and what he wants is great

boyfriend kth
  • omg
  • taehyung is boyfriend material 
  • take great care of you
  • sometimes it feels like you’re babysitting more than dating
  • but his just really fun to be around
  • will smile every time he looks at you
  • king of forehead and nose kisses
  • eskimo kisses
  • such a cuddly little baby
  • random kisses because he loves you so much
  • cuddles and spanks
  • backhugs
  • so much skinship
  • loves pda
  • wants everyone to know that your his
  • will tease you all the time
  • tickle fights
  • he rests his chin on your head
  • he uses aegyo to get what he wants
  • when he cries it breaks your heart
  • constantly sticks him tongue out the side of his mouth
  • will dance sexually to see your reaction
  • subtle touches in public
  • smirks at you
  • teases you in public by whispering dirty things in your ear
  • is a switch
  • when he’s submissive he’ll whine into the crook of your neck 
  • but when he’s dominate he’ll but so ROUGH
  • loves when you tease him
  • cuddles after sex
  • sexy time over now ;)
  • he gets excited over animals
  • screams when he sees a dog and runs off to pet it
  • dogsitting Soonshim for him
  • getting a pet together
  • tries to cook for you
  • tries to impress you with his rapping skills and other skills
  • will sing to you all the time
  • buys you ice cream
  • karaoke dates
  • mini photoshoots
  • taking ugly photos of each other
  • the boys will always tell you two to be quite 
  • but loves you two together
  • overall taehyung will treat you like a king/queen 

Ahhhhhh, I got some many feels while writing this one, Taehyung is my bias for those who don’t know.

Once I’ve put up Jungkook’s going to go back and edit them, I’ll post once they are edited.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could write something where Harry and Y/N can't have a child together so they adopt a baby? You can really make it what you want. Thanks❤

 "I saw this cot today. It looked very lovely.“ Harry mumbled as he had his head on your chest and his arms wrapped around you while you played with his hair.

You chuckled, rolling your eyes. “Did you now?”

Harry hummed.

Ever since you got married a year ago, Harry was always bringing up the baby topic. “You’d make a great mum”, “I’ll be a cool dad, yeah?” and the list goes on.

“You know, we’ve been married for a year now, baby, and I think the house is getting too spacious for just us. Imagine this, waking up to happy giggles, a girl with your eyes and my hair or a mumma’s boy. It’s nice, isn’t it?” Harry asked, looking up at you with a hopeful smile.

You sighed, “It is. But can we talk about this tomorrow?”

Harry gave you a side smile before nodding, getting off your chest and sleeping on his side of the bed instead. You sighed before turning off the lamp beside you and sleeping on the idea of having a family with Harry.

The next day, you spent it pampering Harry. To say he was confused would be an understatement but he was happy about it. When night came, you sent him to the grocery store to get you tampons  - despite not being on your period but he didn’t need to know that now – before you changed into the newly bought lingerie you had bought weeks ago. You sat on bed, practicing a posture.

You settled for just resting on your knees in the dimmed room, growing excited when you heard him enter. “Baby? I got it!” Harry announced before racing upstairs and opening the door. His jaw hung open, looking at you in awe.

“So, baby making?” You asked with a bite of your lip.

Needless to say, Harry took it upon himself to put the bun in oven that night.

The next day, you both woke up exhausted but smiley as you remembered last night’s events and rounds.

“How was I?” Harry asked with a smirk as he propped himself on his elbow, looking down at you.

You blushed, swatting his chest lightly. “Shut it, Styles.”

“You were phenomenal. All the right m-“

“Oh my, stop.” You giggled, hiding your face with your hands. When yours and Harry’s laughter died down, you looked at him. “You know I won’t get the baby from first time, right? I mean, that’s what my sister told me anyway.”

“You could just ask for another round, baby.” Harry grinned before tackling you.

It was confusing to both of you. 6 months of trying and you still weren’t showing any signs of being pregnant. You were getting frustrated. You and Harry had done everything; from round throughout the day to spicing things a little. You read about it, asked your mothered friends but everything and everyone were pointing towards one direction; seeing a doctor.

“I’m scared.” You said quietly, giving Harry’s hand a squeeze as you sat in the waiting room.

