and when did he ever wear that omg

pentagon ☀ hogwarts houses


Hui ;; He’s a leader, so it’s only natural that he be put in this house. I feel like he’d always be the one to take care of people and he would always know what to do in tough situations. He’d probably be Head Boy or a Prefect.

Jinho ;; The small one that’s always getting left out. The only person who really looks out for him is Hui. They’re best friends, but Jinho doesn’t want to be seen with him because he’s so popular. He definitely doesn’t hang around Hui when the younger boy is with that Slytherin that he’s always sneaking off to see. 

Hyunggu ;; *sigh* It took me so long to figure out where he would go. I kept putting him in Slytherin, but I feel like he doesn’t exactly fit there idek. But look, he’s in Gryffindor because he’s sweet. He’d probably be a bit like Hui and then he’d get jealous because he wants Hui’s positions. But Gryffindors don’t complain so…


Wooseok ;; He’s smart but he’s silly. Nothing he says is ever serious and if it is, it’s definitely not said seriously. He’s the prankster of Hogwarts and a certain someone helps him out. All the students like him, even the Slytherins, but the teachers have an infinite problem with him. 

Yuto ;; This boy is SMART.™ But he doesn’t act like it because he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself. He’s a little like Hyojong except for the fact that he’s NICE.™ Is best friends with Wooseok and lowkey helps him prank people. He makes Wooseok leave his name out of it.


Yanan ;; omg my hearteu  Is the shyest little bean and keeps to himself most of the time. Changgu’s only friend best friend. I feel like nobody pays much attention to him and he probably just sits in the corner of the classrooms and takes highly advanced notes, meaning he’ll probably pass everything with top scores and everybody wonders why because when did he get here ??? He wears glasses and likes to read and has a pet owl named Honey and wears lots of sweaters and omg I’ll stop now.

Changgu ;; Has literally baked his entire House cupcakes ever since he was sorted into it. Everyone likes him, but they don’t want to be his friend ??? He hangs out with Yanan, but doesn’t try to draw attention to the other boy because he knows Yanan doesn’t like it. All the Slytherins hate him and he’s been jinxed about a hundred times already. 


Hongseok ;; I only put Hongseok here because I’ve always had a gut feeling that you can’t trust him. He’s secretly a snake ya’ll. You’ll see. He’s probably in that one squad that always goes around jinxing people for fun.

Hyojong ;; He’s neither nice nor mean, he’s just…there. You can’t read his emotions or talk to him or anything. His grades are great and he pays attention in class, but life just kinda gets him down and he just gives off a cold vibe??? He’s the Draco to Hui’s Harry. natural born death eater bruh

Shinwon ;; The main snake. He leads all the Slytherin squads because he really, really enjoys being evil. That’s honestly all that he even comes to school for. All the Slytherin’s like him so much that he’s Head Boy and a Prefect. not that he deserves it…

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omg please do a fic where Eric proposes or something along those lines pleeeeaaaseee

dylan never took eric as the romantic type. dylan’s always known eric as the crazy kid from school with the buzzed blond hair who wears army pants everyday and can beat all of doom on nightmare mode. and that’s all he’s ever been, really.

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I have a prompt- Hartwin and Snapchat!

It’s the glasses.

Harry can deal with most things Eggsy wears: the tracksuit, the trainers, the hats. He can handle it when Eggsy decides to loosen up part of his Kingsman uniform or destroy his ties and shoes during training or missions.

Harry likes to think he’s adapting well with the times, better than Chester ever did anyway.

But these glasses, if you can even call them glasses.

Snapchat sunglasses, who even thought of that? Who goes, “omg brah we should make circle sunglasses that can take ten second videos and charge 104 pounds for them.”

You have to charge them in their case, which makes sense, but then you have to CHARGE THE CASE TO CHARGE THE SUNGLASSES. They don’t even upload directly to your snapchat story, you have to manually upload them and that infuriates Harry. It’s so inefficient and frivolous and terribly designed and Eggsy wants a pair for Christmas.

So Harry is standing in line, for a pair of Snapchat sunglasses, because he’s whipped and just wants to get Eggsy everything he wants in life.

Sometimes he wishes he wasn’t in love.

He’s surrounded by other disgruntled individuals, all older and probably getting them for their children. The rest of the line is filled with children and teens and bratty entitled “adults.”

It’s literally the worst day of his life.

Yeah, that whole getting shot in the head after killing a church full of people thing? Harry would prefer that than listen to another twenty-something year old yell at the vendor employee about how “it’s not fair that I can only buy two sunglasses, why can’t I buy more, why don’t you get a realllllll job! Do you know who my dad is!?”

Harry just wishes they’d shut up, and the vendors who make minimum wage to out up with this shit don’t care enough either way.

He’s been here for two hours and he’s still twenty-five people away from the machine that’s spouting out these glasses. It’s hot, it’s humid, his phone is out of battery, and he can hear Merlin snickering in his ear through his own glasses. It’s miserable.

But damn it all he’s doing it for love.

It’s another hour before he finally gets his hand on two pairs of the sunglasses: one for Eggsy and one for Merlin to play with.

It’s worth every second in line when Eggsy’s face lights up as he unwraps the glasses by the Christmas tree.

A New Path - Chapter 3

I wanted to show how my Fox!Nath would look like from above. So how his hair would be. Some of you might have already seen this drawing before, it’s also my icon. Sorry, got a bit lazy drawing a new one xD I just want to thank everyone for reading “A New Path” and I plan to draw some more drawings for this fanfic! >w< Enjoy reading~!

