and what disney was about too

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Name: katie

Nickname: kate

Gender: female mostly!

Height: 5'5"

Age: 14

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Time Right Now: 6:27

Average Hours of Sleep: like 4??

Lucky Numbers: -48

Last thing I googled: “shrek doing the face"

Favorite fictional character: Lance, percy jackson, natsu, soul eater evans, emma swan, and many more tbh

Blankets I sleep with: 1 lmao i get hot so easily

Favorite Bands: prolly the neighborhood, head and the heart, panic!, and tøp

Dream Trip: Disney with all my friends

Dream Job: idk something with money

What I’m wearing right now: an old tshirt and sweatpants

Posts: like too many

What I post about: gays in space

Why did you get tumblr: its what the cool ppl were doing WORD

Do you get asks on a regular basis: nothing lmao

Why did you pick your username: bc i wanted something voltron and pidge is a space babe lets be real


Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people.

prey- the neighborhood
wait for it- Hamilton
goner- tøp
the good the bad and the dirty- p!atd
come on eileen- dexys midnight runners
bohemian rhapsody- queen
don’t stop believing- journey
calling you- blue October
helena (so long and good night)- mcr T-T
take the money and run- steve miller

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Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman

and a bonus doodle for the day is a bunch of Wanders. He’s just so much fun to draw, but I gotta get looser with my expressions for him, as I focus too much on what looks correct versus what -feels- right XD

I like how his hat can vary as eyebrows, that’s fun to play about with

and now i must work on some more Fallenmist and other projects :) I love my original stuff but I dont share it a lot because i havent figured out the ‘SHOW THINGS OFF’ to 'SPOILERS’ ratio yet XD

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any tips for writing college applications?

From my experience in a four year American college… Two major tips.

One: Rule of Three.

This is the technical writing aspect.  For those pesky “in 500 words or less, describe how you would accomplish world peace” questions (or, idk, a question about your goals/ what you want out of your education/ your diversity/ etc etc), start the paragraph with a thesis that a Disney Channel superstar would believe in. Immediately state an emotionally charged support for the thesis. Give a real world example from the past of why you feel that way. 

Rinse and repeat for three points. Three is a good, solid number for short answers. Two can be okay if the word limit crunches, but four is too much. Exceptions are essay length questions but the rule of three still applies within  a supporting paragraph.

In the conclusion sentence, point out how your past experiences and future goals will improve both yourself and the college.

Focus especially on how your experiences can benefit other students, the classroom or the campus. Would heavily recommend mentioning wanting to join a specific club or do volunteer work, whether or not you actually do.

If it feels kinda corny or hyperbolic or fake, you’re doing it right.

Two: Talk Big

(This is going to sound as if I’m telling you to lie on your college application, and to be honest ……. I am saying that. But, if it helps, it’s more like bluffing. Don’t say you went to nuclear science camp when there isn’t a shred of evidence for that.)

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Please help me. I can't seem to understand why people make such a big deal out of Sabrina Carpenter. She's a good actress and a good singer but besides that I find her bland and not much different from people like other previous Disney starts, like Dove Cameron (I actually had the two confused for a while, sorry). I don't think that she brings anything new to the table. What am I missing? I don't dislike her, I just don't get it...

Well, you’re asking someone who is like completely in love with her so…

True, she is a lot like other Disney stars and most people will probably get over her once the next blonde Disney girl comes along.

But here’s a list of some of the things I love about her and I’m sure some other people do too:

She’s a phenomenal singer -her voice is really powerful and some of her songs are very meaningful (for example, Too Young or Eyes Wide Open)

She’s an incredible actress -she and Rowan are definitely the two greatest actresses currently on Disney Channel and probably two of the best who’ve ever been on Disney channel

She’s undeniably beautiful  -have you seen her eyes? they’re such a pretty shade of blue. or her hair? her hair is always perfect ?? and her eyebrows are just…everything

she’s a giant dork -terrible puns, always acting goofy, just a big ol’ ball of adorable 

she’s cuddle size -she’s only 5′0 meaning that she’s the perfect size to cuddle and the perfect size to give piggybacks to and it just adds to her adorable factor

And my favorite at all: her smile -the way her nose scrunches up and she squints her eyes and throws her head back, it’s just the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen + her laugh is sooo cute

She has so much talent and is so gosh darn gorgeous at such a young age.

