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I just saw a post from a mutual on my other blog (aka my main blog thats been dead for months) and i was like ! Oh! Mutual!
And then i remembered no one ever talked to me over there despite being there for 7 years before coming to this blog.
Ive said it a million times but yall really are so awesome thanks for talking to me and stuff it means so so much

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Do you have any advice for someone who's struggling with whether to identify as lesbian vs bi?

This is a question I get a lot! If you want to read what I’ve said to people in specific situations, I know I have things on here, but I’m terrible about tags.

My advice is this: release yourself from having to know immediately. You’ll stop micromanaging and rehashing and going over every thought in your head. Those things are just going to make you feel stressed and confused.

Here is the next step: start by just explaining yourself as “I’m interested in women”. You don’t have to know anything else yet. You’ve released yourself. Now start embracing this truth. Consume media with women in love. Read books by our lesbian elders. Read poetry. If you have a crush on a girl see how it feels. Revel in it.

After that: someday, you’ll know. Once your mind is full of possibility and love, you’ll start to understand if what you felt that wasn’t for women was forced and stressful and not true, or if it can sit next to your love for women comfortably. And once you know the truth, then you’ll know the name.

Good luck, little sister. We’re all here when you’re ready to come home. ❤️

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

I made fucking headcanons over what kind of bad fanfiction writer DM characters would be I don’t know why but now I have to share:

- Atem: would make a decent writer if he just stopped using appellatives every sentence and the word ‘orb’ to describe people’s eyes

- Yugi: took 'said is dead’ too literally and now everyone is grumbling and exclaiming and crying all the time

- Kaiba: tries to write smut and nobody is using lube

- Yami Marik: has like 40 of those weird 500 words fics that are pure crack and full of poorly written violence and unrealistic sex acts. You know the ones

- Jounouchi: paragraph breaks what’s a paragraph break

- Yami Bakura: doesn’t tag anything and give G ratings to (terrible) explicit sex scenes. Gets banned from every site, still somehow manages to get himself new accounts

Feel free to add


Holy crap I drew art!! Shocking I know.

I feel like a bazillion years ago SailorFailures said it’d be an interesting idea if people took those fashion photosets where the models heads are cropped off and tried to pick what outfit a senshi would wear, and well, I found this photoset of Zuhair Murad’s dresses and…here we are!

The inners the outers and some villains for good measure. Dark Mercury made it in because she is my bae and PGSM is the greatest thing ever.

Listen like. I know the whole “Emily is Torbjorn’s kid!” thing is mostly a joke but list e n.

Emily meeting Lena for the first time at an overwatch thing and just. “dad u didn’t tell me u worked with a literal angel what the ungodly fuck dad” “you’ve met ang—” “not her. the one who just blinked into the wall.” “…”

Lena wooing Emily with god awful pickup lines during said thing and torb just looks at his wife, wife calmly takes a sip of her drink and just. “Called it.”

Only child and war orphan Lena immediately inundated and welcomed into the fam by a mountain of small children who have already embraced her as a big sister by proxy and she loves ALL OF THEM.

Also like Lena never being more intimidated of Torbjorn, a man she has gone into battle with and seen make and destroy weapons of mass destruction, then when she goes to ask for his blessing to propose to Emily. He gives her the biGGEST HUG and just. “about damn time.” 

The lindholme fam all have Discourse Kazoos for family dinners just in case Omnics get brought up bc that is the only time things get heated between lena and torb like. “Did you hear about what’s happening with Russ–” “PZZZZZZZZZZZTT”


here it is sasha ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

my dash wow how surprising is dead or full of yoi! so i said, what better way to begin the new year than with new blogs to follow and new people to possibly befriend? 

im in a lot of fandoms but im more interested in those listed below:

  • seinen (berserk, tg…)
  • seasonal anime
  • shoujo (orange, akagami no shirayukihime, akatsuki no yona, tclp…)
  • shounen (bnha, magi, hxh, gintama, shokugeki no soma, snk, khr..)
  • studio ghibli
  • makoto shinkai 
  • sport anime (knb, free!, hq!!, yoi!!!)
  • bl! (19 days, ten count, out of control, raising a bat, etc)
  • gl! (tamen de gushi)
  • psycho pass
  • noragami 
  • kuroshitsuji
  • pokemon
  • art
  • movies (star wars, star trek, etc…)
  • typography 

bonus if you:

