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possibly the start of a fic???

hi I wrote this thing very late at night (or very early morning???) It starts off shitty and dramatic but it actually has a plot. 

I only put a little but up for you to see so you can read the rest under the cut.


Keith has never been in love. 

He thought he was, at one point.  The head-over-heels kind, in fact. The first love kind. The reckless kind.

Love, he learned, was not where you give every part of your heart or soul to your loved one. It was not where you put everything on the line for the other person, uncaring about the repercussions. It wasn’t the warm, tingly feeling you get when you look at the person you gave your entire life for. That feeling of being on top of the world when you hold their hand or kiss their cheek in public.

It certainly wasn’t what they show in the movies.

And so, Keith, at the tender age of eighteen, got his heart broken so far into oblivion that he lost a part of himself in the process. 

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BRAD - One Last Question

You pushed the door open to your little apartment and you let your friend in as you pulled off your heels. You laid them on the ground next to the door and you sat down on the couch next to your friend and relaxed a little.She looked over at you and grinned.

“Oh you liked him” she said. You looked at her puzzled. She wasn’t even looking at you, she was just staring at the roof smiling.


“You know what I mean…”

“Nope, no idea.”

“Brad silly” she said, this time she did look at you.

“Pfff. Yeah right. He was a complete jerk”

“But you liked it. I know you did.

“No, I didn’t. Quit messing with me, I went with you to hang out with your crazy friends today, so please, leave me alone”

“Whatever, you like him” she said to herself but she still heard. You rolled your eyes. She grinned.

You had met her friends before tonight, Brad too. You had never liked each other though. You didn’t understand why she thought anything else this time.

Oh whatever, you would never. Never.

“Y/N?” She said. She was laying on the couch now with a wet cloth over her forehead.


“How do you feel about blind dates?”

“It’s just- I met this guy, not for me of course, but I feel like he would be perfect for you…”

“Ehhh, I guess you have good taste in guys” You said smiling.

“So is that a yes?”

“I guess, but he better be good”

“Definetly. You’ll love him”

“Does this seem appropriate?” You said as you adjusted your dress.

“Umm, I mean, you look amazing but… maybe put on a jacket or something over because it’s a bit-”

“Too exposed?”

“Not really, just put on jacket over top, you’ll be fine” Your friend reassured. You stared at the mirror a little running your hand over your dress. Once you were happy with the way you looked, you head out to your car. You said goodbye to your friend. She grinned at you and wished you good luck in tone that sounded a bit sarcastic.

You got in your car and rushed to the restaurant. You were late.

when you finally got to the restaurant, you looked for a table where he might be.

Then you saw him.

“Oh my god” you rolled your eyes. You walked over to the table and sat down in the chair. You didn’t say hello. You leaned on the back of the chair and you crossed your arms. He looked surprised.

“Oh, now this is what I call a cruel joke” Brad said. You rolled your eyes again, you had a feeling you’d be doing that a lot throughout the night.

“I’m gonna kill her. Now I have to look at you for the rest of the night” you complained. He chuckled.

He took a sipp of his water and then the waiter came by. He handed you the menu.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Just a water thanks” you said. The waiter nodded and left.

“Oh, so you’re staying after all…” Brad said smirking.

“Well I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing”

“Aha, sure” he smiled.


“You want to stay”

“Ha! Keep dreaming boy” you smiled this time. The waiter came with the water. “Thank you” you said and took your water. He stared at you with a grin. It made you uncomfortable.

“Out of all the people… It just had to be you”. You didn’t know exactly what he meant. It was probably about the date set up. But the way he said it was a bit weird.

“Fine. If you hate me that much, I’ll leave.” you said and waved to the waiter signaling for the check. You pulled some money out of your purse to pay for the water.

“No, no you don’t have to pay” he admitted.

“It’s just some water I’m not letting you pay.”

“Fine, then have more than just water”


“I never said I wanted you to leave, I got all dressed up too”

“Alright. Since you’ll miss me so much, I’ll stay.” You decided. “But I’m not letting you pay”

“Even though it’s you, I still am a gentleman. I pay”


“Fine, then let’s play a game to make this date less miserable.” he grinned.You cupped your hands around your face and leaned on the table paying attention.

“Loser pays for dinner. We ask each other stuff and have normal conversations. But, we can’t answer anything with yes or no.”

“Okay” you agreed. The waiter came by.

“Did you need something?”

“Ye-” You looked at Brad. “I wanted to order actually”

“Almost lost the game” Brad cut in.

“Oh, I’m gonna win. Prepare your wallet, I’m ordering expensive.”

