and when i guarded someone


They turned on each other, at last.

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Akira blushing over a delinquent even though everyone thinks he is is 👌🏽👀

I’ve sold my soul to blushing Akira, there’s no going back for me.

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As a security guard I like how when I ask for someone's name, some people look at like at me like I'm trying to steal their identity or whatever

Puberty -- Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

Name: [ f/n ] [ l/n ]

Class: 1-A

Quirk: Ecokinesis ( Nature Manipulation: Most powerful when surrounded by trees or dirt )

Limit: Her quirk is run by her feelings and energy. What ever she feels will help manipulate the amount of usage of her quirk.

Weakness: Thunder/Electricity

“Hey, [ f/n ]-chan. We’ve been wondering..what kind of body type do you have?”

“Huh? What does that even mean?”

[ f/n ] looked at Ashido-san with a confused expression as she gently closed her book. She placed it on her desk before Tsuyu and Ochako had decided to join in on the conversation. There was something that most girls were curious about since they had started to notice; and it was something a touchy subject for her. [ f/n ] had her uniform slightly bigger than usual and also her training uniform. She also mentioned that there was a malfunction with her costume so she’s been using her training outfit for a while. Once her classmates have asked about what type of body she has, her cheeks were flushed as she waved her hands in front of her face.

Bakugou and Kirishima had happened to overhear their conversation and the girls had heard a scoff from the blond. The girls looked over, Ochako giving him a slight pout to why he was acting that way.

“What’s so funny, huh Bakugou?”

“Haven’t you seen pictures of [ f/n ] back in middle school and elementary? I wouldn’t think she would have a body in the first place.”

Bakugou mentioned as he was just scrolling through his phone. [ f/n ] chuckled nervously as she softly scratched her cheek with embarrassment, agreeing with him. Midoriya decided to join in on the conversation by showing the girls a picture of the three childhood friends.

“See, [ f/n ]-chan is in the middle. I wouldn’t say that she’s the same but for sure that we all have matured somehow.”

Midoriya smiled meekly as she got up from her seat and gave him a hug. Ashido laughed at how Bakugou was so small and he growled at her, even though his cheeks said otherwise. [ f/n ] turned back to her friends as she brought up the main topic.

“Why did you even ask me in the first place?”

“Since its summer vacation soon, the whole class had decided to go on a trip to the beach before we go off on break!”

“Plus..I want to make sure to lend you some of my two pieces, to show off that beautiful body of yours.” Ashido smirked as she whispered her response after Ochako had explained why. [ f/n ]’s face was beet red once she finally realized their true intention and sat all the way back in her seat. She covered her mouth to contain herself from screaming with embarrassment, Tsuyu looking out the window from their classroom.

“It just got really humid all of a sudden, ribbit..”

She softly mentioned as she wiped off the sweat from her forehead. [ f/n ] continued to stammer while Ashido was laughing her butt off beside her. Aizawa had slowly made his way inside the classroom, fanning himself with an extra Manila folder that he had from the teacher’s office.

“[ l/n ]-san, please calm down. Class is about to start.”

“Ye-Yes sir!”

You replied stiffly before sending a small glare to Ashido. You still had your mouth slightly covered from the incident but you had started to slowly calm down. Ochako smiled at your general direction before everyone had started to go back to their seats. Once you had fully calmed down, your cheeks were slightly puffed out into a pout after remembering what Bakugou had said.

“We’ll see how he will react when he see’s how much I’ve trained..!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aizawa had explained that all of the students will meet on campus and we will all travel together towards the beach. We get to spend the whole day at the beach and if we want to, we can leave after the beach closes. However, the teachers will be staying at hotel/bath house near by so we could stay. This was a treat from the teachers to the student from all the hard work that they had encountered lately.

After arriving to the beach, everyone nearly ran out of the bus to find their ideal spot. Ashido was dragging you and Ochako towards the bathrooms, already rushing the both of you to get changed.

“C-Could you go grab us a good spot, I-Izuku-kun?”

“Yeah, sure no problem!”

Midoriya had called out before he saw [ f/n ] being forcefully tugged into the girl's’ locker room. Once [ f/n ] had finished changing into her bathing suit, she covered herself with a light jacket that she had kept with her. She gently patted down a bit of dust away from her jean shorts before joining her friends fixing their hair in front of the mirror.

“Nee, [ f/n ]-chan–when are you going to tell Bakugou that you like him already?”

“WH-WHAT!?! I–I–!!”

“Sorry [ f/n ]-chan, it was pretty obvious..but since its summer you should tell him!”