So really, she’s a lot like all the other Disney girls; there might not be anything special about her, however a lot of us really like her, and a lot of us might actually get over her someday while some of us might still be into her even after gmw

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Hey! Not saying other black people can't like the princess and the frog, but that movie makes me reeally unconfortable... The voodoo guy being the villain, to begin with!! And why is the black princess the only princess who has to work hard as fuck to earn the right to a happy ending? To me it just sounds like they are saying that if you are a good black person who plays by the rules and is cool to rich white people you too can have a happy ending- and if you don't, you're evil

There are a *lot* of issues with Disney’s portrayal of voodoo and the Aesop of working hard for what you want having to be driven in a film about a black female protagonist. 

I mean, I love the movie but I’ll be the first to critique it’s missteps and failings. It could have been so much better.


If I have to see one more shit post about how Disney character’s eyes are too fucking big or that their proportions are unrealistic I swear I will fucking lose it.

I understand that people may think they want animated characters that look just like humans, but they really do not. That is what real human actors are for. Animation is a completely different style and medium of expression.

The exaggerated features such as gigantic eyes are there for specific story telling purposes. A broader, more hyperbolic canvas aides artists in conveying emotions from literally nothingness. It helps the viewers interpret a visual language that is foreign to them (because as cool as it would be - our world is not yet animated).

So stop complaining about how they give unrealistic expectations because duh. They are not real. Nothing in movies is real. And if you or your kid cannot grasp that then you probably should stop watching shit.

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May I please have some Natsu (from Fairy Tail. I had to say from what anime because I don't know how many Natsus there are) headcanons?

(There are so many Natsu’s my friend, seriously)

-The king of bad ideas. “Wanna see me rollerblade off the roof and into the pool?” nO IDIOT

-will take the Broke College Student™ approach when trying to fix things, duck tape everywhere

-could be good a video games but he’s too caught up in mashing buttons to actually think

-will 100% go to see Disney Pixar movies and cry about them

Last day at Disney World tomorrow.

Hey guys! Yes you read the title right. Tomorrow is @neko-puff‘s and My last day here at Disney world! I’m ready to go home to be honest. Sorry I didn’t do the daily vlog like I planned. I got distracted. A lot. Sleep was needed on this vacation. However it wasn’t a total loss! Neko and are going to start up a very special channel soon! So get ready to hear a lot of rambling! I also might get my own microphone for my channel. I was thinking about doing Disney song covers. Nothing too special there. But I feel like I have an okay voice, and I want to share it with the world! Just to let you guys know what’s going on! Love you guys so much!

Three years ago I moved into my first apartment and began my journey with the wonderful company that is Disney. So thankful for what the Disney College Program brought me…which is: lifelong friends, a septum piercing (although I took that out 😬), lots of behind-the-scenes awesomeness (Walt’s Apartment, anyone?), checking “Work at Disneyland” off my bucket list, learning a lot about Disney and myself, making magic for families, learning how to live with freedom (at the time, maybe too much), figuring out where I want my life to go, pointing me to Oregon, endless corn dogs (I filled up pretty well on them long before I stopped eating meat), so many check-ins (my favorite were the ones where I’d take a walk down Main Street, U.S.A. before work), Club 33, and a whole lot of cherished memories. Thank-you, @disney! 🙌🏻✨ #OnceACastMemberAlwaysACastMember #MakingMagicForever #HeyRacers #HowConeIHelpYou #DCPFall2013 #DCP #ThatHeadTiltThough (at Disneyland)

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You've been away for a long while now with your GIFS, are you ever coming back? What has been happening in the life of Merida? I've noticed a lot that GIF replies in character like you and Hiccup did are now becoming quite a thing with people online. There are a lot of Merida's too! how do you feel about that? I think you were the first one I remember seeing! hope DunBroch is peaceful. bye!

