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6/8/17 recs

1. and it makes me wonder by foreverautumn || Unrated, 5.1k

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking for a chance to escape, but it’s difficult in a setting like this.” Victor glances around, and Yuuri does too, despite knowing what he’ll see - people being dragged to dance, to get in a picture, pulled over to share a story - and well, knowing that it’s not just him that finds it all rather exhausting helps Yuuri feel a bit more at ease.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to hide you,” he jokes.

  • Comment: Cute AU vicyuu with a banquet-esque scenario. Fluff without plot, honestly, but not a bad read.

2. Man’s Best Friend (Is a Creature of Nightmares) by DontTrustLoserCandy || Rated T, 7.2k 

Victor is twelve when he meets his wonderful, amazing, unique little red-eyed puppy and future best friend, Makkachin.

Makkachin, who might or might not be the spawn of the forces of darkness, a hellhound or maybe just canine Satan, feels the same. Of that, Victor is sure. Still, raising a dog comes with its own set of troubles, especially when said dog drinks blood for breakfast and her barks sound like breaking glass. 

And especially when you’re keeping her hidden from your parents.

  • Comment: I LOVE HORRORTERROR MAKKACHIN and this fic does it excellently. A great mix of humour and seriousness in general, with a side of ghostly little Vicchan and All of Victor’s Terrified Religious Neighbors.

3. My Boy Builds Coffins by ken_ichijouji (dommific) || Rated T, 4.9k (WIP)

Yuuri’s always dealt with a lot of (pun not intentional) grief about the family business, so much so he’s given up on making many friends or finding romance pretty much in any capacity.

But during one morning Starbucks rush, he meets a light-haired, blue-eyed man in dark colors and manicured nails who just might prove him wrong that no one will be able to get past his job.

TL;DR the Victuuri (loosely based on Six Feet Under) Yuuri is a Mortician and Funeral Director while Victor is the Respectable Start Up CEO Goth who loves him. With friendly assists from Phichit Chulanont, licensed Sex Therapist.

  • Comment: An unusual au that fits quite well with vicyuu that’s super hecking cute, the cutest of what I’ve read today. It works really well for them, and I look forward to future installments :D

Man this has been in my folder just dusting away. What type of trouble is Mabel in? Heck dude probs stuck in quick sand and by the time Pacifica and Dipper reach her shes gonna be waist in tap tapping away on the sand leaning on one of her hands just like “what took you so long?” all over her face and Dippers gonna be like “your girlfriend thought I cared about you so we had to make a detour to starbucks”


Requested BTS Fake Text: Liking the same girl! (Pt.6) 

(Pt.1)  (Pt.2)  (Pt.3)  (Pt.4)  (Pt.5) 

I walked over to the spot that Suga told me, as I look over to the huge sign  ‘Starbucks’ it read. “Good I love Starbucks!” I said a loud. I walked through the door and wondered how the heck haven’t I noticed that Starbucks was around my block; Suga was nowhere to be seen. “Oh…well might as well order something and wait for him” I said to myself. I look over to the menu and since it was 9 something P.M I wasn’t going to order coffee, if I did I probably wasn’t going to sleep. “Next” screamed the cashier. “Hi” I said. “Hello, welcome to Starbucks, what would you like for tonight?” asked the cashier. “Yes…I would like a…um… give a Venti Passion/Hibiscus Lemonade” I said. “Oh and a tall caramel frapuccino” I added. “Okay that would $9.59″ said the cashier. “Okay” I said while I gave her my money. I walked over to where the baristas do their drinks and stuff, after a 5 minute wait, my drinks were done and a barista called my name. 

