and when i got back the window to pester without it being weird was gone

love me, touch me

pt. 2

Genre: Slice Of Life(?), Drama, Fluff, Angst, Romance

Warning(s): Vulgar Language, Hybrid Hate

Word Count: 1, 900 words

Pairing: Shiba Inu! Hybrid! Jimin x Fem! Reader

Summary: You hate hybrids with a passion, at least that’s what you tell yourself. Your best friend, Amber, asks– or forces you to adopt a feral hybrid that’s meant to be put down.

Note: At some point I may change the name, but I don’t know what to change it too. Again, this is unedited.

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Regret, that’s what you instantly felt today as soon as you woke up.

Today you become the owner of a murderous hybird called #262, named after the lovable cartoon character, Stitch, or Experiment #262. The only reason you signed those adoption papers was so Amber could stop pestering you about hybrids that needed a good home, and how you should adopt one, plus those small newborn kittens had you soft.

You slowly and carefully walked into the lobby of your apartment building, the doorman holding the door open widely watching you with a slightly worried expression. “Good afternoon, Miss. [Last Name]. Busy as usual, yes?” He spoke politely as usual getting a slight head nod from you.

He waited until you were at least five feet away from the doors before closing them, leaving you on your own. Thankfully, the lobby was empty to day expect for the hybrid and security guard that kept watch. “Ma'am, are you okay?” The guard asked standing up from behind his desk, Sanha the Golden Retriever hybrid sat beside it watching you.

The guard shot the young boy a harsh glare, smacking the back of his head. “Are you blind, you dumb fuck? Go help the lady!” He snarled at the hybrid.

Sanha opened his mouth to say something, but was struck again before words could come out. Sanha held his head with both of his hands, soft whimpers coming from his throat. Hearing the guard growl in annoyance Sanha scrambled to his feet and rushed over to you, despite you being half way to the elevator.

“L- Let me help, Miss. [Last Name]!” Sanha put on a kind smile as he gently removed the papers from your grasp, not wanting to deal his his partner at the moment. “I’m Sanha, Mr. Umi’s hybrid.”

You stared at the hybrid, “Mr. Umi? As in my landlord Mr. Umi?” You questioned the retriever, pressing a button on the wall for the elevator. You could see Sanha smile proudly nodding his head happily. You poor kid. You thought to yourself as the elevator doors opened.

Stepping onto it you pressed the highest number, Sanha quickly getting on and standing beside you. You both stood there in a kind of comfortable silence until you decided to speak. “Have you gone on your heat yet, Sanha?”

Sanha’s eyes widen, “E- Excuse me?”

You stood there for a moment before shrugging your shoulders, “Nothin’, just ignore me. I just need help with work. I need a hybrid that’s had a least one heat, thats all.”

“Oh, okay.”

The elevator let out a geeful ding coming to a halt, the doors opening widely revealing your floor. You and Sanha got off the elevator and walked over to your apartment which was straight across from the elevator.

“Don’t these apartments cost a arm and a leg?” He asked looking around at the other three doors. “They’re for super rich people.”

“I guess. I mean, it barely makes a dent in my account so I can afford it.” You told him pushing the door open, walking in. You slipped your shoes off and watched Sanha skillfully take his off without dropping the papers.

Woah, you’re super rich.

The freshly waxed oak flooring shined beautiful underneath all the the natural light that flowed in from the large windows and the skylights. The living room connected with your kitchen, but the island kind of separated them, but not completely. The walls were a pure white color until you got to the kitchen then they were a nice dark gray. The furthest wall in your living room had a flat screen tv pinned up to it, and a jet black sectional a few feet away from it with white, black and gold colored pillows decorating it. A glass coffee table sat in between the tv and couch on top of a black and white fur rug, with a succulent and remotes placed on it.

The hybrid walked over to your table, his eyes lighting up brightly feeling the soft faux fur under his feet. He bent down a little and placed the papers on the table gently making two piles. “We stay in the basement, my hyungs and I. We don’t have too much, and this might not look like anything to you, but it’s amazing to me.” Sanha spoke softly sitting on the floor, the back of his calves keeping his butt off the ground.