“Same here”

The waiter laughed discretely. But you both noticed. You ordered your food and continued to try and trick each other into saying yes or no. Neither of you lost.

It had already been a few hours.Once you really got to know  him, he wasn’t that bd, you were actually worried you would catch some feelings. No. Just focus on the game. Don’t lose.

You took of your jacket exposing your bare shoulders. Your friend had told you to wear a jacket for a reason. Brad’s eyes widened, but he tried to hide it. You tried to hide your grin.
“Trying to distract me with your looks, huh? Cheater” he said and unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt leaving part of his chest out for everyone to see. You blushed and tried to look away.

“Where you really that disappointed when you saw I was your date?” he asked. You thought carefully about your answer, avoiding the words yes or no.

“I guess I was just expecting something else… I mean, everyone knows we’re not too fond of eachother”

“I think you just assume too much of me, I mean yeah, sometimes I can be a jerk, but if you really get to know me, I’m more that I appear.”

“I’ve noticed”

He smiled at you.

You actually were having a good time, though you refused to admit it. You were a bit worried you would lose, because even though the food was amazing, it was really expensive. Brad was staring at you with a grin, making you uncomfortable once again.

“I really thought one of us would have lost by now, anyways, I’m full” He said as he leaned back in his chair and he waved to the waiter to come.

The waiter came by and looked at Brad.

“Um, check please, you don’t want anything else do you?” He said to you.

“No, thanks”

He gave an evil smile.

“What?” you said confused.

“I win”

“What?” you gasped.

“I hate you!” you said once you realized you had answered with ‘No’.

“Ha! Check please.” The waiter nodded and left. You crossed your arms and leaned back into your chair. The waiter came and handed you the bill.

”Let me see” Brad said.

“Wow. Ok. Like I said earlier, even though it’s you, I’m still a gentleman. Let’s split the bill because I don’t even have this much money on me right now.”

“Thanks” you said relieved.

Once you both got out of there he walked you to your car.

“So, now that we’re done, can I ask you one last question?” Brad said.


“Do you like me?” he asked. You blushed.

“Can I answer with yes or no?”

“I would rather you answered with yes”

“Then yes”

“Good” he said and he put his hand behind your neck to pull you in for a kiss.

You walked in and closed the door to you apartment. You leaned on the door and smiled. Your friend was sitting on he couch. She looked over at you and saw you smiling.

“I knew it”

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If you're still doing the prompts could you do unbind me(from a curse) or value me?

Natsu looked back at his father.

“And there’s no way to stop it?”

Igneel leaned back. “There is one way…”

The dragon slayer stared intently into the dragon’s eyes, desperation along with hope over coming his being. “I’d do anything… There’s a war, they need me! What is it?”

‘I need to tell her.’

“You will have to forcefully fuse the two, and completely give up being human altogether. Destroying the demon seed would kill you, because it is embedded with Zeref’s Magic.”

“What if I destroyed the dragon seed?”

“That will forfeit your free will. Allowing the two to fuse is the only way-”

“What’ll happen to me…” He could barely speak through his tears.

It was hard sometimes, taking the truth head on, but that’s what he did. Durning that year of training, Natsu came to terms with not being able to see his dad until he passed away himself, yet here the Fire Dragon King was, telling his own son to destroy his legacy.

“All of Zeref’s demons are able to keep a human form, but their thoughts of killing their creator never seize. With the dragon seed also inside of you, it will always serve as a reminder of your true, human, nature.” Igneel sighed, “Long ago, I knew many humans who were permanently transformed into dragons by this wretched curse, and the few who did not crave more power, became obsessed with becoming human again. I feared that if our strength wasn’t enough to defeat Acnologia, then the dragon seed inside you would continue to grow, so I embedded what little knowledge they obtained into your seed-”

Natsu looked down. “So I’ll remember what I am…”

“Yes, now we must hurry.”


Lucy couldn’t stand any of this.

Happy was crying, Natsu was getting colder by the minute, and Fiore was suffering major casualties.

Polryusica prepared for the worst, like she always did, but to everyone else, his condition became the elephant in the room.

Gray woke up long ago, but was too weak to move. He decided that was best, now knowing that his best friend was the demon he promised to kill.

If he could move, it’s be hard not to use all his ice to kill E.N.D. once and for all.

The ice Mage smirked.

What a blessing in disguise for both of them.

Maybe he should just be glad Juvia was okay.

Natsu was the real problem…

Gray’s thoughts were interrupted by a screech, and it took almost everything he had to sit up, just in case the enemy found them.