After, I grabbed my drinks, I spotted Suga over to the window table. I walked over to him and sat and he just looked at  me… “I…grabbed this drink for you..I don’t know if you’ll like it or not” I said. He just grabbed the drink from my hand and took a sip and he seemed to like it. “So…Y/N” started to say Suga. “Mhm..” I said while I sipped my lemonade. “You haven’t been talking to the guys…have you?” he asked. “No” I said. “Why?” he asked curiously. “Because…agh…it’s just to complicated”.I sighed. “Well..I could tell that you like one of them right?” he asked. “No” I said. My answer made him confused so I said. “Well yeah..but I like the two of them but I don’t want to break their hearts…I…the problem is that I like one more than the other” I said sounding sincere also conflicted. “I understand” he said and took a sip. “But I got to tell you..that it’s already to late for that” he added. “Too late?” I said crushed and confused. “Yeah both of them are head over heals over you…do you know what I mean?”  he said while looking straight into my eyes. “What should I do?” I asked. “Well either accept one of those hearts or let them forget you” he said sounding disappointed over reality. I nodded while I let everything sink in. “Well it was nice chatting with you..Y/N” he said while got up. I smiled and he just walked away. 



okay so combine that with a COFFEE SHOP AU 

and what do you get? “welcome to starbucks” on person A’s body and person A’s order on person B’s body.

Person A trying to figure out which cashier it was after they get home and find the tatoo.

Person B trying to figure out who the heck ordered something so so intricate; or even better, Person A purchased the most generic thing and Person B is like “god dang it like 8 people ordered this yesterday WHICH ONE ??”

The Signs As Moms In The Dropoff Line

Aries: Leanne, who’s always shouting on the phone so loudly you can hear her outside the car.

Taurus:  Lilian, whose kids always gets out of the car with starbucks and has an impeccably clean car.

Gemini: The mom who you don’t actually know because she’s always late.

Leo: The super hip young mom whose back window is covered in stickers from marathons.

Cancer: Julie, the mom who always has muffins. Always! Like you call out hey, Julie! And she just muffins you, what the heck. Also alway stops the line talking to other people.

Virgo: Lena, the hot lesbian business mogul who all the other moms are lowkey highkey attracted to.

Libra: Leila, the mom who’s in her forties but is still actually hotter than all the other moms.

Scorpio: Remy, the super opinionated mom whose car is covered in bumper stickers and is on all the boards.

Sagittarius: Serena, the mom who drives a super old car and never wears shoes. Can’t park.

Capricorn: Amanda (uh-mohn-da) the mom who drives a porsche suv and has about a half dozen ‘My Kid’s an Honor Student’ stickers. Also on all the boards, Remy’s arch rival.

Aquarius: Valerie, The mom who’s car is way too small for her kids and always shows up in her pjs.

Pisces: Sunny, the mom who drives super slow and always spends a minute waving out the window as her kids run to school.

Scorpio(M)xCancer(F) Story Part 3/3

The next morning, Cancer’s first thought was “coffee.” After suffering the previous day’s activities without caffeine, there was nothing she craved more than a Starbucks caramel latte! She pulled on her last pair of clean blue jeans and headed down to the laundry room, where all of her clean shirts waited in the drier. However, as soon as she grabbed one from the lot, she was disappointed to find that it was still damp. She had put all of her clothes into the same load to dry, so the machine must’ve not dried them all the way. She knew she should’ve just waited twenty or so more minutes for another dry cycle or have just dealt with the dampness and let the shirt dry naturally, but then a bit of black caught her eye. Laying on top of the machine, Scorpio’s shirt sat from the previous day, perfectly dry and immensely more inviting than the cold piece of damp fabric in Cancer’s hands. She REALLY didn’t want to wear wet clothes… Wait, no! She couldn’t just wear a stranger’s shirt! That was BEYOND weird! But she REALLY wanted coffee and REALLY didn’t feel like waiting for another dry cycle… BUT– Well, it was unlikely that he’d notice… Oh, what the heck?

