and what a gorgeous bride he makes

okay @marywisdom I now need a fic of Leonard Snart going to the WestAllen wedding.

  • Technically, he and Mick and Lisa weren’t invited, but that doesn’t matter, he forged an invitation and said that Barry’s third-removed cousin couldn’t make it, so he told them to go and have fun
    • Barry pulls Len aside and begs him not to ruin the wedding and Len is so offended
      • “As if I would ruin Iris’ special day, Barry. What kind of person do you think I am?”
  • Len and Mick in matching tuxes with little fire and ice lapel pins, Lisa in a gorgeous gold dress with matching jewelry
  • Lisa takes so many pictures at this wedding, so many. Of the bride and groom, the families, the reception, the cake (the cake has a glamor shot)
    • Also, she winked at Cisco from where he was standing with the grooms and there’s a great picture of him blushing.
    • She sat next to him during the reception
    • They danced together
  • Len and Mick are food snobs, you can’t tell me otherwise, especially Mick, and they manage to smuggle out three trays of hors d’oeuvres for later because that catering was damn good.
    • also they each got an extra piece of cake
      • “good job on finally tying the knot,” mick says, frosting in his teeth as he slaps Barry on the shoulder.
    • everyone’s slightly nervous and on edge because oh god
    • but it’s such a - nice - speech?
    • he mentions how Iris is the perfect person to balance out Barry, how she doesn’t take any shit and always finds a way to get things done regardless of the pressure on her head.
    • and that Barry is a good person and it rubs off on you whenever you spend too much time around him (”look at me,” he jokes) and that he wishes nothing but the best for both of them
    • and just when everyone starts tearing up he narrows his eyes and sends Barry a sneaky glare
      • “You better not screw this up, Barry, I’m only giving you one warning, or you’ll get frostbite in places where you really don’t want it. Iris, you call me if he messes up. Mazel tov.”
  • When Barry and Iris open wedding gifts later, they find an envelope with literally four thousand dollars in unmarked, non sequential hundred dollar bills with the note “don’t spend it all in one place ;)”
      • “p.s. don’t bother dusting for prints ;)”
    • Lisa gave Iris a beautiful gold necklace that has a huge amber crystal pendant. Iris’s thank-you note thanked her for the gift and let her know that she was sorry she had to return it to the museum.

So we sell this brand of suit at work whose logo is the same trident used to symbolise Poseidon in PJO and I have this idea for a fic okay hear me out

  • Piper hadn’t wanted to take over Aphrodite’s Bridal House when her mom had died, partly because she had no interest in weddings, or fashion, both of which seem to be basic requirements for running a bridal salon, and partly because she and her mom hadn’t been all that close while she was alive. 
  • But when no one had wanted to buy it and Piper had realised that if she didn’t take control of it, it was going to disappear forever, she’d stepped up.
  • And Annabeth had come with her, because as bad as she was at wedding stuff, Piper was even worse with business stuff. She’d gotten better at both over time, but if Annabeth hadn’t been there to help her get everything sorted the place would have shut down a long time ago.
  • The plan is to get the business financially stable again, and then Annabeth’s going to redesign and update the whole salon.
  • So anyway, Annabeth and Piper and probably Hazel work together as consultants.
  • And Rachel is the seamstress, customising dresses and sketching out changes for customers at the drop of a hat. She’s like magic with a needle and thread, and has on more than one occasion predicted exactly which dress a bride is going to choose, or what customisation they’ll ask for.
  • Silena is the designer/supplier, making these gorgeous gowns to suit every type of bride. Her work is such quality she’s like an icon in the industry. 
  • Annabeth is very proud of her track record of finding the right gown for brides, as she prides herself on her ability to read people. She has a competition going with Rachel over it, and it gets pretty heated at times. 
  • Piper has a crush on this businessman who comes in every few months to order a new suit. His name’s Jason and he looks damn fine in those tailored trousers and jackets, but she can’t quite bring herself to admit how much she likes him when she’s kneeling in front of his crotch and taking measurements of his hips. 
  • Annabeth teases her mercilessly about this. 
  • A lot of people ask Annabeth if she’s married/engaged/excited to get married or engaged and she always laughs it off because no, actually, she’s single and kind of resigned to that fact, thanks. She’s pretty busy and this industry is just a pit stop anyway, she’s just helping Piper out until she gets on her feet and then Annabeth’s off to properly pursue a career in architecture.
  • Sally Jackson books an appointment and gets scheduled in with Annabeth. It’s her second wedding, she doesn’t want anything too fancy, and she comes to the appointment alone.
  • Annabeth feels a bit sorry for every bride who comes by themselves, so she amps up the charm and is extra determined to find Sally the perfect dress.
  • She finds something that Sally loves, but it’s just… missing something?? So she excuses herself from the dressing room for a second and goes to grab a belt.
  • But on her way she spots someone running in the salon door - a very attractive someone. 
  • He starts sauntering over, and before she can entertain any inappropriate thoughts, Annabeth quickly rationalises his visit. He must be a groom, here for a suit fitting, or to pay off a layby for his fiance, or something else that grooms do. Why else would a hot, young guy willingly walk into a bridal salon?
  • But he’s not here for any of that.
  • He’s here to surprise his mom as she picks out a wedding dress.
  • And Sally is surprised!! So surprised that she starts crying and honestly it makes Annabeth a little emotional.
  • They find the dress, and Annabeth reluctantly says goodbye to Percy, thinking she’ll never see him again. But of course he needs to buy a suit. 
  • And once that’s organised he just. keeps on finding reasons to come back??
  • Checking on little details, or the status of the order, or enquiring about shoes, or asking to add a handkerchief to his suit order or -
  • Piper thinks it’s hilarious and doesn’t hide her glee as his excuses for visiting get more and more outlandish.
  • Annabeth, meanwhile, is starting to panic because Sally’s wedding date is getting closer, and what’s going to happen when Percy runs out of excuses to visit the salon??
When’s The Wedding? / Conor Maynard

Request:  Can you do a conor imagine where he goes to the readers annual family dinner and they’re being really cute in private and their family tease them?

“Conor, babe, are you almost ready?” You asked, looking at your reflection on your full-length mirror.

“What shirt?” He asked, walking back into your shared bedroom.

You looked at the two shirts on his hands and pointed at the white one. He put it on quickly and you helped with the buttons, kissing his lips softly once you were finished.

“You really don’t have to go, you can go out with the boys.” You smiled.

“I missed it last year, they’re going to think I’m a bad boyfriend if I don’t go to this one.”

“They wouldn’t.”

“You look gorgeous, by the way.” He said as you were applying perfume to yourself.

You smiled at him through the mirror. “So do you. Do you have everything ready? Remember we’re staying at my parent’s for two days.”

“Yep, I know. Everything’s in the car, don’t worry.” He said, as you both started walking towards your front door. “Do you want me to drive?”

You nodded. “Please.”

Three hours later, you were entering your hometown, memories flooding your mind as you drove through the streets you had walked along thousands of times, for years. You didn’t get to go back as much as you wanted because you and Conor seemed to always be too busy, but once a year, you left a few days free of any activity for one special thing: the annual dinner. You never missed one and you weren’t planning on doing it any time soon, either.

It was something you had done your whole life, and even though some people may find it a bit tedious to sit at a table with your whole family, you absolutely loved it. You were always close to your family, even though it was a big one, you were all close and loved each other. There just was something about that night that always felt special, maybe it was your grandparents seeing all their sons, daughters and grandchildren all together or being able to see how everyone is building their lives year by year.

Two years ago, you decided to invite your boyfriend, Conor, to one and loved seeing him getting on so well with your family, it was like he became a part of it that night. Last year though, unluckily he couldn’t go because he was in America but to your surprise, everybody asked why he hadn’t come and the thought of your family caring so much for him warmed your heart. You were glad they loved him so much, because even from the start of your relationship, you knew you were going to fall for him, hard. And you did. You both did.

“Babe, we’re here.” Conor said as he parked the car, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Are you okay?” He asked, turning to you a bit.

“Yes.” You smiled. “Let’s go, I wanna see everyone already.” You said excitedly, making him chuckle.

“Well go on, I’m gonna get our things.” He kissed your cheek.

You got out of the car, running towards your parent’s house front door, knocking on it loudly out of pure excitement. Your mum was quick to open it and engulfing you in a tight hug and when she let go, you were quickly wrapped in your dad’s arms.

“How are you?” You asked them, letting go of your dad.

“We’re good, and you? Where’s Conor?” Your mum asked, her face radiating happiness.

“I’m here!” He answered, going to hug your mum and shaking hands with your dad.

“We’re good, too.” You smiled, as Conor placed his hand on your back.

“Well, come on. Everybody’s in the back.” Your dad said, and you nodded.

“We’re just gonna get our stuff to my room, first.”

Grabbing one of the bags Conor left on the floor by his feet, you started walking up the stairs, him following close behind. Once in your room you left the things on the bed and turned to look at him, a smile on your face as you caught him looking at himself in your old mirror. You walked to him and hugged him from behind, going on your tip toes to let your head rest on his shoulder so you could watch him through the mirror.

“Are you sure I look fine?” He asked. “Like, it’s stupid that I’m a bit worried because I already know them but, I don’t know.”

“You worry because you care, it’s okay.” You kissed his shoulder before standing in front of him. “You look fantastic, babe. Really, really handsome.” You pecked his lips.

Lacing your fingers with his you walked to the back yard, where your whole family cheered to say hi when they saw you two, and after greeting everyone and catching up a little bit with your cousins, you and Conor sat down at a little table with some of your uncles and aunts.

You smiled, watching Conor talk with your uncle about god knows what, seeing how he would listen carefully to what he was saying before answering with a smile or laughing, and even though he was almost turned all the way towards your uncle, his hand was on your thigh, his thumb drawing invisible shapes on it every now and then.

“That, right in your eyes, is a look of pure love, dear.” Your aunt said, leaning in to say it to your ear.

“Sometimes I just look at him and just think about how much I love him, is that weird?” You asked, making her laugh as she shook her head lightly.

“Not at all, sweetie. Happens to me all the time.” She smiled. “It’s like on a daily basis you don’t think of how much you love him and then when you realize is like, wow, I love this guy way more than I thought.”

“Exactly.” You laughed.

“Everyone, dinner’s ready!” Your mum yelled, taking some plates to the dinner table in the middle of the garden.

It took you all a few minutes to settle down, you were quite a few people and sitting almost seven children down for more than five seconds was quite the challenge, but somehow you managed to do it, and started eating.

“Do you want some of this, Rosie?” You heard Conor say, and you looked at him, only to find that your four year old niece was sitting comfortably in his lap.

“Yes, please.” She nodded.

“Rosie, come here, let Conor eat.” Your brother said.

“Oh, no. It’s okay, she isn’t bothering at all.” He answered quickly, making you smile.

“So Y/N, Conor, when’s the wedding?” Your other brother asked.

“What wedding?” You asked, confused.

“Yours, of course.” He answered and you blushed.

“Oh, I can just imagine my little girl walking down the aisle in a white dress, you’d look so beautiful. You’d make a gorgeous bride, honey?” Your mum said dreamily.

“Mum, please!” You said, not daring to look at Conor. “It’s too soon.”

“I proposed to your grandma after less than a year together, sweetheart. It’s love, it’s never too soon.” Your grandpa said, smiling. “Besides, I want to be there on your wedding day, and dance with you.”

You smiled and looked at Conor, who was smiling. He looked at you and you mouthed ‘sorry’ to him but he just shook his head and squeezed your hand a bit, letting you know it was okay.

“Yeah man, you just gotta pop the question.” Your brother said, looking at Conor.

You were sure you were as red as a tomato, how could you not be? You never really talked about the future with Conor, only once, and even though you were sure that you wanted to be with him for as long as you could, you didn’t know what he thought, so when he answered your brother you were surprised, his words making you melt inside completely.

“I will do it,” He smiled “I’m just having a hard time picking the ring.” He finished.

Hours later, you were both changing onto your pajamas, ready to go to bed. And even though you were tired, your mind was racing, his words playing over and over in your head. You brushed your teeth and got into bed, your head finding its usual place on Conor’s bare chest.

“Is it true?” You asked. “That you’re trying to pick a ring?” He hummed.

“I wouldn’t lie to your family.” He smiled. “I know I’m not supposed to tell you, but the words just flew out of my mouth.”

“Do you really want to spend the rest of my life with me?” You asked in awe.

“Can’t see myself with anyone else.” He kissed the top of your head. “Do you?”

“Of course.” You smiled. “Wait, this isn’t you proposing, right?” He laughed.

“No, I want it to be more special and something we won’t forget. I’m not gonna tell you when I plan on doing it.” You nodded. “So, we’re gonna get married, have an amazing honeymoon, have amazing sex,” You laughed “ have kids in a few years and grow old together, doesn’t sound bad, huh?”

“Not at all.” You kissed him. “Specially not the sex part.”

“Hmm, I know you would like that part, baby.” He smiled.

Happy Birthday guava-juice!

We wish a huge Happy Birthday (13th of Sept) to @guava-juice​! To help add further cheer to your day, the lovely @ally147writes​ has written you a special Everlark style fic just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Happy birthday to the prompter! I hope you had a wonderful day :) I’m flying high on cold and flu meds, but I hope you’ll enjoy this little bit of established!Everlark anyway.

