and when he is hungry

I’m Hungry

“Juggie I’m hungry” Betty said, sitting up from her spot on the couch. It was 1 am and they were in the middle of their monthly Stranger Things marathon. It was supposed to be next week, but ever since Betty saw the new season 2 trailer she needed to watch it.

“There’s food in the kitchen.” Jughead said, never taking his eyes off of the screen.

Betty grabbed the remote from Jughead’s hand and paused the television, standing up. Her TV marathon blanket fell off her shoulders and landed onto the couch next to her boyfriend.

“That’s gross food. I want new food.” Betty said, crossing her arms. Jughead tried to reach up and grab the remote from her hand but as soon as his hand almost reached up for the remote she ran out of the trailer living room and bolted to the kitchen.

Jughead reached him body over the arm rest of the couch, and sighed in defeat. He knew that when Betty was hungry, there was nothing stopping her from getting what she wants.

“Fine. Get in the truck, we’ll go to Walmart.” Jughead said, getting up from his spot in the couch. His blanket fell off of his bare chest onto the floor as he headed for the door, Betty placed her hand on his chest to stop him from leaving the room.

“No shirt, no service.” Betty said, picking up one of his infamous S T-shirts. He pulled it over his head and then realized that they were both in their pyjamas. Betty was wearing her stranger things T-shirt and a pair of Lululemon booty shorts, and on her feet her old worn out Birkenstocks. Her normal beautifully brushed blonde hair was tied up in a very messy top knot on the top of her head. Jughead had his ratty T-shirt on with a pair of navy blue plaid pyjama pants that Betty got him for Christmas. He had his beanie on his head and a pair of man flip-flops on his feet.

“Ok, let’s go.” Jughead said, grabbing his wallet and the keys for the truck. They went outside of Jughead’s new trailer and hopped in the dirty white truck. Betty plugged in her phone and went to her ‘car playlist’ and pressed shuffle. The first song that came on was their favourite driving song Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt.

They sang along to all the songs that came on until they parked the car in the nearly empty parking lot of the Walmart nearest to Riverdale.

Betty and Jughead hopped out of the car and double checked to make sure it was locked before running to the 24 hour Walmart. They walked in hand in hand in the sliding glass doors in the giant maze that they called a store.

Jughead went and grabbed a cart and before he could enter the store, Betty hopped on the front of it and waited for Jughead to start pushing the cart and her.

“Jug why aren’t you pushing me?” Betty asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“That’s not happening. You were the one who wanted to leave our amazing Stranger Things marathon to come and get food. If someone is going to be pushed, it’s going to be me.” Jughead said, letting go of the handle on the cart.

“Fine. I’ll push you for a little bit and then after you push me on the way back.” Betty said, switching spots with Jughead. He was now holding on to the end of the cart and she was the one pushing him. They made their way to the frozen food aisle to pick up all the food that they wanted to eat. Neither Betty or Jughead were either being pushed on the cart because now they were running up and down the food aisle. Betty came back with frozen chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks. She also had some salt and vinegar chips and a 2L bottle of Brisk Iced Tea filling up her arms. She placed everything in the cart and her being a five year old on the inside, she pulled her upper body onto the cart and draped her legs over the metal so she was now sitting with all the junk food that she wanted.

She pulled out her phone and scrolled through her Instagram until she heard her boyfriends flip flops walking down the frozen food aisle that the cart was sitting in.

“No. No way.” Jughead said, dumping the food that he picked up into the cart. Betty looked behind her and saw that he picked up some Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, pasta, and some pasta sauce.

“Why not Juggie?” Betty said, putting the puppy dog pout on her full lips.

“No Betty. You pushed me when I was out of the cart and I will be pushing you out of the cart.” Jughead said, leaning on the outside of the cart.

Betty pushed herself off of her butt and brought her face very, very close to her boyfriends. “Please Juggie?” She almost whispered, placing her forehead on her boyfriends. She saw that his face started to heat up and she knew that she won.

“Fine.” Jughead said, pulling his face away from hers and moving back to the end of the cart.