Cancer pulled on Scorpio’s shirt and slid on a pair of Vans before heading out the door. Her house wasn’t too far of a walk from Starbucks, so she jogged there cheerfully, her hair bouncing in its messy ponytail. She couldn’t help but notice the pleasant smell coming from Scorpio’s shirt. She wondered what detergent he used? It was pleasant and unique… Kinda like him…

Cancer’s train of thought was derailed as she reached her favorite coffeehouse. She walked inside and ordered a caramel latte from the barista, who took her money with a smile and gave her her drink. Cancer noticed her name was already on the cup, despite her having never said it. Wow, she was more of a regular than she’d thought…

Cancer took a seat at a two-seat table by the window and sipped her coffee peacefully. The morning light filled her heart with peace, a peace that was pleasing as opposed to her common rollercoaster of feelings. What could she say? She felt things very intensely! One moment, she’d be cheerful as a chirping songbird, and the next, she’d be brooding in a dark cloud of distress. This calming peace was bliss to her.

However, then a painfully familiar voice ended it with a simple “Hey.”

Cancer looked up to find Scorpio looking down at her with that deep, dark stare and somehow calm scowl. He wore the same hoodie as the previous day, but today the hood was down, revealing a mop of dark hair to match his darker aura.

“H-Hi!” Cancer squeaked, a furious blush once more growing on her face from the striking eyes that pierced right through her heart. Scorpio took a seat at the chair across from her, his gaze not leaving hers. “W-What are you doing here?” Cancer asked.

Scorpio raised an eyebrow at the girl. “What am I doing at Starbucks?” He held up a cup of coffee. “Hunting elephants,” he returned sarcastically. Cancer flushed even harder in embarrassment. What was she, stupid?

“Right! Coffee! I like it!” Cancer rambled with false cheer, smiling.

Scorpio raised his eyebrow in amusement. “I’d hope so. Otherwise, I’d wonder why you’re at a coffeehouse.”

Cancer laughed at the man’s sarcastic humor, ignoring the speed it gave her already racing heart. “So what brings you over to me?” she asked. Perhaps she could have a nice, pleasant conversation with this guy!

“Well, for one thing, you’re wearing my shirt.”

Cancer froze. Oh. Dear. God. She’d completely forgotten about the laundry switch and the shirt she was wearing! Oh goooood! Why’d she have to go and wear Scorpio’s shirt? Why didn’t she just deal with a damp shirt, or better yet, wait for her clothes to dry so she could’ve avoided this visit altogether? She wanted to slam her head down onto the table repeatedly. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! What could Scorpio be thinking? His face was unreadable. He probably thought she was an idiot! He probably thought she was a weird, creepy stalker, wearing his clothes! Oh god, what would he say?


“It’s fine.”

Wait what?

Cancer stared at Scorpio, her face completely red, and gulped. He didn’t look angry at all. In fact, he was… Smirking? Just a little, he was smirking in amusement. Cancer was filled with a mix of embarrassment and indignation because of his amusement, but all she managed to filter that into was, “What?”

“I said it’s fine.” Scorpio leaned back lazily and laughed somewhat darkly. “You clearly like my shirt.”

Cancer opened her mouth to protest, but she snapped it shut once again, afraid she’d say something even more embarrassing than she already had. Plus, it was kinda true. She did like his shirt.

“But I also really like that shirt. And you can’t just strip in the middle of Starbucks.”

That much was true.

“So how about this: you keep the shirt, and you can give it to me next time, eh?”

Wait, what?

Cancer looked up to find Scorpio still smirking at her. He wanted her… To give it back next time? Wait, NEXT TIME? “Wait! But– What do you mean ‘next time’? How do you know we’ll meet again?” she questioned.

Scorpio laughed slightly—Oh dear god, her heart—and said, “Huh, I guess I don’t, do I? Well, then,” he grabbed her coffee cup from the table in front of her and read it, “’Cancer,’ I guess I’ll have to be sure of that, hm?” He dug through his pocket and pulled out a black sharpie. He quickly scribbled something on Cancer’s cup and slid it back to her. She picked up the coffee cup and read it:

‘XXX-XXXX Give me a call sometime c;

P.S. I saw you staring at me, cutie.’

Cancer’s face burnt up to a thousand degrees, and she snapped her head up to look at Scorpio, but he’d already gotten up and started heading toward the door. He looked back at her, smirked once more, and narrowed his stare alluringly.

