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Special Fic Rec III by viplourry

You Really Got Me Now by allwaswell16 (6K)

Louis is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He knows this because he’s agreed to help chaperone his younger sister’s school trip to Rome. As it turns out, Italy is full of surprises. Fizzy’s Italian teacher is surprisingly hot, Rome is surprisingly interesting, and Louis is surprisingly falling in love with more than just the city.

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Louis is more nervous than usual about filming the upcoming episode of Vogue’s 73 questions. Musician and soon to be actor Harry Styles may have something to do with that.

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Au where Louis attends a Steve Aoki concert and accidentally ends up with a husband.

You’ll Hear Me Calling for You by pinky_heaven19 (42K)

The one where Harry is an Alpha and Louis has a problem with it - until he doesn’t.

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Stevie’s favorite things

I have received a request to post Stevie’s favorite things (”music, books, food, poets and all things beyond, far and in between”), so I gathered some things from several interviews and Q&As.

I feel that I have to add some sort of disclaimer though - This list could never be a thorough look into Stevie’s likes as she’s a very private person (as she should be!) and I’m far from being an expert. All the things listed here were mentioned publicly and I have no intention of intruding or disrespecting. I hope you enjoy it, and if you think of things I’ve left out, please drop me a line. 

▬ Music

It’s almost impossible to gather all the artists, bands, and songs Stevie has cited as favorites in just one place… Nothing I post will do justice to her love of music. “I have a love of music that goes far beyond what I do onstage.” (, 2017) 

 • ”Tom Petty is my favorite rock star.“ (BST Hyde Park Festival, 2017) 

•  "If you could do a duet with anyone in the world, with whom would it be?” “I would say James Taylor.” (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

• “So I got got the flamboyancy and the attitude from Janis and then I got the humbleness and the grace from Jimi Hendrix. And then one other thing, I got a little bit of slinky from Grace Slick.(South by Southwest Music Festival, 2013) 

 •"I have striven to live up to the songwriting of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell.“ (1981) 

• “If I can sit down and be going through a crisis and I can listen to Joni Mitchell or something and I can feel from her that she understands, even though she doesn’t know me, then, for me… I love that, and that’s what I try to do.” (1976)

Here’s just a little of what she has mentioned over the decades: Her Grandad, Leon Russell, The Everly Brothers,  Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Foo Fighters, Vanessa Carlton, Haim, and so many more. Click here for a playlist containing 73 songs Stevie has mentioned during interviews.

▬ Poets

“Do you have any poets you enjoy?”
Yes, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe.” (Q&A, 

I think that poets and songwriters have a lot in common because a songwriter really has to be a poet first. That’s how we live our lives. It’s the same kind of thinking. Unlike people who write fiction or make movies, we put our stories into these small little containers filled with mostly short lines and verses. This is how we talk about the way we feel and talk about things and explain the world and ourselves.” (The Creative Independent, 2016)


The Mabinogion Trilogy - Evangeline Walton 

These four fantasy-fiction books by American author Evangeline Walton (The Prince of Annwn, The Children of Llyr, The Song of Rhiannon and The Island of The Mighty) are based on traditional Welsh myths. Someone sent them to me back in 1978 because I’d written a song called Rhiannon 5 years earlier. Walton started her work around 1934 and finished in 1974, which was right around the time that I wrote Rhiannon, so I felt like when her work ended, mine began.

• Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea is inspired by Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre. The novel explores the life of Mrs Rochester, ‘the wild woman in the attic’, in 1830s Jamaica before she was brought to England by Mr Rochester. Jean Rhys wrote this book as a precursor to Jane Eyre because of her love for the Bronte novel. I saw the film adaptation of the book in the early 1990s and it inspired me to write the song of the same name on my album.

• Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

I first read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (written by Charlotte’s sister Emily Bronte) when I was in college in California in the late 1960s. They are two of my favourite books because they’re just so brilliantly written. The beauty of both these classics is that they were fantastic when I was a teenager and they still appeal to me now as a 63-year-old woman.”

• The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

“I’ve read all of Poe’s poetry as well as Lord Byron’s and Oscar Wilde’s. He is deep and brooding - you can make many songs from his poems. I like Byron for the same reason - his characters are dark and intense like Lindsey. Oscar Wilde’s work is more flamboyant, but he was a really good storyteller.”

Out of Africa - Karen Blixen 

 “This memoir recounts the time Karen Blixen (a Danish author) spent in Kenya from 1914. When I saw the 1985 movie version with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, it just killed me and inspired me to read the book. Both make me sob so much I can hardly breathe. Later, my assistant gave me a beautiful old copy, which makes me treasure the story more. I even stayed in the Karen Blixen suite at the Hotel D'Angleterre in her native Copenhagen. The relationship between Blixten and the Safari hunter Denys Finch Hatton broke my heart. It’s a book about finding and losing love.”

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

I first discovered The Little Prince when I was in high school and fell in love with the book straight away. My make-up artist has a tattoo of the Little Prince on the side of her leg, so I’m often reminded of what a beautiful story it is. It’s a sweet fable about the relationship between a little boy and his love for a rose. There is such a strong philosophy of love and loneliness running throughout the book that I can’t help but return to it again and again.” 

The Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), a song on my new album was written about New Moon. The song is about what happens when a relationship breaks down or, more specifically, when you are abandoned in some way. I could totally relate to that. I think that Meyer’s stories are magnificent and I’m amazed at how she built her complex world. Writing a song seems much simpler that writing a novel - a song is just five verses and a chorus! I think the love story between Edward and Bella is going to live on forever, like Beauty and the Beast.

• “Right now I am reading ‘Wheel of Fortune’ by Susan Howatch.” (Q&A,, 2000s)

• “On the bookshelves are volumes about the Kabbalah, Madame Blavatsky and Arthurian legend; a copy of The Johns Hopkins Consumer Guide to Drugs sits beside Luxury Hotels of the World.” (Stevie Nicks: a survivor’s story,, 2007)

• “She is gurgling scales along with a recording of her vocal coach while flipping through a new memoir by Janis Joplin’s road manager. ”Look,“ Nicks says, perking up, “I knew Janis wore sling-back heels.” (Rolling Stone, 2015)


• Mentioned: Jean Cocteau’s “La Belle et la Bête”, “Mary, Queen of Scots”, “Julia”. 

• Stevie’s favorite horror movie is “The Haunting of Hill House”, however… “Nicks has very little experience with horror: she’s seen only a handful of old horror movies, like “Bride of Dracula”. “They don’t scare me,” she says. “I just love the costumes.” - (AHS:Coven interview, 2014) 

• “I can see a movie—say, it’s a movie with Michael Fassbender called “The Light Between Oceans”—and I can’t get this movie out of my head. The tragedy of this movie is so intense and so beautiful you can hardly stand it and you go home and think about it for days afterwards.” (The Creative Independent, 2016)

▬ TV Shows

• “I worked on the edit of my documentary about the making of In Your Dreams. And then I got pneumonia. With my pneumonia and my mother’s death I watched the entire first season of Game Of Thrones—so that was great! That certainly took my mind off everything.” Not only did the series distract the Grammy winner, but it re-ignited her creativity, inspiring her to write some G.O.T.-centric fan poems. Explains Nicks, “I’ve written a bunch of poetry about it—one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow… On Arya…. On Cersei and Jaime.” She also says that she has a talent crush on the author of the Game of Thrones book series, George R. R. Martin, who is her age, and “would love to write some music” for the show. (VanityFair, 2013)

• Among the TV shows she loves, besides American Horror Story and Million Dollar Listing, are The Good Wife, Ugly Betty, Glee, Elementary (“That guy [Jonny Lee Miller] who used to be married to Angelia Jolie, oh my God, he’s amazing. I’d marry him. In a second”), and “all of the creepy shows,” like the Law and Order franchises, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and NCIS: L.A. (Vulture, 2014)

• “Judging Amy is my favorite!” (Q&A,


I ate with Stevie… You have two girls with a sweet tooth, it’s like carnage.” (Chrissie Hynde, talking about Thanksgiving with Stevie, November, 2016) 

I am always on the Weight Watchers diet. I kind of eat food that is fixed for me all over the US. I don’t really get to eat my favorite foods, like vanilla bean ice cream, gelato, cherry pie, and lemon cake, and chocolate chip cookies. I’d love to have them every day, but I don’t. I have to zip back into that long, black, seriously tight dress! (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

“I eat one yogurt every single night right before I go to bed. It’s my, like, special time.”

Mexican is my favorite, but I don’t eat it very often. I can make a GREAT omelet!“ (Q&A, 

It’s so interesting – when my mother was pregnant with me, the only thing she could keep down was enchiladas and refried beans. As for me, whenever I’m sick, the only thing I can tolerate is Mexican food! So the fact that they actually pulled that out of the air was so great. Because if I was ever going to have a restaurant that’s what it would be." 

"Stevie really doesn’t have alot of time to cook… but if we can get her to, she makes one heck of a sandwich!! (It’s all about the sauces she makes…) (Ask Lori [Nicks], 

"I just eat the airline food, but I always get a Starbucks soy latte before boarding.” 

"Stevie is an iced tea kind of gal.” (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003)


I like antiques, I love old things. I must be very old underneath because I love beautiful old things. I love dancing. I love most of all writing songs. I love animals!“ (1977)

I absolutely still draw. I have 4 drawings out here with me right now. Drawing for me is like a tranquilizer. It puts me into another state of mind and takes me out of the Rock N’ Roll mind and puts me into that drawing I’m working on. I can just sit and draw for hours and hours. It is food for my soul. Someday I will put our my art, just as I have begun putting out my polaroids.“ (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

Painting in my room that looks over the ocean. That is my favorite thing.“ (Q&A,

"I like to decorate! I like to go decorating shopping at furniture stores. I’m constantly changing around the rooms in my house, so that’s something I really love to do. You’ll be at my house one day, and 2 weeks later, you’ll come in and it’ll be different.” (Facebook Q&A, 2014)

“Nicks moves among the collection of colourful Art Deco lamps that stand on every surface, carefully orchestrating the ambient light. ’That’s the famous blue lamp that’s been in lots of photos; that’s a Tiffany,’ she says. ’And so is that one. I don’t know about the others.’ (Stevie Nicks: a survivor’s story,, 2007) 