Unbeta’d. All errors are my own.

One Day

Peeta chuckles every time he glimpses the bride. Everywhere he looks, Primrose Everdeen — or Hawthorne now, he supposes — is always on the periphery of his vision.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I really like your writing! Could you do RFA+V, MC is in a relationship with one of them but one of the other member in love with her?

Edit (Jan. 28) : So, I did not change Jumin’s part but i felt shitty for not doing the rest of the gang so here you guys go <3

Really sorry it was overdue -P


  • Watching her was hard.
  • She was always smiling and even though it wasnt for him, he still felt like it would cure his life maybe even the entire world
  • It didnt matter that she had no money or status
  • She was a queen like no other
  • Yes, she was kind and sweet but he loved that she was brutal, passionate, and fierce
  • but above all: she was honest
  • The things he learned she didnt love about herself, he loved a thousand times more- no an infinite amount more
  • He wont lie, he hated Seven for the longest maybe still does
  • He took her away even though his job could hurt her
  • even though he could offer MC more protection than Seven and more opportunities 
  • he found himself hating Seven
  • But MC was happy
  • And thats all that mattered to him
  • Even if it meant that she wouldnt smile like that for him
  • She wont show him the faces she makes when shes sad, happy, angry, excited, lost in love, orgasming, and even ignoring him- he knows that it cant ever happen
  • But he liked to think about what it could all be with her:
  • How she would be the most favorite flavor he could ever taste
  • How shed be his favorite place to go to when he wanted to fade away from his troubles
  • He enjoyed having his dreams revolve around her belonging to him, being with him- him belonging to her, and them becoming something much more than a physical and mental attraction
  • At the beginning he didnt expect anything from talking to a strnger, he didnt see her like anyone important enough
  • But as the days progressed, he felt her drowning his thoughts
  • Hed think about the girl in the apartment whod look at her phone at ungodly hours of the night and still manage to stay awake during the day to do her work (or whatever she did)
  • At first he thought maybe taking on more cat projects would help to regain his focus
  • he felt that instead, it enhanced his daydreaming and even night dreaming of her
  • He felt that maybe it was something unhealthy how hed dream of her at night too and figured he needed a doctor or more time with Elizabeth III
  • When he realized that what he needed was her, everything in his focus dropped
  • He’d never felt such relief and such calm and such a high all at once- he felt alive and warm and sad all at once
  • Like his tangles were unraveling slowly
  • he hoped that she felt the same for him when they talked, but he was mistaken
  • when he knew it could never be like that
  • his heart swelled and everything warm and beautiful made his heart cry out for MC
  • he knew
  • It would always be him swimming alone in a vast clear ocean sea, with his feeling exposed and no rescue boat or life saver to come for him
  • It hurt.
  • Knowing that this love he has for her wont have anywhere else to go but to disappear into the ocean exposing him
  • He could find someone with status and power yet still be kind and fierce and even a model but none would ever match to MC
  • She became the name he whispered when he needed help, when he was frustrated, when he was sad, and when he wanted relief
  • He sometimes wished that they had never met or that MC was a different person with a different personality but even then, he knew 
  • he would always feel something like this for MC however she was
  • WHen Seven asked for advice on which places offered the best catering for weddings to the space station
  • Jumin knew he would always look at MC and Seven together on an island where they were unapproachable as he floated in the ocean that exposed him and his. Heart. Hurt.


  • It took her a while to realize that it bothered her for more than a few initial reasons
  • It was all confusing for her; granted she never had this happen before
  • She should have focused on her work instead of silly fantasies
  • But oh how she wanted for her fantasies to work out
  • She didnt want to become jealous of the one person she admired and followed
  • She didnt want to harbor any terrible feelings towards Zen
  • But she did
  • She didnt want MC and Zen to date because she didnt want MC to be with anyone at all
  • She did care about Zen’s career
  • But that wasnt the main reason as to why she wanted both of them to be single
  • It took her a while to realize that the feelings she had towards Zen were completely different than those she had towards MC
  • The one thing they both had in common was that both were gorgeous people
  • But towards MC she felt something else that she couldnt make herself feel towards Zen no matter how many times she tried
  • But ofc she didnt want to ignore their happiness and success
  • Zen will forever continue to be her idol
  • He was an amazing actor, model, singer, and person
  • But the one thing he had that no one else could ever be lucky to come close to in comparison was:
  • The love MC had for him
  • Even as she threw rice towards the new bride and groom
  • Jahee vowed she would never let anyone know what she felt and thought and instead would channel her feelings into supporting Zen’s career and MC for whenever MC would need her
  • She promised herself and god that she would never stop loving MC
  • She didnt want something so precious and pure to disappear just because it would never grow into something more than just friends
  • Even if she would become the godmother to their unborn child


  • With his rising career, he lied to himself a lot he was very good at it
  • Constantly repeating like a prayer that she was better off
  • That MC wouldn’t have to worry about crazy actresses or crazy fans making her life complicated with lies and rumors
  • That she could live a better life with no worries or fears or anything except for what she would wear for the day and what she should eat
  • Had she chosen anyone else, Zen would have objected
  • Bc no one could ever be good enough for the princess
  • But he knew
  • He knew that Mr trust fund would provide
  • Whatever MC would want or need: he would provide
  • And Zen would be okay with it
  • As long as he could see her smile and not want for anything
  • Zen would learn to live with watching them from afar
  • He would be okay with having to watch MC from atop the stage while she cheered with Jumin 
  • He would eventually learn how to stop drinking beer on a nightly bases and quit smoking as well 
  • Maybe he hoped to eventually learn to love someone other MC 
  •  Someone who could love him in a way that doesnt feel like its slowly tearing something from within apart 
  • maybe even for before the wedding 
  • being best man was something that took him by surprise 
  • but whether Jumin knew how he felt towards MC 
  • he would only give words of encouragement and support 
  • for as long as she would need it
  • maybe by the time they have a child, Zen would have found someone to replace MC 
  • even if for a little while longer he could continue to love her 
  • He would stay this way for as long as he could hold on


  • Once was fine
  • Once was okay
  • But twice?
  • Twice was not okay
  • Not after the last time
  • He did not feel comfortable with MC and V being together
  • Not after what happened with Rika; he did not condone their relationship
  • But he couldnt vocally oppose them
  • How could he?
  • All he knew was how to play a video game that consumed his life and came between him and being a better student
  • How could he offer MC a life when he couldnt even prove to himself that he could go a day without playing a stupid video game
  • And for what?
  • All because Rika died? Becuase Rika was with V who made him feel like he was hiding more than just a few details?
  • But he knew V would treasure MC.
  • The moment he saw them exchange rings, the moment they announced their pregnancy, and the moment he saw their small family together; he knew
  • Watching V hold their child in his arms made Yoosung feel like he should leave for a while 
  • Maybe go visit his parents for a few weeks 
  • becuase it became too much 
  • To watch the person you love live a life you envisioned for yourself with them was too much for him
  • He only came back when he heard the news 
  • V had died.
  • He should have been sad 
  • and he was! sure baby boi
  • but he was ashamed to admit it to himself that he was low key relieved
  • so instead he focused on helping MC and the child she had with V 
  • He knows he could never replace V; he was glad of it too 
  • but he didnt want her to feel like she was alone 
  • He always volunteered to help take care of the child and babysit and even coach her baseball team he fought for her to be allowed to join the boys team in the first place 
  • he did everything he felt a father would do 
  • When she called him “uncle” it made him feel like he cant ever be a father figure 
  • even more so when MC began to date again after 7 long years of being widowed 
  • Even if it wasnt with him or for him, he would always look after that child like his own and love her mother while she loved another man

707 / Saeyoung

  • He was okay with it
  • He knew he failed
  • The moment MC sided with Unknown, he somehow thought that she would be safer with this stranger
  • If he was good enough to be hidden from 707, then he was good enough to be hidden from other people;
  • People that would hurt MC
  • And that was all Seven needed
  • All that mattered was that MC would be safe wherever she was
  • He didnt like it; he didnt like not knowing where she was
  • Who she was with or why
  • Maybe she got the message after he pushed her away many times
  • But it would be something he would have to learn to be okay with
  • Becuase he was the fool to have let emotions overcome him
  • he was silly to have thought he deserved someone as caring and even understanding as MC 
  • hurting her to leave him was the only thing he knew would work 
  • And it worked. 
  • After she left with Unknown, he rarely saw her 
  • the times he did see her, she seemed happy 
  • granted she saw the other RFA members more than him 
  • But he was okay with it 
  • That was what he needed to know that he was going in the right direction 
  • He told himself his love was wasted on her 
  • But it wasnt 
  • if anything it was what kept him alive and sane; it was all he knew 
  • Alive and sane until he could find out where his brother was 
  • Maybe then he could find something to fill the void and emptiness MC left when she left 
  • But when he saw who MC was with 
  • He figured that Saeran wouldnt need him either 
  • if both of the people he loved the most had each other 
  • All he would need to do was to look at them from the sidelines and make sure they would be okay and safe; everything else would just be white noise 
  • They were the most important people in his life and nothing would ever change that. 
  • Even if they were also the people who didnt feel the same way he did towards them.
  • He told himself he would learn to be okay.


  • He put her in harms way 
  • He avoided taking in the chat for that reason 
  • When she addressed him, he felt warm and cared about 
  • When she defended him for reasons she couldnt understand herself, V felt like maybe there was love after death 
  • that maybe Rika wasnt his only soulmate 
  • And he regretted that he didnt meet MC before the rest maybe even before Rika
  • But with how she interacted with Jahee 
  • he felt jealous, which was ridiculous right?
  • Yet, it wasnt
  • When they moved in together and opened the cafe 
  • it was all falling into place for both Jahee and MC 
  • And he didnt dare take that away from MC 
  • She deserved someone to watch over her and he knew that Jahee needed MC just as much and he did
  • He should have said something before they moved in 
  • but he didn’t find it odd.
  • When they decided to adopt a dog he felt cold and distant 
  • When they adopted their first son, he felt heartbroken 
  • When MC asked 707 to be the godfather his heart was shredded 
  • But when Jahee asked him to be his godfather of the child MC was carrying,
  • he wanted to say no 
  • But when MC was eager to make him also a godfather he dindt have the heart to say no 
  • He wont ever be connected to MC like she was with Jahee
  • but he could at least have a reason to stay close to MC 
  • He wouldnt cry or shed any tears, as long as he had the chance to look after MC from afar 
  • and hey, even if his goddaughter looked like her mommy, he saw the truth through her 
  • That both of her mommies were perfect for each other and he was glad to have stepped back to allow for their family to flourish. 

Unknown / Saeran 

  • Unknown knew he wasnt warm or soft or loveable
  • He couldnt provide MC with enough reasons that would have made her be with him
  • Why would she have chosen him?
  • It didnt surprise him that MC was with someone completely opposite to him
  • Someone who was warm and soft and loveable
  • And someone who could introduce her to their family and not have to hide away the crap of a life they were dealt with
  • She wouldnt have to feel burdened to carry a heavy load of pain and memories he tried to suppress
  • She could be happy and enjoy another family and maybe talk about casseroles or baby stuff with her mother-in-law
  • And have political debates or maybe talk about a silly show with her father-in-law
  • And not have to worry about being killed or hurt or tortured or anything he went through as a child
  • Saeran pretended to not care that she was getting married to a vet 
  • Or that she was close friends to his brother 
  • He even lied to himself that he didnt care whether she was alive or not 
  • but he couldnt 
  • Even if she didnt know he existed or that he loved her 
  • Saeran wouldnt show himself before her again 
  • Well, thats what he told himself 
  • but he made his way to working on going to her work daily for a cup of coffee 
  • To find a way to cater at the wedding 
  • to work on days she would appear at the baby store 
  • and even work one day at the school her child would go to 
  • He didnt want to let MC go 
  • but seeing her life with Yoosung and their child;
  • He couldnt take her away from the happiness he could never have provided.
The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 6

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 5

“Is everything OK,” Maya asked me when she saw the look on my face, after I had read the message from Jared.

“No, nothing’s OK,” I sighed and leaned my head against the back of the seat, closing my eyes for a moment.

“What happened,” she was a bit worried.

“Jared just texted me,” I whispered and looked at Rachel, making sure she wouldn’t hear me.

“Wow, he’s apparently interested in you,” Maya nodded and smiled, starting to prepare her headphones to listen to music. Rachel took her headphones and turned the music on, so now Maya and I were able to speak normally.

“That’s not a good thing. He’s not supposed to do that… Plus, how on Earth did he get my…” at one moment as I was speaking, I looked at Maya and by her body language, I could tell she was hiding something, “ number,“ I finished, crossed my arms over my chest and turned to face her.

She was silent, kept her head down and took her phone to play music.

“Maya,” I said and expected her to look at me.

“Hmmm,” she played dumb and didn’t look at me.

“How DID Jared get my phone number,” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“I told you that man is more resourceful than CIA,” she still couldn’t look me in the eye.

“Yeah, especially when he knows which source of information to turn to,” I said and raised my eyebrow.

Maya was again quiet, and now I got even more pissed off. I kept staring at her, and when she got uncomfortable enough, she finally snapped.

“Fine! OK, I gave him your number! Happy?” she said and spread her arms.

“No Maya, I’m not happy, I thought that was perfectly clear by the way I just reacted to his message. I was finally relieved when we got on the plane, hoping I’d never have to hear or see Jared again, and then he texts me,” I was so upset I almost yelled so loud that Rachel took her headphones off.