He looked at you with a gentle smile, “Can help I help you with your work, ma'am?”

You crossed your arms beneath your bust, letting a soft sigh fall from your lips. A part of you didn’t want to send him back downstairs with that guard but the other part honestly didn’t care. “Whatever, Sanha. Have you eaten today? Do you want a sandwich and some juice?”

The Gold Retriever hybrid grinned, nodding his head furiously. “Yes, please!”


You laid a blanket over the hybrid’s sleeping figure, sitting on the edge of the couch. You ran your fingertips through his blond locks, a faint smile on your lips.

❝You’re such a creep, [Name]!❞ He giggled pulling you closer to his larger frame. ❝Watching people sleep is so weird, even if it is when they’re their prettiest.❞

You scowled at the familiar voice filling your brain, backing away from the young sleeping boy. You crossed your arms and walked away from him into the kitchen, irritated by your mind. You did a little cleaning up since Sanha had more than a sandwich and juice; the boy could eat just as much as Seokjin, and Seokjin could eat.

As you finished loading up the dishwasher you heard a knock on your front door which caused Sanha to break out into a sudden growl, staring at him from across the island you could see the boy looking quite scared as he growled lowly.

You pressed on on button and picked up a rag drying your hands off while walking to the door, “Go in my guest room, Sanha. Sleep there, ‘kay? It’s just my new hybrid.”

“Oh, okay..” Sanha wrapped the blanket around him and wandered down the hall into a guest room believing your words even though you had no idea if it was true.

If if was Sanha’s owner, Mr. Umi, you didn’t want him in the room to hear.

You unlocked the door and tugged it open, a woman standing in front of you with a clipboard in hand. “Good afternoon, Miss [Last Name]. I am Doctor Rhee Bomi, and I’ll be #626’s at home doctor.” She explained showing you a badge which you barely looked at due to a crate sitting behind her with two men standing beside it.

“Oh, your hybrid is in there. It’s how we move most hybrids. It’s easy and quick.” Bomi explained snapping her fingers while walking past you, her eyes looking around your apartment. “I should become a hybrid specialist if you can afford this place.”

“You make my job sound easy.”

The doctor turned around on her heel flashing you a fake smile. “It is.” She silently ordered the men to open the box.

“Sweetheart, my work will always be more complicated than staring at a hybrid’s dick, asking someone if they’re satisfied with the size.” You smiled right back at Bomi before slamming the door shut, walking over to the sectional.

Bomi merely rolled her eyes, “Anyway, do what your best at and fill these papers out. And I’ll check your hybrid’s dick out, 'kay?”

“You think that bothers me, but in reality it doesn’t. One of us gets paid extra for when we have to touch a hybrid’s reproductive organ.” You winked at Bomi taking the paper from her and took a seat on your couch smirking to yourself.

As you began filling the forms out you felt a hard stare on you, and it wasn’t coming from Bomi or the moving men– who were both enjoying your surround sound and tv. You glanced up and met the eyes of the hybrid you paid thousands for. His eyes were cold and hard as Bomi turned his head left to right.

Who the hell does he think he is looking at me like that?

You looked back at the paper and wrote down the name Amber suggested to you; Park Jimin. You didn’t know or care where she got the name from, but you did assume she took inspiration from that game, Mystic Messenger.


“I’m finished. Here are Jimin’s measurements.”

Bomi held out the piece of paper, her sloppy handwriting barely readable, but you still took it and handed back the forms you filled out. She went through them, making sure you filled everything out.

“Great, just one more check up our center then Jimin’ll be checked regularly which is every six months. But is checkup is two months from now.”

Bomi started packing her things up, ordering the moving men to go downstairs and wait for her. The men thanked you for allowing them to lounge around– asking you not to report them as well– before doing as Bomi says. You stared at the blue haired girl amused, watching her.

“We still on for clubbin’ next week?” Bomi asked as soon as the guys closed the door, her formality suddenly disappearing. She held her clipboard in her hands humming at her thoughts. “Jimin is prone to getting horribly sick when his heats come. And his heats have been irregular since she passed.”

