and when i found out he used to drum

My crazy experiences from school.

In band you are not allowed to yawn, if you’re caught yawning you would owe 30 pushups, or more if you talked back. One guy owed over 100.

We were talking about our ethnicities and I said the word Caucasian to describe someone with a light skin tone. This girl looked confused so I asked her what she though it meant. She said it was someone who doesn’t eat. 

I was in athletics once and we all had to be held back for about 30 minutes because someone stole another girls pants. We never found the pants or who did it.

My homeroom teacher did some magic trick once and I asked him to show me how to do it, but while he was showing me the bell rang. Instead of sending me to my next class he let me stay and learn the trick and just gave me a pass. I was almost 15 minutes late.

I play tuba and some guy in my section took the mouth piece of another dude and put it in his chair. When the dude sat down it ended up ripping his pants.

We were put in lockdown because some student while outside found a glass bottle, broke it, and then ran into the school with it screaming and trying to stab others.

During a choir trip after performing we got to go to Six Flags. There was a lot of us so we were separated into groups that had a chaperone then sent off. Our number one rule was to stay together and not leave our chaperone. My group’s chaperone was the choir director and the pianist. The pianist was with us because she wasn’t given a group. We went and got on one ride. When we got off the choir director and pianists were gone. We searched all over the park but finally gave up and decided to go get food. Turns out they were sitting in the food court the whole time because “it has air conditioning” and “they said that we wouldn’t leave our chaperones, but our chaperones could leave us.”

Some guys stole a turtle from my science teacher and kept it in their locker. The school went on lockdown so all our lockers could get searched to find the culprit.

The band director got so mad once he took off his glasses and crushed them in his hand.

A girl stole a needle from her mom who is a nurse and took it with her to school. We were in lockdown because she stabbed three boys all with the same needle. They had to be sent to the hospital and she was sent to juvie.

In my social studies class if you answered wrong you had to do a wall-sit until he deemed necessary.

My English teacher locked three different students in a closet throughout the span of one week. 

The same English teacher decided to pull a prank on me when my mom pulled me out of class to talk about something (she taught at the school I was attending). When I came back my paper was glued to my desk.

The English teacher also got a student’s phone and smashed it with a hammer. It was dead silent until the teacher and the student both started laughing. Turns out they had planned it. The smashed phone was actually just a prop. We were all still shocked as to what happened though. He recorded it all on video.

I had band 5th period and that’s when they do the morning announcement (I don’t know why) and my band director always hated that because he wanted to start class. The announcement always started with the US pledge, then the Texas pledge, and then a 1 minute moment of silence (welcome to public school in Texas everyone) and then about 8 minutes worth of talking about upcoming things. The band director hated this so much he would make us play over the announcements so I never knew what upcoming things my school had.

There was one student who looked like he was Asian but was fully Mexican and only spoke Spanish. He was in all bilingual classes so I never met or spoke to him. Everyone called him Chong Chong because of how he looked, he didn’t even care and thought it was funny though. It’s been 4 years and I never learned his real name.

My first year in track I did shot-put and discus with two of my friends, a girl and a guy. The next year I wasn’t in athletics but would hang around during practice with the girl but the guy moved away. I was also always there after school cause my mom coached the shot-put and discus throwers. When some of the new throwers asked who threw the year before we brought him up. They asked why he wasn’t throwing this year and my friend and I told them he died because he was hit in the head with a discus. They were all too scared to go out in the field and help measure while the others threw because of this. My mom couldn’t believe how gullible they were.

My social studies teacher from a different year threw a desk at a student once.

The same social studies teacher was fired because they found out that when I had him as a teacher the tests he would give us to study were the exact same tests we were going to take for a grade and that was why we were all passing. He was practically giving us the answer key.

Some dude in percussion accidentaly dropped a drum and for the rest of the year people called him Skrillex because he “dropped the bass.” It wasn’t even a bass drum…

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a very vague prompt, but still a great concept: malec + forehead kisses

Thank you francy!! Hope you like it ♥

If music be the food of love, play on. ( – Shakespeare)

It were the little things that changed after their big confession.

There was no sudden shift, no world that was turned on its axis. The revelation did not arrive violently, did not change their relationship in an irrevocable way.

