and what time do you call this

Guys, the pens office is open for the day

It’s time to call.  412-642-1842 

Tell them what Trump has done to you. Tell them that by doing this they’re telling their fans of color, female fans, and disabled fans that we don’t matter. Tell them that by going they are supporting racism, hatred, and white supremacy.  Call them. Write letters. We HAVE to let them know how upset we are. I’m on hold right now. 

I get it. Trump’s horrific opinions don’t affect them, so they’re unbothered. Whether it’s because most of them are foreign, because they’re all rich white men, I don’t care. It’s time to stand in solidarity. Especially considering what happened in the NFL yesterday, this move is particularly tone deaf. 

Please guys. Call them, send messages, send texts. We can’t let them do this without knowing how upset we are

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I do have to ask, all those times when you draw Harry called in while he's on a date or vacation, any ideas about what's the big emergencies that no one else but him can handle? Is every other Auror still that incompetent that they need THE Harry Potter at every moment? When can my son just REST? :(

Interrogations. Harry has the tendency to make the bad guys talk when no one else can. He’s the last alternative (“should we call Potter?” “He’s on vacation, hope we don’t need to”) before the use of veritaserum

Baby Witch Tips

I’ve seen some posts on tips for beginner or baby witches, so I thought I’d add some too! 

  • Take all tips with a grain of salt, even the one’s in this post. No one can tell you how to practice your craft or what you “have to do” in order to become a witch, it’s all up to you. 
  • While some witches have chosen their path, do not feel obligated to. Choosing a path can take weeks up to years, heck I even know some witches who haven’t chosen one after practicing the craft for years, it may take time and that’s okay, you don’t have to pick one.
  • You may call yourself a witch whenever you feel ready to. Do not let anyone else tell you that you must have “x” amount of experience before you can use the title, because it simply is not true.
  • Practice! Make sure you don’t solely research. A common misconception is that you have to research and fully understand everything before you can start practicing witchcraft which is NOT TRUE! A large portion of understanding comes from practicing, so just try some stuff out! However, you should still be careful and take necessary precautions.
  • If you don’t understand something research it! A good way to gain understanding is to research. However, extensive research is not fundamental prior to starting.
  • Starting off small often helps. Don’t try to take on a task that seems too daunting for you and make sure to take breaks often! Witchcraft can be draining, taking care of your physical and mental health come first.
  • Just remember why you’re practicing in the first place and use that reasoning to better and strengthen your craft! No matter the intent of your spell or curse or whatever you may be doing, being focused and positive will help you in the long run.
  • Lastly, have fun! This may seem silly, but witchcraft is as serious as you want it to be. Of course, you should be careful not to place a curse you aren’t ready to place or to cast a spell that is very advanced for your level, but witchcraft can be whatever you make of it. 

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Hcs' about Bakugou's fem crush calling his name in class but instead of responding with the usual "What do you want, shitty woman?" he calls her babe or similar endearment?


Bakugou Katsuki:

  • It was after classes one day and (Name) was feeling really confused about the latest math lessons, so she decided to ask Bakugou for help. She knew Momo or Iida would be a better tutor, but spending some alone time with the boy she liked made her want to take the chance
  • “Bakugou-kun? If you’re not busy today could you help me with the math homework?” She asked, watching as he didn’t even look up at her. Whatever he was looking at on his phone seemed to be more interesting.
  • “Yeah sure sweet cheeks.” He responded and (Name) widened her eyes. W-what did he just call her?
  • He doesn’t even realize he did it at first either, but then it hits him that he let the ball slip on his crush. His face explodes into a deep red and he glares at her. 
  • “T-THAT’S NOT WHAT I FUCKING MEANT!” He shouts and his S/O just nods, not really sure what to say or do. She’s touched that he would call her something so nice, but since he’s embarrassed she does not want to make a big deal out of it.
  • His attention is turned away from her when he hears his loser friends laughing at him. “SHUT THE FUCK UP ROCK HEAD! I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY IT!”
  • “Sweet cheeks.” Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero mimic Bakugou’s voice, laughing at how sweet and lovey dovey the term was. And that it came from him
  • “She does have cute cheeks.” Kaminari chuckles, only to be feel his scalp being squeezed.
  • “Shut your damn fucking mouth, you shitty Pikachu.” Bakugou looms, his eyes dark but his face still glowing.
  • His S/O is watching him beat up his poor friends and she glances down at the homework sheet. She still needs a tutor, but should she ask again. After all the last time she did…
  • “Bakugou-kun, if you’re done murdering Kirishima-kun, Kaminari-kun and Sero-kun… would you still be willing to help me with my math homework?” She pulls at his sleeve, blushing herself as the memory of ‘sweet cheeks’ comes back
  • “F-fine…” He barks and scoffs. “Just don’t bring up what just happened…”
  • She laughs. “Of course not. I’m just a shitty girl right?”
  • He chuckles. “The worst one I know.” 
EXO Reaction: Their Reaction To Their S/O Being Bratty {NSFW}

Could u please do a exo reaction to their girlfriend being bratty ? Thanks

Kyungsoo (D.O):

Kyungsoo is an ‘I really don’t have time for this shit’ type of person. He doesn’t have time for the pouting or the whining, he doesn’t have time for you to throw a tantrum fit whenever you don’t get what you want.

