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I'm talking about your Twitter. You've been all up in your tv shows all day.

Again, I don’t owe you anything. As it happens I do actually know of people who were at the event (not closely, and they are fine, thank god), so don’t you dare come to my blog to police my reactions. Truly, I hope you’ve not said this to anyone else, because for all you know they could have lost someone in the tragedy. Like I said, I know of people who were there. What if one of those people had been very close to me? A family member, even? 

How dare you police the reactions of other people. How dare you demand a response. How dare you imply that not performing disgust or even grief in your own preferred way means a person does not care. Shame on you. Truly. 

You told me I was not spreading love. Well what are you doing? What are you dong but making it all about you and trying to be cruel? YOU have taken this terrible event and made it into a point scoring exercise. You seem to think you can stand in judgement over others. You sit there and imagine you have the right to tell others off. What made you this way? What made you believe you are so superior? 

And one more point that needs to be made, for you and anyone else with this mindset. Terrorism wants our lives to stop. It wants us to be afraid. It wants to hurt us. Perhaps there are people out there who are deeply saddened by what has happened, but feel the best way to fight such extremism is to show it will not win. So yes, I will continue blogging and tweeting as before.

I am horrified by what has happened. It makes me feel sick that human beings are capable of something like that, and especially when the victims are children,  but don’t you dare use this as your opportunity to get some disgusting kicks. Perhaps it’s fun for you to use this as a way to put others down, to use this tragedy to make yourself seem superior in some way?

But by god, it sickens me. Your reaction is truly foul. You ought to be ashamed. 

When I Was Your Man.

Hello, Love Bugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings- this one is a sad one man. I’m sorry.

Do you do song based imagines? If so, can you do when I was your man by Bruno mars with dan, because idk why but I heard it on the radio and all I was doing was imagine the scene for this, thanks 😁 Your writing so so amazing btw

Three weeks today. That’s how long its been since the two of you took your break. It felt so stupid at the time to say you were going on a break. What does that even mean? The two of you are still dating it’s just that you are not talking to one another. It was stupid. It felt like the coward’s way to say that the two of you were over. You did as the two of you agreed. You didn’t talk to him. You didn’t see anyone else. Not that you wanted to. But most importantly for Dan, you thought about where you wanted to go in your relationship. If you didn’t see yourself in the future with him then what was the point in dragging out the relationship? Instead of staying in a stagnant place with each other. Breaking up would allow the both of you to find someone who you saw a future with. But it had been three weeks and you had thought of it. Sure, maybe your relationship had its ups and downs but didn’t everyone’s?

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Mellysandra! Can you please explain to me what Liam's deal means and why it might be significant that it got updated on iTunes? Is this at all like Zaynie?

Sure! So, the short answer is that it’s not even a quarter of a tit’s worth similar - the situations are nothing alike. Business Hoe hats on!

Loammy looks to have negotiated a deal for himself similar to what Harry and Niall have (but not Zayn, and I’ll tell you why): they actually own their record labels and the masters to their music, and Zehn does not - his deal is with Syco- which, as you all know, Syco is the hellmouth and is owned by Sony.

Its  true that Zayn’s classification on Itunes was changed from “Syco, Under Exclusive License to RCA” to just RCA, and that’s fucky all by itself (and was a huge dick shaped balloon of proof that Zayn was naht free from his Syco indentured servitude). But I do naht think Loammy’s classification getting updated is a dick shaped proof balloon that he’s got fuckiness, too. For me, it’s actually the opposite: Loammy’s licensing classification change puts him in wayyyyyy more of the drivers seat, since he owns the masters and is the primary label and sole director (and can really negotiate more artistic control):

With a deal like Loammy’s, Hampton Records (Loammy) would bankroll the initial production costs like recording, producing, mixing, work snacks, etc, and then the music is licensed out (in this case to Capitol/Republic). Like everything in this world, terms of the deal totes vary, but the gist is that the label who has the license puts down the Scrooge McDuck money for marketing, distribution, and prom(h)o(e).

“We Stand With Manchester”

What does that even mean? Really, what does it mean? Does it mean you’re praying for them? Does it mean you’re what, sharing pictures on social media, and feeling very sad and talking about how horrific the world is before you forget about it and go on about your day? Because there’s nothing we can do about it really, you’ll think. 

