and when i read those it stays with me

…I can’t do this anymore, Spike.

“I know. It’s all wrong. This shouldn’t even be happening. But it is.

“It’s like in the old legends you used to read to me before bed. The ones that really mattered. They were full of darkness and hatred, and sometimes I didn’t want you to read the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could Equestria ever be a happy place again when so much bad had happened?

"But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must fade. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it’ll shine out the clearer. Those were the tales that stayed with me, that meant something. Even if I was too little to understand why. But I think Twilight, I do understand, I know now. You see, the ponies in those stories had lots of chances to turn back only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding onto something.”

“…what are we holding onto, Spike?”

“That there’s still good in this world, Twilight Sparkle. There are good ponies, and griffons, and zebras, and minotaurs, and changelings, and dragons, and folks of all kinds. And they’re worth fighting for!“

shinee as aesthetics/feelings

shinee as aesthetics/feelings

Lee Jinki: That moment when you’re laughing so hard that you start crying. Staying up late at night to watch your favorite TV show or read a book. Eating your favorite food after a long while without doing so. Getting those butterflies when you see a stranger and they’re cute. That moment when you take off your clothes after a long day and it just feels nice. Summer dates with lots of popsicles and music. Relaxing mornings when you just feel like everything is how it is supposed to be. That warmth that goes through your body and makes your heart race when you talk about something that you like a lot. When someone teases you and you just laugh because they’re right. Not wearing any makeup as you lay in your bed with your closest friends and eat whatever you could order for takeout. Doing something and then realizing it was stupid so you laugh at yourself.

Kim Jonghyun: When you listen to that really old song that you used to like and you learn to love it again. That moment when you see a picture from your childhood and you just laugh because it’s ridiculous. Reaching a goal and then being so happy about it because you did it. Looking at things and realizing how the most simplistic of sceneries can hold so much beauty, just like the moon or the sun. Mischievous smiles that hold a joking manner as you get ready to surprise someone. That eye roll thing you do as you smile when someone says something that it’s stupid but you can’t help but think it’s cute because they’re so wrong but they sound right saying it. Pastel colors as a meaning of fluffiness and softness. That feeling you get after a really long, great hug and you just feel like you took a weight out of your shoulders. When you see a really cute puppy/kitten and you can’t help but change your voice.

Kim Kibum: Laughing loudly because it was funny and you can. Wearing your favorite piece of clothing and feeling like it looks so good on you so you feel good with yourself. Doing something great for somebody without expecting anything in return, just because. The sound of water as the waves hit one another when the sunset is barely appearing. Laughing at your mistakes and rolling your eyes when you find out that you’ve changed and it was probably for the better. Having really long conversations about anything and everything with someone that actually listens to your point of view and gives you theirs without hurting any feelings. Eating your favorite dessert and enjoying it to the last bit. Singing your favorite song in public and not giving a damn if someone listens because it’s your song. Travelling, whether it is to that city right beside you or another country, just travelling around the world.

Choi Minho: Running, not for the sake of exercising, but simply because you enjoy it and you want to feel like you can do it all. That moment when a really cute kid passes by you and you smile brightly because they’re cute. Feeling free, like you were just the person you wanted to be and the only one you have to make happy is yourself. Blowing kisses and giving really warm hugs to that person you love. A first time of everything, because it’s never too late to learn. That moment you just sit down to watch your favorite show or just search on the internet and you lost track of time. Not having an answer to everything and laughing when you don’t know what to say. Really big sweaters that cover you completely. Nights of autumn with lots of hot drinks and the smell of cinnamon. Really dumb jokes that make you laugh like an idiot. Looking at your friend as if asking for help when you don’t know what to do.

Lee Taemin: Trying your hardest in everything you do and seeing something come from it. The color white, not exactly for the meaning of purity, but honesty and humility. That moment when your heart feels warm when you look at what you’ve created in your life and you’re truly thankful. Variety, not letting a concept take over your life as you try everything and anything just for the sake of looking for that special aura of yours. Eating a lot after a long week and just smiling to yourself because everything just tastes amazing. Those really quiet laughs that go unnoticed but are the most pure and beautiful. Fingers going through each other’s hair to soothe the other’s pain, showing love and support. A look in someone’s eyes that shows determination and mystery, the best of everything in just a pair of eyes. Slow, melodic songs with some hidden message behind them, a meaning that no one will ever know.