Instead he saw Natsu quivering on his knees next to Happy, and Lucy covering herself with the blanket, shaking as if she was afraid.

“I… I’m so sorry…” The dragon slayer mumbled over and over, but the ice Mage only noticed the black marks once again crawling up his arms, turning his hands into claws in their wake.


‘I’m human. I’m human. I’m human.’

'Kill Zeref. Kill Zeref. Kill Zeref.’

The pain that ran up his arms was nothing compared to the battlefield that his head turned into, but at least he was alive, and the curse was broken.

The demon’s resolve to protect his nakama was stronger than his supposed purpose of erasing the black wizard.

Slowly his body changed into a truly demonic form, but his mind finally cleared up.


Natsu didn’t dare even look at her.

He could smell fear all around.


He was quiet for a moment, then he sat up, still facing the opposite direction.

“What do you think of me…?”


Gray nearly collapsed from exhaustion once he knew it was safe.

Natsu was still himself, even if was one of Zeref’s demons.

Who else would ask that during a war?

More surprising was Lucy’s answer in the form of a speech. It made Gray smirk again when she finally admitted her feelings.


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I just want u to know that seeing you post makes me really happy and I'm going through some stuff rn but seeing you answer asks and seeing you active always makes me more hopeful and I always have something to look forward to. I don't know much about you except you seem to be a fun and humorous person but I can say that I'm 100% grateful for your existence, from the bottom of my heart 💕

Hey uh I think you sent this to the wrong person

prompts by a pair of awesome anons: can you make a soulmate!AU? // can you write a ficlet where dean/cas can’t see in color until they meet the other person?

read it here on AO3 (recommended if you’re on mobile)

It was raining heavily in the darkest hours of the night. Dean Winchester turned up his coat collar against the downpour and sent a quick glance up and down the wide, deserted street, before ducking into a smaller and grimier alley.

People were loitering in doorways, wearing coloured sashes over their clothes. Their whispers as Dean passed by seemed to mimic the steady patter of the rain on the cracked cement pavement. Dean hesitated, then approached a tall, auburn-haired woman glaring at him from her perch on a rickety wooden chair.

“You see red?” she snapped at him, irate, as he ducked under the cover of her porch. Above where the woman was sitting, there was a metal sign which said Naomi’s Place in rusting red letters. Beneath that was a dimly lit oil painting of a forest, mud-splattered and cracked.

“Lower spectrum, up to yellow,” Dean confirmed. He looked the woman over; her skin was smooth, her clothing neat and formal. Her eyes looked grey to Dean; he wondered if they were green, as he’d been told his own were. He looked down at the woman’s sash, which was also washed clean of colour to Dean’s eyes.

“You see blue?” he asked hopefully. The woman, Naomi, shook her head.

“Green,” she said. Dean shrugged. Blues were pretty rare; he hadn’t really expected to find one working here.

“I’ve only got thirty dollars,” he said, twisting the bills in his gloved hands.

Naomi pursed her lips.

“That will only be good for thirty seconds. One fingertip only,” she cautioned, and Dean nodded, swallowing hard around the lump in his throat. He hated this, hated it utterly, but could not keep away. He handed over his payment, and slid his white glove off his left hand. Naomi reached out one finger, and Dean paused before touching the tip of his index finger to hers. He closed his eyes, allowed the shudder of unfamiliar contact to pass. When he opened them, he looked straight at the oil painting behind Naomi.

As he watched, the grey of the trees in the scene started to change. Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, light strands of green started to bleed into the leaves; as Dean watched rapturously, they became more and more vibrant, until the whole forest was glowing like an emerald held up to the setting sun – a little dark, but green, definitely green, and so completely beautiful that it took Dean’s breath away –

“That’s all you get,” Naomi said, pulling back. Dean lifted his hand up to his eyes, ostensibly to rub away the slight afterglow that sharing colours often left. If Naomi noticed that his fingers came away wet, she didn’t comment on it.

“Thank you,” Dean said, pulling his glove back on. Naomi nodded curtly, and Dean turned away, disappeared into the rainwashed night.