“Kyungsoo?” You mewled softly, rolling over in the bed, feeling for the warmth of his body, only to find the spot empty-the sheets cold. “Kyungsoo?”  You called away, this time sitting up in bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you let out a small yawn.

“I’m in here jagi,” He pokes his head into the bedroom from the bathroom, his toothbrush hanging out his mouth, his hair still ruffled from sleeping, wearing nothing but his briefs. “What do you want?”

“Well, why aren’t you in bed?” You look out the window, “It’s still dark outside,” Kyungsoo sighs, knowing where this is going.

“Jagi, I have practice, we’re filming out dance practice for 'The Ever’, I need to be there by six o'clock sharp or Minseok hyung is going to be on my ass again.” You pout, crossing your arms.

“You can miss just one practice,” You hold up your index finger. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.” Kyungsoo shakes his head, disappearing back into the bathroom. He walks out a few minutes later, wiping his face with a  rag.

“I already missed 'just one practice,’” Kyungsoo kneels on the bed, pulling you by the ankles. He wraps your legs around his waist, leaning over your body. He gently pecks your forehead, then your nose and finally your lips. Both your hands come up, pushing his closer to you, forcing your tongue past his sealed lips. “No, no you don’t.” He laughs, pulling completely away from you. “If I engage in that, I’ll never leave.”

“Kyungsoo,  I don’t want you to leave me, please don’t leave me!” You pound your fist against the mattress, tossing your head side to side.

“'Are you throwing a fit?” His voice drops and his eyes narrow. “A tantrum fit?” You consider the options, deciding to agree. “Well, you settle that with yourself, I’ve got to get dressed.” He walked over toward your closet, leaving you shooting daggers in the back of his head. “I don’t care how hard you stare at the back of my head, I’m not fucking you right now, maybe after practice…” He sighs, grabbing a towel, walking back toward the bathroom. That was enough to get you to stop pouting.



Jongin wouldn’t know what to do at first, you not throwing any tantrums or fits since the two of you were in a relationship. So one day while you were out with the group and you started to act out, Jongin had to recover quickly.

“Jongin?” You swung your arms between the both of you,

“What princess?” He looked up from the sand he had been kicking,

“'I want some ice cream,” Jongin furrowed his brows, “Like…I want some ice cream…now!” Jongin shook his head, trying to figure out how the situation escalated so quickly.

“The nearest ice cream spot is three miles down the street and we were just there…why didn’t you say anything then?” You shrug,

“I didn’t want ice cream then, but I want ice cream now.” Jongin chuckles, ticking his to the side. “Jongin!” You pause, stomping your foot. “Get me some ice cream…please!”

“I can’t! We’ll have to get back in the car and drive down there,”

“Well then let’s go.” You turn the two of you around, heading back toward the car. The car all of the members had taken to the beach.

“We can’t take the car, the others will be stranded here,” Jongin argued but continued to follow you anyhow, interested to see how this would turn out.

“They won’t mind, we’ll bring them some ice cream back,” Jongin loves the way you smile at him as if what you were suggesting wasn’t almost, completely irrational. “Well, come on. I want some ice cream.” Jongin followed you all the way out to the parking lot, before deciding to stand his ground.

“Wait, what are we doing?”

“We have the keys, let’s go.” You roll your hand, pointing toward the car you had all taken.

“No, we can’t.” You pout,

“But I-”

“You want ice cream, I know, but I’m not taking you to go get ice cream, so we’re going to have a good day at the beach, and on the way home we’ll grab you some ice cream. Deal?”  You tilt your head to the side, rolling your eyes into the back of your head.

“Fine. Deal.”


Sehun was excited the first time you threw a fit. He had been waiting, when the two of you first got together, he knew you would be bratty, it was in the way you talked, the way you acted, and it excited him, excited everything inside of him.

“Sehun, why are you still up, playing video games?” You watched into the dimly lit living room, the other sound the clicking of his fingers on the controller. “Come back to bed,” You pulled the side of his headphone set from his ear, speaking the words into his ear. He jumps and pauses the game.