Still with abrupt realisation came a budding awareness of his feelings that Alec had not been granted before.
Love seeped into every word, every touch, every kiss that they shared. And though it has always been there, in a way that Alec has come to see, being able to put a word to the warmth that spread through his chest whenever he thought of the man he loved was a soft relief. Taking his hand and guiding his heart into the right direction, it had led him right where he belonged. It was funny, he thought, that it took him so long to understand when the feeling could not be any clearer to him now.

And even while leaning on the kitchen counter, watching Magnus cook, he could not keep that thought out of his mind.

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Jaehyungparkian; Backspace

It’s hard, being apart for so long. The distance digs a gap in their relationship and sometimes it just seems too wide to overcome, like Brian would fall right down into it if he ever tried jumping over, but they’re trying to make things work. And it is working. Mostly. At least when Brian doesn’t fuck up. Like now.

(Or, Brian has been trying to come home for a long time now. Jae just keeps waiting.)

Sequel to Screen Talk, which you can read here on Tumblr or here on Ao3.

Read on Ao3 for better formatting. 

The crowd is still screaming by the time Brian makes his way out of the stage.

He stumbles his way to the end of the concert hall, waves one last goodbye to the fans, and then stumbles down the stairs leading backstage. Someone hands him a towel, pats him on the back in congratulations after another show well done. Brian makes an effort to give a small nod in thanks, too tired to muster up a real smile. He pats his forehead clean of sweat, swipes his bangs away from where they’re plastered uncomfortably against his skin, and tries hard not to collapse against the wall in exhaustion.

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To the full.

A little post finale piece, coz I had all the Grandpa Stiltskin feels.

It was at that first dinner in Granny’s that the realisation of what had happened really hit him. Gideon squirmed in his arms and let out a disgruntled cry.

“Rumple, darling you’re holding Gideon to tight. Are you alright?”

He eased his grip on his son and rocked him until he settled again. Looking into his wife’s bright eyes he understood what he was feeling, looking along the table he smiled slowly before leaning into Belle and whispering; “I’m happy, sweetheart.”

Belle’s fingers caressed the short hairs at the nape of his neck as she rested her forehead against his.

“I know so am I.”

Belle was able to embrace the concept easily; the love of family and friends, for Rumple it was harder, He kept looking over his shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for everything to be ripped away from him. He recognized it for the beginning of the dangerous cycle it was and booked himself in with Archie. The cricket helped him manage his anxiety, but it was Henry who came up with a helpful suggestion. The lad had fallen into the habit of helping in the shop, and one day he found the fake police file Fiona had created to explain Belle’s disappearance.

“This is some pisspoor photoshoping.”

Rumple cocked an eyebrow at him, “You want to be careful cussing like that, lad.”

Henry looked slightly abashed, “Sorry Grandpa, but honestly I could do a better job with scissors, glue and a photocopier. What are these from anyway?”

“My mother’s attempt to convince me that Belle had abandoned us. It didn’t work, I know pisspoor magic when I see it, and I had faith in Belle.”

Henry dropped the photos back into the file folder; “You should go out and see the world, get some real holiday snaps of Belle and Uncle Gid.”

Rumple drummed his fingers on the counter, it was possible to leave town now without any crazy side effects. The idea was tempting, but he shook his head.

“We’ve just found our family, leaving now…”

“Is the perfect time for you and Belle to have a honeymoon, well family holiday. It’s not like we won’t be able to stay in touch, now we’ve upgraded the cell phones we can Skype and email.”

Rumple carefully drew in a shaky breath; he could feel the anxiety rising in his chest. His ever perceptive grandson reached for his shoulder and gave him a firm squeeze grounding him in the moment and helping him push the fears away.

“Grandpa, it’s okay to want to do new things. This is your life, you can life it.”

Henry was right, they could travel, just as Belle had always dreamed of, and they would have their family at home when they returned. Rumple smiled; “Henry, my boy, would you help me plan a holiday?”

Henry punched the air; “Yes! You got somewhere in mind?”

“Aye, somewhere warm, with a beach.”

Henry was already nodding, his thumbs whizzing over the screen of his cell at a speed that made Rumple’s head spin.