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ryuji reacting to his soon to be s/o confessing suddenly and unexpectedly please? thank you ! (*^^*)

the moment I checked my notifs, I knew I had to do this

>Ryuji had invited s/o after a tough day at school. Nothing helped more than a nice, warm meal with someone he felt so comfortable with.
>Lately, Ryuji had felt a bit strange while hanging out with s/o. Sweaty palms and a racing heart. Poor boy thought he dying at first, but after a long, long talk with Akira, he realized he was in love.
>He tried to be as subtle as he could. There was no way he would ruin his friendship with such a wonderful person over a small (oh, who was he kidding?) crush.
>Meanwhile, s/o was having a dilemma of their own.
>Ryuji was just so cute in deep thought!! The little pout he wore on his face while he lost himself in whatever he was concentrating on.. s/o couldn’t handle it.
>“God, Ryuji. I love you so much.”
>“Wait, what?”
>Oh shit, had they said that out loud?? Fuck.
>Well, there was no turning back now.
>“I said I love you. I’ve been crushing really hard, I’m kinda surprised you didn’t notice?”
>They never seemed to reject his offers to hangout, but that didn’t mean anything, right?
>“The others say I’ve never been good at taking a hint, y'know?”
>There he goes, putting himself down
>“Or maybe I was being too sneaky. What about you?”
>“What about me?”
>They resisted a chuckle, “What do you feel? Could you maybe.. feel the same way? It’s fine if you don’t! Aha, I don’t want to ruin what we have now so you can ignore what I said!” They were rambling now and they felt awful for doing so.
>The spotlight was on him now. His eyebrows furrowed as heat rushed to his face. He struggled to form a coherent sentence, but he had to convey his feelings.
>S/o waited with bated breath. If felt like an eternity waiting for his response, but they would wait centuries if they could for him. They would wait forever for him.
>“Me too. I feel the same way, for a while now.”
>S/o felt wave after wave of joy. They could honestly cry right now.
>After hurriedly finishing their meal, the pair decided to spend the rest of their evening together. They left the building, hand in hand.

anonymous asked:

Some louis UA said they've been in touch with a member of Sony and that the person said he will tour there are 12-15 songs and the album will be released around Christmas time is this trustworthy? No. Am I going to believe it because this is what I want to hear? Yes.

aha thank you! i think it’s not too far-fetched either way but yeah, i want some facts!


Eremin Week 2: Day One- First Meet

modern AU, first meet on a bus. don’t tell me this wouldn’t happen

Exo’s dirty talk

Dirty talk with the members???¿!!!111? Like what would they say and who would be best at it? Thank you uwu

Ok so I am talking about dirty talk in bed ^v^ I hope this is what you wanted aha Who would be the best depends on taste ;) Ur welcome bby x


Suho: “You’ve been a very bad girl. Get on your knees for Daddy” Suho would be very good at it and would follow the daddy theme aha.

Baekhyun: “ I’m going to do things to you that you’ve only fantasized about.” Baekhyun would always want to impress you with what he can do and he is going to tell you about it.

Chanyeol: “ I bet you would like to do this in public. Admit it.” Being so cocky is his specialty during dirty talk time- and you love it.

D.O: “ Get on your hands and knees, princess… and wait like a good girl.” The dominant guy he is will be spitting demands all over the place.

Kai: “ Touch yourself. Let me watch you.” This is something I imagine Kai would like soo much. Also demanding but in a softer way than Suho/D.O/Xiumin.

Sehun:  “ You know what I want. Give it to me.” Just being his cocky self really.

Xiumin: “ Don’t you dare cum until I say you can.” Oh dear dominant Minseok is here. He would be commanding you all over the place. Do this. Do that. That’s the way princess. Daddy likes that. (i need some water)

Lay: “ You taste so good.” Still being cute somehow whilst dirty talking. He would be complimenting you like how you taste or technique(that feels so good)

Chen: “ I’m going to control you tonight.” Cocky little shit. He is going to talk a lot. Asking you if you like it like this? And smirking soo much.

Tao: “ Do you like the way I fuck you, baby? Tell me.” He wants you to be as vocal as him. Things like baby and princess are his vocabulary lol.

(Message me your favorite!)

mahptitfleury-deactivated201703  asked:

Can you write something fluffy with Prongsfoot. Like their first kiss or the first time James realised how he felt about Sirius was not platonic? xx