Love me now

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! For me it’s doesn’t matter as I’m single forever 😂 but those who’ve their loves with them, I hope you stay together as long as eternity wants. I wish I had someone too :( but it’s okay. Anyways I’m gonna make myself happy with this Valentine special imagine! Hope you all enjoy and give feedbacks!

There’s a little bit of smut in the starting. So skip that much if you’re not comfortable in reading it. Plus thank you for 1K!

Valentine’s Day was never a thing for you till 4 years back. But after you met Harry and got in a relationship, this day became special as ever to you. Valentine’s Day. The day of love never failed to spoil you. Harry always find ways to make you feel special. And Valentine’s Day was the day above all.

You stretched your arm out across the white crumbled bed sheets where Harry slept last night. Your hand didn’t found a hold of Harry as your searched on the sheets, head in the pillow you sighed. You rolled on your left, Harry’s side of bed. You inhaled in taking the aroma of Harry’s colonge. As the smell of him filled your nostrils waking your mind, you sit up finally and step out of the warm comfort of your bed. Small scuff of the carpet tickled your feet as you scrunches them to stop the fizzy feeling.

With a happy sigh you passed downstairs on the wooden stairs of Harry’s L.A mansion. It was big. Big one for one more family to settle in down.

As you walked to the kitchen, the warm fragrance of bacons and pancakes hit your nose warming you up in the chilly morning of the states.
There he stood. His back facing to you as he hummed to self the melody of one of his songs. He was wearing his black Calvin Klein boxers, covering his little bum in perfect way. His tanned, muscular thigh made you shiver.

You wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your cheek agains his back.

“ e'lo poppet.” Harry said in his morning, heavy voice as he turned to face you and wrapped his own arms around your waist.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby” you said reaching one arm up to caresses his cheek. He looked beautiful. With sunshine flashing on his side face, revealing how deep his green eyes was. The golden Rays mixed with his skin and made him look like an angel.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to yeh too” he replied flashing you his bright white smile. You stood tip toes and brought his face to yours so that you could unite your hungry lips with his. You moved your lips along his as he cupped back of your neck pulling you as close as possible.

A wince left his mouth as the bare skin of his back touches the lid of the Pan which was on the stove.

“Careful” you giggled, stretching one arm out from either side of Harry and turned the stove off.

“Sorry love.” Harry chuckled. He tucked some hair behind your head and sets you on the kitchen island in one swifts motion. You giggled wrapping your arm around his neck.

“Hi.” You giggled

“Hey!!!!” He laughs as he sponges your neck with sloppy yet tiny kisses. You threw your head back giggling.

“Hmm I love yeh” Harry mumbles as his kisses changes from playful to loving ones. He twirls his tongue and suckles on the fresh, sweet smelling skin of neck. It starts to get wet as Harry continues to shower your neck with deep kisses.

“Hmm” as soon as the small moan leaves your lips, Harry wraps your legs around his waist and grind his pelvic to yours creating friction. You could feel his hard erection beneath the cottony fabrics of his boxers as your own panties pool with the wetness.

“I need yeh babe” Harry groans in your neck. He tugged at the end of your tee which basically was his, you lift your arms up to let him slide it up your body. You were now completely naked as the white shirt was the only thing covering your body. Chills ran down your spine as the cold air hit your nipples hardening them.

“So beautiful m'love” Harry whispers as he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking on them and leaving with a pop. The cold metal of his rings hits the warm skin of yours.

A whimper of pleasure leaves your lips as you tangle your fingers in his short yet curl growing hair.

“Tug on ‘em yeah?” Harry says while his lips are still wrapped around the soft skin of your nipples.

Obliging him you give a hard yet soft tug on his hair.


You both laid in silence after you finished making love in front of the fire place. Everything seemed so magical. The air was filled with the scent of vanilla candles and sex. Both, yours and Harry’s cheeks were tinted pink as you rested your head on top of his chest.

His fingers caressed your small back.

“Cmon poppet get ready” Harry speaks ,his deep voice echoes in your ear.

“Why?” You asked tilting your was up so you could see his face.

