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Don’t Say Anything (part 6)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Buc that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met buts when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

warnings: Pietro Maximoff

A/N: I went to go see Beauty and the Beast today and omggggggg it was so good. I didn’t think I was gonna like it at first (bc I like the original) but it was amazing. Also I’m sososososo tired so sorry in advance if this update is shit I just wanted to get a part out for you guys (woop woop Pietro bro)

“So what’s your plan?” Pietro asked as the three of us sat and ate our food.

You look over at him. “My plan?”

“Yeah.” he nods. “It’s obvious what you need to do.”

“And that is..?”

Pietro sets his fork down. “You have to make him jealous.”

You nearly choke on your food. “What? Are you crazy?”

“It’s obvious that he wants you, Y/N.” he playfully rolled his eyes.

“No, he wants Nat. They’re together.” you respond.

“So we break them up and bam, you two get together.”

“Piet!” you exclaim as he chuckled.

“Alright, so here’s the plan. You’re going to make him jealous and the guy doesn’t like me. I don’t know why though, I’m a very likable person but anyways, you’re going to make him jealous and what better way to make him jealous than to make him jealous with me.” he smiled. It was true, Bucky didn’t really like Pietro. You never understood why.

“I don’t know, Piet.” you sigh, moving a piece of bacon around on your plate. “What do you think Wanda?”

Pietro scoffed. “Who cares what she thinks? She’s just a kid.”

Wanda glares at her brother. “I’m not a little kid.”

“I’m twelve minutes older than you.” he smirked and she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I know. How could I forget. You remind me every time we see each other.”

Pietro smiles and touches the tip of her nose. “младшая сестра.”

Wanda rolls her eyes again. You laugh, watching the two annoy each other (mostly Pietro annoying the hell out of Wanda) for the rest of breakfast. After eating, the three of you go back to his apartment and lounge around for a while.

“So how long should I stay? A week?” he spoke up as he laid on your lap.

“A week? You really think you can get them together within a week?” Wanda says. “Bucky’s really oblivious for an old man. Aren’t old people supposed to be wise?”

“I can do it. Trust me. They don’t call me the Love Master for nothing.” Pietro nods and both you and Wanda burst out laughing.

“No one calls you that.” you giggle.

Pietro looks up at you. “You’re a dream killer, you know?”

After spending almost the whole day at Pietro’s, the three of you drive back to the tower. Pietro had packed for a week. Upon entering the building, he drops his bags and inhales.

“Ah, I’ve missed this place.”

You smile. “You can sleep in my room if you want. I have a couch that pulls out into a bed that you can sleep on. Unless Wanda wants you to stay in her room.”

You look over at Wanda and her eyes widen as she shakes her head. “Oh god no I don’t want to be near him this whole week. Good luck with him, he’s torture.”

Pietro rolls his eyes at his sister. “You’re such a drama queen.”

“Says the drama queen.” she responds.

“I’ll have you know-”

“Alright children, that’s enough. Piet, come on, let’s get you settled in.” you step in like a mother. Pietro grabs his bags and sticks his tongue out at Wanda before following you to your room.

You show him the pull out couch, showing him how to do it before leaving to let him settle down. You felt a bit better, knowing Pietro was there. He has always been there for you no matter what and you were glad he was in your life despite how obnoxious he can get.

You enter the kitchen, seeing Steve and Wanda cooking tonight’s dinner. Tony Natasha were talking while Bucky and Sam were bickering back and forth with each other. You exhale loudly and make your way to the pantry in search for the Circus Animal Cookies. Hopefully you can-

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Steve questioned and you back out of the pantry.

You shake your head. “Nothin’.”

He squints his eyes at you. “You were looking for the animal cookies, weren’t you?”

“What? Pfft, no. I was just.. Making sure all the food was still there.”

Steve smirked, knowing you were obviously lying. “Mhm, sure.” he folds his arms over his chest. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

You salute him. “You got it, Steve-O.”

The blonde chuckled and walked back to Wanda to assist her. As you turned to leave, Bucky calls out your name, causing you to turn back around and walk towards him. Be calm and cool, Y/N. Be calm and cool.

“What’s up?” you ask, standing right in front of him.

“How was the little trip?” you knew he didn’t care so why was he asking? Men.

“It was good.” you nod.