I’m gonna go with first kiss, if that’s okay ^^

  • James’s day was going absolutely splendid (thank you for asking Peter), when he caught sight of dark red hair across the Common Room and automatically made his way over to Lily, despite what she wished, no doubt. 
  • He’d apologised for the Snape Humiliation– and the way he’d claimed it was in part for her– several times over the last few months, which had basically taken up all of the short time she would ever spend talking to him. So, he apologised again, but froze when she accepted. 
  • He’d never really thought this far before. 
  • When he’d imagined it at the beginning of summer before Sirius showed up (and he may or may not have decided that being in love with your best mate was simultaneously was the best and worst thing that could happen to a person), she either never forgave him, or she hadn’t been upset in the first place. And this was… unexpected. While he did realise that what they’d done was over the line, his apology had mostly been for show, so he could talk to Evans and keep up appearances.
  • “Oh, er… Great.” James did not shuffle awkwardly away without even attempting to flirt. 
  • He walked back over to where Sirius was standing waiting for him. Sirius raised an elegant eyebrow and looked him up and down. James most certainly did not grin internally and imagine how much he would blush if, say, Sirius were to look at him a tad more… interested. And aroused, but really how much could he feasibly expect. “What?” 
  • “Weren’t you talking to Evans? Where’s your hex?” Sirius lifted James’s arm as if a hex would be hiding under it. He gave James’s ribs a cursory tickle, but the reaction was much more violent than it should have been. Sirius’s expression turned from teasing to concerned in half a second. 
  • James gathered his bravado and declared, “My charming nature makes me impervious to hexes, didn’t you know Padfoot?” He slung an arm around Sirius’s shoulders and started leading them towards the stairs, reveling in the warmth that seeped through both of their robes. 
  • Once the door to the dormitory closed, Sirius said, “Evans didn’t hex you, which means you didn’t ‘flirt’” he put air quotes around flirt which James thought was a little unfair “and that means,” he pointed a finger imperiously at James, “something’s wrong.” 
  • James rolled his eyes and decided to hint because he was tired of the months of pretending Sirius was ‘just a friend’. Of course, for James, a ‘hint’ meant practically blurting the truth, but that didn’t bother him any. Just made everything easier, really. “Nothing’s wrong Sirius, she just isn’t what I want.” 
  • “Oh really,” Sirius replied, crossing his arms and clearly not believing him. “Then what is it you want?” 
  • Aha. Golden opportunity. Though James could argue that every opportunity was a golden one if you were Gryffindor enough. Quite frankly though, he couldn’t claim that as one of his traits since he hadn’t said anything to Sirius for months. He pretended to think. “I like black hair,” he declared, plopping on his bed, which was positioned so he could sit on it and still have a perfect view of Sirius where he was stood in the middle of the room. 
  • “Are you saying don’t like Evans anymore because she doesn’t have black hair?” Sirius asked incredulously. 
  • “Don’t be silly, Pads. I’m saying the person I do want has black hair.” 
  • That raised both of Sirius’s eyebrows. 
  • “And grey eyes. Grey eyes are nice. It would probably help if they were a bloke too.” 
  • A blush had started to rise on Sirius’s face, and James stood, leisurely padding (heh) over to him as he continued. “And the slightest bit taller than me. Much more graceful, when not on the Quidditch Pitch at least, because, let’s face it, he’s not comfortable flying around like that, seems to think it’s dangerous. A pureblood from an Ancient and Noble House, like, say, the Blacks.” 
  • James’s heart was thudding as he positioned himself in front of Sirius and put an arm over his shoulder, playing with his hair. 
  • “Knew it,” Sirius whispered. “You’re in love with Reg.” 
  • “Last I checked he’s shorter than me,” was all he said, leaning closer and tilting his head. 
  • Sirius was leaning in too, and he lowered his voice even more. “Don’t be an arse.” 
  • “You started it,” he couldn’t help but reply.
  • “I want to hear you say it.” 
  • “Sirius…” That was all he needed to hear apparently (but really he couldn’t be blamed because the love was obvious in his tone and Sirius never was any good at controlling himself). He leaned across the last few centimeters that separated them and wanted to moan as warm lips met his and the fingers in his hair tightened. 
  • “You’re an idiot,” he said softly when he pulled back. 
  • James grinned crookedly at him. “Yeah but I’m your idiot, so who’s the stupid one?” 
  • “Still you,” he murmured, kissing him again. And again, and again.

“…even if it means i’m left with nothing in my hands in the end.”

  • Us: bring back queen Jodi! Justice for Jodi! we love her we want to see her play the game her 6 hour stay wasn't enough!!!! We want more Jodi!!
  • CBS: aha! We know /exactly/ what you want and we're gonna give it to you!
  • Also CBS: *brings back images of Jodi instead of bringing actual jodi back*

                     Sooner or later, you gotta put out.            

“Uff” you sighed “This game was hard” 

“Definitely” Anna -your friend- agreed

Soccer class was over, it was your last one for today. You studied at the sports and arts academy, the most prestigious of the country. As a soccer player and a fan of dance, this academy was made for you.