“’Til next time, Cancer,” he said before giving her a wink and leaving her alone with an important cup of coffee and a pounding heart.


Dear Starbucks

This is getting ridiculous.

I love you and all that you do for depressed stressed out teenagers like me but come on.

There I was, after a long day at work and all I wanted was my incredibly basic smores frappuccino. As I usually do I spelt my name for the cashier. After what happened to me in Boston I am not taking any chances.

By the way how do you possibly spell “Phoebe” “FIBI”?

So after like 10 minutes in the almost empty Starbucks, the guy gives me my order.

Or at least he gives it to “Fabio”.

What. The. Heck.

How in Satan’s asshole do you get FABIO from PHOEBE.

Of course the older women standing next to me heard everything, because they had to turn their hearing aids up for this moment.

So here I was, faced with the ultimate decision. Do I leave my coffee and run or do I grab it and let everyone there think my name is Fabio?

I couldn’t just leave it. It was the only thing keeping me going. So I took it and ran.

So here is my question.

Is it a requirement that everyone that works at Starbucks dyslexic? Or are they playing a joke on the rest of the world? I think I deserve the answer after what they did to me.

So in conclusion, Starbucks it is because I care that I say this.

I think you need help.

Fabio I guess

Nico try's Starbucks

Nico: *sits on the deck of the Argo II
Reyna: *comes and sits next to him holding Starbucks*
Reyna: want some?
Nico: *looks over* what the heck is that?
Reyna: it’s Starbucks duh
Nico: I don’t drink coffee
Reyna: *playfully looks hurt*
Nico: don’t do that
Reyna: come on just take a sip
Nico: fine *takes a sip* *makes a funny face*
Reyna- see I told you it’s good

Seriously what the heck is up with 12 year olds like one time I was just waiting for my friend outside Starbucks when this one tall little man child yells to his friend across the street “MAN I DON’T CARE. I’LL FUCK YOUR SISTER, I’LL FUCK YOUR MOM, I’LL EVEN FUCK YOUR DOG!” literally wtf go home, cleanse your mouth, and ask the lord for forgiveness and then do your pre-algebra homework little boy

Is this Happening? Chapter 6

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Hello everyone! I’ve been receiving lots of love for this series and I just want everyone who has been reading and liking my series, that I appreciate it so so so much and that it means the world to me! This is my very first imagine series, or just fanfic in general, and I was very hesitant to even post in the first place, but I’m so glad that lots of you lovely people have enjoyed it! Please don’t hesitate to suggest or give me positive feedback and criticism! Hope you enjoy this chapter! 

Chapter 6: Surprise!

Your POV

I could not stop thinking about that kiss. It kept replaying in my head over and over again the entire week.

After the night of meeting the guys and Sophia and Perrie, Harry had called me at least once a day and texted me every chance he got. He had to fly to Europe that weekend because the guys were invited to be on multiple shows. 

As for me, I threw myself back into school, work, music… and I found myself running more. It helped me sort out my thoughts.

“Y/N…? Hello? Earth to Y/N?” I realized Oliver was waving his hand in front of my face as I snapped out of my day dream.

“Oh sorry Ollie. I was just-”

“Thinking about Barry?” Oliver asked.

“Harry. His name is Harry and maybe.” I admitted as I tried to go back to studying for my midterms.

“HAR-ry Styles, right? Why do you even like him? Because he’s in a boy band? Or because he has an accent?” Oliver teased as he tried imitate a british accent.

“Who said I like him?”

“Your face says it.”

Just as I was about to say something back, Madeline came in to the condo. 

“Hey love! Hi Oliver! How’s the studying going?” She asked as set grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

“It’s fine.” I said as I shuffled through my notes.

“Y/N is distracted by her little british boy,” Oliver teased, once again imitating a british accent.

“Oh really now? Has he told you when he’s going to be back in New York yet?”

“No, I don’t even know if he’s going to be in the US any time soon…” I wondered if he still even wanted to take me on that date.