She groaned from the amount of embarrassment she had already been feeling. Yaoyorozu gently placed her hand on her shoulder, giving her reassurance. She smiled at her before they all left the locker rooms. As [ f/n ] was talking to Yaoyorozu, she had caught from the corner of her eye that Bakugou was pushed into the water by Kirishima, Ashido and Siro. He roared as he tried to chase after them, all spreading out in different directions. He clicked his tongue before he had stripped out of his shirt and rang out all the water.

[ f/n ] was trying to put sunscreen and just happened to stop what she was doing just to watch Bakugou strip. Her mouth was slightly agape as she almost dropped the bottle of sunscreen on her lap. Yaoyorozu and Ochako giggled softly before bringing her back to earth. She shook her head before blushing embarrassed once again and applying some to her arms.

“Here, let me get your back for you.”

“I-It’s okay you don’t ha–”

“No, I insist.”

Yaoyorozu replied with a smile and watched as she slightly struggled with embarrassment. This may be a late turn but ever since she was bullied back in elementary school for her weight, she’s been insecure about her body every time. She gently tugged her jacket closer to her body as she looked away embarrassed. [ f/n ] thought about it before she mustered all her confidence to finally strip out of her jacket and shorts.

Bakugou’s POV

“Stupid mofos getting my favorite shirt soaked..”

I was about to go back to the spot where I had placed my belongings from but then I caught myself staring instead. As I was walking closer to my spot, there stood [ f/n ] in all her glory stripping out of her jacket to expose her body.

And my god did puberty hit her like a truck.

After taking off her jacket, she was unbuttoning and wiggling out of her shorts which gave me a beautiful view of her rear. I was caught off guard when someone hit me with a beach ball.


“Dude, I’ve been calling you for li–well hot damn look at that.”

Kirishima called before he stopped beside me to stare at [ f/n ]. I nearly growled as I took a hold of his face and blew it up. He screeched as he took a couple steps back, shaking his head slightly and wiping away the black mist. I mumbled angrily to myself before deciding to face my fears. As I started to approach the resting spot, [ f/n ] turned around just as she was letting her hair loose to comb it.

“Bakugou? What’s wrong?”


‘Shit, what the hell am I stuttering for!?’

“Bakugou? Are you okay?”


“Oh come on!”

3rd POV

The tension between [ f/n ] and Bakugou was pretty obvious. It was so obvious to the whole class that it was irritating. So what happened was: Uraraka and Ashido pushed both Bakugou and [ f/n ] towards each other as they collided. As they both crashed into each other, Bakugou was fast enough to catch her as they both fell together. But as they fell together, somehow their lips had come in contact with each other as well.

Both [ f/n ] and Bakugou stared at each other in shock and embarrassment as their classmates were cheering off from the sidelines. Most guys were wolf whistling as the girls were cheering for [ f/n ]. They both got up hastily as Bakugou he started to scream at his classmates. He started to chase after Kirishima, Midoriya and Iida; explosions bursting in the air. [ f/n ] sat up from her spot as she gently touched her lips with her fingertips, the blush not ceasing a single moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After spending majority of the day on the beach, most of the class had stayed in the lodge where they had decided to spend the night. Bakugou had finished a game of ping pong against Kirishima and had lost terribly. He had stormed off to cool himself down, grumbling to himself and kicking the sand that was underneath his feet.

“Stupid game..stupid Kirishima..”


The said boy looked up from his current doings and noticed that the person calling out to him was [ f/n ] herself. The tension between was pretty awkward after what the class had done. They looked away from each other as they awkwardly rubbed the back of their necks. [ f/n ] was sitting on the beach, a good distance away from the sea shore. She had her cheeks slightly hidden, looking away from the blonde male. He was standing not that far from her as he rubbed the back of his neck, trying to bare the redness and heat coming from his cheeks once more.

“U-Umm..about what happened..”

“It isn’t anyone’s fault. If ever, it’s the whole class..”

She saw him sit right next to her as he started to play with the sand around them. Bakugou sighed before he leaned all his weight on his hands behind him, looking up at the sky and at the full moon.

“Was the kiss bad?”

[ f/n ]’s eyes widened as she looked at him, Bakugou’s gaze looking straight at her. Her blush darkened as she looked away, also the tips of her ears blooming a pinkish shade as well.


“What? I can’t hear you.”

“I-It wasn’ bad..”

She mumbled her reply as she continued to hide her face from him. Bakugou looked away and tried to hide his small smile before leaving it into a comfortable silence. The two sat together on the beach, looking out into the beach. The breeze was soft and the two continued to stay silent, [ f/n ]’s blush softening as well.