“Cuz it’s Valentine’s Day and we need t’ go out and have fun” he said as he brushed hair outta your face.

“But I wanna stay in with yeh” you said snuggling close to his chest. Harry chuckles.

“I know love. But I’ve a surprise fo’ yeh.”

After a few minutes of pleading you give into him and get ready in a plain clad cream-silky blouse with a black skirt.

You stepped down the stairs and saw Harry standing at the end already dressed in navy blue tuxedo. The expensive material of cloth fitted his toned body perfectly in every way. From the the curves of his biceps to the end of his feet.

“Hey there hotness” you said sending him a wink as he takes you in his arms pecking your freshly done red lips.

“Hey there sexy” he smirked bumping his nose with yours lovingly.

“Ready t’ leave?” With a nod you link your arm with Harry’s who leads you out o the house to the black shiny Mercedes of his waiting outside.

Being a gentleman, he opens the door for you and sits inside as well after you’ve settled on the leather on his car seat.

“Where are we going ?” You asked pulling out the straps of seatbelt and clicking it in.

“Surprise is meant t’ be kept a secret baby” Harry says staring on the engine and driving off to an unknown place.

The whole ride to the place you sit quietly humming to the song on radio as Harry kept pecking the back of your hand time to time.

You step out the car and the cool ocean breeze hit your face making you shiver. God knew why Harry brought you to a beach in this damn cold weather. You wrapped your velvety coat tightly around your body, immediately regretting the decision of wearing a skirt.

“He you forgotten it’s February Harry?” You asked sarcastically as you feel the tip of your nose going red from cold. Harry laughs wrapping his arm around his shoulder pulling him to you as he nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Jus’ wait and watch” Harry mumbles and links my small hands with his as we walk down the sand. You even regretted wearing heels as you had to keep them in car because they’d sink into the sand.

Walking down the sand with your head on your Harry’s shoulder, you come to a halt as you see a small cottage on the beach. It was surrounded by tiny red petals of rose and candle which were of course covered with glass lid to keep them from blowing off.

“Oh my god Harry.” You gasped covering your big opened mouth with your hand. You don’t think that it could’ve been more beautiful. That little cottage was perfect. Everything was perfect.

“Yeh like it?” Harry asks as he walks to stand beside you, looking at your with love in his green pupils.

“I loved it!” You jump on him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as you place multiple kisses all over his face.

Harry laughs and tumbles a bit but holds onto the ground. The small particles of sand were tickling his feet as he himself refused to wear shoes as you were bare feet.

“I’m glad tha’ my little queen liked it”

You smile softly as him and gets off him to go inside and explore the inside of the little house. It was beyond perfect. A small but big enough to fit you both bed lying in middle with small decorations made.

“Honey?” Harry calls for you from out as you hum in response.

“Can yeh come ou’ fo’ a bit?”

“Yeah coming” you chirped as you swayed out of the house. Your breath hitched when you saw Harry kneeled down. His face was a Clear evidence of how nervous He was.

He pulled out the blue velvety box and held it open. If only God knew if you’ve ever seen something more beautiful than this.

“Baby…well I’m not tying my lace or something.” Harry chuckled tries to lighten his stress as you smiled with tear in your eyes and a hand covered your mouth.

He held your hand as he continued.

“Yeh, are the best thing of m'life. I know the words are cheap and common bu’ they’re true. Yeh are m'world. I’ve got lucky since I got yeh. I feel lucky t’ have yeh. I-I’m no one withou’ you. An’ I wan’ yeh to keep Makin’ me feel lucky everyday. So. Ms. Y/n y/l/n, will yeh so me a favour and Marry me?” By the time he finished you already were nodding like thousand times. He smiled showing his dimples and wasted no time in sliding the beautiful platinum-diamond band on your ring finger and connecting his lips with yours.

“Yes” you mumbled against his lips. And he carried you inside.

This day couldn’t be more perfect for you.

A Christmas Miracle (Musical?)

So this was one of my fics for Eternal Sterek Secret Santa 2016! I had so much fun writing this. Thanks to those who helped me, and enjoy this hot office smut. 

Summary: Music from literally nowhere started to fade in, the familiar holiday tune echoed through the loft–

“I really can’t stay,” Stiles sang, much to his surprise.

