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So...I'm sorry if this is offensive😤but...what does "CIS" mean🙏🙏🙏

definitely not offensive!!!

first off - it isn’t an acronym. it’s not “C.I.S”, it’s all lowercase, and spells a word “cis”. pronounced like the first half of the word “sister”

it’s short for “cisgender” which refers to somebody who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth. so, if your birth certificate says “this lil potatoe’s a dude” and you, to this day, agree with that, and are like “yes. i am a guy. that is me.” then you’re cis!

its antonym is the word “trans” - short for “transgender” which means the opposite: somebody who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. for example, when i was born, the doctor and my parents and stuff were like “aww look at this cute little boy” and years later i grew up and said “no actually, i am a Girl, but yes i agree i am very cute”

hope i helped

I was walking my dog at night and there was this little overgrown area a few houses down from us. When I got to that place, three old women jumped out and grabbed me, saying they were gonna turn me into a nice meal. I couldn’t talk at all for some reason, then they all started laughing and let me go. They said to me, “next time be more careful out here” and retreated back into the overgrown plants. 

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Accidentally moaning out 'sir' instead of Bucky's name when he tells you he wants to hear you say his name as you cum

“Say my name, baby.” he’s fucking you from behind, hands grasping at your hips as he drills into you. He’s still wearing the suit he chose for Tony’s party earlier, tie hung haphazardly around his neck and slacks pushed down far enough to free his cock. Your dress, a pretty little red number, is rucked up over your hips, little lacy thong pushed to the side in his impatience to have you. “I wanna hear you scream my name. Tell everyone who fucks you this good.”

A filthy grin crosses his face when he feels you stiffen around him, whiny moans rising in volume as you come. Only it’s not his name that falls from your lips. “Sir!”

He doesn’t even give you the chance to ride out your high before he’s pulling out, turning you over onto your back almost frantically. His eyes are wide as he plants his palms on either side of your head, breath coming out in harsh pants. You’re not prepared for how roughly he thrusts back into you, crying out in a delicious mix of pain and pleasure. 

“You like it when Sir fucks you like this? Hard and dirty?” he chuckles when you moan, metal thumb circling around your clit. “That’s it, doll. Show Sir how much you love it. Come for me again.”

So as soon as I saw this prompt I immediately thought of @kiaronna’s road rage headcanons, so:

7. things you said while you were driving

Victor pulls up next to the Escalade and motions for him to roll down the window. He mimes an actual manual crank. It would be adorable if he didn’t look ready for murder.

The driver’s huff is audible even before he rolls down his window. “What the fuck, dude?” He sounds like a Ninja Turtle. Phichit, who believes deep in his heart that every American sounds a little like a Ninja Turtle, would be so vindicated.

“I thought you might like to apologize to my husband, who you could have killed,” Victor says. His own voice is stone and ice. It sounds very dramatic when he puts it like that. It’s objectively true - had the Escalade not braked, he would have hit Yuuri’s door head-on. But as near death experiences go, this one was over very quickly.

The Escalade apparently feels the same, because he says, “Whatever. I saw you. Next time clear the intersection faster.”

He turns, like the conversation is over, but unfortunately for him, the light is still red. Victor leans across Yuuri, as close to the window as he can get with his seatbelt still buckled.

“Even someone as deeply unpleasant as yourself must have loved ones,” he says, his voice low. “You should think of them the next time you drive like a maniac.”

As if on cue, the light turns green, and Victor peels out of the intersection with a screech of tires. In the rearview mirror, Yuuri can see that the Escalade takes a while to get going.

“Vitya,” he says carefully.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Victor drags a hand through his hair. “I know you don’t like it when I make a scene, but-”

“No, Vitya.” Don’t laugh, he chants mentally. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. “Of course you didn’t mean it this way, but. You know that sounded like you were threatening his family, right?”

“No,” Victor says quickly. Then pauses. “Really?”

