and what disney was about too

Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman



What I really appreciate in the Kristanna relationship is how they are created to be foils to one another, but also to be exactly the same.

And no, I’m not talking about those people that start out as opposites and learn that their differences make them stronger. No. Disney does a lot of that these days.

Kristanna don’t only foil eachother in the most perfect way, but they are similar too. These are only a few scenes showing how similarly different they are. They are both awkward, but in very different ways. They are both so selfless, although Kristoff tries to show it less. They are also both very dedicated, but about totally opposite things.

It’s very hard to create two characters with such a confusing and deep kind of relationship. Oh so different, but oh so the same.

That is why Kristanna is unique for Disney.

And that’s why they are meant to be.

"Anna iz a feminist icon!!?!?!?"
  • Disney Fan:Anna is the first feminist princess!
  • Me:Um, no. Did you guys remember Ariel? She didn't sit around and wait for a man. She even went against what her father wanted. She had passion.
  • Disney Fan:Oh, well but...
  • Me:And what about Belle? She gave up her freedom for her father and also refused to obey Beast until he started respecting her.
  • Disney Fan:Okay, that's true...
  • Me:What about Pocahontas? Did you forget her too? You know, she saved her people from a war.
  • Disney Fan:Yeah but that's....
  • Me:And what about Mulan? Who saved China. That's right, she saved a mother fucking country.
  • Disney Fan:Well.....
  • Me:You also forgot about Tiana who not only defeated her villain as a frog but opened her own restaurant in the 1920's. Do you have any idea how impressive that is?
  • Disney see...
  • Me:What about Merida? Vanellope? Kida? Esmeralda?
  • Disney Fan:......
  • Me:Do you even know what feminist means?
  • Disney Fan:No.


What is the idea!?::::
I want to visit sick children/children in need dressed as a dinsey princess, and who is the most beloved of them all right now?! Elsa from Frozen. I think the children will enjoy her the most and she is a good role model too, plus I feel like she is closest to my face shape and body type, so I can portrait her as realistic as possible.

How much money is needed!?:::
I will need a wig, the dress and a pair of shoes. I already found a good website that seems to be safe and highly recommended by disney fans, to buy the dress. I can’t make the dress myself because I am working to finish the cosplays that I promised to you guys for months now, so my attention goes to that / I will just BUY the Elsa dress. I will make the shoes myself, if I can, OR buy them too if I find a pair that looks like Elsas shoes.
The Wig needs to be styled and bought, I found the perfect one to buy and style. That or I will buy an already styled Elsa wig, but so far they look too cheap. Children notice if you don’t look like the real deal.
Here are the things I need to buy-
01 Dress 250$+shipping…
02 Wig 70$+shipping (in blond!)
03 Shoes around 50$, but I will try and make them for less if I can!

How safe is it to donate!?
I will use the money ONLY for the Elsa cosplay, not for another cosplay. If I have more money I needed, I will use it to make the costume better, or buy little things for it like a plush Olaf or a storybook to read to the children, or a sing along CD, but the money goes to the cosplay. Not to ANY of my other cosplays I am working on.
How will you be sure about that?! I will post all bills and shopping-receipts for all items. As well as all the items I bought for the costume. I will post every order for an item for the costume in a folder called ELSA COSTUME, here on facebook, and update it weekly.
As soon as the costume and wig arrives I will make test-photos with it and get in contact with hospitals and institutions for sick children.
I will keep the donations transparent and fair and update daily on the money donated so far, and I will post screen shots.

What happens when the cosplay is finished, ordered and delivered to me::????
I will visits children and post photos of my trips and interaction with the children. I will do that at least once a month, with a hospital or social institution or library, kindergardens, church, and so on. if it goes well I will do it more often.

What happens if there are not enough donations::?!
If not, the money stays on my paypal till there are enough, not one penny will be used for something else!

go to and send your donation, as a friend, to !

Every dollar is welcome, and I want to make clear, I am NOT forcing anyone to donate to this idea, nor am I misusing the money I will get from you. But if you feel you want to help and make this possible, I am more than happy and grateful for it! 

Thanky you for your time,
FahrLightLOKI aka Fahr Sindram

Entering the heads of your characters

A week ago, I was privileged enough to attend a conference by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. One of the keynote speakers was Judy Schachner, author of many character driven books including “Skippyjon Jones.” She talked about her process of thinking about her characters and coming up with great stories and one of them was very familiar to me and really intriguing. 

External image

She creates “Character Bibles” for all of her characters. 

