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yuri on ice!! (who would've thought)

what’s “yuri on ice” ?

jk jk, Thanks for asking me, buddy :p


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Favorite male : Viktor Nikiforov, without any doubts. I wish he could get even more love, he deserve the world

Favorite female : That can sounds weird, but my favorite female is Mari Katsuki. She is Relatable tm and so cool.I hope she get more screentime in the movie.

Favorite pairing : Viktuuri, i know it’s not very original, but these twos are Relationship Goal. But if you wanted to know my second one, it would be SaraMila (wink at @miraculous-katsukii ;) )

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Least favorite character : I’m not really happy to confess this, but i think it would be Yurio ? :/ I have no particular reason, but i think he changed and became better at the end. He just doesn’t know how to exprim himself, but things he said or did really upsetted me. So more like First-Episodes-Yurio ?

Who’s most like me : I don’t really know… Yuuri maybe ? He is a little like me but more determined and couragous ? People often told me i was acting like him times to times.

Most attractive : They are all so attractive !! But i think Victor and Mila. (I also tends to fangirl on Sara ahaha)

Three more characters that i like : I love them all, honestly !!! But if i had to choose (in all characters i didn’t name upthere) : Phitchit, Emil (he gives HUGS ofc i would love him !!) and Minako (also Hiroko, mama katsuki for the win !!)


Hi @taylorswift
I just wanted to tell you that I moved to London on Monday to live here for a year. When I arrived at Kings cross on Monday, I was really nervous and emotional because I had leave all my friends and family behind and didn’t know where in London I’d end up. But when I checked my phone I saw that you posted the first snake video and I got so exited and happy and took it as a good luck sign that you’re back on my first day here. So since then, all of your posts have really kept my mind off of missing home to much. On Wednesday I moved to a lovely host family (I’m gonna work as an Au-pair) and the thing my host mom remembered about me was that I’m a huge Swiftie so she randomly told me that she just read that you might release a new single this week (hashtag host mom goals lol).
I don’t have any friends here yet so I went to the city alone which felt a little weird but I got so exited when I saw these advertisement at Piccadilly Circus!!!! I took the escalator up and down 3 times to take these shots haha.
So what I want I say with this post is: Thank you for still making me feel fearless after all these years. I’m definitely gonna keep you updated about my London adventure and hope you’ll continue to give me comfort with you posts, music or being on Tumblr whenever I need it.
I love you forever, your German Tumblr buddy Jana ♥️🇩🇪🇬🇧

Pheromone - Pitcest

SOOO I saw an anon that xbooxbooxbear had gotten that proposed the idea of Palutena’s monster pheromone working on Dark Pit and I liked the idea so much that I wrote something for it ^_^“ I’m posting this on a separate blog aside from my main because my main has 2k+ followers and that just makes me a little too nervous. If you’d like my main feel free to shoot me an ask! Also, if you’d like to request anything or leave feedback I’d really appreciate it!

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Jolyon/Nico, Rob/Felipe and Simi!

Well, for me these are all purely platonic.

Jolyon/Nico - I’d never really thought about it before, it’s not a pairing that jump out at me, but I like the idea of them being buddies, so probably 7/10.

Felipe/Rob - There are two words to sum up this friendship. “Felipe Baby” Major friendship goals. Honestly these two have been buddies for so long that if Felipe hadn’t come back this year, I think Rob would have felt out of place. I know I’d have felt weird seeing one without the other. You know the whole corny “What’s Mickey without Minnie? What’s Piglet without Pooh?” thing? More like what’s Felipe without Rob? I want nothing more than a friendship like theirs, 100/10

Simi - Again, these two genuinely are friends. It’s not for show, it’s not for the sake of the team, you can see how much they value and respect each other, like when Kimi knew he wasn’t gonna finish his hot lap in Quali, he gave Seb a tow which really helped him out. Kimi didn’t have to do that. The team didn’t ask him to do that. He did it because Seb’s his friend and he wants to help him out where he can. 100/10.

Thank you lovely anon 😊

Glee 6x08 'A Wedding' Review: Groundbreaking love & familiar faces

It’s the wedding that we’ve all been waiting for since the first two seasons and how well does Glee deliver? Well, for the most part this episode is fantastic; we have a great set of actors execute a great dose of dialogue but there just so happens to be a few things that take place which ruin the overall essence of the episode. However, with fantastic guest stars such as JenniferCoolidge, Gloria Estefan and Ken Jeong as well as familiar faces like Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum Jr. all topped off with the impact of Brittana, it isn’t entirely difficult to enjoy this episode!

Spoilers are included in this review.

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I fail to understand people who feel that someone, who wants to marry a person that is of the same faith background and practice as they are, is being “narrow-minded.” Like seriously? Okay, let’s take this into a practical example.

I am going to the movies and the rule is I must choose a person to watch it with. I am a Potterhead, and I have two options- someone who wants to watch Lord of the Rings, and someone who wants to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.Obviously I’m going to want to go with the guy who wants to watch the Goblet of Fire!

Now let’s apply this to the marriage scenario. A marriage is a BIG deal. I mean you are living with this person for the rest of your life (insh’Allah). We all have our lifestyle and I would want my spouse’s lifestyle to marry well (pun intended) with mine. For example…

  • When the alarm goes off at Amrit Vela for 4am, I don’t want to worry about waking my spouse up. Moreover, on days when i hit the snooze button a million times, I want my spouse to drag my manmukh ass out of bed and shower for prayer.
  • I want to be able to do my nitnem with my partner. My idea of a perfect post-wedding night out starts with rehraas somewhere by the water (I’m a dork, I know).
  • I want to raise my children with the stories of the Guru Sahibaan and the brave Sahibzaade and Bhagats.
  • I want to be able to live an amritdhari lifestyle and not feel weird and explain everyday things like why I hang up a wet pair of baggy underpants up to drive every time I shower.
  • I want to argue over stupid things like what date Vaisakhi is really on, Gurdwara politics, and the like (but they must be on the sitting on the floor-no chairs side of the spectrum :P LOL…kinding…maybe).

Now some of those goals and asperations of what I want in my marriage could be fulfilled if I had a partner from another faith, but it wouldn’t be the same. I mean if they were Muslim, we would both get up around the same time for Amrit Vela and fajr, but they wouldn’t be reciting Gurbani with me, they would be doing salah. If they were Hindu, we would share some holidays like Diwali and Holi/Hola Mohalla, but we would be celebrating for two completely separate and isolated reasons. If they were Christian, would my children be baptized and sent to catechism, or would I be able to grow their kes and bring them up as Little Khalsas- either way, one parent would have to give up their dream of having their children follow their path.

I get that for many people the above works, and that is absolutely fine with them. However, for me that wouldn’t feel right for what I personally want. Going back to the movie analogy, is the LOTD lover inferior compared to the Potterhead? Nope! We just have different likes and dislikes. Does that mean that the person who is from a different faith is somehow inferior and interfaith relationships are “wrong”? Hell no! Follow your bliss, my friend. 

There are people who bash on other religions and look down on interfaith couples, but those people are just…..special in their own way, and their views should not be held up as a monolith. 

At the end of the day, we should be able to like what we like, while respecting other opinions. So just because I want to have a partner who is an observant Sikh, it doesn’t mean that I hate people from other faiths and do not respect them.