“Baby it’s cold outside,” Derek called back.

Oh dear god. They really were cursed; they were stuck in a freaking Christmas musical.

AO3 or read below

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From me to me. Thought I'd share this as it helps me loads.

Hi ****,

So you’re wanting to binge? I get that. It’s so hard trying to resist all that sweet stuff but just remember how bad it feels afterwards. When all the fat is clinging to your organs. Hanging from and hiding those beautiful bones of yours.

Now guess what ****. If you put that thought out of your mind for just a little bit I promise it’ll stay away once you stop thinking about it. So go and get busy. Sit ups. Star jumps. Scroll through tumblr. Go a jog. Read meanspo. Write meanspo. Write a love letter. Draw your ideal home. Draw your ideal figure. Write about your ideal man. Write about him, you and him together while you’re skinny. I hope you’re eating chewing gum while doing this! Also remember green tea is life so get a mug of that in you as well!

Remember when you ate the rice and soya sauce and you purged? Remember how that felt. To eat to the point of spewing? You know it’s not worth it. You know how floored you feel after binging. The burning in your throat, the gritty feeling of fatty sugary foods against your pearly white teeth. Trust me they won’t stay white for long if you keep eating and spewing up disgustingly fattening foods.

I know it’s hard but believe me it’s worth it. I’m looking at you now biting your nails and tapping your finger. Locking and unlocking your phone over and over hoping for the cravings to go away. But I can also see what you look like knowing you won’t eat it…

You’re so happy ****, you’re smiling and laughing, joking with your friends. You’re carefree and fun to be around, so positive. Lighting up the whole room, especially for him. You always did but now more than ever. **** you look amazing. You have collar bones! You don’t have to shrug your shoulders to see them they’re always there! Especially when you laugh. You look so beautiful when you laugh.

You’re sitting on the chair at work, feet together.. thighs apart. Yeah you really do have a thigh gap and it looks brilliant on you. Remember that photo of the black jeans and converse on tumblr? You look like that!! Fuck you look so hot. Legs for days! You can bring your knees up in front of you without being uncomfortable and worrying about your fat belly getting in the way. Your jeans aren’t worn away or tacky looking because your fat legs haven’t chaffed them away! It looks so good! You look so good. Keep reading this the cravings are subsiding and this will be you my beautiful ****!

Your belly. Ugh your belly. Remember wearing high waisted jeans and thinking wow quite hot. But then relaxing and seeing the belly? Tucking your turtle neck in to show of your tits and arse but ew then there was the belly? No more ****!! There’s no more belly. You know what sticks out of your high waisted jeans now?? Guess.. yeah you’re right! It’s your hipbones. I know you don’t believe me. I know you can’t actually imagine a day where you look like this but believe me you do. Your face isn’t fat. You don’t have a double chin. You do have cheekbones. You have collarbones and hipbones as well! Your ribs are fab absolutely fab, you could lay down and let someone play a tune on them like a xylophone. You could let him play a tune on them.

You’re on his lap ****. You’re in the house with him. Cuddled up on his lap. You’re weightless and worryless. Both laughing and joking. He tickles you and you roll about but guess what. You’re all skin and bones. You look great laying under him laughing. You don’t need to worry about the double chins because you don’t have any. Your biggest concern is being broken like the little doll that you are.

Stay strong and keep at it **** cause you can look so good. No chocolate, no cake, no crisps, no sweet, NO BREAD! is worth how amazing you look right now.

Please don’t make yourself wait any longer to see it! Just keep going and stay motivated. The quicker you see what I can see the easier it’ll be to keep at it. So don’t ruin it for one moment of weakness. I promise you you are other girls thinspo.

***** and ***** wish they looked like you. ***** worries about you. ***** hates your body. Boys love it. ******* wishes he still had you. You know who is lucky to have you and he knows it. The looks on their faces are so worth it. Girls pass you in the street and envy spills out of them as they go and eat tuna sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, and pizza. They will always be fat. They’ll never be skin and bones like you.

Finish your green tea and go do 50 jumping jacks in the bathroom. Now go fill your water bottle and hoover upstairs. Put a washing on and do another 50 jumping jacks.