  • tag your stuff
  • and are very friendly

please help me reblogging this post and tagging at least 3 things in the list above! if i don’t end following you, im really sorry, i am a picky fellow (# ̄ω ̄)

and mutuals it would be very very appreciated if you would help me signal boost this! thank you so much and still happy new year♡♡♡

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Can we please not make fun of disappointed Sherlock/Johnlock fans? I get that for people who didn't allow themselves hope it's easy to tell those who have believed in in-depth analyses of the show that they should have known better. But that doesn't change the fact that the episode left a huge group of highly vulnerable, mostly young and queer folks in a state of such disappointment and feeling of abandonment that suicide prevention hotlines were passed round in the tags. It's quite serious tbh.

(I ran out of characters, but that said I’d like to joint the Moffat exorcism squad, please… And good luck with the writing - I mean, no matter what you do, it’ll be better than the trainwreck of a Sherlock episode I watched last night.)            

Who is joking? I’m bitterly bitterly angry about the whole thing, it’s a joke but only in the sense that it’s a travesty. Fuck Moffat and his queer baiting homophobic sexist bullshit, and fuck everyone who let that piece of shit go on the air.

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I'm curious. What are the reasons Wyatt might not be good for Lucy?

You’re trying to get me in trouble, anon. lol. I’ve just been mumbling under my breath about it. I guess I shouldn’t be afraid to speak though, even if it is against the (for some reason) most popular ship. Um, I can’t tell from your tone if you ship it, or if you hate it, or if you’re neutral, so if I offend your ship, I apologize. I’m just calling it like I see it.

Can I make this a general post about Wyatt? Since the tag you’re referencing was mainly about my outlook on Wyatt. But I’ll tie Wyatt/Lucy back into it.

Under a cut because it’s really long and also so anyone not wanting to hear a more critical reflection of Wyatt’s character can abstain.

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Just an expansion of something I said earlier, on my main:

Cis people cannot have a complicated relationship with gender.

They can have complicated relationships with secondary aspects of cisnormativity, such as heteronormativity, racism, ableism, sexism, etc. But if you take those intersections out, a disabled cis person or a non-white cis person or a cis woman does not have a complicated relationship with gender per se. They’ll have issues with the hyper- or de-gendering of their race, or of their specific disability, things like attribution of violence or sexual availability or, heck, penis size or the “autism is an extreme male brain” thing, but not binary gender itself. Admittedly, a non-Straight cis person still might, but that’s because heterosexism is so tied up in seeing anything non-Straight as doing gender wrong; on a certain level, anyone non-Straight is also at least a bit non-cis (and transphobic non-Straight people are just assimilationists), but that’s a tangent for another post.

But denying someone’s transness by calling them “a cis person with a complicated relationship to gender” is actually calling them trans. I mean, give it a couple of years and it’ll be the trans version of the bi character who always “doesn’t like labels,” only actually a bit more of a synonym than a real euphemism. It’s a shitty and avoidant way of saying it, but it’s for sure saying it. Yeah, you think that the person you’re yelling about using a label you don’t like or disagreeing with your exclusionist politics is some sort of creepy invader who doesn’t know what transness is (because you’re a recycled TERF with your head so far up your ass you can’t even see it, pardon my language), but you’re still literally calling them not cis. And unlike gender, cis/trans really is a binary; whether you want to use the word “trans” or not, a person who isn’t cis…isn’t cis.

New Faces

Imagine being Crowley’s daughter and getting tired of his way of things, so you take matters into your own hands.

Crowley x Daughter!Reader // Dean x Reader // Sam x Reader

Warnings: is attitude a warning? Light language

Word count: 1.5K (around there)

Tag list: @thewinhunter

Let me know if you want to be included in the tag list

   Attitude Princess. That’s what your redheaded grandmother Rowena always called you. It really didn’t even phase you because, well, she was right. You had a smart-ass mouth just like your father.