“Wee!” Betty said as Jughead pushed her through the aisle to the checkout. She finally got out of the cart when Jughead started to place the food on the moving counter thing. Jughead payed for all the items and Betty grabbed the two bags that was filled with all of the food that they needed to finish their marathon.

“Let’s go and make some food!” Betty said, basically skipping to the old truck that they drove in. She dropped the two bags in the back seat and jumped into the passenger seat. She instantly plugged her phone in and waited for her boyfriend to come in and start the car up. He came in while laughing at the bubbly blonde, especially since it was 2 am and he was exhausted.

She played the playlist again and they sang along with all the songs at full blast until they parked right in front of their trailer. Jughead went and grabbed the bags from the front as Betty unlocked the front door and ran into the kitchen, turning on the stove for their food.

Jughead came in and dropped off the bags, pulling out the chips, iced tea and all the cookies that he bought and brought them to the living room, also grabbing two clean cups.

Betty was in the kitchen and was pulling out the clear bags with the delicious mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers that she wanted. She put 6 chicken fingers in the oven along with 8 mozzarella sticks.

She went and joined Jughead on the couch and poured two cups of the iced tea and opened the bag of chips and the two packages of cookies. They both found their Stranger Things marathon blankets and started munching on all of the food that they bought, turning the TV back on to continue their marathon.

“Juggie, I love you more then I love Stranger Things.”

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Touka didn't hate Kaneki originally. In chapter 2, when he had terrible hungry and met her accidentally. She killed old man and invited Kaneki have some flesh. That's a welcome of her. She became more hateful with him since he shouted her like as monster.

Yeah, she was pretty nice to him before he ran off screaming from her and tried to help him. Even after she started hating him, she still helped him out.

i want to adopt the forecaster so bad, like he’s so sweet and polite, he just sits there with his trinkets and he’s a psyker endowed with all this gory knowledge but he’s just a lil boy… i wanna take him home :(((

do you think veronica looks after him?? like gives him stuff for free when she sees he’s hungry… i bet the 188 trading post all do


On the twenty-third day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places.

 Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


Trump budget director says food aid programs for kids, elderly not showing “results”

  • White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney defended proposed cuts to food-aid programs Monday by arguing that there’s scant proof they work.
  • Mulvaney sparked accusations of callousness and hypocrisy in his defense of Trump’s proposed $1.15 trillion budget when he said after-school programs that feed hungry kids don’t have proven impact.
  • “There’s no demonstrable evidence they’re actually helping results, they’re actually helping kids do better in school,” Mulvaney told reporters.
  • The director was similarly bullish on Meals on Wheels, saying it was among programs that “were just not showing any results.”
  • According to CNN, Meals on Wheels served 219.4 million meals in 2015. Read more (3/16/17 6:37 PM)  


• y'all are always hugging each other
• hand kisses
• laughing your asses off with eachother
• him staring at your butt a lot instead of just smacking, grabbing, or rubbing it cause he’s a lil punk
• jk
• “just touch it and stop staring!”
• “my eyes are touching it y/n..”
• happy weirdos
• he thinks that he’s the funniest guy ever but you don’t so you fake laugh a lot
• but it’s only to gas him
• you love gassing up your hard working baby
• after his performances, you’ll usually be backstage with a towel, water, and kisses
• “you did well baby”
• he’d hug you but you’ll just push his sweaty ass away
• “ew get the fuck off of me”
• he’d straight face you and walk away, taking the towel and water but he would understand why you said that when he got to the dressing room and laugh with the other members about it
• soft boyfriend
• he just wants his kisses
• you are the big spoon sis
• running your fingers through his hair
• he’ll fall asleep fast
• you taught him how to braid so when he’s at the dorms, he tries to braid the members hair but fails
• he always tells you and you-
• “baby their hair is straight af, now look at mine”
• “ohh right”
• for some reason, he loves kissing your belly like you’re pregnant or sum
• but he tells you that it’s because y'all dance in bed a lot so you could never know
• which scares you most of the time
• “chill you dick”
• foot massages
• him writing smol songs about you
• he calls you cutie or princess or just baby instead of sexy or any name along those lines
• sitting on his lap
• not caring if you play around with the members because he knows where your heart is
• “i love this what did you put in it?!”
• “it’s ham and cheese”
• y'all are so bubbly
• not really that innocent
• y'all barely disagree with each other
• singing karaoke together
• ‘thirsty for love’ faced ass
• but as your relationship gets older, he comes around with the butt touching etc
• he’s such a tease
• he keeps his arm wrapped around you a lot
• going shopping together
• he can’t go thirty minutes without checking up on you
• he randomly raps in your ear when y'all are cuddling
• which drives you wild
• his voice is so cute and-
• he adores you and he thanks you everyday for being in his packed schedule ass life
• it’s really hard seeing him late at night when he’s been practicing with two groups all day nonstop
• so sometimes y'all hold eachother the tightest you can and lowkey tear up.
• yeah, y'all fall asleep in each other’s arms often
• you pray for him every night
• you cook him his favorite meal when he says that he’s hungry
• he cleans the plate everytime
• he calls you his wife a lot because i mean, you will be his wife
• he loves you a lot, just as much as you love him and he would never hurt you
• vice versa
• seriously, y'all are in a deep ass love

