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Captain H’roll’ah Was very pleased with how the trend of hiring these “Family groups” of humans was going, reporting various levels of efficiency from %5 to even %40.

His crew was getting used to the presence of other species too, while they made for a strange, and brutish species, they were still rather intelligent, and hardy.

While searching for more groups to take on in maintenance, he came across a pair of ‘Siblings’, and while they weren’t on the list together, he hired them each individually. He would team them up together, or well, that was his intention.

But oh, did the trouble start when they arrived. Shouting, echoing through the ship halls. He had put them into a co-supervisor position in the engineering department, but H’roll’ah was reconsidering his choices.

“Ann, Mel, what seems to be the issue?” 

The first woman, a tall human, even by their own standards, flared up in rage. “Why would you bring that incompetent oaf on board! She is useless! Barely competent for even janitorial duties!”

Before H’roll’ah Could even attempt to mediate, the second woman, a stout, heavy set woman shouted back “ONE TIME! I Mistake a fuse for a fenevew drive compartment and I never hear the end of it!”


The captain, almost terrified with the incredible noise these humans were capable of making such loud sounds. 

Despite their impressive statures, he got between them and tried to speak above, “I think it would be best if you Mel of clan Richards, went on break! Ill be speaking to both of you!”

The staunch woman stormed off, making loud thuds as she trudged off.
“Do you mind telling me what was going on?” He directed to Ann, “I thought the Family units that the humans operate with were close?”

The woman sighed, pinched her brow in a frown and leant back against the wall. “Not all families get along.”
“But you grew up together? Does that not make for a tight bond?”
“Not in every case boss. She was favoured by my Parents, which can lead to issues.”
“What sort of issues? Your efficiency is down over fourty percent! I need the best out of every one of my crew!”
“These sorta things cant always be fixed, Maybe its best if I move to a different part of the ship, or maybe just drop me off at the next space port, I’ll grab another job”

With a sigh, he nodded. He never could quite understand humans. 
“Can you continue to supervise for now, I’ll go off to talk to your sibling”

She grunted and jutted her head up, a sign seen in most creatures as a threat, but to the humans, apparently a sign of acknowledgement.

H’roll’ah Entered the mess hall and sat beside Mel. He would try a human tactic for her.
“Hello Mel of Clan Richards-”

“Mel is fine” she interjected

“Sorry, Mel. Why are you and your siblings always attacking each other like the Gloraxes of Spicheil 9?”

With a shifty glance, the woman rolled her eyes, clearly not wanting to talk. 
“We never saw eye to eye. We went our seperate ways, and intended on not seeing each other again. we didnt think that the same ship would hired both of us.”
“I hired both of you, as most family units operate rather well together”

“Not all, in fact, many human families dont get a long. Its just the way it is.”

“Our species tends to work remarkably well together, but humans are always attacking each other. I understand you had millennia of war with each other” H’roll’ah had been looking into human history, as he wanted to understand them better.
“Yeah, its cause we are all very different. We may get angry at each other, and we may do some nasty things, but its what makes us all different, y’know? Its got its own strengths”

H’roll’ah Nodded in agreement, but he knew now he would have to seperate them “I think I understand. I’ll assign each to different parts. On your report it says you are proficient at navigation planning, would this suit you?”

Mel nodded, and Got up. “Ill head there now, thank  boss, I feel a bit cooler now”.

H’roll’ah Sighed, and shook his head. He was really starting to get interested in these creatures.

Submitted by @theonlyfemmefatale

Another thing

So reading through this blog, I was laughing out loud, And i thought: No other species does this, what If we found something hilarious on an alien ship?

“So this human was sharing a story, when once he was finished, he started making a terrifying sound, booming as his face was leaking. It was like he was ready for war! Galora and I almost ran away because of it! But he was doing that thing with his face which indicated a positive mood. And his story made no sense either! I don’t see why a food storage unit would be wearing human clothing!”

“Humans are illogical”

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Space colds, Lance realizes with a huff of annoyance, are an actual thing. Apparently being a defender of the universe doesn’t give his immune system a free pass in the form of a tough barrier of protection.

He’s pulled from sleep with a harsh sneeze that has him jerking up with tense shoulders and sneezing sharply into his blanket. A light groan slips past his lips as his shoulders slump down, deeper than usual as if he didn’t just wake from a full night’s sleep.

For a brief moment, he thinks it could just be a fluke, a sudden tickle in his nose paired with an offset sleep, but he knows better. Years of being around big groups of people, whether that be a family that stretches on for days or classes at the Garrison, have resulted in many cases of a run-of-the-mill common cold, so he knows.

He could rest, but he’s not going to. It’s rare for people to take sick days for something as small as a cold, and he’s no ordinary person, not anymore. There’s no time for rest for the defenders of the universe, at least that’s what Keith always says before training each day.

He swings his legs over the bed, feet landing to the floor with a dull thud. They feel kind of heavy, he thinks as he stands, bones popping and cracking while he pulls his hands high above his head into a stretch. But, it’s okay, he tells himself as he shuffles toward his closet while still blinking away the haze of sleep coating his vision.

He can ignore it until it goes away; he’s used to pushing his feelings back to the far, borderline unreachable, part of his mind. It’s one of the perks of being a paladin after all.

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