When you were about to leave for the locker rooms, you heard someone yelling your name:

“Y/N ! Wait !” 

It was Neymar, a guy you shared some classes with. You talked a lot together, but you didn’t consider him as a friend. It was different. You liked him actually and he you felt like he liked you too but… Anyway.

“Yes ?” you replied

He stopped right in front of you, shirtless, showing his abs to the world:

“Hey I wanted to ask if you were still ok for tonight ?”

You kept staring at him, completely lost. You looked at him up and down. Damn, how can someone be that sexy when he’s sweating ? 

“Tonight… ? Oh ! Yeah, tonight ! The homework, right ?” you finally remembered

He chuckled and nodded. His smile, his perfect bright teeth made you blind for a moment.

“So ?” he continued, confused

You got out of your thoughts: “Uh Y-yes, of course, it’s still ok”

“Super ! I’ll come around 7. See you later !” he winked and left.

You sighted in relief. It was like he took your breath away all the time he was here. You perceived not far from you Anna glaring, arms crossed on her chest, a nasty smirk slipping her lips. You rolled your eyes, you knew that look. 

“Aha What did he want this time ? Dinner ?” she questioned

“No Anna. He was asking if I was still ok for tonight”

“Tonight ?! What’s happening tonight ?”

“We are doing a homework together”

She instantly stopped you with her arm:

“What ?” you asked, worried

“So he’s coming to your house tonight ?”

“First it’s not a house, it’s a studio. And yes, why ?”

“Nothing, I hope this time you will understand what he wants” she simply answered.

You perfectly knew what he wanted, you wanted it too, but you couldn’t for some reasons.


*Few hours later*

You were sat in the leaving room watching TV. It was almost 7pm, Neymar was probably on the way. You ran to your bedroom to clean a little since the desk and all your stuff was there. Few seconds later, the bell rang. You peered at the clock; he was early. Rare are the early people. 

“Hey” you greeted as you opened the door “Come in”

He probably noticed that it wasn’t really big in here. There was a leaving room with a little kitchen on the corner, a bathroom forward and your bedroom on the left. 

“Sorry, it’s not very spacious” you apologized

“It’s perfect, don’t worry” he reassured you

“All my stuff is in my bedroom, you want me to bring them in here ?” you proposed

“No, no it’s alright, we can work there if you want. Don’t bother for me” 

You nodded and made him enter in your bedroom. Thankfully, you had cleaned it up, you were pretty proud of it. You placed your stuff on the desk as he looked at your posters:

“Messi ah ?” he declared

You smiled: “Yeah, he’s my idol” 

“He’s mine too, with Ronaldinho” he smiled back

“This guy is a legend” you added

He kept looking at you, as if it was surprising that you knew the players. Come on, you wouldn’t be in that school if you didn’t knew them.

“Well. Let’s work” you announced, sitting down. 

He followed you and sat on the other chair. Your work was about the world cup: how it was organized, what it brought to people, etc. 

                                                              * * * 

“Can we take a break please ? My head is about to explooode” he demanded

“Me too, oh my got” you agreed getting up to jump on your bed.

You were staring at the ceiling, when you saw Neymar leaning next to you. You really wanted to turn your head to meet his beautiful hazel eyes, but you were afraid..

“Hum.. you want another can of Pepsi or something ?” you proposed him, getting up

He caught your hand to make you fall back on the bed.

“Stay here” he said in a husky voice; it gave you shivers

You were facing him now..He suddenly put his hand on your cheek, caressing it gently.. He was getting closer to you… Your heart was pounding hard on your chest.. And what you were afraid of happened: he kissed you. But the worse is that you kissed him back. You were now kissing him passionately as he put himself on top of you. 

“Neymar, please” you begged as he put sweet kisses on your neck

He continued getting to your chest and your belly. 

“Ney…. No… I c-ca” you couldn’t end your sentence

He crashed again his lips on yours before you push him, pulling yourself out of the bed. 

“Y/N ! Are you ok ? Did I hurt you ?” he immediately asked, worried

You were hardly breathing, holding back your tears.

“I can’t do this” you whispered

“What ?” 

You turned to him, looking down. Feeling so ashamed, you weren’t able to look at him: 

“I said.. I can’t do this”

“Y/N. Look at me”

Tears that you didn’t even see coming were falling down your cheeks as he put his hand under your shin, lifting your head up. You had to look at him now, and it was so hard that you burst into tears. He took you in his arms, trying to calm you down.


*After a while*

He was caressing your hair, you were lain on his chest. Everything was quiet. You didn’t expect this night to turn that way. You owed him explications. But how to start ?