“The,” Yuuri says. “Accent? Didn’t help.”

Victor blinks. Considers that. And then laughs so hard he has to pull over.

“Well,” he gasps, clearly trying his hardest to sound solemn. “He’ll think twice now, won’t he?”

“A beautiful family you have there,” Yuuri drawls, somewhere between his Victor impression and a Bond villain. “Would be a shame if something were to… happen to them.”

Victor pounds on the dashboard, throws his head back, and cackles. Out of the corner of his eye, Yuuri sees the Escalade drive by them, studiously avoiding eye contact the whole way past.

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"sorry for not remembered everything ive ever seen in my life off by heart megan. i didnt realize my non encylopedic memory of my little pony characters directly translated into me acting like im above everyone else. i bow to your superior intellect" Either you lied for notes, got caught and is too prideful to admit you're wrong or you're too lazy to verify things and now you're trying to bail out without getting burned

this is… literally so fucking funny… 1) i didnt lie, its what i remembered from the time 2) ive been saying this whole time i misremembered/got it wrong you fool 3) ofc i didnt verify it its my little pony oh my god. i literally googled broni friendzoni for the pic i used but i didnt check my little wikipedia or whatever lmfao

also its impossible to ‘burn’ me over MLP when you’ve been whining in my ask box about it for three days

btw is this you?


Yuuri has no time to finish that thought, because Victor suddenly stops and yanks open an unmarked door, barrelling inside and pulling Yuuri in after him. Yuuri registers a shelf full of towels and a rack of hockey sticks before the door clicks shut, plunging them into darkness. He doesn’t even have time to protest before Victor slams into him, kissing desperately, hotly, hungrily.
He finds it very difficult to protest that, but when they part for air he can’t help but snark just a little bit.
“You really enjoy shoving me up against walls, don’t you?”
Yuuri’s eyes have adjusted to the gloom enough that he can see the flash of Victor’s white teeth as he grinds against him. “I enjoy,” he growls, “seeing the hottest skater on earth do a quadruple flip right in front of me as if it were nothing.”
Yuuri nearly melts into a puddle of workout clothes and incomprehensible squeeing. He goes to say something incredibly romantic in return, but instead he retorts, “oh really? That’s cool, where is he?” Why am I like this?

{ birthday wishes }

a/n: this was a commission/birthday gift for @librarychild ! love you and i hope you had a good birthday. 

“Dominique?” You heard someone call to you softly. “Darling? You can wake up now.”

You shifted a little from under the covers. You were still a little sleepy, but you tensed when you felt someone poke your cheek. You grumbled until you heard someone say ow! very quietly.

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  • Robbie: What is wrong with "me likey?"
  • Sportacus: Robbie...
  • Robbie: Yes.
  • Sportacus: ...I love you.
  • Robbie: Oh, then stop saying it!
  • Sportacus: It just seems a little childish.
  • Robbie: Really? 'Cause you're the one who can't stop playing with his pogo stick.
  • Sportacus: You know what?
  • Robbie: Mm-hmm?
  • Sportacus: Maybe you'd be happier if you played with my pogo stick once in a while.
  • Robbie: Oh my god!
  • Glanni: What's sad is they're actually talking about a pogo stick.
  • Íþróttaálfurinn: What's sad is you love electricity more than me.
  • Robbie: It's like we have a deranged second grader bouncing around the neighborhood.
  • Sportacus: When did you get so old?!
  • Sportacus: Oh! I mean, I love you!
  • Íþróttaálfurinn: All right, Glanni it's been a pet peeve of mine since I was a kid, and I've asked you so many times that when you ignore me, it feels a little passive-aggressive.
  • Glanni: And when you nag me constantly, it feels like I'm talking to my mother.
  • Íþróttaálfurinn: When I have to nag you, it makes me feel like I am your mother, which could be why it's been a month since we played with each other's pogo sticks!
  • Milford: Oh.
  • Bessie: Ay.