External image

For those of you in animation the term “Bible” may seem familiar, it’s a term we use when we’re pitching new ideas or communicating with a crew about what our films are about. For Judy, her bibles focused on just one character and they were incredibly exploratory. She used collage, photography, drawing and notes to develop each character or their stories. 

The other reason that this intrigued me was because I had seen another character bible in a similar vein before too. 

External image

When I was just starting at Disney Feature Animation, my mentor, Claire Keane, showed me this amazing book she made. It was a sketchbook full to the brim with watercolor drawings, notes and sketches that she created for just one character. That character was Rapunzel, who feels more like a fully fleshed out real person than most animated characters. 

External image

External image

According to her blog, Claire kept this journal and kept track of her day and imagined what it would be like if it was Rapunzel living out her day. 

Rapunzel, being a bit of an odd duck (how do you get into the head of someone who’s been essentially trapped in one room for 18 years?) was a challenge for a lot of people to understand and Claire’s sketchbook was a great way to communicate and explain what kind of person Rapunzel was and how we could use that for her design as well as her acting. 

A lot of great actors use something called ‘Method Acting’ to get into the heads of their characters, and when we see them use these methods we are often rewarded with characters who feel especially real and more than generic. 

When we design characters in Entertainment, employing this type of thinking can also be a great way to get into the head of who you are designing. Even if you can’t sit down and create a whole BOOK one one single character, take the time to get to know your person. What would they order at a coffee shop? What kind of places make them comfortable or nervous? These types of details are what make your characters more than drawings and give them a life beyond the page.  And hey, if you’ve got the time, why not make a little book about your one character or story? It could be a great fun way to explore and maybe come up with great ideas!! 

Images for Judy from Iza Trapani’s Blog 

I don’t care if what I want to do with my life isn’t practical or realistic. I don’t care if I am going to struggle, live paycheck to paycheck, or be unstable, in order to chase my dream. I don’t care if people fake a smile, roll their eyes, or try to change my mind, when I tell them what I want to do with my life. Why? Because one day I am going to die. And I would rather spend my entire life fighting to do what I love, rather then settle for something that won’t truly make me happy. 

Okay but hang on a second, because let’s think about this.

Yes we’re all in pain and there will be endless emotional suffering.

Yes the apocalypse is coming and we’re all going to die. But look. Look on the bright side because there is a giant fucking silver lining to the rift being broken.

A weirdness apocalypse. We are going to get A WEIRDNESS APOCALYPSE.


This show has been SO CREATIVE in its character, creature and set design, it’s consistently pushed the boundaries on what is too strange or too scary for a Disney show and it is about to take the gloves off and hit us with the weirdest shit it can think of.

Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony Are Sued in Wage Theft Scandal

Shocking details of wage-theft conspiracy emerge in a class action lawsuit filed against DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Digital Domain 3.0, Sony Pictures Imageworks and others.

I don’t think this directly affected me, in my time at Disney, as I was always too junior (and heretical) to be desirable within the studio, never mind to another studio.  I’m sharing it because while it’s not as fun as, say, browsing character design blogs, it is important for anyone wanting to get into the animation industry to read about this. The whole of animation history is full of studios taking advantage of their employees and it is not in their interest to change, which is why employees must be vigilant not to be taken advantage of, and not to let it happen to others.  No matter what your studio may tell you about being a happy family, it’s a business, and will make cold-blooded business decisions when it suits them – in fact the whole ‘happy family’ rhetoric is a cold-blooded business decision, as it encourages employee loyalty and is much less expensive than competitive pay.*  It isn’t in anyone’s interest to revisit the bidding wars of the '90s because everyone suffers in the long run, but that does not make it OK for studios benefiting from record profits not to pass that along to the people who made the films, never mind conspire with each other to keep their workforce from finding just compensation anywhere else.

And for people who take only a recreational interest in animation: it ain’t all peaches and cream: be an informed fan.

*To be fair, I have worked at studios that are, more or less, happy families, but the truth of it seems to be in an inverse relationship to size and to explicit statements of familial happiness.


he looks so affected by the fact of.. seeing Hiro like that, like, he totally feels his pain, he lost Tadashi too (his best friend, the only one with Honey who never judged him, THE one who liked his jokes and sometimes took part to his shit) and he knows the pain it is..
I mean what the hell he looks about to fuckin cry

and the 3 other pics… he looks so old and pretty and different

whatever : have some freddie


One of the most amazing experiences in my life was when Walt Disney World asked that I come to Orlando, Florida to launch their SC account as part of their 24 hour Rock Your Disney Side event. It was an honor. Here is the entire story from that day.