“Whoa, Nicole, shush, I can hear you over the music. What’s the big fuss about,” Rachel asked worryingly and looked around to see if people were looking at us. She hated scenes, and I was close to making one.

“Nothing … just… Nothing,” I huffed, turned back to lean in my seat.  

I took my phone and texted Lucas that we’re about to take off, and he replied he’ll wait for us at the airport. I really missed him, he was the only safe place I have right now, and I couldn’t wait to see him.

Maya, Rachel and I kept silent for the entire flight. I was so mad at Maya that I didn’t want to start the enormous fight in front of all these people, and just cause a scene, for nothing. Not to mention that Rachel would probably slap Maya right in the face, if she’d know that Jared got my phone number thanks to her. So, it was the best thing to just keep quiet for those couple of hours in air. 

“There’s my gorgeous man,” I said happily running towards Lucas the moment I spotted him waiting for me at the exit of an airport. 

He looked so handsome in that black dress up shirt, lightweight jeans and that sexy three-day beard. I always loved his dark hair and that short sexy beard. He didn’t always grow it out, but I guess these few days he didn’t care much about shaving. I was so excited to be with him again. His smile made my heart so warm and the moment I landed to his embrace, I felt like home. I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head against his chest, squeezing him tightly.

“Whoa, somebody missed me,” he chuckled kissing the top of my head, feeling my head nodding; I took a deep breath taking in his scent, I wasn’t ready to let go yet, “Hey, hey, hey, I missed you too, baby”, he said rubbing my back.

“It felt like we were apart forever,” I said and kissed him softly then smiled a little as his beard slightly poked my face. 

“I know, I couldn’t wait to see you,” Lucas said as he broke the kiss, caressing my cheek with the back of his hand, “Hey girls, did you have a good flight,” Lucas greeted Maya and Rachel after we were done with our little exchange of emotions.

“Hi, yeah it was great,” Maya said through a fake smile, and Rachel just nodded.

“Cool, now you’re all ready for the big day. Especially my gorgeous bride-to-be,” Lucas said and pulled me closer to him, kissing me on the cheek.

Maya and Rachel looked at each other making the funny face, which only I knew what it meant. Luckily, Lucas couldn’t keep his eyes off me, so he didn’t see their reaction.

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” I answered and pulled away to get the suitcase in the car. Maya looked for the cab to get her and Rachel home, and Lucas stopped me from taking the suitcase but he took it instead placing it in the trunk.

“There’s one,” Maya raised her arm and called for the cab, “C’mon Rach,” she said and both of them headed to the cab.

“See you later love doves,” Rachel said and hugged me, while Maya just kept going to the cab. The driver got out of the car to help the girls with the luggage and Maya just looked at me, standing behind the opened door. She stepped inside the car and closed the door waiting for Rachel to get inside. I felt like such a cheater at that moment, because I knew exactly what that look meant.

You’re falling for another man while you’re getting ready to commit to another one, for the rest of your life. She was wrong for giving Jared my number, but she was so right about this. I did feel like I could fall for Jared any moment, especially if he called me, and if I had to see him again. I guess that’s why she gave him my number, so I could decide if I’ll give in under the pressure, or just stay with Lucas and never remember Cabo again. But that’s precisely why I didn’t want her to give him my number. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to resist Jared even now, when I wasn’t drunk, but fully conscious of everything. 

Lucas and I were home at last. I felt so relieved the moment I stepped into our living room. I tossed my bag on the chair and plopped on the couch immediately.

“Ahh, home, sweet home,” I said and took a deep breath.

“You sound like you were gone for months,” Lucas shook his head and smiled, ”Wasn’t Cabo fun?” he was a bit surprised.

“Sure it was, but I missed home… you… everything here,” I looked at him biting my lower lip, and offered him a hand to pull him over to me. He sat next to me and started to kiss me. God, I missed his kisses. He ran his fingers through my hair, and grabbed my thigh, letting me know how much he’d missed me. The moment he laid on top of me, and started kissing my neck my phone rang.

“Shit,” I sighed and Lucas stood up.

“It’s probably your mother, I forgot to let her know you’re home,” Lucas said and bit his lower lip in frustration.

“Yeah, I’ll just get it now so I don’t have to deal with her later,” I took my phone and saw it wasn’t mom’s number. It was Jared’s. I didn’t save it in my Contacts, so the moment I spotted a bunch of number on my display I instantly knew it was him.

“Hey mom,” I said and went to kitchen to talk to him.

I prefer Daddy, but I’ll go with this,” Jared answered and laughed.

“Yeah, Lucas and I just got home, and I was about to call you,” I said louder, then I let the water run from the tap, pretending I want to pour some in a glass, “Are you insane, why are you calling me? Look, I haven’t answered your text, and I don’t plan on seeing you again. Just please don’t call me again,” I whispered, looking over my shoulder hoping Lucas didn’t hear me.

Then why did you answer the phone,” Jared asked confidently.

“So that I could tell you to leave me alone,” I whispered and heard Lucas coming to the kitchen. I took a glass and filled it up with water, “Yeah, mom, it was amazing, I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. OK, bye,” I said and hung up as Lucas came closer to kiss me and wrap his hands around my waist.

“Where were we,” he asked and leaned lower to plant a soft kiss on my collarbone.

“Mmmm, I believe right there,” I stretched my neck giving him more space to kiss the sweet spot. But the minute I closed my eyes Jared’s face appeared in front of me. I flinched and opened my eyes, shocked with what just happened. I just ran my fingers through Lucas’s hair, gripping it tight and kissing his lips.

Just as the things were about to become steamier his phone rang.

“Oh, c’mon , seriously,” he was so annoyed this time. He took the phone out of his back pocket determined to reject the call, when he saw that his tailor was calling, “Oh, the suit must be done, it’s the tailor, I should pick up,”  I swear I felt like the entire universe was against me and Lucas having sex today.

“Sure, I’ll just go and take a quick shower. You’re free to join me when you’re done,” I said and kissed him on the cheek while he answered the phone.

I used the opportunity to actually let my mom know I’m home. I couldn’t risk Lucas finding out I didn’t speak to her. Luckily, her and dad were home tomorrow night, so I didn’t end up being a complete liar.

I took a nice relaxing shower, hoping Lucas might pop inside any minute, but he didn’t. It turned out he needed to go to the tailor’s for a couple of last fittings and alterations, and I was left alone.

When I got out of the shower, I unpacked and the moment I took the black dress from that night I spent with Jared, the feelings came rushing back. The dress smelled like Jared’s cologne, and I knew I had to get rid of it quickly. I didn’t want to throw it away, because it was gorgeous and I’ve only worn it that one time, but I knew it would always remind me of Jared, and I couldn’t risk Lucas seeing it and smelling a men’s perfume on it.

The rest of the day went by great. Lucas and I hang out, and went to dinner. Luckily, Jared didn’t call me or texted me again, so that calmed my nerves a bit. By the end of the day, both Lucas and I were so exhausted that we’ve just fallen asleep, not having a chance to enjoy each other the way I expected we would.

The next day was hectic. Lucas and I went to the office early in the morning, and kept busy the entire day. Considering I was off work both Friday and Monday, the errands kept piling up so I couldn’t keep my head off the desk for almost the entire day. Above all the chaos, my phone rang off the hook. From the florists, to the tailor and caterer, they all had some details to check up on, and I was completely immersed in my obligations. In between the calls, I received a couple of messages, which I had to ignore if I was gonna do any work during the day.  When I could finally take a break I checked all the texts, only to run into 5 from Jared.

- Hey gorgeous. Miss me already?

Since I didn’t reply to this one, he sent the next one half an hour later.

- Are you giving me the silent treatment? That’s not very nice.

Then the next one, a couple of minutes later.

- I’m on my way to LA, and I need to see you.

That man was more persistent than I thought.

- You’re probably working, but I really need to hear from you.

When I didn’t answer this one, he sent the last one that made my stomach tumble.

- I’ll call you the moment I land. Trust me, you should answer it.

Luckily, I didn’t have any missed call from him, so I was prepared for his one. I was done with most of the work for today, so I just took a couple of minutes to relax on the sofa in my office. Just as I laid down and closed my eyes, I heard the phone ringing. Jared. I jumped off the sofa, immediately, to answer.

“You really need to stop texting me,” I snapped at him.

And you really need to reply to my texts,” he said laughing viciously.

“Look, I was perfectly clear about our relationship, and you just need to accept the fact that I want nothing to do with you,” I raised my voice confidently and started pacing across the office.

So, we have a relationship now, huh? I like that.”

You know that’s not what I meant. Just forget about me, OK? I’m not available,I continued to walk back and forth nervously.

And you know I won’t give up that easily. I just landed, so I’d like you to meet me at The Beverly Hills hotel in an hour; they don’t allow paparazzi there, and we’ll be safe from the public,” Jared said with the calmest voice, like I was about to accept the offer without a question.

“You’re wasting your time with me, Jared. I won’t be there”, I was determined.

You know you will. I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby. Bye gorgeous,” he said and hung up, not giving me the opportunity to reject him again.

I couldn’t believe the nerve he had. I knew Jared was gonna be trouble. I’m gonna kill Maya for giving him my number. But given that he wasn’t gonna stop stalking me, I decided to go and confront him in person. I haven’t felt a single sparkle of excitement when I heard his voice, which was a good sign. That whole Cabo thing must’ve been just a tequila influence, and all that beach romance getting the best of me. I was in desperate need for my man at that beach the night I met Jared, and since Lucas wasn’t there, I guess the loneliness just added to me slipping and letting go to Jared.

I sat back on the sofa thinking how I should approach Jared. The more I thought about it, the more I was confused and unsure of what I should really tell him. I knew I wanted him to stop calling me, but deep down I knew he wouldn’t do that. After I’ve spent half an hour pondering over this messed up situation, I took my blazer and walked out of the office. I texted Lucas that I had to take care of the catering mess, in case he looked for me at the office. I hated lying to him, but this time I really didn’t have a choice.

I drove to The Beverly Hills hotel hoping nobody would see me. Luckily, I was dressed for work, and nobody would think I was anything other than a PR, lawyer or even a CEO. However, the black pencil skirt, black patent Louboutin’s, and a white silky blouse were usually the outfit that always drove Lucas crazy. And I could imagine it would be insanely provocative for Jared as well. Still, I put on my black blazer, to try to make it as less a turn on as possible. The last thing I needed was for Jared to lose it when he sees me. At one moment, my phone buzzed and it was a text from Jared. He sent me a selfie 

with a caption - Don’t make me wait too long.

I was soon in front of the hotel, and the moment I stepped inside the hotel my stomach stated turning. I took a deep breath, took off my sunglasses and saw Jared sitting on a sofa in the middle of the lobby. His face radiated the second he saw me, and I kept mine as serious as possible. He stood up, as I looked around to see if there were people near. Luckily, the receptionist was the only one there, and he was too busy with the guest book. I approached Jared and he came close to me to give me a hug. As we hugged, he kissed my cheek and I backed off quickly.

“OK, so let’s talk,” I said and wanted to sit on the sofa, but as I squatted to sit down Jared grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

“Don’t you think my room would be much more comfortable,” he said and bit his lower lip, “and more private, of course,” he said and smiled.

I tugged my arm away from him and took a deep breath controlling my emotions from exploding.

“Here is just fine,” I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Do you really want someone to see you talking to me, at a hotel in the middle of the day,” Jared asked and slyly licked his lips.

I hated the fact we were gonna be alone in a room again, but it was a much better option than risking to be spotted by someone I knew. We started going towards the elevator and I prayed we were not gonna be alone in it. Finally, the luck was on my side, since an old couple came right behind us waiting too. Even though they stepped out a couple of floors before Jared’s, he kept his distance the whole time, which I interpreted as a good sign.

As we stepped out of the elevator, Jared took out his key card and walked me to his room. We were inside and it was much more than just a room. It was a lush suite, that took my breath away. 

I heard Jared putting his key card to a table near the door and I walked to a corner sofa in the living room to sit down.

“OK, I’m here and we have to clear something up,” I started speaking when Jared sat really close to me. I gulped at the look of his blue eyes, and started to tingle when his hand suddenly found its way to my knee.

“Yes we do,” he said and tried to kiss me, but I managed to escape him and immediately stood up, placing myself next to the red armchair that was across the sofa.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about,” I snapped and huffed in frustration, “This is the first and the last time I came to see you. We’re never gonna see each other again,” I said and turned away from him, looking through the window to take a deep breath.

When I turned back to face him, Jared was already an inch away from me. He grabbed me and pulled closer to him. My heart started pounding, I was extremely hot, and I could feel my knees almost wobbly. “I’m…,” he put his index finger on my lips, so I stopped talking and just sighed.

“Shhh, you’re here, and that’s all that matters right now,” Jared whispered and kissed me softly, making me moan immediately through the kiss. 

All of my thoughts were in vain. I was so caught up on his man, that I had no idea what I was doing.

He started to take off my blazer and I just kept kissing him. Then he tossed it on the floor, picked me up and took me to the sofa, never breaking the kiss. He sat down positioning me on top of him. I lifted up my skirt, to straddle him and we kept kissing passionately. His hands roamed all over my body, making me hotter by the second, while I kept my arms wrapped around his neck. In one moment, he tucked the blouse out of my skirt placing his hands underneath it. His warm touch on my back sent shock-waves through my body making me moan second by second. I could feel his arousal growing harder, and it made my body tremble on top of his. 