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It makes me as little sad that you say that I automatically identify with Alec because I'm white. It's not true. I believe Magnus had the right to lash out and get angry, I'm on his side on this. I've followed your blog for a long time and I really love it. Your generalization of talking against all white people when making an argument is hurtful though. I don't mean to play the poor little white person card here, really, just expressing my feelings. I still love your blog. Have a good day.

this is the white person equivalent of #NotAllMen.


Ok Normally I don’t Do those kind of stuff But right now I have to say something about this right now these whole anti what ever and the backlash and drama Is one of the worst things I ever saw in this fandom of zootopia, my little pony, or what ever And I know everybody has there own opinion But when “there” opinion when I saw Video of an anti Threatening WildeHopps people And I know it’s a video game but even thinking of shooting them down like are you kidding me And they made a blog dedicated to this anti WildeHopps thing I call that Childish and idiotic Not only that Showing a video Shooting down people because of that wow like I said again I call that very amature And the name calling them For no reason and What’s the Worst of all is Cyber bullying That also happen about a few months ago two cyber bullying name mafiguy2017 and psycox1980 who Also backlash And putting their religious on @crewefox and @ziegelzeig And also cost a person in The fan fiction to break-down into tears wow and that’s the reason why the fandom Gets the bad reputation because people like them and that’s what I hate about that I’m sorry if I’m being too emotional over this but that’s the problem And that’s what really angers me. Sigh I guess that’s it for now I just wish this whole anti and the drama just die out but I’m fortunately that’s never gonna stop huh sigh And that’s a sad part 😔

Minority of the guys in SG phew phew

Aren’t some of you just a bunch of shady fuckers, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with running a fucking porn blog. Knock knock, this is the 21st century. Let girls and guys post nudes and say whatever the fuck they what, it’s their blog.

Society will always restrict people from doing whatever we want but Is it because Singapore is just a tiny little red dot or the people in our country are just so fucking shallow. So far I’ve only seen people in Singapore censor their tattoos and jewelries when they post original contents of themselves. The fucked up thing is that I don’t even post nudes like my fucking genital, I merely try to take more aesthetically pleasing pictures of myself zz. Girls can post bikini pictures on instagram but when it comes to a porn blog everything’s seen as slut actions.

Fuck you little twat, for trying to threaten me.
LET ME LIVE MY LIFE, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a porn blog. If you think you know me personally, just let me do my thing. If you’re really curious, feel free to approach me about it. What fucking era is it now that there’s still people trying to blackmail me,

I’m not at all ashamed of running a porn blog, just because I’m open minded doesn’t mean I’m a slut or easy to get. Sorry to some of the followers that have requested for specific theme pictures set, you guys ain’t getting any anymore. It’s time I learn my lesson and stop posting images of myself.

Have a great day ahead and always be kind, the world needs more softness and love 💛 sorry for the rant, I felt that I needed to put it out there, especially for a few that claims to know me personally and are blackmailing me.

BTS reaction to being able to telepathically talk to their soulmate w/o meeting them yet

Jin:  Jin was cooking when he heard a angelic voice ring in his head. “Hi is this my soulmate?” He hears as he drops the spoon was using. Is this really happening? Is his soulmate talking to him? He’s been waiting to meet his soulmate since he was little. He hopes they like homemade cooking! “Uh yeah I believe my name is Jin. You are?” He says kinda feeling silly but if it’s for his soulmate nothing is silly. “My name is Y/N. would you like to meet up?” He hears as he smiles. “I’d love that!” He says as he hears an angelic giggle. “You have an adorable giggle” He thinks He loves his soulmate already! He thinks this is awesome! 

