and when he touches her face like THIS IS HOW I WANT TO REMEMBER HER

Eren has a father who’s mother had a house full of plants. He liked his grandmother very much, seeing as she always ran her fingers through his hair and touched the leaves of plants just as delicately as she touched him and showed him how to keep his hand steady when holding a watering can.

He remembers anticipating the arrival of a special plant whose leaves were like limbs, stretching and scratching his skin when he touched it. The aloe vera plant was his favorite and he called it Arachnid for its long spidery extensions and his grandmother called him her little nurse because he was given the ability to heal now.

“You are my little nurse,” she hummed when they dragged in the neighbor’s boy whose hair fell in waves to his shoulders and was strangely cut at the sides. He’d collapsed in the summer sun right in front of their house and, unfortunately, scraped his skin in various locations because of the sidewalk. Eren immediately began taking care of his face, where dirt and sidewalk remnants clung to his skin and into his wounds. His grandmother was fixing up a smoothie for the boy to drink when he finally managed to sit upright by himself.

“Are you alright?” Eren asked timidly. The boy was breathing rather heavily and didn’t seem alright but he thought it was a nice thing to ask.

“I could be doing better,” the boy said and Eren watched as his hair fell in his face. Eren reached up and placed it behind his ear out of habit and smiled. The boy was in good humor, it seemed. “I’m Levi.”


Levi hummed but leaned back, closing is his eyes and giving no response. Eren liked this quiet, steadily working his way from one wound to another before Levi said, “You’d make a cute nurse.” 

To that, Eren blushed and merely took a piece of aloe vera to press into Levi’s wounds (Levi made a sound akin to a hiss and Eren couldn’t help but laugh. Levi tried but failed to glare).