Hawaii, Paris, New Zeland.”  
I would have to say it is New York City. There is so much energy in the city, and so much to do there. It is a very exciting city for me.”  (Favorite destinations, Q&A,

Stevie actually goes out a lot. In every city she goes shopping and out for dinner, at the least.” (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003) 

Stevie also shops a lot, and in perfect female form, jewelry shopping tops her list. She loves it when a group of people, maybe 8 or more, get together for dinner. She can sit and chat and laugh for hours on end. Literally. Although I didn’t travel with the band, and we were very rarely in the same cities, I do know that Stevie goes out a lot on days off. She loves shopping, whether it be for something she actually needs or wants, or just strolling around window shopping. She and her posse go out to dinner a lot, and also spends time writing and taking pictures. She really a lot of fun.”  (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003)

“You want your journals written by hand in a book, because someday, if you have daughters — I don’t have daughters, but I have fairy goddaughters, thousands of them — all of these books are gonna go to them, and they’re gonna sit around just like we are now, and they’re gonna read them out loud, and they’re going to be able to know what my life was.” (New York Times, 2014)

And finally one of the passions I believe many of us fans share with her:

Yorkies are my favorites because they have such amazing personalities.” (Q&A,

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Seven

Nobody would admit it, but you were lost. Lost as shit. Finn was convinced that this was the path you both took last year on your way to the ice rink, but you weren’t so sure. You should have trusted yourself.

“Finn,” You rolled your eyes, “What did I fucking tell you? I literally said-”
“Yes, Y/N, I know. You literally said ‘Finn you little shit listen to me, this is the wrong way.”
You smiled, satisfied in knowing that you were right. “Told you so, Wolfhard. Now we’re walking through the woods with no idea where the hell we’re going.”
“I don’t know about you guys,” Sophia shivered, “But I need a big ass hot chocolate and a cookie.”
“Good idea Sophia,” Jack said zipping his coat up as far as it would go, “I swear I’m so cold my d-”
“ALRIGHT, JACK!” Jaeden shouted, causing everyone to burst out laughing despite the situation

Wyatt was next to you, holding your hand as he had been all day. You couldn’t take your mind off of him. It was really starting to get on your nerves, but in a really good way, which probably only made sense to you. Jaeden’s phone started ringing.

“Hello?“ He said, “Oh my, CHOSEN!”
Everyone snapped their heads up and looked at Jae. Chosen Jacobs was on the phone.
“Yeah, I know,” Jaeden was smiling as he had his conversation, “And Jeremy, of course. Sure. Yeah. Ring Finn later. Alright, bye.”
As soon as Jaeden ended the call, everyone started asking questions.
“Woah! Give me a chance and I’ll tell you what he said. He’s going to call you later, Finn, but he’s flying over with Jeremey next week for a couple of days. This is going to sound crazy, but Jeremey’s Uncle has a cabin up in the mountains. When I say cabin I mean log mansion with massive hot tub and shit. And we can stay there for a couple of days if we want.”
“NO WAY!” Everyone broke out into excited chatter at the prospect of another little getaway. This was quickly turning into the best three weeks of your entire life.
Everyone was currently sat at a table in Starbucks. You had managed to find the way out of the woods eventually.

“I can’t believe Jeremey is taking us away again next week!” Jack said, “We’ll go back to Finn’s and then be off to the mountains.”
“I know right,” Sophia smiled, “I didn’t even know his uncle had a place in Vancouver. And that he’s trusting us enough to be there without adults.”
“It’s only going to be for a couple of days,” Jaeden said, “And it’ll be Christmas soon!”

It was no secret that everyone was excited for Christmas. Sophia was flying home the day after getting back from Jeremey’s, which kind of sucked. On the way to the swimming pool, you and Sophia made plans to meet in the new year, which you already couldn’t wait for. Jack had promised your younger sister an afternoon at the pool, so you were on your way there now. 

When you came to the entrance, your sister and your mother were waiting. As soon as little Alice saw Jack she ran and jumped into Jack’s arms. Your mum handed you your sister’s swim bag and looked at you gravely. 

“Y/N,” She said to you, “Please make sure you look after her. And don’t stay here too long. Make sure you bring her back to the tree house so she gets something to eat.”
“Yes, mum. We won’t let her out of our sight. I mean, look at her with Jack. She’s clinging to him like a freaking monkey.”
Alice was currently in Jack’s arms with her arms around his neck, laughing at one of his jokes. Your mother smiled.
“Finn’s mother and I are going off for an early dinner so we’ll see you later. Call me if you need anything.”
“Alright. See you later.”
It was almost dark out and the snow was falling again. Alice was walking along holding Jack’s hand. She hadn’t let go of him all afternoon. Wyatt felt betrayed. As you walked back to the treehouse you talked about your next trip and how excited everybody was. You were looking forward to meeting Jeremey and Chosen for the first time. Wyatt said that you would get along with them both brilliantly but especially Chosen as you could both sing.

