and when he see's liam heading towards harry he comes in between them and then turns towards liam and sings to him

Beat Me Then

By not being able to win at arcade games, Liam’s won something even better: Zayn’s attention [A Gamer AU] (thanks @0xyzen for help with the idea :D)

Liam’s gotten used to the sound. He’s more familiar with it than he’d like to be, though. When he hears the disappointed-sounding wrr wrr wrrs again as he once more loses his grip on the joystick, he curses under his breath. It seems his only real skill in Pacman is getting killed.

“Hey, mate, the point is to keep away from the ghosts. You know that, right?“ The smartass comment comes from close behind him with a smirk.

Huffing, Liam flips to give a snarky reply to this annoying asshole who just won’t let him fucking die in peace. But when his gaze catches on the perfect, long eyelashes in front of him, eyelashes that accent the mystery man’s bright golden eyes, Liam can only blink. Can only hear the words as they coyly leave his mouth, a grin on his face. “Beat me then.”

“And what?” The other boy counters as he leans in just slightly, his teeth grazing against his lower lip.

“And I’ll buy you a drink,” Liam says smugly as he shifts out of the way of the arcade game, leaving just enough space for the boy to take his spot.

Being in an arcade–simultaneously surrounded by drinks, cute men, and games–sure has its perks.

“No more drinks for you, Zayn,” Liam teases as he snatches the beer from Zayn’s hand as his plane once more gets taken by the spider ship.

“Leeyummmmm,” Zayn whines with an exaggerated foot stomp as his grabby hands reach for the drink heading straight for Liam’s lips. “I’ve only had one drink, anyway,” he mumbles, finishing with a raise of his eyebrows, “The one you bought me, may I add.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Liam mutters into the mug as he takes a long sip, watching Zayn through the glass with a small smile.

“Well, if I can’t drink anymore anyway, then I guess there’s nothing left to do but go back to my place.” He smirks with a casual shrug, sliding up onto his tiptoes just enough to be able to catch Liam’s eye. A cough bursts from Liam’s mouth as his hand slacks from the surprise comment. With a triumphant laugh, Zayn grabs his beer back before Liam has the chance to finish his entire drink with just a few more gulps.

“Get a room,” an Irish accent groans from somewhere beside Liam and he starts as he turns to face a bored-looking Niall. “Ni!” He cries out, sounding a bit breathless, more than just a little embarrassed. “How long have you been there?”

“Been here the whole time, mate,” Niall says a bit begrudgingly with a roll of his eyes, but a soft smile forms on his lips. “You just promptly forgot about me once Mr. Perfect came along.”

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