   “Fergus if you don’t listen to me I will be forced to take extreme precautions due to the insane fact that you sit here and continue to side with those brothers,” your father sat in his throne, holding his head as Rowena rambled on. “Might I remind you that said brothers happen to be hunters,” she paced as she talked, walking right past your leaning body that was resting against a concrete wall.

   “What seems to be funny Y/N?” the short laugh that came from your body had maybe been a little bit louder than you would’ve liked, raising the attention of your father.

   “Oh nothing…Fergus,” another unexpected laugh came out as you spoke.

   “See what you’ve done mother? Turned my own blood against me, my precious daughter has been corrupted by the venomous words and phrases you spit from that whore mouth of yours,” your grandmother didn’t seem pleased by what her King Boy Son was saying towards her, making you roll your eyes at her dramatic jaw drop.

   “I think you’ve been spending too much time with those Winchester play things of yours,” Rowena gave him a look of ‘I told you so’ in agreement to what you were saying. “you’re beginning to sound like them. Always whining and complaining about things you can’t control. Just because you change your name to Crowley, doesn’t change the fact your real name is F-E-R-G-U to the damn S,” he shot you a look of irritation and disapproval.

   “Princess, don’t you have something to do? Coloring book activities? Being the little bossy child you are and directing my demons around?” his legs crossed, oh he was definitely irritated.

   “What can I say? I was born to direct,” a cute smile played across your lips. “The point is: your name sounds like a venereal disease…and not the fun kind,” at this point in time you thought it best to make a dramatic exit before you really made him cross towards you. “Your highness,” you gave a very dramatic bow as you spoke and turned to leave the room.

   You never really had any jurisdiction outside of Hell. Sure, you had lots of trouble to cause down below in the place you so dreadfully called home. But today-today you were feeling like causing trouble outside the box. Outside the box of Hell was more like it. And what a better way to have some fun then with introducing yourself to the Brat Brothers, as you called them.

   “Man that’s crap. You always have a choice. You can either roll over and die, or you can keep fighting no matter what. I don’t know about you but I’m going out swinging and fighting, because it’s who I am. I know it’s who you are too Sammy. This-all of this surrounding us, it’s what we do. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell?” you had walked in without the boys knowing it, listening to what sounded like Dean was saying.

   “Well that was a hell of a dramatic speech,” stepping out from being the door, you revealed your presence. Walking with confidence in every step you took. “Hello boys,” both of them looked beyond surprised and confused.

   “Crowley?” the taller one who was definitely Moose had both eyebrows raised high, no doubt wondering why the King of Hell would possess a female.

   “Ew, my father is what you get when you don’t pay attention in hunting school,” you figured by the similar looks on their faces you could clearly see they weren’t following. “I’m going to assume you guys know why Crowley sold his soul? Extra three or so inches-well…I’m what came from that whole ordeal,” both of your arms were extended outward to your sides.

   “You mean Crowley has a kid? And you’re his daughter?” Sam spoke out once again, earning him an eye roll for his questions.

   “You know, I get why Crowley calls you Moose now,” your arms were crossed now while you continued to walk closer to them.

   “Whatever you want from us here,” now Dean stepped forward, thinking he had some higher power than you apparently. “you won’t stay long,” you only scoffed at his comment.

   “I’m not really the poetic type Winchester, just get to your point,” he scoffed right back at you.

   “My point is, demons run when a good man goes to war,” a loud laugh came from your voice, echoing in the small motel room.

   “And let me guess, you two think you qualify under this 'good man’ category?” another laugh came from you as your eyes rolled. “Please, spare me an give me a break. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Well, I think the people you save, they’re how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you’ve caused. The one thing that allows you to sleep at night, the one thing…that knowing these folks are out there, still out there, happy and healthy because of you big bloody heroes,” they both just looked at each other silently, you had broken their surface.

