and when he sees you his eyes follow your every move

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I actually really like how this one turned out…the Vernon feels are real T^T

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Vernon couldn’t find a word to describe how he felt as his eyes follow your every move, his body leaning against the kitchen island. He watches you slave over the cook top, practiced hands swiftly whipping up delicacies that made his mouth water and his stomach growl.

He was happy to be with you, yes. That was a given. But it was more than that. You made him feel comfortable. When gets nervous about hanging out with you, worried his awkward personality would ruin things all he has to do is see your smiling face and all his apprehensions disappear.

Everything felt comfortable with you, nothing was ever forced. Even on your first meeting, the silence was calming and he found himself craving more of your natural appeal. You were loud, full of life and the pair of you could definitely give Seungkwan, Hoshi and DK a run for their money when it came to giving headaches during your mischievous moods.

But then there was the silence. The beautiful stillness in the air he loved to bask in whenever it was just the two of you. Moments where you do nothing but enjoy each other’s presence, the space filled with heat and energy and an unspoken agreement to just be still and be together. No meaningless words or small talk, just the two of you laying in each other’s arms, fingers occasionally tracing each other’s faces.

Vernon moves away from his spot. “Good Morning,” he pecks your cheek, his arms snaking around your waist as he sways your bodies left to right. You laugh at his antics.

“It’s evening,” you correct him but return his greeting anyway before turning your attention back on your task. He smiles against your warm skin, a feeling of contentment bubbling inside of him. That was another word, content.

Most people would prefer to live lavish lives, getting bottle service at clubs or taking extravagant get away trips while wearing posh clothing and overpriced accessories. But the pair of you were content with watching water boil while decked out in cheap sweats, character socks and printed tees. She was content with always having to cook the meals and him always offering to help but never doing anything more than cutting a few vegetables and washing some dishes. It was simple, Vernon thought. Nothing excessive and he smiles in content because that’s how you both like it.

“What time is your family coming again?” You ask as he lets you go, his hand grabbing the sponge as he helps you clear the sink.

“Around 7,” Vernon glances at his watch, “We’ve got about another hour ‘till they get here.” He wipes his hands dry before reaching for a piece of chicken. You swat his hands away, playfully poking his side as he pouts at you.

“I have to get ready soon,” you stare at your reflection on the oven door, your hands fiddling with your hair, contemplating if it was an occasion to dress up or down.

Vernon watches you again, his hazel eyes taking in your appearance. Your hair was messy, but it was well placed. Every strand of loose hair from your bun fell exactly where it should, giving you nonchalant look. He bit back a laugh as he watched you pull up one of the sleeves on the shirt he insisted you wear and the waistband of your sweats that refused to stay up. His eyes landed on your toes, wiggling inside the confines of the Sailor Moon socks his sister had given you last Christmas. His eyes land back on your face, his fingertips tingling as he remembers the sensation of tracing your cute nose and soft skin. His heart flutters, this is how he loves to see you. Dressed down, cosy and no make-up obscuring his view from your natural beauty.

At that point he lets out a chuckle, “You’re pretty.”

You turn your attention to him, your head cocking to the side in a way he thought was insanely adorable. “Gorgeous actually,” he continues, grinning at your flustered reaction. He has to stop himself from crushing you to death as he wraps his arms around you.

He senses you smile as you rest your head on his chest, loving the way your hands clutch the back of his shirt as he rests his chin on top of your head. You look up, letting Vernon rest his forehead against yours, his heart pounding louder than when he waits to get up on stage. His eyes land on your lips, naturally red and lush and sinfully enticing.

He licks his lips. He never noticed how dry his throat was either until he gulps nervously, feeling the heat rush to his face and your breath against his skin. Vernon couldn’t find a single word to describe how he felt about you- because not even a hundred words would be enough to illustrate the emotions you enticed in him.

“I love you,” is a perfect start he thinks as he closes the gap between you, lips melding perfectly against each other.