and when he gets to the mask

Got7′s Reaction to you wanting to do face masks together

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! @okayysunshiine


*He would definitely do face masks with you and would probably like the fact that you also cared for his skin.*

Y/N: *puts the face mask on him and then laughs* “You look funny.”

BamBam: *gif* “So do you!”

*Then you two would probably laugh at each other and then take selfies.(#relationshipgoals xD)*


(A/N: Ignore the caption that it has XD)

*Yugyeom would think you were joking but then when he sees you approach him and try to put it on him, he’d get serious.*

Yugyeom: *gif* “Really? You’re going to do this to me…”

Y/N: “Yes.” *puts the face mask on him*


*He’d say no from the start and would stop you every time you tried to put it on him.*

Youngjae:*gif (pretend that you’re touching his face instead of his nose xD) “Stop… I don’t want too.” *laughs at your attempt to put it on him.*


*JaeBum really wouldn’t want to do it but you would put it on him anyways.*

JB: *gif*

*But after a while of having it on, he’d like it because it felt refreshing.*


*He would look at you and not say whether or not he wanted to do it so you put it on him anyways.*

Jinyoung: “Umm…Okay?”


*He wouldn't mind at all doing face masks with you but would joke around to much and probably ruin it.*

Mark: “Jagiya! Come here and give me a kiss.” *chases you around trying to put some of his face mask on you.*



Talk with Got7 is OPEN!! And requests will be open soon!! So be ready with your requests :)

5 Random Fic Recs From Different Fandoms

Behind the Mask (NC-17 ll 42,486 words)

(DCU, Bane/John) Blake has been causing problems for Bane in Gotham City. When Bane finally gets his hands on Blake, he decides to keep him off the streets where he can’t cause any more trouble. Prisoner to a terrifying madman, Blake tries to survive until someone saves him. In the interim, with Blake and Bane often each other’s only company, they decide to learn a little about their enemy.

Treasures (NC-17 ll 17,748 words)

(STAR TREK, Kirk/Spock) Sometimes the other Vulcans wonder how Spock managed to obtain such an exotic bondmate, and sometimes Spock wonders himself.

We Must Reinvent Love (NC-17 ll 26,517 words)

(SUPERNATURAL RPS, Jared/Jensen) With high school graduation less than two weeks away, best friends Jared and Jensen find themselves scrambling to tie up a few loose ends before they’re forced into adulthood. Jared ropes Jensen into helping him get the alcohol for Sandy’s graduation party, and what should be a simple night of partying ends up turning into a series of mishaps and misunderstandings…. (A J2 spin on the movie Superbad.)

In a New Rhythm (NC-17 ll 10,683 words)

(CAPTIVE PRINCE, Damon/Laurent) Laurent and Damen decide to have sex. And decide, and decide, and decide.

I’ve Measured Out My Life With Coffee Spoons (PG-13 ll 28,289 words)

(JAMES BOND, Bond/Q) In which Q opens a cafe across the street from MI6 headquarters, and James Bond is intrigued.

anonymous asked:

ok but if you're fat you're not healthy like it's that easy sorry I don't see why lance would go with someone unhealthy when he clearly cares about his body doing masks and training

Originally posted by charizuu

A) There is chubby people who is healthy and skinny/fit people who are unhealthy. E RIDAJE. 

B) The implications that:

- Hunk doesn’t train (??)

- Hunk can’t have muscles while it also has chub

- People who… take care of their skin don’t dare chubby people? what?

- Hunk/chubby people is not attractive

- Lance, who is also not drawn canonically that attractive by beauty standards either and who gets continually rejected by people, is somehow too attractive for Hunk who canonically had a fling. Hm, k.

C) I don’t know how much you’ve dated in your life but tendencially people don’t date based on HEALTHY LEVELS

D) Why am I not surprised your ip is from a country that doesn’t have medical help for everyone for free?

I’ll end up writing a Sheithunk just to spite all of u I feel it

@janiedean join the sam tarly 2.0 gate

Into the Deep Woods

Someone: Spark you really need to stop with all of these hybrids AU’s

Me: lol no fuck you, here’s one right now actually

“Ohm, you can’t just wander into the Deep Woods! Do you realise how many predators are there?”

“But I lost my ribbon in there! How-” 

“We can just get you a new one, now let’s turn back before we get eaten!” 

“No way. If you want to leave, leave. I can find it myself, it’s probably not that far off.” 

“Fine, don’t blame me when someone snatches you away! Especially if they’re a snake, you know how much they love to eat your type.” 