“I’m here, love. It’s going to be okay.” Harry cooed, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and giving your temple a kiss.

“Mr. and Mrs. Styles?”

You and Harry stood up, Harry’s hand on your back as you both entered the doctor’s office with your blood test results folder in your hand. You greeted the doctor whose name was Rachel before sitting down and giving her the folder. You fiddled with your fingers nervously, trying to copy Harry’s supportive smile but you knew that something just wasn’t right and your doctor’s apologetic look proved it.

“Can I have yours, Mr. Styles, please?” The doctor asked politely, opening her palm.

“Of course.” Harry said quietly, giving her his folder.

She opened it, eyes traveling down the results before she closed the folder and sighed, taking off her eyeglasses. “I’m sorry to have unfortunate news,” She began. Your heart dropped, barely feeling Harry’s concerned eyes on you. “Mrs. Styles, it appears that you’re infertile.”

Your breath got caught in your throat, feeling your heart tighten and your eyes to water. “What?” You managed to choke out quietly.

“Judging from the results, it’s in your genes so any operation won’t be successful. Mr. Styles, you’re healthy and well,” She gave Harry a small smile before turning to look at you, “I’m very sorry, Mrs. Styles.”

You were sad, devastated. You felt like this was a punishment. Who wouldn’t want to be a mother? Hell, who wanted to be forced not to be a mother? You were sad not only for your disability but because you felt like this was unfair to Harry. So leaning your head on Harry’s car window, tears falling, you felt nothing but sadness. Harry, too, felt sad; but he knew you needed him. Now more than ever.

Once you reached your house, you walked inside, plopping on the couch and burying your head in your hands, sobbing. Harry was instantly by your side, wrapping his arms around you and rocking you gently. “I love you. I love you so much.” He whispered in your hair as you hugged him, moving to place yourself on his lap.

“I’m so sorry.” You cried out.

“What are you sorry for? This is out of your hand but it’s okay, we still have each other, yeah?” Harry said gently, cupping your face in his hands. You sniffled and nodded, calming down as Harry pecked every inch of your face. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Somehow, after telling yours and Harry’s families about the news and receiving nothing but love from them, the fans knew; the world knew. You were overwhelmed by the supportive replies and messages and you and Harry were both thankful for it. A month later, a month full of nothing but love and assurance and thinking, you had an idea; one you didn’t know how Harry would react to it.

So when Harry returned home from a studio session at 8 and found dressed up with his favorite home cooked meal and his favorite scented candle on the table, he was amused and surprised. “Oh shit, is tonight important? Your birthday isn’t until De-“ You cut him off with a kiss.

“You haven’t forgotten anything.” You said quietly with a warm smile. “Why don’t we eat? I’m sure you’re starving.”

Still surprised, Harry sat down and began to eat slowly. He watched you eat, thinking of all scenarios. He put his fork down, wiping his mouth with the napkin. “Alright, what is it?”

You chuckled, wiping your mouth. “You caught me.”

“Always do. Now tell me.” He smiled.

“I was thinking,” You began, tracing figures on the tablecloth with your fingers to avoid Harry’s gaze, “We can…adopt?”

Harry’s eyes widened, “A-Adopt? Adopt a child?”

You rolled your eyes with a smile, “No, a dog. Yes, Haz, a child.”

“Yes! Oh my god, yes!” Harry grinned, standing up and walking towards you, pulling you up before pressing his lips on yours in a hard kiss.

It didn’t take long for you and Harry to be on it, it was the following day. You both sat on the mat with 10 other kids, ages ranging from 2 years to 7 as you all joked and told stories. However, it was one girl that stood out the most for you and Harry. Hell, it was like she really was your daughter.

She had gorgeous hazel eyes, curly hair, olive skin and a bubbly smile. She had a wise and smart personality but she knew how to have fun, seeming to love you and Harry. She was only 2 years old and went by the name “Coco”.

“I love chocolate and my teddy bear calls me Coco.” She had said.

When Harry asked the manager for the little girl’s real name, you both knew it was Charlotte.

You, Harry and Coco were taken to a different room for privacy to have a word.