Hey there and sorry for the late reply! All is well in the land of DunBroch, mother and da have just been overworking me teaching me how to run a kingdom. I’ve been fighting battles and teasing Jack, everything has been pretty good on my end! just no time for online blogging!
BUT that being said I do hope to be back very soon! Take this note as my official coming back statement (i logged on to find I had over 100 asks in my inbox from last time i logged in a few months ago. With more amazing questions that I have to sort though and ask when I’m back up and running!)


Trekking though my old tags that I use to reblog beautiful art with, I’ve picked up on the same thing annon! My old hobby of GIF replies has picked up and become a thing to youngins in character! Its quite cute to see their take on me isn’t it? (They make my hair nice and neat and not that curly, mom would love them) Its great that its become a thing, I don’t think I kicked it off, but there hasn’t been some in a while thats for sure. 

Anyway, DunBroch is peaceful and happy. the boys are getting into trouble as always, moms always got a class to teach me and da and I still spar on a day to day basis! 

I’ll see you all soon! and can you believe its been FOUR YEARS since I started this question blog? A lot of the old questions are gone now due to my lack of tagging system, but hell! i’m pretty proud!


p.s. until then! have some SUPER OLD GIFS of mine! I’ll be reblogging past asks as well in build up to my return!

I just came across those sad pap pics in LA. Burro is a kid’s store in LA? I wonder if Squidly is going to try and win some sympathy points when the divorce breaks and walk around with that borrowed kid (with toys she bought from that store) from the DM article in April to make sure that everyone knows it’s real (ha ha ha ha ha).

Dear SH - Your pap pics don’t sell. No one cares if you faked a pregnancy. Take the boot out the door Disney is about to give you and go back to your miserable life as a nobody.

And please don’t try to throw Benedict under the bus by making up lies, claiming that your idiotic con scheme was his idea b/c he was desperate for children. Everyone already knows what a lying sack of shit you are.

Give it up.


Too bad Narcs rarely listen…


I’m really not super Lilly-obsessed, but I LOVE this. I’m thinking about this one for my graduation dress (I’d need a special occasion to justify dropping $188 on a single garment!). I’m not buying it now because the size 6 was actually a little too big (!!!!!!) and I don’t know what size I’ll be in December. But I love it so much!!!! And I also love that there are Lilly and Kate Spade stores at Disney Springs now. Not that I can afford any of it. But I appreciate their presence.

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what kind of music do you like to listen when you're feeling positive? i'd love to know :)

omg i love this question also ive been feeling positive for the first time in ages too so thats great, I’ve been actually loving listening to disney movie soundtracks, eg the little mermaid, but other than that i really like nice chill music like rn i really like seafret, Sara hartman and rukhsana merrise oh and billie marten basically just my August spotify playlist, stuff like that

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How come no one is talking about those really bizarre and lovingly edited 5-8 minute crossover/au amvs that pop up on youtube sometimes

like look at this:

its not even just a random crossover they thought up this whole story and managed to throw pitch and sandman from rotg in there too for whatever reason. speaking of pitch this is by the same person:

and my personal favorite, a short number I’ve been affectionately referring to as “lapis lazuli stabs aladdin:”

I’m not making fun of this or anything because a lot of hard work and love obviously went into them its just. Why is no one talking about these videos. They’re like, the anti-youtube poop. This is a completely and undeservedly overlooked genre of weird internet crap and I for one am sick of it being ignored

11 questions

tagged by @latessitrice

  1. Favourite place you have ever been?

London, I think. I saw some fab locations and sights in Dubai but London as a city wins overall.

2. Do you read non-fiction, and if so, what kind?

I sometimes read celeb memoirs (Amy Poehler and her ilk), personal essays (David Sedaris or Rebecca Solnitz) and I have a slight weakness for books about criminals, crime and deviancy. (Think Helter Skelter or the Gift of Fear.) I do love history, esp WW2 stuff,  but most non-fiction i have tried is just too dry to really engage me.

3.What Disney film would you want to live in?

The Little Mermaid

4.Favourite scent?

Anything citrus

5.Tell me some family or workplace drama. Doesn’t have to be recent.

I have a family member (not immediate) who had a priest in love with her. he travlled across the world to win her heart and promise to leave the priesthood. She did not reciprocate his feelings, married someone else, remained friends and he is still a priest.

6.Most haunting place you’ve ever been?

I don’t know. my own head?