“You’re going to need to go shopping as well, you can’t go to the beach in your suits.”

Cafe Lovin' Part 2

Requested by: anonymous

Summary: you and Jordan are friends and you work at a small cafe. Jordan thinks that you and Josh have a lot in common and tries to set you guys up. 


Your Pov:

“Hello.” The voice asked me. 

“H-hi.” I said to the voice my voice shaky. 

“Who is this?” The person asked me.

“Um, my name is Y/N.” I told him. “I don’t know if you remember me or not but we met at a party that was held at your house. I’m really great friends with your brother, Jordan.” 

“Oh my God.” Josh said. “I can’t believe you actually called.” He sounded suprized. 

I gave a light chuckle. “Yeah, your brother gave me your number today when he visited me at work.” I told him. “He said that you really liked me?” I questioned wanting desperately to know if it was true or not. 

“Yeah.” Josh said. “I like you a lot and I think your really cool.” He told me honesty. I was about to say something but he cut me off. 

“I’m not normally this confident but I’ll give it a go.” He said with a slight chuckle. “Would you like to go on a date with me?” He asked me. His voice slightly shaking. 

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Girls beware- amazon wishlist scam

Did you girls know that ANYONE who can view your amazon wishlist, can mark something as purchased without actually purchasing it? I had a guy who messaged me on here, asking if i was looking for a SD, online based only, i said yes, we talked on kik. He asked if i had a wishlist and i sent it to him. he asked for proof i was really me, so i sent a picture. it all seemed pretty legit, he told me he bought 4 things off my wishlist,  i was so excited, i ‘spoiled’ my suprise and under purchased items it said he had bought me a chanel bag, a 2k diamond bracelt, a dress worth 2k, and a brand new macbook. i couldnt believe it, i was so happy, i had been struggling for so long and this man had saved me. sent a photo of his bank account, over 300 mil in it. obviously a fake picture. Right after i thanked him, he asked to see a little bit more of me, hadnt asked for any nudes until now. i became sketched, so i called amazon to confirm the purchases. they couldn’t. they informed me that ANYONE could say that purchased something off your list, without actually spending a dime. not sure why that was an option… so i asked the guy for a picture of the confirmation, he asked if he could sent it tomorrow, i said ok. I messaged him later after i found all of this info from amazon, i said ‘hey i connected with amazon to confirm the orders, and they informed me no orders had actually been placed’ NO RESPONSE. did some creeping on his tumblr. found out his name was brian, plays the drums, deff doesn’t have 300 mil. When he first messaged me he said he would give me 2500 euros a month. he doesn’t even live overseas. just be careful girls. guys will see you’re looking for a SD, or that your’re struggling and use that against you. luckily i found out about his scam before i sent him ANYTHING  incriminating against myself. My heart is broken, and i’m pretty pissed. but please watch each others backs. HIS TUMBLR NAME IS WEXWUNDER AND HIS KIK NAME IS SHANE MURPHY. HIS REAL NAME IS BRIAN UNDERWOOD.  i’m so pissed i fell for this shit. stay safe out there girls. 

Stone: I saw Mike at a party when he was really drunk playing blues guitar and he was totally amazing. I had known Mike for a long time, since I was in 7th Grade, and he went through a transformation; found his own voice.

Mike: He said, “do you want to jam,” so we got together and we started playing upstairs in his parent’s attic. Jeff was playing with other people at the time. I said, “we’ve got to get Jeff, because you guys together are really great.” Jeff said he wanted to do it. All these songs came out of that time: Jeff had “Jeremy,” Stone had “Black,” “Alive.” I came up with “Yellow Ledbetter.” When Matt [Cameron] helped us out with drumming on the demos, I knew these songs were going to be good.

Mike and Stone reminisce about 1990

Spin 2001

soulmates tbh

For Heathyr’s prompt here. Soulmates AU where mates have matching birthmarks from birth.

[also on a03]

Derek glances at the folder Peter’s handed him. “What is this?”

Peter smirks and Derek flips it open and feels his heart sink when he sees a stack of dossiers, various men and women, describing their careers, hobbies, and all of them with close-up photographs of what seem to be an identical mate-mark to the raven dotting Derek’s collarbone.

