and what you do is change the unimportant stuffs

  • <p> <b>Some fans:</b> *Vaild criticism of the game, wants representation*<p/><b>Somebody:</b> Quit whining, you don't need representation in the game! God! Do you know how long is going to take for the team to change the illustrations, be grateful for what we got.<p/><b>Somebody 2:</b> Stop trying to cause drama in the fandom!<p/><b>Some fans:</b> But even if they just made out like the skin from the Halloween event we'll be cool. They can do for all the other events.<p/><b>Somebody 3:</b> God let the subject die already and stop shitting on Chino.<p/><b>The team who works on the game:</b> Hey guys look at all the stuff we made in different colors and this new sound when you roll over this unimportant object.<p/></p>