Jimin sat on the fair side of the couch, his head turned down and his onyx eyes focused on the floor as if he wasn’t listening to ever word that came out of Bomi’s mouth. He turned his head away from you both, his nose going into the air, sniffing at it. Jimin let out a low growl, his eyes now fixated on your hall. Even though no one stood in the halls, he could smell the young hybrid wreaking of fear.

Jimin’s eyes wander over to yours, “Bomi, get out. I’ll text you later, 'kay? Tell Amber, hi for me, yeah?” You stood up and pushed Bomi to your front door shoving her shoes into her hands and out the door.

“I knew you bought me for some reason, you’re just a specist with anger problems, huh? Abusing some pup? What? He’s lookin’ too bruised?” Jimin snarled at you standing over you.

“One Dog-breath, back the fuck up.” You shoved the Shiba Inu back glaring harshly at him. “Two, what the hell are you talking about? I may be somewhat of a specist but I don’t beat hybrid children, stupid-ass adults that accuse me of false things are a different story.”

“Then why is a pup back there afraid?”

“Maybe because he knows you’re a killer!”

Sanha walked out of a guest room shaking in fear, his tail between his legs and his hesrs back. “I- I should go.” He whispered with a blank yet fearful expression heading to the front door. “See you around, Jimin-hyung. Ma'am.”

You both stared at the dazed hybrid, confused. “See? I don’t even own him, why would I beat him?”

Jimin stared at you, “You tell me, you specist.”

You threw your hands up and ran your fingers through your hair walking away from your new charming hybrid. “Find your own fucking bedroom, you damn half-breed.”

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“there’s a thing called roommates,”

Originally posted by sasksparks

genre: fluff with a lil smut

pairing: kim taehyung x reader

word count: 4.5k

warnings: badboy!tae? fuckboy!tae? idk if you need to be warned, but here’s the warning

a/n: war of hormone taehyung was a blessing. 

Kim Taehyung was an ass. A total, complete ass. But you needed a boyfriend, someone to keep your mom off your back when she visited later that afternoon. Every year she comes to visit and sees that you’re single and lonely and you feel her pity every time.

Certainly you could do better than him, but in less than an hour? No, your skills aren’t that good.

Besides, he owed you a favor. A bet a while back led to you blowing him the backseat of your car, and you got him to cum twice. He decided to dedicate himself to paying you back, even if it wasn’t with pleasing you because it was the best head he’d ever received in his life.

Approaching the black sports car he drove so recklessly that you’re surprised he hasn’t died from a car crash, you knocked on the window. He rolled it down, and a barrage of smoke hit you in the face. Scrunching up your nose in disgust, you look into the driver’s seat to see him there with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips.

“What can I do for you gorgeous? Finally decided it was time for me to find out what’s under those skirts you always wear?” He smirked, “Bet there’s nothing there, your ass looks too good.”

Ah, Kim Taehyung. What a breath of fresh air from all of the subtle, less demeaning compliments. Heavy sarcasm here.

“As much as it hurts me to say this, I need you to do me a favor.”

He nods, “Finally ready to let me pay you back?” he reached over, opening the door for you. You stepped in, adjusting your skirt as you got comfortable.

“Okay, so this may be a little bizarre, and may also be way too much to ask and that’s okay if you don’t want to because honestly I’d be very peculiar of anyone–”

“Babe,” he interrupted, “I don’t care what it is, I’ll do it.” you glanced over at him, the cigarette that was previously hanging from his mouth being tossed out of the window.

“Can you pretend to be my boyfriend and live with me for the next week and a half?” you asked quickly, avoiding eye contact as you did.

“What? Why do you need me to do that?”

“Because my mom is coming to visit and she’s really adamant of me having someone and not living in that giant apartment on my own and I just don’t want to feel the shame and pity,”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, “There’s a thing called roommates.”

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Distraction (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

 Request:  HI HUMAN ! Can i have a bucky request where the reader is buckys girlfriend and he’s been on a mission for the past couple weeks and it’s finally the day he’s coming home and so she’s pestering all the Avengers repeating herself and bouncing up and down going, “how about now? how about now? how about now?” and she’s easily distracted so they keep getting annoyed and just handing her random objects like lucky charms or something silly? and it’s just general fluff and humor? Thank you so much!!