“Listen Ney. I-” 

“Don’t. If it’s personal, you don’t have to explain”

“I have to. If I want to be with you, I have to…” you declared.

His eyes full of hope was lost in yours. He nodded as you sat down and spoke: “Something bad happened to me 2 years ago. I was coming from school, it was already dark since it was in winter… And” tears were coming back

“Y/N…” he put his hand on your cheek, but you just made him sign that it was fine, you could continue.

“A group of 3 guys took me away from the road, pulling me into the woods… I tried to scream, but one of them had put his hand on my mouth. I wasn’t that far from home you know ? 5 minutes away, something like that…. But nobody could help me. They just did it… One after another, like I was a toy. Then they left, leaving me there, lying on the ground, powerless, hurt.  I don’t even remember what was going on my mind at that moment… But thankfully, I managed to get home. My parents didn’t understand what was going on. And that’s when I fainted..” 

When you looked up at Neymar, he was like disoriented. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t find his words. He just put his hands on his face, shaking his head. 

“So I’m sorry… For acting like that with you”

He took off his hands of his face, glaring at you like you just insulted him. You could feel some kind of anger in his gaze:

“I AM the one who’s sorry Y/N ! Stop apologizing to me ! I am the bad one in here, I should have understood that something was wrong when I tried to kiss you the other times, when you declined my invitations at my house. I’m so stupid ! I’m sorry Y/N, really, really sorry.” he stood up before his fist met the wall, his scowl sounding loud 

“Oh my god, Ney, stop ! Please! ” you yelled, but he continued 

You stood up and took him from behind, trying to calm him down: “Please stop! I love you ! Please stop !!”

He gradually stopped punching. His breath was heavy. You made him turn, taking his face between your hands. His eyes were wet: 

“I love you. Ok ? This is my past, and… You’re going to help me get through it. We’re going to do it together” you said, searching for his gaze.

He kissed you and hugged you tight: “I’ll be here to protect you now. I’m here now..”


Requested by anon.

Fun, Love & Friends - Joe Sugg Oneshot.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee baby, come on” you said, pulling your boyfriend by the arm off his bed.

“No, I don’t want to get covered in cream, I hate it.” He said, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down next to him.

You were trying to get your boyfriend, to film the ‘how well do we know each other’ tag for your channel. You were due to upload in the evening and had no video. So you were asking him to wake up at a reasonable time of 10am and film it with you.

“Please, you know you want to really. I’ll give you all the cuddles and kisses ever” you said, pouting.

“Don’t pull that face. I know what your doing.” He said, laughing and closing his eyes.

“I’ll get Caspar to film it with me then” you said, getting up and walking to Caspar’s room. Where he will most likely, be sleeping.

“Caspar” you shout, walking into his very messy room. “Oh, my favourite South African” you say giggling.

“Fuck Off Y/N” he grumbled, rolling over in his bed.

“Joe is being mean and wont film a video with me.” You say, sitting on his bed.

“The little fuckers, hormonal.” He said, opening his eyes and grabbing his Iphone.

You laughed at his response. “Will you film it with me” you say.

“What is it first.” He says, raising a eyebrow.

“how well do we know each other Tag. You know with the cream to the face” you say.

“No, joe has to do that. He knows you more then me.” He says rolling onto his side and going back to sleep. You get up and walk back into Joe’s room. Seeing him curled up in bed, on his phone. “JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE, Caspar said you have to film it with me” you laugh.

“Fine, only if you film a video with me for Sugg Sunday” he smirks.

“if I must” you giggle, jumping on the bed. “Now, get your cute little butt up.” You say, making Joe laugh.

“Hello Everyone, Today I have another new video for you. And I’m here with Hoeseph Sugg, aka ThatcherJoe” you say into your camera. Pointing to Joe, your boyfriend who was sat next to you on the end of your bed. “Did you just call me, Hoeseph” he laughed.

“Yeah, your my little hoe” you giggle, ruffling his hair.

“GET OFF!!” he shouts, pushing your hand away then laughing at your silly face.

“Tell them, what we are doing today Joe” you say.

“We are doing the how well do we know each other Tag. Where we ask each other, questions about our self’s and the other has to answer it and if they get it wrong, they get cream in there face” Joe says, holding up the cans of cream and paper plates.

“I’m feeling pretty confident, are you” you ask him, getting the questions up on your phone.

“No, I always forget what you tell me. So I think I’ll lose” he says, trying to squirt cream on your head.

“Stop it, no” you laugh, pushing his hand away.

