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It’s a bit sloppy, but here are some concept doodles. The heights weren’t proportionate to each other so I listed them out ^^; I’m still not used to this whole ‘art’ thing lmao

Just Your Shadow - Moriel fic

Summary: Morrigan waits at home for Azriel after a mission. When he arrives, they both reflect on the times she has waited for him before at the House of Wind. She is caring for him when he becomes more interested in what she is wearing and decides to take care of her instead. (And Az turns out to be a real giver.)

Notes: Written for the Moriel smut week prompt “lingerie” (@acotarshipweek - a pretty loose interpretation of the prompt, tbh) Title based on lyrics from The xx song Lips, which I’ve had on repeat.

Just your love
Just your shadow
Just your voice
And my soul

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Morrigan hates this part. The waiting. The wondering. The fear.

She had been in bed, tangled in the sheets, restless. She kept reaching out across the space to find it empty. Her heart was racing, and then she realized why.

He’s coming.

She had jumped out of bed, throwing on the bits of clothing she found nearby, covering herself with a plush robe. Pushing her hair back from her face, she prepared herself for the wait.

Azriel left on a mission one week ago, and he was supposed to return this evening. Now Mor is out on the balcony in the open air, hoping to see him return without too much damage. Physical, emotional, she knows it could be any kind. But it won’t matter. She needs him to return to her, and whatever state he is in, she will take care of him. She’ll heal his wounds like she has a thousand times before, and they will wrap around each other in the warmth of their bed. Finding comfort in his warmth is a newer development. One she sinks into gratefully. One she tries to remind herself of as she waits in the biting cold.

The wind is one of Morrigan’s least favorite parts of waiting on their balcony during these evenings. It is constant, a never-ceasing howl that insists on making her uncomfortable. Being on the side of a mountain, one could hardly expect less. Morrigan still finds it in herself to resent this wind. It keeps her mind off why she is there, so she allows herself this petty, ineffectual grudge against nature.

She tries not to do too much hand-wringing. She knows that he is good at his job. She knows that he will return. But they were apart for so long, the tie between them so tenuous before, that a part of her worries about it fraying, breaking until they are wrenched apart again and the steadiest, surest part of her life is thrown into turmoil.

No, she doesn’t worry. She is terrified.

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♚. Terminal Disease

[ Even the strongest of men aren’t immune to diseases that attack and kill the body from the inside out. 

For several years Whitebeard has been battling cancer. It originated in his liver but has spread to other areas of his body and despite the chemotherapy he receives regularly, he’s aware that his body is deteriorating. His obscene amount of alcohol intake doesn’t help his health, but it does help numb his physical pains– pains he refuses to admit to his concerned sons and daughters.

To him, his illness is something shameful that he doesn’t like attention being brought to. He’ll yank the tubes from his nose and arms when he’s fed up for the day, shoo the nurses when they voice their concerns, and continue to drink without limits even though his cancer began for that very reason. Perhaps he’s in denial of it for the most part. The strongest man alive won’t fall due to a disease. He felt fine on most days after all. He could still beat anyone that dared to challenge him.

When Whitebeard went to Marineford, he knew he didn’t have much time left and decided to make the battleground his resting place. He wanted to die on a battlefield like the legend he had become, not by some persistent disease that was deteriorating his body.

If Whitebeard had any kind of ‘fear’ at all it was that he would die on a medical bed and he absolutely refused to let his legacy end in such a way. ]

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Hi! I know you're a big fan of Deacon and I love him as well (and miss him a lot since the amount of original content is not as large as at was), so I'd love to hear your thoughts about him? What do you think about all the theories on his backstory? If you don't want to post it, I can write you off anon<3

Thanks for the ask!! I’m flattered you wanna know my thoughts on Deacon!! Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when I think of Deacon is that he is my comfort character. Mostly cause I was really sad a moment ago but the thought of Deacon after seeing this ask kinda cheered me up lmao. One time, one of my friends wrote me a comfort fic where Deacon was helping me go through some tough times and it made me feel so much better during a period of time when I was super depressed. So ever since, whenever I feel really down, I like to imagine that Deacon is there beside me giving me some words of encouragement. aaanywayyyy I’m sure that not really what you wanted to hear when you asked this question haha

About Deacon’s backstory, I definitely believe that he telling the truth in the last affinity talk. Though, I am always open to all the speculations and theories about him being from pre-war/survivor from some vault. I don’t really have one specific theory I consider The Official Headcanon for me. I honestly like how mysterious his backstory and his character in general is. The one headcanon that I have about Deacon is that he is ace/aro. Maybe what makes Deacon a wonderful character is that any information about him is so vague and may or may not be a lie so anyone can have their own theories and headcanons about him.

blackheartaniblameu replied to your postMycroft gets turned on by police-based innuendo

Where was this? I missed it!