Words: 2,794

Warnings: None

To say you were annoying was an understatement.

It’s not like you were a bother, or a pain to the other Avengers, you were annoying in a cute way. At least that’s what they decided once the pestering and nagging and bouncing had stopped. You were one of the younger Avengers and your personality showed it. You were bubbly, energetic, kind, fast, and most certainly saw the good in just about everyone.

Perhaps that’s why you ended up with Bucky Barnes, you didn’t care about what he did in his tragically sad past and you certainly brought a sense of positivity to his life. He had changed a lot over his time spent at the Avengers tower with the rest of the team; in a good way of course. You fell for his smile, it was near the beginning of his time at the tower when you saw him smiling with Steve and you caught a glimpse of the breathtaking smile.

From then on you were a nervous mess around him, you fell unusually quiet whenever he was in the same room and often because a stumbling mess of words that never made sense. You choked on your smoothie one morning when he scared you in the kitchen. It had only been you, him and Bruce home that morning as everyone else was on missions, running errands or out of town.

You were casually sipping your smoothie in the dark kitchen when he came in and turned on the light, you jumped and a large mouthful of smoothie got caught in your throat. This led to you dropping your drink, hitting your hip on the counter, and you were coughing while holding your hip while a chunk of your drink slid down your chest and stained your white shirt. It was embarrassing but once it was over you two started laughing together for what seemed like forever in the early hours of the morning.

Two weeks later you went on your first date together and you had been together ever since.

However during those years together, every time Bucky went on a mission longer than a weekend, you drove everyone crazy. You would pester and talk and prank and become so overly dramatic. Everyone knew you did it as a distraction, a way for time to go by quicker until you saw him again. You liked it better when he was not on some dangerous mission, you worried more than usual while he was away. What if HYDRA found him? What if he got hurt? What if he got kidnapped? What if he died?

The aching feeling in your chest while he was away felt like you were suffocating. So many things could happen, one thing could go wrong and he would be gone. The stress caused painful headaches and anxiety.

But today was not a stressful day, it was not a sad day or a painful day, it was a happy day. Bucky was coming home from a two week long mission and you couldn’t be more excited. Considering the mission was only supposed to take two days, this day was even more exciting.

For the rest of the Avengers, today was a long day. Today was the day that you would pester to no extent, and it all started at precisely 5:00am. 

“Wake up! Wake up! C’mon, wake up!” Sam cringed and covered his face with his pillow more, pressing it against his face to try to make the noise stop. His body bounced lightly as you stood on his bed jumping up and down. You were not a morning person, that was one thing you and Sam bonded most over; sleep.

So for you to be up before the sun had risen, and even before Steve went out for a run, was most certainly a surprise.

Sam groaned into his pillow, he was glad his face was being covered or else the bright overhead light of his room would certainly cause pain to his sleep filled eyes. The sun hadn’t even risen but yet you had opened all the curtains to his windows. 

“Sam! Sammy! Sams! Samother! Samillion! Sam, bam, dam, tam, pam, wam-”
“What do you want, woman?!” Sam shouted into his pillow but it was muffled enough to not wake anyone else near Sam’s room. 

“Let’s go to breakfast! We could go to Panera, Starbucks, Ben’s, Harold’s Coffee, Strange Donuts-no! Let’s go to Steak and Shake! Wait no, we should go there for lunch, yeah lunch is better! Where do you wanna go? I don’t know where I wanna go - but oh my god, we could go to Denny’s-” 


“No? Okay well there’s always Russ and Daughters, I’ve never been there, I wonder if it’s good, do you think it’s good? Oh what about Kitchenette, I went there with Clint last week it was good-” 



“What’s the time?” 

“5:00am, bright and ear-”

“Get out.” 

“No need to be hasty-”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Only coffee! You want some, you need some, you’re grumpy-”

“How much coffee have you had?”

“Oh, only three cups-”

Three cups?”

“I know, I need more-”

“It’s only five, how long have you been up?!”

