and what i masturbate to

Hetalia quotes based off of what my brother said

Italy: “What do you mean you can’t eat pasta?”

Romano: “I’m glad your father beat you instead of cancer”

Germany: *watches scene where Germany had to laugh as an American* “What the fuck”

Prussia: “He’s not dead” “are you sure about that” “He’s too awesome to die”

Japan: “I’m going to buy this katana as a birthday present and nobody is gonna stop me”

America: “We’re going to lower our consumption of fast food. But we’re still going to Chick-fil-A”

England: “yum… the taste of too much water and too little leaves”

France: “Masturbation Preparation”

Russia: “Friends? What friends?”

China: “I think we ordered too much Chinese food. And we can’t box this.”

Spain: “I have an unhealthy habit of not finishing work. Especially anime.”

Anon: “ I have a suggestion what you could draw of sinsworld porn. (Ech, sorry if you don’t draw porn or if I am bothering you I’ve been looking forever for someone to draw this and I’m really new to your blog.) what if you drew Tord masturbating to hentai? Its just I have been looking EVERYWHERE for someone to do this and found no luck. Don’t have to do it, dude, no pressure, hehe. C": “

Odd that this hasn’t been done. Really sketchy, sorry, I’ve been busy as hell.