When he took my blouse off, he swiftly put me down on the sofa, laying on top of me. Lifting my skirt higher, he explored every part of my thighs, while he planted kisses on my tummy, slowly moving up and suddenly bit the right side of my rib cage, which made me arch my back in satisfaction. He continued to kiss my body, going across my chest and all the way to my neck. When he lifted the skirt all the way up, I started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton the jeans, sliding them down his legs. Within seconds, we were again wrapped around each other, having mind-blowing sex that will stay forever engraved in my memory. 

That was it ‒ the point of no return. I’ve slept with Jared yet again, and now I was more than certain that my feelings for Lucas were no longer as pure as they were before. I still loved him, but I was clearly not in love with him, when I was able to feel such lust for Jared. There was not a drop of alcohol in me this time, but it didn’t matter. Jared was my opium, and he made all my reason disappear. How was I supposed to get out of this, was beyond me. My entire future was falling apart before my very eyes, making me feel guilty for betraying Lucas’s love, but on the other hand making me feel so drawn to Jared. 

One thing was for sure, this man was gonna be the end of me, but I couldn’t care less about it. The feeling that he gave me in the previous half hour were so worth it, that the guilt started to wash out with every passing minute.

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Imagine #58 - Tom Wilson

“Knock, knock,” Tom’s voice accompanies the sound of his knuckles on your door.

“Come in,” you shout in response. You grab your handbag and coat off of your bed and go to the entryway to meet him at the door.

“Hey, [Y/N],” Tom greets you as he lets himself in.

“Hey,” you respond, setting your things down to hug him. “Ready to – where’s your tie?” You lose your train of thought, noticing his bare collar.

“Oh, right,” his face changes at the realization. He reaches into the chest pocket of his suit jacket and produces two rolled-up neckties. “I wanted to give you final say.” He unfurls the ties and drapes one on each shoulder. “Which one?”

“Hm.” You look between the two ties, then down at your own dress. Unfortunately, you didn’t get any say over your outfit, being a bridesmaid and all, but Tom just happened to bring a tie that was a fairly similar color. “That one,” you answer, pointing to the near-match.

He tosses the other one onto the table and starts putting on the tie you chose, fumbling with the knot.

“Let me,” you offer, taking the ends of the fabric from his hands and knotting the tie for him. You straighten it out then step back. “Looks good,” you nod.

“So do you,” he replies. “Um, I mean, thanks,” he adds, faltering. He offers you his arm and you take it, grabbing your purse off the table and heading to the car.

“Tell me why we’re doing this again,” Tom says impatiently as he weaves through the traffic on the way to the venue.

I’m doing this because it’s my sister’s wedding. I’m the Maid of Honor and my attendance is mandatory. You’re doing this because the Maid of Honor can’t be dateless and you owed me a favor,” you explain for what feels like the hundredth time.

“But does this really count as a ‘favor’?” He puts air quotes around the word for emphasis. “I mean, going as someone’s date to a wedding is more than a simple favor.”

“Don’t act like I’ve never done anything for you, Tom,” you warn. “Remember that time that I came home early from my vacation, all because you called me, hysterical about –”

“Yeah, I remember. That’s enough of that,” he interrupts you, reaching across to your seat, as if to restrain you, laughing nervously. It makes you laugh, too, at the memory.

The car turns into the parking lot of the venue and Tom parks near the back entrance.

You unbuckle, then lean over to grab Tom’s hand off of the steering wheel, cupping it between your own. “So, can you just be good today? It is my sister’s wedding, after all. You might actually have fun if you stop bitching about having to go.” You give him a pleading look, his hand still wrapped in yours.

He looks back at you, quietly processing your suggestion. “Fine,” he concedes. “I’ll be a good date,” he adds with a lop-sided smile.

“Thank you,” you reply, stretching across to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re the best. Now, let’s get inside before anyone starts wondering where I am.” You get out of the car and hurriedly lead Tom into the venue.

“There you are, [Y/N],” your sister bursts out as you enter the bridal suite. “I thought maybe you’d gotten lost, or forgotten the date, or something.” She comes over and gives you a hug. “You look beautiful,” she adds, holding you at arms’ length to look at you.

“So do you, sis. You’re the most gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen.” You grin, the happy importance of the day hitting you.

“Your groom isn’t gonna know what hit him,” Tom interjects, partially to make his presence known, since your sister hadn’t yet acknowledged him.

“Oh, hey, Tom!” Your sister greets him, giving him a quick hug, careful of her dress, hair, and make-up. “[Y/N] said she had a plus-one, is that you?”

“Yeah, she said the Maid of Honor couldn’t be dateless and I owed her one,” he explains, smiling cheekily at you.

You give him a warning look, eyebrow raised. “Just go take your seat, alright? I’ll see you out there.” You give him a parting hug and watch as the door closes behind him.

“So, are you two, like, a thing?” Your sister asks, smoothing her dress in the full-length mirror.

“What? No!” You retort, a little too defensively. “He’s one of my best friends, and I’m one of his, but no. Just friends, and that’s all,” you reaffirm, joining your sister by the mirror.

“Everyone ready?” One of the bridesmaids asks, popping into the room, relieving you of any further questioning from your sister.

A chorus of agreement sweeps through the room as all the girls pick up their bouquets, check their hair, smooth their dresses, and line up to walk the aisle. 

The music begins and you walk down the runner, taking your spot next to the altar. You look out and see Tom sitting a couple rows back, smiling happily at you.

He waves.

The music changes and your sister stars walking the aisle, stepping slowly towards the arch.

Your soon-to-be brother-in-law stands across from you, a handkerchief in his hands to wipe his tears.

Your sister reaches the altar and faces her soon-to-be-husband, both of them starting to well up. She turns to hand you her bouquet and the sight of her misty eyes gets you choked up, too. She gives your hand a squeeze before turning back to her groom.

“Dearly beloved,” the officiant begins. “Family and friends of the bride and groom, we are gathered here today to take part as these two are joined in marriage.”

You look out at the rows of chairs again and spot Tom.

His phone is out and trained on you. He glances up from the screen and gives you a goofy smile and a thumbs up.

You suppress the urge to roll your eyes or laugh, instead trying to focus on the vows, handing your sister a tissue when she starts to cry.

Finally, a few tear-filled minutes later, it’s time to exchange rings.

You get the groom’s wedding band out and hand it to your sister, her hands shaking.

“With this ring, I thee wed,” she recites, sliding the ring onto her grooms finger.

He recites the same line, fitting your sister’s wedding band onto her finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the officiant proclaims.

Everyone applauds, and you can hear Tom cheering, his claps louder and somehow more enthusiastic than everyone else’s.

Tom catches up with you as everyone files out of the ceremony space, heading towards the reception.

“You looked great up there,” he says, putting an arm around your shoulder.

“Thanks, I’m glad you got some pictures, then,” you half-joke.

“Video, too. I had to capture the moment, because that’s what a good date would do, right?”

You laugh. “I guess.” You walk into the reception space and lead Tom to the table where you’ll be sitting. You grab glasses of champagne off of a tray as it passes, handing one to Tom.

He gets your chair for you and takes his seat next to yours, mindlessly playing with his place card while everyone awaits the arrival of the married couple.

You both finish your champagne and are your second glasses by the time the bride and groom arrive. By the time toasts are over and food is served, you’re both three or four glasses deep.

“I can’t wait to get married,” you muse distractedly, taking in the room.

“Why?” Tom asks, setting down his glass to await your response.

“It’s nice to see everyone come together to celebrate love, ya know? Plus, it means I’ve found my person, and, I don’t know, I’m just really looking forward to it,” you attempt an explanation, never having really thought about your reasoning before.

Someone comes by to clear the plates and the DJ announces that the dancefloor is open, but you don’t pay much mind.

“That’s true,” Tom nods. He turns to you abruptly, startling you from your thoughts.

“What is it?” You turn to him, eyes wide, wondering what has him so wired all-of-a-sudden.

He takes your hands in his. “[Y/N], if neither of us are married in a few years, we should marry each other.” His eyes look intently at yours, partly to maintain focus though his buzz and partly for emphasis.

You laugh softly. “I think you’ve had too much champagne,” you brush him off.

He holds your hands tighter. “It’d do both of us a favor. It’d be a double favor,” he urges, his face becoming puppy-like. “I’m being serious.” 

You look back at him wordlessly for several seconds, letting your clasped hands fall into your lap. “Okay,” you agree finally.

Tom smiles, his cheeks rosy from the bit of excitement and the champagne.

You make a note to yourself how cute he looks and can’t help but smile back. Then you decide to change the subject, to avoid it getting uncomfortable. “In the meantime, how about you just do me the favor of dancing with me?”

“I was hoping you’d want to dance. Double favor,” he replies, standing and offering you his hand to take you to the dance floor.

The two of you dance to several party songs, going back and forth to see who can do more ridiculous dance moves. Between all the waves, sprinklers, robots, and moonwalks, you both agree it’s a tie, and the unexpected moment of seriousness at dinner is all but forgotten.

“I need some water,” you announce, making your way towards your table.

Tom follows, taking your hand as you walk, but dropping it nervously when you reach your seats.

You take a sip of cool water and rest for a minute. A breeze comes and you shiver. It hits you that you left your coat on your table in your hurry to leave.

Tom slides his suit jacket off and drapes it on your shoulders, wrapping it around you in the front. “Better?”

“Yeah, thanks.” You shift to put your arms in the sleeves and pull it tighter around you, smiling gratefully.

A slow song starts and Tom looks to the dance floor. “This is a good one,” he remarks. “Want to dance, [Y/N]?”

“Sure.” You stand up, smoothing his coat as you take his proffered hand and go to the dance floor.

He pulls you into him with a little flourish and sways you to the music.

You put your arms around his shoulders, not sure what to do with your hands.

His hands are on the small of your back and, as you relax, you find yourself resting your head on him as he holds you closer. You dance through a few slow songs, almost not noticing as the songs pass.

You’re almost disappointed when the music ends and are surprised to notice that so many people had left while you and Tom were dancing.

“Hey, sis,” your sister comes up behind you, tapping you on the shoulder. “Can I steal [Y/N] for a second, Tom?” She looks to Tom, pending his answer.

He nods and she leads you to the outskirts of the reception.

“Okay, tell me the truth. You two are a thing, huh? You just didn’t want to admit it earlier, because you didn’t have to time to explain before the ceremony,” she hypothesizes in hushed tones, as though someone might overhear.

“We really aren’t, I promise,” you assure her, absent-mindedly pulling his jacket more snugly around you.

“Well, you should be. I mean, it’s my wedding day, but I can’t help but notice the connection between you two,” she asserts.

“Really?” You search and find Tom, helping the groomsmen move a few things to help with the clean up, and smile in spite of yourself.

“Of course,” she repeats. “And it’s about time you two left anyway.” She grips your shoulders encouragingly and gives you a wink.

“Okay.” You give her a big hug. “I love you, and it was a beautiful wedding. All the best to you and your new husband,” you make your goodbyes as you embrace.

“Thanks, [Y/N]. I love you, too,” she answers. “Now get out of here and make something happen.”

You hurry over to Tom, who’s chatting with the groom. “Ready to go?”

“Uh, yeah,” he says, looking between you and your brother-in-law.

You hug the groom. “See you soon, and congratulations,” you offer, excusing yourself.

You and Tom walk arm-in-arm back towards the car, but you stop in the now-empty parking lot.

“What is it?” Tom asks, turning to you. “Did you forget something?”

“Um, no,” you manage. You take his hands and step closer to him, your breaths visible in the chill of the night air. “But there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Yes?” Tom replies apprehensively, his grip tightening on your hands minutely.

“Do you,” you pause, unsure of how to proceed. You sigh. “Do you like me as more than a friend?” You feel stupid for being so blunt, but it’s too late to change it.

“Yes,” Tom answers quickly, his face brightening. His smile stands out against the ruddiness of his cheeks and nose in the cold. “And that reminds me,” he starts, drawing you slightly closer to him. “I have a favor to ask.” He smiles cheekily.

“What?” You watch him, returning his smile as you move slowly into his arms, which begin to wrap around you.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, holding you now fully in his arms.

“I was hoping you’d want to,” you answer. “Double favor,” you add, making both of you laugh softly.

You relish the feeling of his laugh reverberating through his chest against yours.

Then, without warning, he tilts your chin up and kisses you slowly, and you’re blissfully wrapped up in each other’s embrace.

The Big Day

Title: The Big Day
Rating: PG (Mild Language)
Characters/Pairings: Roman Reigns/OC, Dean Ambrose/Renee Young
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this small piece of fiction. All recognizable names belong to their respective owners.
Summary: The best man always gives the groom a little speech before he says I Do. It turns out to be a big day for the both of them.

-The Big Day-

“Alright boys, disperse! This shindig goes down in a half hour and the best man needs to have a little chit-chat with the man of the hour…” Dean’s face lit up, watching the other groomsmen look over at him as he came through the door. Matt Anoa'i, Jimmy and Jey Uso as well as Seth Rollins all gave the groom a final hug and a handshake before filing out past Ambrose to help user in guests as they arrived to the resort.