“I can’t I got two more levels to go and I’ll win.” He readjusted his headset and turned back toward the screen, resuming the game. You roll your eyes walking around the couch, plopping down beside him.

“Sehun, come to bed.” You sigh, moving his headset again. He frowns, pausing the game once again.

“After these two levels, I’ll win and then I’ll come to bed. Okay?” You nod, giving him a tight smile before moving his headset back into place. You rub your hands against your jeans, standing up off the couch. Sehun watches you, hoping you’re going to walk back to your bedroom, but instead you walk toward the t.v. Giving Sehun a genuine smile when you unplug his game system.

“I want you to come to bed…now.” You pout, throwing the cord to the floor. Sehun furrows his brows, cocking his head to the side.

“What the hell?” He speaks slowly, throwing his arms over his head. “I didn’t save the game…” He throws his headset from his head, “I didn’t save the game…” He repeats, shaking his head. “Why the hell would you do that? I didn’t save the game.” You roll your eyes at him again, and walk back toward the couch, standing in front of him. You reach out both your hands, Sehun smacking them away from his face. “Do I look like I want to go to bed with you, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Sehun, stop being an overdramatic baby and come to bed with me, I’m not going to ask again…because if I do, you’re not going to like the fit I throw.” He grabs your hands and stands up, looking down his nose at you.

“You know what’s funny?”

“'What?” You humor him,

“You actually think you’re in charge…” He spins you around and taps your ass, “Now, get to that bedroom you’re in trouble…” Sehun watched you waltz down the hall back toward your room. “I can’t believe I didn’t save the damn game.”

Baek, Chen, Chanyeol

Minseok, Suho, Lay

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bts reaction to you hyping up their album? (because wow.. im loving it™!!! I think besides dna I like go go the most?? its so good!! I'm not sure yet thoooo)


As you listened to it on repeat to the point where you were even back tracking on certain parts and complimenting him every chance you could he’d only be able to smile and thank you over and over again telling you he didnt know if he’d be able to push through all the hard nights the album called for is it wasn’t for you waiting for him every night. 

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He would have smiled and thanked you as you bounced up and kissed him, congratulating on creating such a beautiful album. You would leave it at that, but he would always catch you dancing around to the songs and bragging about how hard he worked to all of your friends and family, or really anyone who would listen. After secretly catching you a few times he’d finally say something, thanking you for all your support and tell you that parts of some of the songs were written about you. 

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He’d be just as excited as you, answering your call as soon as you listened to the first note of the first song. He just sit there and listen to you as you oo’ed and awed at the different songs. He’d chuckle at you, but when you got serious and told him just how great it was med blush to himself and thank you, seeing how proud of him you could be made him feel like he just won the greatest award of them all. 

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He didnt fully understand why you were waiting to listen to it with him, but as the two of you sat on the couch and let the new album play over the speakers he was glad you did. Every time you would smile, or squeeze his hand in response to the music playing he’d feel his stomach flip and he’d be over flowing with happiness that you enjoyed everything now that you were hearing the hard copy of it. 

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He’d always invite you to listen to the songs, but was secretly happy that you decided to wait to hear any of it just like everyone else. He knew the moment your name popped up on his phone exactly why you were calling, and he answered he had to prepare himself for your screaming. He’d chuckle and put you on speaker so you could ramble to not only him but the others around him and while he listened he’d play with his fingers and blush every time you said his name in praise. 

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Every time you praised him for how well the album came out and how amazing he sounded he’d smile and grab onto your cheeks, unable to say anything due to the wide smile he had from your compliments. If you took a break from your praises to listen to something, or to watch a video again he’d hug you from behind and join you until you were back to freaking out on how good it came back. 

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He would turn shy, rubbing his forearm with one hand while the other picked at his jeans. Your compliments would make him smile to widely and even though every time you called him out specifically he’d deflect it towards one of the other members, he’d do it in a way that still showed you that he appreciated everything you said and it mean so much to him that you were proud of what he did. 

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Sugar burn (part 2)

summary: despite his hard exterior lance loves to spoil and praise his athletes (as well as you) but when you come to visit him at his gym, his acts of kindness are too familiar and insecurities as well as fears rise to the surface

pairing: sugardaddy!lance tucker x reader

word count: 2488

warnings: sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, mentions of sex, angst

a/n: the tags in italics are the ones i wasn’t able to tag

tag list: @sugardaddyseb @sebatianstanisbae @sophs-the-name @the-red-world-of-jess-chibi @whatthehellisacastiel @emilyinbuffalo @propertyofpoeandbucky @thatbandchick39  @learisa @fandomsession @womderland-fandom

part 1

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Blue skies and the sun shining brightly taunt you as you walk home, you can see the smiles of those around you and it hurts more than you could have ever imagined. It’s because of him, Lance, ever since that day a week ago happiness was expelled and only lingering sadness surrounded you. You can feel heartache consuming you as your phone rings in your pocket, you know who it is - the same person who has been calling you for the past week. You want to answer him and hear the melodic sound of his voice but you know you cannot. Something inside of you screams for you to answer the phone but you never do.