To take a stand means you actually stand for something. To take a stand would mean drawing a line in the sand and refusing to budge another inch-because we’ve already given the other side a mile. We’ve already given that death cult a mile. We let them slaughter little girls last night. Is that enough? If not, when will it be enough? What exactly would have to happen for us to sit down and reconsider the current strategy which is to say, do nothing preventative? When are we going to admit that there’s a pretty strong correlation between Muslim presence and terror attacks? 

“But not all Muslims are terrorists.” Yes, true. But these people aren’t “terrorists” anymore in the sense that we once knew it. They aren’t Afghanistan-war hardened international criminals who operate in sophisticated cave connected networks. They’re young, loser Muslims who get radicalized online in shady chat rooms, and figure out how to build these weapons via the internet. That’s a lot tougher to stop-and provides a stronger argument for why we need to have zero Muslims. 

Anyone can become a nut-job and build a bomb and kill children. That’s absolutely true. 

But if we know that there’s an existing group that is full of young people who feel marginalized, and is being flooded with anti-western propaganda from ideologies/groups like ISIS, we can see why and how it makes them more of a risk for radicalization. Even working off the assumption that there’s nothing inherently wrong with Islamic culture (which I disagree with, but for the sake of the argument let’s assume), you can’t deny that the effort by ISIS etc. to spread propaganda is both vast, well organized, and efficient; their material is thoughtfully and well distributed. You could perhaps make some sort of argument that these perpetrators are victims of brainwashing-if we’re going off the assumption that nothing about their cultures or Islam influences their behavior. 

Working from the assumption, it’s not really their fault. And it’s a sad situation.

But that doesn’t change the conclusion, which is that: having Muslims in your country means you will eventually end up with perpetrators of these heinous acts. Whether it’s by brainwashing or supposed divine instruction, the end result of dead little girls dying horrifically of shrapnel wounds remains the same. 

Whether a dog attacks you because they’re “evil” or because they have rabies doesn’t change the fact that the dog attacks you-and we can perfectly see why that dog has to be put down in order to protect society at large. And yet, replace “rabid dog” with “Muslim” and everyone pretends to not understand the logic anymore. 

And don’t tell me it’s because Muslims are people and dogs are not. If a mentally ill person was having some kind of breakdown and running through a school waving a machete, even though it’s not their fault that they’re having this break, even though there’s a chance they may not be intending to cause any harm at all, even if they’re an otherwise good person, police will of course remove them, and probably lock them away apart from society so they don’t hurt anyone-and if need be, kill them to protect the bystanders. 

It’s my same argument for why pedophiles need to be removed from society-yes, even “non offending” pedophiles. No child should have to be hurt and served up as a sacrificial lamb at the altar of fairness. It’s not worth it. 

Similarly, I am sick and tired of this attitude that we need to give Muslims the benefit of the doubt, all while sacrificing our own. No. We do not have to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, we do not owe other tribes anything. If you come to our land, and you cannot behave, it is not my responsibility to what, babysit you? Make you feel warm and fuzzy so you don’t slaughter me and mine? No, fuck off, go back to your sandbox countries and do whatever you want there

And I’m not saying “kill all Muslims”-necessarily. But they do need to be dealt with, one way or another. As a first step, let’s identify the problem, and the problem is Muslims, whether or not you like it. Facts are not dependent on your comfort with them. 

If you “stand with Manchester” it means you stand against the perpetrators of the attack, and actively want to take part in finding a solution so that there aren’t more victims. Otherwise, don’t bother pretending like you actually care just for social media likes, it’s gross.  

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Did you hear the last part of the clip? About choosing a just non-Muslim over a unjust Muslim? Does that mean she's gonna choose Noora over Jamilla? Even tho I don't think Jamilla is an unjust person...

lol she better not. what kinda light does that then show black muslim girls in then?

sana + jamilla >>>>>> sana + noora.