“Well, if he likes you, he’ll figure something out.” Madeline assured me.

“If he doesn’t, then who cares. He’s just a guy. Our midterms are more important right now.” Oliver scoffed.

“What the heck Ollie? You haven’t even met him. Be nice.” I said as I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I mean I’m just saying, just don’t get your hopes up.“ 

Madeline gave me a look, which meant we will talk later, after Oliver left.

“Okay Ollie, let’s study. I promise I’ll stay focused.”

- - - - - - - -

“FINALLY. MIDTERMS ARE OVER!” I exclaimed to Madeline as we waited in line at Starbucks, since we both pulled an “all-nighter,” we agreed that we needed coffee.

“You’re telling me. I had to make five dresses as my finals. My hands hurt so much.” Madeline said as she rubbed her hands together.

My phone started ringing and I looked down to see Harry’s name on my screen.

Harry: Hey Y/N! How was your midterms?

Me: Over. Thank god.

Harry: How do you think you did?

Me: I think I did okay. I didn’t get much sleep last night since I studied all night, so I hope it paid off.

Harry: Oh bummer. What are you up too?

Me: Nothing right now, Madeline and I are getting coffee right now, umm hold on a second.

“Grande white chocolate mocha with soy, please!” I said to the barista.

“Green tea latte with soy for me.” Madeline ordered, “I got this Y/N, go talk to him.” She held out her card and shooed me off.

Harry: Hey! That’s what I get at Starbucks too!

Me: It’s my favorite drink.

Harry: Mine too! Are you going to be home soon? You can call me back later.

Me: Yeah, probably in half an hour. Can I call you then?

Harry: Of course. Tell Madeline I said hi! Bye!

Me: Bye Harry!

“So what was that about?” Madeline asked as she handed me my coffee.

“Just wanted to know how my midterms went.”

“He cares about you. Did he say he was coming back soon?”

“No, I told him I would call him back when we got back home. Honestly, I don’t want to get my hopes up. Ollie is right.” I said as we both walked towards our building.

“Y/N. Ollie likes you. That’s why he said that, have you not noticed?”

“No he doesn’t… We’re just friends. No. No way.”

“Okay, would I ever lie to you? How long have we’ve been best friends?” Madeline vexed.

“I know you wouldn’t lie, but I don’t really think he does.”

“Okay babe, whatever you say. But back to Harry, he’s a busy guy, but like I said, if he likes you, which I know he does, he will come back to see you.” She said with confidence.

“How are you so sure he does?”

“You didn’t see the way he looked at you like I did. Y/N, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you the entire night we all went out together.” She smiled.

“What… Really?”

“Yes babe. But the more important question is, when are you going to tell him about who you are?”

“I don’t know. I hate talking about it! You know that. I had a hard time telling you and you were my best friend!” I reminded her.

“Yeah I know… But I don’t think he would treat you or see you differently.”

“I just don’t know, I don’t even know what he thinks of me or how he feels about me.“ 

As we both approached our building, I noticed Adam standing outside as if he was waiting.

"Adam?” Madeline and I both asked at the same time.

“Oh Miss Y/N! Miss Madeline! Great to see you again.” He nodded.

“What are you doing here?” Madeline asked.

“I’m actually here on official business. Would you both please grab your passports and pack your essential items please? I am to escort you two ladies to the airport.”

“What? Escort us where?” I asked with my jaw half dropped.

“It’s a surprise. Go on, pack your things. We’ve only got two hours until plane takes off.” He ushered us into our building.

“What is going on?!” Madeline asked as we entered the elevator.

“I don’t even know!” I got really nervous. What the fuck is happening?

As we entered our apartment, Madeline and I saw two dozen beautiful red roses in a vase sitting on our living room table with a note attached.

Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about asking you on a date. Pack your passports and grab Madeline, don’t worry about anything else. 



I was still processing what the note said, I was completely speechless.

“Y/N! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!” She asked excitedly.