The scene replayed in his head, him venturing out into the Deep Woods while his friend attempted to convince him to come back but eventually leaving him alone out of fear. He cursed the wind for causing this in the first place, blowing the precious cloth far away. It had no use now, all he needed to do was find it and get out of there as soon as possible. 

A mix of growing blues, with fading oranges and yellows, enveloped the once clear sky which earned another curse to slip Ohm’s tongue. He knew that once the night fully revealed itself, so would the hunters. Predators, that’s what they called them, and they were the Prey. 

With every minute wasted on finding nothing, the growls of hunger from nearby Predators grew louder and louder. Ohm found himself causing more accidents on himself, his clothing earning a few scars. Just then, he felt a drop of liquid fall on his palms, thunder roared in the distance as his bunny ears perked up to the new sounds.

“Tch… great just great…” Ohm crossed his arms in frustration, the wind brushed by him, rain drops increasing as he tried to find some shelter. Luckily for him, thunder flashed out an outline of a nearby cave and he was able to reach there in time before the thunderstorm could get any worse. 

“This is… this is fine you know!” He cussed, the thunder shocked nearby him in response. Ohm yelped and hide behind some large rocks, his body was shaking for a while but he managed to calm himself down. Rolling up into a comfortable position and tucking his grey bunny ears around his face to earn some warmth, Ohm was able to fall into a deep sleep.

“Wakey wakey Missster Bunny~” 

Ohm yawned from the sudden wake-up call, his hands automatically rubbed his eyes as a groan escaped his lips. He straightened himself up before opening his eyes to reveal the mystery figure. Dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, light complexion and an amethyst snake tail which replaced his lower torso. 

“Ahh, sssso you were ssssleeping. I wasss about to eat you for a sssecond.” An innocent laugh followed after their sentence. The realisation was sinking into Ohm quickly, terror and panic escalated as he backed himself against the rock he was hiding behind last night. 

“You’re a… a…” The words faded away, his hands tried to grip the rock for some form of support as the snake simply chuckled. 

“Yesss, I’m a sssnake hybrid. What can you do about it? I mean… thisss isss my cave, after all,~” They leant in closer, trapping Ohm between his arms, forked tongue slipping in and out against his blushing cheeks. “Tasssty~ If I do say ssso mysself.” He commented before giggling again. 

“I-i-i…” Ohm stuttered again. 

“Name’sss Bryce, what about you Bunny~?” Ohm felt the snake’s tail coiling around his legs, he gulped before managing to reply. 


“Ahh, I ssee…” Bryce looked away, deep in thought. Ohm, on the other hand, was now completely trapped in the large tail of the snake. “Oooh! Were you lookin’ for thisss by any chance?” He moved somewhere behind a collection of rocks before revealing the cloud grey ribbon that Ohm had been searching for. 

“Yeah… How did you-” 

“It flew right into my face, ssstrange right?” Bryce laughed again, scratching his amethyst cheek scales with a razor sharp claw. Ohm gave out an awkward laugh so he could attempt to befriend the snake. 

“So… areyougoingtoletmegoorwhat?”

“What? I’m not really sssure about that Ohmy~” Bryce pinned Ohm again, sending a wave of visible shudders down his spine. He tied the ribbon around Ohm’s neck, dragging one of his fingers to his chin while his other hand was playing around with his hair and ears. Ohm could do nothing but blush tomato red as Bryce leant closer towards his human ears. “Tell me Ohmy~ What isss it that you want from me~?” 

roadhog started wearing a half mask in the a.l.f. for several reasons. 1 was his breathing problems. 2 was to hide his face. 3 was he got braces after getting his mouth smashed up real bad in the war, and he needed some soft padding in case he got hit in the face.

he adapted it into a gas mask a few years in, when the police / corperate security started getting more violent towards protestors and squatters. he wore sunglasses or goggles a lot, too. the full face mask was originally just a pair of modified goggles and his normal gas mask. but as things got drawn out, he replaced it with a full mask.

the tattoo was… a little after the omnium went up.

other members had masks too. animal themes were common. it was part of one of the a.l.f. ideas: we were here first.

Little details for your amusement...

Some detail stuff in Voltron Season 1 that may or may not have been noticed ut that I happen to get a kick out of…

1) Keith is ambidextrous. At least in regards to using his sword. (He favors the right hand but will use the left as well).

2) Lance’s bayard does not have a trigger. Presumably this means he’s shooting things with willpower alone.