You look so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing you look. I can’t wait for everyone else to see how amazing you look. Not long now ****. See you soon xx

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@melky5sos asked “Can you please do #19?”

Well. Here ya go.

#19- “Stop calling me cute!”
“Stop doing cute things!”

Warning-OOC Joker

Sorry it’s short!


It was my day off. Y'know what those are, right? Staying at home, reading a book, cleaning my gun… but mostly relaxing. I usually spent the day in my underwear because I’m way too lazy to find clothes to wear.

When living with the Joker, I’ve realized two things.

1) That man is great in bed
2) Cherish every minute you have by yourself.

Most of the day had gone by before Mistah J got back from “work”. His mood seemed to be peppier than usual, which only meant one thing to me.

“So J,” I began. “who did ya kill today?”

He looked at me with a smirk plastered over his pale features. “Ah ah ah, doll. We aren’t allowed to talk about work on your day off.” He shook his finger, while eyeing me up and down.

A slight blush appeared on my face as I turned around towards the kitchen. “Well fine. We will talk about it tomorrow, but now I’m going to make dinner.”

As my legs leave the spot I was just at, I felt a slap on my butt. “Daddy’ll accompany you.”

Once in the kitchen, I tied an apron on and began to make some dough for a pizza. Arms encircle my waist and a very handsome face rested on my shoulder. Giggling, I threw some flour into his face.

He recoiled pretty fast. “(Y/n)! What was that for!” He pouted, causing me to laugh harder.

“J! You look so cute!”

His eyes widened and a growl escaped his lips. <b>“Stop calling me cute!”<\b>

<b>“Stop doing cute things.”<\b> A shriek escaped my lips as he picked me up and threw my body over his shoulder with ease.

“Now, doll. Daddy is gonna show you how not cute he is. I hope your ready…” he purred into my ear.

Let me just tell you one thing. I didn’t get to have pizza that night.

Completely ignoring the fact that Walmart has Valentine’s merch out two days before Christmas, I want to talk about why these fuzzy pajama bottoms make me happy.

I got into Miraculous Ladybug ten days before Valentine’s Day, which happens to be my second favorite holiday. When I think back to those days when I was binge watching the series, I also think of chocolate and love and afternoons sitting on the porch, getting some sun and reading fan fiction.

Basically, I associate ML with the time of year when I was happiest.

Will I be buying these pants? Probably. But not until mid-January at least.

anonymous asked:

Andrew Kreisberg and Grant Gustin just gave interviews basically confirming that Barry and Iris will be engaged again by the end of the season. You can find the quotes in the westallen tag. I'm super happy and relieved and all, I just wish the writers didn't have to create all that fake drama just for this damn musical.

ok i’m reading it now…….

Grant: Oh yeah. Yeah, if and when he saves Iris. Iris is the love of Barry’s life. He’ll be putting a ring on it and making it stay there. 

Andrew: I can see the future and something tells me those crazy kids are gonna be okay. Like every good TV show, your hero and your heroine have to go through their perils and their pitfalls. But, something tells me that the wedding invitations will be sent out. 

awwww i mean i never worried about them but it’s good to hear. but i agree the fake drama was not necessary for the musical. 

A friend recommended the book ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig to me and I am honestly so thankful they did.

I’m not an avid reader and I hardly ever read to fill my spare time, but something about this book has resonated with me and I haven’t been able to put it down since I bought it.

I don’t recall a time when reading something has produced such a strong emotion from me, but by the time I finished this paragraph, I was crying uncontrollably. This book, for those who don’t know about it, is a real life account of one man’s journey through mental illness and although everyone’s experience of mental illness is different, there is something in his writing that is absolutely relatable. Perhaps it’s his way of being able to express confusing and often, alien emotions in words which is something I always struggled to do, but reading this book I realised I was not alone. Suffering from depression and experiencing self harm and suicidal thoughts always made me feel so alone, even though I was lucky to have the support of some amazing people, I still felt isolated because I didn’t want to be labelled by my mental illness and this book made me realise I’m not the only person going through this.