“Madeline! What! Oh my god! What! NOTHING! I did nothing!” I wanted to just cry. I can’t believe this was happening.

“GET YOUR PASSPORT! Go pack!!! COME ON!” She pushed me towards my room as she rushed to hers.

I went into my room and pulled out my phone out from my pocket and clicked on Harry’s name.

Harry: Surprise!

Me: Harry… I don’t even know what to say…

Harry: You already agreed to go on a date with me, you can’t take it back! So hurry and pack!

Me: I wouldn’t take it back. I just can’t believe it. I don’t even know where you’re taking us!

Harry: It’s a surprise! Just hurry and pack, and meet Adam downstairs, don’t take too long! I can’t wait to see you.

Me: The roses are beautiful… Thank you so much! I love them.

Harry: Not as beautiful as you. See you soon! Got to rehearse now! Bye!

I rushed around my room grabbing as many essential items and as many dresses and shoes and accessories as I could fit into my suitcase.

I can’t believe Harry is flying me to him. I was freaking out.

About an hour later, Madeline and I were heading to the airport.

“I didn’t pack much, I had no idea what to even pack!” I said to Madeline.

“Same here, I just figured we will buy new clothes! It’s the excuse I’m using to go shopping!” She laughed, “I can’t believe we are about to just take off to Europe. Wow I thought Harry was going to come back to New York, but nope, he just took it to a whole ‘nother level.”

“I know, I just can’t believe it. Is this really happening to us?”

As we approached the airport, we realized we weren’t going to the main entrance, but a private hanger instead.

“Madeline. Oh my god. We are taking a private jet.” I recognized it the runway all too well.

“DAMN Y/N. It’s like a modern fairytale.” She said as she looked out the window.

Harry Styles, what are you doing to me?

- - - - -

A little over 8 hours later, we saw beautiful city lights below us. Madeline and I peered out the windows in awe.

“Attention passengers, we are approaching Milan, please buckle your seat belts as we prepare for landing,” the captain of the plane announced.

“Italy?!” My jaw dropped.

“WOW. He flew us to fucking Italy.” Madeline continued to look out the window, still in shock.

After the plane landed in the private hanger, as I exited and walked down the stairs, I saw Harry and Niall standing outside an SUV, waving at us.

“Y/N!” Harry rushed towards me and hugged me.

“Madeline!” He hugged her as well.

“Have a nice flight girls?” Niall asked as he hugged us both.

“Yeah we both knocked out an hour into the flight, since we didn’t sleep last night.” Madeline said joyfully.

“Italy… I can’t believe you flew us to Italy Harry.” I said as we all got into the SUV.

“Well I figured because I couldn’t fly back to New York, I would fly you here.” He smiled.

“Are you girls hungry? Cause we’re hungry.” Niall asked.

“Starving!” Both Madeline and I said at the same time.

“Awesome! Get ready for a fun weekend with One Direction!” Niall said enthusiastically as he winked at Madeline.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you guys liked it!

Thanks so much again for reading! You guys are all amazing!

<3 M

What the heck I was walking home from a meeting and I thought, “I deserve a Starbucks frap”

So I walk in and ordered one and the guy at the counter said 

“Oh uh, we stop serving fraps at 5pm.”



6 a.m. coffee

If destiny is destined
A foretold journey
Then what the heck am I doing
Waiting in line for
6 a.m. coffee
At Starbucks

Shouldn’t I be
Sparring with dragons
And saving the world

Maybe the
Gemstone of Untold Truth
And Unimaginable Power
Is in the cinammon shaker
Just waiting to be

Doesn’t that sound more
Like destiny
Than 6 a.m. coffee

litglob © 2014

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luke spills your coffee.

(part two) (part one here)

idea by the lovely kissme-kissme-5sos! hope everyone likes it :))


you gripped luke’s wrist and pulled him back right as he started to walk back out on the street as you remembered something. he turned back halfway with curious eyes and raised eyebrows. “something wrong?”