3) Hunk’s bayard doesn’t use a trigger either. He also shoots with his MIND.

4) Allura never takes off her earrings. Even when sleeping.

5) Zarkon can either breathe in space, or just doesn’t need to breathe. (He’s not wearing a mask when he fights Keith/The Red Lion in open space).

6) Shiro’s arm is laser-resistant. He’s used it to block sentry shots once. He also appears capable of charging it, as he’s seen swinging it without actually hitting anything with it.

7) It’s never depicted in the transformation sequence, but the Green Lion’s shield actually moves when it forms Voltron’s arm.

“You couldn’t crack a joke in the cowl if your life depended on it, old man,” Jason ribbed, flipping his dark bangs out of his eyes. They flashed as they met Bruce’s, right before he fastened the domino mask on his face. 

“Hn,” was all Batman said in reply, his own mask in place now. 

“Me? It’s easy. Watch,” Jason spun so the cape swirled out behind him and he leapt toward the Batmobile, calling over his shoulder, “What do you get when you cross a navy ship, a hurricane, and a drunk captain?” 

He stopped at the passenger side, turning again to watch Batman’s jaw. 

“I don’t know,” Batman said tersely. 

“A fucking disaster,” Jason said proudly. 

“Jay,” was all Batman said in warning, but the corner of his mouth twitched up. 

“I heard that one in bar full of uniforms,” Jason said. “It’s pretty good, dontcha think?”

“Hn,” Batman said again. “Watch your mouth.”


Robin was perched on the edge of the fire escape, just two stories up, while Batman had a perp cornered in the back of the alley. The guy had been a tough dude– until, of course, he got thrown against a dumpster by a man in a bat costume. Robin waited to hear what the man would spill about his boss, a drug runner they’ve been after for weeks. 

“Are you scared?” Batman asked him in a low growl. 

Robin waited. It wasn’t unusual for Batman to bait them, to string them a long a bit and draw it out until they were really quaking. 

“Yeah,” the man admitted, which was a surprise. Sometimes they were belligerent out of defense. Robin knows he would be.

“Hi, scared. I’m Batman.”

Robin’s eyes widened under the domino mask. The man went even paler, all the blood drained from his face, as if somehow this was more terrifying than any threat Batman could have flung at him. 

“Now talk.”

And the man spilled his guts.

Robin’s mouth was still open in a gaping smile when Batman rejoined him on the fire escape, right before they both rappelled up out of the alleyway. 

“That,” he said, biting his lip when they landed on the next roof, “was a goddamn awful joke.”

“Hn,” was all Batman said. 

Robin grinned.

Les Amis as out-of-context quotes that my friend said while watching Les Mis for the first time

Enjolras: “Oh look, they’re hating on the rich people!”

Combeferre: “So they sing about their love… And they haven’t had any conversations besides their song about their love. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, well. What you gonna do? It’s TV.”

Courfeyrac: “They’re all so pretty. Why are they all so pretty?”

Jehan: “Pretty neat things, them stars!

Bahorel: “The kid is like 8, and he’s still singing when he gets shot. That’s commitment!”


Joly: “It looks like a face mask! I, too, love exfoliating with human crap.”

Bossuet: “Ooh, that’s some deep shit. Sorry guys, what can I say, I love some crappy puns!”

Grantaire: “Aw, he’s singing about stars again, except they’re not pretty this time. He’s clearly having some life issues.”


Marius: “You know what I noticed? There’s no comic relief in this.”

Cosette: “I wonder what they made that out of. Pudding, maybe. Just a happy thought.”

Éponine: “Is the part where we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him? Cause I feel NOTHING.”

Montparnasse: “OH SHIT IT’S THECOPS!”

Batman didn’t jolt when he awoke, and instead remained still as he tried to take stock of the situation. The last thing he remembered was realizing too late that Poison Ivy had filled the vents with sleep poppies.

He really needed to build some kind of automated sensor into his mask, so it could activate when his hands were tied. Literally or metaphorically. He kept meaning to, but it kept getting put on the back burner in favor of more pressing projects.

Sometimes he wondered if his subconscious was deliberately guiding him toward forced naps.

He wasn’t in a research lab. He was in a bed. A comforter had been pulled up over him. He was still in full costume. Someone was singing Duke of Earl, muffled by at least one door.

Slowly, he sat up. He slid out from under the covers until his boots touched the floor. He kept the lights off, and remained silent as he opened the bedroom door, entered the living room. The apartment wasn’t large enough to accommodate a hallway.