Bucky hummed. “What did you guys do?”

“We went out for breakfast and chilled at his apartment afterwards. I was so full, I was in a food coma.” you groan, patting your stomach just thinking about how much you ate earlier. This makes Bucky laugh.

“Well I’m glad you had fun.”

You nod in response.

“How are things with Nat? It was a big step to come out to everyone.” you say, suddenly feelings the stinging sensation in your chest.

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “Everything’s going great. I’m happy, she’s happy, we’re happy.”

“That’s good.” you smiled. You wished for an escape, not wanting to be near Bucky anymore. You don’t even understand how you’ve lasted this long being with him and not breaking down.

“So uh, when are you gonna go see Pietro again? Is this gonna be a regular thing, you going off to see him?” Bucky questioned. He asks the weirdest questions.

“Actually..” you were about to tell him that Pietro was there and would be staying for a week when in waltzes Pietro in all his glory.

“Hey guys!” he exclaimed before walking over to you and Bucky. “Hello, my love.” he wraps an arm around your shoulders and kisses your temple.

“Hey Piet.” you murmur.

Pietro looks over at Bucky and smiled. “Bucky, old friend, long time no see.”

Bucky’s features harden and he glares at the blonde. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t tell him?” Pietro looks at you.

“I was about to until you came in.”

He looks back at Bucky. “I’m staying for a week. Really missed this cutie.” he cuddles you to him.

“Where are you staying? I don’t think there’s-”

He cuts Bucky off. “With Y/N.”

Bucky shuts his mouth and goes right back to glaring at Pietro. He seriously doesn’t like him.

“Can we watch High School Musical tonight? My singing voice has gotten better.” Pietro says as he guides you away from Bucky. The brunette watches as the two of you sit on the couch and he can’t help but feel angry.

A/N: It’s short I knooowwwww I’m sorry. Tell me what ya think anyways.



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Okay hear me out. He obviously remembered his best friend but like, how long had he gone without him after he sacrificed himself.

I mean when he met Pidge he didn’t think “Hey you look like someone I know” or when he saw the picture of Pidge and Matt he didn’t think “Wait I know them” SO DID HE FORGET WHAT MATT LOOKED LIKE. Guys what he was without him for so long he had forgotten what he looked like. What if he didn’t remember until Pidge said she was Sam’s daughter. He finally remembers how Matt looks. He can remember the terrified look on the boy when they were running from the craft, he remembers the worry marks on his sleeping face when he got knocked out.

Can you imagine after a long day he goes to Pidge’s room just to see her. And they just sit until he asks to see the picture of Matt. She shows it to him and he breathes a sigh of relief. When she asks why he is relieved he replies with tears in his eyes.

“I’d thought I’d forgotten what he looked like again.”

Mikey's Recent Injuries

I’ve been binge-watching the first four episodes of season five for the past few days, and I’ve noticed something: Mikey has become the prime target of serious injury.

As you can see above in these screenshots, Mikey’s been hurt badly in these last few episodes. But maybe the reason for singling him out is something deeper.

It’s no secret Mikey is the most childish of the four brothers. It’s also well-known that he symbolizes the team’s innocence. However, when that innocence is wounded, there is no going back. By injuring Mikey so severely, could TMNT 2012 finally be saying, “We’re becoming much more serious and darker than we’ve ever been, so be prepared”? But then again, this is just my opinion.

We’ve already seen this show cross lines before, with the deaths of Splinter and Shredder, as well as showing the bodies of those Kavaxas has murdered. Ultimately, I think these darker tones suit TMNT 2012. It’s a series that should always have its shadowed moments and serious issues. I just hope they stick with it.

Credit to @redworld96 for uploading Scroll of the Demodragon and posting the links to The Forgotten Swordsman, Heart of Evil, and End Times on her other blog (which I used to get these screenshots).

anonymous asked:

What would Yuri and Otabek's first time be like in the mafia AU?? I'm torn between it being really rough or unbelievably gentle.

The first FIRST time they finally go at it, completely, 100%, no stopping, I see it as rough at first. There’s just so much pent up sexual frustration by that point, and though Yuri managed to talk his way into blowing Otabek several times before this, it really only left Otabek wanting more from Yuri every time (but holding back for a hundred reasons he made up in his head, mostly him just knowing when he did there would be really no turning back). So when he finally snaps and picks up Yuri and pins him to the wall, he’s not gentle at first and Yuri doesn’t want him to be. He’s been angling for it for too long to want Otabek to treat him like glass.