“You’re a very sneaky know that..?”

“Was it too obvious?”

“I thought you would’ve been more direct..”

“Maybe when we get back..”

[ f/n ] couldn’t help but smile as Bakugou successfully wiggled his fingers to weave with hers. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze before holding it with such care, both students looking at the full moon.

The whole class stood behind the bushes as they watched from afar, the whole class nearly excited for their successful mission. They quietly cheered in the back before Ojio mentioned something that caught their attention.

“Wait, are they going to kiss?”

Everyone gasped before they were dead silent, looking at their direction. Sure enough they all saw [ f/n ] and Bakugou moving closer, [ f/n ] with her eyes closed and Bakugou smiling at her before closing his eyes as well. Everyone was peering closer and closer, Ashino and Midoriya taking their phones out and waiting for the rightful moment. They were getting closer and closer, their lips brushing against each other. Everyone’s curiosity getting them as they were nearly on the edge of their seat. But then suddenly their view was corrupted when wind come towards them and a tree had blocked the view.

Everyone groaned as Kirishima almost screamed with frustration. Midoriya moved the tree to the side, [ f/n ] now resting her head on Bakugou’s shoulder. They were going to peer closer but they noticed that some tree vines were blocking their way. Midoriya was confused as he went to touch the vines, only to have a small explosion occur in front of his face.

“I think it’s best to leave the two lovebirds alone..”

“All Might..”

“Besides, we’ll get our chance to see soon enough.”

He smiled and gave them a thumbs up before he started to lead the class out of the way. Once everyone is back inside the lodge, All Might looked back and caught a glimpse of [ f/n ] laughing at a blushing Bakugou before he started to tickle her and coat her cheeks with kisses. All Might blushed as he grinned before sneaking a quick picture from over his shoulder.

“Ah, young love ~”

Just a little bit of your heart - Stiles Imagine

A/N: part two of Just a shadow enjoy x

Warnings: swearing

Characters: the whole pack

Part 1:

Part 3:

Part 4:


My phone vibrated to itself, unwanting to pick up the phone I just left it there . Making my way to the balcony I sat on the cool metal chair out looking my neighbourhood,today was spring formal and I was just sitting here like some broken hearted Nilly. Fuck I muttered to myself why do I always screw things up? I heard some branches being broken and huffs of breathing “who’s there?!” I call “I know Kung fu” I say making a dramatic pose “no you don’t y/n” Stiles’ head perks up with a smug smile “help me over” he calls I grab him and haul him over the balcony ledge.

I take note his attire,he’s wearing a black tuxedo with blue flowers sticking out his pocket “you look all fancy” I giggle “yeah yeah I know Ly- I mean” my smile became a frown he was going to say Lydia probably cause his date is Lydia I cross my arms in order to get warmth since it was getting chilly out “y/n are you cold?” Stiles asks removing his jacket and placing it against me I give him a small nod and sit back down in the chair “listen y/n I know we didn’t have time to speak but if you’d like to we could now?” He smiled “I’d like that” I responded in a soft tone

“How’d this come about? The whole liking me ?” Stiles questioned pulling out the other chair next to me “grade school” I tried not to get into too much detail “and why didn’t you tell me?” He glanced at me with sorrowful eyes “well that’s obvious I didn’t want to ruin anything which is too late cause I have and I don’t know why I do these types of-” Stiles cut me off placing his hands to my face and his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate and sweet I almost fainted it was too much to bare he pulled away a while after “there” he smiled “what’d you do that for?” I quirked a eyebrow “I don’t know” his smile disappeared as the sound of a car honking went off. “Oh shit I gotta go I’m so sorry y/n” Stiles began climbing down the balcony faintly in the darkness you can hear Lydia call for him there goes my shot.

<<<<< Three weeks later >>>>

I haven’t been hanging out with the pack since the kiss with Stiles damn what a joke. Malia’s been trying to get me to open up during Math but with Lydia up front I can’t get a word out. The day had ended fairly quick so I made my way to the lacrosse field where I go to catch up on homework or to hang with Stiles but since we aren’t speaking again I make sure he doesn’t have practice when I come here.

I was listening to secret love song by little mix when someone caught me off guard I looked up and who else but Stiles was in front of me “what do you want.” I grumbled rudely “I know you’re kinda mad at-” I cut him off “kind of?! Hell Stiles I’m fucking pissed off at you ! How-how dare you come to my house kiss me just for me to find out your fucking dating Lydia and might I add have been for a while!” I was fuming with rage the tears began falling down my face “Y/n I’m-” I cut him off again “you’re what? You’re sorry huh? You’re fucking sorry ?! Well too late fuck you and fuck me too for being so naive so stupid all I wanted was just a little bit of your heart to love me too.” I got my bag and left him open mouth and torn as I kept walking and sniffing the way home.