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Omg I just almost cried over your post about SW and his "conflicting urges", I agree with you on SO many levels, thank you for doing that! He talks a lot about Bum's "equal" participation and investment into this relationship, what do you think his idea of that is? Is Bum even capable of intentionally (or not) affecting those "conflicting urges"? (Sorry if you already talked about that)

Hmm, you mean, what would Sangwoo’s ideal version of their relationship be? How does he want Bum to act? Well, I think he simultaneously wants Bum to be more assertive, yet agree with him more. He wants Bum to speak up, but he’s only happy when Bum says the things he likes. 

He’s got unrealistic expectations for how romance is supposed to work, and he’s also a bit of a narcissist, so he thinks he’s always right. If Bum were rational, he’d agree with him all the time. But unfortunately, Bum is often irrational, so he has to be forced to see things Sangwoo’s way. For his own good. 

And, of course, he wants Bum to really, really love murder. Sangwoo loves it. It’s the greatest thing in the world. He doesn’t understand why Bum refuses to see how great it is.   

As for Bum, man, he’s such a passive person. I think as long as he’s confident Sangwoo won’t kill him, he’s willing to accept pretty much whatever. He’d like Sangwoo to be nicer, but the current ratio of affection to abuse is probably acceptable. I don’t think he has any hope that he can change Sangwoo for the better. 

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okay but this clip parallels last seasons clip with Isak and Even's awkward encounter in the cafeteria!!! And I keep waiting for the parallels to stop but they aren't?? @julie what does all of this mean someone plz explain

asdfghjklkjhgfs Julie stahp it pls. 

you are so right ugh

I need it to stooooop now jfc

also the carrots AGAIN

what is this Julie 

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First, Hypatia is too precious and doesn't get enough love. Ok, now that that's out of the way. I have this headcannon that's she's just got really intense social anxiety overall, but she manages with most patients to come off perfectly at ease. Except with children. She adores children so much, but she has no idea quite what to say, or how to interact with them. She just stares, doe-eyed a moment, and smiles shyly. Her mind just blanks out until a parent speaks

I strongly agree, I mean, holy shit I probably can’t emphasise how much I agree strongly enough.

Hypatia is a big socially anxious mess who doesn’t really have friends other Vasco, and she’s mostly comfortable around him because they’re been working together for years, she’s used to his presence and he’s basically the family. Other than that? She’s not very good at reading people, so she tends to put her trust in the wrong place and even be a little naive, overlooking other people’s lies or malicious intents.

The way she speaks about the duke, about how she consciously puts her entire life into helping the people who won’t get their help elsewhere, makes it clear that she’s painfully aware of the state Karnaca is in, and she tries to do her part in making it at least a little better. Her help is invaluable. But I still get the impression she tries her best to find the good in people.

So, obviously, as hard and tiring as it may be for her to do on a daily basis, she tries her best. The institute is an incredibly busy place, she barely sleeps at home and some patients literally have to wait for weeks to see her, but she’s just as anxious about leaving them to their own devices and failing to provide help, the guilt won’t let her rest. All these people coming to her, terribly sick, injured, traumatized, mothers crying for their children, loud and desperate, asking if there’s anything she can do (and, sadly, sometimes there isn’t anything she can do) - it’s a nightmare to deal with. Especially when it’s children. Unlike adults, they don’t always understand that examinations, the painful process of healing and unpleasant procedures are done for their own good, so whenever there’s a neccessity to deal with a child and calm them down and explain these things again and again.

I’m assuming she mostly put the responsibility to do the talking with the patients on Vasco, so she can focus on her work without wasting her energy on overcoming her anxiety and finding the right words, but like i said, there are so many people to deal with, it’s hardly possible.

Also, I believe i mentioned it at some point, but i believe this might be a pen connected on that chain in her breastpocket?

whatever it is, she fiddles with it all the time because it’s just impossible for her to keep her hands still and idle. It also calms her down whenever she needs to do the conversations tm and her hands feel weird and useless.

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what does your username mean?

oh! at the start of making this Tumblr it was soon after I saw the anime No.6 where the main character’s name is Shion. The anime and Shion in particular really resonated with me, and I even started talking about it on my personal Tumblr. But I was self-conscious of the fact that two boys fall in love and my mom and sisters followed me on that Tumblr. So I made this one for anime.

I don’t consider myself great at coming up with names, but Shion was so precious to me I wanted something that expressed my love for him. So I chose “Shion’s heart” because 1. his love for Nezumi, and 2. his heart, his emotions, his love in general, is what drew me to him in the first place.

