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How Dan and Phil Probably Broke Up #131

*Having a duel*

Phil: Wands at the ready

Dan: 3..2..1..!


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Concept: Shifter AU where everyone's forms are intimidating predators. Thor is a lion, Bucky and Steve are wolves, Rhodey is a bear etc. Nobody knows what Tony is. He's very private and refuses to shift in front of them even when he's injured and it would help him heal. Until one day he's hurt so bad it's not a decision. His body just does it. They pry open the suit to find a smol, fluffy, angry, black housecat. He only gets angrier when Bucky pins him between his paws for cuddling/grooming.

Now hold on a second, are we talking this smol, fluffy, angry housecat? Emphasis on smol

Or this one for the madz?

Or this one for the foof?

Because either way I can well imagine his hissing for either one as the team try to grab him out of the suit but he’s injured and his instincts are going crazy and it’s fight or flight here so he’s ready to throw down, big and tall be damn. 

So he’s hissing, he’s scratching, has his ears down and his fluff up, but the big people won’t leave him alone, then the big people shift and he’s facing wolves, a lion, a bear, falcon and hawk, lynx and more and he for sure doesn’t want to be there so the moment he can he runs, but big lion puts his paw down like nothing and stops him, he tries to go around bug big bear is sitting there and throws his weight down to block, lynx keeps jumping and mimicking his movements to stop him and falcon and hawk are following above him.

Then wolves begin moving in and out of desperation he hides. Bear smells familiar and doesn’t look hostile so he hides under his foof, close to his belly, as the wolves move closer. They keep a distance, almost within paw striking reach, but just so. Bear doesn’t move to hurt and instead actually leans forward to obscure him from sight with the foof. ‘Safety,’ Tony’s mind manages to supply eventually. Bear isn’t enemy. Wolves are. 

One wolf, dark in fur and metal on a leg, slumps on his belly and whines, pawing sadly at Tony. The other wolf, fur so bright it almost look like the sun, rests on his belly, too and has his tail wagging, mouth open and tongue hanging out in a grin. 

Dark wolf gets closer and closer, snout almost touching him. Tony doesn’t strike, waiting to see what happens, waiting for a possible fight. Dark wolf stops just short of snout touching Tony’s snout and waits, waits so long Tony starts to think the worst. He’s ready to bite down, tension so strong. Then a big, pink tongue sticks out and licks from his snout up to his ears and Tony is so shocked he’s left gaping. 

The belly he hides moves, inhaling and exhaling in silent laughter, but Tony is still gaping. Then gold wolf moves to lick as well and no, absolutely not! How dare -

He tries to hide further in bear but bear is a traitor as he moves to reveal him and wolf paws pin him down and it’s dark wolf holding him and dragging him to his chest to hold, licking everywhere. Tony doesn’t strike, tries to run, but wolf is strong and won’t let go. 

Tails are wagging and he’s angry but all bear, lion, lynx, hawk and falcon and others do is stand there and watch.

When Tony’s mind comes back and instincts are down he’ll forever deny Bucky carrying him from the scruff back to their home happening. And he’ll never tell you how he was placed in the middle of the cuddle pile. 

sending general good vibes to everyone today i love u guys whether we are mutuals or if you just follow me or even if you don’t follow me and somehow see this i’m thinking about you and i care about you just oodles and oodles

Imagine having control of more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime, and then going out of your way to try and bleed even more money out of people who can barely make ends meet. Imagine being the kind of person who could literally just spend all your days painting or writing or playing with dogs or helping to nurse orphan baby sloths, with no worry that you will ever lack the funds for housing, entertainment, health care, vacations, etc, imagine reaching that point, and then deciding you are going to work your ass off to screw everyone else over instead. You are going to spend your days bribing politicians so that you can charge some minimum wage single working mother an extra $40 a month for her ability to use Facebook. So that you can charge some uninsured kid so much for his insulin that he can’t afford it and ends up dying while he begs strangers on the internet for help. That’s what you want to do with your life.

I do not understand billionaires.


  • Peter, complaining about Wade: I don't get it. If he broke into Taco Bell at 2 am, then why couldn't he have brought me home a fucking taco???

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love and hate ambient noise. It needs to be a specific kind of noise depending on what they’re doing, and if it varies too far from the ambient noise they wanted, they just find it distracting.