There was a time in my life I will never be able to forget because I came so close to ending my life. During that time I remember thinking the pain was never going to end and despite the efforts of the people around me, I didn’t see a point in continuing. However, I was wrong. Since then I’ve learnt to appreciate the smaller accomplishes in life and to celebrate the small and seemingly insignificant things because nothing is insignificant anymore. At the end of my day, I try to think of just one good thing that happened to me and more often than not there’s more than one thing to think about. Life is worth living even when you believe it’s not.

If any of my followers are struggling through difficult times, please remember you are not alone in this life. Help and support is available wherever you choose to look for it and I understand the courage and strength it takes to ask for that help, but please believe me that things get better.

My ask box is always open if anyone wants to chat, vent their problems, needs help or simply wants to ask questions about my personal experience. I am more than happy to talk to any of you 😘

Erotic Word association

Today we’re going to play a word association game. But we’re going to do it a little differently. You’re going to read the word in bold, then repeat theresponse I give you out loud. After all, you didn’t come here to think. You’re here to let me think for you. So just read and obey.

Alone. “Horny”

That makes sense doesn’t it? You get horny when you’re alone. That’s when you read and obey, that’s when you rub your mind away. Good girls play every day and you want to be a good girl. You play when you’re alone, good girls play, good girls stay wet and ready.

Alone. “Horny”

Those two words just seem to go together. The more you practice, the more you read and obey, the more you’ll realize this. The more you’ll realize being alone means being horny.


You know how to respond to that word now, your body knows how to respond, your body wants you to be a good girl. Your body makes you horny whenever you’re alone, it’s the natural response. You can’t control it.


Good girl. You’re going to be very good at this game. Just read the world in bold then repeat the next word out loud.

Horny. “Wet”

It’s obvious isn’t it. When you’re alone and horny, you get wet, like all good girls. Your breasts expand, your nipples harden, your pussy expands slightly and gets wet. Good girls get horny and wet quite often. It’s all natural. It all makes perfect sense. It’s all you need to think about right now.

Horny. “Wet”

Horny, wet. Horny and wet. The more you read it, horny, wet, the more sense it makes, the more those words swirl around in your mind, horny, wet. Every repetition burying them deeper in your thoughts, conditioning your thoughts, your urges, your responses, alone, horny, wet. It all comes naturally if your just let your mind go blank for a moment.



Your body knows how to respond, your body will always know how to respond, you’re becoming such a good girl. It’s just so easy, so easy to be horny and wet, so easy to be blank.

Wet “Blank”

It’s obvious, it’s how your body responds to being wet, it gets difficult to think. Wet, blank. Then you can’t think. Wet, blank. Good girls don’t think. Good girls just read and obey. It’s so easy to go blank when you’re wet. Wet, blank. The wetter you get, the more blank you become. Getting wetter?

Wet “Blank”

Your body doesn’t want you to think when you’re wet. It just wants you to be blank. Wet, blank. It feels so wonderful to be blank, to just read and obey, good girls read and obey. You read and obey. You want to be wet and blank. And the more you train, the easier it becomes.




Good girl. You’re getting better at this. Practice makes perfect after all. So you’re just going to keep practicing until it’s perfect. You’re just going to read and obey, let your mind make you wet, blank and obedient.

Blank “Obedient”

You can’t think when you’re blank, you need someone to think for you, need to obey so you can be blank, obedient. I’ll think for you, help you be blank, obedient. All you have to do is read, read and obey.

Blank “Obedient”

It can be so easy to be blank and obedient, especially when you’re alone, horny and wet. It just comes naturally to good girls, good girls like you. Good girls don’t think. Good girls obey. You’re a good girl. Deep down you know it’s right, it’s what you need.





Your body knows the answers. Just let them out. It feels so good to just give up control, just drop all your worries and concerns, just be obedient and happy, just let someone else think for you.Everything is simple this way, simple and wonderful.

Obedient “Happy”

Being obedient just fills good girls with joy, even when they just read and obey like this, obedient, happy. Just a wonderful, warm feeling swelling up inside you, trying to escape through a grin, or a smile, or a giggle, or a laugh. Obedient, happy. Feel the pleasant warmth of obedience filling you. It feels so good to obey, to be a good girl, to give pleasure. And you’re being such a good girl when you read and obey this post. Such a wet, blank, obedient and happy girl.