   “Open your eyes! You’re not heros, neither of you are. People see you on the streets and what do they really see? Denim wrapped nightmares who bring nothing but terror and chaos wherever they go. The two of you hunt monsters, say you rid the world of things that kill people? Take a look around you, take a look at everything you two have done-have caused. You’ve killed more people than you’ve saved. What happened to saving all of the people? Not just the easy ones?” a concerned look spread across their faces, you couldn’t help but smile at the mind boggling troubles you had brought to cause them.

   Something caught the corner of your eye, Dean was holding an angel blade and slowly raising it to his side. No doubt about to lunge at you.

   “Just don’t,” with a flick of your wrist the metal clanked against the wall on the opposite side of the room. In a split second, both of them were flung onto the wall behind them with their bodies being held firmly to its surface by your powers. “Oh the things I could do to the pair of you. If only the angel was here, I do love to put on a good show,” you zoned in on Dean, completely ignoring Sam’s being next to him on the wall. “I’m sure if you wanted to get a front row V.I.P experience to my abilities…I’m almost more than certain I can poke every one of your buttons,” his cheeks grew red, you were getting such a kick out of this. “and not in the sexy way,”

   “Enough alright. We get it,” you turned to face Sam who was speaking once again. “you’re a dick with demonic powers just like Crowley. So what?”

   “Oh Samantha, speaking out of turn again are we?” just as you finished speaking, he began coughing up blood. “I would just hate to see you have your mouth full of something else other than those annoying words you’ve been preaching,” Dean cut you off.

   “Okay, you’ve made your point. Just don’t do anything to Sam, leave him alone. Whatever you’re going to do-do it to me,” you held a hand up to your heart, making a sweet face.

   “That touched me right where my bikini goes Dean, really. Always sacrificing for the other brother, cute. But I haven’t made my point,” your attention once again was on the oldest Winchester, now only inches sat between both of your faces.

   “Then what is your point?” his breath warmed your cold face as he spoke directly to you.

   “My point is I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allow it. I want you both to wake up everyday and realize that there’s a new chess piece on a board where everyone is playing checkers…and that I’ll be on your asses like a Hellhound after a poor bastard who’s ten years are up,” your face turned to the side, making Dean think you were going to kiss him almost. “In your case, one year. Which means you’ll be hearing from me sooner rather than later,” after you finished, you went up into thin air just as you had come to them, leaving them both shaken and concerned.

   “Crowley will have to reel her in right? She’s going against him,” Sam held is wrists that were once pinned to the wall strongly.

   “She’s not like him Sam…she doesn’t care about all of that. We just have to do our best not to piss her off,” Dean was walking over to the bed, sitting himself down to process everything.

  “We can’t just-she’s making us her little bitch,” clearly Sam didn’t like this, neither did Dean.

   “Yeah well, we’re gonna have to go with it-she means business Sam,” Dean held up a video you had sent to his phone, showing a brutally killed Garth. As Dean hit the play button, the sound of your voice once again filled the room.

   “Did you miss me? Thought I would send my two new favorite pets a little reassurance of how much I just love you guys. Kisses boys, and don’t forget-Long Live the Queen,” you blew a kiss to the camera as you crouched down by Garth’s lifeless body. Leaving both of the boys panicked with terror just thinking of what you would do next.

Read “Destruction” aka Part 2-Here

The Draw Of A Gaze: Prologue

A/N: HI EVERYONE I have finally mustered up the courage to post one of my fics and please tell me what you think! I am very new to all of this (well in regards to posting since i’m always on this stupid site) so forgive me for making mistakes. ALSO send me any ideas you have for this series; don’t be shy. TYSM AND I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY

Bucky knew he was fucked as soon as you walked into the tower’s dining room, tagging along Tony introducing you as a new member of the team. Everyone said hi, well, except Sam who hit on you immediately.  

“Hey Y/N if you ever need any help with your combating skills, I can show you a few moves I know you’ll like on and off the mats” Sam said with a smug look thinking you’d reciprocate. Wrong.

“And what kind of moves would those be? How to flap my arms huh, bird-suit?” The only thing you reciprocated was that smug look with your statement following howls of laughter and a defeated look from Sam, making a horrible attempt from hiding the smile forming on his lips.

“Well, Y/n you have become my new favourite; welcome to the team,” Nat laughed as Wanda giggled in agreement while wielding a chair over for you. The spot right across from Bucky.