“aren’t people gonna notice you?” you replied while arching an eyebrow back, wondering if it’d just slipped his mind or he’d acknowledged it and just ignored it. either one seemed weird.

“oh.” luke turned fully around to you and scratched the back of his neck. “i thought that we could just risk it and walk, and if i got seen, we could just run? no?” he added while his cheeks turned red and he got a glance at you. you were basically just shaking your head slowly at him with a blank expression, but you stopped after a minute and gave him a little grin.

“well? do you have any ideas then?” he somehow shoved his hands in the pockets of his tight black jeans, looking at you expectantly.

you pursed your lips while looking at the wall, thinking. luke just needed to stop looking like luke. he was too easy to spot. luckily, you had just the thing to make him blend in a bit more. your grin became wider and he raised an eyebrow as he saw it, wondering what was in store.

“i just might have something that’ll work…”

you pulled your striped beanie off your head and ran your fingers through your hat hair before rummaging around your shopping bags for the pair of aviator sunglasses you’d just bought at the mall, thankfully. not that you had really needed to buy them for a while, living in the city and it being march, but hopefully you’d get to use them soon as spring and summer came.

you found the sunglasses, reached up, and basically shoved them onto his face. “here, wear these.”

luke flinched and leaned back, so the sunglasses were perched on the edge of his nose. he grimaced while adjusting them. “ow! emma, careful! you practically poked my eye out,” he grumbled, and you smiled to yourself but didn’t look up at him, too busy fiddling with your beanie so you could put in on his head.

“cover all your hair with this. no fringe. it’ll be less noticeable,” you said while getting up on your tiptoes just so you could reach, and for once your faces were actually level with each other. you could feel him staring as you pulled the beanie over his ears and tucked in a few loose strands of blonde hair, just fixing it yourself since he didn’t seem to mind, and you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks as you looked back and gave him a slight smile. his breath fanned over your face and it made your nose a little less frozen.

you finished and took a step back from him. it was different from his usual style, and the striped beanie clashed with his striped sweater, but he looked cute nonetheless. there wasn’t really a time where he didn’t look cute, though. luke put his hands on the hat and scowled. “i don’t like it like this. only ashton wears his beanies with all his hair tucked in and he looks weird when he does.”

you snorted. “luke, you look fine. the point is that you won’t look like yourself, so looking weird would actually help your case,” you shrugged, quickly adding, “and, slouch. like, a lot. apparently they only breed human breadsticks in australia, so your height’s a dead giveaway.”

luke just gave you a weird look. “human breadstick? where do you even come up with something like that?”

"you’d be surprised at how many people say it,” you quirked your eyebrows before slowly starting to walk out of the alley. “ready now? my coffee stain’s getting cold and it’s doesn’t feel great.”

luke grimaced as he glanced down at your shirt and nodded. “yeah. sorry.”

with that you two were back into the throng of people, although, you were walking quickly as if you were in a hurry so people would get less of a chance to look at luke’s face, not that they were looking, though. most of them were too busy getting to the next part of their day.

you got back to the starbucks without much trouble. “i’m gonna go to the bathroom and change,” you started, and he nodded while looking towards the menu on the wall.

“i’ll go order, then,” luke started to walk up to the line, still pulling off a good slouch, and you giggled to yourself, thinking about how that would go.

“don’t get noticed, okay?” you said, sounding just a bit patronizing, and he just gave you a grin as he walked up a step in the line.

you rolled your eyes, inwardly wondering what the heck that meant, but headed to the bathroom anyway.

you luckily got the handicapped stall and immediately took your jacket and shirt off, sighing happily as the damp and sticky fabric stopped coming in contact with your skin. you went over and just got the whole thing wet in the sink, wringing it out and repeating, watching the tinted water go down the drain. then, you got some wet paper towels and dabbed all the sticky latte residue off your chest, as well as your bra, and after that was cleaned the best you could, you pulled on one of the sweaters you’d bought at forever 21— didn’t want to get stuck in the fanzone by wearing the 5sos shirt you’d got— and walked back out of the bathroom feeling a lot better.

you spotted luke sitting hunched over at a table, scrolling on his phone, and slid into the seat opposite him with a smile. “hey.”

he looked up, and his face split into a grin. at that moment, you really wanted to take back your sunglasses to see his gorgeous eyes better. “hey, you’re back. nice shirt.”

you glanced down at it and smiled a little. “oh, thanks.”

he nodded, biting down on the straw of his frappucino before pointing to the other cup on the table. “that’s your drink, by the way. i just got what was written on your last cup, hope that’s alright.”