Abracadabra! You're pulling a rabbit out of where?!?

A positive story that I really wanted to share with you all. It’s a bit long but worth it. TLDR at the end.

I have 2 rabbits. I was told they were both female. They are not. Now I have 11 baby rabbits. One of the babies is quite a bit smaller than the others and he had squirmed out of the nest so he was really cold and stiff when I checked on him this morning. I was running late for work so without thinking I grabbed him and tucked him inside my bra to try and warm him up and promptly forgot all about him.

I got to work and was talking to my manager when all of a sudden the rabbit woke up. He was hungry and made his displeasure known. My manager stopped mid sentence and said “Did your boobs just squeak?” And he just looked so alarmed it was hilarious. So I explained why I had a squeaky baby rabbit stuffed down my shirt and then he called all of my coworkers over to come see the baby and we all had a good laugh.

He said that I could keep the baby with me while I was on register so I bought some kitten formula and a dropper and fed it whenever it got noisy. (All friendly animals are allowed in the store so nobody minded. )

All day long customers would see my shirt randomly squirm and I’d show them the baby and they’d laugh. One guy saw me pat my boobs and say “Calm down I just fed you, you’re fine.” And he just looked so confused. 😂😂My manager said that if it survives it can be our unofficial store mascot and come to work with me everyday. It was pretty much my best shift ever.

TLDR: I freaked a bunch of people out with my boob rabbit. 🐰🐰

[LIST] BTS' Habits

• He says “Mom” and “It hurts” a lot
• Bite his nails
• Open his mouth
• Touch cute stuff
• He speaks and makes weird sounds while sleeping or he’s going to order things to the members while sleeping
• Say weird things

• Bite his nails
• Sleep whenever he has free time
• Write lyrics
• When he’s nervous he speaks satoori
• Make rhymes in every situation

• When he’s hungry he blinks his left eye
• Eat all the chicken legs
• Grab his hands behind his back
• Sometimes he speaks while sleeping
• Make a flying kiss

• Sniff (he has rhinitis)
• Stomp around
• Wring his fingers
• Make a shock face all the time

• Turn his shoulders
• Put his fingers on his lips/eyes
• Being sexy

• Being forgetful
• Look into space
• Dance to any kind of music (the place doesn’t matter)
• Lift up his pinky finger while drinking water
• Push his hair back

• He blushes when he brags on himself
• Touch himself while sleeping

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consider this for a prompt: the team is in the lounge, post practice, just lazing around and doing nothing; the tv is on; no one is really paying attention when andrew suddenly turns rigid; deep breaths; unfocused eyes; the reporter is relaying a shocking revelation about a man abusing the foster kids in his care; hisfacehisfacehisfacetheyareshowinghisface (-i cannot tell why my mind is such an angsty bitch but here we are)

(this is a specific and excellent prompt and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its place in line <3)

He’s boneless when he climbs out of the shower, feet tender on the glossy tile, breath sitting high and tight in his chest. Neil likes pacing through his routine after practice, adrenaline relaxing its grip on him finger by finger, change-rooms echoing and empty. He strings his wet hair up in a fresh bandana and shrugs his armbands up over flushed, shower-damp forearms. He lets the practice pull at his muscles and drafts new line-ups and drills in his head.