He just laughs, putting the cream down.

“Ok, are you ready, you ask me a question first” you say, looking into the camera.

“ok, how many videos do I have on my main channel” he smiles, putting the cream on the paper plate.

“Not too much, please” you say, thinking.

“Come on” he laughs. Pushing the plate full of cream towards your face.

“Don’t” you shout, grabbing his arm.

“I think, 120” you say, covering your face with your hands.

“Babe look” he says, grabbing your hands, off your face.

“Did I get it right” you say excitedly.

“I’ll give you that one, I have 117” he says, pulling an annoyed to the camera.

“Yes! Ok, what’s my favourite, film ever” you say, smirking to the camera.

“Are you kidding me? You have loads!” he says, sinking down in his chair.

“yeah, but what’s the one that I love the most. And it’s only on the U.S. Netflix” you say.

“How am I supposed to know this” he says, laughing.

“I’m going to have to pie you in the face, with cream then” you say, shaking your head.

“Please don’t gorgeous, please.” He says, holding onto your shoulders.

“Don’t sweet talk me, Joseph” you laugh.

“Fine” he says, and you pie him in the face with Cream, laughing.

“It’s horrible” he says, pulling a weird face.

“You’re not a good boyfriend, so I had to.” You laugh, leaning away from him.

“Do you want a kiss, baby” he laughs, leaning towards you and grabbing you before you can move.

“Don’t Joe, please don’t” you cackle, making Joe laugh.

“What do you not want a kiss, from me.” He laughs, holding you by the waist, you trying to wiggle out of his strong hold.

Before you know it, he is holding you tightly by your waist from behind and has rubbed his cream covered face into your neck, making you howl with laughter.

“Oh, Joe. It’s horrible.” You frown, moving out of his grip. You walk out of the shot, grabbing a towel.

“You’re such a loser” you laugh, walking back towards the camera set up.

“Love you, he laughs, looking at the camera.

It was 6pm, and Joe had just made dinner, after you had cleaned up from filming the video. You were about to set your video live and was currently sat on Joe’s bed whilst he was, editing a video.

“I wonder if they will like this video.” You say to Joe.

“Of course they will. What makes you think they won’t.” He asks, turning around in his chair to look at you.

“I don’t know, I’m scared they don’t ship us.” You say, frowning.

“Well, we are kind of cute. So, they should.” He laughs.

This was your first, video as a couple together. You were in each other’s vlogs and other Youtuber’s too, but it was totally different, showing a main channel video of you two together.

“It’s live” you say and Joe, come’s and joins you on the bed. Reading through the comments.

You had thousands of tweets, from fans saying how cute you two were together. It put you in an amazing mood, so you decided to reply to the comments.

(Fans Youtube Name) OMG!! You two are the cutest! Especially when Joe was like, ‘babe look’ and grabbed Y/N hands. SHIP IT!!

(Your Youtube Channel Name) Awww thank you! He is a cutie, isn’t he! <3 x

(Fans Youtube Name) Omfg cuties! So many cute moments in here! It’s lovely to see you both so happy! Love you! <3 x

Smiling you reply with

(Your Youtube Channel Name)

Thanks love! I know I am, love you! X

Smiling you put your laptop away and walk upstairs to where Caspar and Joe were chatting. “Hey Gorgeous” Joe says, putting his arms out for you from the kitchen stool.

Walking over to him, you stand between his legs and cuddle him.

“Hello.” You laugh, leaning up to kiss him.

“How did the video go down guys.” Caspar says, cooking pasta.

“Everyone seemed to like it, and ship us” you say, smiling.

“of course they do, they love you guys. You’re a very cute couple” he laughs.

“Thanks Caspar” you say, high fiving him.

You let go of Joe and sit on the sofa on your phone, to check twitter.

@TylerOakley : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N you fricking cuties. I love y’all <3

You smile, replying to Tyler with a heart emoji.

Next is Zoe who tweeted you.

@ZozeeBo : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N Adorbs! Suggs win tho haha! I love you guys <3 x

@Y/T/N : @ZozeeBo @Joe_Sugg it was unnecessary haha! Love you! X

@Pointlessblog : @Y/T/N unfair isn’t it! We need Revenge on those Sugg’s haha! @Y/T/N : @Pointlessblog Deffo! It was uncalled for ! hahaha!

You smile, putting your phone down. You were surrounded by the most supportive friends, family and Fans!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it and if you did. like and message me, I want some feedback aha! if you don’t know what the ‘How well do we know each other’ tag then, Zoe made this video with Alfie. You could watch that first!


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