“caramel latte! just what i wanted,” you said, and luke gave you this cute little childish smile. you pulled it towards you and took a sip, burning your tongue a little in the process. when you put it back down, you noticed the name written on the side.

princess emma, with a few hearts at the end.

you felt your cheeks turning hot, and luke noticed what you were looking at. his face looked like it’d turned somehow redder than yours, and he looked down at the table while chewing on his lip ring. “oh, uhm, it was the starbucks girl who added the hearts. i made sure they got your name right this time, though,” he added softly while giving you a wary glance over your sunglasses.

you simply stared back at him, frankly too shocked to know what the heck to do. “i- i- thanks,” you mumbled.

luke leaned into the table a little more, not moving his gaze. “you’ve got some cream on your lip…”

you looked down while furrowing your eyebrows, ready to lick it off, but he lifted a hand, slowly shaking his head as he openly stared at your lips. “lemme get it.”

your faces were centimetres apart, and your eyes fluttered closed, and—

luke suddenly wasn’t there, and you opened your eyes and leaned back, confused expression on your face. you noticed that in luke’s spot was no one other than michael clifford, a snapback sat over his silvery dyed hair and sunglasses over his green eyes. luke was sprawled out on the ground next to the chair.

“hi,” michael started as luke groaned and started to stand up, “sorry to be such a cockblocky asshole, but, luke has to go right now. got a concert to prepare for, you see,” he continued as he looked over at luke and gave him a cheeky smirk. luke pulled down the end of his shirt and scowled back, mumbling an “i hate you.”

“um- yeah, yeah, that’s okay,” you stuttered, trying to digest the situation as you leaned back and watched the two bicker.

michael stood up and grabbed luke by the forearm, starting to pull him towards the door, which seemed kind of hard considering how large luke’s bicep was, but it wasn’t like he was resisting. he seemed almost as shocked as you, mixed in with a little anger, which was probably for michael. “sorry again,” michael called back at the door, “but it was nice to meet you, princess emma!”

luke’s shock must’ve subsided a little by then because he started saying, “wait, but i need to get her—”

the door closed.

that was just— that was unreal. and now that it was over, you realized just how unreal it really was. you gripped your coffee with both hands as you replayed the last two minutes of your life in your mind. you just stayed like that for while, and at the end, you concluded on three things.

one, was that luke needed to give back your beanie and sunglasses. (although if he wore them again and got seen doing so you’d most likely die of happiness)

two, was that you were even more muke af than before. (although you also hardcore shipped luke with yourself because who wouldn’t after all that?)

and three? the concert tonight was going to be a billion times more interesting than before.

and you couldn’t wait.

to be continued!

Today I went to read at Starbucks. I saw there was a guy (who looked to be around my age) sitting reading and writing down things as well. We both sat at our separate tables reading and sipping on our drinks. We exchanged a glance or two and I started to think of all of those little text posts that say ‘I saw ___ across the way but never said hi’ or whatever those things say. You know what I am thinking of. Anyway I was like, shoot why not just go sit down and ask what he is reading. 

So you know what? I did. I went I pulled out the open chair and introduced myself. Found out we were both reading books that were very similar. That was 3.5 hours ago and we just stopped talking. We exchanged stories, laughter, numbers, books and drinks. 

I was shaking for the first 10 minutes because it was nerve racking like heck but life is to short to just look across the shop and wonder who that person is. Just go ask, you may just make a new friendship. 

Be bold and be you :D