“It’s been five months,” Derek says darkly. “Why am I still getting these proposals? You know these are probably all fake marks.”

Five months since the paparazzi had snapped that photo of him with the overzealous fan tugging at his shirt, five months since millions of people on the Internet realized that the birthmark revealed was in fact, the mark, five months Derek was inundated by claims from people who desperately wanted him to believe that they were his soul-mate. 

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Just Friends (Pt 1/5) - Erik Durm

Erik was meant to fly home last night so I took the day off to be with him. However, his flight was cancelled so I was left by myself. I plopped onto the couch with a bowl of cereal and began flipping through random programs on TV.

“Five hundred channels and there is nothing on,” I grumbled to myself, unable to find anything of even little entertainment. Hearing my phone vibrate, I tossed the remote to the side and reached for my cell.

Cam: heyyyyy, when you get home I insist that you watch this cat video I’m about to send you

Y/N: I am home! But pls keep the cat video to yourself i still have nightmares about the last one

Cam: Whaaaaaat?! The workaholic took a day off??? Dear god you’re dying aren’t you

Y/N: nooo LOL, erik was supposed to fly in last night but his flight was cancelled L

Cam: ahh that sucks sorryyyyyy. I haven’t much to do today, up for a cup of coffee?

Y/N: yes omg save me from cable reality show hell

Cam: Heyyy -__- you know how I feel about the Kardashian <3

Y/N: shut up I’ll see you in a few

I rolled my eyes at my goofball of a best friend and set my phone on the table. I changed out of pajamas and into clothes that were about as comfy but more socially acceptable to wear in public. Grabbing a jacket and my purse, I was out the door in a jiffy. Our standard coffee shop was just a short walk down the block from Erik and I’s apartment. Upon entering, I immediately saw Cam sitting at a table with two drinks, two croissants and his phone hovering above.

“You’re instagramming again, aren’t you?” I sighed.

“Don’t say it like that,” he exclaimed. “It’s an art form.” He finished his picture and slid me one of the cups.

“Are you not going to offer me a croissant?” I scoffed.

“You don’t even like them,” he retorted, mouth full.

“I was just checking to see if you remembered,” I laughed, taking a sip of my drink. “But you know who does like croissants? Erik,” I sighed pathetically. “He always gets the ones with chocolate inside and then he ends up with chocolate on his lips. It’s really adorable,” I explained.

Cam looked at me with disgust before setting down his half eaten pastry. “Well, there goes my appetite,” he mumbled. I kicked him under the table gently, but laughed.

“I just miss him,” I whined, pouting dramatically.

“Well I’m sure he misses you too,” Cam said, “but I doubt he’s sitting around moping like you are. You should do something with your free time.”

“Like what?” I questioned.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Cam asked. I hesitated momentarily, but then spoke.

“You know that really big hiking trail in the countryside? The one where when you reach the top you can see the entire city and all the lights? Erik always said he’d take me, but he’s never had the time. I really want to climb it,” I said excitedly.

Cam looked down at his watch then tossed his empty cup into the trash as he rose from his seat.

“Where are you going?” I asked confusedly.

“If you want to see the sunset, we’ll have to leave now,” he said nonchalantly. I looked at him with happy surprise.

“Come on then,” he rushed, tugging at my hand, “this is going to make such a good Instagram post.”

We returned to our respective apartments to change into suitable hiking attire and then met back up at the coffee shop. Cam agreed to drive and we set off on our adventure.

“You know what this reminds me of?” I said, turning down the radio. Cam raised his eyebrows and waited for me to continue. “When we were like 10 or 11 and we wanted to go up to that big treehouse in the woods, but—“

“but your parents forbade you so we had to sneak over in the middle of the night,” he finished, laughing as he spoke. I nodded nostalgically and sighed.

“We haven’t done something like this in a long time. Growing up sucks,” I grimaced. “Agreed,” he sighed, turning the radio back up for the remainder of the drive. With no traffic, we flew across the highway, reaching our destination in no time.

This hike itself was not near as easy, but just as fun. We made it to the top with only minor bumps and bruises. “This is unbelievable,” I gasped, placing my hands on my hips and admiring the vast scenery in front of us.