“Should I sit down for this?” Roman laughed, watching Dean walk toward him. Both men were dressed in crisp suits and ties, not a hair out of place. Dean motioned for two chairs next to huge bay windows, dark blue Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye could see in either aerial direction.

“Yeah, you probably should. I’m about to go all emotional best friend–best man on you.” They share a hearty laugh as they both take a seat. Looking down from the window you could see the wedding grounds on the back lawn of the Oceanside resort. White chairs lined in rows on either side of the isle covered in fuchsia colored rose petals. The warm, early morning south Florida sun beamed brightly.

Roman leaned over with his elbows on his knees as he waited for the first of Dean’s many speeches for his big day. Ambrose may not have very many serious bones in his body and was usually the one making everyone laugh but when it came down to it, he could move mountains with his words when they truly came from his heart.

“Dude, when I woke up this morning and realized today was the day, I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. I can’t believe after all that skirt we chased you’re finally settling down with one woman..” Roman smiled, watching the guests start to file out to their seats as the movement caught his light gray eyes.

“So your big opening statement is reminding me how much of manwhore I was? All of a sudden I’m not so sure I want you to make that speech at the reception later…” Dean thumped him in the arm with his fist in response.

“Shut up man, I’d never say shit like that in front of your family. You’ve got half the damn Isle of Samoa down there… But seriously man, I just never saw you as the guy that would take the plunge is all. Hell, I never thought I’d have a girlfriend either but I wouldn’t trade Renee for the world. And I know you wouldn’t trade [Y/N] either. I’ve watched you grow into an even better man than I thought you were these last two and a half years because of her. She brings out the best in you.”

Roman looked Dean square in the eye, seeing the emotion there. It was rare for him to get on this level but today was a special occasion and he wanted to make sure his best friend knew exactly how he felt and that he had his blessing before saying I Do.

“When I went to check on Renee a few minutes ago I saw her…” He paused, putting his hand on Roman’s shoulder giving it a squeeze. “Dude never in a million years could you imagine how stunning she looks today. You’re going to lose your mind when she comes down that isle, I promise you that.” Roman’s smile turned into a giddy grin as he tried to picture seeing his beautiful bride for the first time as she walked down the isle to become his wife.

“I have no doubt she looks gorgeous man, she always does. Not to mention she’s been worrying over everything for the last six months…” Roman licked his lips and shifted in his seat. The anticipation was starting to build as he felt the tightening in his chest increase. He couldn’t believe the day was finally here either. Dean shook his head, knowing Roman didn’t fully understand what he was referring to.

“It isn’t that. It isn’t the dress, the hair, the shoes or the make-up. She’s a knockout man, anyone with eyes could see that from miles away. But today is different. Today is her wedding day. She hasn’t just been planning this for only six months, she’s been dreaming about this day since she was a little kid. Marrying you today will become the greatest day of her life. Every bit of emotion and love that she feels for you, you can see it on her face–in her eyes. That’s what stunned me. I could visible see it all.”

“I hope you can see that in me too..” Roman started, letting Dean’s words sink in. “I know we wrote our own vows and I know how good you and Seth thought they were when I read them last night but I still don’t think I’ve done justice. How are you supposed to put into words what your feel inside for the love of your life? Your soul mate?”

“Rome, don’t worry. Those vows are going to have every female in the joint reaching for the Kleenex. I’ve never seen you as happy as you are today. And I know as you start your lives together that will only continue. You and [Y/N] deserve all the happiness in the world…” Dean paused, running a shaky hand through his dirty blond hair. “As for knowing how to tell the love of your life what you feel inside, I’ll let you know.”

Roman eyed him, his eyebrows coming together at the tone he switched to. “What? You’ve got something up your sleeve Ambrose.. I can sense it.” Dean laughed.

“I’m going to ask Renee to marry me.” At first Roman thought he was kidding, honestly. Since he was getting married today, Ambrose was going to try to…

Roman saw that tell-tell gleam in Dean’s eye and the way he nervously began to shift in his seat now that he’d dropped this bombshell.

He wasn’t kidding.

“You’re serious?” Roman asked as he tightened the slick bun that his hair was tied up in.

“Oh I am, Uce…” Dean paused, smiling so big his dimples hurt. Roman looked at him, eyeing him again as his mouth fell open in shock. He never thought Dean would ever find the one even though Roman told him all the time how Renee was perfect for him.

“Seriously dude? You’re going to ask her? You bought a ring?” Roman questioned, still unable to wrap his mind around the fact that Dean definitely wasn’t kidding and actually planned to settle down just like Roman was doing today.

“Yeah, bro. I bought it last weekend during that sting of shows we did in New York. The more I thought about your wedding and the happier I saw [Y/N] get the closer we came to today I just.. I don’t know. I just feel like Renee is the one. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my mind but then I see her and I just know…”

“When are you going to ask her?” Roman asked, thankful that the spotlight was off him if only for a moment. It was helping to calm his own nerves seeing as he was about to give someone else his last name in a matter of minutes.

“Well…” Dean rubbed a hand across the stubble on his chin. “I was thinking about asking her at the end of my Best Man speech during your reception.. If you think that would be okay with [Y/N]. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to steal her thunder or anything…”

“No,” Roman chuckled, grinning at his best friend. “That’s her best friend. I think she’ll be just as excited and happy as Renee is going to be when you get down on one knee…” Roman paused, shaking his head. “Holy shit man, I never thought I’d see this day. We’re hanging up our bachelor boots and will be off the market for good!”

“I know man, can’t believe this old tag-team has finally met their match. Speaking of your match, the main event of your life is about to start,” Dean told him, standing up with Roman. They stared at each other a moment longer before hugging tightly like the brothers that they felt they truly were. Pulling back Dean adjusted Roman’s tie and dusted off the shoulders of his suit. “Let’s go give this little lady a last name she can’t pronounce.” Roman laughed, shaking his head as she followed Dean out the door and down to his wedding ceremony.

The Most Puntastic Best Man Speech Ever

It’s finally here! Words cannot describe how proud I am of this. Have fun reading!

Nervousness washed over Matteo when Gastón asked for everyone’s attention. He felt apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what was about to happen.

Matteo eyed the vodka shot glasses warily. Not only was there a bet making the rounds for how many puns - space related or not - Gastón had put into this speech, there was also a drinking game going on in which all participants had to take a shot every time his best friend would make pun.

Ramiro and his cousin Vinny had more or less robbed the open bar as everyone that had agreed to be part of the drinking game had ten small glasses placed before them. Matteo couldn’t help but think about the bill. They would be indebted forever!

Still, he doubted that this was the exact amount of puns. That would be wishful thinking.

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What's in a Name?

Rating: K

Word Count: ~600

Summary: Korra works on the paperwork for the marriage license for her upcoming wedding with Mako, when she discovers a major snag. Crackfic, fourth-wall breaking.

Author Note: Not to be taken seriously. I’m serious.

( (ao3)



“Mako?” Korra bit on the end of the pen in her hand.

“Yeah, sweetie?” Mako leaned over her shoulder and placed a gentle kiss on the side of her neck.

She had a small stack of paper in front of her on the coffee table. Mako had proposed just a few weeks ago, and now the crushing reality that they had to actually get their act together and get things ready for them to be wed officially. To say that the task in front of them was overwhelming was an understatement. There were venues to book, cakes to try, and caterers to schedule. But first, they needed to be sure that they could get married in the eyes of Republic City.

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Unexpected Endings to Drunk Evenings

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

It’s true that when he’d initially been introduced to her, earlier that evening, he had been curious. He would probably go far enough to say that he was even attracted to the auburn haired girl with eyes too bright for a party held under such dim lighting. The attraction, as far as everyone but Levi was concerned, was very much returned.

Erd and Gunther could tell by the way she leaned just a little too close when he whispered something in her ear above the music. Hanji and Erwin were definitely not oblivious to Levi’s subtle shifts and tilts of the head as he was speaking to her— how he would lean just close enough for the skin of his nose, sometimes his lips, to touch the hair that escaped from the back of her ear as cascaded down her shoulders.

It was obvious, as the night went on that Petra was not one to hold her liquor down very well. Levi could sense that she was a little bit more than just tipsy as her movements became slower and more languid as the night progressed. Of course, it wasn’t helping that her two friends— practically her brothers— were giving her alcoholic beverage after alcoholic beverage as if it were water.

By the time he’d finally realized it was time to step in, it was too late. Petra’s eyes were already glazed and lidded. She stared at him dreamily, her lips upturned in a soft smile and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol. Levi was definitely not drunk enough for the feelings she was conjuring within him.

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Ali & Sana || Qalam Productions

You will just have to watch this for yourself to see what an amazing wedding this was! The beginning part when he was making the dua was so cute. The bride is absolutely gorgeous and her dress is so so stunning!!! I love how in love this couple is mA, it was sooo cute seeing the groom carry his wife out. The rukhsati was very emotional. Hope this couple lives happily ever after! <3

We’re Really Doing This (Part 2)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Bobby, Cas

Words: 2337

Summary: This is the second part of We’re Really Doing This. It’s the wedding ceremony and the reader and Dean heading to their honeymoon.

Read Part 1

You stood in the hallway near the back door where Sam had placed you to make sure everything was ready to go. You were nervous. Shaking like a leaf. You looked down at the white gown; you still couldn’t believe you were really about to marry Dean. Your love. Your best friend. It was really happening.

           Sam stepped back into the house, “Let’s do this,” he smiled at you, “Are you ready?” he asked.

           “I’m ready,” you nodded.

           “Cas is gonna walk you down the aisle. Is that okay?” Sam asked, “I’m kinda the best man, so I need to get down there with Dean.”

           “That’s perfect,” you smiled.

           Sam walked back out and was quickly replaced by Cas, “You look beautiful, “Y/N,” Cas said.

           “Thank you. You look very handsome,” you told him. He was wearing a black tux and a silver bow tie. You had never seen him in anything except his usual pants, white shirt, blue tie, and trench coat. This was actually a nice change.

           “Thank you,” he smiled, “It’s time to go.”

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"That's What Friends Are For"

A/N: So I had made that text post about Alex at a certain wedding, imagining what it’d be like. And I decided to take on my own prompt and write something. It sucks, but I felt inspired by all the love, as of late. Hopefully, it is not too hard to follow. I wanted to try a different style of narrative. Happy holidays and swaying. Sail on shipmates!
Glasses clink. Random people rise and fall. And then, it’s my turn.

The starry lit terrace, delicately wrapped in white and black chiffon. A dreamscape. A fairy tale.

And those two crazy bastards are at the center of it all.

Something in my throat grows heavy, as I palm my pocket for the wadded up paper I had countlessly wrinkled the night before. Wringing my hands in desperation, searching for the right words.

It’s not like me, to be at loss for things to say. Usually, I am full of hot air, heated opinions, overzealous exclamations, crude jokes, the works. But last night, as the blank slate stared me down, I realized how little substance there was. How nothing I could ever say would be enough. How it would never measure up. And looking before me now, I have the same feeling. No words can do them justice.

But it’s my duty. My responsibility. As a brother. As a best friend. As best man. And I fought damn hard to earn this opportunity.

So I inhale sharply.

Raising my knife to my glass, I stand like Maks, Nicole, Dom, and Deja before me.

Here goes nothing.

“Hello ladies and gentleman. I hope you are having a good night and enjoying the festivities. For all of you who don’t know me, and who were wondering who that sexy ass ginger man, was standing up there on the altar, my name is Alex.” The audience chuckles at my joke.

He’s standing on the edge of the stairs, stretching to his tiptoes and then back down. He’s used to performing, being the center of attention, but somehow, the nerves are getting the best of him. The eyes of numerous familiar faces dissecting his every move, waiting for him to transform. To transform into something - someone he’s never been before. A husband.

I brace one of his shoulders and attempt to shake the fear out of him with a reassuring smile.

But, the metamorphosis is still in flux. His wings not quite ready to expand, but the ones in his stomach are flapping away. A mile a minute.

The bridal music starts, and the second she appears at the opposite end of that aisle, it happens.

BAM. Like a ton of bricks. It hits him

Something so intangible, yet I and everyone else blessed to be present can see it. Breathe it. Feel it.

The instant his eyes meet hers, and he takes all of her in, the entirety of her beauty, the fear flies away. And he soars.

His oversized smile crinkling the edges of his eyes and his heart - acknowledging just how lucky he is to call something that breathtakingly, perfect


And in that instant, he’s wholly hers. The air suspended around him, as she processes toward him, making his heart swell at the realization of just how much she is his everything and so much more.
“And well, I… I happen to have been chosen as best man. A highly competitive position sought after by many. So thank you to my fellow competitors Serge, Henry, Teddy, Tony, and Maks.” I gesture towards them all.

“Yes, I even beat out the groom’s own brother to be best man!”

“You cheated!” Maks jovially shouts out, and a hearty laugh emanates from the crowd.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Alex, there’s something really important I have to tell you.”

“Oh my god, you’re not pregnant are you?!” I feign horror.

“I want a DNA test because there is NO WAY that baby is mine!”

“Alex, stop it!”

“I’m just saying, Val. You can’t prove anything, and I already have enough baby mama drama.”

“Shut up. It’s really important.”

“Well, it damn well better be. You made me miss the game tonight for this.” I take a swig from the beer that Val so classily bought me in retribution for stealing me away from my date night with the Knicks.