His teammates are back in the lounge, dotting the furniture, all of their aggression leached out of them, and he feels joy rip his chest like popped stitches. Good feelings are always more brutal than bad ones, he’s come to understand. Stronger, harsher.

He gets a round of raised hands and snappy greetings when he walks in, mostly lost in the rustle of plastic bags as Wymack and Abby unload sandwiches onto an overcrowded table.

Wymack licks stray sauce off of his thumb and points at Neil with his other hand. “Come pretend you’re civilized and eat at the table. I don’t want ranch on my couches again.”

Neil shrugs and pulls a chair out at the head of the table. Matt winks up at him, and the rest of the foxes pass wrapped and pressed sandwiches down the line. They chat and rustle, Aaron snaps for serviettes until Wymack smacks his hand away, Kevin eats his sandwich with a knife and fork. Everything smells like tangy pesto and sweet fresh bread.

“Get Andrew over here, will you?” Wymack asks distractedly. Neil glances over at Andrew, installed on the couch with his back towards them. His hair has been bleaching in the sun recently, and he’s easily the brightest thing in the room.

“Andrew,” he calls, accepting his own sandwich when it’s waved in front of him, distracted from the back of Andrew’s head.

“You really put an effort in,” Nicky teases, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not moving him if he doesn’t want to be moved,” Neil replies, unconcerned. His food is warm in his hands, chicken and cranberries and cheese peeking out of brown bread and wax wrapping.

“That’s bullshit,” Matt says, mouth full. “You know you could.”

“I don’t know why you still think I have that kind of power.”

“Uhh maybe because he does impossible favours for you? And like. Kisses your face when we’re not looking? I dunno, just a thought,” Dan says sarcastically, peeling onions out of her sandwich.

“Andrew,” Neil repeats, exasperated. When he looks over again Andrew hasn’t moved, fixed and steady as always. His shoulders are moving fast though, breath coming hard enough that Neil can hear it from across the room. His stomach throbs, intuitive and scared. 

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This little piece of SHIT

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I used to FUCKING love him.

AND WHAT FOR?  The fact that he can crack a nerdy-ass joke once in a while?

And now THIS SHIT.  I’m starting to realize he’s not a likable person at all.

Think I’m over-reacting because “oooh but Simon’s been through soooo much?” 

Well, FUCK that.  Every character in the show has got their life turned upside-down and loved ones who died.  They’re in a BRUTAL WORLD.

Let’s review what a shithead Simon FUCKING Lewis is:

  1. Season 1, he’s turned, but then is suddenly taken in by Raphael and his clan, from the start.  Simon NEVER TRULY HAS NO ONE.  In return, Simon blackmails Raphael, his mentor, for just a few bloodbags, saying he’ll lie to the Clave about the circumstances of his undeath and the subjugates and have Raphael lose the position he worked DECADES to reach and he’ll threaten the safety of his new family unit.  He knows full well that without Raphael, things will go back to how they were under Camille’s rule.  Does Simon FUCKING Lewis care?  Fuck, no!
  2. Raphael says “don’t talk to Camille, keep her imprisoned, it’s for your own safety, too”?  What does Simon Fucking Lewis do?  SIMON FUCKING LEWIS SNEAKS HER OUT AND ENDANGERS THE ONLY FAMILY HE HAS.  All because he wants Little MISS CLARY FRAY’S GINGER CONNIVING MANIPULATIVE ASS.
  3. Cus let’s be real.  It’s not about her mother.  And all Clary would get out of Camille is a scrap of info they probably can’t rely on.  Just for that, he betrays the people person who took him in, who fed him, who trained him, who FUCKING clothed his bony, scrawny, pasty little ass.
  4. Simon Fucking Lewis signs the Writ of Transmutation saying he ALLOWED Camille to change him.  HE KNOWS THIS ALLOWS CAMILLE TO TAKE BACK THE CLAN.  It’s COMMON SENSE.  He KNOWS what a tyrant she was, he KNOWS how ABUSIVE SHE WAS.  WHAT THE FUCK SIMON?  JUST WHAT THE FUCKKK?
  5. Even after ALL THAT SHIT, Simon is UNWILLING to fix what he did by helping find Camille.  DICK.
  6. Simon throws Raphael under the bus to Aldertree - a genuine mistake, true, but did he apologize for it?  FUCK, NO! (also plz see point 10)
  7. Raphael’s response?  “WE are your family.”  EVEN after Simon’s betrayal.
  8. What does Raphael do when he realizes Simon can’t focus on finding Camille cos he’s distracted by his panicking mother?  He goes to CALM SIMON’S MOTHER DOWN so that she won’t bother Simon and so Simon can fulfill his duties undistracted.  It’s not Raphael’s fault that Simon bursts in on them as Raphael’s in the middle of his bullshit fake story.
  9. Rapha uses this moment to get across the idea that ‘don’t forget Simon, I’ll be watching  you, I’m welcome in your home’.  He wasn’t threatening Simon’s MOTHER, but what does Simon do?  HE FUCKING OVERREACTS AND MOUTHS OFF TO HIM.  It’s like SHUT UP boy and for ONCE grow up and fix your mistakes.
  10. Simon sees just a little bit of the FUCKING UNBEARABLE TORTURE Aldertree did to Raphael for which SIMON HIMSELF was RESPONSIBLE and how does Simon FUCKING Lewis react?  “YOU LOOK LIKE CRAP!  BRING IT ON SCARFACE!”  Think about it.  That’s FUCKING AWFUL!
  11. Does Simon fucking care that Aldertree threatened the lives of Raphael’s beloved clan, Simon’s new family?  FUCK, NO!
  12. But even after ALL THAT, when Simon’s hungry in his bedroom, what does he do?  Oh, he expects Raphael to go out in BROAD FUCKING  DAYLIGHT JUST TO FEED HIM!  The NERVE of this little SHIT!
  13. Simon’s in trouble cos Mamma Lewis caught him sucking down a rat? “Raphaeeeellllllll come save meeeeeee!”
  14. ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING THANK YOU, ONCE AGAIN after Raphael encantos Elaine.  It’s like “Kiss my ass, Santiago.”
  15. Even after ALL THAT, AFTER THE WAR, after Raphael risks his life against Valentine and many of his clan members die, Simon still treats Raphael like the enemy??  Doesn’t trust Raphael about being a daylighter, while he’s so quick to blab to Maia, who’s barely more than an acquaintance?

Conspiring with Isabelle, Raphael’s new junkie ABUSER, to use POOR ROSA AS BAIT?  The only BLOOD Raphael has LEFT?  The only TREASURE in Rapha’s miserable, bleak, undead life?

Then looking into his eyes and saying “You’re lucky your sister doesn’t know who you really are. Because if she did, she’d hate you” THIS IS A NEW LEVEL OF SICK!

Fuck this shit.  

Oh sure, deep down, Simon has a pretty good heart, but heres the thing:

He’s spent too many years around Clarissa Fucking Fray and it’s turned him selfish and manipulative, and it’s made him such a fucking pushover that he ignores basic right and wrong just because someone says “go fetch”.  Not only that, but besides all that justification, he’s just an ass!

Even if by some miracle, Simon grows up one day … Raphael Santiago  is TEN TIMES THE MAN SIMON FUCKING LEWIS WILL EVER BE.


Me Time (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine trying to have some alone time but the Joker doesn’t know the meaning of space.”

Requested by @stimahagen: “Could please make an imagine where the Joker falls in love with the reader and he becomes super clingy? would be so cute”

The morning sun was pushing its way through the heavy curtains that hung against the windows. You groaned, attempting to get out of bed. Tight arms were wrapped around your waist, keeping you there. You couldn’t help but smile, letting yourself settle back down into the mattress. Eventually, his arms loosened from you and he rolled over. You waited for a few minutes then slowly got out of bed.