Standing between the couch and the dining room table, he had still somehow managed to go unnoticed. She was still singing Duke of Earl. She made it sound like Duke of Oil.

“Harley.” His voice rasped in his throat.

She twirled around in surprise, her eyes wide. She’d changed out of her costume. She might have been wearing a black hoodie dress, or she might have just broken into the closet of a man Batman’s size. The primary source of confusion was the fact that the neckline went about halfway to her navel, in order to show off a bra stitched to look covered in roses. She may have stolen it from Ivy. The fact that it was too small for her supported this idea. The rose print ribbons in her hair matched her choker. If she was wearing shorts, they weren’t obvious beneath the hoodie. The stripes on her thigh-high socks were mismatched.

It was unclear what this outfit was intended to convey. If anything.

“You’re up!” she said, a wide grin of delight, voice as high and nasal as ever. The headache he did not yet have didn’t appreciate it. Her lipstick was a lighter shade of red than usual. She was holding a metal spatula. “Pancakes’ll be done in a minute, Red says it’s important to eat after ya get up if ya don’t wanna be sick. There’s water for ya, too, you’re probably dehydrated.” She pointed with the spatula to a bottle of water on the counter.

“Harley,” he repeated, a tone of warning underneath the rough texture of it. He considered the best way to express the sentiment he wanted conveyed in as few words as possible. “What the fuck.”

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How Did Uta Know?

I wonder how Uta knew? 

In his fight with Juuzou, he starts out sort of moving around menacingly, but Juuzou gets several knives into him with almost no effort at all. And then he says:

Uta’s reply is:

To become Shinohara. 

Now, the first time we saw Uta do this, he turned into Arima, and it honestly seemed like a more amateur attempt. I vaguely remember someone being a dick to me because I said that Uta was able to use kagune to make Arima’s face, and the going theory at the time was that it was some kind of mask. I feel a little vindicated now, but I digress. The point is, when Uta created Arima’s face, it was messy. 

But when he became Shinohara it was instantaneous, and complete:

He has the right bone structure, the right body shape (though he is still smaller than Shinohara), and the right mannerisms. Clearly, he’s been practicing, and I think it’s reasonable to assume that this ability is one that he has perfected in the time since the auction. 

But, how did he know? How did he know to become Shinohara, of all people? And how did he know how to act like Shinohara? 

As far as I can see, there are three options: (a) he has been researching and studying the weaknesses and histories of the special classes, or of particular agents of interest, (b) a mole (Furuta) gave him this information and he was targeting Juuzou specifically or © he has some ability to read minds (which I kind of doubt). 

Given this panel:

It seems to me that Furuta planned all of this, planned on Juuzou confronting Uta, and fed Uta information that would help him to ultimately overcome Juuzou. As far as we can see this didn’t work - Juuzou’s squad was there for him in a touching display of love and loyalty, which made me cry……BUT anyway, I am not so sure that this battle is over. The last image we saw of Uta was this:

And we well know at this point that a slice through the head isn’t enough to kill old Uta. Yet he’s completely absent for the rest of the scene, and no one seems to be paying attention. 

…not good. 

Additionally, the Suzuya Squad points out something that is very important. 

There are two psychological aspects to this fight beyond the Juuzou/Shinohara bond. One being that the large number of clowns has the effect of making the enemy seem much larger than they actually are, and the other being that killing humans will cause tremendous guilt among the agents. Additionally, if they are trying to avoid killing humans, then they will inevitably miss some of the real clowns who are attacking. 

This mix of strategy, psychological warfare and physical warfare is just as brilliant as it is terrifying…and it seems that only Suzuya’s Squad has figured the bulk of it out. 

I wonder what will come next. 

Voltron Youtubers AU Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The Klance is here! 

On Lance’s channel:

  • Hunk and Lance collab all the time
    • It’s always lighthearted challenges
      • Their Bottle Flip Challenge video is LEGENDARY
        • Hunk got it on his first try and he dabbed for the first time
          • Lance cried. He’s so proud.
        • No matter how hard he tried, Lance could not get it by the end of the video
    • One time Lance convinced Hunk to do a song with him
      • Hunk played the guitar and sang backup vocals
        • Views went through the roof
      • Now subscribers love their guitar duets
        • Their instrumental songs are on a lot of studying music playlists
  • When Allura comes on, they talk skin care
    • Face masks, face washes, you name it they’ve done it
    • Lance screamed when Allura brought over a magnetic face mask to try
      • He spent an hour of time just playing with it
        • “It was worth it. Don’t judge.”
  • Shiro collabs on Q&As with a few challenges thrown in
    • The most famous collab they’ve ever done was a Blindfold Makeup Challenge
      • Shiro turned out okay. But Lance…
        • “Shiro. My dude, my guy. How did the eyeliner come out PERFECT????”
        • It’s true. The eyeliner was perfect and Lance went to a party with it on afterwards.
      • Lance wants Shiro’s eyeliner secrets
        • “There is no secret?? I just do it???”
        • “LIES.”
  • Pidge makes song mashups for Lance to cover
    • They’re all love songs
      • “Another love song? Can’t we do something else?”
      • “No.”
      • “But WHY??”
      • “I’m waiting for SOMEONE to take the hint.”
      • *Queue fandom screaming*
    • Pidge uses a program of their own design to make mixes
      • It’s available for free download because Pidge is good to their people like that
  • Keith appeared on Lance’s channel after a month of convincing
    • They do challenges ONLY. They are RIVALS
      • It usually involves water. Or electric shocks.
    • Their banter is hilarious once they’ve gotten comfortable together
      • These videos give Klance shippers life
    • There is footage of a Whisper Challenge that may never see the light of day
      • Things were said. Feelings happened.
      • Keith asks what happened to the footage but Lance says it got corrupted. 
        • He lied. Lance rewatches it every so often with a soft smile.
    • The fandom screams for him to do a Mouth to Mouth Challenge. With Keith.
      • He’s thinking about it

On Keith’s channel:

  • Pidge both loves and HATES being on Keith’s channel
    • The games just DON’T WORK
      • “Keith, I can’t even mod this. The code doesn’t even make SENSE.”
      • “Welcome to my life.”
      • “Can we play something else?”
      • “No. Suffer with me.”
    • Keith is the only one that can bring out Pidge’s RAGE.
      • Multiple compilations are made out of their screaming
    • They talk conspiracies and cryptids and Lance when they’re not screaming
  • Shiro comes on and they play co-op
    • Their teamwork is LEGEND
      • Opponents will log off when they see Shiro and Keith’s screen names together
        • Shiro’s is TheBlackPaladin
        • Keith’s is TheRedPaladin
          • Shiro says he copied his awesome big brother. Keith denies it. But he totally did
    • Keith once suggested they play Who’s Your Daddy?
      • Shiro shut that DOWN. He’s knows better after Allura told him
  • Allura plays indie horror games with some survival horror thrown in
    • Jumpscares do not affect her
      • But Keith is WEAK
    • But if a game has scarecrows she is OUT
    • Until Dawn was not a good time for either of them
      • Except Keith had all these weird wendigo facts to share
    • Allura excels at survival horror because she has good item management
      • Keith just wastes ammo and healing items because he gunjumps EVERYTHING
  • Getting Lance on his channel was actually pretty easy after they did a collab on Lance’s channel
    • They are VERY competitive playing games
      • DDR was a disaster. Mistakes were made
      • Mario Kart went better?
        • “Did you just blue shell me??”
        • “Well would you look at that, I did.”
        • “You are so going to pay for that.”
        • “Maybe if you ever catch up to me!”
      • They don’t play shooting games anymore
        • Keith got tired of losing
    • Lance did an Ice Bath Challenge for Keith’s channel
      • Lance chased Keith around afterwards trying to steal his body heat
      • Lance won and Keith cradled him in his arms
        • Lance doesn’t remember because he was so cold
        • But Keith remembers. He remembers how well Lance fit in his arms. And how close he was. Almost close enough to-

And there we go! Now I just need to write some one-shots…. and a multi-chapter fic…. *moonwalks out of the room*

Okay. *cracks knuckles* My first au for a new fandom. Hope you guys like it:

  • Ladybug and Chat finally defeat Hawkmoth, and upon finding out that it’s Gabriel Agreste under the mask, Adrien takes it really really hard. He’s disappointed in himself, that he had lived under the same roof as the big bad all this time and never realized it, and also he’s disappointed that he never noticed his father growing slowly more and more bitter over the years.
  • Adrien doesn’t think he deserves to carry on being Chat so one day, he arranges a meeting with Ladybug, but when she gets there, it’s deserted, and all she sees is a little box, like the one her earrings came in, and a note scrawled in messy handwriting. She approaches it slowly, her heart in her throat as she tries to deny the obvious. She opens the box first, and her suspicions are confirmed as she sees Chat’s ring. By the time she turns to the note, she’s crying so hard she can barely see, but it’s easy to make out the single word written there. “Sorry.”
  • She stays there, crying, for a long while before picking herself up and going back home. Tikki consoles her while she lies in bed, in her pajamas, and in the end, the thing that pulls Marinette out of her mood is concern for the kwami who resides in the ring, who’s just been abandoned, and even though Marinette has never met it, it was her partner in a way, just as much as Chat was. She asks Tikki if a person can hold more than one miraculous at a time.
  • Tikki doesn’t know the answer, so Marinette, who can be really quite stubborn once she puts her mind to something, puts the ring on, and just seconds later, a little black cat stumbles out, looking around in confusion and despair. His eyes land on Marinette, and they widen in shock.
  • His first instinct is to run away, to hide, but Marinette easily plucks him out of the air, catching him in gentle hands as she coos soothing words to him, saying, “Don’t worry little guy, I won’t hurt you. It’s me, Ladybug. You know me, don’t you?”
  • Plagg is currently freaking out because holy shit, Marinette is Ladybug, and Adrien is gone and he’s been abandoned and he feels absolutely devastated and his head is spinning from everything that’s just happened. Eventually, Marinette is able to coax him into calming down and eating some snacks, and ask him if he knows anything about why Chat gave up his ring.
  • Plagg doesn’t know anything, and Marinette doesn’t pester him, or even ask him about Chat’s true identity, because she doesn’t want to find out that way - it’d be an invasion of his privacy. Marinette promises him that she’ll keep him safe until Chat gets over whatever he’s dealing with right now and comes back (not if he comes back, when, because she knows he will).
  • Marinette takes to wearing the ring on a thin chain around her neck, and Plagg follows her around the way Tikki does, sleeping in her little purse when they’re around others, and Marinette makes sure to absolutely spoil him, giving him lots of cuddles because she knows he must be feeling lonely without Chat around.
  • She keeps fighting crime on her own, and even though she never uses the Chat miraculous, Plagg still helps out as much as he can, and the help is sorely needed, now that she doesn’t have her trusty partner watching her back.
  • Time passes, and Chat doesn’t come back, and Marinette doesn’t give up. She does, however, slowly start getting closer and closer to Adrien, who’s been living with his grandparents ever since his father was arrested.
  • About a year or so after Chat disappears, Marinette and Adrien start dating, and when Plagg goes all sad and mopey for a while, grumbling about how Adrien doesn’t deserve her, Marinette doesn’t pay it much mind. She just giggles and snuggles her little kitten close, teasing him about being jealous and reassuring him that he’ll always be hers and Tikki’s favourite little man.
  • Plagg doesn’t say anything. He wants to believe, with all his heart, that Chat Noir will come back one day, that he’s every bit as courageous as Plagg once thought he was. But there’s a part of him that knows that he might never return to being a hero, and that part of him is the part that swears, with every fiber of his being, that if Adrien ever hurts Marinette in any way (sweet Marinette, who’s done so much for him), Plagg will make him regret the day he was born.
  • Adrien adores Marinette - she lights up his world in a way he’d once thought only one other girl could. Being with her is the only thing that helps him ignore the way his feet still ache to be running across the rooftops of Paris, the way his heart aches with loneliness every time he sees a piece of camembert cheese, the way his first reflex when hearing a commotion is still to stop the akuma.
  • He’s completely head over heels for her, and on those days she sits at home, looking listless and distant and refuses to tell him what’s wrong, he sits with her and holds her close, wondering who could have ever hurt his princess in such a way.
  • And then, it’s their one year anniversary, and he asks her to move in with him. And she’s so happy, and practically bouncing in her seat, but she says there’s something she has to tell him. And next thing he knows, there’s two kwami peeking out from behind her, looking at him with big, accusing eyes, and she’s stuttering and telling him she’s sorry for keeping this from him all these years, and he can barely focus on her words because the only thing running through his mind is that he’s the one responsible for the way she sometimes comes home bone-tired and all scraped up (from protecting Paris all by herself), and the way he could swear she seems to have mild abandonment issues.
  • The ladybug kwami, Tikki, is looking shyly up at him and introducing herself, and Marinette is trying to get Plagg to come out of hiding too, but the little cat refuses to look at Adrien.
  • And he knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, that it’ll take years for him to make it up to his princess for what he’s put her through. So he might as well get started.

Edit: Don’t forget to check out the other posts in the Runaway Chat AU!