I’m so fortunate to be making a career out of snapping for brands. The past year has been an incredible blur and I appreciate everyone on tumblr whose favorites, reblogs and follows made it all a reality. I wish i could reach out and kiss each and everyone of you. 

If you follow along with my snaps (username: MPLATCO), thank you for the support, too! I can’t always snap for awesome companies like Disney, but am excited about hearing what suggestions my followers have.

I love you guys.


"Two Steps Forward" (Frozen, T)

Rating: T just in case
Words: 5,190
Pairing(s): Kristanna (always and forever)
Summary: The best laid plans of mice and men… something something something. Frankly, they’re both too miserable to worry much about aphorisms, what with their worlds falling apart and all.

Notes: Man, this one was… a lot better in my head. Just… the writing and the characterization… hm. Sadly, I don’t expect anyone to actually cry at it (like you should have if I could have pulled it off better *shakes fist*), but hopefully it’s at least a semi-refreshing spin on a fairly common storyline.

(*hugs Kristoff* See, baby, I TOLD you I’d make it up to you. Even if it doesn’t look like it at first…).

ETA: Now has a mini coda/epilogue/post-script of sorts here. Don’t ask me why. I’m still not sure myself.

Keep reading


Three Snowmen and a Queen

Within Frozen and Frozen Fever, Elsa creates three different snowmen: the little guy Olaf, the snow beast Marshmallow, and tiny snowmen known as the Snowgies. Yes, I know she inadvertently creates around 100+ Snowgies, but what I mean is that Elsa creates three different types of snowmen. And each type of snowman represents a different element of her personality, including her feelings.


I already have written a long analysis about Olaf, so I won’t say too much right here. But Olaf’s major purpose in the film is that he is the living embodiment of Elsa and Anna’s love for each other. Even after Anna’s memories were changed, one thing she still remembered was her love of building snowmen with Elsa, and Olaf was the name of the snowman they built. As the two sisters grew up and grew apart, Olaf served as the one special link between them. He was part of their happy, carefree childhood memories, so he was the reason why Anna and Elsa still loved each other after so many years of estrangement. Since Olaf was first created when the girls were young, Olaf’s personality is very much like that of a child, including his innocence and naïveté. Additionally, his desire to experience summer is a subtle representation of Elsa and Anna longing to be with each other again.


A lot of fans and viewers misinterpret or misjudge Marshmallow, dismissing him as a bad, scary snow monster who wanted to kill Anna and her friends, then Hans and the guards. But all of that is not the case with the purpose of this creature.

After Elsa learns that she had caused an eternal winter in Arendelle, she doesn’t know how to stop it and feels that she is turning into the monster she feared she would become. Wanting her sister to leave for her own safety, Elsa creates Marshmallow in order to throw Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf out. Despite him looking menacing when he is first created, Marshmallow starts off as a sad creature, with his only line being what Elsa used to say when she was younger: “Go away.” And if you didn’t notice, after he threw them down, he was turned away and heading back inside the palace. Marshmallow was made as a forceful way to get the group to leave, and since that job was already done (or so he thought), that’s why he was leaving. He had no plans to attack them after that. But then he looks back when Anna hits him with the snowball. He feels attacked, so this makes him mad and he chases after the group. But it’s all just to make sure they go away like Elsa wants. He never intends to kill or harm them; like Elsa, he just wants them to go away. This is proven when he holds them by Kristoff’s rope and roars right in their faces: “DON’T COME BACK!” While they are falling from the cliff, Marshmallow nods with satisfaction, then heads back to Elsa’s palace. When Hans and the guards show up, Marshmallow, who is disguised as a pile of snow outside the palace, springs into action once again, igniting sharp ice fangs, claws, and spikes on his back. When they try to fight Marshmallow, he becomes more aggressive as he fights back and attempts to keep them out.

Marshmallow is made a snow monster because he represents Elsa’s fear and her belief that she is truly a monster, as well as her powerful desire to be left alone. Since he was made to keep others out of the castle, this is why he is territorial to intruders or others who try to enter it. On an interesting note, Marshmallow chasing the group after Anna provokes him, then him becoming aggressive as he fights the guards, foreshadows the moment when Elsa is provoked by the Duke’s henchmen and is forced to fight back in self-defense.

The Snowgies

I also recently wrote a headcanon about the Snowgies, so I don’t really have too much to say about them. These little snowmen represent the mischievous, playful side that has been dormant in Elsa for so long, since they act just as such. This may as well tie in with the fact that Elsa wants to be playful and somewhat mischievous in making the day a great one for Anna. On another note, Elsa acts as a perfectionist by wanting to make it up to Anna and give her a perfect birthday. So the Snowgies might also be partly the result of Elsa’s subconscious acting as a counterbalance to her desire for perfection, as said by caffeinatedzayl777. This makes sense because the Snowgies are mischievous, chaotic troublemakers that cause or almost cause several disasters during the short.