You let it ring like you always do and when Lance is done calling you for the umpteenth time you fish the phone out of your pocket with a deep sigh. He’s left another voicemail, the 60th one in two days and like with the rest you press on it bringing your phone to your ear before swallowing thickly. You hear the beep and then the unmistakable sound of Lance sobbing on the phone, “Princess please just call me, text me. I don’t care what it is because I need you to know you’re okay babygirl. I can’t live without you, I’m a mess I can’t even coach Y/N because I need you in my life. You make everything better for me, I’m better man because of you. Please come back Princess so I can show you that you’re the only one I want in my life.”

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A Start // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, 2009!phan

Words: 4.0k

Relationship status: friends (pining) 

Warnings: swearing, family problems

Summary: It’s time for Dan and Phil to finally meet each other for the first time…except there’s one hurdle they still have to get through: Dan asking his parents.

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Delirious: Hey Vanoss, have you seen the knife?

Vanoss: Why do you need it?

Delirious: To cut out a piece of pumpkin pie.

Vanoss: Hmm…I’ll cut it out for you.

Delirious: Are you still mad at me for what happened 5 weeks ago?

Vanoss: Maybe…

5 week ago

Vanoss: Delirious where did you go? This isn’t funny anymore!

Vanoss: [open the kitchen door and gasps]

Vanoss: DELIRIOUS!!!

Delirious: [laying on the floor with blood all over him]

Vanoss: [runs up to him and was about to call 911]

Vanoss: FUCK there is a lot of blood! What do I do!

Delirious: [starts to laugh]

Delirious: You should of had seen your face! It was priceless! Hahahaha!

Vanoss: [hits him and walks out angry with tears sliding down his face]

Present time

Vanoss: Yea I still hate you.

Delirious: And I still love you.

I decided to go with a no-murder au with sober FP. It gets pretty steamy, ngl, but this was so fun to write. That’s why it took so long lol

The evening started off innocently enough. Jughead came over to work on the Blue and Gold on Friday night and Betty suggested they make cookies. She regretted her decision almost immediately, since Jughead wouldn’t stop eating the dough.

“Juggie! It’s just butter and sugar, get your hands out,” Betty exclaimed.

“But it’s so good,” he whined back. “Here, you taste.” Jughead extended his batter-covered finger out for her to taste. Betty rolled her eyes and accepted the batter, swirling her tongue around his finger and moaning appreciatively at the taste, all while maintaining eye contact.

It was a game they often played, the harmless flirting. Betty knew Jughead wouldn’t be interested in her, so she allowed herself to indulge in her one sided fantasies under the guise of a long running joke.

This time, however, she seemed to have gone too far. Jughead’s face lost all color and he looked away nervously. Betty dejectedly turned back to the cookie dough and began stirring in the other ingredients. She exiled Jughead to the other side of the kitchen while she was working, partially for convenience and partially out of embarrassment.

Once the cookies were in the oven, Jughead left his confinement and helped her load up the dishwasher. Once the dishes were loaded and the counter was clean, Betty turned around to check the cookies. She didn’t realize how close behind her Jughead was and collided with the hard plane of his chest. As she glanced up to apologize, the words got stuck in her throat. His eyes were dark with longing as he threw caution to the wind and captured her lips in a slow, sweet kiss.

Betty gasped in surprise and wrapped her arms around his neck, savoring the feeling of his lips against hers. Jughead’s hands found her hips and he pulled her closer, deepening the kiss at the same time. Betty let out a low moan, almost too quiet for him to hear and the noise did nothing to help the serious headrush he was experiencing.

They broke apart for air after what felt like hours, and Betty pulled his forehead down to meet hers, nudging her nose into his.

“Wow,” she breathed. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too,” Jughead whispered. “I thought it was all one sided, until you did those sinful things with your tongue.”

Betty took his words as a cue to reclaim his mouth in another passionate kiss, showing him exactly what she could do with her tongue. Jughead let out a deep, throaty groan, chasing her mouth with his before breaking away to ravish the soft skin of her neck. He was in the middle of sucking a deep purple hickey when the oven timer went off, startling them apart.

“Damn cookies,” Jughead muttered as Betty went to pull them out of the oven to cool. He took this moment to admire the sight of her bent over the oven, and his pants gave a little twitch. “Not now,” he grumbled so quietly, he could barely hear it.