Halloween Pumpkin Masks

There are five types of pumpkin mask you could potentially collect tonight once the Halloween celebrations start:

  1. Pumpkin Mask (the orange one, from Jack only)
  2. Yellow Pumpkin Mask (from a villager)
  3. Green Pumpkin Mask (from a villager)
  4. Red Pumpkin Mask (from a villager)
  5. Purple Pumpkin Mask (from a villager)

How to get one:

  1. Don’t wear any clothing items except a QR for your outfit when walking around town on Halloween evening
  2. Find a villager outside and let them talk to you (they’ll be wearing the pumpkin mask you could potentially get)
  3. Refuse to give them candy, and deliberately lose the game they play with you if you can
  4. You’ll receive their mask
  5. Remove it before talking to the next villager

To get the orange one from Jack, just refuse him candy. He won’t play any games with you.

dan and kevin sibling hc's

•dan is average height. kevin is 6'2". think about it.

•they have family dinners with wymack and abby on the weekends, and with every family dinner, the more dan gets to see who kevin really is under his exy-obsessed exterior

•she knows, now, that he only loves and breathes exy so much because it brings him closer to his mother

•later, in the future, she’s talking to someone and refers to kevin as her brother. she doesn’t catch the slip up until much later, and even then, she doesn’t really think it was a mistake

•kevin and dan becoming gossiping buddies with Sibling Nights. it started when kevin interrupted dan’s Girls Night one too many times and allison and renee got so fed up with him they left

•kevin usually wears whatever face masks dan buys for them and tries to learn how to paint nails without fucking up. he gets better. eventually.

•Kevin showing up to one of their Gossip Nights with four bags hanging off his arms. one is for snacks, two is for fun beauty products he saw that he wanted to try, and the fourth is magazines. they have a blast that night.

•kevin, during practice and before games, likes to stand behind dan and look menacing. it doesn’t work a t a l l, but when neil starts being captain, it starts working on the freshmen


•dan cries for a solid minute and a half bc hello, her baby brother has grown up so much and also fuck gender roles

•kevin, while waiting for his nails to dry and a clay mask cleaning his pores: do u think andrew would do this thing for me?

dan, flipping through a magazine and waiting for her charcoal pore cleaning face mask to dry: don’t waste ur time thinking about him babe neil is his new man

•this, of course, launches a whole discussion on Neil “Death Wish” Josten

•they bond over their mutual mother hen tendencies when it comes to this 5'3" asshole

•matt is jealous only bc they don’t invite HIM to their Sibling Nights, mostly because hello, he loves face masks, and he loves when he gets his nails painted fun colors, and c'mon dan just one time i’ll be chill i promise!!!!!!!

•let these two siblings be happy

Feysand AU

AU: Feyre’s mother never died and their father didn’t lose their wealth. Fae are hated among many, but not the Archeron family. The Archeron mother is one of the mortal queens and have connections to the fae all the time.

So one day, the five/six/whatever queens decides to have a peace celebration for some peace anniversary. So all the High Lords get invited to the Archeron house because it’s the only house that isn’t specifically warded like the mortal castle.

So Feyre’s mother makes her daughters dress up for then party. (They’re their age from the book) but the youngest Archeron instead goes to paint.

The party goes on until Feyre gets hungry, she walks downstairs, accidentally making a scene because she fell down the stairs or something. Her mother rubs her face in frustration and is about to get her, when a certain High Lord of the Night Court moves forward and helps Feyre to her feet. But having to be in his “High Lord” masks he turns away afterwards. Though his court see right through him and smirk at him. They know who the girl is and why he almost broke out his mask for her.

Some of the other High Lords saw this, too. So wanting to challenge the Lord of Night flirt with her. They all fail miserably when Feyre is so oblivious to everything except the compliments from Rhysand.

So my co-worker and I just came up with the best idea for a series of stories/comics.

Harvey Dent is mostly rehabilitated and starts practising law again.

And what he does, right, is he starts defending all the little guys that get caught up in the super villains bigger schemes, or helps out the villains that are trying to do a better job or can’t afford to defend themselves. Like, can you just imagine?

  • Some minor criminal gets tricked into playing the patsy for a bigger villain. Harvey helps them out.
  • Harvey wears a mask in court, (like in Batman Telltale ep. 3 if he’s Two Face) but when he really wants to intimidate the opposition, he’ll take it off and go full Two Face for a bit. You really know you’re in trouble when he pulls out the coin.
  • Any time one of the big bads drugs an entire chunk of the population, and there’s suddenly dozens of people committing minor crimes even though they didn’t necessarily want to, Harvey Dent is there to represent every single one of them.
  • One of the other villains that’s trying to redeem themselves, like Harley or something, needs legal help; doesn’t want to end up in Arkham again or is just plain having a hard time; Harvey is there to help.
  • The other lawyers absolutely fucking hate him now, because he’s still mostly doing it to help out. Sometimes he doesn’t even take payment for cases.
  • At some stage Batman needs legal representation and comes knocking on Harvey’s door, and at first Harvey is just really confused, but then he goes along with it.