7. How many languages can you speak?

Just English, really. I studied French and Irish all through school but I am not fluent in either.  I have a decent amount of spoken Irish and understand most written French.

8.Least favourite subject at school?


9.What colour would you paint the outside of your house?


10. What’s your most treasured possession?

I have some little gifts my two nephews gave me over the years that i cherish.  other than that my laptop, kindle and maybe my makeup brushes lol

(thinking what i would save in a fire)

11. How much do you love Sebastian Stan’s thighs?

Not was much as his face

That was fun. I don’t think I know enough of you guys well enough to tag but if you see this and want to answer questions to relieve the boredom of modern life here are some

actually no, i’m gonna tag some of you. i’m not a weirdo i promise

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Avery/Lily >:)

SEND ME A SHIP and i’ll tell you:


  • who wakes up first in the morning

Lily’s totally a gross early riser who wakes up first thing in the morning all happy and tiny birds braid her hair probably. Avery’s probably awake already or close to it, and doesn’t really understand how someone can be so happy when the sun’s barely up, what is this disney princess crap pls

  • who’s the first to fall asleep at night

Lily. Once she’s in bed that’s about it, unless there’s something on her mind to keep her awake. Most of the time she’s like, warm glass of milk and sleep. And probably gets Avery one too, because she knows she has trouble falling asleep a lot and is like ‘well I’m here to help’ and all that adorableness

  • what they playfully tease each other over

Avery teases Lily about being sweet and perfect and absolutely lovely, and it’s possibly tinged with a tiny bit of jealousy. Lily doesn’t tease much because she probably is worried about hurting Avery’s feelings, but she’ll sometimes go in with things she knows Avery doesn’t mind, like when her hair’s a mess or something else small

  • what they do when the other’s having a bad day

Lily probably like, freshly bakes cookies and gives them to Avery and tries to do anything else possible to help because she can’t stand seeing Avery upset. Avery still struggles a bit, but most of the time Lily can be comforted with a hug and just letting her know that she’s there for anything she needs.

  • how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments

Avery’s super, super apologetic because Lily rarely actually gets upset with her and when she does, it means Avery’s definitely in the wrong. Lily is forgiving as anything, and will definitely apologise if she’s in the wrong at all and just be like ‘ it’s okay’ as long as Avery admits she’s wrong and sorry.

  • which one’s more ticklish

Lily. Avery’s like. Hehe I can tease you with this but it backfires because Lily’s adorable when she laughs. And also because she is actually pretty good at getting her back for it.

  • their favourite rainy day activities

Quiet spending time together. Reading, baking, cuddling up - all that cuteness

  • how they surprise each other

Lily shows up with freshly baked treats or something else right when Avery didn’t even know she wanted them in a very adorable, heartfelt way. Avery tries to spoil her with expensive presents and Lily’s like please, I just want to spend time with you, so she buys them an expensive holiday instead. Lily rolls her eyes because Avery, please, but is secretly very endeared to know Avery cares.

  • their most sickening shows of public affection

They just sort of gravitate towards each other. It’s never overt but there’s lots of little touches and smiles and things that they both think is super subtle but everyone’s like ‘yeah we see you guys and its adorable but also wow pls’

hi you beautiful bean welcome to my about me! here is a bunch of information you probably don’t care to know

  • My name is Kerena (you can call me Rena if you wanna)
  • 18
  • California
  • bruh what do you put in these things
  • Malum hoe
  • I love to read, like LOVE so if you ever have book recs feel free to send them my way! (Or if you want me to rec you books we can do that too)
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with greys anatomy and everything disney and I’m down to talk about them literally any time of the day 
  • I’m not kidding pls come scream with me about meredith grey and the cheetah girls
  • I’m a mermaid (my ass practically lives at the beach&i freaking love it)
  • I’m hella short in case you were curious 
  • Other bands I love would be state champs, panic!, all time low, you know the usual lmao
  • The last three songs I listened to were Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, My Neck My Back by Khia, and Rockstar by Hannah Montana which pretty much sums up how random my taste in music is
  • I didn’t realize how boring I was until I attempted to do this yikes, if you wanna know anything else feel free to ask I’ll probably add to this as I think of more things

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