and what leads to drinking

Operation: Distract Joe

“Joe, come outside with me!” Caspar suddenly pulled at the short man’s arm, causing Joe to stumble a bit, sending a confused look up at Caspar.

“We just got here, Casp. Can’t you wait a bit?” He shrugged off the hand on his arm, while Caspar exchanged a worried glance with Josh.

If it had been any of the other boys, they would have been just as confused as Joe had been moments ago, but Josh had known Caspar long enough to read his face. And it only took a quick scan of the crowd, barely a second, before he too saw what was causing Caspar’s panic.

“Well then, how about a drink?” Josh threw an arm around Joe, directing him in the opposite direction they had been about to head in.

Joe spluttered a bit in surprise, but had no choice as Josh lead him towards the bar, rambling on about what drinks they should get.

“That was weird, even for you and Josh.” Jack turned to Caspar, raising an eyebrow.

“Also creepy. Did you two just read each others minds?” Oli asked, while Caspar glanced over his shoulder.

“Y/N’s here.” Was all he said to the other two boys, and they each leaned around their taller friend, eyes widening as they too noticed the woman who had enraptured their mate’s heart.

Until a month ago when the couple had split up.

“Time for Operation: Distract Joe begins.” Jack nodded seriously at the other two as they follow in the wake of their other two mates.

For a while, it worked. The boys all kept tabs on Y/N, and made sure Joe was nowhere near her, nor able to see her.

They had been at the party for just over an hour, and so far, they had been successful in their operation.

Until there’s a miscommunication between the four boys, and suddenly all of them realize none of them have been paying attention to either Joe or Y/N. Which meant that when they spun around to look at Joe, he was staring across the room at her.

“How long has she been here.”

The four shifted awkwardly on their feet, but no one spoke up to answer Joe, so he turned to narrow his eyes at them.

“This was why you wanted to go outside as soon as we got here, isn’t it?” The question is directed at Caspar this time, and he appeared to shrink under Joe’s stare, but he nodded reluctantly.

The smaller man turned back to look back at Y/N, grip tightening around his bottle as he watched her talking with a guy. She was flirting, heavily. Running her hand up and down his chest and arm, ducking her head to look up at him through her lashes, offering him a coy smile. Everything about it made Joe’s blood boil. Especially when he reminded himself that there’s nothing he can do. Because they split up. They weren’t together.

“We can leave…” Oli offered, breaking Joe out of his daze.

“No. It’s fine. We came here to have fun. And we were. We are.” He shook his head, offering his mates a weak smile, but they accept it, ordering another round of shots.

A few drinks later, and Joe is back to watching her, leaning against the bar heavily. His body and mind are buzzing, partially from the alcohol in veins and partially from the jealousy thrumming through his body. He’s not drunk, he’s been careful, not wanting to do anything stupid, but he’s tipsy enough that he’s grown confident. Which is why he turned to Jack and told him:

“I’m going over to talk to her.”

“Don’t do it.”

“I’m just going to say hi.”

“You’ll regret it.”

“It’ll be fine.” He told the younger man and pushed off the counter, winding through the crowd, eyes locked on Y/N.

Joe isn’t sure if she’s even seen him yet tonight, but he’s been watching her non stop since he noticed her. And he is very tired of watching her flirt with another man.

“Hello, love.” He spoke close to her, wanting to be heard of the music, and he smirked as she whipped around, eyes widening briefly as she realized who it was that spoke. But her face changed, to one of smugness as the man behind her, the one she was flirting with, snaked an arm around her.


“Can we help you?”

Joe ignored the question from the man, already deciding he isn’t worth his time.

“You look lovely, as always.”

“Thank you, you don’t look half bad.”

“I said, can we help you?” The man was determined to not be ignored, and stepped around Y/N, half in front of her, staring down at Joe.

“No, you cannot. Because I wasn’t talking to you.” Joe smirked up at the stranger.

“He’s just my ex, relax.” Y/N explained, tugging on the man’s arm so she’s not blocked any more.

“What are you doing here?” The man refused to be moved, and Joe chuckled, knowing that Y/N was only going to get annoyed at that.

“I came to say hello. Wasn’t that obvious?”

“You’ve said hello. Time to leave.”

“Unless she,” Joe nodded towards Y/N, “Tells me to leave, I’m staying.”

“I said, time to leave.” The other man took another step forward, completely blocking Y/N, who finally did grow frustrated and stepped around him.

“I think it’s actually time for you to leave. Thanks.” She smiled innocently up at him, not even batting an eyelash when he let out a frustrated huff of air, but did spin on his heel and stalk off into the crowd.

“What are you doing here, Joe?” Y/N turned to face him, amusement still shining in her eyes.

“Came to say hello.” He shrugged.


“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She leaned in close, her lips brushing against his ear as she spoke her next words: “You’ve been watching me.”

Letting out a growl of frustration, he grabbed her hand in his and pulled her through the crowd, into the darkness, where he cornered her agains the wall, his hands braced on either side of her.