“Listen, you know how Z and I have been dating for quite a while now?”

“Is that a question… or are you just rubbing it in my face?”

He chuckles and continues on.

“Well, I kind of … proposed the other day.”

Staring at him blankly, I just hold my drink for a moment.

The look on his face is priceless. He’s trying to size up my reaction, but I’m completely poker faced.

Finally, I give in and slap him on the shoulder, “Thank God! It’s about damn time! Jesus, Val, I thought you were never going to ask her.”

“God, you scared me there for a minute, Alex.” The relief washing over him.

“And you scared me, man. I was worried you were going to tell me that she dumped your ass. It only took you how long to ask her!”

He looks at me contemplatively, pursing his lips.

“So you knew all along that this was coming?”

“From day - fucking - one! I mean, since then, you haven’t shut up about her.”

“Ha. Ha. I guess, it would be only fitting for you to be my right hand man on this, then, huh?”

“Don’t toy with my emotions, Val.” I am frozen with anticipation. I realize that it’s not the most manly thing to admit, but ever since we were kids, it was a dream of mine to be best man. It’s just further solidification of the bond we have fostered over the years.

“I wouldn’t have asked, if I didn’t mean it.”

“Holy shit! Yes, Val. Definitely! What about Maks though… and… and everyone else?”

“I already talked it over with Maks and everybody. They all said that you’ve been almost as integral in this engagement as both Zendaya and me, so you deserve it. And to be honest, I couldn’t agree more.”

“Hell, yes!”

“So, you’re going to be my best man, then?”

“You bet your ass! After all, like you said, I earned this!” We seal the deal by toasting our brewskis.

“Perhaps, I was chosen because I am the best looking of the bunch, which only aesthetically makes the most sense for this beautiful wedding, or perhaps it is because I happen to be the couple’s closest friend.”

It’s late one morning after the fambam went out to celebrate the successful opening of another Dance With Me Studio. Everyone’s practically smashed and more than ready to go home. Just Nicole, Serge, Jenna, Val, Z, and I are left outside the club, waiting for taxis.

Nicole and Serge decide to take a walk and try and sober up before heading home, while Val hails a cab. Promptly, Jenna hops inside, and he tells Z and me that he’s going to make sure she gets home safely. He orders that I make sure the same happens for Z. Jenna belligerently yells “Goodbye!” out the window, falling into Val’s lap, laughing. And just like that, it’s just the two of us.

Zendaya and me.

Me and Zendaya.

The dream team.

We too decide to take a walk, since my house is close by, and so that she can just crash there rather than go back to her hotel.

Arriving home, I can tell by her silence that something, namely someone, is worrying her.

“Alex?” She ventures after I get settled and offer her some chips, plopping down on the couch to Sports Center.

“Yeah, Z?”

“I have something to ask you.” She bites her lower lip, knitting her eyebrows together in worry across her forehead.

“What’s that?” I always play deaf, dumb, and blind because I know it’s better for her to come to her own realization than for me to point it out to her.

“You know… Val and Jenna…”

“Yeahhh…” I stretch out, playfully grabbing the bag of chips back from her lap.

“Well, have they… Ever… You know?”

“Hooked up?” I raise my eyebrows, as I pop a Bugle into my mouth, loudly crunching down.

“…” She hesitates on the brink of wanting to know and being too mortified if the answer were yes, that it just might break her heart.

“Yeah,” she exhales all the breath she has been holding in since she saw Jenna and Val dancing at the club.

“Nah… Jenna and Val are just friends. Both of them being performers, well really all of us,” I gesture towards the two of us on the couch, “being performers, know the importance of chemistry, as you are aware, I’m sure. Plus, we know how grueling practice can be. They’ve just worked together a lot, and have formed a great friendship over that. Jenna is a great, talented, and beautiful girl…”

“Absolutely!” Z declares emphatically, nodding her head.

“but, for the longest time, I think Val’s only really had one woman on his mind.” I turn to look at her, smiling when she finally catches my drift.

She smiles brilliantly back at me, but the reluctancy returns.

“You really think so?” As if she has any reason to worry.

“I know so,” I squeeze her hand tightly, seizing the chip bag again, while she’s caught off guard.

The resulting grin nearly splits her face in half, as she reaches around to hug me.

“You know, you are one of my very best friends, Alex. You are beyond awesome” she chimes, tilting her head to rest on my shoulder.

“Tell me something, I don’t know.” Another Bugle popped down the hatchet.

“Me love you long time.” The lyrics of 2 Live Crew’s from the club echoing out her mouth.

“Me love you long time, too, boo.” I pat her head, changing the channel on the TV to watch the highlights from the Knicks playoff.

“To be honest, I don’t really know how I got here today. For a long time, I had hoped and prayed that it would be me sitting at that table with the gorgeous bride. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I had dreams and aspirations of making little, ginger, mocha swirl babies with that stunning, lovely lady to my best friend’s right.”

The wedding party guffaws at what they believe to be a joke, but oh how many times had I threatened Val, if he didn’t make a move, I would, and I wouldn’t have regretted it either. Val darts a dark glance at me, remembering the sincerity of my intentions, and just how hard I fought to get those two together.

“Had it not been for me practically kicking Val into action, this wedding may have never happened. So it just as easily could have been switched, with me over there with my gorgeous, Grammy winning, and Oscar nominated bride, and Val making this very speech. It was a close call.”

Zendaya bursts into laughter, watching Val’s jealous reaction. A familiar spectacle. We used to tease him endlessly that we were together before she and he started dating. It irritated the crap out of him, but being Val, he’d never admit it. Just to get his goat, I’d make plans to hang out with her by myself and flaunt it in his face. He’d either always find excuses to tag along, watching me like a hawk, mind you, or attempt and fail at inconspicuously grilling me the next day.

“So, you and Z met up last night?”


“So… What did you guys do?”

“You know. Plotted our world domination, got down at the club, the norm.”

“Got down at the club? You mean, you… danced with her.”

“I guess you could say that,” adding a wink just to goad the uneasiness out of him.

Shifting nervously in his seat, “What the Hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh come on Val! YOU know what THAT *wink* means.”

Worry. Disappointment. Jealousy. Rage. Rage predominantly. Yep. Definitely rage - overtaking his face.

“You better not be doing any of THAT *wink* with her!” His face literally turning ten shades of red in mere seconds.

“Dude, chill out. She’s legal now. It’s all good.”

“I swear to God, Alex. You better not be messing around with Daya!”

“Hey, we are both consenting adults. And anyway, why would it be so bad if the two of us got together? It’s not like she’s got a boyfriend. If anything you should be happy for me, you ass.”

Again, inquietude altering his disposition. He stares at the ground, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“I know you Alex.”

“Yeah, and…?”

“If you break her heart…”

“Who says I am going to break her heart? Jesus, Val. We’re just fooling around.” He’s like a deer in headlights. His head quickly snapping up in ire and shock, at my flagrant use of diction. Who knew “fooling around” could incense someone so badly?

Ha ha. I did. ;)

“Whatever the Hell you are doing, you need to stop, right now, Alex. I’m not playing!”

“Geez. She knows that it’s just casual.”

“I mean it, Alex!”

The inevitable.
The resounding question, which in the damn obviousness of Val’s feelings, is rhetorical, yet so desperately needs to be answered aloud, just for him to hear it in his own voice.
“Why does it matter so much to you anyway? You act like a jealous boyfriend.”

“I… I… I do not!” Thou doth protesth too much, methinks. He folds his hands across his chest. Closed off. Apparently, we are getting nowhere AGAIN, today. It’s like pulling goddamn teeth with this man!

“I… I… just care about her a lot. And I know how you are with women.” He states resolutely, regaining the footing of the fake premise for his argument.

“Oh, so Z’s a "woman” now? I thought you didn’t think of her that way…" Just a week prior, I had tried to coerce him to admit his feelings for her by asking him, out of the Sway cast, who he thought was the most attractive. He, of course, sidestepped the question, saying all the ladies were gorgeous, which of course they are, but I wanted an answer. So I enthusiastically blurted out that I thought Z was damn fine. To which I received another death glance. After inquiring if he didn’t agree, he bluffed that he didn’t “think of her that way”. He only saw her as a “sister”. The smell of bullshit was thick in the air that afternoon.

“I… I… I don’t. But you… You know what I mean! Stop twisting my words around.”

“Sure, Val… Sure.”
I wink knowingly at Val, whose perturbation has finally passed. He smiles back at me, laughing to himself.

“Regardless, I want to congratulate my best friend on beating me to the punch and to say just how happy I am for him. Ever since I knew him, growing up, as a kid, to this man before us today, I have truly never seen him happier. And that happiness is all because of you, Zendaya. It has been since day one.”

“So, what’s she like?” I nosily inquire, while Val and I are heading out of rehearsals. He’s signed on for yet ANOTHER season of Dancing With the Stars, which continues to baffle me. However, last year, he got a pretty hot partner, who more than once I questioned if he was dating.

But alas, Val always said that he and Kelly were “just friends”.


Regardless, I watch the show out of support for my best friend, and sometimes, for the hot ladies. So naturally, I am hoping that Val has another attractive partner this season with some ultra-foxy friends.

“You know I can’t talk about that,” he impishly smirks, a twinkle forming in his eyes.

Yet, the whole time during rehearsals, he’d use every opportunity he could to bring the mysterious “her” up.

“Ah, man! She’s a model isn’t she?! I knew it! Damn. I need to sign up for this show so I can get partnered up with a ten. Knowing my luck though, I’d get paired with Master P.”

“That would be your luck.” He just haughtily glints. The air about him somehow different - like he’s struck magic, but can’t tell the secret. And, he doesn’t even really want to share it anyway.

“Well, tell me something, Val! She’s a model, right?”

His hesitancy speaks volumes, as does the manner in which he bites his bottom lip and then purses his mouth, trying with ALL his possible might to stamp out the possibility of a smile forming across his face.

“No… no. She’s not a model, at least not yet anyway, but she is very beautiful.”

“Well, of course she is! They have to pair you with someone attractive to amp up the sexy factor.”

“Um… I highly doubt that.”

“Why? Is she the sympathy vote this season?”

“No. She’s very capable. Very talented.”

“So… what’s the problem?”

“She’s only 16.”

The pause, the down turned corners of his mouth, and the defeated expression in his posture COMPLETELY gives him away.

Consequently, I take a minute to resolve what is best to say. What the best FRIEND thing would be to say.

But, my mouth betrays me, and what sputters forth is

“Man, are you SCREWED!”


“You like her!”

“I do. She’s a very nice, grounded, smart, young lady.”

“Who just happens to be beautiful and talented… Hmm… Sounds like your perfect girl. Too bad she doesn’t have an older sister and another older sister for me.”

“Just shut up and watch the game, Alex.”

A text message comes through on his phone, and he lights up like a damn beacon, as he reads it.

“From your mystery partner, there?”

“Yeah,” his eyes still fixated on the phone, as he rapidly types on the keypad.

“She’s practicing our choreo at home.”

“At home? Man, she’s more committed than most of us pros.”

“Yeah…” Click, click, click. He entirely ignores me, instead choosing to focus fully on his conversation.

It definitely piques my interest - the way in which he gazes at the screen, so transfixed and enthralled by whatever possible depth a texting spree can have.

“Val… Val… Val… Hello!” I snap my fingers in front of his face, and he finally remembers where he is.

“What?!” He acts defensively.

“Uh huh…” I give him some serious side eye.


“You better be careful, there. You’re treading in deep waters, my friend.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You know damn well, what I am saying! Don’t get yourself into any trouble. And don’t get your heart broken. And… And… Sure as Hell, don’t break hers. She’s a TEENAGER for Heaven’s sake, Val.”

“Oh stop that nonsense! It’s nothing like that. We are just partners. You know how it is. After the season is over, we’ll go our separate ways. I’m just making sure that she’s my priority right now, so that I can teach her well, and so that we have a real shot at winning this thing.”

“That better be all it is!”

“Dude, in a couple of months, you will rarely hear me talk about her ever again.”

He practically glows with enthusiasm, as he returns to her messages, bursting into fits of laughter, as he watches a video she sends him.

I just shake my damn head. This obvious fool.
“The very first day that I was fortunate enough to meet Zendaya, I knew that she was the one. Val didn’t want to admit it, but he was reduced to practically a schoolboy around her. The little boy in him shone through so brilliantly, and continues to to this day because of you and your beautiful spirit.”

Damnit, I start to choke up, as images of Val and I, as kids playing basketball pop into my mind. How had 25 years gone so fast?

Val nods at me, sensing the same sentiment. The whole reception seems to weigh heavier at the change in tone of my toast.
“Val, Val!”


“You know that girl in our English class, Vicky?”


“She totally wants me.”

“Oh please! Like you could land a girl like Vicky.”

“You don’t give me enough credit!”

“Vicky is 14 and going to high school. There’s no way, she’d ever date a 12-year-old, ginger boy, who dances and is afraid of spiders.”

“Keep that on the down low! Geez! No girl is going to go to our 7th grade dance with me if you announce that to the whole world!”

“See, I told you!”

“Well, who are you taking?”

“No one. I’m not going.”

“Val, you HAVE to go! It’s our last official junior high dance before we are 8th graders, and then, it’s not cool to go.”

“I have to practice that night.”

“Come on Val! Please! My mom said she’d even pick you up and drive us. I can’t go alone!”