The possibility of the Zootopia sequel....

I just read some articles about the possibility that “Zootopia2″ could be done and what it should be about. The most interesting article for me was that one: . Really, you should read it guys. The person who wrote that has the same point of view as me about Judy and Nick : Friends? Ok. Romance? Ok too. I don’t really care if they stay friends or become a couple - both ways suits to me, so to that person. The author shows the readers his point from two sides - he gives reasons for why romantic!Wildehopps would work out in the sequel and why it wouldn’t. And for both points the reasons are very smart, logical and they really got to me.

And then I thought: ok, this is all amazing, but we still talking about a MOVIE SEQUEL and we all know that Disney Company isn’t to keen on making a theatrical sequels. Yes, the movie creators talked about the movie sequel even BEFORE “Zootopia” was released, but still… As I read somewhere - animated films need more time to make than life-action films, that’s why the decision about the sequel will take so long to make. 

So I think that it would be better, if instead of a movie sequel we could get a TV-SHOW SEQUEL - something that we could watch on Disney Channel or Netflix. A TV-show about Nick and Judy solving crimes together (of course, voiced by the original movie cast) (CSI: Zootopia ?). Guys , think what a great possibility it would be for us - shippers or nonshippers! Just THINK WHAT WE COULD GET!
- Wildehopps romance evolving, growing, developing
- story developing
- different arcs, plots
- more focus on other species
- More sassy!Wilde
- more cute!Hopps
- story about a deep friendship (if romance not involved)
- the banter
- Wildehopps solving crimes
- more of their backstory (some flashbacks maybe?)
- (one of my personal favorites headcanons) Nick finding out about Judy’s “incident” with Gideon and being pissed of about his lil’ bunny being hurt
- (followed by) Nick vs. Gideon
- Nick’s parents
- more “You know you love me” and “Oh, you bunnies/foxes… so emotional”
… and something that everyone who love Wildehopps wants to see on screen:
- HUGS (sad!hugs, sorry!hugs, happy!hugs crying!hugs…. allkindsof!hugs)
- maybe some KISSES (not only on the lips, shippers)
- all kinds of “you scared me to death!” situations
and all kinds of fluffy and cute things we can recently see only on fanarts and read in fanfiction :)
And we could get some new stuff to freak about every week :)

Tell me what you think about this ;)

SaveWOY letters and emails

I’m going to emphasise the importance of writing letters and sending emails in this post. The petition is doing extremely well but we need to work more on the other parts of #SaveWOY.

The results of my SaveWOY survey show that out of 321 fans who filled it in, only 16.8% have sent letters and 20.9% have sent emails. Letters, I completely understand because it costs money to send them and it’s expensive for international fans, among other reasons but I was a bit surprised at the email percentage. 

So let’s see if we can at least get that email percentage up. Here are the email addresses for Gary Marsh and Cecilia Johnson.

Emails don’t have to be as formal as letters but please remember to still be polite and respectful. 

Not too sure on what to put in your email or letter? How about sending them any Wander Over Yonder fanart you’ve made? Telling them why you want that third season. Why you disagree with their choice to cancel it. Any good memories of WOY you want to share? Anything WOY has taught you that you now apply in real life? Any good experiences that came from the show? Want to just thank them for helping bring WOY onto our TVs in the first place?

I can see from the survey that 94.4% of fans have said that WOY has had a positive impact on their lives. This would be a good subject to also touch upon in any letters or emails if you’re ok with sharing your story.

If you need any help with letters and emails my ask box is always open or if you need any letters or emails proofread you can email them to me at

Dave Thomas has said that the SaveWOY letters are getting noticed.

I have a couple of new mailing campaigns in the works but until they’re ready to be rolled out let’s fill up Disney’s inboxes!

Here’s my guide on writing a letter -

I’m going to attach the addresses to send letters to below.

GARY MARSH – President and Chief Creative Officer for Disney Channels Worldwide
3800 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

ROBERT A. IGER - The President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521                                                                                                  

MARC BUHAJ - The Vice President, Programming and General Manager of Disney XD

3800 W. Alameda Ave, Ste B
Burbank, CA 91505                                                                                                  

ERIC COLEMAN - The Senior VP, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Television Animation
811 Sonora Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201                                                                          

Disney XD
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Disney XD
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, PO Box 787
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3

Let’s all play our part and do our best to #SaveWOY!