“Of course I was bloody jealous.” Joe mumbled, his breath dancing across her lips.

Y/N slid her arms up around his neck, her body arching against his.

“Prove it.”

And he did, crashing their lips together, pressing her full against the fall as his hands found their place on her hips.

When they pulled apart, panting against each other, she smirked up at him.

“Should have done that weeks ago.”

“Never do that again. You’re mine.” He told her, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips.

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What would happen if Dazai would nullify Fukuzawas ability?

What I need to know is what sort of circumstances lead to this. Do they go drinking and Fuku gets so wasted Dazai has to carry him and their abilities inadvertently clash? Ranpo would probably be the first to realize the consequences and panic, Yosano’d roll her eyes and Kunikida would definitely kick Dazai to the other side of Yokohama. Problem solved.

There is also scenario no.2 where Dazai embraces Fukuzawa on a glittery shoujo background as the whole fandom cries over their sunken ships and Kunikida takes the suddenly-turned-into-a-tiger Atsushi for a walk, glad that at least the brat is spared the embarrassment.

One Night Stand

Request: “you and nate have a one night stand but you’re still becoming friends… if that makes sense so if you could write about how nate and y/n act after their drunk one night stand together”

You wake up on your side, body achy and a weight over your stomach. You feel something pressed against your back side. Your eyes flicker open to a dark room. You look down and see a white comforter covering you, along with a tattooed arm. You turn your head over. At the corner of your eye, you see your friend Nate sleeping behind you. You turn your head back to the front and let your mind run wild. You look underneath the covers and see you wearing nothing other than underwear. Your breathing starts getting heavy as you remember what happened last night. The party, the drinking, leading to bedroom. You sit up and feel the hangover take over your head. You feel your sore body as you stand up. You stumble into the bathroom to wash your face.

When walking back into the bedroom you walk into Nate. “Good morning” he says smirking in a raspy voice. You cover your half naked body and walk past him finding your clothes. “Was I that bad?” You hear him ask laughing. You don’t know how to respond so you just sigh and start getting dressed. You hear him go into the bathroom and close the door. You pick up your phone and text a couple of your friends to see who can pick you up.

Nate walks out of the bathroom and turns the lights on in the room. Your eyes squint at the light. You see Nate standing there shirtless with sweatpants as your eyes adjust to the light. “I’m sorry” you say quietly. “Why are you sorry?” He says sitting next to you. “Sorry for being in your way. I’m trying to find a ride home.” You explain. You know Nate likes to have sex with girls then make them leave so you feel as if you’re in the way.

You feel his arm wrap around your shoulder. “You don’t understand. I’ve been trying to be with you for months now. I don’t want you to go.” He says. Your head quickly shoots up to look at him. “What?” You say not believing his words. “I didn’t think it would happen like this. I have more respect for you. Would you mind if I took you out on a real date today? If you’re up for it” he responds.

You look down to think. He’s been your best friend for years, now all the sudden after a drunk one night stand he wants to take you out? He must feel bad for you. “Nate you don’t have to do anything to make me feel better. I’ll just leave and we won’t tell anyone.” You say getting up heading towards the door.

You feel him pull your arm to turn you around. He pushed you up against the door and embraces you in a kiss. You put the palm of your hands on his bare chest to push him back but the deeper the kiss gets, the more you ease off. It wasn’t a fake kiss, he meant it. He pulls back and you make eye contact. “Please stay” he whispers. You nod your head. He picks you up and lays you back on the bed. You look up with dry eyes, seeing your best friend, smirking above you.

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Blanket Fort - Kim Taehyung

Hello ilovekpopx! I hope you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun writing this <3 Thank you so much for requesting and I’m so glad you like my blog ; ; 

“Fine!” I yelled as I slammed the door to my room. My body found the bed and I grunted profanities into my pillow out of irritation. I hated arguing with my parents, but sometimes, they can be a bit too overprotective. I had asked to go to a concert with a group of friends that were going tonight and instantly, they said no. They began listing impossible scenarios like: ‘what if someone got stabbed?’ ‘What if some guy that leads you on kidnaps you?’ ‘What if you accidentally drink drugs?’ I know they only do it because they care, but I think that with me being 18 and I almost never go against them, this is a bit unreasonable on their part.

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Guilt? [Closed starter]


Renegade had felt especially guilty lately, about Parvis. His death was completely unavoidable but it’s anniversary triggered the same effect as its original happening. She loved him, and although he would never admit it for safety’s sake, he loved her too. She just wished she could help him, wished she didn’t have to kill him, that his lies about why they couldn’t be together hadn’t teared them apart so much. She wished they hadn’t been broken in their final moments together.

And that is what drove her to the bar. Renegade should have known better, as an alcoholic than to think one drink wouldn’t lead to more. Or what this had turned out to be. Which was Renegade passing out on the street on the way home and a nice man taking her phone and calling the first number with a star next to it. “H-hello? William yeah? I don’t really know who this is but there’s a woman with a scarf around her neck passed out here on the street. Your number had a star on it, can you come pick her up?”