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 Suga:  Suga was in the studio when he got a text from Taehyung saying you can telepathically talk to your soulmate wether meeting them or not. “Uh hello? Is this how this works?” He thinks as he waits for a response. “This better be important I woke up from a nap for this.” He hears a voice ring out in his head. They both scream in unison. “Ouch.” He thinks holding his head. “Who are you?” He hears as he rolls his eyes. “I’m Suga your soulmate you are?” He thinks as he hears a little giggle. “I’m Y/N!” He hears and smiles. “Want to meet up?” He thinks and hears another giggle. “Yes!” He hears and he can’t wait to meet his soulmate. He loves that he can finally talk to them!

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 J-Hope:   J-Hope was in the studio practicing Boy Meet Evil when a voice called out in his head. “Hello? Is this Hoseok?” He hears and looks around. “Uh yes it is and who are you?” He thinks and he hears a cute laugh. “Silly of me not to explain this must be all confusing.” He hears as he smiles and sits down. “I’m Y/N and I’m your soulmate, you can talk to them telepathically!” He hears as he laughs. “This is amazing! Do you want to meet up?” He asks hoping they’ll say yes because he’s waited for this for so long. “I’d love that! When and where?” He hears and does a little dance. “There’s a Starbucks on 5th meet at 4.” He thinks. “Meet you there!” He hears them say. This has to be the best day ever! He loves this! 

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 Rap Monster:   Namjoon was talking to Jimin when he mentioned he talked to his soulmate through thinking. Being a lover of thinking he tries what Jimin said. “Uh hi is this my soulmate?” He thinks as he hears a scream. “Who are you and how’d you get into my thoughts?!” He hears a panic stricken voice. “I’m Namjoon your soulmate, what’s your name?” He asks. “I’m Y/N, this is weird.” He hears as he chuckles. “Not that you’re weird ah I’m so awkward.” He hears again and laughs. “It’s fine really, we can be awkward together.” He thinks and he hears a giggle. “That’d be awesome! Want to meet up?” He hears and he can’t respond fast enough. “Yes!” He thinks. This is the best thing ever! He loves it!

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Jimin :Jimin was playing overwatch with the boys when he hears someone calling out to him, but not really him. “Hello? Is this my soulmate?” He hears as he drops the controller. This can’t be happening. Can it? “I’m going to guess so love. You are?” He thinks and he hears a sigh. “Thank goodness I’m Y/N! What’s your name?” He hears as he loves their voice already. “I’m Jimin. Park Jimin.” He thinks as he hears a giggle. “Like Bond. James Bond.” He hears and laughs. “Exactly Y/N, would you like to meet up?” He thinks and hears a little squeak. “Yes! That would be awesome sauce!” He hears and smile and covers his face. “You’re adorable.” He thinks. He loves this and his soulmate.

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 Taehyung:  Tae was sitting in the Gucci outlet waiting for Hoseok to be done when he wondered if his soulmate liked Gucci or not. “Yes I love Gucci!” He hears a voice other than his own say in his head. “Really! Gucci is my favorite brand! I’m at the outlet right now!” He thinks as he hears a squeal. “I’d love to go there! I’ve always wanted to own Gucci! I’m Y/N and I’m guessing you’re my soulmate.” He hears the voice say and he jumps around. “Ahh yes! My name is Taehyung but you can also call me V!” He thinks and hears a giggle. “Yess! Hi V! Um would you like to meet?” He hears and smiles! “Yes! I’d love that!” He thinks. This has to be the best day ever, AND THEY LIKE GUCCI! 

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 Jungkook:  Jungkook was laying on the floor because he was waiting to play Mario. “Ugh can’t Y/F/N hurry up. I just want to play overwatch.” He hears in his head and sit up. “Excuse me?” He thinks and hears a scream. He hold his head and chuckles. This must be his soulmate. “Hey I’m Jungkook you are?” He thinks hoping they’ll respond. “I’m Y/N, and I’m sorry about earlier my friend is playing Mario and I want to play overwatch.” He hears and smiles. “I love overwatch! But I want to play Mario right now.” He thinks laughing as they also laugh. “Wow we should meet up and get to know each other Jungkook.” He hears and smiles even bigger. “Yes we should! I’d love that Y/N!” He thinks and smiles. This is the best day of his life! 