“It’s like a painting,” Cam huffed, mirroring my stance. I took a seat on a flat rock as Cam whipped out his phone and began taking shots as the sun began to set.

“This has been such an amazing day,” I said, “thanks for not letting me mope, Cam.”

“Ahh,” he shrugged, “what are best friends for?” He took a seat beside me and swung an arm around my neck.

“I can’t wait to take Erik here,” I sighed, imagining how much he would love this.

“Y/N?” Cam said softly. I turned to look at him. “You really love him, right? Like Erik is definitely the love of your life, right?”

I smiled and slowly nodded. “He’s the one, Cam. I know it, Erik is who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Cam studied me carefully for a moment then grinned.

“I’m really happy you found him,” he admitted.

“Me too,” I laughed. “Now we just have to find you someone,” I teased. Cam looked down and blushed slightly.

“Well, there may be someone,” he whispered.

“What, who?” I questioned excitedly.

“Remember that business trip I took? I met a girl. And she’s, I don’t know, she feels different. I miss her all the time. She’s so beautiful and funny. It’s all still new, but I think there’s something there,” he mumbled shyly.

“Ya know, maybe growing up doesn’t suck that much,” I joked, at peace with the fact that the both of us had found happiness. He nodded as we got back on our feet and headed home. We didn’t get back to the city until around midnight so Cam dropped me off right in front of my apartment. I waved goodbye sleepily as I got out of the car. When I opened the door to the apartment, I was confused as the why all the lights were on.

I hardly took one step inside before Erik surprised me by popping out from the kitchen.

“Where the hell have you been?”

Preference Part 2- Sleeping

You guys told me how you liked Luke’s and Mikey’s, so here is Cal and Ash(: Please remember to give feedback! It means a lot to me

Cal: Beside you was a softly snoring Calum, his eyes dashing back and forth underneath his eyelids, dreaming. It was late, the stars were still out and the bedroom was nothing but darkness. “Cal?” You whispered, running your hand softly through his thick hair. You waited a seconds, only to be responded with a snort. You sighed. You really didn’t want to get out of bed, but you had to go to the bathroom. You pulled the blankets off your body, ready to stand and make your way to the bathroom, only to be pulled down into an embrace of warmth from Calum. “Where you going?” he mumbled hoarsely into your neck, obviously half asleep. “Don’t leave me,” he continued to whine. You smiled, snuggling back into his spooning. “I have to pee, Cal,”  "Pee later, I  need a cuddle.“ you laughed at his clingyness. "Well it’s not going to be an enjoyable cuddle if I pee in the sheets.” Calum chuckled, the rumble of his laugh vibrating off his chest and against your back. His lips kissed you head slowly before he said, “You wouldn’t.” You just rolled your eyes with a sigh, closing your eyes and coming the fact that you would just have to pee in the morning. Calum’s hand patted the bed, as if he was searching for something. “Cal, what’re you doing?” you whispered. He ignored you, continuing to run his hand across the sheets until his warm hand found your arm, which he pulled to your chest and held it there, holding you tightly. “Looking for you,” he then answered. “Goodnight love.” “Goodnight Cal.”

Ash: When Ashton was tired, he was tired. You knew better than to keep him up when he had long days in the studio. I mean, sitting all day banging those drums, sweat covering your face and using your arm strength was enough to tire you out just thinking about it. So, when Ashton came home late that night, sweaty curls still a mess on his head, you just gave him a quick kiss to the cheek and a squeeze of his bicep as a hello and a goodnight. You would come in later, wanting him to just fall asleep comfortably without you taking up the bed. Slipping into bed, you snuggled into Ashton’s chest, pulling the blankets around the both of you, cacooning into his body with one arm to your chest, and the other on Ashton’s side. “Mmm,” he moaned sleepily, his eyes flickering open. You looked up at him as he was looking down at you. “Sorry, babe. Did I wake you?” you said quietly, brushing the hair out of his eyes. His brows were furrowed and a half awake frown was plastered to his lips. “No,” he muttered, leaving a lingering kiss to your lips. “Sweet dreams, sweetheart.” You kissed his cheek, understanding how tired he must be. “Goodnight.” You whispered back, rubbing his bare side comfortingly and closing your eyes for the night.