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“Oh god. She’s one of my faves. I love Karley. I didn’t expect for us to click as fast as we did but she’s just great and so much fun to hang out with. Like I’ve had so many laughs with her and I always love when I find someone I can let my guard down with. And I totally am bringing her back something from my trip. She just doesn’t know it. 😌💕”

Unpopular Aihara Mei Opinion (Plus a short side tracked Yuzu rant)

Let me try to rationalize Mei’s (apparent) behavior in chapter 14. *Cracks knuckles*

We can all agree that Mei is probably the most (if not only) complex character in this whole series, right? She never acts the way we would if we were in her position, but at the same time it seems that her actions are the most rational in her eyes. She’s a character whose past is a heavy influence on her behavior, the complete opposite of Yuzu’s. Yuzu on the other hand seems very unaffected by the loss of her father and before the events of the story’s beginning she appeared very happy.

*I’m going to get a little off track here* 

I’m not saying that Yuzu is a flat character, though you have to admit she has almost no problems going for her minus her whole romance with Mei. If there’s one thing I want from Yuzu, you know, other than watching her be the sacrificial lamb for like, every f’d up thing that happens in this manga, I want to see her struggle with her own self instead of being like, “Mei… (insert angst).”

I want to see her struggle with the image she once upheld in her old life with the friends she had before her move. It seems like Saburo uta has strayed away from that flawed characteristic Yuzu once had. Yuzu is always doing things for other people and it seems like she can be a bit of a pushover. She doesn’t have a strong grip on who she really is in my opinion. I’m waiting for the day Yuzu finally says “screw it, we’re doing things my way.”

*Off track-ness over*

But let’s get back on track here. While Yuzu has had very little going on, Mei has had a ton of crap happening to her. If you’ve read up to the beginning of the Matsuri arc, you’d know that the Mei we see today is a stark contrast to who she used to be as a child. She used to be happy and what we’d consider a kind person. She had her life all laid out for her, and she was free to enjoy herself. Once her father traveled away, it seemed like that Mei lost the security she once had and felt pressured to fill in her father’s shoes. One of Mei’s most defining characteristics is her uptight attitude. Always studying, always working, never smiling. That became her life and she was miserable, even though she never showed it.

When Yuzu stepped into the picture, Mei was visibly uncomfortable with someone caring for her as much as Yuzu did. I mean, her own father basically dumped all his responsibilities on her and left her behind in order to experience things for his own ulterior motives. That and she already knew that her fiancee was only marrying her to gain money, power, and status. Mei probably felt worthless, and in that insecurity she must have really felt the weight bearing down on her shoulders to prepare to take over the school at such a young age. We know that Mei has strong feelings for Yuzu and longs for a relationship where she is actually cared for, as evident in several of their interactions.

She’s said things to Yuzu along the lines of “I need you to need me,” “I wonder if it’s because of my twistedness (that I want to feel your warmth),” and “Even knowing that (her heart was filled with good and bad), do you want to take a look inside?”

These are all huge red flags to me. Huge red flags that this girl is extremely damaged and insecure as opposed to the stoic, I-don’t-care-bitch-face facade she’s always playing. Fast forward to the events in chapter 13 where Yuzu rejects her, I had a feeling that Mei would take it way harder than Yuzu had intended it to be.

A lot of people argue that Yuzu has been rejected over and over by Mei, but she never gave up on her and went out with someone else.

Well DUH. Yuzu 1000% understands her feelings towards Mei and is chasing after her because this is her first experience with love. That, and she does understand to a degree how terribly Mei needs a pillar of support. When you love someone, I feel that you want to guard them and keep them out of harms way regardless of whether or not you get compensation. 

Mei does not understand this concept. The only experience she’s had with love was strictly physical and superficial. When Mei finally looks to Yuzu for acceptance, it is the one time Yuzu rejects her. The way Yuzu clumsly worded her rejection was most likely the biggest hitter.

Mei asked if Yuzu would still accept her even though she has a lot going on, even when she has good and bad conflicting with each other in her heart.

And Yuzu says… I can’t.

The fact that she didn’t clear up what she meant left Mei with the idea that Yuzu too couldn’t accept her, just like everyone else.

Which, finally, is why I believe that Mei wanted to move on and try her hand with someone who outright, plainly, bluntly said liked her. 