“I thought you were going with Vicky Liston?” He snickers at me.

“Well, I can’t go without my best friend. Can’t you just take one night off of practicing to have some fun?”

“Nope. I promised Papa and Maks that I’d be there to help at the studio.”

“Sometimes, I swear you are like an 80-year-old man, Val. These are the times of our lives! You are supposed to seize life and be a kid.”

“I sure hope these aren’t the times of our lives because I’ll tell you what, puberty sucks! But, I can’t Alex. I’m sorry. You have to make sacrifices and work hard to get far in life.”

“There you go talking like an old man again.”
“Alex, this is Zendaya.” Val grabs his partner’s hand and presents her in front of him, like she’s the most precious gift on planet Earth. Only after some reluctancy, do they finally part.

She’s even more stunning than he had described. I literally cannot believe that she is 16 years old. A sincere grin overtaking her face. God, is he SCREWED.

“It’s nice to meet you, Alex! Val has told me SOOOO much about you.” I like this girl. She’s spunky. Her eyes shining like embers in the way that they radiate warmth and honesty.

“Not all of it is true, I assure you,” I laugh, shaking her hand.

The remainder of the day is spent watching two love struck idiots, goof off around one another. Val just exudes this childlike innocence about him - something I only rarely saw when he was younger. Like I always told him, he was practically an 80-year-old man trapped in a boy’s body. But damn, would you not realize that today.

I just sit back and watch them - all toothy smiles and laughter, playfully bantering back and forth.

This Zendaya girl is good for him. I recognize it instantly. Never have I seen him connect so quickly and fundamentally with someone before. To be honest, it makes me a bit jealous. But it’s a beautiful sight to behold. The two of them. She’s exactly the breath of fresh air that he needs. Man, will it be interesting to see how this unfolds.
“May you continue to inspire and motivate one another for as long as you both shall live, spreading your infectious love for one another to the rest of the world. So everyone please join me in raising your glass to my best friends and this gorgeous couple, Val and Zendaya.”

“Val and Zendaya!” Our family repeats in unison. Val giving the love of his life and my sister a tender kiss on the cheek.

The way she looks at him and he at her, sending shivers down my spine.

It’s an honor to be a witness to their connection, and it causes me to get choked up again, as I watch them share their first dance as husband and wife. The way they move and have always moved together, as in life. Equals and partners in every aspect with a love that no one and nothing can rival.
“I love her Alex. I mean it. I really fucking love her.”

“I know.”

“For how long?”

“From the moment you told me about her, and spoke about her with such reverence.”

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“Not in a million years. You should have listened to me.”

“For once, you were right.”

“I’ve been right and helping you all along.”

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Just don’t let her get away. She’s one of a kind and the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

“I know, yet I can’t believe how lucky I am to know her and to love her. But you are pretty incredible, too.”

“I’m alright.”

“No, you’re the second best… Ever.”

“I can’t believe I’m jealous of your girl, but that hurts! Still to be in her company is pretty amazing, I guess.”

“But you’ll be the best, best man ever.”

“Damn right! But, that’s what friends are for, Val. That’s what friends are for.”


Note: It’s your wedding day and you’re feeling anxious, but Bucky comes to cheer you up.

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“Doll, are you in there?” There was a knock at the door and you immediately recognised it to be Bucky.

You hovered behind the door, “Buck you’re not allowed to see me,” you sniffled.

“I need to see you, Y/N. Please,” Bucky pleaded.

“It’s b-bad luck,” you managed to say to him.

“I’m not going to let ‘bad luck’ stop me from seeing you, Y/N. Especially when I can hear you crying,” he added as he nudged open the door.

“No, Bucky–”

“Y/N…” he cautioned.

You stood back, trying to wipe away your tears quickly. You felt yourself wrapped in a warm hug and you buried your head in Bucky’s neck, trying your best not to cry again.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?”

You shook your head, refusing to look him in the eye.

“Oh, I know what this is,” Bucky said in the voice he always used when he was trying to cheer you up, “You finally came to your senses and realised you can’t marry me… I mean I am like a hundred years older thank you.”

You scoffed, “It’s not you,” you managed to meet his gaze, “I just… I just don’t–”

Bucky stroked your back gently, starting to realise what you were getting at. He kissed the top of your head, “You look beautiful, Y/N.”

“I don’t feel it,” you mumbled.

Bucky parted from you slightly to see your face, he gently put his hand on your cheek, “Seriously darlin’, if you’re having second thoughts, you know I’ll support you–“

“No! No, of course I’m not Bucky,” you said quickly, “I was just wondering if maybe… you were,” your eyes started to water again.

Bucky laughed, “Me? Why would I question marrying you, Y/N? Hell, if I had it my way we would have gotten married months ago instead of wasting all this time with the planning,” he said lightly, “You’re the love of my life, Y/N. Nothing will ever change that, you hear me? Nothing.”

"I just thought maybe now that we’re finally ready to get married you wouldn’t think I was… Good enough,” you mumbled.

Bucky chuckled, tightening his embrace, “Oh please, we both know that’s not true.”

You shook your head, “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, Bucky. I mean you’re amazing and I’m just–”

“Just perfect, Y/N,” he said as he took your hands in his, “And I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be marrying you.” He wiped your tears away gently, “I love you, Y/N.”

You smiled, “I love you more.”

“I love you most,” He winked.

You pressed your lips to his, “Thanks Bucky, I needed this.”

“This is going to be the first day of the rest of our lives together, Y/N. I can’t have my bride crying… not unless they’re tears of happiness,“ he raised an eyebrow at you, "Now, I’m not leaving until you let me see that gorgeous smile again.”

You couldn’t help but grin.

“There we go,” he stroked your cheek, "Now what do you say, shall we go and make you Mrs. Barnes?”

“Yes we shall,” you were smiling now, thankful Bucky had cheered you up.

“I’ll let you finish up. If your sister asks, I wasn’t even here. She’ll kill me if she finds out I saw you before the wedding,” He chuckled.

“Noted,” you led him back to the door, “My lips are sealed.”

“Not too sealed I hope,” Bucky added, “I’ve got plans for those lips later on– But since I love you, you get a preview,” he said before leaning in to kiss you again.

When you parted, Bucky had a grin on his face, “I’ll see you out there ‘kay? I’ll be the handsome guy at the altar.“

You laughed as you nodded your head, feeling much better now as you waved a quick goodbye to your future husband.

#4 He pulls a few strings for you


“I JUST HATE THIS SELFISH , EVIL WORLD!!!!!” you bang the door as you make your way towards the couch and plopped down on the comfortable cushions. “Looks like someone had a bad day ” Harry comes from behind and starts massaging your shoulders. This usually calms you down in an instant. But today it just wouldn’t work. Everything was fine till today afternoon. In fact you were more happy and excited than you had been in a few weeks. Yesterday evening you recieved a mail from Miss Catherine , senior manager of the company you have always dreamed to work in. She had called you for an interview today evening sharp at 5. You reached at quarter to 5 all dressed and ready to impress them. But once you reached the office , instead of being shown the way to go and meet miss Catherine  , the receptionist told you that the job has already been given to someone else. You went mad. After a huge argument with her did she finally reveal to whom was the job allotted. Michelle Johnson. Sister of the famous actor Michael Johnson.  (A/N : Just imagine some actor , I didn’t want to name any. Soo…) You were enraged. She used her brother’s name to get the job while you slogged for hours to get that one call. When you reached the end of telling Harry what happened exactly , you were on the verge of tears. “How could they , Harry? How can people just use somebody’s name to get what they want. And how can people even agree with just for their benefits. Why do they forget their promises to others?” you whined. Harry could bear anything in this whole damn world , but tears in your eyes. He just couldn’t stand them. He somehow hushed you and tried to make you fall asleep. Once you did fall asleep he carried you to your bedroom and laid you down on the bed. He gently kissed your forehead. He knew what to do. He took his phone and went downstairs. He knew that you hated this but he still had to do it. After all he just couldn’t see his baby unhappy. “Just make sure you don’t take my name” he whispered to the person he was talking to on the phone. The next day you get an other e mail telling about the grave mistake done by their receptionist and that there still is a job left for you. And everything was back to normal and Harry was smart enough to not mention about his phone call. 


You just loved shopping with Liam. When you were little and you used to go shoppin with your mum and dad , it was more like just you and mum. Your dad was least interested whether you get the floral top or the plain green t-shirt. So you had this mindset that all the boys loathed shopping. But that wasn’t the case with Liam. This suprised you when you two started dating. His fashion sense was simply superb. He gave you the best opinion about which shoes would go with this shirt and what jewelery with that dress. You were really happy that Liam had two elder sisters who trained him really well. “Babe , how about this ?” he asks holding a beautiful turquoise gown for your friends wedding after two weeks. “Omigosh Li! Its gorgeous!” you exclaim. “Really?” he looks at the dress doubting his own choice. “Well , I don’t think its that gorgeous. Well I think it lacks something” “What?” “A gorgeous lady wearing it” he smirks at you. “Cheesy” you say but there is still a smile and light pink blush on your face. “Go on babe try it out” he hands you the dress and gives you light push in the direction of the changing room. You tried the dress on. It was perfect. You walked out to show it to Liam. When he saw you his mouth opened slightly and remained open for a while. You looked stunning. “You are probably going to look much prettier than the bride” he said making you blush even more. “Stop it” you cover your face get in the trial room again to get back into your clothes. “This dress is amazing. I’ve got to buy it. Even if it is a bit out of budget. This dress is totally worth it.” you think while searching for the price tag. Your eyes opened wide when you saw its price. Yes , it was out of your budget. But not little out of your buget like you thought. Way , way , way out! You couldn’t spend so much. And that too on a dress. Sure it wasn’t just another dress but… You walked out with a frown on your face hanging the dress back on its rack. “What , wait I thought we were buying this?” Liam asked puzzled. “Its out of my budget.” “Well then let me pay for it.” “Liam” say in the matter-of-a-fact of tone you use whenever Liam tries to buy you something. You hated to use his money. “Please” he pouted “You may repay me later.” Yeah. You could repay it later. If Liam doesn’t take the money , you’d buy gifts for him. Yes! You were about to agree remembered Liam never carries money. You don’t allow him to. When you had just begun to date and went shopping like this he used to trick you into letting him pay your bills. So you had forbid him from carrying any money. “You don’t have any mone Li” you said sadly. “And just let it be. There will be another beautiful dress.” you begin to walk when “Wait” Liam says and walks to the cashier. You see him talking to the lady there and sign something. He comes bag to you with a big grin on his face. “We can take the dress now and pay later.”  He says simply. “Wha-” “She has a daughter who is a fan” Liam winks at you


“And they didn’t even warn me or give me some time to adjust or make other arrangements.” you whine , tears refusing to stop. You were fired from your job. Well it wasn’t a job exactly. Just picking up the phones , fixing appointments , bringing tea or other small stuff. But they were important. They paid off your bills and your uni fees. You still had two years left for graduation and you had no idea how are you gonna bring money for the fees and your books. Niall held you close and rubbed your back. He was trying his best not to cry too , seeing his princess cry. He knew how emotional you were and had to stay strong for you. “Babe , we can search for a new job. A better one that too. You are sooo capable. You would ace anything. And till you get a perfect job I can always pay your fees.” He offered with a smile. “But Ni-” you tried to protest but he place his finger on your lips. “I think thats enough for a day , princess. My mum used to always say that no matter how big the problems are , you will always find a solution. We will find a solution. But no more thinking and worrying tonight. We wil leave it for tomorrow , okay?” you nod. You slept soon , tired from the day’s events. But Niall couldn’t. He somehow had managed to console you and promise that everything would be fine. But how? It was difficult to get a reasonable job in a populated city like London. And you would never want to use his money for a long time. He did not get it why? But he did not want to hurt you either. He had to do something. After a lot of brainstorming he finally got an idea. Modest! Management. There surely can be a job for you. And here you were sitting in their office applying for a part time receptionist’s job. “So , Y/N , shall we discuss your salary.” “Salary?” you were puzzled “Don’t y'all want to ask any questions?” “No actually” they smiled at you. “Niall has told us enough about you.” In that one sentence you understood what he did for you. Your heart filled with admiration for him.

“They didn’t even ask me any questions , you know. Just gave me the job” you said putting your arms around his neck. “Congrats , baby!” he kissed you. You looked into his eyes pulling back from the kiss. “Thank you” you whispered.


“We are really sorry ma’m , but you need to book the hall for any function at least 2 months prior.” “But there is no function on 12 th right? Then what is the harm in giving us the hall.” “ We are sorry madam” “But-” “Forget it Y/N” your friend pulled you back trying her best not to cry. She was searching for a nice wedding hall and she simply loved the amibience of the place you were currently standing in. But just like the 3 other places y'all are coming from , this to needs early booking. “Y/F/N if we don’t talk to them then they never are gonna agree.” “I know ” she exhaled rubbing her 7 month pregnant belly. It was just 2 weeks earlier that she and her boyfriend well now fiance thought that it would be great to get married before the birth of their baby. But now there was no place available and she had no idea what she is going to do. You dropped her home and told her not to worry and everything was going to be just fine. Just fine? You yourself didn’t know how are you going to make things fine. “Hey babe! How was your day?” Louis greeted you , opening the door. On seeing Louis’ face you got an idea. Louis! Of course Louis would help. You have never asked Louis for anything. Sure he wouldn’t turn you down this one time. “It was okay” you frowned “But seeing you makes it better.” you smiled at him , the sweetest smile ever. You put your arms around his neck. “Lou , I need a favour from you.” you pouted. You knew it very well how he just couldn’t resist it. “ There is nobody in this entire , big city ready to give a hall for Y/F/N’s wedding” Louis chuckled. “And what do you want me to do about it?” he asked , already guessing the plan. “Well they said no to me and Y/F/N” you frowned “but!” you grinned wide , “they would never tell no to the Louis Tomlinson from the biggest band on the planet!!!”  You looked up to him with hope in your eyes. He removed your arms from his shoulders and walked away. You thought Louis was mad at you and started feeling guilty about asking him to use his name. “Now why are you standing there like a statue. Go and tell Y/F/N that the venue is almost booked.” Louis said already dialing the number.