When you arrived back ‘home’, you took your little sister to yours and Sophias bathroom since the adults were still at dinner you had to take care of everything your mother usually would since she was only young. Jack and Wyatt were choosing what to order from the room service menu and talking about you at the same time. You didn’t know this, of course. 

“So,” Jack smirked at Wyatt, “Finn invites us for Christmas and you end up falling in love, huh?”
“Who said I was in love?”
“Oh come on, Wyatt. Don’t even try that bullshit. I know you’re in love with Y/N.You have been since you laid eyes on her.”
Wyatt looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. “I think you’re right. I think this was meant to happen. She told me that last night.”
“You’re endgame, that’s for sure. I can’t believe that Finn’s allowing it.”
“I think he’s happy that it’s me and not some stranger. He knows me and knows that I wouldn’t hurt her.”
“He’d kill you if you did, you know that right?”
“I know. But I wouldn’t. Not now, not ever.”

You and Sophia were sat in the hot tub mugs of hot chocolate in your hands. It was a bit of a weird combination the more you thought about it. There was a full moon in the winter sky and the light was making the snow on top of all the trees glow. It was your idea of a perfect night. Sophia looked behind her into the tree house where the boys were laughing at a show they had on. She smiled fondly at Jaeden.

“I can’t believe I’m with Jae now. I’ve wanted it for so long.”
“I’m happy for you. Even though we haven’t known each other all that long, it feels like we’ve been best friends all our lives.”
“It really does. And with Wyatt.”
“Yeah. I told him last night that our destiny is to be one and that we were crafted from the same star.”
“You poetic hoe.”
The two of you burst out laughing at Sophia’s remark. Finn looked at you at smiled, wondering what you were laughing at.
“What’s so funny?” He shouted from inside
“Y/N out here is just a poetic hoe, that’s all!”
More laughter. The others didn’t get it, which made it funnier. They went back to their show and you took a sip of your hot chocolate.
“Do you think you and Jaeden will last?”
“Definitely. I think we’ve both known for a long time that we liked each other.”
“From what Finn has told me, I think so too.”
“What about you and Wyatt? When he goes back to the states, what do you think is going to happen?”
“We talked about this a little bit and we’re not going to let it ruin it. We’re going to see each other all the time until we’re old enough to fly somewhere one day and unpack for good instead of a few weeks.”
“We’re all going to stay in touch too right? You and Wyatt won’t just live in your own little bubble.”
“No, of course not. It feels like this is the billionth time we’ve spent time together already.”

You and Sophia stayed out in the hot tub for a little while before heading in once the snow began again. Wyatt welcomed you back to the sofa with open arms and a bar of chocolate to share. Well, before Jack ate the whole thing anyway…
When you opened your eyes the next morning, you were laying next to Wyatt instead of Sophia. The memories all flooded back. Sophia went and slept in Jaeden’s room, and Wyatt came to yours. He was still sleeping, curls falling into his face and his mouth open slightly. Being careful not to wake him, you gently pushed his hair out of his face and kissed him lightly on the nose.
After taking a shower and getting dressed you left Wyatt snoozing in bed and went out to make breakfast. Finn had beaten you to it.
“Morning frog face. What’s for breakfast?”
“Nothing if you keep being rude to me.”
You laughed and gave Finn a hug before opening the cupboard and pulling out a big jar of oats.
“Want some?” You asked Finn
“Sure. I’ll make juice.”

So you and Finn made yourselves breakfast and took it to the sofa where you watched Rick and Morty together until the others emerged from their slumber. They helped themselves to breakfast before joining you in front of the TV.

“Aren’t we going to the spa today, Y/N?” Sophia asked you
“Yeah. We finally get some respite away from these idiots.”
“HEY!” Jack flipped you off and you did it back
“What time are we meeting your mum and Finn’s?”
“Midday at the complex. The boys can do what they like today.”
Time skip to after the spa because I don’t know what I would write about that…

You and Sophia were walking back to the tree house feeling positively radiant after your afternoon without the boys, as much as you loved them. You had Starbucks cups in your hands and were currently doing a live stream with the snowy trees in the background.

“Where are the boys?” You read out one of the questions, “We needed some time away from them! They smell. I’m kidding, although the spa was amazing.”
“It really was,” Sophia agreed, “Are you and Jaeden an item? Heck yes, we are. So Jyatt is definitely off the table if Y/N here didn’t tell you that already. Alright, we’re going now guys as we’re back at the treehouse and the hot tub calls.”

With that being said, she ended the live stream and opened the door. The warmth hit you as soon as you stepped inside. The boys must have made a fire. After hanging up your coats and taking off your shoes you went into the living room to see that it was empty. There was nobody sat in front of the roaring fire. Jack, Jaeden, Finn and Wyatt were out in the hot tub. You opened the french doors the led out onto the balcony causing their flowing conversation to stop. Sophia had the same look on her face as you did. What were they talking about and why did they stop when we came outside? 