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what riren can you accept?

I would say none, because generally I’m not a big fan of it. But, there is only some that I can tolerate, and because I’m very picky with it, that’s why there ends up being very little riren that comes to my personal acceptance. 

To be completely honest with you, the type of riren I would approve of is when they’re both portrayed as equals and kept in character. Where Levi doesn’t act like he’s constantly the boss and Eren doesn’t act like or look like this lolita, fragile, anime girl. (I say this because I’ve seen too much of it). For example, one artist that I’m thinking of in particular, who mainly does riren but surprisingly doesn’t portray neither Eren or Levi like I stated above, is END (Azuma Chisato)

Even though she prefers riren, (although I think I’ve seen her do bottom Levi at least once) I like how she has both of them equally masculine, and kinda has Eren as a dominant bottom. (I read three of her doujins before and I personally thought they were nice). And I’m not gonna lie, her art is pretty good and I’ve seen her draw Eren as a real hunk before. But anyway, that’s an example of the type of riren I can approve to a certain extent. 

However, when I see something like this… 

…..not very accurate. Or just not for me. 

But.. at the end of the day, to be fair, people are still free to visualize and have some fun with whatever they imagine, I’m not telling anybody what the right and wrong way of doing this or that is. These are just my thoughts and personal preferences. just be aware of whats actually canon pls

that moment in The Word of Your Body (Reprise) when Ernst signs with Hanschen that last line on the piano “I’m gonna be your bruise.” and Hanschen shakes his head a little bit as if to say “No bb this isn’t the Word of Your Body, this is the Word of Your Body (reprise) where it doesn’t lead into some weird fucked up shit like Melchior and Wendla.” like if you agree

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Omg what if Chase's daughter goes through am imaginary friend stage but its actually a ghost coz the Power helps her see ghosts and when Chase says he can see them too she gets super excited. Que tea parties with the ghosts and Chase

I imagine Chase getting dinner ready and your little girl is like “Daddy look at my new friend”  and Chase is like, “that’s nice baby” and then he hears a second voice whisper “I don’t think he likes me” 

Daddy Wednesday™

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All the talk about the crypt scene & what happened in the crypts but let's talk about after. LF didn't see Jonsa's sad little waves goodbye but when we first see his face after he emerged from the crypts he seems to be thinking hard, to be in some kind of wonderment as he sees Jon & the others leaving Winterfell. It's like he's thinking about what just happened (that Jon has feelings, & what everyone is saying the scene indicated) & then he looks up at sansa, & sees that she loves Jon too

Hi Anon, 

LOL!! I thing Little finger just had a feeling of Deja vu, just like all the viewers did. If they really tried to Make the Ned Cat parallel obvious, it was in that scene. The setting, the dialogue writing, specifically to include NED and his Love for Cat and LF love for CAT hinting at the triangle. All this happening under the statue of Ned Stark. And Jon snow loosing his shit when LF mentions that he loves Sansa like he loved her mother, mirroring the choking scene from season 1. 

LF coming out rubbing his neck looking at Jon, only to see Sansa still staring after Jon, long after he’s gone. Sansa standing on a higher floor just like CAT peeped from the top floor in the first season. LF went like, Oh nooooooo, not again!!

It will be interesting to see how his interactions with Sansa goes about from now on and what he says when he mentions JON. Like I’ve said earlier, if he senses something, there’s no point if he just keeps it to himself and just dies. He’ll sow the seeds of doubt, if he suspects anything at all. 

We’ll have to wait and watch!!

Thanks for the ask!!

“I love you.”

Harry grins. “I’m sorry, what? I didn’t quite hear it.”

She rolls her eyes, turning away when his grin widens just a little bit more. Outside, a sea gull calls out to its flock. Her eyes suddenly find its flight pattern to be really interesting.

