and when i saw this


Southern War Demon, Southern Demon, Southern War Princess Entrances

THIS is the funniest gag in the entire cartoon just why…why is that there…it’s a newspaper article clipping why is it taped haphazardly to the wall and what is the article about the headline is just HE DOESN’T but WHAT doesn’t Black Hat he doesn’t WHAT?????  like I understand the primary joke here but the true humor is just WHY DOES THAT EXIST and

now that’s comedy

just played overwatch finally for the first time and i never thought i’d stick to roadhog as much as i did.

anonymous asked:

What are ur thoughts on the whole jimin hates white people moodboards n stuff? I personally feel they're just (very funny) jokes but some people are overreacting so much...

idk i don’t find them funny. but some people do so ok let them do their thing i guess