“Y/N!” Wyatt smiled, “We wondered where you had both gotten to. It’ll be dark soon.”
“We stopped at Starbucks on the way back.” You were not going to let them change the subject and bullshit their way out of this situation, “What were you talking about?”
Wyatt went pale and looked at the others as if asking for help. Jack was the only one brave enough to speak.
“We were just talking about, you know…”
“Nope.” Sophia was gritting her teeth. Jaeden wasn’t looking at either of you, “We really don’t.”
“It’s no big deal, we were just talking about when we-”
“Pop our cherries,” Finn cut in with a smile, “No big deal, just like Jack said.”

You and Sophia looked at your boyfriends, and then to each other, trying really hard not to start giggling. Without saying a word, you closed to door and walked into your bedroom. It wasn’t until the door closed that you really started laughing. 

“As if they were talking about that!” Sophia said between fits of giggles, “I would really like to hear what Jaeden and Wyatt have to say about that!”
“You and me both! I’ll try and get it out of Finn later on and then tell you.”
“I can’t believe this.”

Trees, snow and the road ahead was all you could see from the car window. You were in the back of your mother’s car next to Wyatt. Your sister’s car seat was in the front and Jack was on the other side of Wyatt. Jaeden and Sophia were in with Finn and his parents. Much to your disappointment, you were heading back. At least it was back to Finn’s and not home. Well, it technically was home. You were texting Sophia who was still reeling from last night’s antics. You still hadn’t managed to get Wyatt or Finn to crack about the things they were saying. Wyatt and Jack were asleep with their earphones in. You took out your phone and did the same. The first song that played when you hit shuffle was Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At The Disco. You smiled and settled in for the ride, wondering if Wyatt was thinking about you as much as you were about him. Little did you know, he was. He was dreaming about you. As you put your head on his shoulder and listened to the lyrics, he smiled in his sleep at the image of you in his dream.



Shatt, what about Pussy?

I’m sorry guys but I’m against Shatt… But just the name. Let me explain. Shatt, the sound of it, it just means pussy in French. Well I had this discussion with my best friend where we were looking for a Shiro x Matt ship name (we still didn’t know how it was called). We were wondering… Maybe “Mattiro”? “Mattro”? No sounds awful. “Shiratt”? What the heck! And then I just shouted “Shatt”! Out of nowhere. I just forgot to tell you… I was in a Starbucks when it happened. I’m French and I live in France. I just shouted pussy in the middle of a crowded Starbucks, thank you very much.

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Man this has been in my folder just dusting away. What type of trouble is Mabel in? Heck dude probs stuck in quick sand and by the time Pacifica and Dipper reach her shes gonna be waist in tap tapping away on the sand leaning on one of her hands just like “what took you so long?” all over her face and Dippers gonna be like “your girlfriend thought I cared about you so we had to make a detour to starbucks”

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Au where Sunny keeps the obsidian mirror on her and DOESN'T loose it? Ever? Once she's got it, SHE'S got it

-She sneakily hides it under her wing or something, and no one finds it
-She uses it to check on the actions of all the queens to ensure they’ll all be there for the climax of TBN
-Then, in Jade Mountain, to make sure the students are safe
-Onyx and Ostrich? She quickly figures out where they are and sends off Qibli
-When she’s looking at the dangerous parts the other DoD come in and Tsunami yells a lot
-’Tsunami pls chill’
-In summary the DoD are 110% more done than normal

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What the heck is that one fic where Remus moves into college and gets a job closing Starbucks with Sirius who he describes as this Greek god or whatever and James and Sirius share an apartment and it's super slow burn??? Thank you so much I appreciate it


Blends, by rvltn909
Words got in the way sometimes, but Remus got the sense Sirius knew what he was trying to say.

6/8/17 recs

1. and it makes me wonder by foreverautumn || Unrated, 5.1k

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking for a chance to escape, but it’s difficult in a setting like this.” Victor glances around, and Yuuri does too, despite knowing what he’ll see - people being dragged to dance, to get in a picture, pulled over to share a story - and well, knowing that it’s not just him that finds it all rather exhausting helps Yuuri feel a bit more at ease.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to hide you,” he jokes.

  • Comment: Cute AU vicyuu with a banquet-esque scenario. Fluff without plot, honestly, but not a bad read.

2. Man’s Best Friend (Is a Creature of Nightmares) by DontTrustLoserCandy || Rated T, 7.2k 

Victor is twelve when he meets his wonderful, amazing, unique little red-eyed puppy and future best friend, Makkachin.

Makkachin, who might or might not be the spawn of the forces of darkness, a hellhound or maybe just canine Satan, feels the same. Of that, Victor is sure. Still, raising a dog comes with its own set of troubles, especially when said dog drinks blood for breakfast and her barks sound like breaking glass. 

And especially when you’re keeping her hidden from your parents.

  • Comment: I LOVE HORRORTERROR MAKKACHIN and this fic does it excellently. A great mix of humour and seriousness in general, with a side of ghostly little Vicchan and All of Victor’s Terrified Religious Neighbors.

3. My Boy Builds Coffins by ken_ichijouji (dommific) || Rated T, 4.9k (WIP)

Yuuri’s always dealt with a lot of (pun not intentional) grief about the family business, so much so he’s given up on making many friends or finding romance pretty much in any capacity.

But during one morning Starbucks rush, he meets a light-haired, blue-eyed man in dark colors and manicured nails who just might prove him wrong that no one will be able to get past his job.