“Mm, not for sure, I needed the energy-”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Oh I know! Let’s go to Big Daddy’s!” You giggled, you were still jumping on his bed trying to get him out of bed but also the caffeine that pumped through your veins caused you not to stop moving.

“Get out!” He grabbed one of the pillows he was using and tossed it in the direction of your voice. You only laughed, but he could hear it hit you. You jumped off his bed and landed with a thump before he could hear his door crack open.

“So no Big Daddy’s?”

“Out! I said out!” He threw another pillow and you giggled before slamming his door shut just in time as the pillow connected with where you previously were.

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Ya'll remember that AU with seeing color for the first time?

I got bored. Have a fluff destiel ficlet on me.


Dean tapped his pencil on his desk. The clock seemed to mock him and ticked slower and slower whenever he was looking at it. He didn’t know what he was so anxious for. It was just another day; he’d go home and hang out with Sammy, maybe go out to eat with Jo or grab a bite to eat with Vic. His teacher’s voice droned into his head making him sigh audibly. There was a sharp look from Mr. Singer and Dean felt his face rush with heat, and tried to focus on the lesson. This worked for another five minutes, then once again he found he was tapping his pencil again, humming Smoke On The Water to himself, desperate to stay awake.

At the bell, he was the first out of the room and nearly ran into several people on the way out the door. Like coming home, he found his car in the parking lot and sat himself on the trunk, watching those around him. It was easy to tell, even from a distance, who was able to see color. He watched envious of those who could. There were a few couples who stared at the sky, clearly pointing at different shades, other than the gray that Dean saw. He wondered if he’d ever see color, or if he would want to.

His father lost the ability when his mother died. Dean had only been a child but all he could remember was his father picking him up in the middle of the day at school, tears in his eyes. Dean had pestered him what was wrong but he didn’t get an answer until they were in the car driving home.

“It’s all gone. The color is gone.”

Dean was awoken from his daydream by the arrival of Sam. Nose deep in a book, his brother nearly walked into Baby, but stopped an inch from impact, then looked up smiling at him, “I’m not gonna get over your eyes.”

“Shaddup. Let’s go.”

It had been almost a year since Sammy met Jess. He’d come running to Dean during lunch talking a mile a minute about the girl who was in his class. Eventually, through the babble of his brother’s words, Dean knew he’d found her. His soulmate. He was no longer jealous of his brother but happy for him. Sam often tried to explain the different shades to him, which usually ended up confusing Dean more but he always let his brother try. The best he could do was tell him his eyes were green, green like the grass. He tried to explain they weren’t the same color but a shade, which only made Dean’s head hurt. He knew the sky changed shades but apparently there was more than blue in the sky, sometimes there was red, orange, pink, yellow. At first Dean laughed at his brother, asking if the sky was a rainbow. He had zoned out again on the drive home then Sammy pulled his attention back.

“Dean?” Sam asked when they pulled up to their house, “Can I go see Jess today?”

“Course.” Dean shrugged, “Just do all your homework first, squirt.”

He watched as his brother skipped into the house making Dean roll his eyes at how giddy Sam got whenever he was excited. Once inside, he threw his backpack on the couch and made himself a sandwich. His phone rang and he answered with a mouthful of bread, “Yah.”

“Dean? Are you eating? Lunch was like two hours ago.”

“Shaddup.” Dean grumbled, “What do you want Jo?”

“You gotta come see this kid.”

“Jo. I just got home. I gotta take Sammy to see his girl in a lil bit. What’s the rush?”

Jo was laughing, “He’s so weird.”

“Jo.” Dean said in a tired voice. “I’m not gonna come over so you can laugh at some kid.”

“You’re gonna regreeet it.” She sang and hung up.

Dean stared at his phone then set it down, maybe they could get a couple of beers if he went to get her.

“Sammy!” He yelled up the stairs then took another bite.

Within seconds Sam was in front of him, “We leavin?” He asked excitedly.

“Yeah,” Dean sighed, “You ready?”

Sam nodded and skipped his way back outside. Dean rolled his eyes and grabbed his keys. Fifteen minutes later he pulled up to Jo’s house and gave a soft knock on the door. In seconds she opened it and pulled him in.