But, after that first furious fuck on Otabek’s floor is finished, Otabek isn’t finished himself yet with Yuri. And he goes again, taking him to his bed this time and taking his sweet time to take Yuri apart.

So, both? 🙈

Imagine finally getting a really good parking spot close to the doors of your apartment building only to come home one evening and see another car there. Angered, you leave a note on the windshield. ‘Don’t park here, this spot is taken by 507.’ The next morning there’s a knock at your door and the person says they wanted to apologize for using your spot. You look through your peep hole to see the hottest guy ever but still use the chain when opening the door. 

“Hello. My apologies about your spot. I just moved in a few floors up and was told it was free.” You can’t help but stare at how stunning he is and are tongue-tied. He smiles. “Sorry to have caught you at a bad time. Your spot is now free, enjoy your day.” He turns to walk away then stops. “I’m Loki by the way. Will I see around?” 

“Uh, yes and thank you.” He winks before walking away and you close the door and lean against. “Oh, my. I think I just woke up in heaven.” What you didn’t know, was Loki heard you.

Rhys Drabble

“Rhys, why do you sleep naked? I mean not that I really care, more of a curiousity.” She can feel her ears turning red at the very personal question she has asked her roommate over breakfast.

He chuckles, “Not for any of the dirty reasons your mind is thinking.”

She sits there and waits.

Finally he sighs, “This is top secret, you can’t tell any of them. When I bought this place, they would all come barging in my room at all hours.

"Mor was the worst. One night I decided that if she was going to barg in that I would give her one hell of a show, one she didn’t want to see. After that I found I liked sleeping naked and it has the added benefit of them knocking.”

madcoffeeaddict  asked:

can you do prompt 21 with Dan please?

“You woke me up at one in the morning to cuddle?” Dan X Reader

Sneakiness was never your strong suite. Sneakiness when drunk was even an even bigger struggle. You had done the usual. Meet some friends, drink a bit too much, Get in a taxi and make the big dissection. Do you go home to your own bed? Or do you go to Dan’s to cuddle? Well your not an idiot. 

This leads you to sit in the hall searching for the key Dan had given you. It was somewhere in your bag. Once the entire contents were out of your bag you finally found the little key.

“Ha! I found you. Now is this a sign that I should go home and leave Dan asleep at.” Checking your phone you see that its only one in the morning. “Oh, I’m sure he is still awake.” Normally talking to yourself was more of a Dan thing but your inner monologue when drunk was an outer. Kinda like a belly button. Pushing your weird shower thoughts aside you put all of the objects in the bag back before unlocking the door. Finally, your target was closer to your reach as you made your way through the door. Tossing the bag you just refilled to the floor you make your way up the stairs only stubbing your toe once. Just as you were walking past the lounge you heard a familiar voice.

“What are you doing here?” It was Phil.

“Well hello to you too. I am here as the leader of I want a cuddle club.So as a leader I must come for the mentioned cuddles.” Phil laughed at you as he bit his tongue in a little laugh. 

“Well, cuddle master Dan is surprisingly in his room sleeping so good luck.” You gave a small wave to Phil as you took the last few strides to your final target. Once you reach the room you thing for almost a second that maybe your should leave Dan be. 

Pushing the door open you see the bit of light across Dan’s face before disappearing from you reclosing the door. You pause looking at his cute face before you see him sleepily open his eyes.

“Hey, love.” leaning down you brush some of Dan’s hair out of his face before kissing his cheek.

“Hi. Why are you here? I thought it was party night?” You smile as you continue running your hand over his cute cheeks.

“I was actually going to go home but then I remembered that I have you. Also, you like to cuddle and I like to cuddle so…” Dan leant on his elbow to look at you a little better.

“You’re telling me that you came in my room at one in the morning to cuddle?” You nodded with a cheeky smile. You weren't sure how well Dan could see the smirk but you were pretty sure he knew it was there.”Get in then.”

Completed Prompts

About Westallen...

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but since I don’t care for drafting, proofreading, editing, and revising, I hadn’t gotten around to do it.