“Well, now that our moment has been effectively ruined, how about some Netflix? I’ve been meaning to rewatch Rogue One.”

“Star Wars, homemade cookies, and the prettiest girl in Riverdale? Sign me up,” Jughead laughed as Betty blushed at his compliment. They didn’t watch much of the movie

Betty and Jughead agreed that waiting to tell their friends about their relationship was the smartest thing to do. It also added a little thrill, keeping something so big to themselves. But where there were obvious advantages to a secret relationship, there were as many disadvantages. The pair were constantly on their toes when they were in public together, lest somebody walk in on them in a private moment.

This led the sleuthing duo to secret meetings under the bleachers during lunch time, under the ruse of investigating for the school newspaper. Where they thought they were being sneaky, their friends had noticed the change in their dynamic. Kevin and Veronica had started a betting pool behind their backs.

Today’s rendezvous took place in their usual spot under the bleachers, just out of sight from anybody walking past. They were locked in an embrace more passionate than usual, after Betty spent all of chemistry class teasing him from across the room. She kept blowing bubbles with her gum, then sensually licking the popped gum off her lips, knowing it drove Jughead wild. There was nothing he could do to get back at her without incriminating himself, so he sat in misery as their dull teacher droned on about ionic vs covalent bonds. The final straw was when she cheekily started sucking on the end of her pencil, while maintaining eye contact. It took all of Jughead’s self control not to drag Betty to the nearest janitor’s closet.

Stowed away beneath the farthest corner of the bleachers, Betty was sucking on Jughead’s neck, just below the collar of his t-shirt. This caused him to grab her hips more firmly and pull her flush against him. Betty moaned when she felt his hard length gently pressing into her thigh.

“God, Betty,” Jughead choked out. “Your mouth is magical, I swear. The things it does to me…”

“Like what?” Betty teased

“You know damn well what you do to me, Cooper. Don’t be coy”

She raised her head from his neck and looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Juggie.”

“You make my heart beat so fast, it’s like I’m running a marathon. You make my brain all fuzzy because I can’t believe I actually get to be here with you. I am so close to losing control, baby, you have no idea just how much I’m holding back.”

“So don’t hold back,” Betty whispered, biting his earlobe gently. “Show me what I do to you. Lose control.”

The tension that built between them snapped at the sound of the bell ringing out over the school grounds. Jughead groaned loudly.

“Meet me at my place tonight. It’ll be just us, and I can show you exactly what you do to me.”

Betty shuddered at his words, his voice hoarse from arousal.

“I’ll meet you at 6 with Pop’s,” she promised, and flitted off to English class, leaving Jughead completely breathless

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Betty couldn’t focus on anything other than Jughead and all the dirty things she wanted to do to him. When the bell finally rang at the end of the day, she rushed to cheer practice, hoping a grueling workout with Cheryl would help her refocus.

2 hours and a lot of sweat later, Betty still could only think of her sexy boyfriend. She rushed home to shower, and changed into a short, flowy skirt and a simple top. On a whim, she decided to ditch her underwear, since tonight was going to be about seduction.

After running into and out of Pop’s at a lightning pace, she walked right into the trailer without knocking. What she saw surprised her. Jughead had placed tea candles all around the room, and soft music was floating around. She also noticed a bouquet of daisies, her favorite flower, in a vase on the coffee table.

“Juggie?” she called out.

Jughead emerged from the bathroom, clearly having just showered. He looked extremely nervous.

“Do you like it?” his voice held a tentative lilt. “I had a lot of extra time, so I thought I would spruce things up a bit.”

“I love it, Jughead. I love you,” she added softly. It was the first time either of them had uttered those words, and Jughead was floored.

“Betty Cooper, I am deeply, intimately, hopelessly in love with you,” he returned, a look of utmost sincerity on his face.

“You always have to upstage me, don’t you?” Betty chuckled, pulling him in for a kiss. “I have one more thing to tell you, Jughead,” she whispered in his ear.

“What’s that, my love?”

“I’m not wearing any underwear.” she nibbled his earlobe before drawing away and exclaiming, “Let’s eat!”

Jughead groaned as they settled down on the worn couch to eat their burgers. He almost choked on his, trying to eat it as quickly as possible. Betty, however, seemed determined to kill him. She ate slowly, moaning with every bite she took. Finally, Jughead had enough and took the burger from her hands. He finished it in two quick bites and kissed her greedily.

Betty immediately moved to straddle his lap, making sure to hike up her skirt in the process. As they kissed, Jughead’s hands slid further and further up her thighs, until she was shifting around, trying to find friction.

“Juggie, please,” she panted. “Touch me.”