You smiled at Coco who sat on your lap, playing with your hair. “Would you like to come with us, Coco? Live with us?” You asked softly.

“Forever?” She gasped.

“And ever, love.” Harry grinned, stroking her hair.

“So,” She grinned gradually, “Mummy and Daddy?”

Harry smiled, looking at you as you looked at the girl lovingly. “Mummy and Daddy.” He confirmed.



Conman hcs because we don’t have enough of them

- Connor wears Jared’s shirts but no one sees them cause he’s always got his sweatshirt on

- Jared wants Connor to get heelys so they can wheel around together but Connor refuses to suffer that kind of embarrassment 

- Connor paints Jared’s nails

- Connor can carry Jared around, but only does it when Jared is tired or asleep

- ^ Jared pretends to be tired so Connor will carry him

- Connor is a great artist and draws Jared all time

- Jared reads to Connor to help him fall asleep

- Connor is the only person besides Evan that Jared will cry in front of

- Jared tries to braid Connor’s hair but he just ends up putting it a pony tail because he can’t figure out how braids works

- When Connor is going through a depressive episode Jared lets him vent and just listens to what Connor wants to say

- When Jared feels lonely Connor tell him he loves him and talks with him

- They love each other and help each other with handling their emotions 

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Do you have any advice for helping a dog be more verbal when needing to go out? Ever since we moved my dog has been going inside the house more and my parents aren't great at paying attention to her non-verbal cues to go out. Guess they were spoiled by the German shepherd who always barked when he needed out.

Can your dog reliably bark or make noise on cue? You could start asking for a bark before opening the door. I wouldn’t try this if she can’t reliably do it on cue already, because with the added stress of having to go outside she might not learn what you’re trying to teach her. Don’t worry about snacks (unless you want to) - going outside is its own “life” reward. 

You could get or make those bell strings sold at pet stores. Lots of people have luck with those and they are definitely noisy! Make sure they are against a surface that won’t scratch, because your dog’s nails will damage the paint on the wall after time. 

If neither of those are good options, I would set alarms for your parents. Figure out what times or how often the dog needs to go and set alarms for those times. It’s not a perfect solution, but this doesn’t seem to be a house-training issue, just a problem in the inter-species communication.

Good luck! -C

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You're the most level headed person on tumblr so i want to know, what do you think about Ramos? Do you think he's captain material, or that we should give the armband to someone else? According to Tumblr he's a bad captain so I'm curious

I’ll take that as a compliment 😅, well statistics don’t lie, he’s really hot-headed and sometimes loses his shit on games so on that matter he doesn’t really give a great example as a captain, on the other hand he’s got one hell of a winner attitude and that’s vital as a team captain, he’s the last one to give up and he’s saved our asses too many times to count. If he stops fighting you’ll know there’s nothing left to do, he’s got the spirit of going for every ball like it’s the last and honestly I don’t think anyone else on the team possesses those qualities, so as many flaws as he may have he is the ideal player to command this team and I wouldn’t change him for anyone.

what she says: im fine

what she means: the one thing i crave in life is a high quality pink guy photoshoot. we’ve had like 5 joji ones so is it not the time for a pink guy one, especially now that he is gaining attention and becoming a bigger musician? i want that aesthetic shit right now. straight faced looking at the camera with great lighting, that would be beautiful. maybe a smile picture too. why doesnt anyone listen to me whe

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What's the go-to form of 'affection' (or as close to it as they get) for the KiriDai main 5 with their s/o?

please tell me if this isn’t what you wanted!

Hara Kazuya

  • surprise hugs from behind
  • his s/o has had to get used to it 
  • they no longer jump so visibly but he finds their flinch hilarious
  • r00d boi
  • and he hopes that the hug part, when they’re not feeling great, will offer some kind of support

Seto Kentaro

  • resting his head on their shoulder
  • ideally he’d just sleep on their lap but if he can’t lie down in the situation he’ll just lean on them and try to rest
  • his s/o has to make sure he’s not doing this for too long
  • he’s strained his neck before from stretching by resting on them and the whole team laughed at his pain