“Dean!” She exclaimed, “hide!”

“The hell?” Dean asked and found himself being pushed into the hall closet. Through the slits through the door he watched as Jo’s mom walked by and kissed her head lightly before walking out the door. “Why is your mom so worried about me anyway? You don’t see color do you?” Dean joked walking out of the closet.

“Ew, no.” Jo shook her head, “Doesn’t stop her from worrying.” Before Dean could ask about the strange boy she mentioned from earlier she leaned to look out the front window. “Come on, she’s gone. Let’s go.”

He let himself be led across the street, there was a moving van parked in the driveway, as well as a miscellaneous group of furniture and other eclectic items.

“Why is this kid so weird?” Dean asked, stepping around a bicycle.

“He talks like he’s thirty.”


“He’s our age!” Jo giggled, “I told him I’d be back so act cool.”

“Act?” Dean grinned, “I’m perfection.”

Jo rolled her eyes and gave a knock to the door. Dean looked around at the yard, there was already new plants that filled corners of the yard and the porch. The sound of the door opening peaked his ears, but not as much as the voice that followed.

“Who is this?” A deep voice asked softly.

Dean turned, and swallowed, or rather he tried to but his mouth got stuck somewhere between opening and closing. There was color, everything was bright, no that wasn’t a good word, everything was beyond bright, everything was colored.

“Eyes.” He said dumbly.

“Castiel? Was it?” Jo smirked, this is Dean. Dean? This-“ she stopped. “You guys alright?”

Castiel reached a hand to him and Dean shook it without thinking. “Hey.” Dean said quietly and felt his face run with embarrassment. He was silently aware that Jo was saying something but it was like she was talking behind glass. “Hey.” He said again and finally looked away from the boy in front of him and looked at his shoes.

“Guys?” Jo asked poking her head between them.

“Holy fuck.” Dean said, “Jo. Your shirt, his eyes, God, do you see his eyes?”

“Your eyes are very nice too.” Castiel said quietly, regaining Dean’s attention.

“They are?” Dean asked, regaining a bit of his voice.

“Oh my god.” Jo said softly. “Are you guys-do you guys- I mean.”

“Your freckles are brown.” Castiel said with a small smile.

“Blue.” Dean said unable to look away from the other’s eyes. “So blue.”

Captain Swan Secret Santa

This is for my CS Secret Santa: @killiansdevotedheart !! I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past couple weeks! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday!

I hope you enjoy the story! :-D

(I am also not opposed to writing more in this little universe!)

Title: Home for Christmas (Home Forever)

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Pairing: Killian Jones/Emma Swan

Summary: Killian Jones returns to Storybrooke, as he does every year, much to the dismay of Emma Swan, who would like to make it through one holiday without his chaos. AU

Rating: G

“Fancy meeting you here, love.”

Emma groaned, not even hiding her absolute disgust. Didn’t this guy have anything better to do with his time? “Jones,” she barely acknowledged him.

“Is that any way to greet an old friend?” He teased. She rolled her eyes as he began helping her. (Honestly, if she didn’t need the help, she would have kicked him out the second he walked through the door.)

Every year. He did this every year. He’d return to Storybrooke, find out her shift at the soup kitchen, and set his volunteer hours to match hers. She was one hundred percent sure he did it just to annoy the hell out of her. “Frenemies at best,” she snapped. The guy had been such a pain in school, that she was relieved when he announced he was joining the Navy after they graduated high school five years ago.

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curses and coffee

Minty + “my summer job is working at a coffee shop and this cutie comes in everyday so one day I finally write my number on their drink but then YOU grab the cup by accident and when you call me I don’t know how to turn you down so I end up going on a date with you but wow, actually you’re hotter and more charming than my original crush so it worked out well” (via chatterboxrose)  -  Read it on AO3

Monty has the worst luck in the world. He must have killed the president or a fucking earl in a past life because shitty karma is the only explanation for his terrible luck. Or a curse. Yeah, a curse. That could be it. Monty’s luck is so bad there has to be something supernatural going on. Honestly. How else could you explain his mess of a love life?

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