TL;DR the Victuuri (loosely based on Six Feet Under) Yuuri is a Mortician and Funeral Director while Victor is the Respectable Start Up CEO Goth who loves him. With friendly assists from Phichit Chulanont, licensed Sex Therapist.

  • Comment: An unusual au that fits quite well with vicyuu that’s super hecking cute, the cutest of what I’ve read today. It works really well for them, and I look forward to future installments :D

Requested BTS Fake Text: Liking the same girl! (Pt.6) 

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I walked over to the spot that Suga told me, as I look over to the huge sign  ‘Starbucks’ it read. “Good I love Starbucks!” I said a loud. I walked through the door and wondered how the heck haven’t I noticed that Starbucks was around my block; Suga was nowhere to be seen. “Oh…well might as well order something and wait for him” I said to myself. I look over to the menu and since it was 9 something P.M I wasn’t going to order coffee, if I did I probably wasn’t going to sleep. “Next” screamed the cashier. “Hi” I said. “Hello, welcome to Starbucks, what would you like for tonight?” asked the cashier. “Yes…I would like a…um… give a Venti Passion/Hibiscus Lemonade” I said. “Oh and a tall caramel frapuccino” I added. “Okay that would $9.59″ said the cashier. “Okay” I said while I gave her my money. I walked over to where the baristas do their drinks and stuff, after a 5 minute wait, my drinks were done and a barista called my name. 

After, I grabbed my drinks, I spotted Suga over to the window table. I walked over to him and sat and he just looked at  me… “I…grabbed this drink for you..I don’t know if you’ll like it or not” I said. He just grabbed the drink from my hand and took a sip and he seemed to like it. “So…Y/N” started to say Suga. “Mhm..” I said while I sipped my lemonade. “You haven’t been talking to the guys…have you?” he asked. “No” I said. “Why?” he asked curiously. “Because…agh…it’s just to complicated”.I sighed. “Well..I could tell that you like one of them right?” he asked. “No” I said. My answer made him confused so I said. “Well yeah..but I like the two of them but I don’t want to break their hearts…I…the problem is that I like one more than the other” I said sounding sincere also conflicted. “I understand” he said and took a sip. “But I got to tell you..that it’s already to late for that” he added. “Too late?” I said crushed and confused. “Yeah both of them are head over heals over you…do you know what I mean?”  he said while looking straight into my eyes. “What should I do?” I asked. “Well either accept one of those hearts or let them forget you” he said sounding disappointed over reality. I nodded while I let everything sink in. “Well it was nice chatting with you..Y/N” he said while got up. I smiled and he just walked away. 


L.A. and Dogs pt.2 (Hwang Minhyun)

Author’s Note: The person who requested the first part wanted a second part so here it is(: I’m sorry if it isn’t very good though, I couldn’t think of where it should’ve gone from the last part

Group: Wanna One

Member: Minhyun

Type: Fluff❥』

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As the boys finished their photoshoot you agreed to meet up with them later, back at the same place after they go back to the hotel and freshen up. You walked and Day walked home. “Who’s a good dog?” You coo, being in a happy mood after today’s events.

Once you back to your house you decided to start getting ready also. You picked out different clothes from your closet, trying them on, then throwing them to the side when you wanted to try on something different. You looked at the clock and saw it almost time to meet them. Daehwi had suggested to meet when it got slightly dark just in case any fans would be around their hotel once they got back from filming.

You finally found an outfit that you thought would look nice. As you headed out you bid goodbye to Day who gave you a sad expression. “Don’t worry I’ll be back” You told him as you pet his head.


The eleven boys looked at their surroundings as they waited for you. “Do you miss it here?” Jisung asked Daehwi. “Sometimes but it’s okay because I met you guys” He told them as he spotted you “Look there’s (Y/N)” The boys ran up to you. “Good evening” you said to them.

Minhyun stared at you just like the first time he saw you. “Stop staring like that” Sungwoo whispered to him. Minhyun quickly averted his eyes, blushing. “Y-you look nice” He managed to stutter out. Some of the other boys laughed at him. You thought it was cute. “Thank you, you do too”

“Can I ask you something?” you said to Daehwi in english, he nodded his head. “How are you so good at English?” Daehwi smiled “I used to live here, Daniel studied in Canada, and Guanlin-” he paused and looked at the other boy “How do you know English?” The other boy shrugged “I dunno, I’m still learning it though”

You were about to laugh at them but thought about what he said, “If you lived here then why did you guys want me to show you around?” Daehwi’s eyes widen then he looked at the other boys. Daniel spoke up “Daehwi only lived here for like five years, you lived here all your life right?” you nodded your head.

“So where do you guys want to go?” you asked changing the subject. “Where are we going to perform for Kcon? I want to see it” Sungwoon said “That’s the Staples Center” Daehwi told him then he explained to you that they were going to perform and how other kpop artist go and the rest of the details.

“You should come” Minhyun said without thinking. The rest of you guys stared at him, he had been quiet the whole time. “Yeah, you should it’ll be fun” Woojin added to make his hyung embarrassed. “Maybe… So do you guys want to walk there? It’s not that far from here. There’s also different restaurants so we can eat around there if you want” you told them. They quickly nodded their heads.