Obedient “Happy”

It seems a little silly but you don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to think at all. All you have to do is read and obey, let yourself be wet, blank, obedient, happy. Let yourself stop thinking, smile, giggle, be proud of the good job you’ve been doing here, learning to be a good girl, engraving these associations in your subconscious. It’s ok to let these words and associations shape how you think and feel. And it’s ok to just read and pretend awhile first.






Good girl. Just read the word and say the associated word out loud. Just keep going.





Obedient “Happy…”





Obedient “Happy”





Being alone makes you horny. Being horny makes you wet. Being wet makes you blank. Being blank makes you obedient. And being obedient makes you happy. You’re so happy when you obey. So you’re going to obey this command, read this post again while you play, over and over again until these associations become permanently engraved in your thoughts, in your urges, in your actions.

If you think you’ve done a really good job learning your associations and reprogramming yourself feel free to send me a message with the words “Alone,horny, wet, blank, obedient, happy. *giggle*”. And feel free to read the words out loud one more time before you click send.

The Omnipotent Truth

Your absence left a deafening hole
Inside my room, I can feel the silence
Questioning your presence
As you haunt places where you once stood,
Places where you once laid

With your specter infesting the room,
I fail to shut you out from my head
And I stay up too late, wake up too early
Unlock my phone, read our texts again

I forgot what happened before you
So I know of nothing else to do
I think, and I read, and I dream,
And still it all comes back to you.

I drown my head in music
Engulfed in beloved sounds and lyrics
Trying to forget
But how can I forget
When all those songs mean anything to me
Because of you?

Each one exemplifying my pain,
Articulating my struggle,
And I sing along without a second thought
Until I realize
That it all comes back to you.

is simply this: (a) each of God’s beings, from the lowliest on up, is entitled to at least a few moments of genuine privacy. (b) What actually was spoken, while moving enough to those involved at the time, flattens like toothpaste when transferred to a paper for later reading: “my dove,” “my only,” “bliss, bliss” et cetera. ( c ) Nothing of importance in an expository way was related, because every time Buttercup began “Tell me about yourself,” Westley quickly cut her off with “Later, beloved; now is not the time.” However, it should be noted, in fairness to all, that (1) he did weep; (2) her eyes did not remain precisely dry; (3) there was more than one embrace; and (4) both parties admitted that, without qualifications whatsoever, they were more than a little glad to see each other. Besides, (5) within a quarter of an hour, they were arguing.

// The Princess Bride, William Goldman

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Reading your love interest analysis made me so nostalgic of dracula. Why did it have to be cancelled? The cast seemed so happy to be working there. We could have had it all! Gay vampire Katie, what a dream! Season2 would have been when things started to get good. Just picturing Mina's reaction when finding out what happened to Lucy. I like to believe something could have happened there. I also read an interview where Katie said that when it was cancelled she felt really bad and it broke my heart

Don’t you just love those old Dracula feels, anon? I would have to agree. The way that show ended just destroyed me. Knowing that it got cancelled was a bit of a kick to the gut. Katie did such an amazing job playing Lucy and she will always be one of my absolute favorite characters.

Season 2 would have been such a ride for Lucy and Mina. You know Mina wouldn’t have been able to stay away after everything and then if she found out what Grayson did to her?? Ohhhhh man. That would have been rough. I like to think after a while their friendship would have been back on track and may have even led to a potential romance! Plus who knows what route Lucy would have taken after being turned? No matter what became of her though, I think her devotion to Mina would have remained.

I recall reading how Katie almost didn’t get the role because some didn’t necessarily see her as being believable as Lucy. Then she almost lost the role because of her hair color! I love that they managed to find a way to keep her on because I can’t imagine anyone else doing what she did with Lucy.

I remember that interview as well! Oh it broke my heart to know how sad she probably was. Really it was the first project that she had that ended that way and she was so excited for the role. It would have been hard to deal with. As her brother told her though, she will have no issues finding work. And he was right! Katie literally has not stopped since her first role and that is so awesome to see considering the industry and her lack of technical training. I’m such a proud fan!

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I've been wondering how Ardyn maintains those scruffy bristles of a beard. Is he just too lazy to shave or is this him being stylish? He drives me insane. I want to be tickled by his whiskers as he attempts to kiss me.