Not needing to be told twice, his fingers quickly found her center, warm and wet. They both moaned as he found her clit and started rubbing it in tight circles.

Betty latched onto his collarbone and sucked furiously. She pulled away as her orgasm began to crest and admired the dark bruise in the shape of her mouth.

As her release came closer and closer, unintelligible words began to flow from her mouth until she finished, shouting “Yes, Jughead!”

Jughead took her mouth in another ravenous kiss and moved his hands from her thighs to the hem of her shirt. He began fidgeting with the material, and Betty raised her arms, allowing him to lift the offending garment. Her shirt barely hit the ground when Jughead attacked her shoulder with his mouth. Even in the height of their passion, he still remembered that they were trying to keep a secret.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” she huffed with difficulty, slipping her hands under his shirt and scraping her nails down his torso.

Jughead whipped off his shirt in the blink of an eye, leaving Betty to ogle his chest. The last time she had seen him shirtless was well over 5 years ago, and he had definitely buffed up.

“God, Jughead,” she whispered wantonly. “You’re so goddamn sexy.”

“You’re one to talk, baby,” he grunted in reply

Suddenly, the door flew open, revealing FP Jones, who was completely unaware of what was happening inside his trailer. Everybody was frozen in place, before FP turned and left with only a muttered “sorry.”

“Shit,” Jughead sighed as his head fell back to meet the couch.

“That has got to be the most embarrassing moment in my entire life,” Betty groaned, hiding her face in Jughead’s chest. “I need to be getting home anyway, so it’s probably best that he interrupted. God, he’s going to hate me now, isn’t he?”

“Betts, he’s not going to think any less of you. He told me he thinks of you as his own daughter, so you have nothing to worry about. Put on your shirt, and let’s get you home.”

Betty climbed off his lap, but instead of putting her shirt on, she grabbed Jughead’s. The sleeves were too long and she slapped him lightly with the excess fabric when he tried to protest.

“You called me baby earlier,” she said once they were in the car. “I like that. A lot. You should do it more often.”

“Really? Duly noted.”

They still hadn’t told their friends about their relationship, but they were beginning to suspect something was going on between them.

It all came to a head one day at lunch. Betty sank into her seat next to Jughead, only for her eyes to widen in horror. There was a hickey peeking out from under his shirt collar, and Veronica and Kevin were sure to spot it.

Before she could warn her boyfriend of their imminent exposure, Veronica sat down across from them.

“So how’s everybody’s day go- oh my god, Jughead who gave you that hickey?” Watching Betty and Jughead squirm at her question, she immediately knew the answer. “How long?” her voice had taken a serious tone as she gazed at her best friend and suspected lover.

Kevin and Archie had arrived, too, and Kevin immediately picked up on everything that was happening.

“Oh, Bughead? Yeah, I saw them making out in the newspaper room. You guys aren’t nearly as sneaky as you think you are.”

Veronica sat flabbergasted, while Archie seemed unfazed.

“You knew about this too, Archie?”

“Well, my window faces Betty’s, and Jughead always climbs through her window.”

Jughead had slung his arm protectively around Betty’s shoulders while she leaned into him for support. Looking at them together, Veronica took a deep breath.

“I want to be mad at you for keeping this from me, but you two are so damn cute I just can’t,” she sighed. “But Kevin and I expect details, and a lot of them. You’re sleeping over Friday night after the game.”

Betty knew better than to argue with her best friend, so she agreed and leaned further into Her boyfriend’s side. They were both relieved that their friends had reacted so well to their relationship.

Q: When I read about The Killers, a lot of times I sense an attitude of condescension from writers who think that they’re too good for The Killers or above it. Is that something that you feel being in the band?

Brandon Flowers: Yeah, my wife calls it “keyboard bangers.” No offense to you. She sees me when I let it get to me. And it’s frustrating. There’s so much history and I do this to myself already, when I have to write a record, I think, what do I have to offer? How can I compete with everything that was done in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s? It just starts to really weigh on you. And I feel like a lot of journalists … You don’t know how anything is going to really play out. I just know that we should know how these songs make us feel right now, and we hope that that resonates with our fans and that they stay in the truck with us.

