young girls. Because of Kim Possible, young girls were able to do anything, solely based on the fact that Kim Possible did anything. She saved the world time after time after time, & was still able to balance school & cheerleading & family & friends. She was just stress-free. The villains were interesting too. Yes, they were the same “take over the world” villains, but the ways they tried to do it weren’t like “oh, yeah, that’s gonna backfire”, some of them were brilliant. In the Sitch In Time movie, Drakken, Duff & Monkey Fist had a great plan, which although it backfired on them, it worked out in Shego’s favour, which was unexpected. & in the So The Drama movie, Drakken’s plan was well thought out & well orchestrated. But what really made me watch this show was Ron Stoppable, Kim’s bestfriend. & I promise, I will get into detail about Ron when the time comes. But right now, I gotta cut this short, I’m going on way too long. Next show!

6. Disney’s Recess

Now when I talk about a show that any & every kid can agree on, this is one of the shows that first pop up in the conversation. Recess is a show that resonates in our childhood. You were able to relate to the situations that TJ, Vince, Gretchen, Spinelli, Gus & Mikey had to face on a daily basis. You were able to identify with the characters, whether you were the new kid who moved around a lot like Gus or you were the kid who just loved selling things like Hustler Kid. & you even KNEW a Hustler Kid in real life! But what really made this show great was that it took itself seriously, & in turn, we took it seriously, unlike Fillmore where the weight of the show was actually the joke. It spoke to us as children, & as an adult, you look back & say “wow, thank you, Recess.” Because in a world that forces kids to grow up way too quickly, Recess was one of those shows that showed us how cool it was just to be a kid. & that’s why I love it!

5. Arthur

Come on, if you had a childhood, you watched Arthur! If you lived in Canada, you woke up every morning & watched this show. You rushed home every day after school to catch this show. You grew up with this show. It’s amazing that it is still being aired! It is so important for every generation to watch. Because much like Recess, it showed us how cool it is to be a kid, especially in a time where kids are just growing up fast. In 5, no, in 10 years kids will still be watching this show, & the kids who used to watch this show will stumble upon it & be like “damn, those were the days.” *sighs* this show is just…nostalgia! Definition of nostalgia! The embodiment of nostalgia! It is just like Recess if you really think about it. It isn’t as serious as Recess, but it’s still a show that resonates in our childhood as something we were able to relate to, able to identify with, & able to still take seriously while still laugh at some of the moments. Arthur, man!

4. Undergrads

Now I really had to think about this one. As I’ve already stated, I never really watched things that were geared towards boys of a certain age. But lemme restate that: I never really watched things that were geared towards kids of a certain age. This show was rated either 18+ or PG, & it used to air on Teletoon in an after 8 block called The Detour. Ah, The Detour…*ahem* anyway. Undergrads is in the same boat as Family Guy & The Simpsons, as shows that are animated but whether or not they’re considered to be cartoons is up for debate. I definitely do consider them as cartoons. So if that’s the case, why isn’t Family Guy or Futurama up here? I was in 3rd grade when I started watching those shows, they’re definitely a huge part of my childhood. So why aren’t they on this list? Simply because Undergrads, to me, is more nostalgic than Family Guy & Futurama. As to why, I will not get into. But I digress, what do I love about Undergrads? Undergrads is a huge part of my childhood because of how it affected me. As a kid, I never saw it as an adult show, I saw it as a cartoon. Oh, with Family Guy, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be watching it. With Undergrads, I was pretty much like “mom, this is a cartoon!” Undergrads taught me stuff. Taught me about what I’d be facing in my adulthood. Stuff to do & stuff to watch out for. Stuff to expect. & Undergrads isn’t the only show that did this. Shows like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Boy Meets World, Popular & Radio Free Roscoe did the same, if not more or better than Undergrads. But Undergrads is the only cartoon that did that for me in my childhood. Then when I got to watch it again as a teenager, & I was able to relate to it & identify with the characters…well, except Rocko. But Rocko was hilarious, which is another thing, the humor was on point. Undergrads was pretty funny. & now that I’m older, a lot of the jokes are much funnier than I remember. So…yeah, Undergrads rocks!

3. The Weekenders

Oh my god, there will never be another cartoon like this! No other cartoon can ever be this funny, this influential & this enjoyable ever! The Weekenders was super relative, super identifiable, super relevant, super funny, & super nostalgic. If you lived in Canada, you would remember waking up in the morning & having to get ready for school with the TV on because you didn’t want to miss a second of it. How many times did you actually used the phrase “later days”? How many times did we wish as a kid that there was a pizza place that had different themes every day? & how many of you learned the art of sarcasm through this show? I know I did! The Weekenders is one of the greatest pieces of our childhood that, much like Recess, made it cool to just be a kid. But unlike Recess, it didn’t really took itself seriously. The Weekenders was well aware of itself being a cartoon, & it did it’s best to either teach us or entertain us. & boy, what a great job it did! 

2. Hey Arnold

I’m not a huge fan of Nicktoons. I mean, a lot of them weren’t as good as Recess or The Weekenders. But then I remembered watching Hey Arnold on YTV as a kid & remembered that Hey Arnold was a pretty dope show. I would say that Hey Arnold is similar to Recess in it’s style & tone. Both Recess & Hey Arnold take itself seriously, & both are very relative, identifiable & relevant like The Weekenders. Hey Arnold was laidback. Hey Arnold had sort of a Hip-Hop vibe to it, which was what made it so cool to watch. Wanna talk about a cartoon that helped defined the 90s? Look no further than Hey Arnold! 

& my number 1 favourite cartoon is:

Dragon Ball Z

You really didn’t see this coming!? Well, I’d get into detail about why I love this show, but it would be way too long, which is why I decided to do an in-depth look at DBZ on Day 5. So, in terms of DBZ, I’ll see you on Day 5.

So there you have it, my favourite cartoons of all time! Do you have any cartoons that you hold near & dear to your heart? Share with me, I’d love to know. For now, I’ll see you tomorrow when I talk about my Top 10 Favourite Video Games!

Later days!