I was drawn to the show because Iris was being played by a black woman. So when I saw a promo for 2x03 in my YouTube recommendations (when Barry catches Iris as she jumps off the building), I decided to start watching. My sole inquiry regarding the show was the following. “Is Iris West anything like Karen Page from DareDevil? Because if so, I hate her already.” Bear with me now. The answer I got was something among the lines of ‘she is annoying at first, but she hasn’t been as bad this season.’-Now I understand why I got that answer.

So, I binge watched all of season one almost throughout a weekend, mind you, expecting the see this annoying Iris I was told about. I finally caught up when they were on the Earth 2 episodes by then having completely forgotten about the whole “she is annoying” bit. I must’ve missed it. 

Once I was caught up and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I did a little research, found out Iris is the love of Barry’s life in every possible reality and started wondering why that couldn’t get through people’s head(naive me, I know). I came on tumblr, found and follow blogs that I felt I could learn more from, and it was/has been and overall pleasant experience.

What came as a shocker to me was learning that ‘snowbarry’ was a “thing”. The first time I read the moniker I said to my self, “What’s that?!” Then I read something on how they had such chemistry and whatnot. I must’ve missed that too. I can tell you sincerely, not being a westallen ‘stan’ at this point, I could not see what people were talking about when it came to Barry and Snow.  I don’t think I felt as a Westallen fan until season 3, I liked them a lot, but I cannot say that I was quite there yet.

I love the hell out of Candice Patton, I’m happy and proud-even if it might not be my place-that a beautiful, talented, young black woman portrays this character so beautifully. I’m grateful that I get too see it, that if I ever have children, they’ll get to see it. That black girls all over are able to see what our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and mothers even didn’t get to. I’m grateful that I found blogs that value her and her work, that share these feelings, and defend them fiercely.

when teen wolf ends they need to release every deleted scene and sell them in an extended version pack because i need to see all 12 angles of the 6x10 kiss and everything else they’ve ever deleted

Um, been working on these for a while? Like two months or so? Basically my lil fatesonas? Still WIPs because I’m very slow, though I actually have most of Corwin (boyo on the right) lined, it just felt weird to post him lined but not Rue…? But yeah, so I’ve fixed some issues on the lined versions of these so just/// ignore any of the wonkiness they may have… ヽ(・_・;)ノ

They are fraternal twins who’re about 24. They haven’t seen each other in almost 15 years due to their parent’s divorce when Rue & their father moved to Hoshido. More info and stuff when I finish them and etcetc but Eri finally convinced me I should go on and post their sketches. (*/▽\*)

Probably won’t see me in the tag often for a while after this because college and research papers!! But hopefully I can get full references with colors done before summer arrives. (> x < ;; )


Still working on Corwin’s, but I figure I’d show Rue’s sprite. Just need to add the goggles.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Finding Home


Summary: Octavia finally persuades reader to go with her to Arkadia to see her brother Lincoln. But since Skypeople are on odds with grounders for betraying them during Mount Weather war they decide to sneak in and Octavia gives reader some clothes so she can look like a skyperson. In the camp Octavia leaves her for a while and reader meets Bellamy, then she finally meets Lincoln and he, with Bellamy’s help convinces her to stay in the Arkadia.

Word Count: 2301

Originally posted by clarkesbi-ellarke

“Octavia, I can’t go there,” I protested as she tried to convince me to go to Arkadia for like a thousandth time so I could finally see my brother Lincoln whom I hadn’t seen since the Mount Weather incident.

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Prediction for the finale: right before carol shows up in ASZ’s gates, something will happen that will make Daryl run to the opposite side of the community, and then all hell will break over their heads, bla bla bla, Negan talking in the middle of the battle, bla bla bla, red shirts 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 having 25 minutes of screentime, bla bla bla, Daryl having screentime with all those red shirts I said above, etc etc, finally, the end of the episode, when we think Caryl might finally see each other, fade to black.

Next season we will pick up at the next day cause Gimple won’t think is important to show reunions or aftermaths, cause it’s more important to open the season with A Negan Monologue.

Josh Dun Imagine First Date Delays

Requested by Anon: Can you please write something where someone introduces you to josh but he’s been on tour most of the time so you guys have only talked on the phone since meeting and when he gets a few days off finally you & him have a “first date” at a get together with his family

“Come on, this is the only chance you’re going to get to meet them.” You rolled your eyes at your friend, as they dragged you backstage for the Twenty One Pilots show. They worked in the sound department of the tour and had taken you to see the show when it was in your town.