The film he was watching at the start! (While mouthing along and grinning like the saucy minx he is)…

You know I could arrest you.
What for?
Wearing a dress like that.
Would you like me to take it off?
Then I’d really have to press charges.
Press away. Isn’t that how they got started?
Adam and Eve.
Oh, them.
And that turned out OK.
You think so? I thought it was supposed to be the beginning of all human misery.
Now, what was all that about arresting me?
Well, maybe not arresting you.
I could just keep you under close watch.
Very close?
Shame, I was looking forward to putting myself into the hands of the authorities.
You were?
Finger-printing, being searched… thoroughly.

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I remember someone saying that JB had poor vision so what if he use to wear clear contacts but then he went to the doctor and was like "yo doc let me get some color contacts so I can kill all my bitches" because I really do die every time I see him with contacts😩 I love you Jen! And your blog is the coolest!!!!

lmao!! i can see him smirking after 😏 but.. like father, like daughter though?!?!?! 👦🏻🐱💙 and i love you too ^^ thank you!!

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Favorite picture of Paul?

oh god this………. this is the Hardest Question for me to answer ever because i’ve like seventy five fave pics of him lol let me walk you through some

the hair. just. i mean the film grease was probably based solely on this picture.

?!!!!!!!!!!! tHE TUMMY???????????’ ok something u lot should know about me is i have………..a hardcore tummy fixation lol anD LOOK AT THAT. look at my soft boy in his wet shorts and happyyyyyyyyyy tummy I DIE

he looks very Artsy ™ here. i feel this is a pic modern!young paul would probably hang in his house or put on instagram lol

WALK WALK FASHION BABY like honestly what an ICON i bet he’s wearing converse too ugh

this photoshoot is a goldmine?????????????????? most of my fave pics of him come from this day. also like who even looks good on a plain red shirt? paul mcbabybabe, that’s who.

the softeST????? look at his chubby face and his lips and ughg

beard. fancy shirt. jeans. TUMMY HAND. this pic has everything.

but honestly this is like 1/5000 of my fave pics of paul, u can see more under my paul tag (i really only reblog the ones i like a lot) or my fave paul tag which is a bit more precise lol

…also i might or might not have a tag for pictures of paul that make me want to call him daddy (i’m sorry)

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Are Tyler and James still friends? They haven't posted with each other in a while?

Yes, of course they are still friends! They have been in different cities during the holidays and now James is preoccupied with recording and photoshoots while Tyler is still enjoying being on a break. Tyler posted an instagram story of himself wearing a hideous shirt what he calls his “Philip and Lukas’ shirt just today. We’ll share the story in a short bit. 

sketch 290

Jack & Adele 

(back when Jack’s pj’s were new and he didn’t wear them backwards)

7. What is your least favorite aspect of the game?

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I wasn’t into to the story very much. I also found the pacing awkward.

I wish there was more back story to give the plot more depth. I expected to learn more about Cairn, the other Radiata Knights, and more about the relationship between the humans and fairy folk, but I don’t think not much was offered.

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This is the pair of clothes I left for Peppi,even lil’ bows cuz he deserves to look cute

I think the color looks nice on him,what do you think Red?
( @vexy-sins
@unfoundedrobotaccusations )

~He is wearing shorts and a shirt that blend together and just some red stockings plus bows of course~


@tythanator3000 haLP mE


Chapter IV.

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Based on Lilithsaur’s trash triplets AU

“You get tasked with being the sober driver as well?”

Matt looked up from his phone, letting his eyes adjust from the brightness of the screen, to the dimly lit room around him. Daisy stood beside the couch he was sitting on, watching the rowdy crowd of party goers. Matt moved over, offering her a seat. As she sat down, she looked over to where her sister had pushed her away, spotting Rey who was giving her two thumbs up before she disappeared into another room.

“Yeah.” Matt said tiredly. Daisy noticed that he was still dressed in his work clothes from his apprenticeship at the mechanics in town.

“You came straight from work?” Daisy asked, gesturing to his attire.

Matt looked down at himself, as if he couldn’t remember what he was wearing. “Oh, yeah.” He chuckled. “Ben picked me up from the shop and brought me straight here. I didn’t have any say in the matter.” He said as he laid his head against the back of the couch, closing his eyes.

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i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.


Okay, so I’m assuming that the human looking female in the white armor is Cora, who I think was described as a blonde biotic in that old leak that reveal Drack’s name and species to us, but looking at their character icons what is Liam supposed to be? Cause I thought he was human and maybe I’m just reading the icon wrong but it almost looks drell?