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • he wants to be able to go up to his s/o and hold hands with them 
  • it takes a while for him to get that stage in a relationship (aka years) so otherwise it’s just an awkward smile
  • it’s a sheepish nervous smile but he has slight dimples and he blushes when he does it and it’s the cutest thing™ 
  • you haven’t lived until you’ve seen his small smiles

Hanamiya Makoto

  • arm around their waist
  • (his limbs have a habit of snaking onto/around his s/o)
  • not only does he like having his s/o close, but he also believes it wards away any shits that dare try even for a second wonderful if the person next to him is single or not
  • that said, he’s always enjoyed a good fight with anyone eyeing his s/o

Furuhashi Kojiro

  • slapping their back
  • doesn’t sound like affection but it stems from an unwavering support
  • not “i believe in you, try do this” but “go do i cause i know you can” 
  • occasionally he’ll let them hold his hand (he rarely initiates anything till he knows them quite well) or kiss their forehead if they beg him to
  • but if they need someone to help them go on, he’ll spare no mercies
  • he believes in them, they’d better get the hell back on task

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i was trolling around in some 1 year old markiplier videos and i came across the "dying my hair pink" one and the second i saw daniel i couldn't not cry so now im sitting alone and mourning a death that happened a year ago to someone i didn't even know personally. any tips on what i can do to stop this, i wish i could watch videos with him and not be overcome with sadness. i want to remember him happy, but i can't seem to shake my dread.

Hey anon.

Grief isn’t something you can stop. If I’m being honest I’ve not watched a single Cyndago video or video with Daniel in it since he passed away. Its tough. We all miss him. 

I’ve lost people close to me, and I managed by always remembering the good times; like my Great Aunt taking me and my cousins to London, or Boxing day with my Nan and Grandad. Theres sadness, because I miss them, but I smile because they’re such good memories. 

If you’re watching the videos, remember these were good time. Daniel laughing with his friends, and them back. There will be time when you aren’t overcome, but that may take time, and thats perfectly ok.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

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What are your thoughts on Arya and Gendry

They are adorable and cute and I want them to kiss and aahhh

Honestly, Arya is like her great-grandfather Rodrik Stark, the Wandering Wolf. Rodrik was a sellsword who traveled half the world but he married guess who? Arya Flint, mother of Berna and Lyarra (Ned’s mum) Stark. Arya Flint was also a bit of a wild card, but that’s Gendry. I see them finally uniting the houses of Stark and Baratheon, and “I will be your family” ashdbhsfjnjsknfjsnfksdjn they’re too cute for words and Joe Dempsie and Maisie Williams look too adorable for words together. 


Gendry is the one to understand Arya and I cannot wait to see them reunited and Jon going “Wot” and Dadvos going”MORE GRANDCHILDREN”

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The sign behind dan. Is that sign able to change depending on wat you want it to say or is it a completely different one to what he had before?? It looks the same. Sorry I'm confused (also my english is not best) thank u :)

No worries! Your English is great! Yes! The sign behind Dan can change depending on whatever you want it to say. It comes with letters that you put up and can rearrange

Once its over

ft. Jumin

Jumin dealing with the fact that V is no longer his friend.

Being friends with V for so long he not really saw it coming.

Back looking maybe he should had, the signs where their but Jumin could not see them before it was too late.

Maybe he not wanted to see it. His best friend since childhood and now he was gone for good.

His lat message hit Jumin like a bolder and before he knew it he was crying. The great Jumin Han, known to be a robot. A man who barely cried, he could not even remember the last time when it happened. But now tears were running down his cheeks a deep sadness surrounded his heart.

Loosing V as an friend was bad enough but it was impossible to write him back.

This what hurt the most. Not being able to say goodbye, the least Jumin wanted to do was that.

He was not even mad about it he just could´t. Jumin understood that this happens, loosing people no matter how much you want to keep them with you was natural.

He knew that. but it still hurt.

It was probably his own fault.

No, it deffently was.

Jumin did not enough for his friend. He remembered this looming feeling in him, that this would happen.

Somehow, somewhere deep in his heart he knew it. Still he was hoping that this distance between them was just in his head, that somehow this was just going away.

Jumin felt like was selfish towards V before but now were its over, now were V would be gone he could not even say sorry.

Jumin knew that he would be never able to that either. V had cut any lines that connect him to Jumin and the RFA.