Aggghhh just imagining that stubble against your skin is TOO MUCH.

I always imagined that his hair and beard stayed the way they were when he was “executed”… in fact again I think I read in some theory that he had longer hair, and the jealous king attempted to execute him by beheading, cutting his hair in the process, and that’s how he got his unruly but godly mane.

Where do I keep reading these theories, you ask? I ask myself that, too. I’ve clearly spent too much time thinking about this nonsense. Once again I can’t find the source for this, so call it a headcanon.

If it’s true though, that his beard and hair has remained the same through the centuries, does it apply to all body hair…? I wonder what was the custom for styling the downstairs department in his day… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A Word on Self Insert Fic...

I’m gonna be real honest. Stay with me.

If you want to write and/or read self insert fic:


If someone wants to label it as pathetic or sad or whatever else insulting, dumb thing they think of fucking let them and ignore that shit.

Speaking as a confident, attractive, and mostly well-adjusted adult woman, I’ve fucking read those fics. I’ve fucking written that shit to entertain myself. I’ve written and read self inserts when I’m feeling sad AND pathetic AND fucking alone AND unloved. Things that most humans feel at some moment of their lives for one reason or another unless they are some sort of sociopath. 

Everyone processes shit differently and if you process your shit through pretending that Sherlock Holmes saves you from a would be murder or Natasha Romanoff becomes your best friend or The Doctor swoops into make you his companion or you’re having hot, hot sex with Dean Winchester THEN YAS QUEEN DO YOUR THING.

Self insert fic is a great self care practice. It’s a great way to positively motivate yourself without just staring in a mirror and giving yourself a pep talk. It’s a way to explore your sexuality within the bounds of your control. It’s you telling yourself that you fucking matter but hearing it in the voice of your favorite characters.

And as a general sidenote…masterbation is fucking healthy so if you are reading self insert to get all hot and heavy with yourself, you are doing your bod all kinds of favors so keep it up!

Ignore any self-insert fic haters that want to mock you in something that brings you happiness. They’re dicks you just don’t get it and it’s not up to you to cure them of that. You do you.


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Oh it sucks when you find something so glorious only for it to be discontinued. It’s really a bittersweet moment, because on the one hand at least you got all those chapters that are already published and are amazing, but then you don’t get a satisfying ending.

Stay strong.

Surely, someone has already pointed this out, but to everyone who thought the Yuri!!!on Ice title was misleading, stay with me for a second, I want to try something.

First of all, when I first saw those posts, I didn’t know what “Yuri” as a genre was (hi, I live under a rock) so I had to look it up and this is the wikipedia definition

I don’t know how well you can read that, but the part I zoned in on was “Yuri focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship.”

And then episode 3 happened

Yuuri embracing a more feminine roll, similar to what Viktor has done in the past. Two men exploring their sexual/romantic orientation.

I don’t think the title is misleading. It’s a double entendre.

I think the makers of this show knew what they were doing and it’s kind of brilliant.

I don’t want to make this a huge deal, so I’m going to leave this untagged here. But I feel for a place I was so invested in, I need to make some kind of announcement for those of you I care about very much. Thank you for the good times I’ve had in this fandom, but it’s about time I’ve moved on.

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Yooooooo how do you feel about mpreg (and if you're not too freaked out) (totes feel free not to answer if so) how would you feel abotu yuri being preggers

// It’s one of those things that if it is written well enough I’d read it. It’s an interesting concept. I think Otabek would be like making sure Yuri is taking all his vitamins and doing anything and everything for him to make sure Yuri stays off his feet when it’s needed. Over protection levels would go up 100%.  

last summer were the good days.
that’s when we met, remember?

we kissed all the time.
the texts weren’t always drunk.
and i think we always wanted to stay.

with each other,
in that place,
at that time.

i wish i had known then how things would be now.
it’s not all bad.

we only say things we mean now, which means not much at all.
we’re more vulnerable in those few moments of closeness.
and - i think we still want to stay.

but leaving is easier,
we have always left each other,
haven’t we, honey?

we know who we are now.
i wish we didn’t.

because yes,
we were scared,
and wary.

but we were happy,
my god,
we were so, so happy.

—  letters from drake’s ex; all summer sixteen