“No, really, I didn’t hear it, care to say it again?”

Uma glares at him, half-heartedly. “Don’t push it, Hook.”

This makes him chuckle, a soft sound that rumbles deep in his chest. From where she’s sitting, she can see his blue eyes go soft and his grin slip into an easy smile. It’s a rare sight, one she holds dear to her heart, and just like that, something in her chest steadies.

She looks away, sure that it’s visible on her cheeks. “Shut up.”

Harry laughs a bit more. He doesn’t push, does what he’s told, and he saunters up to her, placing his hook on the table, before taking her hand in his own. Brings her knuckles to his lips.

“Aye, aye, capt'n.” He says.

She looks at him from the corner of her eye. Expectant. Harry chuckles again.

“I love you, too.”

a/n: I was doing some character study and this scene just struck me and wouldn’t leave my head so here. Have some more of my trash.

“How can you say you love me more?” He looked over at you and asked you.

He would ask you that every night, and every night you would normally shrug it away. Tonight though you both had been drinking a little. It was late and spending time with Jax at home just the two of you awake. The only light on in the house was coming from the tv. The boys were already asleep. You laughed a little seeing Jax yawn and try to hide it.

“Let’s go to bed babe.” You said getting up.

You started cleaning off the table when you felt Jax touch your leg.

“I’m serious Y/N. How can you say you love me more.”

Ever since Jax came home tonight he had been super clingy to you. You didn’t mind, but tonight you knew something was on his mind.

“When I say I love you more. I’m saying I love you more than the bad days. I love you more than any fight we will have. It means that no matter the distance between us I love you more than that. I love you more than anything that could come between us. I love us. That’s what I mean when I say I love you more.”

Jax stood up and without saying anything he touched your face and smiled at you. Leaning down to kiss you. You moved closer to him. You felt his lips touch yours and him whisper.

“I love you more.”

“Let’s go to bed.”  You knew that he loved you but you weren’t sure he truly knew how much you loved him.

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but connor was the abusive one lol

Hi there anon you clearly didn’t watch the same show as me so let me tell you bout YJ M’gann’s abusive ass

First off I’m flat up gonna say it: Conner wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t. He ALSO was like a couple months old (if that) when they started dating and had never been in any sort of relationship before. Since the “abuse” I’m assuming you’re referring to was how territorial and overly defensive he got of her.

Do I think that makes it okay? No. He needs to be held accountable for how he acted. Which he was.

And you know what?

He accepted there was a problem and remedied it. Did it take him a little time? Yeah but he got his shit together in one episode.

Then there’s M’gann.

M’gann who created a pretty little lie of a personality for herself. Who named herself after a character on a TV show.

Who, when Conner was in need of a name, suggested that of her tv character persona’s boyfriend.


Like, she literally used him as a prop. She made him into what she wanted and manipulated him from the getgo. Full offense but that, in itself, is fucked up.

Then we got to season two.

Season two where she did something wrong. Something that she knew he wouldn’t be okay with because of the traumatic way he was created.

I.E. melting peoples brains????? Messing with their heads????

The boy wasn’t even okay with psychic links at first okay.

And then. THEN. She goes and literally tries to erase his damn memory

You know, despite all that bad stuff that had happened to him with people playing with his mind??? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

Then when he breaks up with her for MESSING AROUND IN HIS MIND she goes and begins dating Lagoon Boy.

And the manipulation game starts again.

She literally just used him. That’s all that was. She used him as a prop toom to get back at Conner and punish him for breaking up with her.

She is manipulative and abusive and honestly just a horrible fucking person in both seasons… Season 2 is just when it was less subtle.

Conner isn’t perfect but after that /one episode/ he got his shit together.

Then M’gann, who has had waaayyyyy more time to mature and understand her emotions than. You know. Two months? Three? goes around using people as props and being manipulative and emotionally abusive 24/7. Repeatedly.

But yeah sure. Conner is definitely the problem