All he could recall from that night was the way your eyes crinkled when you smiled, the way you laughed loudly and freely without hesitation, and the way your brows furrowed in slight judgement when someone said something stupid. Because of his inability to remember memories, he’d often pay attention to the dinner conversations since it gave him fresh moments to remember with his new family. But that night all he wanted to hold onto was the ambience of you.

And you noticed because well, how could you not when those icy blue eyes that begged for someone to put some warmth behind them. God, you just wanted to jump him. Every time you glanced at him he would just keep staring at every dip and curve in your face. Until you winked which would cause the supersoldier to blush and who wouldn’t melt at such a tender reaction from such a tough man.

That night you were both tossing and turning hoping, wishing for the other to be at your bedside.

“This has to be infatuation. I mean, God we barely spoke! Like I need to chill I just met the man! The man with the most gorgeous eyes…face…body…THE HAIR which would feel so nice in my fist as I pull him closer to my-STOP IT HOE!” Your attempt at rationalising a feeling that cultivated irrationality, was clearly failing. But deep down you knew you didn’t want to stop; you were just scared. Of loving again. After what happened with your family.

On the floor just above, Bucky who’s mind was spinning at the thought of losing you because of him, “Buck, you don’t even have any right to be scared of losing her when you don’t even have her. I can’t have her; she doesn’t want a monster. She’s gonna end up hurt I know it. She deserves someone better so you better keep your distance man.” But despite his heavy heart, he fell asleep with the closest he’s gotten to a smile in decades. And it was all because of that goddamn smile of yours. The one night full of fleeing gazes and a familiarity you have never sensed before.

Stupidly, you both tried to avoid each other which of course wouldn’t work out since the attraction between the two of you was stronger than vibranium.

((A little preface… So, Bro and I were gonna do a Christmas getting a tree rp. Nothing really, uh, exciting. Then I brought up the RP wishlist meme I’d done and one of the suggestions, plus something we’d been joking about… and, well, it evolved into this. We’re still debating a name for this RP… will tag appropriately when we find it. XD For now I’ll be using the tag ‘drama for christmas’. Feel free to block if not your cuppa cause this might not be the happiest. XDa MERRY CHRISTMAS??? lmao))

What had he gotten himself into? It was a question he’d asked himself several times so far from where he sat among those he’d thought he was going to be rescuing. Virgil hoped he still would be able to help them if he could find a way. That, however, was easier said than done.

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As a fandom we should be ashamed of how everyone is acting right now. How ungrateful can you guys actually be?? Wake up people!! Is this how you treat something when you don’t get your way? I see so much hate right now that it is making me physically ill! I went into the tags hoping to see the usual gifs and posts but all I see is people saying how horrible it was and how the writers forgot how to write apparently. I am disgusted! All three of those episodes were beautifully written but you all want to be a bunch of babies about a ship that the writers all said from the jump wouldn’t become cannon! You all knew what you were getting into. And as for the “queer-baiting” that has been a thing since episode one! Get a grip!!


this post is to explain why many of you wonder why we saw yoongi refer to holly as ‘her’ before, when holly is actually a 'boy’.

there are many differences between english and korean, 'her’ and 'him’ being one of those. in previous videos where yoongi mentioned holly, he didn’t specifically use the word 'her’, as there’s no such word in korean, he either said '홀리가 […]’ (Holly is…), or didn’t use any pronoun. jimin used '얘가 […]’ (from what i heard in the video, he might have used no pronoun at all) when talking about holly. 얘 doesn’t specify the gender, it’s just a word used to refer to someone younger than you. the most accurate way to translate yoongi’s talk about holly is, 'holly is…’, 'holly does.. ’. but since we all assume holly is a 'girl’, many (including me lol) just went with 'she’ when translating.

there are words in korean than can still be used when you want to specify the person you’re refering to is female or male. like, 그녀/그 여자 = that girl/that woman, 그 남자 = that man. adding 그 (that) would do that. but, there is no direct translation of 'her’/'him’ from english to korean. we choose how to translate when we see who the other party is.