So yeah! Over time I’ve wondered if I should change it to something to reflect my adoration for Kenma and Kuroken, but it’s sort of become my brand now.

And I still love Shion.

(Kaji Yuki voices both Shion and Kenma so, like, it shouldn’t surprise any of you that I love both. I have a soft spot for all of Kaji’s characters …)

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i love your art so much but i always feel so inadequate in comparison when i see it

I don’t know what to say but… Please don’t! What does “inadequate” even mean? Don’t compare to other while drawing! Drawing is really personal, it’s you! Have fun with it, experiment, but don’t feel “inadequate”! You’re valid!

To whoever sent me the anon:

(I am not answering you directly because what you said is very harsh and I do not want that content on my blog.)
If you had a traumatic experience with pit bulls, I am very sorry. You saw a very hurt and unloved pooch. That gives you no right to say that all pits should die though. I love my dog and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Even if a creature is not behaving kindly or if you are uncomfortable around it for whatever reason, that does not mean it isn’t important or vital to someone or something else.

Kara is scared. She believes she can beat Rhea, she really does. But there is still the very real possibilty she could die. And she doesn’t even want to think about what it would mean, if she lost. She’s sitting in Miss Grant’s Office, she’s telling her she believes in her, believes in Supergirl and it calms her down somewhat.

Cat hugs her and Kara is aware this coud be the last time that they see each other. “Can you…can you do something for?”, she asks Cat and takes off her necklace. “Can you keep this with you? It’s a necklace my mom gave me before she died.” Cat doesn’t ask her why, probably she aready knows. Cat takes the necklace, puts it on and hugs her again.

“I will. But when you’re done saving the world, I will give it back to you… Supergirl.” Kara looks at stunned for a minute, she suspected Cat knew, and if not, her behaviour right now would give it away anyway, but still. Cat smiles.

“Of Course I knew, Kara. And also -” She takes of her braclet and gives it to Kara. “Look at this, when you’re about to lose hope. It was a very special gift once, it should belong to a special person.” “But what if -” “It’s okay, Kara.” Cat kisses her on the cheek. “Now go save the world, Supergirl.”

Kara is still scared, but everything she can think about now is Cat and how much this woman means to her. She looks at the braclet on her arm and she knows, she can do this. She’s gonna save the world.


Jamison:  So how good does it feel to make money from something that’s all you?

Teresa:  Oh gawd…it feels incredible! I can’t even describe it, but I’m sure you already know what it’s like. 

Jamison:  Yeah, but your experience isn’t like mine.  How did it feel to you?

Teresa:  *sighs* Like something I’ve done actually means something to somebody.  You know?  I took an idea…put in on canvas and somebody else saw it and actually wanted it. It makes me feel like…*thinks briefly* like I’m not just in this world existing.  Somebody actually cares about something I’ve done. I need to feel that sometimes, you know?

Jamison: I do know and I couldn’t have said it better myself. *stands up and walks towards the bar* Do you want something to drink?

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'They’re muted and lifeless and I don’t feel anything,' The story of SC in a nutshell. That's why it was so frustrating to me as a Stefan/SE fan because we saw Paul/Stefan with the person he had the most felt chemistry with and then to stick him with steroline...UGH! Especially knowing that they weren't reuniting se, Plec n CO should've searched for chemistry before starting a new love story for him. It was like we lost not only SE but Stefan as well because steroline brought his character down.

Well that’s the thing. With Caroline, Stefan is technically still Stefan, I mean he sells his soul for her children, he writes her letters even when they’re separated, he does mistletoe kisses, like he’s technically Perfect Boyfriend Stefan with what he does but what really makes Stefan Stefan is how passionately and deeply he feels about things, which is what we saw and got with Elena, like when he said “I love you” to her it’s like he said it with his entire being, when he stared at her, it was not only like he was seeing exactly who she was but was giving over some of himself too and we get that sense of passion (but differently) with Katherine and again with Rebekah, we even get it with Valerie, Elizabeth and Paul were finding a footing and working well together but with Caroline, it’s just so flat and surface-level and it drains Stefan of his emotional nuance.