You tiptoed through the house, seeking out the kitchen. You never missed out on your chance to have alone time. You pulled some stuff out of the fridge and cabinets, placing them on the counter as you started to cook breakfast. You made sure to make a separate plate for the Joker, knowing that he’d probably be hungry when he woke up. Once you were done cooking, you sat down at the table and enjoyed your peaceful meal in solace. You watched the sun peak out from behind the clouds, a soft smile on your face. You picked up your empty plate and brought it to the kitchen. You paused for a moment, thinking that you heard something from upstairs. He should sleep for another hour or so, or at least you hoped.

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Imagine if when Lance was ten he ran away from home. He didn’t go far, just the park. But he was there until well after dark. When he got cold and hungry he went home expecting to in trouble for being gone so long.
However when he got in his Mom was putting his younger siblings down for bed.
No one had even noticed he was gone.
After that Lance would see how long he could be out without anyone noticed.
His record used to be three days, but after joining Voltron Lance can’t help but stay up at night wondering if anyone has even noticed he’s not home.

When I was little, I thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners. Truth is, love is giving him half your fries when he said he wasn’t hungry. It’s waking up at 4am to him snoring and refraining from shoving him off the bed. It's talking in accents just for shits, and trying to embarrass one another in public. It’s going on adventures, and making fun of each other. It’s stupid fights and memorable make ups. Love isn’t always pretty and romantic. Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend.
—  one of my favourite love quotes - Unknown
i woke up this morning and realized NOBODY HAD ASKED ME TOP FIVE THINGS PHICHIT LIKES ABOUT HIS SMOL ANXIOUS BOYCHILD and I stared up at the ceiling and shook my head


1. The difference between Public Yuri, who is kind of reserved and haughty looking and goes his way through his crowds of admirers like a majestic stag carrying his heavy crown of antlers through the mists of the forest, and Private Yuri, who trips over thin air, cries over shitty Russian cartoons he thinks maybe Victor Nikiforov may have watched, and in general acts like a newborn fawn terrified of the hard, cold world around him. 

2. How, when Yuri is tired and hungry, he gets really, really quiet, and when he says anything it’s just an unending stream of salt about people he doesn’t like, and when you give him a granola bar and a place to sit down quietly, he falls asleep like a cranky two year old, his cheeks flushed with temper and exhaustion, still holding the half eaten granola bar.

3. If you catch him just at the right mood and moment, he will sit down on the couch with you and let you cuddle him for hours and watch The King and the Skater and the sequels without a word about them, and also he’s very warm and always slightly soft and very comfortable, even in the middle of competition season.His hair smells nice, too.

(3a. Victor Nikiforov discovers this, only with shitty Russian dramas, and keeps sending Phichit baffled texts like how is he so beautiful????? look at his haaaanddddd and sending Phichit closeups of the beautiful curve of Yuri’s sleeping hand on Victor’s chest.)

4. They did community service at a shelter and Yuri went down under an actual tsunami of dog and stayed there for like two hours, laughing and talking Japanese babytalk. There was a pitbull. The pitbull tried to adopt Yuri. 

5. Yuri skates out to the center of the ice, takes a deep breath in, and begins to skate. Every time, Phichit swears to God he sees wings on his back. 

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Kageyama remained utterly true to his word. When he said he wanted to treat Shouyou well enough to make him want to stay, he had meant it.

The second morning Shouyou woke, again far, far later in the day than he’d ever been allowed at the temple, thanks to his daily duties and the bells that rang just after dawn. But here, at the villa, no one disturbed his rest. Even after he had pulled himself from slumber, he stayed curled under the whisper soft sheets, sinking into the cushioned bed below as the gentlest breeze rippled through the room, tossing his hair on his forehead where it poked out from under the covers.

A fine fragrance eventually caught his attention, sweet and delicate on the air, the freshness of flowers. It was so pleasant that it finally roused him fully and he sat up, wondering what it was, intent on investigating. Immediately, he found he need look no further than his bedside.

“Oh…” he gasped, rubbing his eyes as he took in the sight before him.

The entire floor of his room had been strewn with rose petals, all soft pink and white. 

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