C.1 | C.2 |

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What do you think would happen if Neil accidentally kissed Aaron instead of Andrew?

this is probably the crack-iest thing i’ve ever written omg i’m sorry


When Neil walked out of his math class, Andrew was leaning against the wall waiting for him. He always did this so they could walk to their Russian class together.

Today, Andrew was wearing a long sleeve black shirt, obscuring his armbands. That wasn’t unusual, though even Andrew had been wearing more short sleeves in the 90-something degree heat. This morning when Neil left, he had still been asleep, so Neil hadn’t seen what he was wearing yet.

He bit back a comment about how he wasn’t gonna be the one to carry Andrew to Abby if he passed out because he was too stubborn to change and got overheated. They both knew Neil would, if it came to that. But Neil also knew that Andrew was walking around under that shirt from pure force of will, and that he would somehow be fine. Andrew was nothing if not stubborn.

Neil just moved next to him, both pressed against the wall while Neil’s classroom emptied out. When the hall was finally clear enough that they could walk without feeling like they were in Eden’s on a Friday night, Neil moved to stand in front of Andrew. He just watched Neil with a bored stare and a raised eyebrow.

“Yes?” Neil asked, not touching but inclining his head slightly.

The other eyebrow shot up. “Yes?” Andrew repeated.

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Evanescent // Jungkook

Characters » Reader x Jungkook
Scenario » ( Angst ) in which Jungkook shows up at your doorstep after months of no contact.

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Have you ever wondered what iwaoi would be like as elderly????


  • Oikawa would age so beautifully. Like, he’d be 90 and still sparkling.
  • Iwaizumi would have a hard face. Like Ukai Sr., kind of. Because of all the frowning he did over his lifetime because of Oikawa.
  • Iwaizumi would be the yukata wearing kind of gramps. Oikawa likes western clothing even when he’s older.
  • Oikawa’s knee gives him a lot of trouble now that he’s older and his bones are weaker. He might even have to use a cane from time to time. Iwaizumi is constantly worried, especially on days when Oikawa looks so relieved to finally sink into a chair and rubs his knee.
  • They still argue. All the time. But now it’s over things like the gaudy decorations Oikawa wants to hang up despite their age, or, “We are ninety years old, so would you, for the love of god, finally stop calling me Iwa-chan?”
  • The exterior of their house is dull colors to match Iwaizumi’s taste. The interior of their house is like stepping into a whole new world with how brightly and fully and garishly Oikawa has decorated it.
  • Iwaizumi likes to tinker with things. Even when he’d been younger he never liked calling for services, like plumbers or technicians, so he’s gotten really good at handiwork himself and maintains the whole house with his own skills. He has really steady hands from all the volleyball, even in old age.
  • I see Oikawa being into gardening as a hobby. But mostly because he wants to compete with his neighbors over who has the best lawn lol. Any time he wins a prize, he’ll smugly hang it on their door for days to flaunt it and oooohhh the neighbors hate him.
  • Bonus points if they live close to KageHina and he always makes it a point to go over and tell Kageyama when he’s won a new prize omg. (Iwaizumi: “how have I stayed with this dumbass for this long?”)
  • The delinquents in the neighborhood all know Iwaizumi as the cranky gramps who tells them to get off their lawn (but it’s actually just because he doesn’t want anyone messing up Oikawa’s garden that he’s worked so hard on).
  • Poker nights with Hanamaki and Matsukawa!! They always, always conspire with Iwaizumi to beat Oikawa, but joke’s on them because Oikawa is the master of hiding cards.
  • I like to think they might live in the city when they’re younger (like, college age and after), but when they’re older they move back into the countryside. The back of their house is very traditionally built, with a sliding door and a patio and the pretty garden Oikawa tended to (think Shigure’s house in Fruits Basket). Iwaizumi likes to sit there and drink tea in the evenings. Oikawa joins him every once in a while, but he can’t sit still for that long a lot of the times lol (but he goes out once night has fallen and looks at the stars).
  • There used to be a time when Iwaizumi would get gruff and embarrsassed at affection and rip his hand away. Now they’re older and mature and it’s a regular part of their life. He doesn’t even flinch when Oikawa slides his hand over his.
  • Basically, they’re more in love than ever :)))
Sway Recap Part 3: Anon’s questions and My Sister’s Thoughts

Hey all!   Here is the last part of my Sway recap.  Thanks for reading the recaps!   They were fun to write!

Here’s the link to Part 2, which has the link to Part 1:

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This is the tshirt i gave to seev when i met them yesterday and Jay wore it on stage! ashskdffskj Siva asked who did it and i jumped like crazy and he pointed me saying; is it you? and i was like yesssss!!! and it was awesome and then Siva looked at the back of the tshirt and read 100%… and answered ; boyfriend material haha ;p 

If anyone has a video of it please give me the link i need to live this moment again! 

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How long have Uncle Mark and Aunt Tanya been together? Were they high school sweethearts? Did he ever have a dramatic confrontation with any of her ex boyfriends? I'm getting too involved in this omg

Tanya first met Mark in 1988 during her first year of college. She was immediately attracted to him because of his bad boy image (he reminded her of John Stamos). He was everything she had ever dreamed. At the time, she was dating her high school boyfriend Eugene. She tried to stay faithful, but when she saw Mark leaning on the side of his motorcycle smoking a cigarette and wearing a leather jacket, it was too late. She dumped Eugene and she’s been with Mark ever since. Mark still hates Eugene to this day. They never actually fought, but Mark would 100% throw down with him any time, any place.