This was the end and no matter how much he not wanted this to be true, it was reality.

He tried to rational the thinks that happen, stone-cold logic normally helped him.

As much as Jumin tried to rational his feelings, it was not working, the one time were his cold business attitude could help him it wasn’t.

All he could do was to cry and take deep breath hope that they would soon dry up.

Jumin tried to only cherish the time he had with V. This helped him somewhat. Soon he stopped crying but the pain was still looming in him.

He kept wishing that V got Jumin´s last message at least. Were he told him goodbye and where he said he wished him nothing but the best. Jumin had to way to tell if he did and to not know that made him sad again.

Jumin was really thankful for all the time he got to spend with V. Jumin knew he was not ever easy to deal with and friends was something that was really hard for Jumin to find. So he was thankful that V stuck with him for as long as he did.

Jumin would never hate V for leaving him, for moving on. Maybe leaving the RFA and the bad thinks that that had happened in the RFA was the best for V. Jumin could only hope so. Hope for V to find more happiness in his future.

Still he felt empty. Jumin had issues sleeping that night. He felt almost sick.

Finally, he found sleep in the morning he felt better.

Still, at work he could barely concentrate. At the most strange moment he felt like tears coming up.

He found himself being angry at V for leaving like this, but mainly he was mad at himself.

Finally he opened up about all this new tangled feelings to his friend, his partner (Y/N).

They knew just what to do. Just being their for Jumin listening to him. That really helped him.

Talking about the good times and the sad times was freeing to Jumin. The memories would stay with him, Jumin knew that.

No matter how it ended, Jumin would never regret that V was his friend.

Once its over it hurts, you lost something important but because it was important you just can’t regret it or hate it either.

You only can try to move on, once your tears are dried you will still remember them fondly.

Since no matter how short or long your friendship lasted it was really important.

You can only hope that you do it better next time.

when you see people saying Sansa betrayed her family and Arya is right to want to kill her and it makes you want Olly to stab them

Sansa Stark has never betrayed her family - being naive and wanting to marry a handsome prince and become Queen does not equal betrayal of her family and wanting them dead

I don’t know how many people so fervently ignores what Ned literally says to Arya when explaining the situation with the incident with the wolves:

“Sansa will be married to Joffrey one day, she cannot betray him, she must take his side even when he’s wrong”

This is the great and honorable Ned Stark telling Arya what Sansa is suppose to do and what is expected of her - this is what Ned believes and what he taught Sansa to believe so somehow we’re suppose to blame Sansa for not speaking up and essentially going neutral?

And people say she lied and sided with Joffrey, except she didn’t - Sansa literally says she didn’t see anything, she doesn’t know - she didn’t defend Joffrey either, did people forget how Joffrey looked upset and was unhappy that Sansa didn’t say it was Arya’s fault and supported Joffrey’s version of the story? Sansa didn’t side with anyone.

The fact that Sansa was taught she must side with Joffrey even when he’s wrong yet she still didn’t and refused to sell out her sister for any wrongdoing either only proves that Sansa is loyal to her family from the beginning and she won’t say anything that would blame her sister in such a situation.

And if writing a letter that you think would save your father and they told you that if you do it then your father will live is now considered treason then I wonder how many victims of crimes who’s forced to do things under duress and threats against their families must just be evil murderers and should just be executed?

A child being naive and easily fooled by crushes and love isn’t equatable to actively plotting to commit treason and betrayal - Sansa did nothing wrong and she never put Ned in any situation that he didn’t put himself in already by LITERALLY TELLING CERSEI to her face that he knows her secret.

Arya being mad at Sansa and blaming her for things is understandable - Arya wasn’t watching this show and she doesn’t have perspective - but there is no reason that anyone with logical comprehension watching this show should blame Sansa for any betrayals when she committed none - especially writing that letter when even Robb didn’t believe it and Maester Luwin immediately said it was Cersei.