As you guys started walking Jisung pulled Minhyun to the back of the group. “Why are you so quiet? You have to talk with her.” Minhyun shook his head “I’ll only embarrass myself again, I don’t think she gets that I like her” “I’ll think of something to get the two of you alone” Jisung patted his shoulder


“Wow it’s really big. I’m nervous to perform here” Jihoon admitted. “It’ll be fine. We’ll do good” Minhyun told the younger boy. You smiled at him comforting the young boy. Jisung spotted something that would put his plan into action.

 “Look a Starbucks. Minhyun, why don’t you and (Y/N)  go buy Sungwoo a coffee he said he wanted one” Sungwoo gave the oldest a weird look “I didn’t wan-” Daniel elbowed him in the stomach to play along catching what Jisung was trying to do. Sungwoo got it too but gave Daniel a ‘What-The-Heck’ look “Oh, just kidding yeah I did”  

The other boys quickly shoved the two of you away. “That was weird”, you said with a light laugh, “you guys are interesting” Minhyun sighed “What’s wrong?” you asked. “I think I should be honest… Sungwoo didn’t really want a coffee” you blinked “Okay?” 

“That’s not all, this is going to sound crazy but even though I barely met you today I really liked you. Then your dog interrupted our photoshoot and you came to get him and then we started talking to you and-” “I like you too” You cut off his rambling. “So let’s start from the beginning… I’m (Y/N) and I’m sorry my dog ruined your photoshoot” you smiled Minhyun stuck out his hand for you to shake “I’m Minhyun and I like you”


okay so combine that with a COFFEE SHOP AU 

and what do you get? “welcome to starbucks” on person A’s body and person A’s order on person B’s body.

Person A trying to figure out which cashier it was after they get home and find the tatoo.

Person B trying to figure out who the heck ordered something so so intricate; or even better, Person A purchased the most generic thing and Person B is like “god dang it like 8 people ordered this yesterday WHICH ONE ??”

Since is morally acceptable, heck, even expectable and commendable, to punch Nazis (and their spiritual descendants: skinheads, neo-nazis, “morenazis”, and genocidal deniers) in the face, can become acceptable too to kick communist and socialists (up to including Starbucks liberals and intellectuals of the “what happened in Cuba/Cambodia/Venezuela/Russia and their neighboring countries wasn’t real communism/socialism” type) between the legs?

I’m asking this seriously. Please justify your answer.

Scorpio(M)xCancer(F) Story Part 3/3

The next morning, Cancer’s first thought was “coffee.” After suffering the previous day’s activities without caffeine, there was nothing she craved more than a Starbucks caramel latte! She pulled on her last pair of clean blue jeans and headed down to the laundry room, where all of her clean shirts waited in the drier. However, as soon as she grabbed one from the lot, she was disappointed to find that it was still damp. She had put all of her clothes into the same load to dry, so the machine must’ve not dried them all the way. She knew she should’ve just waited twenty or so more minutes for another dry cycle or have just dealt with the dampness and let the shirt dry naturally, but then a bit of black caught her eye. Laying on top of the machine, Scorpio’s shirt sat from the previous day, perfectly dry and immensely more inviting than the cold piece of damp fabric in Cancer’s hands. She REALLY didn’t want to wear wet clothes… Wait, no! She couldn’t just wear a stranger’s shirt! That was BEYOND weird! But she REALLY wanted coffee and REALLY didn’t feel like waiting for another dry cycle… BUT– Well, it was unlikely that he’d notice… Oh, what the heck?

Cancer pulled on Scorpio’s shirt and slid on a pair of Vans before heading out the door. Her house wasn’t too far of a walk from Starbucks, so she jogged there cheerfully, her hair bouncing in its messy ponytail. She couldn’t help but notice the pleasant smell coming from Scorpio’s shirt. She wondered what detergent he used? It was pleasant and unique… Kinda like him…

Cancer’s train of thought was derailed as she reached her favorite coffeehouse. She walked inside and ordered a caramel latte from the barista, who took her money with a smile and gave her her drink. Cancer noticed her name was already on the cup, despite her having never said it. Wow, she was more of a regular than she’d thought…

Cancer took a seat at a two-seat table by the window and sipped her coffee peacefully. The morning light filled her heart with peace, a peace that was pleasing as opposed to her common rollercoaster of feelings. What could she say? She felt things very intensely! One moment, she’d be cheerful as a chirping songbird, and the next, she’d be brooding in a dark cloud of distress. This calming peace was bliss to her.

However, then a painfully familiar voice ended it with a simple “Hey.”

Cancer looked up to find Scorpio looking down at her with that deep, dark stare and somehow calm scowl. He wore the same hoodie as the previous day, but today the hood was down, revealing a mop of dark hair to match his darker aura.

“H-Hi!” Cancer squeaked, a furious blush once more growing on her face from the striking eyes that pierced right through her heart. Scorpio took a seat at the chair across from her, his gaze not leaving hers. “W-What are you doing here?” Cancer asked.