Ronnie Vannucci: I don’t feel writers are especially condescending. We were just looking at a Metacritic review, and this has been our highest critical acclaim record thus far. And I remember we were darlings, we were at the tip of everybody’s tongues when we were just babies coming out with Hot Fuss. My point is, your world, your literary world as you call it, is filled with mostly people who aren’t interested in the betterment of music or the escalation of art. They are in it to get a personal foothold for themselves, to make themselves seem clever. And I know this. My best friends are writers. Ted used to be a writer. I know how it works. And I’ve been doing interviews for 16 years; it’s how it is. That’s how your world spins; that’s how it goes. And if people really dug in and really examined it and were a little selfless about it, you may not feel that way. (Interview for Consequence of Sound)

Poor Brandon! Protect him! Go, Ronnie!

lance mcclain headcanons

  • He used to do gymnastics and is v e r y flexible. 
  • His family would have baking nights where they all made treats together. Lance would invite Hunk and they’d make the best chocolate chip cookies together. 
  • He definitely had those stick-on glow in the dark stars on his ceiling and star wars posters on his walls 
  • He was always fascinated with pilots in movies and dreamed of being one. 
  • Lance. Hates. Bugs. He despises any bug that tries to touch him and will not hesitiate to slap one if it’s anywhere on his body. If it’s harmless though, he’ll try to set it free. 
  • He bounces his leg when he’s sitting doing nothing so he has something to do. 
  • His mom would always kiss his forehead whenever he was sad, even as he grew older. 
  • He has multiple LGBT older siblings and cousins who really helped him figure himself out during middle school/early high school before the garrison. 
  • He knows how to play the guitar and has a pretty good singing voice. 
  • Lance can’t draw too well but he likes to pass the time by doodling. Sometimes he sketches his friends and family. 
  • He sleeps a lot whenever he has free time around the castle because he doesn’t like to be alone, since he becomes bored and his insecurities increase. 
  • He’s constantly spewing random facts.
  • “Hey Pidge, did you know the producer of the scooby doo movies is named Dick Suckle?” 
  • He’s a musical theater nerd and jams out to a bunch of different soundtracks. 
  • He will scream at the Top. Of. His. Lungs. during horror movies
  • Whenever someone asks him what weapon he’d use if he had to he’d always say a lance for the humor (but it’s really always been a gun/blaster)
  • He’d pull on his siblings’ hair to get their attention, which they all found super annoying, but Lance’s cute face when they looked at him made up for it. 
  • stick ya leggy out real far
  • While introducing team voltron to a new planet: “You can address me as eagle one…” 
  • He’s a freaking master at makeup and borrows a bunch that Allura has stored in the castle. They do each other’s makeup for fun when they hang out and sometimes the rest of the team as well. 
  • You just became Lance’s friend? He’s now willing to sacrifice everything for you. 
  • He once recreated the “this bitch empty…YEET” vine at the garrison with Hunk.
  • He’ll sometimes ?? scream ?? for no reason ?? and then continue the conversation normally. 
  • At any given time: “Hold on I’m calling my mom she’ll know what to do.” 
  • He never realizes it but ?? his friends love him a lot. Let Lance know he’s appreciated for who he is. 
  • naruto and gaara: [watching a movie at gaaras]
  • kankuro: ........ hey guys
  • gaara: hey
  • kankuro: can i join u guys?
  • naruto: [looks at gaara]
  • gaara: [looks at naruto] [shrugs]
  • kankuro: cool thanks
  • [10 minutes pass by in complete silence. kankuro keeps glancing over at naruto]
  • gaara: [sigh] naruto. kankuro wants me to ask you why do you hate him
  • kankuro: [sputtering] gaara! thats not what i said-
  • gaara: apparently you told him you didnt like him and he wasnt funny and now he feels you act awkward when in his presence. he wants to know why
  • naruto: oh. i mean he said i was annoying and called me a midget the first time we met
  • kankuro: WHAT
  • naruto: its all im saying dude! no offense but you called konohamaru a piece of shit-
  • kankuro: who even IS konohamaru????
  • naruto: -and then you kinda said you wanted to kill us??like, dude?
  • gaara: thats funny. i didnt know you had a murder phase too kankuro
  • naruto: hm. fair point fair point. i hear ya
  • kankuro: really?
  • naruto: ...... you were just so uncool about it, dude, like did gaara hold back from trying to actually kill me? no! did sasuke? no- ok, kinda. but you were just like "fuck midgets" like what? was that the best u could do? no talk about bathing in our blood? no talk about never knowing love? like i wasnt very impressed. i didnt feel very, uh, connected to you, u know. i thought it was kinda pathetic that this juggalo dude was tryin-
  • kankuro: IM NOT A JUGGALO

meghanrose1992  asked:

Helloooo, I need help finding a fic. I don’t know he name or who wrote it but what I do know is that it’s about Betty and Jughead living together and Betty is a phone sex operator? Thank you so much ❤️

I am very amused by this ask. 

You are looking for For a Good Time, Call Betty, by yours truly ;) 


Rating:  Mature  Chapters: 10/10

Summary:  Betty’s job should be sexy, but it isn’t. Her mother shouldn’t be a monster, but she is. And her roommate…her roommate should be so much more. AU best friends/roommates to lovers story, with a healthy dose of sexy friendship and banter thrown in along the way.

play this while reading

Whistle | Jungkook!Soulmate AU

Originally posted by herthealbum

Soulmates.  The concept haunted you, well rather the clue to your soulmate haunted you.