“I am sorry m'am , but all the rooms are booked” “What booked?!?! I had called and booked my suite weeks ago. You cannot just turn back now.” Your vaction with your friends in Paris is on the verge of getting ruined thanks to the man calling himself a manager. You and your friends were looking forward to this holiday and this guy just spoiled everything. “Yes , Zayn ” you said picking up his phone. “Did you guys reach Paris?” “Yes we did.” “Y/N , you promised you would call. I was so worried if y'all reached properly or not” You weren’t even listening to him. You were so tensed about where to stay. It was 12 at night and you didn’t know where to go. “Y/N?” “Huh- yeah?” “I asked if y'all checked in your hotel?” “No. Not yet I mean” “Why?” And you told him the entire story of how your months and months of planning went wasted thanks to this hotel. “Baby , don’t worry. Just give him the phone.” “What are you gonna do Zayn?” “Trust me babe. Give him the phone.” After about 5 minutes of hearing okays and sures from the manager did he finally hand you your phone back. “I am extremely sorry madams. Let me take you to your rooms” he said gesturing the bellboy to take your luggage. You made a mental note to Thank Zayn as soon as you reach your room.

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I hope this isn't too much, but I was wondering if I could have a Harry imagine please. In my family, during the father/daughter dance at a wedding, my dad and uncles always sing My Girl by The Temptations. If you could somehow do a sweet one, I would be so appreciative! Thank you! Love you!!

A/N: Alright! this one’s for you hun. Hope you’ll like it. xx

*credits for the pics and gifs


♫ I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day… ♫

Your uncles sing as your dad dances you on the dance floor. This is your day. the day you have long been waited. The day you entwined hearts with the Harry Styles.

“You’re the most stunning bride I’ve ever seen,” your dad said with a proud glance in his eyes. Your dad has been the most emotional one since the start of the ceremonies and it just looks cute because you’re father never showed such softness before. you never thought he could have this soft side.

“Thanks, dad,” you said and smile at the ground. You take a look around and spotted Harry talking with your relatives and when he saw you, he gave you a smile then return to his chats.

External image

He’d been so good with them and build this relationship that you never thought they could have, especially when at first they don’t agree with your relationship.

“I never thought you would end up with him,” you’re thoughts were broken by your father’s deep voice. And you look at him to see he’s eyeing Harry too.

“I know dad, me too,” you said, agreeing with him.

“No, seriously,” he said. “I never thought that he would be with you all the way to the church. I mean, I’m not being rude here but love, honestly, ‘who were you at his eyes before’, right? He’s a superstar, main man of an internationally-loved boyband until he laid eyes on my beautiful princess,” he said and cupped your chin as he looks at your face. You gave him your sweet smile.

“I used to think that he would just make you cry and that’s the main reason I never agree with your relationship with him at first. Every time I think about it, it makes me upset and just… you know, like kinda drag him away from you. I never could stand the sight of you crying in a corner just because of an a-hole singer,” and you felt your eyes stung. Your father have always been your protector.

“Thanks dad, you’re always there for me,” you said and admired your father. “You’ll always be my superman,” you said and he kinda became teary-eyed.

“I know princess, but now, there’s somebody who would protect you as much as I do. And as much as I hate it that I already had a competitor in your heart, I’d love it too, knowing that I could somehow retire on cooking you food,” and you n\both laughed. “And knowing that you could be so much happier with this lad, I’m willing to give him my trust and let him take your hand,” your father continued and it just make your heart so full. He loves you so much, and the reality hit you now. You’ll be away from your family and start a new one, your own, with Harry. And the thought just made your stomach tie mini knots inside.

Your giggling with your father when Harry approached your direction and asked your father. “Excuse me sir, I believe you’re enjoying the dance but can I have my turn, if you don’t mind?”

External image

“Of course Harry, she has your last name now,” your father answered cheerfully as he slowly let go of you. Harry smiled shyly and answered, “I have the honor Sir,” and looked at you and you blushed.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful here today?” your father asked Harry and he proudly looked at you too.

“Indeed Sir, she’s the loveliest in the whole world,” Harry nodded, still eyeing you and you felt like being drawn to him by just looking at his emerald eyes.

“You’ll make a lovely couple… and kids too,” your father joked as he shook hands with Harry and Harry just laughed. He pat his shoulder and leave the two of you.

“So, can I have this dance?” Harry said as he asks for your hand and you gladly gave it to him.

External image

“I’m so much more lucky, being trusted by your father,” he said as you start swaying with the melody. And you smiled. “The most gorgeous bride, standing before me, swaying with me, what more can I ask for?” Harry said as he looks at your eyes, drowning your soul with happiness.

“Finally, all the wait is being worth it. I’ve always knew from the start that I would marry you someday… you know, have kids, a home. I always imagined waking up in the bed beside you or waking up early to make you breakfast. Y/N, this is so much more than I wished for, I wish for a star but God gave me the whole damn sky. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and this day will always be as important as your birthday for me. Being the luckiest man alive to marry such a lady, this is much more than I want to in my whole life, more than X Factor, more than music, more than anything else,” he spoke, eyes moist and yours as well.

“Me too Harry. I can’t believe we’ve made it this point. despite the hate and gossips, we made through a lot of things and this day will be as memorable as ever,” you said.

You kissed each other when the song ended and parted ways for a while to entertain guests. You’re talking with people but your mind is so occupied by Harry. You never thought that he would have an idea of marrying you even before and that’s more enough to make your heart explode. A normal fan, never in a million years you thought you’ll had the chance. You looked at your wedding ring and once again, the reality hit you but now, it’s calmer, finer, better. Another chapter in your life will be added but now, you’re going to share it with your cheeky husband.

“Where’s your husband?” a guest asked you and you look around to search for him in the crowd and when you spotted him, you answered.

“Oh, he’s just somewhere. You know… Harry being Harry all the time, just like what he’s doing right now, which makes this day complete because once you spotted him, you know it’s him,” and gave your husband the giggle you know he wants to see on you right now.

External image

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can i have 2 from the new list for sonny ? I just need something cute to cheer me up since i feel like dying in a pit of fire.

Dying in a pit of fire feels are not cool, so I’m doing this request first. Here’s hoping that it helps douse the flames of your unpleasant feels.

(If you are someone who lives in AZ and is just complaining about the weather, that’s cool too. Hot weather feels are no me gusta. Enjoy the light breezes of the story.)

ALSO - I am seriously lacking in “casual Sonny” gifs…

“This was a great idea, Sonny.”

“Yeah, I have them sometimes.”

It was one of the last days of summer. The heat had been particularly brutal this year, so you had done your best avoiding it at all costs, but today had been the first day that you could feel fall making its way in.

Sonny proposed a picnic to take advantage of the perfectly sunny and breezy day, and the two of you had spent the afternoon in a quiet little park, talking, reading, and playing fetch with your boxer, Thor.

“What are you doing there?”

Sonny had a pile of wildflowers you picked on your last stroll around the park with Thor and was concentrating on them rather closely.

“You’ve never made a daisy chain?”

You laughed, having had a variation of this conversation many times before.

“This would be another one of those opposite households things.”

Unlike Sonny, who grew up with a bunch of sisters, you grew up in a house full of boys. You could change the oil in your car, throw a mean curveball, and Sonny knew how to bake and braid hair.

It was one of many things you loved about him.

“Here. I’ll show you how.”

He set a pile of wildflowers beside you and scooted closer.

“And I’ll be using this skill for?”

“When we watch my nieces and you want a break from running around, this comes in handy.”

Sonny took your hand and showed you how to gently split the stem, careful not to break it, and thread the next flower through, repeating the process.

You laid your head on his lap and worked on your chain, concentrating intently on the tiny stems, while Sonny played with your hair.

He knew you loved when he did that.

“How’s that?” you asked, holding up a ring of flowers.

“You’re a pro.”

You sat back up and set it on top of his head.

“I think you might be biased.”

Sonny gave you a crooked grin and kissed your nose.

“I definitely am. We should do this more often.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer, and you leaned your back against his chest.

“That sounds pretty perfect.”

Thor laid his heavy head in your lap, as if he was in agreement with the idea.

Sonny took your hand in his and slid a tiny ring of flowers around it, the petals tickling you as he did, making you giggle.

You turned your head to look up at Sonny’s face and you were surprised to see his mouth drawn back in a serious expression, his forehead wrinkled.

“Is something wrong?”

“That depends.”


“What you say next.”

Puzzled, you waited for him to explain.

“Marry me.”

Stunned, you sat in silence. The two of you had been dating for 6 months, and while you spent every spare moment together, the topic of where you were headed hadn’t come up.

“Are you sure?”

As the words came out, you wanted to kick yourself.

Sonny’s crooked smile returned.

“As sure as I can be about anything.”

You grabbed Sonny’s shirt and pulled him toward you, taking him by surprise with a passionate kiss. Thor was equally taken aback, barking and shoving himself between you.

“That was a yes, by the way.”

Sonny’s cheeks were red, his flower crown askew. You loved that your kisses could still make him blush.

“I gathered,” he said, taking off his flower crown and setting it on your head. His smile widened.


“You’re going to be a gorgeous bride.”

Alright, so this is not a Part 2 to the ‘Pretty Steamy’ one, but it’s also wedding related and this will definitely have a second part (just because it’d be too long otherwise)

I hope you like it as much as the other one ; )

Your hand was shaking slightly as you offered the food, so you tried steadying the tray with your other hand.

When you had found out whose wedding the catering company you worked for was working today, you had needed a moment. But after giving Niall his first beer of the day and having him joke about how you two were probably gonna see a lot of each other tonight, it had been easier.

After an hour or so of bar duty, you and a colleague had swapped places and you had taken over food tray duty.

Now you were standing in front of Harry and Liam and tried your best not to show how nervous you were.

“Thanks, love, that looks delicious.”, said Liam, eyeing the tray, while his mom took a few appetizers off it. Harry’s eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses, but you were sure they were on you, as he asked: “You look familiar. Have we met before?”

You blushed profoundly and smiled awkwardly.

“I don’t think so.”, you squeaked, then turned away to offer food to the other guests. Sadly Harry didn’t let it go. Ten minutes later he came up to you and took the last few pieces off your tray.

“I’m sorry, but I could swear I have seen you before.”

“Well, maybe I just have a face like that, you know, one that always looks familiar.”

He took his shades off and his green eyes sparkled in the sun.

“Oh, trust me, it’s not. Your face is one in a million. You’re really pretty.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“Well, thanks. Excuse me, but I gotta go refill this.” And you left him standing there…again. Gosh, what was wrong with you. You used the need to refill, to swap with your colleague again and went back to working the bar. You only saw Harry again when the program inside the tent was about to start.

The groom greeted everyone and so did the bride, Louis’ mother, and thanked them all for coming. She looked gorgeous and was totally glowing. They both looked very happy. You smiled.

“They make a great couple, don’t they?”, said a familiar voice from beside you. You turned to find Harry leaning against the bar, grinning.

“Um, yeah, they do. What can I do for you?”, you asked, embarrassed.

“I take one martini with olives, please, and another champagne. Oh, and you could finally tell me how we know each other.”

“We don’t, I swear.”, you explained, while making the drinks.

“Why don’t I believe you?”, he grinned cheekily and that freaking dimple made your knees weak.

“I don’t know, maybe you’re just a very distrusting guy.”, you answered, putting the drinks in front of him.

“Nope, usually not.” You shrugged.

“Then maybe it’s just something about me that you find, um, fishy.”

He laughed and you smiled. Damn, were you actually flirting with Harry Styles? Crazy. Someone called his name and he took the drinks, but before turning away he said: “Trust me, before the night is over I will have found out how I know you.”

“Challenge accepted.”, you called after him and he laughed again.

In fifteen minute intervals he kept coming back to the bar, ordering something new each time. He flirted with you more and questioned you about your whereabouts on certain days. It was hilarious and somehow you forgot that you were talking to a famous Singer.

“Honestly, I think, you’re showing a bit too much cleavage for a wedding.”, you told him, your hands gripping the bar top.

“Hey, it’s hot outside and to be fair, in church I was actually buttoned up all the way. U-huh!”

You grinned. “Oh, well then I didn’t say anything.”

His chest leaned against the bar, his arms lay crossed on the top, only inches away from your fingers.

“Harold! Your speech, mate, come on!”, Louis called, coming over.

“To be continued.”, Harry told you and you chuckled and nodded. For a moment you played with the thought to just tell him how you knew each other, next time he came over, but then you shook your head. No, you couldn’t.