Okay. We have additions because it’s slow at work today and we keep coming up with ideas.

  • When Harvey first starts out no-one wants to hire him because he’s Two Face, and he has to work really hard to move past that.
  • There’s still so much corruption in the legal system and no-one wants Harvey to win cases, so he actually has a really bad record of losing.
  • But sometimes Wayne Enterprises steps in to pay bail or something.
  • And Harvey doesn’t give up, even though it’s really tempting and sometimes the failures make his own battle even harder.
  • Some of the big villains (Black Mask, Joker…) start coming after Harvey because his work means that more of their mooks are turning in evidence against them, or getting out of a life of crime etc. But others are totally fine with it because they know they might need his help some day.
  • Harvey has to defend Red Hood and the Outlaws. It is a mess.
  • This ties in to Harley’s redemption arc as well. After he defends her they become really good friends and regularly help each other out for free.
Paladins + Sleeping Positions
  • Lance: didn't let you touch him because he was worried his organic avocado and honey milk tea face mask would get all over you (did let you hold his hand though)
  • Keith: honestly when you wrapped your arms around his waist he turned red as that jacket he always wears. Then a lil nose nuzzle into your neck
  • Shiro: gets many nightmares but loved waking up with you in his arms. Your hair tickling his nose as you nuzzled your face into his chest. (God he's so in love with you)
  • Pidge: you two switch positions so it's always either spooning, arms around both of your waist, or no order. It turns into a disaster of constant moving
  • Hunk: he's the big spoon but when sad etc he loves to be cuddled by you
bolt to the heart

Fluff Friday: December 30 “Snowflake”

Ver short smol!kakashi fic @beyondthemoor

Large timeskip! Sakura has been on a mission in Kumo for months. She somehow managed to forget that with those months, Kakashi becomes ever more of himself.

“Sakura-chan!” a familiar voice calls her as she trudges through the cold.

And what, she wonders to herself, are they doing in Haru no Kuni? Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be here, although, it makes more sense for Tsunade-shishō to send her all the way to Yukigakure if the rest of her team is here.

Sakura dodges the snowball aimed at her head. “I saw you Naruto. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto pouts. “I could so take you in a snowball fight, Sakura-chan.”

Sakura taps her foot gently, and the snow jumps. Just a bit. Just enough.

Naruto gulps.

“Like I said,” Sakura tells him, “don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto leads her, cowed, back towards the inn where they have rooms.

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I’m not sure how many people know this but if you choose to do the Happy Mask Salesman’s sidequest in Ocarina of Time, you have the option of showing the first four masks to Zelda (and she makes a cute noise, like a laugh or a surprised sound)!

It might not seem like a big deal but I think it’s a cute aspect of the game. The fact that she’s one of the NPCs that they gave dialogue to for when Link wears a mask is actually kind of interesting. Because if you’ve played OoT, you know that you have to go through the courtyard undetected to speak to Zelda, and sometimes it can be really tedious.

This means that Link cares about Zelda so much that he’d risk sneaking past the guards– and possibly getting caught –in order to show her something as simple as a mask. There’s no way that he’s unaware of the chance of getting caught, and if you’ve ever been caught by a guard while playing the game, you know they treat him kind of bad and literally throw him out. 

But he’s willing to risk it just so he can see her smile and hear her laugh. And if you think about it, he’s taking a break from collecting the Spiritual Stones– which he needs to save Hyrule– so he can do something that’ll brighten her day. He cares about her much more than you’d think.

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American Horror Story Preference- How You Know They Love You

Jimmy shows he loves you by acting silly and really comfortable around you.
When he’s around most other people it’s like he has a mask on but while he’s around you he’s so comfortable like nothing can get him down, not his hands, not his past, nothing. 

James trusts you and sees you as an equal and thats how you know he loves you.
You’re just as mad as him and sometimes he’s even a little intimated, and turned on at the same time. 

Tate trusts you and can tell you anything and that’s how he shows his love.
He tells you everything and trusts you with anything and he really shows that any chance he gets.