Scorpio raised an eyebrow at the girl. “What am I doing at Starbucks?” He held up a cup of coffee. “Hunting elephants,” he returned sarcastically. Cancer flushed even harder in embarrassment. What was she, stupid?

“Right! Coffee! I like it!” Cancer rambled with false cheer, smiling.

Scorpio raised his eyebrow in amusement. “I’d hope so. Otherwise, I’d wonder why you’re at a coffeehouse.”

Cancer laughed at the man’s sarcastic humor, ignoring the speed it gave her already racing heart. “So what brings you over to me?” she asked. Perhaps she could have a nice, pleasant conversation with this guy!

“Well, for one thing, you’re wearing my shirt.”

Cancer froze. Oh. Dear. God. She’d completely forgotten about the laundry switch and the shirt she was wearing! Oh goooood! Why’d she have to go and wear Scorpio’s shirt? Why didn’t she just deal with a damp shirt, or better yet, wait for her clothes to dry so she could’ve avoided this visit altogether? She wanted to slam her head down onto the table repeatedly. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! What could Scorpio be thinking? His face was unreadable. He probably thought she was an idiot! He probably thought she was a weird, creepy stalker, wearing his clothes! Oh god, what would he say?


“It’s fine.”

Wait what?

Cancer stared at Scorpio, her face completely red, and gulped. He didn’t look angry at all. In fact, he was… Smirking? Just a little, he was smirking in amusement. Cancer was filled with a mix of embarrassment and indignation because of his amusement, but all she managed to filter that into was, “What?”

“I said it’s fine.” Scorpio leaned back lazily and laughed somewhat darkly. “You clearly like my shirt.”

Cancer opened her mouth to protest, but she snapped it shut once again, afraid she’d say something even more embarrassing than she already had. Plus, it was kinda true. She did like his shirt.

“But I also really like that shirt. And you can’t just strip in the middle of Starbucks.”

That much was true.

“So how about this: you keep the shirt, and you can give it to me next time, eh?”

Wait, what?

Cancer looked up to find Scorpio still smirking at her. He wanted her… To give it back next time? Wait, NEXT TIME? “Wait! But– What do you mean ‘next time’? How do you know we’ll meet again?” she questioned.

Scorpio laughed slightly—Oh dear god, her heart—and said, “Huh, I guess I don’t, do I? Well, then,” he grabbed her coffee cup from the table in front of her and read it, “’Cancer,’ I guess I’ll have to be sure of that, hm?” He dug through his pocket and pulled out a black sharpie. He quickly scribbled something on Cancer’s cup and slid it back to her. She picked up the coffee cup and read it:

‘XXX-XXXX Give me a call sometime c;

P.S. I saw you staring at me, cutie.’

Cancer’s face burnt up to a thousand degrees, and she snapped her head up to look at Scorpio, but he’d already gotten up and started heading toward the door. He looked back at her, smirked once more, and narrowed his stare alluringly.

“’Til next time, Cancer,” he said before giving her a wink and leaving her alone with an important cup of coffee and a pounding heart.


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(Ignore if you want to) since I can’t stop thinking about this au. What if, instead of Ryan finding Jeremy outside of the underground fighting ring, he finds him mid fight (clearly losing) and decides to intervene and beat the heck out of whoever is trying to hurt his soft boy (while wearing full work attire of course)

oooh yes I actually like this a lot!! I know exactly what you’re talking about and I like this haha - Ryan jumps in without knowing any context and beats the fuckers up in his Starbucks uniform ahsfkldj. Maybe Jeremy is still like, near unconsciousness, so we still get the ryan taking him home and patching him up but not quite knowing if it’s a dream or not… >.>

(Watch me as I struggle to remember how much of this was in the tag and how much was Extra Planning I did for La Vida Mocha omg. Thank you for sending this in anon! You’re actually helping renew my motivation for the AU a little haha :’) If only I didn’t have a bajillion other little wips I promised myself I’d work on first aaaa)

His Unique Voice ~ Wonwoo

Word count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff/Pilot AU

A/N: I love Wonwoo in an officer uniform. *cries*

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You made yourself comfortable at seat 17a. You knew it would be a long journey since you’ll be sitting for the next 16 hours. Traveling to the other side of the world, yes, it’s a long flight.

This flight, you’re a blessed girl who’s older brother is a pilot. You get discounts every time you travel. Who wouldn’t want that?

Once everything is settled, you took out a novel to read, plugged earphones to your ears and listened to classical music. The music wasn’t that loud. You could still hear the instructions being demonstrated by the flight attendants.

You were a little irritated because of the voice you always hear whenever you travel- the head flight attendant, a.k.a your brother’s girlfriend.

“Gosh why do I always have to be in the same flight as her shift?” You mumbled as you gazed out of the window, city lights sparkling in variations of colours.<:p>

It’s not like you completely hate her. It’s just the vibe she has when she’s with you, giving the “stay-away-from-(Bro/N)”.

“Airline XXX’s crew would like to welcome you to flight to (C/N). This flight is monitored by our main pilot, Capt. Lee Alexander, along with Co-pilot, Capt. Jeon Wonwoo.” announced (GF/N).

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