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this is super random but today i tried to smoke weed with my friends for the first time and we used a pipe. there was three of us and two of us have never smoked before and one of us has. i tried multiple times today but for some reason i just could not do it right?? i was wondering if you've ever smoked weed and if you have tips for a first timer haha i feel like i trust you and you would offer really good advice, thank you <3

Hahah, I love how you think I’m the right person to ask this. Lucky for you, I am. I’m not promoting weed, and I don’t think you should be smoking it on a daily basis, especially if it brings you down. I smoke weed from time to time, never in public, never when I’m supposed to drive or even go somewhere. The effect it has on me is pretty calming, I’m chill and I laugh a lot, but I feel kind of slow. I can’t move as fast as I usually can, so I never smoke weed if I have something to do or somewhere to be because I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to react properly until it wore off. That’s my advice for you and anyone who wants to try it. 

I don’t know how a pipe works, we always roll our weed. For me, the first time didn’t do much. I didn’t get what the hype was, I just felt a bit tired later. But then I decided to give it another chance. My advice is, ask one of your friends that’s more experienced to help you. I only smoke with two people, and one of them taught me how to inhale the smoke the right way. I don’t smoke, so I didn’t know how to do it properly and I felt like coughing all the time. Be careful and don’t do too much because it works differently for people. One of my friends threw up the first time she tried, and she never wants to do it again. Another friend tried when they were drunk, and they felt horrible after. Don’t mix it with alcohol, especially if you’re still inexperienced with it. Be careful! :*

Have a tiny self-indulgent gif while I try to remember how to hold my pen!


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new. 


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Put me on a plane and I’ll cry at anything. I’ll cry at The Avengers for fuck’s sake. It’s something about altitude makes me weepy.