“Do I need to meet them? Will they want to meet me?” You asked and your friend nodded, with a bright smile. The two of you weaved through people and found yourself in front of the dressing room door. 

“Of course they want to meet you. I’ve told them loads about you.” Before you could reply, the door swung open and you were face to face with Josh Dun. Immediately, you blushed and looked at your friend.

“Hey Josh. This is (Y/N), my friend I was telling you about. (Y/N), this is Josh, but I think you already know that.” You could hear the smirk in your friends voice and looked back at Josh. 

“Hi.” You mumbled and Josh grinned.

“Hey. Do you want to come in?” He asked and you were surprised by the shyness, but found him endearing. You nodded and Josh moved to side, as you made your way over to Tyler. 

You and Josh had spent the night talking and you’d left with his number, much to your friend’s delight. The two of you ha texted constantly and you’d developed feelings for him, but the tour meant that he’d left your town the next morning. You hated the timing and wondered how long he’d be gone.

“Do you think it’s some kind of sign? You know, the fact that we met and then you had to leave so quickly?” You asked and Josh chuckled on the other end of the phone. 

“No. You can’t really believe that. We’ve not even gone on our first date yet.” Josh pointed out and you beamed at the idea that he’d been thinking about your first date. 

“First date? I don’t remember you asking.” You joked and Josh laughed. 

“I didn’t really want to ask over the phone, but I am taking you on a date when I get back. In fact, I’ll take you on one as soon as I get a few days off.” Josh promised and you bit your lip to conceal the wide smile threatening to burst. You checked the time and sighed, knowing that you needed to sleep. 

“Well, I’ll see you then, I guess.” You mumbled quietly, rolling over in your bed. 

“Goodnight. I’ll call you tomorrow.” 

“Night.” You whispered and ended the call, before turning over and hugging your pillow.

You bounced your knees excitedly, as you eyed the street from your window, looking for Josh’s car. He’d got a few days off and had flown over to take you on a date, as he had promised. You were nervous to see him again and worried that the initial spark had faded from the distance. 

His car pulled up and you were walking out of your house before he even had chance to get out of the car. Josh greeted you with a hug and grinned at you wider than you’d ever seen.

“Someone’s eager.” He commented and got back into the car with you. 

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” You replied and Josh started driving. The two of you talked about things and caught up on your lives, before you asked him where you were going.

“Ok, I know this might seem a little quick, but my family organised a get together for me and I didn’t want to disappoint them, but I didn’t want to not see you, so I thought I could take you there. We can get some food after, if you want?” Josh suggested and you could tell that he was nervous about it.

“Josh, it’s fine. I’m looking forward to it.” You reassured him, as he pulled up outside his house. The two of you walked into the house and Josh was greeted by various members of his family. You stood back, smiling at the scene.

“This is (Y/N), my…friend.” Josh settled eventually and you smiled, greeting everyone kindly. As soon as they were done, Josh was back at your side and led you towards the garden.

“Thank you for having me.” You said to Josh’s mum, as you and Josh were leaving. You’d spent the day getting to know both Josh and his family. She smiled warmly at you and looked over at Josh.

“I hope I see you again (Y/N). I’m glad Josh found someone like you.” You turned red and looked over at Josh, to find him staring at you. 

“Oh, we’re not…” You trailed off, as she gave you a knowing look and Josh walked over to you. The two of you walked out of the house and towards the car. 

“So, did you have a good time?” Josh asked and you nodded, smiling at him. 

“Yeah, I can’t wait for our second date.” Josh’s head perked up in hope and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. Josh grinned and got into the car, the smile never leaving his face.

Requests are open

wurwolf  asked:

We're getting a Wegman's out here in Lancaster in late 2018 and it's like the whole city has lost its goddamn mind


It’s a supermarket, but also a FUCKIN FOOD COURT, 


Like…it was like culture shock when I finally set foot in one which was like last year. In all my years I’ve never been to one before, never heard of them. And then my coworkers just say, “Yeah let’s go to Wegman’s for lunch.” And I’m just…it’s a supermarket how you doin that??