When you least wanted it there it was, on repeat the same whistling tune over and over again. It had been with you ever since you were young, when you asked your parents what is was all they could do was smile and look at each other lovingly.

‘’You’ll find out soon enough darling~‘’, nothing pissed you off more then your parents knowing eyes but they wouldn’t let you in on the world’s worst kept secret. They told you when you turned 18, but by then you would’ve already figured out that the whistling was a clue to whoever your soulmate was. Most times you didn’t even think of it and whistled along with it but at times The whistle, as you called it, had a notorious reputation of appearing exactly when you least needed it. In class, during practice, going to bed, trying to get your first kiss from a boy. Yeah no it didn’t help at all, not now either. It was your entrance exam to your new university, and the whistle had the guts to show up now.

You gripped your pen harder trying to shut out the endless whistling your entire brain shutting down slowly only focusing on the looping tune.
‘’Whoever is whistling please do not disturb the exam or I’ll take off points.’’ You froze, it wasn’t in your head?

‘’I’m sorry sir.’’ a voice spoke and you turned your head immediately to it’s source. The boy looked at you confused for a second before his brown doe eyes widened along with yours. His brown hair bounced cutely as he was about to get out of his seat to meet you.

But before that happened you were snapped back to reality by the exam teachers loud voice telling you to pack up your things. You didn’t know how you did on the test, but you didn’t care. You quickly packed up your things and handed in your test looking around but unable to find those brown eyes again. You started to panic walking out of the classroom looking around only seeing chaos around you as everyone exited their exam halls all bubbling with excitement or nervousness.  

The halls emptied and you were left standing there, alone. Everything was silent, to silent there was only the sound of your own heart beating until…

Light footsteps accompanied by that oh so familiar whistled tune. You turned your head and saw the boy from earlier walking towards you with his hands deep in his pockets his cheeks slightly pinkish, looking everywhere but you. He stopped not far from you looking down at the floor before meeting your eyes with his brown ones.
‘’Hi soulmate, I’m Jungkook.’’

anonymous asked:

NTAMW you get into a fight with and he slaps you out of anger and you run to the bathroom and lock yourself in there to get away from him and he pounds on the door screaming “Let me in you dumb c word, let me in” then says “I’m sorry I hit you I’ll treat you to dinner and take you to a movie” this happened to my friend last night. Her fiancé hit her and later today I’m going to call the cops and tell them what happen since she’s too scared to do it herself.

This is classic abuse. I’ve experienced it many times myself, and it will not change. I hope your friend is safe and I wish her the best of luck so she is able to leave him. I’m glad she has a friend like you who is able to be there for her.

Taking applications to feature on my YT channel!

Hi! I’m doing a series on my channel called Polyglot Princesses, promoting female language learners. I’d love to have a Skype call with you and feature you on my channel if:

  • You’re a girl 
  • Learn a few languages (numbers don’t matter but remember it’s called Polyglot Princesses, so aspiring polyglots more than welcome). I don’t discriminate by language: I don’t speak many European ones, but you’re most welcome if you do!
  • You are able to submit a short introduction video of yourself 
  • You are able to submit a photo of you for the video thumbnail
  • Your Skype times are flexible - I live in South Africa. 

    Please send me a message here or instagram me @lindiebotes

    The Skype call is just a chat about what languages you’re learning, how you go about them and some tips etc. 

anonymous asked:

hey boi ,If you see someone reposting your art, what would you do?

nothing i guess…I’m just tired of calling people out on reposting without credit every single time. I don’t care anymore


Months and months ago I made the mistake of signing up with a temp agency looking for part time work

Never again.

Got a call from them today. They found me A GREAT JOB! All I need to do is pass a drug screen and purchase a pair of steel toed boots.

“What does it pay?” I ask.

I get a possibly scripted answer telling me how much of an opportunity this is and the rate is competitive and I start Monday but need to get the drug screen done this week.

“What does it pay?” I ask.

“After 90 days you’re eligible for health insurance and a week’s paid vacation when can I schedule you for the drug screen?”

“What. Does. It. Pay?” I ask, now annoyed.

“*sigh* $7.75 an hour. When can I schedule you for the drug screen?”


And then I hung up. Good luck to them getting me to spend $100+ for a pair of boots that I’d have to work 13+ hours to pay off.

Because both Tumblr mobile and their shitty app suck ass, I won’t be updating the bullshit blog again until I’m not on mobile. Apologies to all three of you who follow it. -J