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it 1:31pm and i've been crying for weeks on end because the guy that i really like told me he doesn't want a relationship with me, and that he wants to move on from me at some point. but i can't help think about him being with another chick and i don't know how to distract myself from all of this. i'm losing control over myself and it's killing me. xx

He doesn’t know what he has let go of. You are great and you deserve someone better. There are so much boys out there. Better ones! It hurts now but the pain will fade. Focus on your goals in life and distract yourself. You don’t need him. You will find someone better.

anonymous asked:

Omg are you doing the sexy prompts? (I don't want to stress you out or anything, especially because I know you're not really into omgcp anymore) if you are, would you mind doing number 3? Pick your favorite pairing for it, I don't really care :) thanks! Have a great day!

3. Watching us fuck in the mirror.

Caitlin Farmer doesn’t know what she did in a previous lifetime to deserve this, but she’s grateful every day that she did.

She and Chris fool around mostly in the Haus, since he has his own room and she doesn’t, but she has to admit her room is always more enjoyable. As Chris’s tongue darts around inside her, she steals a glance at the giant mirror above her roommate’s dresser. She can barely see Chris’s face, it’s too busy buried between her legs. But she can see the way he’s rutting against the bed, so turned on just by eating her out.

Yeah, Caitlin definitely owes her previous life some thanks for this one.

anonymous asked:

unpopular opinion: im not a big fan of jin's voice :/ although i think in terms of line distribution and just how he's treated in general is unfair, but his singing really isn't all that great. i mean bts' vocal line is just weaker than their rapper line tbh but yeah

bsjsjs you’re entitled to your own opinion. jin’s voice isn’t my favourite of the group but i still really love it. a lot of singing and vocal stuff really depends on what you sing. song choice for a voice is crucial if you want to fully showcase it, and i would know from the singing i used to do. and as i said before, jin’s voice suits ballads and it’s difficult for it to fit in with the hip hop, new age style of music bts does bc it simply just doesn’t show it off as well as a good ol ballad. it’s always down to preference and showcase tho

send in an unpopular opinion

“I honestly believe Pippa is envious of Kate. It’s like ur bf getting a raise. Ur happy for them but still wish you had their same opportunities. Now, Pippa was supposed to be on her honeymoon, what’s with the sponsored fashions and pap walks? Why’d she even invite the press to her wedding? Cute PR pics of George and Charlotte? Great. But the wedding is over now and she’s leaking to the press her location for every outing. Doesn’t her new husband want privacy? I wonder how he truly feels about i“ - Submitted by Anonymous

A friendly reminder to my gentile friends re: Charlottesville

There are a bunch of posts going around about donating to local Charlottesville charities in the face of the hate march, and I think this is a great idea.

Do you wanna know an even better idea?

Donate in multiples of $18.

Here, I’ll explain!

Hebrew is a numeric language. That is, all of its words have a numeric value. If you’ve ever seen the movie π, by Darren Aronofsky, there’s a great scene with a Chasidic Jew who explains a little about this and shares a word problem that hinges on it. So there are lots of puns and things that don’t translate, because, well, even if English had numeric values, we can’t guarantee they’d be the same, you know?

So, let’s take a second and talk about chai. Not the tea, the Hebrew word: חי. Those of you who followed my conversion may know this is also (part of) my Hebrew name, in its feminine form: חייה. It means “life.” Chai, you can imagine, is a great word! Lots of kids named Chaim (male) or Chaya (female). “L’chaim,” or “to life,” is the traditional Jewish toast. Our most important holiday, Yom Kippur, features a greeting that translates to “may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.” We talk a lot about chai.

And chai, as you may have guessed, has a numeric value of 18.

It’s a very common Jewish practice to give cash gifts in multiples of $18. For Chanukkah last year I donated $36 to my nieces’ Hebrew school, $18 for each of them, without even a moment’s thought to sync up “what I can afford” with “what’s appropriate and meaningful.” My temple does their donation forms in multiples of $18, with a couple of nominally-normal numbers like $50. It’s one of those cool little cultural things. And I promise you, if Charlottesville gets flooded with $18 donations, the white supremacists and Nazis setting up camp there will notice, and they will know what it means.

Fight the 1488 with the 18.

Fight hate with life.

(Non-Jews, feel free to reblog and share this to other platforms. In fact I genuinely and unironically hope you do, because I’d love to see this take off among gentile donators who want a great, nonviolent way to offer a one-two punch.)