I guess Gov. Wolf approves too.



Let’s start at the top. 

Because Sakura sees Syaoran’s pure joy and enthusiasm and she’s just so happy. 

That is the most incredible panel. Do you see it. Go see it. You must. SAKURA YOU HAVE IT SO BAD FOR THE NERD. 

But we also need to talk about the fact that the entire family is so genuinely supportive of Syaoran’s enthusiasm here. None of them share his same interest in history and reading but they leapt at the chance to bring him here and are so happy that he’s enjoying it. And that’s so important, both in general AND for Syaoran, because it’s another one of those moments that are about him and who he is and his identity outside of the quest for Sakura’s feathers. 

They’ve come a long way since the Land of Fog, but it’s the same kind of moment that he had there. Syaoran’s own passions and interests have had time to grow and expand, and he’s growing with them. More than that, I love the difference between the two worlds. Whereas in the World of Fog it was just a private moment between Syaoran and his memories (and after jumping into a lake for self sacrificing reasons) now it’s a moment between Syaoran and his family, who all support him and are excited for him and actively took steps to make this happen. 



I love the moment in The Ersatz Elevator when the Baudelaires finally arrive at the Squalors and the lights go back on. While climbing up the stairs everything was dark, and while reading this I really felt like I was in a very dark room, not able to see anything. Then they arrive and Esmé gets a call that light is in again, and they open the blinds. I loved that because it made me feel like light suddenly being switched on after watching a film in class or leaving a movie theater. While reading this moment I felt like my eyes had to get used to seeing light again. I love when writers make you feel like this.

I seriously think about jongkey getting married on a day to day basis. I think about Key finally going to the sauna with Jonghyun and Jonghyun finally having that “man to man” talk with him. I think about the way Jonghyun stares at Kibum and the way Kibum gets so easily flustered when he catches him  staring. 

I think about the understanding they have with each other, how they celebrate holiday’s with each other. I think about the way the other members treat them and fanboy over them. I think about hitchhiking and I think about how important they are to each other–how special. 

Jongkey is just…they are just everything


40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 35:      The Master’s Touch Affair (S4 E6)

Can I just say how adorable drugged!Illya is? He’s all disorientated and looks totally like a little lost puppy (I know he’s a kitten but when he looks at Napoleon with those puppy eyes, it’s like my love finally comes to rescue me) XD And I “enjoy” seeing Napoleon manhandles Illya, it’s a bit rough I admit, but you can totally understand it’s because Napoleon worries about Illya deeply. The ending isn’t all that satisfying, but we all know whom Napoleon spends the night with in the end :) I also made a funny post about this episode a while ago, if anyone is interested!

Seriously the only way this shindig with Linstead/Jay becomes ooc is if after a breakup one of them starts dating someone else. You don’t fall out of love that easily. That’s it. But I don’t see that happening. If there’s a break, it’s because Jay’s finally taking the time to deal with his demons and if he’s unsure of how to, he’s the kind of man who’d feel guilty stringing someone along. 

He’s one of the most selfless people on the face of the planet and he’d much rather be there for people then have them take care of him. It’s not easy for him given how much he’s been through. He doesn’t know how to let people in. He’s only ever grieved in private. It has nothing to do with trust, but rather in his head, he believes it’s best that she doesn’t see all the ugliness, the pain, the heartache. And perhaps some of that is stemmed from the fact that no one’s really stuck around in his life. Perhaps it’s parts of his survivor’s guilt. Perhaps it’s from the fact that he’s dealt with it all alone. There’s so much that goes into Jay’s character and the way he looks at life. (Let’s take 3x01 for example, Jay wasn’t at all messed up about what had happened to him because he was tortured alone. If there had been someone else in that room, if it had happened to someone he knows, he would’ve taken it worse. Plus, it brought his girl back.)

He’s often the one taking care of people, and people like that have no clue how to let others take care of them. Why did it take Erin 4 seasons to tell him she loves him? She ran at first. She distanced herself from him. And now it’s Jay’s turn to face all that, but this break, this is 653% in character. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about the guy who planned their retirement in Wisconsin long before the two had even moved in together. He sees his life with her 20 years from now. Jay Halstead is in love with Erin Lindsay and in his head, walking away for this time being is protecting her. It’s protecting himself. It’s protecting and securing their future with honor.