So before we jump to conclusions and hate on Mei again like we do every other month, let’s step into her shoes and walk around in them a bit first ;)

Continued from l x l 


♦He backed away at such a sound, not out of consideration, but only so that he could better examine the one who had just squeaked. He had straightened his shoulders, and posture by the time the young woman had turned around to face him. He watched her every movement, including her doing away with the odd object that had made the clicking sound earlier- he could ask about that later, perhaps.

“The temple has been demolished?” He quizzed a tone of curiosity in his tone. He was rather surprised to hear such things. He still would have been thinking about it if she hadn’t asked the basic question most ask sooner or later when meeting someone new.

“I was once assigned to guard this temple, but I suppose if it is demolished, then there is no need of that, is there?” He chuckled, and snapped his fingers teleporting just for a moment before he dissipated in a shower of various colored diamonds. When he materialized once again, he rose his arms in exaggerated expression. “You may call me Ghirahim, Demon Lord Ghirahim, and who are you? What was the artifact you had earlier?”

About My Face

Our bodies and what we do with them are politicized. With in our culture and many others, there are politics and narratives imposed upon our bodies. These politics and narratives speak to what spaces on our bodies are public and which should remain private. Over these months, I have learned that our faces are often considered a public space. For most this might be a given. Three out of the five faculties we use to take in the world are situated on our faces. In terms of communication, the strongest nonverbal cues come from our faces. With these facts alone, it stands to reason that society should have some concerns and investment in what happens on our faces. Yet, even in considering all this, I am still found off guard when someone ask me about it. Although it is situated on a vary public and communicative part of my body, it’s meanings and salience are deeply personal. Often when I am asked about them, I am first met with a wave of exhaustion. It’s not the fatigue of constant recitation but more in the class of the sort of exhaustion you feel when setting out on a major task. Explaining what these markings are is not simple, not only in finding the vocabulary but also in navigating the very intense emotional landscape they are situated in. 

So, what do they mean? Answering this, I need to make very it clear that these markings are for me. They are not really intended to communicate something to others but, if I were pressed to name what I hope they convey I’d say I’d hope they would communicate a wholeness that I house in my soul. Before he passed, my father taught me a great deal about the African diaspora and it’s affects on the American Negro (a term that was very important to my dad and that I now claim as my racial identity). A point of constant emphasis for my father, were out ancestors; those who came before us who’s lives form and shape ours in many ways. He always reminded me to be proud of them and show them my respect for what they went through. In truth, while he lived, I did not practice any respect for my ancestors or the truths my father blessed me. It was only in moving through mostly white schools and communities that I was forced to remember his words.

My markings are a bridge to my ancestors and speak to them that they are remembered. These patterns and lines remind me of my worth and bless me with kindness and patience. Contrary to what many think, the face you see adorned with these markings is my true face, these convey the real me. Without them you see my closeted face, the one that I hide behind. 

In short, these markings carry my truth. 

5:56pm // 6:14pm

today i was driving home and i stopped at a traffic light and looked in my rear-view mirror and i saw the person who was driving behind me dancing with his friend to whatever music he was playing in his car. it made me so incredibly happy that i could witness something as honest as that, even if it was just for a few seconds. i have grown to love honesty and rawness, and people, and when you put them together it’s this magical thing. i think this is why i believe so much in “the little things”, you know? little things like people dancing in their car or singing their hearts out while driving with the windows down. things like seeing someone smiling when their on their phone, and hearing real laughter, you know, the kind that cannot contain itself within our small human bodies. i love people when they’re drunk because it’s this beautiful mess of honesty and rawness. i love it when people cannot contain their i love you’s and they feel the need to shout it everywhere they go. to every stranger, and from every rooftop. the world needs more i love you’s, anyway. i love it when you look around when you’re at a party or a club or bar and you see that one person who is just swaying to the music and their eyes are closed, and it is just mesmerising. every time i hear or see something about people doing terrible things, i just think of the moments when i have witnessed someone doing something off guard, when they do something that they wouldn’t normally do if a hundred people had their attention. i am in love with the human species. we are magical creatures. 

I just read that article about Gamergate. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. They made me want to break shit. Specifically the commenters’ heads. Like fucking melons. Rid the gene pool of your degenerate filth. Gamers are shit. Why do gamers have to be so shit? Why do I have to share my hobby with these putrid shitstains on the rotting underbelly of humanity? Fuck this I’m so pissed.

EDIT in case anyone ever digs up this post again: yeah, okay, this was over the top. It was late, I was tired, I was pissed. I regret this post. I do not, however, regret the anger behind it, and I will not apologize for hating Gamergate and its supporters.